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Sunday Comments December 11

The fallout from Michael's death and Vinny's exit continues. Todd doesn't really believe that Phelan wasn't in on it all with Vinny and he's not happy that his brother has lost all his money. He just can't see how Phelan could have been blindsided by Vinny but Pat is right, he trusted the wrong person. He never expected this and it means he's very much able to claim he's as much the victim as everyone else. Neither Gail nor Eileen can't figure out why Michael was at the site. Phelan and Todd both manage to cover but with the police, it's a bit trickier but since they brought up Vinny's name, Phelan jumped at the chance and even implied that Michael suspected that Vinny was going to rip them all off. Nicely played.

It seems odd that she's being so considerate of Gail but they've both lost someone they cared about. Anna brought her suspicions about why Michael was at the site but the only one that bought her conspiracy theories was Andy. Eileen was quick to blame Anna for pushing Michael into it all but it sowed a seed and Todd told her it was true, it was a scam and he put the blame squarely on Vinny but she still smacked Phelan for losing Jason's money and is starting to believe Phelan was involved all along and could very well know something about Michael's death. Todd was furious that Phelan walked away because he would be left to clean up the mess. Phelan only walked as far as the builder's yard office, but he's having trouble scaring up somewhere to stay.

He's taking the bull by the horns and organizing a meeting in the pub to break the bad news, the investors and the rest of the nosy neighbours. But what would you expect, holding a meeting like that in a public house? Jason doesn't blame his mother but he's pretty easy going, isn't he? But seeing as Phelan couldn't find any rat hole to hide in, he decided to do the deed himself, painting himself as the victim, of course. News broken, hopes dashed, bank accounts screaming. And you can sure tell Anna didn't believe a word of it! He took the blame for it in one way, saying he should have known Vinny was up to something. Anna's really getting hysterical at the whole situation and he knows damn well she's feeling guilty about sending Michael to the yard in the first place so he made sure to push that hot button. He's very good, isn't he?

He's planning to pay Jason back so Eileen is letting him sleep in Sean's old room. He's in a very tenuous position, because he works for Jason, he doesn't own the business and now Jason's gone, he's the only one running the show, with Eileen managing the books and payroll. Not a position I'd want to be in. Prudently, Phelan stayed away from the funeral for Michael so Andy faced him down later. I don't think Andy bought anything Phelan said judging from the look on his face when he left the house.

Meanwhile, Gail's planning Michael's funeral which is happening awfully swiftly for a UK funeral. Usually those take a few weeks unlike here in Canada when someone can usually be put to rest in a few days. Where Michael's death would have needed an autopsy, from what I know of UK doings, it certainly wouldn't be mere days after the body was found. Anyway, it's a soap so never mind. Andy is really finding it difficult, Michael was a better father to him than his own was.

Gail now has to bury another husband, making that 4 of the 5 men she's married. She even acknowledges that the neighbours will be joking about it. Clearly it still hurts Bethany to see her mother and Gary together. Phelan came out to see off the hearse and Andy nearly lost his mind but Steph held him back. What a lovely gesture, Gail asking Eileen to go in the car with her. Michael probably would be laughing his socks off. I wonder if this is the end to their feud. I never thought I'd see the day they'd hug and really mean it.

Kevin's having a hard time. Anna seems to keep pushing him away. Sally was very wise. Anna feels very overwhelmed and can't understand how Kevin could possibly still find her attractive with the burns plus she wouldn't have much self esteem just on her own because of it, too. Sally wisely reminded Kevin that just because Anna says she's coping, doesn't mean she is.

Tracy is still nagging Daniel. She does not trust him, you can tell and him being so circumspect, it doesn't help matters. He went over to the salon and had a look around, pretending he wanted to make an appointment. He knows his mother owned it at one time. He was acting a bit strange with David. Later, he went way over the top reacting when he found out some of the neighbours were talking about him.

Even Peter is starting to guess that Daniel is hiding something but Daniel deflected it back on Peter hiding something. Tracy's determined to find out what Daniel's secrets are. Adam's flash car was stolen and he blames Daniel. As if. Anyway, Tracy discovered there was no evidence of Denise or any woman living in Daniel's flat. Makes her not trust him even less. Daniel dropped out of site, and that didn't help everyone's suspicions. When Daniel finally showed up, Tracy and Adam yanked him to the cafe for a confrontation. Turns out, Denise abandoned him when he was 15 so I guess we definitely have someone with Mother issues, don't we?

