Friday 30 September 2011

British Columbia Comox Valley ping

If there are any Corrie fans reading this who live in the Comox Valley in British Columbia, you'll want to take notice of this. I've just seen a news item for a Pingfest to be held this Sunday (sorry for the short notice). It's being held by the Comox Valley Coronation Street Fan Club at  the Best Western Westerly Hotel, Snookers Lounge, main floor just off the lobby.
Registration from 2: 15 pm-2: 45 pm and the gathering to commence at 2: 45pm. $3 per person will include coffee/tea/water.

For more information call Wendy at 250 897 3697 or email

The Ick Factor on Corrie

I'm really sorry to add to the "Ick" factor but that was something on your screen I bet you never thought you'd see! Tracy Barlow is in a liplock with David Platt! Yep, Tracy used her body when David confronted her about her part in sending Gail to jail but later she also bedded Nick Tilsley who up to days ago was still pining after Leanne. Just goes to show you he's just as much of a slime ball as I thought. So much for the love of his life!

As for Tracy, well, she *has* been in prison for 3 years and she's probably trying to make up for lost time and of course, cause as much trouble as possible. Digital Spy has a gallery of photos here

And that's not the only illicit kissing going on. Nick and Leanne had a smooch under the mistletoe, as well. I'm glad Leanne pushed him away yet again (mixed signals, anyone?) and that caused the rebound with Miss Barlow, not knowing about David. Gail, of course, found out and there's a public argy-bargy in the Rovers. Oh, Christmas season at the Platts was as full of glad tidings as it usually is!

50 fun Corrie facts that may or may not be true

(This post was originally posted by Merseytart on the Coronation Street Blog November, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, here is some rarely mentioned trivia about our favourite soap.

  1. Ena Sharples was originally named “Princess Margaret Windsor” until Buckingham Palace objected.
  2. Plans for a spin off revolving around the robots that operated Alma Baldwin from inside her skull were shelved after the pilot due to the escalating costs.
  3. Laurence Olivier asked to appear on the show, but was turned down because Bill Roache thought his Oscar-winning version of Hamlet was “rubbish”.
  4. There is an exact replica of Coronation Street built on the other side of the viaduct.  It was constructed because Bill Podmore wanted the set to be symmetrical through that vertice.
  5. Bet Lynch’s hairpieces were constructed out of leftover asbestos.
  6. There is a hatch in the back garden of Gail’s house that leads to a small underground chamber.  This was specially constructed so that Helen Worth would have somewhere to rest between scenes.  Inside is an ashtray, a sofa, and three copies of the Sporting Life.
  7. Other suggestions for the name of the pub were “The Rotten Ferret”, “The Smashed Vase”, and “Judi Dench’s Stolen Codpiece”.
  8. There have been 138 deaths on the Street, 67 births, and one regression to an egg (Fred Gee in 1984).
  9. There are words to the Coronation Street theme, but they have never been broadcast because they are anti-Semitic.
  10. Peter Barlow has been played by 28 actors, including Bill Roache’s real life son, his nephew, a midget, two men in a pantomime horse, Dame Edith Evans, and a chiropodist (for three weeks in 1974).
  11. The beer in the Rovers isn’t real, but the sherry is.  This is because Eileen Derbyshire refuses to work until she’s had at least half a bottle of Pale Irish Cream.
  12. Actress Doreen Keough (Concepta Hewitt) was born with eight toes on her left foot.
  13. Hayley Cropper was not the first transsexual on the show; Len Fairclough was.  It was thought rude to mention it.
  14. A regeneration sequence for Nicky Tilsley was filmed, but cut for time.
  15. Ian McKellen’s appearance on the show was part of an exchange scheme with the Royal National Theatre.  In return, Nikki “Candice” Sanderson played Othello for the Winter Season 2008.
  16. If you pasted all the videotape from every episode of Corrie end to end, you could construct a Boeing 727.  It wouldn’t fly, though.
  17. Mike Baldwin was conceived as a Russian (Mikhail Baldovski).  He only became Cockney when it turned out Johnny Briggs had lied when he said he could do the accent.
  18. The Kabin is spelt with a K because Barbara Cnox has a morbid fear of the letter C.
  19. Famous faces who’ve cameoed on the Street include Pete Burns, Cardinal Richelieu, and Fred & Rosemary West (who almost bought the corner shop from Alf Roberts in 1993).
  20. To celebrate the transition to colour television in 1970, all the cast had their faces painted.  Annie Walker came as a lion.
  21. The Glad Tidings Mission Hall was demolished after it was realised it had been built on an ancient Indian burial ground.  The set was razed and the land exorcised. 
  22. Lynne Perrie’s collagen lip surgery was originally going to be explained as the result of a massive wasp sting.
  23. Each of the bricks in the stone cladding on number 9 was hand crafted by artisans in Bologna and cost £12,000.
  24. Percy Sugden often did scenes without any trousers on, claiming that it was integral to his characterisation.
  25. The Umbeck people of Tanzania have adopted the phrase kenbarlow into their language.  It signifies a particularly pained grimace used in times of stress.
  26. Pat Phoenix had her red hair insured for £28,000.  She was forced to claim in 1978 when a trainee hairdresser accidentally put Russet Wash on it instead of Autumn Flames.
  27. For the ITV Telethon in 1987, Phyllis Pearce and Hilda Ogden wrestled in a vat of jelly in the yard of the Rovers.  Phyllis won with a technical knock out.
  28. Other names considered for the show included Florizel Street, Cobbled Street, Stock Northern Types, and Eee Up!
  29. Curly Watts was so called after Emily Bishop saw him naked in the shower.
  30. Kevin Webster’s moustache is now preserved in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas.
  31. Before they agreed to cameo, Status Quo demanded a rider of a tin of butter beans, drained, and piled in a pyramid in their dressing room.
  32. Writers on the show who have gone on to greater fame have included Jack Rosenthal, Russell T Davies, Dame Shirley Porter, Boutros-Boutros Ghali, and Cher.
  33. The cat in the title sequence died after its first appearance.  Producers were forced to scour Manchester’s pet shops in search of an identical looking cat for Wednesday’s episode.  The replacement – known as “Boots” – held the position for thirty six years.
  34. The show has been adapted for German television, where it is known as Die Strasse auf Funmichpersona (“Street of People”).  An American version was also attempted starring Lynda Gray as Ena Sharples and Don Johnson as Albert Tatlock, but it never made it past the pilot stage.
  35. The Rovers Return is larger than it appears.  Besides the bar, it features a parlour, a downstairs kitchen, an upstairs kitchen, a lounge, four bedrooms, a tanning salon, a gift wrapping room, and a hunting lodge.  There is no toilet other than the one in the bar.
  36. A writer’s strike in 1972 meant that the actors had to improvise six weeks of plot.  During this period, Billy Walker was revealed to be a werewolf, Albert Tatlock married Elsie Tanner, then left her for Harry Hewitt – who had returned from the dead – and Maggie Clegg murdered Ken Barlow.  After the strike ended, Annie Walker said “that’s quite enough of that” and it was never mentioned again.
  37. There have been two crossovers with other tv shows.  In 1987, Jimmy Corkhill from Brookside attempted to sell Gloria Todd some heroin.  And in 1977, the Graffiti Club was blown up by the Liberator from Blakes 7.
  38. Due to the actress’ advancing age, in some scenes Minnie Caldwell was replaced by Bungle from Rainbow.
  39. Censors were forced to intervene over Alan Bradley’s death.  In the originally filmed version, he was sliced in half by the tram.
  40. Kym Marsh Ryder Marsh washes her hair in boot polish to maintain that shiny black sheen.
  41. Since the show began, over 45 million pints have been pulled in the Rovers.  Plus one Screaming Orgasm (for Norris Cole in 2007).
  42. Ken Barlow has a shrine devoted to TV-am weathergirl Wincey WIllis under the stairs.
  43. During the live episode for the 40th Anniversary, Sue “Audrey” Nicholls accidentally called Prince Charles a “w------r”.  She has therefore been banned from the next live episode.
  44. Albert Tatlock had to have all his lines written on boards, which grew progressively larger as the years went on.  For his last episode they wrote it on a tarpaulin suspended from a helicopter.
  45. Tyrone Dobbs has to visit a farm to be shaved on a weekly basis.
  46. Number 6 was built with the ability to split apart to reveal a hidden rocket silo underneath.  Phil Middlemass left before his character could be revealed as a secret arms dealer, however.
  47. Tracy Barlow’s tapes included Bros, Brother Beyond, Jason Donovan, and Fields of the Nephilim.
  48. Monica the greyhound was actually a Chihuahua wearing a specially made suit.
  49. David Beckham has a tattoo of Maureen Holdsworth on his left buttock.  “I thought the scene where her waterbed leaked was the funniest thing I ever saw,” he said at a press conference.
  50. Plotlines for the 100th anniversary, leaked to the press, include an Andorian Space Cruiser crashing onto the street, Rosie Webster being hospitalised after her robot hip turns on her, a war between two slaves in the pit underneath the Rovers, and Ken Barlow trying to write another novel before sucking his teeth and running a hand through his hair in frustration.

