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Sunday Comments December 18

The Alahan kids hid the lottery money inside the toilet cistern which Erica found. Of course she rightly suspects them but Dev doesn't believe it and won't take responsibility for his kids. He never has, has he? It's always been someone else's job. He wasn't taking her seriously until she walked out, disgusted with him. His first solution is flowers, not taking his children in hand. He finally did, and pretended they caused Erica to leave him. He really laid on the guilt. It worked. They promise not to wind her up anymore. Of course it was all a bluff.

At least Rana is talking to Alya. Yasmeen is enlisting Leanne to help sort out Zeedan.Yasmeen decided to stay in the restaurant until Zeedan talked to her and she gave him a valiant speech. It worked. Zeedan apologized and Leanne managed to persuade her to come with her. She picked her up and took her to talk to Zeedan. He was waiting for him in full wedding gear. Will she? She will! And her family was there with her dress, too! Didn't they both look wonderful! It sounds like they are also going to have a civil ceremony later.

Rana feels terrible that Yasmeen sold her jewelry. She's going to help get it back. It was a lovely gesture and Yasmeen was very touched. But Zeedan made a remark about grandchildren and Rana freaked out, nicking birth control (I assume) from the clinic. Rana is necking the birth control pills and Alya is still not welcome at home though at least Rana is happy to see her. She's insisting that Zeedan join them for coffee. He did, reluctantly but kicked off at Alya and left.

Now that her grandmother has sold off her belongings, Alya is determined to help, too. She wants to drop the special line and sell the machine but it's not possible at the moment. It really hurt her to discover she's missed her brother's wedding. Alya's finally got somewhere to go. Kate offered her the spare room.

Poor Kirk is out of his mind with worry but is very grateful for Aidan paying for the lawyer who is trying to keep Maria from giving up. Kate's not happy about it, also feeling guilty about giving Caz the brush off that last day. She's over emotional and says she can feel that Caz is alive. But guess what? We know, of course, she's not. And now, so does Aidan who spotted Caz at a factory he went to visit. When he mentioned Caroline Hammond's name, the supervisor knew it was one of his staff so there's no doubt. He didn't catch up with her but they know she's alive and can prove it. Aidan went straight to the police who faffed about and delayed.

Aidan took matters into his own hands to question the factory supervisor. The police were not happy when they arrived but at least things were under way. Yeah, if Caz was using Maria's identity, it would seal her fate since Maria has been in prison which is really stupid. Now, though, they have to find Caz. The police are still skeptical. They don't believe him so what did the factory supervisor tell the police? He knew Caz's name. He knew she was his staff member.

Never mind the police. Aidan is determined to find Caz himself. Kate was the one that spotted the purchase of the webcam and immediately started talking as if she still loved Caz, knowing Caz was either watching or recording. She was, too. Aidan didn't get what she was doing. Caz couldn't resist showing up. What I want to know.. Aidan told Maria he'd get her locks changed, just before she was put in prison. So how could Caz just walk in? Maybe he didn't get round to it.

Then it was all "poor Caz, nobody loves me, you rejected me". Kate played right along with her and Caz believed her until she tried to kiss Kate and Kate jumped back. Kate tried to call Aidan but he wasn't about to answer, because he was miffed at her apparent "love" for Caz. She let the phone record some of their conversation, Aidan heard it on the voice mail and came running, with the police not too far away. Yay! Caz is caught, Maria is home and this storyline is finally over! I just bet Maria and everyone else never get an apology from those cops, either.

I did laugh at Adam thinking all the things Tracy was telling him about Maria was one big joke. Usually the truth is stranger than fiction and it certainly seems so in this case. Maria still has to go to court on the immigration charges to put in a plea but she was rather harsh to Kate. Eva's in a Christmas mood but Aidan is scratching at Maria's skirts. He's got growing feelings for her and she does for him as well. He asked her to meet him at a hotel. Except Aidan's feelings are centered far below the belt and hers are above it. He's just looking for a bit on the side. He has always been presented as a ladies' man and it seems he's not changed. It's been clear all along. He only moved in with Eva because she insisted.

