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Sunday Comments August 6

Naturally, Neil lied to Craig that he didn't have sex with Bethany but there's an edge of panic there, too. I really don't think Craig should have tipped his hand there. Neil spins a good yarn and he's putting a bit of doubt in Craig's mind. He even told Craig he had daughters. I wonder if that's true or if it was another one of his lies intended for that doubt. If it's true, though, what a rat bastard doing that with Nathan's victims if he's got young daughters, himself.

All the Platts, and Gemma, too, had fun in the back garden. Shona went home with Billy and Sarah thought she could talk David round eventually but David found her at Number 11 before Sarah could tell him because the dog somehow knew and escaped heading right towards the cab where Shona and Billy were getting out. Yep. Lost his mind. Even when he found out she was trying to help Bethany, he wasn't happy about it until he realized how desperate Sarah was to try to nail Nathan for Bethany's sake. Sarah feels guilty, too, that she could have contributed to pushing Bethany right to Nathan. In the course of the conversation about not being blamed for the decisions of your kids, Sarah came back with the accusation that David is doing just that, blaming Shona for Clayton's actions. Sarah is sure Shona is the only one that can help Bethany and she's probably right.

Gemma was sweet with Bethany for a minute until she got all excited about Oprah! I love Gemma! Across the road, Eileen and Billy are fussing over Shona and then David shows up asking her to help him find that young Lara. Shona really doesn't think it's going to be possible and if they do, is pretty sure Lara won't testify anyway so David goes off all hissy. But later, Shona talks to Bethany at the bus stop and realizes how profoundly Bethany has been hurt and knocked back by all this. She tells Shona she feels like she's been rubbed out. Shona changes her mind and gets David to take her to a few places she might find people that could know Lara and what do you know? Lo and behold, there's the girl in question.

She's determined she's not saying anything but they bought her lunch anyway because she's been living on the street. Shona noticed fairly fresh cig burns on Lara's arm and she shared her own experiences. It seems like it might have made an impression. Dear heavens, Lara's only 14, definitely jail bait. She's too scared and too beaten down to go to the police. And too young to really get her head around what he's *really* done to her. David wasted no time telling Shona she could stick around the neighbourhood, you know, in case Bethany needs someone to talk to. But Bethany is, by her own admission, broken.

He was lovely with Bethany, really encouraging to her. Because of that, she's looking into getting counselling or at least an online support forum. That's exactly what she needs. Baby steps, honey, and it'll be ok. Craig seems to need someone to talk to as well. He's very disillusioned with the police force because of Neil and wants to quit. It's Bethany's turn to be encouraging to him. He's decided not to quit but asked for a different mentor.

Neil was not best pleased and ordered him into a car. He knows it will look strange if Craig doesn't want to work with him. He continues to deny but Craig records the conversation in which he goads Neil into a few very incriminating statements and threats. I'd say that was the sound of the last nail in Neil's coffin, or at least the lock turning on the cell door.

Seb gets himself sacked when he mouthed off at Phelan after having to spend a boring day shifting stuff in the yard. He also saw that Phelan was looking at news articles with Nicola in them and accused him in front of Eileen of stalking her so that was the end of that. He does like to push buttons does Seb, even if it is to get the reaction he thinks he deserves according to Nicola. Later, talking to Eileen, he guessed that Nicola is Phelan's daughter and she confirmed it. She warned him to keep shut because they don't know for sure.

She finally confessed to her husband about going to Nicola with that photo which has only made matters worse. Even worse, she had to tell him that she told Seb after he'd guessed. this has really knocked him for six. Seb, meanwhile, has met up with Nicola in the cafe to tell her he'd been sacked. He manipulated her like a pro, telling her he thinks Phelan is dying.

Phelan made up with Seb. Don't know if it's to keep on Nicola's better side. Probably. Seb is spinning a tale to her about Phelan's health and that seems to be giving her second thoughts about not wanting anything to do with him. I wonder if that's what Seb hoped for? Lying isn't really the way to do it but it might actually work. Nicola and Phelan went for a drink for a starter. That story got rumbled pretty quickly, though and she scolded him for it. Yep, he said he wanted them to get together and talk.

She's torn, is Nicola. She doesn't want to know, yet she went for a drink in the Rovers knowing there was a good chance Phelan would come in. She ends up deciding to find out one way or the other and asks him to do a DNA test which of course he's more than happy to do.

Dev didn't want to have "that" talk but in the end he insisted that what they need is more space. He wore her down because he didn't want her to break off with him. She won't be working in the shop anymore, for starters. She never really suited that job anyway. I don't think she believes this is going to work, though. It's like a bandaid on a broken leg. And luckily, Robert has a job opening which is more Erica's speed.

Mary's going ahead with the Mr. and Mrs. so they've set about learning all the little facts about each other. Beth is in a mood and it doesn't help that Kirk got a parking ticket. Their bickering gave Mary and Norris the idea that they probably should practice disharmony as well as knowing each other well. Chesney's out of the hospital. Seriously, the National Health really does work miracles. The number of times people have been near death and were up and running about within days is astonishing. Eva was in the flat patting the kitty and I don't know if it was added sound or if that cat really did purr that loud but you could really heare him/her!