Thursday 29 September 2011

Corrie Canada Sneak Preview Oct. 3 - 7

 Without further ado, here's a brief run down of next week's Coronation Street on Canadian Screens:

Couples reach out to each other for comfort. Reaction is not pretty.  The police investigate the attack on Tracy, and there are lots of suspects. Who did it? Will Tracy use the opportunity to stitch up her rival? Owen isn't happy about Gary and Izzy's relationship and Gary's volatility doesn't help matters. John continues to lie to Colin's mother but what happens when he gets caught in his own web?

Peter and Leanne are having trouble coping with Peter's recovery and Nick takes full advantage of it, playing dirty. Chris and Maria start dating but he's still got a grudge against Lloyd. Claire and the boys leave the street.

For more detail and some photos, see the Moosejaw Mercury on

2010 Coronation Street blogger's awards

It's the end of a long and bumpy year on Coronation Street. As we ring in the new year on Corrie in Canada, I've had a look back at the old one and made a few lists of awards. These aren't your standard "Best Storyline" or "Best Newcomer" type thing. They are more in line with the style of our Weekly Awards.

With that in mind, Part 1 has the awards for the Mad, Bad and Dangerous, such as "When is it going to end" award and "Horrific Revelations" award.

Part 2 has awards in a more light hearted vein such as "Fashionista Award" and "Best, Worst and Pointless" Character Returns.

Had Things Been Different on Corrie

(This post was originally posted by David on the Coronation Street Blog in November, 2010.)

I love a good story of "what might have been" and this picture sums up a great deal of this fascination! There's more waffle about what prompted this on my blog - please feel free to pop in and take a look, leave a comment or ignore it all together. Does anyone else have tales of Corrie castings that fell by the wayside?

Wednesday 28 September 2011

Coronation Street Chit-Chat

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog November, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Here we go with some Coronation Street news that didn't quite make it to blog posts of their own.

Sam Aston (Chesney Battersby-Brown) has been handing out awards at the Respect and Reflect ceremony.

Jenni McAlpine (Fiz Stape) pulls pints at a working men's club.

Jack P Shepherd (David Platt) looks like he's been forgiven by his girlfriend, with pics in the Daily Mail

Alan Halsall (Tyrone Dobbs) and his wife Lucy-Jo Hudson visit a care home in Widnes
Shobna Gulati (Sunita Alahan) poses as a topless Katy Perry. Hmm, why?

And finally, those Snoop Dogg rumours just will not go away. Will he open his own Rovers Return in LA? Who knows? Who cares?

Merry Christmas Coronation Street

(This post was originally posted by Chewy on the Coronation Street Blog in December, 2010.)

Just got home from work and treated myself to a hot cup of tea, a selection box and the Christmas special of Coronation Street.

