Tuesday 31 July 2007


My friend has been hollering that at the screen a lot lately when she watches Corrie. Why? The antics of our favourite bully boy, Charlie Stubbs, that's why. She doesn't do spoilers so all i could tell her was "Just wait until you see this week's show!" which was, by the way, the one we saw last week where Charlie played bobbing for apples with David's head and it all came out about his fling with Maria. And what about that thing he does, hands on a woman's face, all "gentle but firm" but getting his face right up to hers, speaking quietly. That's very aggressive, and it's scary, is that.

Every now and then, Charlie lets slip with a snippet about his childhood and we get the feeling he was abused and unloved. Sometimes you wonder if it's all put on for sympathy but sometimes i think it really must have happened. He mentioned something while he was torturing David and there's no reason he would have been playing the (false) sympathy card with him. It's like he was taking it out on David for what he'd been through as a kid. I think he was abused and he's mean and nasty because of it.

But i'm not excusing his behaviour. He's a piece of work for whatever reason. He's an abuser, a bully and a control freak. I think he's as damaged as Tracy is because she's clearly not normal and has gone way past the realms of "selfish" in her own right. She loves Charlie, actually loves him. Or she did. I didn't think it was possible for her to love anyone but then she and he are like two peas in a pod. She gives just as much as she takes. She stands up to him most of the time and he doesn't get that often. I'm surprised he stood for it this long but i guess he likes the challenge.

Does he love her? doubt it very much. He likes the challenge. He likes that someone else can play games and be as nasty as he is. Tracy's probably good in the sack too though that doesn't keep him from sampling other wares that are on offer. Just because he can. Pig.

Aw that's not fair to pigs. They're mostly quite nice animals, aren't they, even if they do like to roll around in the mud. Well, maybe he is a pig. I know his bacon is going to be well and truly fried once Tracy gets her vowed revenge.

Sunday 29 July 2007

Sunday Comments, July 29

Lines of the week:

  • Norris "I like a joke with anybody, you know that, but not during the safety demonstration"
  • Maria "I know where his tattoo is"
  • Charlie "I must be having some sort of midlife crisis" (only because you got caught)
  • Jamie "I'm a man on a mission" Sean "Mission Impossible"
  • Charlie "she'll get through the letterbox given half a chance"
  • Roy "Humour is not my strong point. you might as well tell a joke to that lamp post as to me." Tracy "You're bonkers, you" Roy "I've suspected it on occasion"
  • David "I wish i was someone else. Cos.. I don't like who i am"
  • Tracy "I'll kill him" Deirdre "Maybe later, for now just ignore him" Tracy "I swear here and now, though. I am going to kill him" (Deirdre? You might want to remember that)
  • Tracy "I know what i'm doing"
  • Gail "Deirdre Barlow or whatever she's calling herself these days" (oh and *you* should talk, been married as many times as Deirdre!)
I don't know how much Maria actually likes to hang out with David, i think now it's a matter of keeping him sweet and quiet. Calling him one of her most loyal mates? Considering that she's done the dirty on a few of her female mates, it's no wonder her best mate is a 15 year old. Whatever he is, he's starting to put doubts in Maria's tiny little mind and all it took was bully Charlie to scare David, and badly, to blow the secret a mile high. What Charlie did to David was particularly nasty though, pretending to drown him in the bath when David has a fear of water after what Hillman did. Great bitchfight on the street though wasn't it! And i laughed at Gail being smug through the netting while David squirmed. Charlie called it a bit of a fumble, but he kept on fumbling for 3 months! I really don't know why she's surprised. He thinks he might have managed to get round her when she said he could sleep on the couch. Think again. Hell hath no fury like a Tracy twice-scorned and Charlie isn't having it. He's changing the locks on her since she won't leave. She's putting on the warpaint with a purpose in mind. Dressed to kill? she's going back to Charlie and she's going to make him pay. But will he have her back? I don't blame him for not believing her groveling. I wouldn't either. That's just not Tracy Barlow. I dunno. Did you see her face during the party? I think the fireworks have only just begun!