She feels even worse where Eva's been such a good friend. Maria was chilly with Kate blaming her for the situation she was in but then gain, Kate was also instrumental in getting her out of the murder charges as well. Kind of evens it out. Maria wanted to sack her solicitor who might be instrumental in keeping her out of jail but she seems very defeated, especially after this knock back from Aidan. I imagine she must feel pretty stupid. She'll apparently be sentenced in a couple of weeks and is scared she'll be in jail come Christmas. Would they really do that? We haven't heard that the actor is taking a break so I can't see them chucking her back in jail straight away.

Aidan met Eva at the hotel instead of Maria but Maria changed her mind. She thought a one nighter was better than nothing. She wasn't too chuffed to see Eva there after all. Eva's a lovely woman and invited Maria for a drink with them. I can't blame Maria for being angry at Aidan and that smack certainly landed hard but really, she should have left as soon as she arrived and saw the situation. She landed back at the Rovers in a snit and fell under Adam's spell, willingly. Someone to unload too and on the way back home, when she spotted Aidan, used Adam for a snog (and more?) to make Aidan jealous.

Tim's speech about the great outdoors kind of backfired on him. Sally rented him an allottment! Not that long ago, Roy and Sharif had to share the last allottment. I wonder if Cathy gave hers up, maybe that's the one Sally rented. Tim was led there blindfolded and thought he was in with a chance until he saw the patch. Whoever owned that allottment before left all their gear in the shed including a new bottle of whiskey.

He's also got a scam going, hiding old pieces of pretend antiquities in the allottment and getting the archaeologist society to dig up the ground for him. There's a method to his madness. Everyone will think he was industriously digging but Roy knows the truth even if Sally believes Tim's fibs. Roy blew it out of the water.

Mary is very emotional these days, especially about family matters. She's been making mistakes at work, getting overly sentimental and philosophical, and Erica, once she found out, is concerned. Turns out, Mary thinks she might have breast cancer, she's found a lump. Erica is supporting her but Mary has gone very fatalistic, recalling tragic stories and making a real meal of it but inside, she's scared. The doctor thinks everything is ok but because Mary was so upset, the doctor is sending her for a scan anyway. Erica suspects there might be something else on Mary's mind. But she made the mistake of alerting Norris to the possibility that Mary was acting strangely.

Tracy was rather kind to Mary letting her have time off for her breast scan. I guess that was her one good deed for the day because she was dead nasty to everyone else today! Mary has a bucket list just in case, only in her case the list is a binder. Norris is worried, too, though Mary did get the all clear. She doesn't seem overly relieved. Something else seems to be on her mind. A quick peek in the folder unearths a name. Maureen Nuttall. Erica and Dev are stumped. So am I. Is that her mother? Is that Mary in another lifetime? Don't blame Mary for being angry that Erica and Dev looked at her things, though. Mary sorted that, she burned all her papers. She's insisting she's fine but she's clearly not.

Brian has formally moved into Number 3 with Norris and Sean. Tyrone has invited Freddie back to lodge with them. I don't know where they put all these extra people in houses that have two bedrooms and other people living there.

Roy has a stress rash. And the early arrival of the Loch Nessa Monster a week early isn't going to help matters. Neither Roy nor Cathy looked too impressed. Nessa was quite impressed on the other hand, with Brian who lapped up her attention.

Daniel is being chucked out of his flat. Yes he can be evicted, if he's that far behind on his rent. It looked like quite a basic, and depressing flat. Ken was furious that Daniel had been living in grimness. Daniel had a moment, just before he left, looking at the growth chart on the wall that probably ended the time his mother left 6 years ago. It looked like they'd been living there awhile but it didn't seem like Ken was familiar with the flat yet he visited Denise and Daniel when Daniel was about 10 or 12. Never mind. Continuity fail again. Another lie has been uncovered. There has been absolutely no communication at all from Denise all these years like Daniel had said. He has no idea where his mother is. I wouldn't be surprised if that lad had developed some serious mother issues.

Peter has decided that Ken needs to know. Does he really? With his high blood pressure, I'm not so sure. Ken already blames himself for neglecting him all those years. I think Peter realized it, too.

Leanne wants Peter to come to Simon's last councilling session and he's promised. So you know something is bound to hold him up, right? Nick is really not happy that Peter's sniffing around but mainly that's because he's always been Jealous and he's threatened by Leanne and Peter's past.

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