This years Christmas episode has to be my favourite since 2004, there was so many great moments. Rita singing was fantastic and good call back to Hilda Ogden's exit, and also to Rita's singing career, the new Kabin was an unexpected surprised and John spending Christmas with Charlotte's parents was hilarious. I loved the end of the episode too. It felt like an actual Christmas special, rather than just another episode which happened to take place on Christmas Day.

Which was your favourite moment?

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Fat Brenda's Deep Filled Mince Pie

(This post was originally posted by Fat Brenda on the Coronation Street Blog in December, 2010.)

Happy flamin' Christmas!

Excuse me for not being in the festive spirit loveys but it's been another disastrous Christmas on the cobbles. What have we done wrong to deserve this amount of bad luck? We've had a gas explosion, a tram crash and now we've been visited by the ghost of Christmas past in the shape of Tracy Barlow! Great! Just what we need, a pantomime villain in fishnets! She's a right 'mare that one and the thought of her sneering her way round Weatherfield fills me with dread. She got out of a black cab in a calculated move to hack us off at Streetcars and then came out with summat about Jesus! Right, that's it for Tracy, I'm not gonna give her the satisfaction of talking about her any flamin' more... I might have to talk about her a little bit but I won't enjoy it!

Did any of you hear Rita 'singing' David Essex? A belting performance loveys but was she miming? Are you joking? Of course she was miming. Norris had a tape recorder hidden in his pocket and on Rita's signal he pressed play! She recorded that song in 1988 for Alan Bradley's Christmas present and some say that's what tipped him over the edge into insanity. After Rita's performance I got up and belted out Cliff's 'We Don't Talk Anymore' - now that was real singing - I dedicated it To Sally and Kevin in the hope it would help to heal their hurt but I don't reckon it did.

I bet Sally's glad she swapped houses with the Peacocks. Imagine if she hadn't, her house would be burned to a cinder and she'd have no conservatory for Kevin and baby Jack to live in. He should move in with Tracy so they can have unpopularity contests and see who can get the most people to ignore them in a day. While we're on the subject of Kevin, what the flamin' hell was Rita doing taking Kevin to Emily's for a brew? I still can't believe she did it. I know she's nice and all that but if he'd have kept his monkey wrench tamed he wouldn't be in this situation would he.

I like the way Becky sulks and pouts 'til Steve buys Max and then goes out and steals money from her friends while people are lying dead and injured before going all moody on flamin' Steve! I tell you why you've lost Amy lovey, it's because you've paid for a flamin' kid and it's that kid that will be taken from you if anyone but Tracy finds out! And how did Tracy find out Becky? Because she overheard YOU telling Claire!!!!!! THAT'S FLAMIN' WHY! IT'S NOT STEVE'S FAULT!!!!!! IT'S YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about that loveys but she gets on me flamin' wick does Becky. She never used to but she's bugging me at the moment. I wouldn't tell her that to her face mind, she's terrifying!

It seems that the new Christmas game sweeping Weatherfield is 'pass the baby'. The competitors this week are Tyrone for his faultless passing of baby Jack to Kevin who ended up one nil down. Kevin in desperation to score a point went for a crafty left foot to Sian but it was only a short pass and he ended up having his baby returned along with a good shouting at from Sally. John and Fiz never ones to be beaten passed their baby onto the NHS and went to the pub while Hope tried to muster the strength to live another flamin' day! So this week's 'pass the baby' was won by the Stapes and they get first prize, a Kerry Katona baby care manual signed by her liposuction surgeon!

If you want to tweeter me and help me out of me post Christmas grump then click on this thing that's here. No more bad news please Weatherfield, I don't think I can cope!

The backbone of the Street - Where now?

(This post was originally posted by Seapenguin on the Coronation Street Blog November, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

I found this photograph here when searching for another one for another blog post, and I couldn't resist blogging it. I'm sure some of you must have seen it before. Apparently, it's the original cast, taken on the roof of Granada studios in Manchester. I just love it. Lovely to see Doris Speed of course, and Violet Carson looking so proud in the centre, Pat Phoenix fabulous beside her, and William Roache looking very windswept and "Melvin Bragg" at the front!

The death of Jack Duckworth has really made me think about where Corrie goes from here. It's often been said that "the oldies" are the backbone of the Street. Well, we've recently lost a few "vertebrae" in the form of Blanche, Vera, Jack, and we're soon to lose another long time character (don't click if you don't want to know). Stalwarts. Corrie needs its stalwarts, and I'm wondering where the next generation is going to come from. Is it even possible, in today's TV and acting world, to have stalwarts? I don't know. I'm just a fan, not part of the machine.

Let's face it. The current incumbents of "the metaphorical snug" are going to move on in one way or another over the foreseeable. Whos' going to replace them? The Corrie powers that be must be thinking about that.

Us viewers get fond of our characters. We know they're not "real people" yet part of us responds to them as if they are. That's why we watch Corrie. We like the characters, and we identify with them. Storylines, serial killers and tram crashes come and go but it's the characters (underpinned by dialogue) that hold the whole thing together and that's why Corrie's lasted for fifty flaming years!

Do soaps like Corrie need to fulfil a social role any more? I'm not sure. The way we use media has changed so much over the past ten, twenty years. We used to relate to the continuity of Coronation Street - it gave a sense of stability, even if it was illusory. Perhaps it's only oldies like me who still look for that! I don't know.

Questions, questions.

Anybody else been thinking ahead?

Corrie anniversary trivia

(This post was originally posted by Mark Llewellin on the Coronation Street Blog November, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)


1. The first set used as the interior of the bookies had been built for the Granada sit-com 'Mother's Ruin' which starred Roy Barraclough (Alec Gilroy) and was written by John Stevenson.

2. The first actress cast as Ena Sharples was called Nita Valerie. She had run her own theatre company in Huddersfield. They cast Vi Carson as her replacement between the pilot and the first screened episode.