Wow, was a near drowning what it took to get David running back to school? Maybe he figures he'll be safer from Charlie there. or is he avoiding the councilling? Well it didn't work. Councilling they've all got. The councillor, Simone, was a bit irritatingly sweet and calm. Audrey didn't like admitting she's a great-grandmother. Why would Audrey think they're managing quite well? She's the one that wanted Gail to get help. But it was a different tune when *she* had to be involved too, wasn't it! I'm actually surprised Audrey would be required to participate. I'm very surprised at David's admitting he didnt' like who he is. It really seemed to come out of nowhere and wasn't quite what you would expect in a group session. I might have thought he could say it one to one. Still, he seemed sincere didn't he? for a change.

Bill's back to town. Looks like he and Sophie have already made good friends. And he's making friends with Audrey. Tsk. Fred's only dead 5 minutes and she's flirting with Bill. Bill's not wasting time getting Kevin into trouble either. Lap dancing club??? Looks like Sally really enjoyed swatting Kevin with the teatowel!

Oh dear, Rita is injured and has to stay in Hungary for 3 more weeks! Chesney wants to be a paper boy and i think he'd probably be a pretty good one if he can convince Norris. Rita snapped at Norris after he regaled her with all his anecdotes? You don't say! Well Chesney has himself a job and I think he'll actually do a good one.

Frankie's acting like Jamie's right, like she really does "want" Jamie. soulful looks, nearly drooling over that letter..*gag* I just don't understand it. It's really being thrown down our throats and it's so contrived! I wish they would move to Spain. Now. And why would Frankie even want a bland puppy when she could have had sexy Liam, Nathan or, yes, even Danny! And could she and Jamie *be* any more obvious sitting in the caff like that?

Wow, Deirdre's face is sure showing every cig she ever smoked, isn't it? All of a sudden it seemed. Cilla wants landscaping on her boobs? Cilla and Yana were quite funny being bitchy to each other about plastic surgery. Maria wore the same top the morning after it all came out. Oh wait, it's a jacket. Hayley's trying to volunteer but keeps getting stared at. Try a new anorak, luv. Gail was hysterical when she was dissing Deirdre through the net curtains, casting aspersions over Deirdre's children when her own are just as bad or worse in some ways!

Sunday 22 July 2007

Sunday Comments, July 22

Lines of the week:

  • Audrey 'If that street were a glass house, there wouldn't be a pane intact'
  • Ken 'Are you staying in Buda or Pest' Rita 'Well after today, i know where he should be'
  • Rita "Please excuse my friend, he has mental problems"
  • Blanche to Ken "Don't be such a spoilsport!"
  • Deirdre to Tracy "It's only a matter of time till he does it with someone else"
  • Fiz "Of course you know what the bane of my life is now don't you? Tram lines!"
  • Charlie about Tracy "She's not right in the head" (you've got that right but then it takes one to know one)
  • Gail "I'm the only one in this family who isn't crackers or irresponsible!" David "You're the one that married a psycho" Gail "Well, nobody's perfect"
  • Cilla to Amber "How old do you think i am?" Amber "If you don't want to know the answer, don't ask the question"
  • Cilla "I've let meself go" (*snort*)
  • Bev about Fred's ashes being divided "Of course we all know which third she'd be after (Audrey)" (well, my monitor did need a good cleaning!)

It's hard to get back to a routine after something so devastating as a death. I can imagine how hard it was for Ashley to go to that shop. Why wasn't Boris there? Blanche was lovely for a change, too and didn't she give Bev a flea in her ear! Aw Claire wants to rename the baby Freddie! I can't believe Bev would divide Fred in half and give Ashley the half in an instant gravy container! That's grim! I loved the women having a few drinks and chatting about current events, Bev's antics and Frankie and Danny and sex, just like women do! They gave her something to think about though i really think her coming on to Danny after that was a bit forced. They're really pushing this Jamie thing on us and i don't like it. But back to Bev, bravo for Jason for making a sharp point after Bev accused Sarah as learning bad habits from her grandmother, "genetic" she said and Jason wondered if Shelley would end up like her, bladdered and bitter on a barstool. Nice one.

I think David would be tickled to death if Gail went to jail because he was skiving off school. Looks like David has sussed out that there's somemthing between Maria and Charlie. There's going to be trouble now. He'll hold that over Maria's head. Not only because he just likes to cause a ruckus but because he fancied her and she won't look at him sideways. Now what do you suppose Charlie is going to do to David to put him off his little blackmail schemes and stalking? You know? When a man is completely different, all of a sudden considerate and telling you he loves you all the time, when he wasn't like that before? Be suspicious! Especially if he is a Charlie type. Maria's getting the other-woman attitude too. Starting to put pressure on Charlie to tell Tracy. Methinks it's all going to blow up sooner than later and a few people are going to get nasty surprises. Tracy thinks Liam isn't her type. Let's see...Gorgeous? check. Male? check. breathing? check. bad news? oh, ok. She's right. he's not her type.

