Monday, 26 December 2016

Corrie Canada weekly awards for Dec. 19 - 21

BridesmaidZilla award: Nessa.

Throwback Thursday awards: 1. Peter found all of Tracy's old cassette tapes, the ones she used to run upstairs and listen to and disappear for weeks!
2. Peter noted that he and Leanne got married 6 years ago (which would have been the 50th anniversary live episode, this Thursday episode airing on the 56th anniversary of Coronation Street's first episode)
3. Not only does Cathy have a dictaphone, she has eight!

Green Eyed Monster award: Aidan who didn't want Maria spending time with Adam but doesn't want her himself other than as a bit on the side.

Bending Time and Space award: The acoustics in the pub are very strange. You can overhear something clearly from the other side of the room yet not hear a thing standing less than 5 feet from someone else.

Shoot Yourself in the Foot award: Cathy told Roy they ought to call off the wedding. She shouldn't have been surprised when he went along with what he thought she wanted. He's not that good at subtleties. She only wanted to be reassured.

Vanity, Thy Name is Ken: He won't wear a hat because it would ruin his hair for the rest of the day. I totally agree with him. I hate wearing them, too!

Pants on Fire award: Aidan told his father he doesn't fancy Maria.

Lines of the week:
Norris "I know I have a reputation for being a bit, you know, inquisitive (ya think?) but Mary's my friend" (and in between hissy fits and opinionated rants, he *can* be a good friend)
Nessa "It wouldn't be the first time a man felt the urge to visit me in the middle of the night" (oh please)
Maria to Eva "You make me sound like a Disney princess"
Nessa "They're all the same. Liars and Cheaters" Alex, joking "Lions and Cheetahs?" (nice one!)
Nessa about Roy "Don't be fooled by that face. Beneath that innocent exterior lies the beating heart of a love rat" (Not Roy, not ever!)
Aidan to Eva "What are you doing?" (dressed in very little) Eva "Well, I'm hardly waiting for the Number 8 bus, am I?"
Billy "Imagine a world without faith" Daniel "Then all we'd have to do is eradicate climate change"
Peter to Nick "How do you spell Rebound again?" ("L E A N N E")

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