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Sunday Comments March 26

Leanne has to tell Simon and soon and she has to deal with Steve so she's asked Peter to intervene with Steve. He did try. Steve figured out Leanne was behind it no matter what Peter said. Peter understood, especially thinking of his own son and his own dislike of Nick. Simon didn't take the news all that well. He's not happy at all and he's thinking of how it will affect him, in typical teenage angst. Steve got all the procedures from his solicitor and then sell his half of the pub, leading Liz to offer to sell her half as well, because she doesn't want to work with strangers and she wants to support her son.

Peter did have a point. All that legal hassle doesn't do any good for the child. And it's expensive and stressful. But Peter is more or less on Steve's side and his point about Leanne being more lenient if Nick wasn't in the picture is spot on. I think Peter was really the voice of reason in that conversation. Leanne is open to sorting something out but she's going to have to convince Nick it's a good idea.

Robert didn't waste any time beaming in on Michelle. He pretended it wanted to make sure she was ok but he brought Scrabble and Tequila. Forget the romance of red wine, he's going for the jugular! She let him stay anyway, and play Rude Word Scrabble. But in the end, she spotted Steve giving the baby a kiss from her window and she's going to have her revenge.

Toyah offers her and Peter's babysitting services so Leanne can get a bit of sleep but Peter's too busy making extra money chaufering that Chloe around. She keeps trying to lure him in to her web for drinks. He tries to resist. Really he does. But he's Peter Barlow, the man that can't resist the flutter of an eyelash. He doesn't do anything *really* bad but he doesn't tell Toyah he's flirting with a flirty thing either. But even Peter thinks it's a bit weird, driving her with huge tips like that. Tim wonders if she's going to turn into a stalker. She might, you know.

Toyah is excited that she's going to give the IVF another go even if it's going to take every penny they can make. Peter can't seem to stay away from that Chloe. He wasn't going to drive her around or do anything for her anymore, but since they need the money, he's right back there. And he had to replace a tv cable that mysteriously came unplugged? Really? I smell stalker, I really do. Meanwhile, Toyah is getting a pay out from the sale of their house from her ex, more than enough to cover the IVF treatment. Maybe Peter can leave Chloe alone now?

Chesney, all bruised, had reserved a night in a hotel for Sinead's birthday. He whinged that Daniel started the fight but that's only because Chesney baited him. Fiz tried to talk some sense into him. Sinead gave him a bleeding ear with her criticisms and Gemma was stoutly defending him. But Chesney gave her the hotel voucher for her birthday anyway. I wouldn't have. I'd have given it to Kirk and Beth or Fiz and Tyrone. Sinead tried to book the room online and was hitting dates from the week before. She freaked out a bit when she realized it was March. Why? Because.... in typical soap cliche, she's pregnant and it's Daniel's baby! It's really not in a good position for a baby for either of them. Beth thinks Sinead should keep it to herself just for now.

Finally! Ken going on about Daniel fighting over a woman in public and Rita called him on it. Yes, he's done the same thing a few times, himself and he did have the grace to look guilty. But Ken made the mistake of calling Sinead "intellectually inferior" to Daniel and he walked out. I like that he stands his ground even against his high falutin father. Ken wants more for his son and Brian is right, much as i hate to admit it. The more Ken pushes, the faster Daniel will run.

He might run anyway. He found Sinead's used pregnancy test! Pros and cons. A lot of cons against having a baby. Only two pros. "Might be nice" isn't really a good reason. Daniel and Sinead are agreed. They will get a termination but neither one of them seems very happy about it. Sinead's temper flares at Chesney, overheard by Rana who manages to get Daniel alone for a confidential chat. He was lurking around the medical center looking at pregnancy information leaflets. She advised him to find out if Sinead only agreed to the termination to make him happy. Daniel seems to suspect this is the truth, as well. He is starting to change his mind, Do The Right Thing and all that. It only serves to confuse Sinead, though. She feels like it makes it all her decision and she's not handling the pressure well. Far too early in the relationship for this sort of thing, really.

Daniel decided to help out and get a job at the Bistro. Except he has no experience. He's very good at the talk, though. It worked, though. He got the job but she's buckling under the pressure. You can see she really doesn't want to have a termination. She really doesn't know Daniel well yet, they have no money and need a flat of their own. She is about to tell him she'll agree to have the baby when he starts scaring her by telling her there's things she doesn't know about him. Turns out it was all that business about his mother leaving him. That impressed her. Looks like it's all on.

Sally's campaign has spread to quite a few women on the street. She insists on getting satisfaction and is setting an example for Rosie, and to make up for being a terrible mother. You have to hand it to her, she's tireless and persistent. The foreman wants Gary to try to talk them down because he knows them. Yeah, like that's going to work and Rita decided to take matters into her own hands and she chained herself to the fence! It sounds very much like the campaign worked brilliantly. Cheeky Chops is likely going to get fired, too! Brian did forget the combination of the lock for his bicycle, the one Rita used but, come on, it's a building site. Surely they have some bolt cutters or something. Gemma to the rescue. She could pick the lock easily.

