Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, October 9

Lovely DC Redfearn got the full story about Tracy Barlow and there were lots of suspects. Nobody likes her and everyone had reason to thump her round the head. Deirdre's blinders are firmly on and she's turned her poison darts towards Becky once Tracy woke up after Amy's magic kiss and figured that was the best way to get back at her rival. Obviously the person accused and arrested is never the guilty party. Wasn't she full of fake tears and "fears" when talking to the police? Ken knows damn well Tracy is probably lying and Deirdre is on a new warpath against Becky (and Ken). I actually got the feeling that the Lovely DC Redfearn (LDCR) may have actually believed Becky's protests of innocence. That other cop was a sour faced thing though wasn't she? Good cop, bad cop, I suppose.

Well the truth came out. Claire did it. Surprised? Not me. She often has had a red head's stereotype temper. But she didn't bash Tracy, she pushed her and Tracy hit her head on the bricks. And that other police officer was still bent on playing Bad Cop. Deirdre got a shock when everyone in the pub was on Claire's side and slagging off Tracy! Where's the shame in having your daughter falsely accuse someone? And Tracy? Oh, "I guess i was just dazed and confused because of the head injury" but she sounded pretty certain. She doesn't understand her unreliability as a witness? She lied on the stand at Gail's trial. She lied on the stand at her own. Not proven but it was iffy. Nobody that knows her trusts her (aside from her mother).

So everyone decides she has to do a runner and they all go together and get them fake passports etc. The police are highly suspicious and sit outside in a car across the road. Why didn't anyone in the pub go out to the street to check to see if the police really did leave? You'd think they would be award that it was possible the cops would watch the pub. Graeme would certainly think of it. At one point I thought they were only wanted to get hold of her to drop the charges but I guess not. They were pretty narked that she got away. So why weren't they all over the pub the next day looking for her?

Claire made a successful escape with the little ones in the back of a car Jason was driving. Whose car? Don't suppose it matters. Maybe it was a cab with the rooflight taken off. Was he driving her all the way? But if she goes to France to her mother, won't that be the first place the authorities will look? The other legal consideration is .... Can Claire legally take Joshua out of the country without Doctor Matt Ramsden's consent? Ramsden did have access rights granted even though Ash and Claire are Josh's legal guardians. He could probably have something to say if she abducted his son. Anyway, that's the last of the Peacocks. Good luck, Claire!
Gary probably would have been fine in the job if he hadn't been stuck in the van and his claustrophobia kicked in. Poor lad, it really breaks my heart what he's been through. I can't blame Owen for being concerned that his daughter is dating a man who has a trigger temper at the moment. It looks like Gary isn't going to his physical therapy either. The lad is really in need of help and he's not getting it.

I guess Sally isn't handling Sophie's same sex relationship as well as she thought she would. Mind you, walking in on your teen having sex with any one is going to be difficult. It really does seem like Sophie and Sian really are in love even if Sally doesn't think they'd know what that is at their age. They may not know the kind of grown up love that comes with maturity but they didn't just jump in the sack without taking their time to build a relationship first, either. I liked Eileen giving Sally a few words of wisdom from the mum of one gay child to another and i love it when Rosie is all sisterly to Sophie. And Sally? She took comfort with Tyrone though they didn't actually do anything more than kiss. Didn't stop them both from letting Kevin think the worst. Talk about hypocrite though, How has he got the nerve to shout and thump Tyrone for having sex (so he thinks) with his wife?

The next day after it all hit the fan, Sally continued to allow Kevin to think what he wanted but did you see that smug little smile? Of course they didn't actually do anything but it was none of Kevin's business anyway and revenge or not, he had no business getting in her face about it. Not going to make working at the garage with Tyrone much fun, though. Not after assaulting Tyrone in the middle of the street because he didn't like Sophie telling him off and Sally telling Sophie she didn't have to listen to him. Kevin's revenge was to get a house evaluator in and he's going to sell it out from under Sally and the girls, frozen the bank accounts and filing for divorce. But , oh, you didn't shag Tyrone? Fair enough. Forgive me, raise my love child and forget all about it. No? Too bad, so sad, we're going to play dirty, then. Nice.

It's official. I hate Kevin Webster. He's thoroughly dislikeable. If i was Sally i'd have changed the locks already and she should be on to her solicitor straight away instead of putting up with Kevin running roughshod over the house and putting it up for sale. If her name is on the deed, i don't think he can legally sell it without her agreement.

Laughed at the guy trying to put up the For Sale post. He didn't look fazed at all with the bickering. Said it was all a job hazard. I just imagine so. But woooooooh! Kevin brought up Ian Davenport!!! Sally denied the affair but you could see it written all over her face and Kevin knows darn well she had one.