David's getting dangerous winding up Charlie like that. He doesn't like being jerked around by a 15 year old. David is getting closer to the knuckle sending Tracy a sympathy card. It's like poking a bear with a big sharp stick. I think Tracy's suspicions are starting to be piqued though. He was scared when Charlie nearly had him in the van but Liam came around in time to stop that one. Liam might not be as big as Charlie but i bet he's a tough nut in a fight. I wouldn't necessarily bet against him. And David's bravado returned quickly. That lad really does have a death wish doesn't he?

I can't imagine what mates David would be seeing anyway on a schoolday. I don't know what you can do with a kid like that. Yelling and screaming doesn't get you anywhere neither does ordering him around. Councilling would be what's needed, but Gail should have had the whole family to that after the Richard thing. She didn't and this is where she ended up , with an out of control son. Now she's got to persuade Sarah to go along with it too. Tell you the truth, i think Gail might be a bit surprised to find out just how much *she* needs councilling more than all the others! I had to laugh when David hit Charlie's van with the ball. Normally you never see a vehicle parked on the street and you always wonder what everyone does with their cars until they need them.

You know, i wouldn't be running around joyfully bragging that i get whatever i want if i was Danny. That reconciliation is way too fragile. Danny's all about putting on a front for the crowds though, isn't he? It's too bad their pushing this Jamie thing. Danny and Frankie have visible chemistry together as a couple. (Love Liam and Danny's repartee)

Craig wrote to Rosie but Sally didn't give her the letter straight away. Rosie wanted to know Craig was safe, but he had his mobile. Surely she could have at least texted him. Rosie must be getting a bit more mature, though, she even seemed to understand why Sally didn't give her the letter right away, not that she liked it, but she didn't freak out either.

Fiz really loves her scooter! Hope she passes her driving test. Yay! She did! Look out World! She's not very steady on it yet though is she? I suppose that's down to the actress but Fiz hasn't had the scooter very long and studying a book and practicing a bit isn't really enough is it? No lessons, no proper instruction. Norris is driving me mad. Are they ever going away? He's been on about it for weeks, i wish he'd go and give me a few days' peace and Ken too! He's still rattling on about free pens and crap even on his way out! And good heavens, it's only a weekend trip! Would Blanche really be the type of person to try to persuade Ken into a lottery scratch ticket scam and letting her take a paper and magazine?

LOL Clocks went back so Bev opened up early (I thought Liz was going to do that?) and Les took full advantage! Amber's back and so is Yana! Amber is just fabulous, isn't she?

Saturday 21 July 2007

Today's blog is brought to you by the letter Y

Yana Lumb is Cilla's bezzy mate and she's classic Corrie character. We need to see more of her! The actress that portrays her, Jayne Bickerton (her married name, you'll also have heard of her as Jayne Tunnicliffe), is an artist, too. She's recently had an exhibition in a gallery in Manchester to show her newest work, Corriecatures! She's done large paintings of coronation street characters, as cariacatures and they're just fabulous! You can see them and buy them on her website, but she also has an eBay store, too. She's selling prints of her works, about 12 x 12 to 12 x 16 inches for $45 US each and she's selling 6 x 8 inch blank greeting cards as well for $7.00 US.

Earlier today, i bought four of the cards. I would have loved to have had a print but i couldn't decide on just one! With the cards, at least, you can get several and frame them. They seem to be limited editions and are signed as well. I emailed her to ask if she would send all four together and she replied saying of course, and was planning to put more of her art on ebay and on her website and to keep checking back. I complimented her on her acting and (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!) she did say she probably wouldn't be back on Corrie now that Wendi Peters is leaving, which is pretty much what i figured. (END SPOILER) Too bad, but i guess that's they way the acting ball bounces. These are two of the cards i bought today, the other two portray Roy in front of the cafe menu and Hayley in her red anorak in a prison mug shot style portrait.

Wonderful items to buy for yourself or for a present for your Corrie-aholic friends!

