Friday, 16 December 2016

Vote in the Conversation Street yearly awards

If you're a fan of the Conversation Street podcast about Coronation Street, then you may be aware that podcasters Michael and Gemma do a year end awards episode featuring awards with a Corrie twist to the award titles.  Best Male/Female get termed "Top Lad" and "Top Lass" and the award for "Our Kid" is given out to the favourite younger actor.  There are also some that you won't find on most award shows.  The "By 'Eck" award goes to the most shocking Corrie moment. The favourite redhead gets a "Flamin' Nora" award and since there's always a good street brawl or two, there are always contenders for the "Ecky Thump" award.

Listeners can vote on all of the categories, too. Listener votes count for 2/3 of the points and Michael and Gemma will make up the balance. The nominations are here and you can vote on the awards here until the end of the year.

The awards podcast will air around New Year.

Check out the weekly spoiler free podcast. You won't be sorry you did! But keep in mind that Canadians are about 2 weeks behind at the moment. We link to the podcast from this blog when it reaches our time line if you're concerned about spoilers and the podcasters, Michael and Gemma, don't usually do spoilers in the podcast so you won't know about anything upcoming. (If they do have a spoiler, it's kept to the very end of the podcast and you will be warned when to shut off first)

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