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Sunday Comments March 12

Steve and Michelle have returned from Ireland. A few awkward words with Leanne and then they have to face the sad arrival of the ashes of the baby. I was shocked that the ashes were in such a small container but of course a premature baby is tiny himself. Later, Michelle admitted to Steve that she kissed Robert but wasn't in her right mind and Robert pushed her away. steve is disconcerted but accepted her explanation and apology. But of course, in the guise of total honesty, Steve can't return the favour, can he?

Even though Robert knows Michelle only tried to kiss him out of grief, it couldn't have been nice to hear from Steve that it meant nothing, when he wishes it could have! Michelle is still finding that she's wondering what life with little Ruairi would be like. It's very difficult. Steve's suggestion of going for a drive and bringing the wee box means that he thinks maybe they might find a nice spot to scatter the ashes. They end up on a beach in Wales. Gorgeous scenery though chilly, I should think. They walk to the edge of the water, Michelle in tears and Steve swallowing back a lump. He draws a heart in the sand with all three of their initials inside it. M, S, R. The ashes in the wee egg is emptied onto the heart and the two of them have a cry in each other's arms as they say goodbye to their son.

Simon is clinging to Leanne out of concern but after Toyah talked to Nick about seemingly keeping Simon from Peter, he let him go to with his dad for a games night. Peter found out Simon was missing a birthday party at the Trafford Centre and drove him over. But the problem is, neither Peter nor Leanne couldn't get hold of him later and both were stressed like mad and Nick and Peter ended up arguing. But they went looking for him anyway. Simon was brought home by a cop because he got separated from his friends, his phone battery died and he didn't know his father's phone number. Naturally. Speed dial has a lot to answer for! Leanne was freaked out, but in her relief, and anger at Peter, she lashed out at Toyah with a hurtful comment about her not being a mother. Ouch.

Leanne is finding that not working is boring but she's having a twinge or two. I reckon that's the first sign, don't you?

Liam somehow let Darryl out of his cage and Craig is not too happy about it. Nor is he happy about having a 5 year old underfoot. Liam then nags Eva to be taken to see his mum and ran off behind her back to the bus stop, intent on his quest. Leanne found him and in the end, Leanne and Eva made up their differences.

Peter needs money and the lady with the big tips, Chloe, hasn't been asking for him lately. He wants to pay for a consultation fee for the fertility clinic so he's asked Ken for a loan instead. I can see Ken's point about Peter starting all over again. But then he's been there at about the same age or older, hasn't he? In the end, though, Toyah missed the appointment because...

Toyah is fuming about that crack Leanne made about her not being a mother. She even gets a bit of sympathy from Eva. But later, seeing that Leanne and Eva made up, she gets even further annoyed that she's still getting Leanne's cold shoulder. Confrontation is the order of the day and she runs after Leanne and gets into the lift when she's supposed to be getting in the taxi for the fertility clinic appointment. They start bickering. Leanne looks a bit uncomfortable and wow, everything goes black and the lift stops for a minute. Power outage? But though the lights come back on, the lift doesn't budge. There's a bit more bickering, and Toyah can't get a signal on her phone. Leanne left hers in the flat. The two sisters are still sniping at each other when Leanne moans. Her waters have just broken!

Robert to the rescue. And even though there's been a lot of guff over the internet about how fast her labour went, it does do that once your waters break. That tends to be the last before the big event so I'm not surprised she went straight into hard labour and gave birth within what was probably about an hour on the show's timeline. Also, contrary to what some on social media thought, Toyah appeared to be folding up Leanne's trousers and her legs were bare so yes, she did get her knickers off in time! The two of them continued to argue but it turns out Leanne is mainly concerned for her sister, that Peter won't wreck her life like he's done to others.

While waiting for the ambulance, Rana came over and offered advice through the door. At least the elevator wasn't stuck on a higher floor! Leanne's terrified that there's a problem. But things moved along and the baby was born with Toyah there to catch him. I guess she'll forgive Toyah now! Over the road, Robert had told Liz about Leanne and Liz told Steve. Must have been tough for Toyah in some ways, wanting a baby of her own so badly. Steve was taken aback, as well.

The baby's name is Oliver! Simon sat there in the hospital room looking like he wasn't bothered one way or the other but you know he was chuffed. Nick's taking no chances, either. He's taken out an ad in the Gazette and booked the registry office for the very next day! The whole Platt family trooped in to see the baby with Gail asking awkward questions about the baby's last name. She did, at least, mention Janice and Stella.

It was difficult for Michelle to hear, probably because she was caught off guard, to start with but it has to be difficult and everyone is walking on eggshells around her. So what does Michelle want to do? Go see Leanne. She's barely out of hospital. It's a bit soon for company I would have thought. Anyway off they go but Michelle nipped in for flowers and Nick saw Steve standing outside with a balloon and a toy and went spare. Steve managed to soften Nick and pretended to Michelle that he couldn't deal with seeing the baby. She bought it and went on her own. It was very brave of her. She said it actually helped her a bit. Meanwhile, Peter has realized that Toyah knows the baby isn't Nick's. But Nick is going to get a shock. Leanne doesn't want to put his name on the birth certificate after all. She can't lie in legalese.