Wednesday 18 July 2007

The Drama Queen

That would be Bev Unwin. It's a bit hard to be critical of the woman when she's lost her meal ticket future husband on the day of the wedding. I know that's devastating. Call me skeptical but i don't believe Bev *really* loved Fred. Oh yes, she cared for him, he's a lovely man. But our man-eating Bev has been scratching at the zipper of a few hot sexy younger met and ogling a few more, usually under the alcofluence of incohol, ever since we've known her. She was married to Shelley's father for 27 years and then was widowed. She also lost her other daughter who, from accounts, had never had good health. The poor woman seems to have been in a downward spin ever since.

On our screens, she's been fond of a few gins of an evening and usually got louder, sloppier and obnoxious with it. It's no surprise she's jumped into the bottle after this latest shock. She had her future all mapped out. Good man who wasn't short of a bob or two in the bank. Pub over which she would landlady-lord it. Ready made step-family and a new grandchild on the way. All to have the rug yanked out from under her at the very last minute and have another woman seemingly at the root of it.

True, Audrey should have kept her feelings to herself but she selfishly stepped into Fred's world and tossed it upside down. The stress sure didn't help but let's face it, Fred *was* a health crisis waiting to happen.

All that aside, a drunken, bereaved and bitter Bev has been very funny to watch. Toppling sideways off a bar stool, carrying Fred's ashes around through the bar, probably even into the loo, and then most recently, giving half of the ashes to Ashley, stored in a gravy granule jar. That was so bizarre and ridiculous that it was sublime! You can just picture Bev at the table in the back room, swaying with gin in one hand, measuring cup in the other, siphoning Fred into the Bovril jar, thinking that will get Ashley off her back and Blanche's guilt trips at bay.

Blanche really hit it on the nail too, accusing Bev of her daily performance while Ashley was exhibiting real and quietly devastating grief in the butcher shop. Not to take away from Bev's grief. It's very real, but her way of expressing it is to get as much sympathy from as many people as possible. Wearing her flouncy lavender wedding outfit to the funeral (as Ken pointed out, very Miss Havisham, and by the way, it's odd that Blanche would criticize Eileen for wearing a red skirt and say nothing about Bev's wedding gear). Telling Fred's coffin "I Do!" after a drunken speech. Staggering around with Fred under one arm and a large drink in the other. Calling Fred her husband and hissing at Audrey whenever she appears. It all might seem ridiculous to you but i find it funny in a black humour sort of way. It actually serves to counter Ashley's grief and make it even more poignant, i think. It's another example of Corrie balancing the sad and dramatic with a bit of humour, albeit a bit from the dark side.

Sunday 15 July 2007

Lines of the week:

  • Tracy to Maria "One thing i've got a degree in is copping off"
  • Violet to Jamie "It shouldn't have to be an effort"
  • Sean to Jamie "I feel sick" (you and me both, mate)
  • Norris about Bev "She's going to throw herself on it (the coffin)" Rita "well try not to enjoy it too much"
  • Blanche about Bev "I wondered if she might be going to slur a few words"
  • Audrey to Dev "I think of you as a self-centred patronising womanising hypocrite" (Got him in one!)
  • Bev "Grief. Affects people in different ways"
  • Blanche "If God had meant us to drink out of polystyrene cups, He wouldn't have invented china"

Ashley has to deal with legalities on top of everything else, so soon after Fred's death. Liz could have waited to find out about the pub no matter what Bev says and wouldn't she or Steve have their own solicitors handling their side of the sale anyway? Good God, Bev is drinking in the morning before the pub is open! She'll be drunk 24/7 after the news about the will and the sale of the pub as her on special way to deal with being left with nothing. Good God, Audrey's going to the funeral as well. That could be explosive. I"m really surprised at Rita. Ok, Audrey did have feelings for Fred but she wasn't having it off with him like everyone thinks and Rita should trust her long time friend's word. And what's the deal with everyone crowding on "Bev's" side of the church and leaving Gail and Audrey on their own? it's not a wedding, and that's just childish. The pallbearers didn't seem to be having any difficulty did they? You'd think there'd be a bit of a struggle with a man as tall and large as Fred.

