Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, October 30

Boy did Peter ever throw the muck in that church. Norris was gleeful but nobody else knew where to put themselves and he wouldn't let them leave until he was well and truly done and he left pretty much no stone unturned, even told all about Carla's feelings for him. (Didn't Peter leave both crutches at the back of the church to walk up the aisle unaided? He had one when he was venting his spleen at everyone, that is, if he still has his. Nick automatically assumed Leanne would go with him now but he was surprised when Leanne told him off. So now Leanne has to try to get Peter back but she had to almost leave for him to agree to give her another try.

The scene between Leanne and Simon was heart wrenching! Ken gave Peter a few things to think about even if Peter took the moral high ground. Ken nailed it. Peter thinks he's not good enough for Leanne and the pain was really deep. It seemed to work. Mind you, Leanne should get her directions right. London trains always leave from Picadilly Station in Manchester and that was not it, it was the older Victoria Station which has far more atmosphere than the modernized Picadilly. Will he make it before the train leaves? No!!! But... she didn't get on the train and they're off on their family honeymoon. It won't be all hearts and flowers for a bit, you don't get over that pain so easily but I hope they manage to stick together.

All that aside, what did you think of Peter's confrontation with Nick in the wreck of the Joinery! Oh. My. God! I was rivitted! Nick is still cocky, goading and lying to Peter and even offered Peter a bottle to try to push him off the wagon again and i thought it almost worked, I thought he was going to drink it but he didn't. He frightened the crap out of Nick. He said he'd kill him and I think part of him really did want to though I didn't think he actually would. He put a good show on though. That was breathtaking stuff wasn't it? Wow! I think Nancy boy Nick wouldn't stand a chance against Peter in a fair fight where both men were healthy, i'm not surprised that Nick didn't fight back against Peter. He knew he deserved it. And didn't Leanne and Peter's reconciliation put a major knot in Nick's face! I'm all for anything that makes him suffer!

I also very much enjoyed Janice given Nick an earful and very very much enjoyed her telling Nick the news that Leanne and Peter were back together. And Nick, he was about to leave for Milan. Now he's all hot and bothered to rebuild the restaurant? Is he still hoping Leanne will come to him if Peter rejects her? And how could he go running the next morning after that crack on the leg Peter gave him? And all he could do is whine to his mummy and granny. Poor pitiful me.

Becky was less than pleased when she found Tracy behind the bar. And Steve has still not regained the use of his spine, I see. No more nights out, except a night at the casino, of course and naturally he wins! Does he pay Lloyd back? Does he heck, he tells Lloyd the secret and then he pays Dev back for the money Becky stole. It would have been a nice gesture if it didn't mean that Becky ended up having to confess so Steve wouldn't get arrested. I don't blame Lloyd for being upset but what am i missing? Steve took money from the business, didn't he? Did he borrow it personally from Lloyd? I didn't think so, so yes, Steve owes the business money but why is Lloyd acting like he's borrowed from him, calling it "my money" etc. Seems to me if Steve is part owner, he's taking it from himself as much as Lloyd. Maybe he only is obliged to pay Lloyd back half anyway.

Sally's date didn't go very well when Kevin intruded, as usual, to show the house to Lloyd and Cheryl, lying that he didn't know Sally had anyone there. What ever happened to Real Estate Agents? Sally would be in her rights to insist, rather than Kevin walking in willy nilly. As per usual, it descends into bitter acrimonious out and out war between them, much to the embarassment of Jeff, Lloyd and Cheryl. Sophie really does need an attitude adjustment. She might want her parents back together but she's not 7. Grow up, kiddo. I still can't get over the height of Kevin's hypocracy. He pays the mortgage so he can say who Sally sees? But it was ok when he paid the mortgage and messed around with Molly.

Graeme and Tina are giving Xin a place to live so Dev, naturally, decides they should be paying more rent even thoug she's a guest. Money grubbing twit. He could have been more sympathetic to Sunita who was a bit wobbly going in the shop for the first time. And Becky of all people there to hear her wonder who could steal from them while she lie there possibly dying. (She keeps saying that. She was long gone, why does nobody listen to me?) Well she was already long gone, wasn't she!

Dev was ducking and diving around Owen. Turns out he didn't have the shops insured. How on earth would someone be so stupid, especially after they'd been all blown up once already. You would think he'd be more aware of disaster striking. And you'd think 5000 pounds would be a mere drop in the bucket wouldn't you? I can't see how that's a make or break amound to Dev's financial survival. What i want to know is what happened to that great big posh house that Sunita was living in just a few short months ago and why isn't the flat up for sale too? Surely one of those would have sold. You don't get into this kind of financial straits in just a couple of months. The other shops not doing well? Sell them, too.

