Wednesday, 14 December 2016

State of the Street November 2016

November on The Street was pretty good overall, barring the debacle that was "Maria kills Caz". Thank heavens that's over though Maria's still got a legal sword hanging over her. Enough has been written about that on the blog so I won't touch more on it (other than in the detailed blog on State of the Street)

The arrival of Adam and Daniel has given the Barlow family a new and rather exciting dynamic boost. Both Daniel and Adam are keeping secrets as is Peter, it certainly seems. Peter seems to be taking a role in the family as peacekeeper and head of the family in waiting but Peter Barlow is a screw up and we know there will be more reasons for Ken to sigh "Peter!!!!" Can't wait to find out what that's going to be.

Mary and Erica have forged quite a nice friendship and Erica was supportive of Mary during a health crisis. Why hasn't Mary been more supportive of Erica in the wake of two manipulative children?

Rana and Zeedan are married after only  a few weeks being engaged and certainly don't seem all loved up in the afterglow. I'm surprised she's nicking birth control pills when I assumed she was already on them. Even if she wasn't before the engagement and wedding date set, you'd think she'd have started on them straight away. They don't take effect overnight and in fact take a couple of months to be a confident method of birth control.

Phelan and Vinny's scam broke wide open when Michael figured it all out but ended up dead. Vinny double crossed Phelan and headed for the hula dancers of Hawaii leaving Todd and Phelan to pick up the pieces and Gail burying yet another husband.

There's more detail here on State of the Street.

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