Sunday, 5 March 2017

Sunday Comments March 5

Remember that car collapsed on Luke? He's ok but his leg is a bit damaged. Tracy and Adam rescued him but Kevin had to admit he was a bit slack on the safety measures. You could see it on his face and he admitted it. That's all Tracy needed. She's seeing pound signs and a law suit and this is just the kind of lawsuit Adam was looking to do, personal injury. Luke has no intention on suing. If he sues Kevin he'll be out of a job for sure. Sophie was furious with Kevin who's worried he will be sued out of business. But Luke has no intention on suing and told Adam so. But Rosie didn't know that and he played along. She only knows that Adam wanted to go out with her so she allowed it, hoping she could stop the law suit before it began.

Luke offers to take Tracy away for a few days for a romantic break but she finds out that it's to Bristol where he thinks Andy has fled. Not very romantic at all, then. And thinking he could "kill two birds with one stone" by planning a romantic getaway in order to search for Andy went over with Tracy about as well as you might expect. She went home complaining and of all people that ended up talking her into forgiving Luke, Phelan! I bet his tune changes when he finds out Luke planned the trip to find Andy. And indeed, he overheard the plans.

Phelan managed to get the rest of the payment for the kitchen out of Ken, what for? He needs a passport for something. Next thing we know, he's off to Swansea on a two week job. And guess what? Swansea is not all that far from Bristol! Oh well, he didn't go in the end. What was that all about?

Luke needed Tracy's help to pay for the hotel so she decided it wasn't worth the effort. Will he go on his own? Not if Phelan has anything to do with it. Phelan then decided to be romantic and buy Eileen flowers but what he really wanted to do was plant a few suggestions of his own (see what I did there?) and the next thing you know, Tracy's changed his mind and talked him out of his plan. But if Andy's really dead, why would Phelan be bothered where Luke goes to try to find him? Nobody knows for sure that he went to Bristol, it's just assumed anyway.

Back at the garage, Tyrone has told Sophie about the money problems and a potential layoff. Sophie realizes she's the one he thinks should be laid off and makes him tell her the full extent of the money problems. She later tells Kevin she's resigning and giving back her 21%. To tell the truth, Kevin's relieved, really because he didn't think he could afford to pay her.

Sophie isn't long without a job, though, she's going to help Tim with the window washing since Craig is busy. She's going to take it on and she's roping Rosie in to help. There's Sophie loading up Tim's van. When did Sophie get her driving license? I seriously doubt Rosie drives. Tim is funny around Rosie, too. I think he's having a difficult time with a gorgeous woman underfoot who's wearing very little and saying all sorts of double meaning things even if she doesn't even realize it.

Rosie and Sophie managed to put Brian off the scent at the allottment and the drugs are safely secured for now. Todd's looking for jobs because he doesn't trust Adam and Adam is slinking around the street looking for deals and schemes. He has had Rosie Webster in his bed on the promise of talking Luke out of suing (which he already knows Luke has no intention of doing). He tries to get the burned out garage rent free for 6 months, though he'll spend the money to fix it up and open his practice there. Kevin declines the offer. Now he's discovered that Rosie has her hands on a brick of cocaine, buried in an allotment. Cash in that, that is, right? Right. Adam wastes no time getting hold of a dodgey mate. I'm surprised he has any mates. He's only been back in Weatherfield a short time and it's been years since he lived here before that.

Anyway, Since Rosie practically drew him a map, Adam went to the allotment to find the drugs except that map didn't really point in the right direction. I did wonder if Adam was going to have to dig up the whole thing. He did find it in the end. What is probably a coincidence is Brian's report that a bunch of allotments were dug up including Tim's. I think Adam had a bit of trouble, he wouldn't have known exactly which one was Tim's.  Rosie's not happy to hear that Tim's was dug up, though. Panic stations.

