Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Coronation Street's on-again off-again wedding

Roy and Cathy's road to the altar was paved with much rockier material than a few cobbles. Roy promised his late wife, Hayley, that he would move on and find someone to love and Cathy seemed to be the one. We viewers were pretty sure he didn't love her, not like he loved Hayley in any case but they did seem suited. When they got closer, when the proposal finally came, it felt rushed to me, and probably to all of you, too. It felt like Roy was backed into a corner and he seemed to bend to Cathy's wishes a lot.

Then the wedding planning began and Roy's stress levels rose higher and higher. Still, Cathy couldn't see the obvious, so wrapped up in her own happiness and enthusiasm over the wedding of her dreams. But the bride had a few wobbles and thought they should call it all off. She didn't mean it, she wanted him to reassure her but he snapped at the chance only to find himself rebooking wedding arrangements that he hastily cancelled.

So the wedding day dawns and while the bride is on top of the world, the groom looks like he wants the bottom of the world to swallow him up. He kind of got his wish because the bride discovered recorded proof that he didn't want to get married and was only going through with it because he's an honourable man. She did the right thing and released him from that promise though I think she was hoping he'd persuade her to marry him. Roy being Roy didn't pick up on that, or didn't want to. They are not wed and it doesn't look like they will be.

Roy had taken his old wedding band off earlier in the day but it's back firmly in place in that comfortable, familiar spot. There will be no new Mrs. Cropper. The old Mrs. Cropper still has his heart.

For pictures of the wedding day events, check out State of the Street, here.

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