There weren't very many residents at the funeral. Not a lot of people at all for someone that owned a business and was involved in an organization like Square Dealers. Half of the residents that did go hadn't even known Fred for very long but then again, that doesn't really matter. I am surprised that people like Jack, Vera, Steve (considering he just bought the business from Fred), Sally, Kevin, Les (even though he was at the pub after), Janice, Roy and/or Hayley at the funeral? They all knew Fred for years. It's as if Granada just looked around and said, ok, who's not on vacation this week, and who has a current storyline and let's put them in the church and then we won't have to pay for a large place.

Didn't Bev make a spectacle of herself, both in the church and squawking at everyone outside after. Ok, i understand she's devastated but the booze certainly did add to it. She really is a drama queen, i'm afraid. It's actually quite funny when you look at it in the terms of a tv show and the character and her situation. Obviously it wouldn't be funny in a real life situation. Does Dev really think he could give out wise advice like Fred did? *snort* Let's just not go there, k? Bev continued to be heavy handed, taking possession of Fred's ashes and then parading them around the bar. Good heavens. I am really surprised Archie would have done that, knowing Ashley was the next of kin. Very nice having Rita sing a song at the wake. Not very nice having a tipsy Bev carrying Fred's ashes around everywhere,even in the bar. She says Ashley has Claire and 2 kids, well she's got Shelley and a new grandbaby coming. Scatter the ashes on the side of the motorway? Eek!

Maria sure stood up to Cilla didn't she? Sofa in a parrot costume? *snort* Wow Kirk bought Fiz a scooter! *And* she loved it! Violet couldn't lie to herself anymore and did the right thing and finished with Jamie. She was right, he was only making an effort and if they were right together, it wouldn't be like that. I see Jamie still works for Penny King.

Danny and Frankie and Jamie should have left their troubles outside the church. Dear God Jamie kissed her! He kissed Frankie!!! Looked like she kissed him back too! And it chased her right out of the house and to Danny! I'm not sure that was quite the right thing to do either. She should have chucked Jamie out! So what does that say about frankie's reaction to the kiss, then? rebounding to Danny? and excuse to go back to Danny like she wants to down deep? Avoiding some nasty attraction to her stepson? ewwwwww. So she's telling people she's back with him anyway, even if the bedroom arrangements are temporary at the moment.

Wedding fashions: What was Frankie thinking? She went a little over the top, i thought, with that hat and feathers and netting and neckline down to there. she's only known Fred 5 minutes, she's not the grieving almost-widow who, by the way, is wearing her mauve wedding dress. Ken's crack about Miss Haversham was perfect! And so what if Eileen was wearing a red skirt? Sean wore a spiffy black waistcoat. I think he's got one of those for every occasion! Bev made a nasty crack about Eileen's skirt. Has she *looked* in a mirror??? Why would Tracy try to matchmake Maria all of a sudden? does she have suspicions that she's not even aware of yet? Never noticed Roy had classical music playing in the cafe before. Maybe it was a "Sunday" thing. Archie's praises of a naked steam bath seem to have horrified Norris. You know, Sarah is looking more and more trashy lately. I hate that furry jacket she wears. Tracy Barlow had one similar and look what she's like ;)

Full charge to the train station, all hands on deck but where's Rosie and Craig!? As i suspected, Rosie wasn't ready to run away and leave it all behind. Too bad. Craig could have saved some money on that second train ticket. Craig has nothing to keep him in Weatherfield and after all the poor lad has been through, i'm not surprised he's ready for a fresh start. He knows Rosie is going to move on without him... college and university and he probably thinks he'll only hold her back. It sure took the Websters a long time to get to the station but then that's realistic. Most times you blink and the transporter/Tardis has people shifted around in a blink. Well it's done now. I did find them all a bit shouty and Rosie was a bit screamy at the train after it left but i suppose that's typical 15 year old hormones.

Any other time, Maria would be hot for Liam. I think they'd actually make a pretty good couple. Too bad she's had her backbone removed by Charlie, not that she was that bright to start with. Charlie certainly marked his territory with Liam though didn't he? Surprised Tracy didn't think that Charlie overreacted. I don't know if i would bet against Liam in a fight with Charlie. I have a feeling he could fight just as well and as dirty as Charlie would.

