Monday, 7 August 2017

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards July 31 - Aug 4

Volatile award: Even the cat is afraid of Eva's temper!

Dirty Rotten Scumbag: Neil admitted to Craig he has daughters!!! After what he did with Nathan's victims!? Do you think that was just another lie to win over Craig?

Cone of Silence award: Gary and his mate wanted to go somewhere private to talk. A booth in the pub.

Health Care Gold Medal: Seriously, the National Health really does work miracles. The number of times people have been near death and were up and running about within days (Chesney, this week) is astonishing.
Obnoxious award: Actually, that's not nearly a strong enough word for what Brian is, writing Roy a 70 pound littering ticket for his lost receipt when Roy's the one that has graciously put a roof over his head. And Oh yes! Roy even brought up that veiled threat!

Buns of Steel: Eva and her step counter.

Let's Get Ready to Rumble: You could really hear Boo purr! I don't know whether that was sound added in post-production or not but it certainly looked like the cat was enjoying the attention.

Continiuity Fail (?) award: Nick sold BOTH flats? Johnny's buying Carla's (so why is it Nick's to sell, not Carla's?) and someone else is buying Nick's, the flat, you may recall that I *thought* he was renting from Dev. When did he buy it?

Jailbait: Lara is 14. Nathan could most definitely be charged for using her in his sex parties. Too bad she's still refusing to testify.

Lines of the week:
Neil to Craig "They'll make sure your career's over" (he's already said he's quitting. Do I smell panic?)
Beth to Kirk "There's no way you're paying 40 quid. That's two weeks' drinking money!" (priorities)
Aidan "What's the catch?" Adam "There's no catch" (Oh yes there is)
Brian "Where's my butterfly bun?" (up your whotsis, sunshine)
Adam "Aidan's about as sharp as a marble"
Phelan "I think I've got an affinity with wolves" (Yes, you're about as terrifying as a lone wolf, too)
Neil "Everyone got what they paid for" (And that's the sound of the key turning in the lock of the cell door)
Tim "This weighs a ton. What you got in here? All your ex wives' wedding rings?"

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