Meanwhile, Adam admitted to Todd that he's got cocaine to sell to finance his practice. Todd's not impressed either. Adam brags that he's sold drugs before so why is he asking for Todd's help? Sophie's even more not impressed when she finds out Rosie told Adam about the drugs and outted him as a liar but that doesn't make any difference to Rosie who doesn't think Kevin should be accepting any cash offer from Adam. She broke, she told her father the whole store, in a panic about what could happen if the police find out or the dealers come back. Kevin really shouldn't have confronted Adam. He can't win. Todd's right, though, Rosie is a loose cannon.

Todd is having trouble getting a job in a legal firm, apparently his experience is out of date. I wouldn't have thought that sort of job makes great leaps and bounds ahead like a tech job might. He's going to go along with Adam's scheme after all. As partners? I thought it was just for a job. Instead of the garage, since Kevin won't sell to him, Adam is also looking at that house next to the community center. It's been there years but nobody has ever lived in it.

Obviously Shona does remember Gemma. she's even got some old photos of her on her phone! She admitted to Gemma that she knew her from a house party which is where the photos were from. What's really intriguing is that Shona went to Kylie's grave and was very sad. She obviously knew Kylie. What's that connection?

Zeedan discovers some pills in his grandmother's bag and is horrified when he finds out one of the things they're prescribed for is multiple sclerosis. At least it gets he and Alya talking again and the end result, after Yasmeen finds out about his snooping, is that Alya and Zeedan have made up their differences, Alya has apologized to Yasmeen and all is forgiven. That said, Kate and Rana are putting their heads together to do something for Alya's birthday. None of the plans really sound good so it's a meal and a club after all.

I chuckled at Mary distracting the man that was trying to chat up Kate and/or Rana. In fact, her lecture about getting to know people slowly being the best way to find someone that can really be important in your life made sense to him! In fact, she made a conquest but it was all in the name of just getting rid of him. She told him she was off to a convent. Rana's married and Kate is gay. He went off, disappointed but maybe he'll think twice about those awful chat up lines in future. Superb!!!!

Simon doesn't like that both Eva and Toyah are barraging Leanne with apology texts which is only making Leanne more annoyed. He took matters into his own hands and told off the pair of them for adding to her stress and blood pressure issues! good for him!

Mel did her job and Bethany is bathing in the glow of lots of traffic on her video blog. Awfully coincidental that she complains about it and Poof! The traffic increases dramatically in a matter of hours. She does think it's odd but Mel and Nathan distract her.

Bethany has decided she's not doing any more videos even though Sarah is encouragig her as it's something she likes to do. She has texted Nathan her decision and his staff member, Mel has come to find out why. Bethany admits she's got a crush and reckons Nathan's far too old and only sees her as a kid. I guess she's learned her lesson about older men, then. You think? Mel finds out from her that she's a virgin, as well. Mel hands over a pretty necklace that Nathan bought her. Seducing her with gifts? Sarah feels bad about Bethany using school as an excuse after Sarah was on at her about it and thinks after all the crap Bethany had been through that the videos were giving her back some confidence. The gift and Sarah's encouragement changes her mind. Sarah thinks she could do it at home with a phone video cameral.

Only a phone video isn't going to be as good as a professional video camera and lighthing and Bethany's horrified that people are so fickle as to unfollow and back away just because of that. Sarah's ok with her going back to "Mel" though of course, it's really Nathan who comes curb crawling yet again and he's good, oh he's good. He manipulated her right into a kiss. He really gives me the creeps!

Bethany's all smiles the next day. It was wiped off quickly when the police came to arrest him to do with the abduction of a woman. Oh dear! He promised it was all a mistake later when he was let out. He needs Bethany to provide an alibi.

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Daithi_c said...

Adam called a criminal (dodgy mate) he met in Canada while he was
a criminal lawyer here. He said on the phone "I've got some C
from your side of the pond."

Anonymous said...

Could someone please explain why Nathan would think it's a good idea to use being with a young girl as an alibi for the charge of abducting another young girl?!

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