3. Martin Platt's dad and Curly's girlfriend Kimberley's dad were played by the same actor - John Jardine.

4. Kenneth Alan Taylor who played brewery boss Cecil Newton is married to actress Judith Barker who played Ken's wife Janet.

5. Roy and Hayley's wedding was filmed in two locations - the inside and outside of the wedding venue were actually different places.

6. The venue used as the location for Ken and Deirdre's second wedding is actually a museum.

7. The filming for Blanche's funeral took place at a different church to the one used as St Christopher's. The usual church was having major restoration work done at the time and wasn't available.

8. In the QE2 video Rita and Alec look off the back deck at fireworks going off. They were actually filmed in a field in Cheshire and added into the footage shot on the ship.

9. Mavis' budgie and Scamper, the dog owned by the Mallets, retired to a guest house in Wales after they left the show.

10. Annie Walker's maiden name was Beaumont. It's rumoured that a real lady named Annie Beaumont who ran the box office at the Oldham Coliseum Theatre inspired the name.

11. Jean Alexander (Hilda Ogden) worked in the wardrobe department at the Oldham Coliseum and was frightened by seeing a rat in amongst some costumes. She says that's why she decided to become an actress!

12. William Roache played Ken in one pilot and Philip Lowrie played him in a second pilot. Philip went on to play Dennis Tanner.

13. There is a real pub in Salford called the Rover's Return. (ed: That's a photo I took of it in Salford)

14. The real streets in the Salford Quays area are named after Canadian and American places. That's why Mike Baldwin's address was Montreal House.

15. Granada blundered by announcing the death of actress Lynne Carroll (Martha Longhurst) some months before her actual death.

16. The new 'Knight's Tale' DVD was filmed at Peckforton Castle, the same location as the Patrick Bergin 'Robin Hood' film.

17. In the scenes where Vicky Arden (Chloe Newsome) went riding on her horse Saracen, one of the riding extras in the background was William Roache's wife Sara.

18. Although a real narrow boat was used for filming the scenes with Ken and Martha, an interior set was built in the studios.

19. Dev and Sunita's wedding was filmed in the car park at Granada Studios. The street Dev rode along was a fake and the ceremony took place inside a disused studio building.

20. Chesney's market stall scenes were filmed on the old Granada Studios Tours lot. Where his stall stands used to be a copy of Checkpoint Charlie!

21. Barbara Knox, Eileen Derbyshire, Betty Driver, Tony Warren, William Roache, Roy Barraclough, Julie Goodyear and Liz Dawn all have the MBE.

22. The usual church where weddings and funerals are filmed has had another use. Next door is the rectory, which doubled as the old folk's home which Cilla worked at.

23. Bill Waddington (Percy Sugden) first embarked on a career as a butcher.

24. Jill Summers (Phyllis Pearce) was really called Honor. She chose her stage name as Jill was her favourite measurement of drink and Summer was her favourite time of the year.

The 50th anniversary picture        Thanks to:ITV
25. Jack Howarth (Uncle Albert) used to take the best cakes off the trolley at afternoon tea and put them in his pocket to take back to his hotel.

26. The picture hanging in the Barlow's hall has a scouting theme.

27. Inside the medical centre is the hospital set.

28. The site of the original outdoor set is still in use. The viaduct arches were most recently used as the front of Davenport's car showroom when Sally had her affair with the car dealer.

29. Tony Warren also wrote the TV series 'The War of Darkie Pilbeam' in which Roy Barraclough appeared dressed as a nun.

30. Bill Owen, best known as Compo in 'Last of the Summer Wine' appeared in Corrie in the early years. Very soon actress Jean Fergusson (Marina) will make an appearance as Charlotte's mum.

31. Doris Speed lived in the same street as footballer George Best.

32. Liz Dawn's real first name is Sylvia.

33. Gail's recent trial was filmed at Bradford - the same location was used for Tracy's trail.

34. The Lowry Theatre recently hosted the 'Corrie!' stage play. It also doubled as the hotel Leanne was tracked down by Janice in when she was on the game.

35. The first vegetarian character was played by Frazer Hines who went on to be Joe Sugden in 'Emmerdale'.

36. Betty married second husband Billy in the same church where Joe's funeral was held last year.

37. Betty's first husband Cyril was played by actress Mollie Sugden's real husband William Moore.

38. When the 50th anniversary cast photo was taken Nick T and Lloyd weren't there so on some versions they've been added in and on others, such as the back of the 50th book, they're missing.

??39. Alf Roberts was Mayor twice - in the 70s and 90s. The Mayoral chain changed completely in between.

40. When one of the production team retired she declared a desire to ride down the street set on an elephant. Her request was refused.

41. The cobbles changed direction when the outdoor set was re-built. It's said that there are 11,101 cobbles on the set.

42. The famous 1983 story when Mrs Walker's jag went into the lake was filmed at Tatton Park in Cheshire.

43. The Rovers' staircase used to run in the opposite direction.

44. The first 'flying ducks' to appear in Corrie weren't in Hilda's house but in Elsie Tanner's at number 11.

45. When Elsie was married off the producers decided viewers wouldn't like it if her name changed so they invented Steve Tanner as her future husband.

46. Vi Carson (Ena) was plagued with coaches of people driving past her home such that she had to change its layout and put her lounge at the rear.

47. Ena, Alec and Bet have all switched on Blackpool's famous illuminations.

48. The tram which killed Alan Bradley is still operating in Blackpool.

49. Some years ago, along Water Street, outside the studios, were hung lights depicting classic Corrie characters. Before that they'd been used in the Blackpool illuminations.

50. Long before Hyacinth Bucket was invented, actress Patricia Routledge played the owner of a café on Rosamund Street.

Compiled by Mark Llewellin, locations guide

Visit my blog for my favourite stories from taking Corrie fans to look at the locations used for filming.

Monday 26 September 2011

Corrie Canadian weekly awards: Sept. 19 - 23

Blitz mentality award: Gold Star: Eileen and Betty are hunkered down with smiles, soap and sandwiches.