Friday 13 July 2007

Jamie and Frankie

Ok. We've arrived at the storyline where Jamie has professed his love for Frankie. You know, *real* love. Attraction. He's loved her all his life. Well duh. Apparently he was 7 and she was 16 babysitting him and within a year was his stepmother and mother of his baby brother Warren. Yeah, ok, have a crush on her when you're 7. Perfectly normal, stepmother or not, especially when you have a harridan for a biological mother who is now an alcoholic harpy. Be supremely pissed off and jealous when your dad shags your fiancee and steals her from you. Even be a bit narked because your stepmother has found a hot new boyfriend. You might be pissed with your father and think she's done the right thing chucking him out but seeing her in a new light, being hot and sexual with a younger boyfriend is probably a bit weird because you know, you don't think about your parents having sex even though you know your father is chasing everything in skirts. Now you know your stepmother is having sex too, well that's just not on is it. she's your step mother. Has been for 20 years. She treats you like her own child.

But what? because your drunken mother suggests jealously that you have a thing for her, you start to believe it? And Frankie? lonely, sad, seeing how much Danny still wants her and still loving him and still attracted to him but terribly hurt, doesn't want to take the chance on him again (and rightly so. leopards don't change their spots, m'dear). You rebound by kissing your stepson when he lunges at you? wrong!!!! so so wrong! Seems like she's catapulting back to Danny because of it when she should have chucked Jamie out on the cobbles to get his head straight. I wasn't a big Jamie fan before and i'm definitely gone off him now. What were the writers thinking? If Danny hadn't got together with Frankie until Jamie was 16 or 17 or so, already more or less an adult, it might have made more sense. Or at least you could stretch it to a bit of understanding. She wouldn't really have "mothered" a teenager as much as made friends with him. But he was a child. 7. Running to her with scraped knees and nightmares. It's just going to be too hard to bear. And because i do the Sunday comments, i sort of have to watch it rather than tape and fast forward it. The things i do for you lot! ;) I'm going to hate every minute of this ill thought out storyline. I really am.

Wednesday 11 July 2007

Happy Birthday Sally

July 11 is Sally Webster's birthday. In the UK she's 40 today. We won't see that on our screens until the spring. Sally is one of the best characters on Coronation Street. Yes she's bossy and whingey. Yes she's got airs above her station. But she's great fun to watch.

When she was young, she was a little spitfire, full of spirit and a real goer. She had a rough life with a dad who was abusive and she was common as much, according to Hilda. After she married Kevin she was still sparky but when she had the girls she seemed to settle down a bit and didn't half become boring. She still pushed Kevin to trying to own the garage and was furious when he didn't want the bother. She wanted more for her family and she tried to push Kevin to get it. Finally she succeeded but it almost came too late.

Kevin had an affair with Natalie and it all blew up in Sally's face. Since that infamous smack across Natalie's face, Sally's spirit has come back full force. She made a few wrong turns, especially with Greg Kelly, and she did her best to be independent but it didn't always work out very well. She nearly married Danny, a market trader with whom she opened a business but that blew up too when he found out she slept with Kevin the night before he married Alison. Stupid woman.

After the diy shop burned down, i think it really knocked Sally for six. She got back with Kevin and i think to this day she did it more for the security and for the girls than for an undying love. Yet, i'm sure she does have feelings for Kevin. It didn't stop her having a fling with her boss for extra money for the family vacation and Rosie's schooling. Pretty close to the prostitute knuckle, was that. Kevin knew. She denied it but i really think he just chose to look the other way to keep his family together.

After that, Sally seemed to go off the deep end, pushing Rosie to succeed, to have the life she never had and always wanted. She set such high standards that it was bound for failure and it did. She finally learned that she had to let Rosie make her own way. She's back on the factory floor sewing knickers but she still has that attitude. She doesn't take any crap off Janice, for one. She goes right after her and gives it right back. I loved it when she hauled off and punched Janice in the pub when she was pushed too far. That's our Sal! Still common as much when it comes down to it, brawling in the pub ;)

Anyway, it's Sally's 40th birthday. My nan always said life begins at 40. She was right. Maybe Sally will use this milestone as a starting point to try something new. I'd say "make something of her life" but i don't think she'll ever find herself away from the backstreet but she might find a new interest that gives her a reason to look forward. The girls will soon be grown and gone and it will just be the two of them. That will either make or break Sally and Kevin. I think she's finally realized what she's got with Kevin, and if it isn't a grand passion, i think it's finally grown back to a more mature love than it was.

