Wednesday, 1 March 2017

In praise of Rosie Webster

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog February 2017, reposted to this blog with permission.)

News today from ITV has cheered me up as Rosie Webster will be staying on the cobbles for a little longer than originally planned. You can read the ITV statement here.

ITV say that Rosie will take up an unlikely career on the cobbles so I wonder what that's going to be? If she's not going to be meddling with modelling then what's she going to do? Work behind the counter wearing a hairnet in For Your Fries Only? Now that, I'd pay to see.

I've been looking forward to Rosie's return and although she's been a bit OTT this week since her return from Miami, I'm waiting for her to settle down and settle back in.  Remember, she's just arrived back in Weatherfield after years spent living in Miami so she's bound to be extra loud, brash and noisy after her time in the US of A. (I'm much the same after a week spent in Majorca and it takes me a month to calm down).

Anyway, in our house we call her Dozy Plebster but that's because we love her. She's vaccuous, empty and has her head filled with frilly kittens, but she's also carved out a career for herself which is more, much more, than many Corrie women do. She's even dared to live in that London and - heaven fobid - go foreign and live overseas and has returned in one piece unscathed, if not with a whole load of trouble.

So let's hear it for Rosie Webster. May her pretty little head continue to pout, rule and  conquer the comedy on Coronation Street.  And let's hear it for Helen Flanagan too, for bringing such a character to life.

I wonder if ITV are considering reopening Just Rosie, the website that Rosie used to update? It was at which currently resolves to an agency called StarStruck Talent.

Our blogger Stevie Dawson interviewed Helen Flanagan, who plays Rosie Webster. You can read his interview here.

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