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Sunday Comments August 13

Craig's recording of Neil won't be admissable in court but it's enough to investigate. Craig is right, Neil has to be stopped. Such a scary thing for Bethany to do after being threatened by Neil but she did it. She called the inspectors in and she told them the rest of the truth along with Craig's recording. Now they are going to take this up to the next level. I think we will finally get justice for Bethany now. Sarah was fierce. She's still a bit skeptical and worried. They pulled Neil in to see the man in charge. Did you see that look he gave Craig? Did the other officers? I hope so because it was pretty charged with intimidation.

Craig's secret recording might get him in a bit of hot water but he didn't care and maybe it will be worth it. His mother was shocked at the news. She also thinks Craig is in love with Bethany but his reaction kind of tells a different story. Yep, he admitted it but he also knows Bethany doesn't see him that way and probably knows she's not ready for that kind of relationship anyway.

Bethany got a call from the police and DC Leigh is coming with some news. Some good news. The evidence against Neil and Nathan is mounting up. There will be a trial if they don't plead guilty and Bethany can testify via a video link.

I don't think Liz is going to last long in the new job. Fresh start, my backside. Turns out her boss is tea total. Not surprised. I was a bit surprised to see Peter showing Toyah how to pull a pint. Both of them have worked in the Rovers before, at the same time as well. Anyway, the goodbye party goes into full swing. Flowers and gifts and speeches are given. Nice shout out to some of the classic landladies, too. Liz also wore her spiky necklace. We haven't seen that for ages!

Liz is still struggling with the health centre's computer system and that Moira is still being a bitch with her passive aggressive comments. Even the doctor is a bit afraid of Moira. You'd think if she was that difficult, the doctor that hired her would have a stern word.

It's a new era at the pub, with Toyah Laverne Battersby's name over the door. Surprised that Peter's name doesn't join hers like Steve and Michelle's was but no, just her name is declared the Licensee. They're having a New Management party and are looking forward to another pregnancy test at the clinic later in the week. Because she uttered a phrase of doom, that she has a good feeling about it, it's bound to be a disappointment.

Gail gets to tell Leanne that she has to leave the flat today because in yet another unreasonably speedy real estate transaction, Nick's new buyer wants to move in today. She's ignored all Nick's attempts at communication including a solicitor's letter. You remember, that's the one that Michelle signed for and tore up in a hissy fit. But there's no place for Leanne since any extra space at Eva's flat is filled with junk or water from a leaky radiator so Peter offers she, Simon and baby Oliver a room at the Inn while Toyah is in the ladies room sobbing and pulling a tampon out of the machine on the wall. What did I tell you about phrases of doom?

So now, childless Toyah has to share living quarters with a baby, a reminder of what she's struggling to have. And today is not the day to be asked to cuddle her little nephew. Leanne twigged something was wrong and later found out and was a comfort. Toyah didn't want to put any negativity to bring down Peter's excitement so she didn't tell him and in the end it was Leanne that told Peter when he insisted. It didn't sit well with Toyah who's already feeling down on herself.

Toyah is in bits and Peter is walking on eggshells. Leanne's avoiding her altogether. When they finally do talk, Leanne ends up walking on eggshells but later on, she gets a little winfall. From Gail of all people. Nick sent his mother a cheque to pass on to Leanne. A share of the sale of the flat. 25 thousand pounds. She accepted it along with the stream of polite vitriol that Gail dished out. She decided to give it to Peter and Toyah for more IVF treatments. But the doctor is telling Toyah that it looks like she isn't going to be able to carry a child and they don't recommend continuing treatment.

Mary and Norris discover they have to provide photographic evidence of their marriage so they find Bethany and Craig who volunteer to help, Bethany with her hair and makeup and Craig to take the photos. They set up a "first date" at the Bistro and later, their "anniversary" was a trip to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens and they're dressed in costume! Mary as Princess Leia and Norris as a Jedi in a hooded robe. Brilliant! So many great lines and Mary stories this week! They should win that prize if just for the costume shoot! Rita's right, though, it *is* fraud. Mary has decided she can't be a party to fraud and she proposes to Norris who even said yes!!!

Summer has skipped out of a summer camp to come to the law office to talk to Todd about her case except when Billy arrives, surprised to see her there, it comes out that there really isn't a case. Todd only encouraged her to think there was so that he could keep tabs on her and make up for that remark he made about sending her to a children's home. She does accept his apology and calls him on it being a rotten thing to do but his heart was in the right place.

That kid is quite good at lying to her grandparents about where she is and what she's doing, isn't she? She's having a lot of trouble adjusting to her religious strict grandparents' lifestyle and she can't talk about her dad around them, either. Todd and Billy know they have to do something but they don't know what. Todd wants to go in there all guns blazing, quite a turn around from Billy being the driving force behind having Summer. They went to see the grandparents and Granny shut them down with full homophobic vitriol.