Desperation award: Gold Star: Becky robbed the shop to get money to pay Kylie.

You're ok but I'm a mess award: Gold Star: Gary nearly puking after someone referred to him as a *real* hero.
Silver Star: Rita comforting Sally from her hospital bed.

He's never there when you need him award: Gold Star: Has John ever been there for Fiz when it counted?

Brave actress award: Gold Star: Rita for appearing on screen without make-up and lots of (fake) cuts and bruises on her face.

Obsession award: Charlotte's mad rantings in her journals.

Putting it in perspective award: Gold Star: Rita can see that even if Nick is to blame by not reporting the gas problem, it was still an accident and she's just glad he was there to save her and Peter's lives.
Silver Star: Claire eventually came to see it too even if she isn't ready to forgive.

You almost got your wish award: Sally almost wished Kevin was in the grave instead of Molly. Tyrone knocked him right into it.

Lines of the week:
Rita: "What is it wi'me and trams!"

Carla: "You didn't choose Peter. You married him for his expiry date" (Ouch)
Sally: "Did you bother running or was that just fancy dress?" and "Nothing like a tumour in your wife's breast to shake you out of a midlife crisis!" (And that's about the size of it)
Emily: "At least you have Nurse Norris ministering to your every need." Rita: "I think I prefer to be under t'rubble!"
Carla: "I can't have anyone steal me thunder as Mother Theresa of Coronation Street"
Peter: "Hiya Mrs. Barlow"
Chesney: "If me and you can survive me mam, this one can survive anything"
Rita to Nick: "My reputation was in tatters before you were born"
Tyrone: "What if he turns up? Baby Jack's dad?" Sian: "Surely nobody could be that insensitive" (Kevin slinks away. Sally glares.)
Kevin reading the eulogy: "I've always wanted a baby son... er.. that's obviously Tyrone always wanted a baby son" (Freudian slip? It sure sent Sally running for the hills!)
Sally to Kevin "Coffin injury? Is Molly not so comfy anymore?"
Steve to Becky "I don't think I want to be married to you anymore"
Fiz to John "Top 10 ways to spot a liar. I thought i wouldn't need it anymore" (more fool you)
Rosie "Nobody understands how hard it is being me!
Kevin "I've nowhere else to go" (Um. your favourite motel, perhaps?)
Rosie: "I don't want to look like a tragic EMO." Sophie: "Says the ex-Goth"
Kevin to Tyrone: "Most marriages have their ups and downs" (He really said that in front of Sally, didn't he!?)

Santa Fred and his Elf

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in December, 2010.)

As this is Christmas week on Canadian Corrie screens, join me in the Wayback Machine for a look at one of my favourite funny scenes from Christmas past. You may recall that Elliott's Butchers had a corner of Freshcos back before the free standing butcher shop was opened in Victoria Street. The two overlapped for a short while but we haven't seen the grocery store shop since and the empire seems to consist of just the one shop, soon to be a memory, it seems.

Anyway, one Christmas Fred got a job lot of reindeer meat that he was trying to flog to the customers and made Ashley dress up like an elf to distribute samples. I don't know how Steven Arnold managed to keep a straight face in this scene, part of which went something like this:

Fred: "COME ON ASHLEH! SHIFT YERSELF!" (Ashley approaches) "Excellent!"
Ashley can't hear with the rubber ears on: "You wha?"
Fred tries again "EXCELLENT!"
Ashley: "Well you might think so".
Fred, handing him a plate of meat samples on toothpicks "Now the world awaits the latest innovation from Elliott's so get mingling.  And think on..If anybody asks what it is, remember it's sommat new but don't tell 'em what it is until they've  actually 'ad a taste. You know what folk are like...they've got small minds!"

Curly approaches, takes the mick out of Ashley and tries the sample and is subsequently horrified that it's reindeer though it was tasty. Fred points out that it's cheap, low in fat and high in protein. Curly allows it, but reminds them to keep it away from Santa's Grotto!


In rememberence of Ashley Peacock and Fred Elliott.

Sunday 25 September 2011

Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, September 25

Didn't they do well with the live episode? Not a word wrong that i could tell. The hospital scenes with Carla lurking around and Nick getting his heart broken again were good. Peter gasping his vows before his heart stopped (why on earth would the minister have used such a long ceremony! Just the basics for heaven's sake!! Why go through all those vows and sooooo slowwwwwly? I didn't think he would ever get round to the important bits!)  Leanne and Ken talked honestly while waiting and later, Carla and Leanne fell out spectacularly when Leanne finally realized Peter's involvement with Carla and her drinking support and Carla's feelings for Peter. One best friend lost. Leanne finally realized where her priorities lie. I really do think she loved Peter and Nick was just a fling, not real love at all.

The morning after Nick still can't leave Leanne alone and came back to the hospital. Um.. and Leanne still had mascara on? It was giving her panda eyes with the latest tears when Nick was there. You'd think that would have been washed away long since! Peter may have a long recovery. I don't think being stuck in a wheelchair for a time is going to do much good. You just know he'll get frustrated and bored with slow progress. He's already chafing at the bit.

Claire broke my heart, had me sobbing. I loved the scenes in the pub where she heard Ashley's last message and later, sobbing in Betty's arms. Anna found Gary in a sweaty heap in the house, shaking and flashing back to the war. Kevin supporting Tyrone, Ty sobbing in Kevin's arms after, but Kevin is such a hypocrite. And unless that baby has a rare blood type that Kevin also has, why would it reveal the parentage if Kevin's blood matches the baby's? Meanwhile Molly bared her soul and her dying words revealed all to Sally. Can you just imagine finding out you delivered your husband's illegitimate baby! As soon as Molly said "He chose you" i knew she was going to tell. Soap secrets always come out! Kevin and Sally's all night confrontation was excellent too. Sally knows everything and nothing Kevin can say will make a difference. I'm so glad she's chucked him out. He betrayed her in the worst way. The night of reckoning between them was the best stuff from Tuesday's Corrie.