Sunday 8 July 2007

Sunday comments, July 8

Lines of the week:

  • Fred to Audrey "If, God forbid, i should never see you again, i'll never forget you" Audrey "I'll never forget you either"
  • Norris "Is there any news on Audreygate?"
  • Michelle "Hard day at the knicker factory?" Liam "That's undie-stated"
  • Ashley to Audrey "YOU KILLED 'IM!"
  • Blanche "Close? People always say that when they mean 'At It'" "She should have a turnstile instead of a bedroom door" "Fur Coat and no knickers we called it in our day" (Yay! I never thought i'd hear that again on the Street!)
  • Liam "I am a Maria magnet" (sheesh)
  • Blanche "Look at that little Asian bit.. Aphid" Ashley "Orchid!"
  • Bill "No good shouting at him (Kevin)" Sally "Well who else can i blood shout at!"

What did Fred think? Audrey was going to commit suicide? Sounded like Fred had finally put his love for Audrey in the past when Bev came along, so why was he so torn? Did you hear the first thing Fred said about Bev? "She loves me". Not "I love her". I think Fred just came to the realization that Audrey would never have him and after the last Orchid disaster, he finally realized what was important. Unfortunately, it was too late. Bev's Phrase of Doom portented disaster and disaster struck in Audrey's front hall when Fred had a massive heart attack.

And the gossip mill goes into smoking overdrive. Everyone wonders what Fred was doing at Audrey's and most of them assume the worst, including the bride. I'm not surprised Bev thinks Audrey and Fred were having an ongoing affair. Bev knew deep down that there were feelings there. She was always asserting her place at Fred's side at Audrey's expense. Good God, even Rita questioned her, but then she knows exactly how Bev feels! I have a feeling that Bev isn't going to be sober for a very long time. And wait until she finds out Audrey saw Fred's body first! fireworks! And Blanche's mouth was going full speed! Poor Ashley can't even grieve because of all the gossip whether it's warranted or not.

Looks like there's going to be a confrontation between Ashley and Bev over the funeral arrangements too. By rights, Ashley is the next of kin even though Bev would have been in another hour. But she's lurching around the place, drunk and acting like she was actually his wife. I waver between feeling sorry for her and annoyed by her.

Rosie knows how to distract her mother from how many clothes she's taking, flattery! They really seem determined to make their escape to Berlin. Oooh i'm enjoying the on location shooting in Paris, especially the opening of Friday's show, all scenes from Paris instead of the usual opening credits. I bet the Sunday omnibus won't get that. I'm going there myself this November! As an aside, the hotel you saw Bill come out of was Hotel du Pantheon and it's a real hotel, not a fake sign over the door and they used the interior for the hotel room and bar scenes too. I wrote more about the location shoot on an earlier blog if you're intersested in finding out more about the hotel and the area.

Nice to see Bill Webster again. Looks like the City of Love had a bit of an effect on Sally and Kevin, too! I did find it a bit off putting though, some of those shots of Rosie and Craig? She kept smiling over at the camera's direction and the girls' dialogue seemed awfully rushed at times. Rosie was rushing around looking for a bracelet and writing notes. Feels a lot like stalling tactics. Is she having second thoughts? I wonder if she really thinks they will go through with it when they're faced with the train or if she thinks it was all a lark? Will the Websters make it to the train station in time?

Oh no! Cilla flogged Les's Quo-signed jacket and lots of other of his treasures! Fiz is getting discouraged. She should eat at home a few times a week, she could probably afford private professional lessons that way. Is Frankie warming towards Danny? Jamie isn't going to like that. Violet and Jamie are back and who comes down the stairs early in the morning. Boy, talk about an overreaction! Frankie pointed out it's none of his business, she's still his mother, and she drove it home with a smack. Jamie is well out of line and poor Violet seems to be in the firing line.

Deirdre wonders if she's looking more like her mother. She's right, you know, there is a resemblence! Have you noticed Frankie's face looking a bit fuller and they're not dressing her in sexy clothes these days? The actress, Debra Stevenson, was pregnant and was probably about 4 months along at that point in time. I think.

Paris, Mark Deux

I noticed the hotel sign when Bill came out to greet the Websters. It said Hotel du Pantheon so i decided to google it to see if it was real or a made up sign like they sometimes do. It's real all right! According to Trip Advisor, it's very well rated too even though it's only a 2 star hotel. It's got an elevator (though you didn't see the characters use it and it looked like they were on the top floor!), free wi-fi, excellent location. Hmmm... i may keep that on file for a future reference.

