Sunday, 4 December 2016

What's next for Phelan? Connor McIntyre reveals all

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog November 2016, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Connor McIntyre, who plays Pat Phelan, gives a good interview to Inside Soap magazine this week.

When asked if Phelan would have killed Michael himself if he had been forced to, Connor says: "That's a good question! We've seen enough of him to know that he can spin on a sixpence but I don't think he's the bloodthirsty type. If he can do his dealings without any of that, all the best for him. He's more of an arch-manipulator."

He says that being talked of as the next Richard Hillman... "Those are big boots to fill. Hillman is the benchmark but in Pat they've created a fully rounded baddie we can relate to in some way."

And if there comes a point at which Phelan's crimes catch up with him, Connor says: "The guys upstairs decide that and the writing team are doing a fantastic job, so I have no anxieties. Put it this way - I'll be here for as long as there is work for Pat Phelan to do!"

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