Pam gave Kevin an earful too out on the street. Kevin really got both ears full of bashing didn't he? Deserved every word, too. And poor Tyrone, having that baby in his arms, the baby he loves but knows isn't his but what could he do? That baby only knows Ty is his daddy and Ty has no idea what to do. Maria is being so good and yes, she does know what it's like to lose a spouse that she discovered was unfaithful but the difference is the baby isn't Ty's. Kevin had no business trying to go talk to Tyrone and all it got him was a baby in his arms. Surely that's not going to be legal.

Sally can't bear to look at Kevin let alone a broken hearted Tyrone and "his" baby on her settee. And further, even harder to bear was the knowledge that Pam and Bill knew about the affair and Jack. I'm so glad Sally threw Kevin out and I'm further glad Pam tore yet another strip off Kevin. Rosie is in a strop because there won't be any attention on her for her birthday! Typical

Bill is awfully judgemental too. Ok, Kevin had an affair. Bill cheated on Maureen with Audrey. But the best, and i know it was over the top, but the best was Tyrone figuring it all out. For once, he actually put 2 and 2 together and came up with the right answer and Kevin couldn't deny it. Wow, I totally did not expect Kevin to take a dive into that grave after the struggle! Eeekk!!!! What a scene! Talk about having one foot in the grave! That secret sure blew up with a mighty explosion didn't it?? I have to say that was a brilliant touch! As well, having Kevin have to read the eulogy for Tyrone. I thought Sally was going to be sick right there. Later she gave the baby back to Tyrone even when he didn't want to face it. She did the right thing but will Tyrone be able to cope? As much as he loves the baby, he might not be able to find a way past all the hurt. He's getting inundated and overwhelmed by all his neighbours and friends who mean well and bringing food and sympathy.

Julie did her usual fish out of water thing and offered Kevin sympathy because she can identify with having no family. Lol you got to love Julie. She always makes me smile, anyway. Now the Websters are rowing on the street and hurling nasty insults in the house at each other and the whole family is doing it for sport. I think this is going to be a long and very dirty fight.

Becky betrayed her friends/neighbours in a horrible way too when she stole cash from the broken-open safe in the back of the shop to pay off Kylie who had taken Max. Becky put the evils into Kylie's ear when she gave her the money. I thought she was going to shove it right down her throat! Dev knows that the safe had been robbed but if it was open when the crash happened, who's to say the money didn't fly away or get burned or something? I suppose there will still be signs of some of it at least because Becky didnt' take everything, i wouldn't think.

Another marraige might be on the rocks too now that Steve has figured out what Becky did in order to get the money to pay off Kylie. It all came down to Beck's reaction to Dev's news and how easily Kylie gave them Max. Steve hollering at her about looting while Molly was trapped a few feet away. Yes, but they were in the midst of the rescue attempt as well. I can understand Steve being upset of course he would be. It's still a low thing to do. He's really appalled at her at the moment. He's right, he grew up in that Street, so it means a lot more to him that the neighbours support each other.

John was scurrying around like the rat his is, and managed to get Charlotte out and pretended she was injured in the crash and rubble. Didn't look like the safe was damaged at all and no rubble on top of it or anything, odd how the door just popped open. Funny how the whole area was covered with EMT and people and nobody found her until they did. Nobody questions that! Rita was discovered by chance when Nick remembered to tell someone that Rita had not gone out after all. Leave it to Rita, though, she never blamed Nick for the accident and didn't she look glam with dust all over her and an arm full of pearls!

Did you notice that although they told Sally she had to wear a hard hat, she didn't have one on? And you'll notice that Michelle was "in Glasgow with Ryan" and got back the next day. The actor was pregnant and it was deemed that the live episode would have been too strenuous for her so it didn't make sense that she would be in the pre-filmed episodes of the crash and aftermath as well. You know that people really understand that people are more important than losing their things but, like Rita, you can still understand how devastating it is to lose everything. Carla admitted to Michelle that she had feelings for Peter but it wasn't returned.

Rita's ok but spent more time consoling Sally! I guess that takes her mind off her own injuries and the shock of everything else. Gary is so freaked out and feeling so guilty that he didn't help anyone, poor lad. You just want to cradle him and rock him to sleep don't you? Gary is skipping his treatments and he's obviously down in the dumps too and no wonder after what he's been through. He's very much on edge. Dev was very kind to let Tina and Graeme use his Victoria Court flat since their flat over the shop was destroyed. At least Becky was there for Claire. I think Claire is probably the first real girl-friend that Becky's ever had, an odd couple but they seem to work.

John found out that Charlotte's handbag was still in the house, filled with photos and Charlotte's keys so off he goes go her house to see if he can find anymore evidence of her madness and boy does he ever! Photos, newspaper clippings, journals. If you got any good looks at that journal he found you can see she was completely gaga over John. Meanwhile Fiz is dealing with a very fragile preemie and John is nowhere to be found. Where is he? confounded by Charlotte's parents while trying to rid the evidence which he burned later on at the house. John is often described as a good man that makes bad choices but good heavens, he's really his own worst enemy. He's also completely selfish and i'm sure has at least 2 or 3 psychiatric disorders.

hree funerals in one week on our screens though we didn't get to see Ashley's. Just as well, Molly's was a veritable free for all and Charlotte's was a farce (for John at least) since he still has to pretend to be Colin since that's what Charlotte's parents know him as and didn't he squirm when two of his and Charlotte's former colleagues turned up. I'm surprised more of the teachers from Weatherfield High didn't show up as well. These two felt more like they were just having a gawp than genuine mourners. Perhaps Charlotte wasn't well liked by staff nor students alike.