Sally has her minions behind her when she goes to face the owner of the building company that dissed her daughter but isn't allowed to bring them all with her. She's got her reporter friend there too who thinks she's wasted her time waiting for Sally until the young photographer shows up and spots Rosie. He went to school with her, knows that she was a glamour model and recalls things like her having the affair with Mr. Stape who then kidnapped her. The reporter's interest is piqued. There might be more of a story here than she thought.

Sally was successful, too. There is an agreement and the offending man was sacked. But the reporter is plying Rosie with drinks and found out about the Pop My Cherry vodka campaign, too. And guess what? The article that's supposed to be about empowering women turns out to be a feature on the daft Rosie's Pop the Cherry campaign which was definitely exploitive vs. Sally's campaign to scold men that wolf whistle at women. Does come across as hypocritical, when you look at it that way.

Sally had sent the newpaper a statement chastising the reporter but in the wake of that, comments posted online were not very flattering to Sally. 'Scathing' might be a good word!
Adam had a newspaper that said a local man was cleared of drugs charges. I would imagine that's the guy that Rosie's Antoine's drugs were meant for. Meanwhile, he passed the first round of exams with one more to write in August. Ken is underwhelmed since cheaters never prosper and all that. Later, Tracy reigned Adam in to help with flower deliveries and he went right along with it. Because, you see, earlier, he'd wanted to borrow Ken's car anyway and that's what he had to use for the delivery since he wasn't insured on the delivery van. And why did he need a vehicle? Because he's off following a drug dealer.

I can't remember how he knew where the guy lives but he rocks up in Ken's car in the morning after smarming Mary into turning her back and robbing 100 pounds from the flower shop till. He's then shocked to discover that the drug dealer's girlfriend is Trina, the receptionist from the solicitor's office that Adam spent a night with. She thinks Adam is stalking her! They lie about how they knew each other and Adam makes a date and time to meet up with Ronan later in the day.

Meanwhile people are hinting to Ken about the ne'er do well that is his grandson and knowing Adam took his car without permission didn't sit well. Also meanwhile, poor Amy is feeling like nobody loves her. Michelle is being mean and not returning any texts or messages, her mother is ordering her out of her site and then she gets into the car with Adam and he shouts at her, too. What's a girl to do? burst into tears and even Adam's hard heart can't stand up to that. She persuades him to take her to the cemetery to visit Deirdre's grave and guess what, that funeral for the girl that died of a drug overdose is just about to start there as well. The police had suspected Ronan, the dealer that Adam is trying to sell Rosie's cocaine to, you see. That's where it all comes together. Amy's tears and the sight of the funeral seemed to change Adam's mind about what he was doing. Maybe he does have a conscience in there somewhere.

But Ken is furious at Adam for all sorts of things, not the least for being a selfish and greedy person. He's determined to confront Adam in front of Daniel so Adam hasn't got a way of getting out of anything. But Peter and Ken's argument about the Barlows doing the right thing or not gives Daniel a good case of the guilts and he shouts at them about people having to do what's right and runs out. Adam does the right thing, for now, he cancels the deal with Ronan. Now what's the right thing for Daniel. All this talk about putting family first and regrets from Peter reinforced Daniel's confusion on what to do for the best. I bet he feels trapped, really, with this future he had all planned going up in smoke.

When Adam finally gets back, Ken shouts at him out on the street. Really shouts. That changes Adam's mind back again. He gave Ronan the drugs and thought the man was going to take off without paying but the blood money came through. Ronan got a little rough with Trina because he suspects there's something going on with her and Adam but Does Adam get out of the car to help? does he 'eck. Ronan wasn't hurting her but he was a bit aggressive. But Adam values his kneecaps and his pretty face too much.

He's flashing the cash around the next day like it's water, giving Daniel money for food and he's paid the rent, paid Tracy back as well. He got a bit of a shock, though, Ronan turned up in the pub. He wants the money back in payback for Adam sleeping with his girlfriend and naturally, Adam doesn't have all of it. Ronan seems to be implying Adam's family could be at risk. There's an even bigger problem, though. Ken found the bag of cash while he was looking for the car key that Adam kept and he burned it in the back yard! I don't know why Ken hasn't had another stroke, the amount of shouting and screaming and upset he's been doing and experiencing.

Sarah wants to meet Nathan so she nicked Bethany's phone and got the phone number to call Nathan. I laughed at Toyah suggesting that what she's trying to do is more like something Gail would do. Sarah looked like a deer caught in the headlights! She's in a tough position but she probably shouldn't be confiding in all the neighbours about it, either. Poor Bethany would be mortified! Sarah made the call anyway and left a message. Meanwhile, Bethany has had the birth control implant put in. When she found out Sarah contacted Nathan, she was duly horrified and embarassed!

In a rather bizarre story, Gemma has persuaded Cathy to go out on a night out on the tiles with her, getting drunk and having a kebab at the end of it. It goes about as well as you might expect with Cathy tossing her cookies all over the cobbles and Brian's shoes. Mortifying! She's very hungover the day after and embarassed. Gemma has twigged that Cathy fancies Brian because she was more upset at what Brian thought than what Roy thought of her unfortunate performance. Cathy has decided to retreat to Scotland for a bit of time away.

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