Ken was horrified to find out. Obviously, he really didn't know Ken to ask for help. I wonder if that suspicious character who might be a debt collector was the one that took Adam's car so it sort of is Daniel's fault, I guess. But Ken has to avoid stress or he could have another stroke. Well, leave it to Peter to sort it out. First things first. Take Dad to the pub to see his mates and have a half. Second, find a place for Adam and Daniel to live, together. Yep. The new Odd Couple who already hate each other. That's going to work well. At least Tracy has eased up on Daniel. Peter marked all their cards.

But the big surprise was that Adam had arranged to have the car stolen and sold and is splitting the profits with someone, ripping off the rental company along with it!!!!! He's supposed to be a lawyer from what we were told.

Ken's stroke certainly seems to have made all his regrets surface. But he can moan about not being there for Daniel all he likes. He's the one that stayed away. When he last saw Daniel and Denise, I seem to recall he said he was going to make more of an effort. He did not. Daniel promised no more lies but his face spoke volumes in the other direction.

Poor Gemma feels very let down. Never mind the award, all she can focus on was the broken promises of her idol, the one that didn't show up. She took it very personally. Chesney, lovely bloke that he is, arranged a surprise for her. A text from Peter Andre and then, the man himself apparently. She knew it wasn't the real deal but it certainly did cheer her up.

The Alahan twins are still running circles around Erica apparently. Without Mary keeping them in check, Aadi isn't doing his homework. You'd think Dev would be more on the ball, wouldn't you but he's used to Mary doing it all. Getting them to do it under Erica's watchful eye in the shop didn't work out very well. They then stole some scratch cards and won some cash and then they persuaded Bethany to cash it in for them. She's not 18 yet, but apparently 16 year olds are allowed to buy lottery tickets.

Aidan is still Maria's defender and has now got her a fancy solicitor. It might help, actually. I didn't realize she was still in prison, not out on bail. Kate was well pissed off that Aidan is helping the woman she thinks killed Caz.

Why does Brian need a place to live? He and Julie owned the flat next to Rita's and we have never heard that it was sold after they left. Perhaps it was, though, otherwise, Brian could have stayed there. Brian wants to usurp Sean under Norris' roof and he's insinuating himself, being passive aggressive pointing out Sean's faults, and by trying to overpay Sean's rent but Norris decided to play both sides against the middle. Reducing Sean's rent slightly to bribe him into giving up the room he's using now, Emily's, and sleeping in the front room on a sofa bed. Sean was not best pleased. But Erica's right, Sean really should find somewhere else to live. Who'd want to share a pad with a smug git like Brian and so there's a bidding war afoot. But for the high rent both of them have offered, Norris isn't going to mind sleeping on the sofa bed but I bet we hear him complaining about his back by Christmas.

I'm really liking the dynamic between all the Barlows these days. Tracy is still sniffing around Luke. Good grief. Nick's jealousy about Peter is starting to fizz up again. Roy has taken wedding planning on like a military operation. He really wants her to get what she wants, a perfect day. All she seems to have to do is pick out a dress. Mary got very wistful watching Ken and his newly acquainted son, didn't she?

Zeedan is trying to be a man, too, now he's 21 and wants to take on all the financial debt his grandfather got them into, on top of losing the flat money but Yasmeen is not going to let him shoulder the burden alone. I see Yasmeen hasn't got rid of the chickens. She's looking forward to the wedding, at least. Alya's still estranged from her family but Rana is trying to do her best to facilitate a reconciliation which doesn't seem to be forthcoming. At least not from Zeedan. Yasmeen didn't throw her out summarily and didn't seem to mind her being there. Yasmeen promises to pay Dev back somehow.

Oh dear. Zeedan has taken a stance and cancelled his wedding. I see that in people a lot, they don't deal well with a divorce and decide that marriage is just too risky. They are disillusioned and don't want to end up hurt. Fair play. Nobody wants to end up in pain and I know that as well as anyone. There comes a time you have to take a leap of faith. Zeedan isn't quite ready to do that yet. I don't know if Rana's parents blathering on about her popularity with other men scared him or if this has been brewing all on its own since Granddad left. Zeedan should have done it the day before so Yasmeen wouldn't have had to sell her jewelry!

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