Todd didn't let her get away with it. It doesn't matter that it's what Drew wanted and granddad looked a bit guilty when they were discussing Drew's wishes, especially when Billy told them they missed out on so much by shutting their son out of their lives. Summer had her say, too, especially after Geraldine called her son "deranged". Turns out Drew's solicitor came up with a timely new will that was made up just before he died, putting Billy in as Summer's guardian. Summer chose Billy and Todd.

Tracy was interested to hear Todd's news about Summer and teased him about having to cope with a teenage girl. Amy threw in her two cents as well. Todd looked a little scared at the thought of coping with puberty! Billy and Todd have retrieved all Summer's stuff. Amy wasn't so thrilled to be dumped on the men to "hang out with Summer" and Summer wasn't too thrilled either, probably due to Amy's attitude.

Michelle overhears Sinead grumble that they're short of cash since Chesney isn't working. He's still recovering. I guess Dev doesn't pay his staff sick pay. Most minimum wage jobs don't though he's the manager so you'd think he would have some sort of plan. Anyway, She brings over an envelope with 200 pounds in it. Gemma is shocked and horrified and says it's in insult and she heads to the Bistro to have it out with Michelle. It does leave them open to a responsiblity suit, her gift more or less admitting some sort of guilt. She realizes that Robert and Daniel know the man that stabbed Chesney and she's got the local shark, aka Adam on the case. He should get a settlement at least.

Meanwhile, the editor of the Gazette comes to eat at the Bistro but Daniel recognizes her. He's been trying to get noticed and get a job at the paper and offers to submit a sample of what he can do and will write about the stabbing. That piques her interest and she's accepted. Robert's not happy about it but Daniel says it wasn't for publication. He's worried that their association with Rich could become known if it was. So my guess is that's exactly what's going to happen but not in the way you think.

She liked Daniel's article and asked him if she could publish it but he refused though he realized it could get him a job on the newspaper. But Gemma overheard and she's going to tell the story to the editor instead so even if Daniel's story isn't getting published, the story is out there. It adds pressure on Robert and it's definitely going to hurt business. Daniel didn't get sacked but it was a near thing. Chesney feels guilty about the law suit but he had to admit he feels vulnerable having to face the world knowing the threats out there. Adam brought it to Robert and wants 10 thousand which is not making for a happy Robert.

Robert won't let Michelle use her money to pay the settlement. Their discussion ended in a slanging match where Michelle even told Robert to stop whining and that he was even more high maintenance than Steve. That's a bit rich coming from the High Maintenance Queen. Anyway he took off and she stayed in the restaurant in the office on her own and later, she heard someone out in the restaurant. Someone breaking in? Yep, someone left some ugly red graffiti on the wall.

Robert is no help. He stayed out drinking and gambling, got mugged, and spent the night in the drunk tank along with a drunk and disorderly fine. I wonder if that rebound relationship is starting to show a few cracks. Anyway, the locks to the Bistro doors are changed. That didn't stop them. Graffiti wasn't scary enough, the Bistro then gets torched by a Molotov cocktail.

I don't know if Fiz is still taking massage therapy classes. She hasn't mentioned them for awhile and is now into antiques classes after she found that radio in the junk Tyrone keeps amassing. She hasn't found anything to take to class though. She thought she had "the eye" but apparently not. Gina has something, though, a ceramic ornament, and sells it to Fiz but it turns out to be tat made in some Asian country so Gina had to give back the money that she's been scratching for.

Still wondering what ever happened to that flat Sally helped Gina get. She's not moved out of Sally's yet. She's not paid Sophie back, yet, either. Johnny resorted to bribery to get a big order finished. It worked, the order got finished and the bonus goes to...Gina! I imagine Sophie has first claim on that cash!

The rest of the Underworld admin staff are not happy about Eva working in the office, especially Jenny who thinks she should be the next admin and Alya is jealous too. Nepotism, yes it is but so what? You own the factory, you're not making her a manager trainee, just a PA so why is Alya's face in a knot? To keep Jenny sweet, they told her about the "baby". Izzy got her nose in the air about Eva's promotion but now the secret's out.

Eileen made up a bunch of traditional Jewish snacks for Nicola but she's not that religious. Anyway, the DNA test will be sent away and we will find out in about a week. I don't know about you, but I figure it's probably going to turn out that he's her father. Luke does fancy Alya, I think, though he went on a date with someone from an online agency. Michelle is still being bitchy to Leanne and because of the flyers advertising the pub party, she also tore up the registered letter. That must be illegal, surely. Wonder why Peter's still working at Streetcars? Laughed when Michelle told Robert to stop whining. Talk about irony.

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