Oh and by the way, Dev took years to establish the shops? I don't think so. He was given first crack at buying them from his Uncle Ravi, who spent years establishing them. Which also changes history since Dev is supposed to have a lover in each one with a few illegitimate children, one old enough to be a mother herself which means he's apparently been around those shops for well over 20+ years the way the story goes now. And what's with him going whining to Steve selfishly when he sees they were all on the way out? He's asking for money. Well of course it was contrived to make Steve feel more guilty so Steve would give Dev his casino winnings. Maybe I should have more sympathy for Dev but I don't, sorry. Never liked the character much.
And in no way am I excusing Becky's actions, don't get me wrong. The money's been paid back. They used to be friends and that's probably gone now. There's no need to get vindictive. And I think Steve is going to get well and truly sick and tired of bailing out Becky all the time. Becky, to her credit, wouldn't let Steve take the blame and confessed and got a very public rollocking. No less than she deserves. Should it end there? What do you think?

Eileen made a tactical error, hinting to Sunita about Owen's dodgey practices. Now he's got even more reason to wreak havok on her life and he's going to, too. He made sure Jason didn't go home early when he knew Eileen would be out so he could nick Jason's keys, get in and find the papers she had. Now he's got all the evidence and he can lower the law on Eileen, having got rid of the evidence of his own crimes. (I take it her roof has been fixed already)  Eileen only got a "caution" which is being let off. No criminal record as such.  Owen's just as or even more detestable than Charlie Stubbs was, isn't he? He might have a redeeming factor in that he loves his kids but even with them he's a bully.

Kudos to the actor, though, Ian Pulleston-Davies for making Owen a Love to Hate character. well, maybe not that. Some characters i hate/d over the years were good fun to watch like Cilla and Stape but characters like Owen and Stubbs are really dislikeable and you don't have fun watching them, yet the actors are really good and really make it believeable.

The Windasses host Faye for her first overnight. It didn't go well until Gary showed up. I think the little one has a bit of a crush. The poor little girl is scared to death of rejection. Maybe Eddie thought it was going to be smooth sailing? Eddie frantically making cakes, with batter in his hair and a cigarette in his mouth over the bowl. GROSS!! Gary is right, they need to lighten up a bit, because Faye would get overwhelmed very easily.

Claudia can't understand why Marc seems to blow hot and cold. Not into her? Possibly. Secrets? Of course, it's a soap! What could his secret be? David's back from holiday and in fine form over this chick he met, Candy, who seems to be a cage dancer. Someone you can bring home to meet your gran, no doubt. He says he's never met anyone like her in his life.

And David's getting awfully full of himself at the salon, nicking Maria's clients and assuming he'll be in charge in less than a year. When did he get so hot and bothered about the salon anyway? So, One squabble and Maria quits? You know why, of course, it's very contrived. I hate stuff like that. Since Kym Marsh had to leave on maternity early, someone has to be the Factory assistant so now it's Maria and she's been shoved into a storyline that suits her even less than it suited Michelle.

Julie decided that Tyrone needed a healthy dose of tea, laundry and sympathy and a casserole. Getting drunk and passing out. Incidental background music "I'd step in front of a train for you" the song is apparently called Grenade. (incidentially i hate that song but ironically, it has the lyrics "I would die for you, baby But you won't do the same" ... Molly actually did but i suppose, not for Tyrone!) Hurricane Julie, she means well. It was a giggle anyway.

Carla needs a PA but does it have to be Maria with absolutely no office experience? Why *not* Julie? Or Sally who'd be weeing herself trying to get into that office full time. Gail, even, would be a good office manager since she'd done it at the clinic for years. The added bonus here is that it would put Sally's nose right out of joint if her best friend got "her" job! So Maria has been thrown in to the deep end and told to flirt for England. That's so wrong.

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Suburban Princess said...

I dont know how insurance and damages work in the UK but...wouldn't the Joinery insurance be responsible for paying out to all the damaged buildings? Even if Dev didn't insure the shop, he isnt actually responsible for the damage and destruction it suffered in the explosion and tram crash.

Tvor said...

I don't know if the Joinery insurance would have paid out. The explosion wasn't deemed their fault, the tram certainly was unexpected. I don't think it works like a car accident where one driver's insurance who's deemed "at fault" pays both. Then there's "no fault" insurance where everyone pays their own so perhaps that's the idea.

Anonymous said...

I sure wish I lived on the street (LOL)jobs just get offered to you if you walk up to the employer. Why on earth would Maria want to work for the woman who had an affair with her husband! Maria is a nice enough girl but she is not remotely qualified for the job. We never see Liam any more who looks after him?

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