You forget that Nick and Leanne used to live with Ashley way back when. It's nice that it was mentioned. Nick may actually be to blame because he didn't report a problem with the gas. He didn't know he was supposed to. You would think with something like gas it would be a no brainer even if you think the stove is on the blink. And Norris is not going to let it go either no matter what Rita and Emily advise and now Claire knows and is determined to blame Nick because she's got to blame someone. I suppose they would start rebuilding the viaduct as soon as because of the tram routes. I liked that Rita managed to put Nick at ease a bit and also got Claire to see a bit more reason about him. That was a marvellous scene when she confronted him. Her heart was breaking and so was his.

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and finally, Day 5 commentary,
And the final reaction

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Fat Brenda - Tram Horn - The Aftermath

Hiya loveys,

(This post was originally posted by Fat Brenda on the Coronation Street Blog in December, 2010.)

Why did nobody tell me that Dev had CCTV? I can only hope that after seeing Becky nicking that money he won't pay attention to the missing crisps, you never know with that man. It must be like one of them black-box recorders you get on planes that can survive explosions and crashes. Flamin' hell, I only have to look at me Sky+ box in the wrong way and it doesn't tape Trisha. Dev's recording equipment must be nuclear proof!

So, it's been a week since the street was changed forever loveys and I must say, it's been a bumpy ride. Kevin went headfirst into an open grave and lay with Molly for the last time, Tyrone learned how to work something out for himself without any help from anyone (bless him), Peter's damaged his spine and married a swine and according to Norris there is a murderer stalking the streets of Weatherfield... Nick!
Ashley's funeral was very upsetting - what? You didn't go? Ooh it was a belting service - the buffet at The Rovers afterwards was nice an' all. Molly's buffet? Not so good. It was ruined by Kevin putting folk off their cocktail sausages by dropping the bombshell that he was Jack's father! I always suspected as much when I saw baby Jack had already begun growing a moustache like Kevin had when he was baby.
To be honest loveys I'm getting a bit sick of all the 'pulling together' that folk have been going on about. Everyone's been talking in that whispery Gail voice - you know the one; she blinks a lot and says summat really quietly, usually about how she loves some nutter or other. Rita's been doing it all week. She's been up of a morning smearing her face with Avon rouge to make her injuries look worse that they are and spending the day whispering at folk. I love Rita, she always gives me a tab for me ciggies but speak at full volume for flamin' hell's sake!
As Cliff sang in 'Mistletoe and Wine', Christmas is 'a time for forgiving and for forgetting'. I don't think that applies to Sally and the girls. Kevin won't be lolling around on that sofa of his for a long time to come and as for his friendship with Tyrone, forget it! The last I saw of him he was sleeping on that bench outside Audrey's salon in his funeral suit. I could see his patent black leather shoes sticking out from under the Weatherfield Gazette he'd used as a blanket. He even had the cheek to ask if he could sleep in the cab office but it's against health and safety to have a dog on the premises!
We're all gearing up for Christmas now and I can only hope that the heartbreak of the past week means we'll enjoy the festive season but d'yer know what loveys? I flamin' doubt it!
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I'm going back to me copy of Hello now so I can draw fake glasses and a moustache on Kate Middleton to make me feel better about meself!
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Upcoming Corrie spoilers

As always, I don't like to post direct spoilers but there are a few I've gathered and I've posted them below by the character name they reference. Don't click if you don't want to know!

Tracy Barlow

Gary Windass

Liz McDonald Here and Here

Tommy Duckworth

Saturday 24 September 2011

The Tragic Life and Death of Molly Cozette Compton Dobbs

(This post was originally posted by Yoork on the Coronation Street Blog in December, 2010.)

Now that we’re back off from the epic “50th Anniversary Week” that included the infamous cram trash and all of it’s victims.  All the victims will be missed, but I felt a particular Molly dobbs - shirt off with kirk kind of sadness towards the death of Molly Dobbs.  Perhaps it was the most tragic to me since the life of Molly Dobbs wasn’t that great either.
Molly Dobb - with diggoryA quick breeze back through the history of this much unliked character.  Molly Compton, as she was known back then, come onto the street about five years before her untimely death.  She came to know Coronation Street through her father, Diggory Compton, the local  baker.  In 2005, she was bullied by Fiz Brown after Fiz felt she was too close to then boyfriend Kirk.  Her father then leaves her on the street and she starts working in Dev’s corner shop.

molly dobbs 001 - meet tyroneShe starts a relationship with Tyrone Dobbs and they end up getting married. She falls in love with Tyrone during their snack truck venture.  She and Tyrone started dating after Tyrone broke off his engagement with an indifferent Maria Sutherland.  She moved in with Tyrone Molly Dobbs 002 - Jack and veraat the Duckworth’s and after Vera’s death, she and Tyrone bought The Old Rectory.  The two soon got engaged and had a lovely winter wedding despite the crooked intervention of Jackie Dobbs – Tyrone’s duplicitous mother.
It’s not long after that Molly, when keeping up her new healthy lifestyle, continues fun running.  She manages to get Tyrone’s business  partner and married best friend, Kevin Webster, involved inMolly Dobbs 003 - wedding fun running.  Eventually, the two strike up one of the most repulsive affairs in soap history to be known as “Molvin.”  Molly falls for Kevin, but Kevin’s just having a “fun run” with her.  Eventually, Molly’s Molly Dobbs 005 - Kev fun runAuntie Pam finds out about their affair and demands that Molly end it and chastises Kevin for taking advantage of a young woman.

Molvin goes from bad to worse as Molly reveals to Kevin that she’s pregnant and she believes the baby is his.  Kevin was almost about to leave his wife, Sally, for Molly and their new “future in Chester” when Sally reveals she has breast cancer.  Kevin’s allegiances are set and he’s not leaving Sally for Molly.  Molly is devastated and does not know what to do.

Molly leaves Tyrone but doesn’t tell him why.  Kevin sends Molly and Tyrone out in amolly - kev in hotel room car that has shot brakes, by accident, and Molly and Tyrone get into a bad accident where Molly is critical.  After this, she feels Kevin tried to harm her and her unborn child and gives up on him staying with Tyrone.
Molly - car crash She manages to stay with Tyrone and will pretend that the baby is his.