Those large columns that you saw when the Websters first arrived belong to the forecourt of the large building on the Left Bank, the Pantheon. It was built as a church in the 18th century and dedicated to St. Geneviève , who is Paris' patron saint. The building is enormous with a dome roof that you can see from quite a way around. It was renamed as Pantheon and after the revolution, was mainly used as a burial place for famous statesmen though has been a church a couple of times as well. There are loads of great pics here.

Recognize these stairs? Same ones Rosie and Craig zoomed down on the way to the train station. They're in the hotel as well so they must have used both the interior and exterior for filming. You could tell they used the hotel bedrooms too because they came out of one to go through the hallways and down the stairs and the room decor looks similar to views of rooms on the hotel's website. I'm going to have to add to my list of things to do in Paris and take a photo of the outside of the hotel. Sad git, innit?

Saturday 7 July 2007


The Websters are in Paris this week and one more episode next week. Friday's show opened up with shots of Paris instead of the usual opening credits. I love it when they go on a location shoot as they did with this storyline. They did Paris once before too, in 2000 when Fred, Audrey, Maxine, Ashley, Emma and Curly went. They don't do too many location shoots that far from the studio. I suppose budget is the reason but it's so nice to take the characters out of the Street now and then. I know they've done a few location shoots in more local areas such as Blackpool, North Wales, the Lake district, wedding shoots at manors and historic houses. Paris is pretty much as exotic as it got though this summer they are doing a location shoot in Malta! That's going to be neat!

I love the Paris shots this week, though, because i'm going there myself in November if everything falls into place. The storyline is a good one too. Rosie and Craig have got it into their teenage heads that they will run away and start a new life somewhere very cool. In this case, Berlin. For Craig, there isn't anything in Weatherfield for him other than Rosie but i think Rosie is realizing that running away is a bit more than she's ready for. Stay tuned this week to find out if the Websters find the kids in time.

Paris is romantic, everyone says so and it seemed to have worked it's magic on Sally and Kevin too. After 20 years together, they've certainly weathered the storms. I always said that Sally remarried Kevin mainly for the girls, and for the security. She didn't take long before she was shagging her boss, after all. If she was that committed to Kevin, that never would have happened and i think Kevin knew down deep that it was true, that she had a fling. He's looking the other way because he loves her and i think he knew she wasn't in love with Ian and wasn't planning to leave their family. I don't know if that makes him stupid or long suffering or what. Would you respect someone that puts up with your running around? I wonder if she's learned her lesson and settled down to the rest of her life with Kevin. I wasn't sure if she loved Kevin but i think she does on some levels. She certainly cares for him but she's not going to be happy with him in the long run if she can't settle herself down to accepting her life. It doesn't mean she can't do anything to improve it but shagging a boss isn't the way to do it. Sally is going to do just that, find a way to do some self-maintenance (so the spoilers say)... stay tuned on that front.

Tuesday 3 July 2007

Life and Death

Read no further if you wait until Sunday to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's dead, Jim. Or... Ashley. Fred, that is. How was it for you? The scenes between Fred and Audrey were touching, as they made their peace. Fred was gentle with Audrey, and honest. It seemed like he, as i thought, always held a torch for Audrey but it sounds like he finally was able to put it behind him when he met Bev. I think Audrey would have been the "fantasy" and it would have been very different if they'd actually married. Bev was the reality. I think she cares for Fred but i also think she was looking for security. Fred cares for Bev, but also, he was lonely and this was the first woman that actually wanted to be with him since Eve (who only wanted his money anyway).


He didn't make it to the wedding. He collapsed at Audrey's. I'm not sure why she didn't call someone at the church, Gail, after calling for the ambulance. By the time they took the body away and she got to the church, it must have been a good half hour or more while they were all waiting at the church yet at the church, it seemed like they'd only been waiting an extra 15 minute or so. Isn't tv's space-time continuum great?

Bev knows now that Fred was with Audrey. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound. How is Audrey going to explain this one? Audrey is going to look like a scarlet woman after this, and in addition to that, she's got to deal with her own grief and probably guilt. The stress of it all had to have contributed but let's face it, Fred was a candidate for an early grave, with the weight, the smoking and the scotch and threat.

I'm going to miss Fred. He was a wonderful classic character.
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