Alya's being awfully friendly with her roomie Luke but backed off when he tried to kiss her. Could be an interesting summer in the Flat of the Three Amigos. Kate was hungover the day after they had their flat party, as was Luke. Alya probably could have kicked herself for pushing away from Luke because though he apologized, he did seem like he would have wanted to kiss her, even sober! Alya admitted to the girls that she's met someone that she fancies, single and available.

Gary and his ex-army mate, Joe, decided to go somewhere private to talk. A booth in the pub. Must be that pub cone of silence again. Joe's got a pocket full of cash, private security in the Ukraine. Which is a bit of a war zone. But he wants Gary to work for him. Gary wasn't about to take that one on. Considering his post traumatic problem, he'd be wise to stay away. But he left his wallet in the pub by mistake and Joe stuffed it with cash before turning it in, kind of as a bribe or a "see, this is what you'd be making all the time" kind of message.

Brian and Cathy continue to be obnoxious and horribly unfunny. Brian is now running around with a megaphone barking at people who litter or, if they don't, he shouts that they better not in future! Cathy just gurns maniacally from one side, thinking he's the be all and end all or something. He's not. Anyway, Brian found a receipt for salt and pepper shakers which turned out to be something Roy had bought. His quotas must be down because he wrote Roy a ticket for littering! I'm so glad Roy made a veiled threat to Brian about the roof over his head that Roy so kindly provides. And what does Brian do? Insist on his butterfly bun. Where is it? Up your backside, sunshine. Because Brian didn't actually see Roy drop it, he can't actually ticket him.

Brian knows darn well he made a mistake but his pride is stopping him from backing down. I cheered when Roy told Brian to pack his bags. Cathy ended up pushing the right buttons in Brian to manage the situation and he tore up the ticket.

Eva is not best pleased that Aidan is going to buy Dev's flat (the one over the kebab shop). That's not what she was hinting. A house with a garden for the "baby". She was angry, really angry because of course it's not really about the house, it's about the affair. She went off on him and stormed out and the poor kitty looked scared to bits! Now Aidan is finding he's a bit short for the deposit, no wonder after Eva's been spending money like water.

Now that Aidan has decided to buy the flat, he's got to find the money for a deposit. Considering how much Eva's been spending lately, that could be a problem! He's decided to sell his posh car which only adds to Eva's guilt but then she catches him and Maria exchanging glances and she feels ok again. Well, at least when Eva publically humiliates him, he'll have somewhere to live.

Adam still has more cash to find to fix up his new premises. He assures Peter and Ken that he's got it all in hand and how he does that is go back to Aidan for more blackmail money. I had to laugh, Aidan went to Maria to see if she could convince Adam they'd broken up because she has had (brief) sexual history with Adam. Maria lost her temper and was completely bitchy at him for trying to pimp her out. I don't blame her on that one. When Johnny gets wind of the blackmail, he apparently has a word off screen and Aidan has now refused to bend to Adam's will. Adam is just about to tell Eva about Maria but Eva doesn't want him to because her revenge scheme will be over.

She manages to get him out of the flat by pretending to faint and later, admits she knows. She pretends she's hoping it will die out and they can be happy with the baby and their own flat. Like it never happened. Adam doesn't really believe her, I don't think. Not completely but he agrees to let it drop. But he came back for his keys and spotted two wine glasses (Eva's and Leanne's) and earlier, Eva wouldn't take brandy when she "fainted" due to the baby. Hmmm... Busted, methinks. He told Aidan he was dropping everything, too. He's definitely got a scheme up his sleeve and he confronted Eva with it later. He knows she's pretending to be pregnant, vis a vis the wine earlier. He wants in or he'll tell Aidan about her lies and the profit signs are flashing in his eyes.

Eva wants her name on the deeds to the flat, security in case anything ever happens to Aidan or to keep him from paying extra taxes. Looks like she's nearly persuaded him, too. I would think that would be assumed when most couples buy somewhere. Adam is keen to get his hands on Aidan's finances. You know what he's got in mind, right? He still has that hankering to get his feet back under the table at Underworld. Eva got hold of Aidan's paperwork quite smoothly but she had to scramble later because Adam had it and Aidan came back early to go to the bank. Adam played Kirk perfectly and got the paperwork back in time.

Eva's getting cold feet so Adam has to scramble. Next move, get Eva working in the office. She pretended that sewing while pregnant is hurting her back. She's going to work in the office. Job done.

We come to Liz and Steve's last day in the pub and Peter and Toyah's first day. There's a leaving party to say goodbye. Talk about mixed feelings. It doesn't seem possible. I will miss Liz behind the bar. I can't see Toyah being a fitting replacement. Liz is really feeling it, though. The Rovers was her life's dream. Her new job is less than satisfactory, not with that boss she's got.

Nick sold BOTH flats? Johnny's buying the one he's in which was Carla's (so why is it Nick's to sell, not Carla's? Did he buy it from her to bail her out of that gambling debt? It was never a part of any storyline as far as I know) and someone else is buying Nick's, the flat, you may recall that I *thought* he was renting from Dev. When did he buy it? Leanne doesn't know yet, and of course Gail has no warm and fuzzy feelings in that direction. Michelle took the recorded delivery, that notifies her that Nick is selling the flat. Did she give it to her? Did she heck as like.

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