Monday, 19 December 2016

Corrie Canada weekly awards Dec. 12 - 16

Guilty until proven innocent award: The factory boss knew Caroline Hammond's name so knew he employed her so why did the police not believe that Aidan saw Caz there?

Keystone Cops award: Yet again the Weatherfield Police can't manage to do their jobs, never ask the right questions, never take other people seriously.

Parent fail award: Dev. Never takes responsibility for his children's actions. Never has. It's always been someone else's job (Sunita, Mary, Erica, or any of the other mothers of his other children, the ones he barely acknowledged) And what did he do? Laid the guilt on them.

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction award: Accused of murdering her Lesbian stalker. Married a gay Argentinian hairdresser. Yep, I can see why Adam thought Tracy was winding him up!

Continuity fail: Ken was surprised at how grim Daniel's flat was. He didn't seem at all familiar with it. Daniel's growth markings on the wall seemed to indicate he lived there from a fairly young age. Ken stayed with Denise and Daniel when Daniel was about 10 or 12. Why didn't he remember the flat if that's the case? And another one. We saw that Maria had broken a heel before she went into the pub but when she came out and walked home, there was not a limp in sight.

Lines of the week:
Nessa "You know me, I love a big entrance"
Tim "I promised Rita I'd polish her features. ... She actually asked me if I'd do a once over of her Rs. I didn't know where to look"
Dev to Erica "You're not a lone shark" Erica "Wolf."
Yasmeen "Life is full of risks, Zeedan, but some people are worth taking risks for"
Mary "The paradox of tragedy and glamour. Beauty and death."
Mary "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst" Tracy "Get a better motto!"
Tracy about Maria "She was always a bunny boiler deep down"
Maria "When are you going to tell Eva?" Aidan "Tell Eva what?" (Love Rat!!!!!)
Maria "I don't hate you, Kate. These days I save the hate for meself"
Tracy "Why is it everytime I see Maria chatting to a bloke I hear the theme tune to Jaws playing in my head?"

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