Monday, 10 October 2011

Corrie Canada weekly awards: Oct. 3 - 7

The Fugitive

Sisters are doin' it for themselves: I love it when Rosie and Sophie are sweet to each other.
Chris: "Sorry Mrs. Renshaw....Sorry Mrs. Renshaw" (wait, can the identical Renshaw twins be married to brothers named Renshaw?)

Wrong Place Wrong time award: Gold Star: Tyrone getting caught in the middle of Sally and Sophie and the War of the Websters.

You're whinging to the converted: Gold Star: Sally has the nerve to tell Tyrone *her* whole world is falling apart? *Hers?* Do you remember who you're talking to?

Hypocrite award: Gold Star: Kevin of course. But Sally's right up there too with the...
Silver star. The pair of them are as bad as each other. I cheered when Sophie told them off!

Toady award: Claudia's on the phone with a "Lady" and the other stylist stays to listen instead of working on the client, leaving Audrey and Marc to cool your jets. I hope Claudia hasn't set her up. He seems a nice fellow.

Pull yourself together lad award: Gold Star: Gary freaked out at being locked in a small dark place.
Silver Star: John is wracked with guilt

Tool Time: John the Tool Man is getting pretty comfortable with that hammer!

Snow White award: Gold Star: Tracy woke up after Amy kissed her.

Smug award: Sally letting Kevin believe whatever he wanted.

Graphic Design award: Painted star: Bec(KEY)

Tit for Tat award: Gold Star: Kevin finally threw Ian Davenport back at Sally even if she did hold the party line on that.

Something in my eye Award: Gold Star: Fiz held her baby for the first time. *sniff*

Style award: I loved Maria's red dress and the colour really suited her!

Conspiracy award: Gold Star: Everyone that helped Claire get away!
Black star: Nick has a plan to get Leanne away from Peter by tempting him with the demon drink.

Lines of the week:
Sally to Sophie: "All them fine words and sermons we had to listen to and now you're wallowing in sin like there's no tomorrow!"
Becky: "Did you do it?" Steve: "Did you?" (sorted, neither of them did)
Gail to David: "I have to ask " David: "No... did you?" (Sorted, neither of them either)
Mary to the cops: "It was a very long time ago and I haven't touched a chainsaw since!!" (So *that's* why she was looking so guilty! HAHAHA!)
Fiz: "If my mum was on her last legs she'd steal somebody else's" (True, that!)
Kevin: "At least I thought I was in love with Molly, you cheated through spite!" (you weren't in love at first, it was pure lust)
Owen about Gary: "He is unstable, he assaulted me and he's trained to kill" (Well, I can understand his concern this time around)
Sally: "I might let him stew a bit longer" Eileen: "I find the longer you cook a stew, the tastier it gets!"
Sally "You're a caveman, Kevin Webster"
Joy: "You buried my son under a knicker factory!" John "It sounds worse than it is!" (does it?)
Sally: "Kevin Webster's new family will make the Windasses look like Royalty!"
Peter: "It's not the first time I've come up them stairs legless!"
Deirdre: "It's like a lynch mob!" (well what did you expect? They're not going to wring their hands and all say Oh Tracy in unison!)
Fiz: "You're one of nature's innocents. That's your trouble!" (Did she really say that?)
Ciaran "I'm more than just a pretty face"

Cutie patootie of the week: Baby Jack's snowsuit with animal feet!


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