Monday, 21 August 2017

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for Aug. 14 - 18

Pants on Fire award: Robert. Lies, lies and damned lies. Agrees with Michelle that he'll work together on their relationship then goes to get her car fixed, the one he hasn't told her was broken into.

Truth Hurts award: Erica didn't like to be criticized by Mary but if she loves Dev like she said she does, she wouldn't have gone chasing Kevin Webster.

Are You New Here award: Adam really thinks Eva will have no trouble removing a hard drive from a computer and the people that use it will not realize it's gone. Really?
Justice is Served award: Craig got off with a warning and didn't lose his job!

Fashionista award: Liz's gold lame animal print hoodie, surprisingly not over the top (see what I did there?)

Phrase of Doom award: Michelle "Maybe everything's going to be ok"

BFF Award: I really like that Tim, Kevin's BFF, still told him off for his near-fling with Erica and showed admirable loyalty to Anna, almost as protective as a brother might be.

Lines of the week:
Summer to Amy "You may be shallow and dim and vain but at least you say what you think" Amy "Is that an insult or a compliment?"
Billy "Do you think we might be out of our depth?" Todd "Oh yeah. Definitely out of our depth"
Tracy to Steve "I really hope this baby doesn't inherit your brains, never mind your face!"
Tracy "I thought Leanne moved into the Rovers?" Steve "Don't tell her that if you like your face the way it is"
Michelle "Why are you even paying him? (Chesney)" (That would be because you gave him money in the first place, breaking the ice, so to speak!)
Liz to Erica "You can't stay with somebody just because they offered you a job"
Dev "She saw a mug. An opportunity too good to pass up and all the while she's making eyes at some Romeo in overalls"
Steve to Liz "Oy, Cupid. Put that bow and arrow down right now"
Norris "We're beginning to sound married already" Mary "How so?" Norris "Because you don't listen to a word I say"
Steve "Marry me, Leanne" (I think he's been haunted by the ghost of serial proposer, Fred Elliott)

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