Steve keeps telling his mother and himself that it's not his baby but it's killing him.

Brian banging on about recycling in the Kabin. I would have thought Norris would be the kind of person that would recycle but who knows? Anyway the gist of the scene was to bring up the "save the date" card that Leanne and Nick sent out to announce their wedding at Christmas so that Toyah would realize that she wasn't sent one. Neither was Eva. That's harsh. Nick knows Leanne still cares about her sister.

Remember the missing rat? Turns out he must have got into the workings in Victoria Court and he caused the electrical outage by chewing through a cable. Fried himself. RIP Darryl. And poor Liam overheard that he was the cause of the rat's demise, too. Beth finally got back from her mother's the next day, and it turns out, Kirk hasn't told Craig that his beloved rat was dead, hoping Beth would do it. Craig asked Liam about the rat and it was cute, seeing the little fellow act like he's trying to keep a secret! Kirk broke the sad news in the end. Even though he's all grown up, it's still hard to lose a pet. Then Liam called the police to confess to the crime. He wants to go to prison so he can see his mum! Awwww.

Nathan doesn't need Bethany's alibi after all, the woman turned up on holiday but Bethany wasn't going to do it anyway. She can't bring herself to lie to the police. She went running back to him when she found out the woman was found but he used that as a way to freeze her out, manipulate her. Mel reinforced Nathan's disappointment in Bethany. The next move is to take her into town and get her drunk. What kind of hold does Nathan have over Mel that she's willing to do things like this for him? That's what I want to know. Well, Bethany spotted marks on her arms so I wonder if he's got her hooked on heroin and that's how he keeps her in line. Mel talked her into staying over at her place but Sarah wasn't too pleased to hear Bethany's plans.

Alya, Kate and Rana are out on the town for Alya's birthday, taking insufferable smoochy selfies and tottering along on impossibly high heels. Out on the street, Mel abandoned her and nicked her phone. That leaves Bethany walking the street in a drunken stagger and she comes across Rana but Nathan curb crawls along as per his plan and scoops her up, much to Rana's concern.

Bethany ends up back at Nathan's flat. Also as per the plan. She's spark out on the sofa with Nathan stroking her hair, creepy! But she was awake later and he worked on her with flattery. Next thing we know, she's creeping into his bedroom in the night where he was waiting. He knew it was only a matter of time. The deed is done and it sounds like he's doing all this in conjunction with someone else.

The morning after, Bethany does mention the lack of protection from the night before so Nathan suggests a morning after pill. Sensible. Probably wouldn't have suggested it if she hadn't brought up the subject, that's my guess. His familiarity with Mel and her reaction made me think she's just a little jealous of his new thing with Bethany. She seemed to have a regretful attitude or perhaps reflective? Meanwhile, Sarah is not happy that Bethany stayed out over night and ignored her texts to be home early. Nathan still has Bethany's phone, the one Mel had nicked off her. The lie that someone stole her phone is true though she doesn't realize she actually knows the thief!

Rana is still worried about Bethany. I wondered if that would come into play at some point, and it did, with Rana asking Sarah if Bethany got home ok and mentioned that she was drunk and with a man that she said was a mate. Oops. Sarah gave her the third degree and grilled her on if she is sleeping with Nathan. Of course she lied and said she wasn't and then stormed out and went straight to Nathan. Now Sarah has to figure out a way of handling the situation that isn't going to make things worse.

Meanwhile, the three Amigos were having a bang up time in a gay club, Alya doing shots of orange juice. Kind of seems pointless, really.

Adam is having a job interview at a legal firm. I didn't think he'd given up on starting his own firm. The receptionist was gorgeous so Adam didn't mind waiting and she ate up his smarm with a spoon though I reckon she knew what he was about and liked it anyway. Adam was using her, of course, especially when he found out that the client that bumped his job interview was a drug dealer that the solicitor has been able to successfully defend.

Brian is still living with Roy who doesn't seem to like it very much. Brian's charging Roy's Kabin account with his own personal reading material (even if he did then leave them in the cafe for customers) and eating the cakes from the cafe without paying. He doesn't really take the hint and goes on the offensive, telling Roy he was not happy with Roy's approach to the situation. Roy stood his ground. He accused Brian of using his flat like a hotel with Roy doing all the dirty work. Roy doesn't chuck him out but makes it clear. Brian promises to start looking for somewhere else to live. You know he won't. He made it sound like Roy brutally evicted him, Brian the victim. In a pig's eye.

Cathy gives him advice for living with Roy. Roy won't thank her for that. Brian decided to suck up by making Roy's favourite sheppherd's pie the way he likes it. It worked, too. Brian ascertained that Roy has no intention of getting back together with Cathy. It looks very much like he is finding Cathy much to his liking.

Aidan is back from his holiday but why wouldn't he have taken Eva? I don't know. Anyway, Jenny is tickled to brag about the mastectomy bra deal shh managed to broker with the Drake fella. Apparently the deal was in the business pages of the Gazette, though, so Aidan already knew and he was less than pleased it all went down without him. He did concede it was a good idea. But lo and behold, the client wasn't happy after all. They don't think it's worth the effort now. Jenny isn't going to take that lying down.

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