 Did anyone else have a lump in their throat and a tear in their eye when Fiz first got to hold the baby?? I'm a bit surprised Fiz and John don't have to wear full covering body suits when they're visiting Hope. Colin hated enclosed spaces and wanted to be cremated instead of buried. *gulp* I don't understand why Fiz and John are so short of money. Wouldn't Fiz be on Maternity benefits?

Oh, Colin's mother is back on the scene again. Well, she was, anyway.  And her health is even worse now. Chronic heart failure and she really needs to get hold of her son. That's making John feel more guilty than ever so i guess that's why he decided to start going round there and helping her out. She seems to be clinging to John a lot more than necessary. Lonely and ill I suppose. He tells her he has a number for Colin though Colin is in Canada. But the phone number would be a UK mobile number. Would Colin really move to Canada and keep the UK phone with huge roaming charges? I think not but John doesn't think these things through. And she was already told the dial tone/ring would be different but she called it again anyway and ... Busted! John twisted and lied and sweated but it was not to be. He couldn't get out of it when, of course, Colin didn't show up like John said he would, he had to confess to the poor, sick old woman.

He just couldn't keep it in any longer, he was so guilty that he's let the cat out of the bag. Of course the shock brought on a heart attack. She was on her last weeks anyway. John didn't mean to kill her, he just didn't want her to call out to the neighbour at the door. (thought he did keep her heart spray from her as well) He was raving and frantic and he wasn't thinking straight then cut off her airways while she was in heart failure. He didn't intend to and He didn't realize what he was doing until she stopped moving. Things always do come in threes, right? Colin, Charlotte and Joy. Colin's death wasn't John's fault, but he did interfere with the body. Charlotte's death was not really intentional but he was intent on assault when he hurled that hammer. Manslaughter, then. And again for Joy's death. Thus, Soap Law dictates that he has to pay at some point.

John would have been ok if he hadn't gone back to remove any evidence. What's wrong with the police finding out he took some shopping ? Ah because how did he know Joy? Well he used to work with Colin back at Weatherfield high. And that nosy neighbour got stuck in and John was caught up in it all over again, "discovering" the body. There he was, scuttling about in the background, shoving bread and soup leftovers into his pockets and doing the washing up! HA! Why on earth would Fiz think the police might assume he could have killed Joy if he doesn't go forward and say he saw her the day she died?

Peter and Leanne are back from their little trip and Nick was right there. Doesn't sound like the "honeymoon" was all that successful. Maybe their expectations were a bit too high this early in Peter's recovery. Nick keeps digging and pushing Leanne, looking for a crack, looking for attention. He's being underhanded and sneaky as always and Leanne is probably being a bit over protective of Peter. He feels unmanned, useless and embarassed and she doesn't know what to do for him. If she didn't fuss, he would probably feel she didn't care at all. Nick figured out there was something between Carla and Peter and he's determined to use that in yet another sneaky plan to drive that wedge in further. He's going to put booze in Peter's way, knowing how vulnerable he is. Just when you think Nick can't sink any lower! And Peter drank it, the idiot.

Did you see Mary trying to hide from the police and hear that remark about the chainsaw? It's little things like that which are the best things about Mary, little cryptic references to her past. Audrey's met a man in Claudia's salon! Michelle seems to be having trouble with the computer. Someone needs to tell her about spellcheck.

Lloyd has to be chauffeur to Chris and Maria and Maria ended up getting legless on champagne! She did look smashing in that red dress though. And Maria thinks it's ok to date Chris because it was Cheryl that left Chris... Duh, why was that then? Chris looks to be more and more annoyed that Lloyd has moved in on Cheryl. Now the last i knew, Lloyd and Cheryl were "Just friends", she didn't want to have a relationship with him but they're sure cuddled up and cozy now. I suppose a near death disaster would change how you feel. Life's too short and all that. Would have been nice to have some dialogue though, maybe between Steve and Lloyd, just to segue into it. So Chris decides on a plan and the next thing you know, there's stolen goods. And he managed to fire up the rivalry some more with an expensive birthday pressie.

Notice the graduation picture of "Colin"? That looks very like the actual actor, photoshopped younger with a tache. Oh dear, Eileen is going to have an expensive roof repair from the looks of it and Owen is a real pig, isn't he? He's rude and ignorant and aggressive. It's a wonder he keeps any employees at all. Poor Sophie is having a crisis of faith too. It can be hard to reconcile it all when awful things are happening all around you.

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