Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Yay or Nay - should Roy marry Cathy?

Recently in Coronation Street, we saw Roy face his discomfort over marrying Cathy. Roy had a heart to heart with Brian Packham, who made a return to the show.

So, if Roy's having misgivings over marrying Cathy, what do we fans think about it?  I think this has been doing very well as a storyline, showing Roy's insecurity.  His fears about marrying Cathy are our fears. We all still love Hayley, as does Roy.  But we want Roy to be happy too. And yet, is Cathy the person to make Roy as happy as we want him to be?

So, there we have it. Should Roy marry Cathy - Yay or Nay? What do YOU think?

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kib said...

I think Roy is having misgivings because all of a sudden Cathy's behaving like a teen bride. What was that 'countdown' scene all about?

Anonymous said...

Too right, they have both been married before. She was all poor when they met but I heard her say, "spare no expense since we have the money" did she win the lottery? Kick her butt to the curb and do the same with her blood sucking relations.

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