Molly gives birth to a healthy baby boy that she names Jack after Jack Duckworth with the aid of Kevin’s wife Sally. Kevin can’t let sleeping dogs lie and has a paternity test done to reveal that Baby Jack Dobbs is indeed his son, not Tyrone’s.  Molly still has a shred of hope that Kevin will leave his family for her and Baby Jack, only he doesn’t.

molly - jacks birth
On the fateful night of the tram crash, Molly is fatally injured when the tram crashes into Dev’s shop.  Molly succumbs to her injuries, but not before telling Sally that Kevin is the  father of her surviving baby Jack.  We see the end of Molvin, with the tragic end of Molly Dobbs.
molly - running from crash I find the most tragic thing about the death of Molly Dobbs is that she never really lived.  Not only was she young – only 26 years old – when she passed, but she never really got “hers.”  A perennial loser at best in life, it was cut all too short.  Molly had always been pretty, not beautiful.  Smart enough, but not clever. After reviewing this character I wondered how many Molly Dobbs were out there.  Molly Dobbs was by no means perfect, or an angel, but I felt she needed a bit of a highlight.  This post is an ode to all those Molly Dobbs past and present. 
Molly Dobbs might be one of Corrie’s most tragic characters.  Thoughts?

Images Courtesy of Tarty Doris!

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50 years of Corrie in a poem

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog November, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

With thanks to Corrie fan and Coronation Street Blog reader Jim Bell for sending in this wonderful poem.
When Coronation Street first appeared on our screens, It was all in black and white
I was still a young boy at school, It came on, Monday and Wednesday nights.
Minnie Caldwell and Martha Longhurst, With Ena Sharples, in the snug,
Of the Rovers Return, on the cobbled street, That the Nation grew to love.
Elsie Tanner was played by Pat Phoenix, A battle-axe, a real man-eater.
There was always a string of fellas Calling round to meet her.
Peter Adamson played Len Fairclough,Who was always a bit of a card.
A likeable sort of bloke in the street, Who ran a builders yard.
He met a girl named Rita, Who sang on the night club circuit.
Eventually, they married, And everything seemed perfect.
Len went into partnership with Ray Langton, In the building trade.
Ray met, and married Deidre, After several advances, he’d made.
Stan and Hilda Ogden, were an ordinary pair, they had a “muriel”on their wall.
With a set of three, flying ducks, One of which, was about to fall.
Ken Barlow was the brother of David, Whose parents were Ida and Frank.
When he started, he was only a young lad, Who was sometimes up for a prank.
Ken’s uncle, was Albert Tatlock, Who lived in his terraced home.
He always seemed a miserable chap,And ready for a moan.
The Rovers, was run by Annie Walker, Assisted by her husband, Jack.
For the Newton and Ridley brewery, With deliveries, somehow, made round the back.
Len Fairclough’s son was called Stanley. And was played by Peter Noone.
He later ,joined Herman’s Hermits, Making the girls in the 60s, swoon.
The street’s had lots of incidents, With shootings, and stabbings galore.
A robbery at Baldwin ’s factory, As Ernest Bishop made for the door.
The viaduct collapsed, at one point, And the factory’s been burnt down.
There’s been a lot more deaths in this street, Than in any northern town.
Harry Hewitt was killed , under his car, When it fell off of the jack.
It pinned him to the pavement, Breaking every bone in his back.
The stories cover every type of topic, From teenage births, and abortions,
To homosexual relationships, All calling on your emotions.
When Deirdre was jailed, several years ago, It made news, in the National press.
The story line really got out of hand, Until she was released when her accuser, confessed.
Mike Baldwin had fights with Ken Barlow, And he gave him a couple of shiners.
While fighting for the love of Deidre, But then suffered from Alzheimers.
The Duckworth’s added “class” to the Street, Stone cladding, was their claim to fame;
But, when Vera and Jack erected a plaque, They chose “The Old Rectory” as the house name.
The factory changed ownership, several times, And the machinists came and went
Tracey Barlow killed her lover, And, in jail, her time is spent.
Gail is currently languishing in the same cell As Tracey, on a murder charge;
While Tony Gordon, another villain, Revisited the factory, while at large.
Kevin Webster had an affair with Tyrone's wife, And Molly gave birth to a little boy;
He wanted her to have an abortion, But she said the baby was her bundle of joy.
It finally emerged, Kevin was the father, But a heated discussion was over-heard, by Jack.
He realised the girl, he treated as a daughter, Had been unfaithful, in the sack.
Meanwhile, back in the Webster household,, Rosie tarted herself up, as a treat for all men;
Wife, Sally was recovering, from breast cancer, And Sophie declared she was a lesbian.
Steve MacDonald’s dad, Jim, spent a life in jail Add that to the list above…
And you find yourself living in a Street, That’s totally bereft of love
Jack Duckworth had a party in the Rovers, But his Seventy-Fourth birthday was subdued;
It played on his mind, that he was aware of Molly, and Kevin’s news.
Tyrone left the pub, to return to his home; The house Vera and Jack used to share;
But it had proved too much, for poor Jack's heart, And he had slumped, into his chair.
A fitting end to Bill Tarmey’s tragic part, Along with Liz Dawn, who as Vera, appears;
A vision, passing in his dying moments, Leaving the Street and viewers, in tears.
It’s been fifty years since it started, Bill Roache was in it from the start.
With his role as boring Ken Barlow, Quite a well acted part.
These days it’s on several times a week, And the cast has changed a lot.
The scriptwriters do a fantastic job, Giving many a twist, to the plot
Let’s hope it continues for many more years, And the story lines get stronger.
I’ve followed it now, for fifty years, So I’m sure I can follow it longer.
Jim Bell

Friday 23 September 2011

Damon Rochfort Interview

We've now seen the devastation of the aftermath of the crash in the cold light of day and it wasn't pretty, folks. Where do we go from here? Well, Welsh writer Damon Rochefort starts us off. He's penned both of the next two episodes regarding the morning after the crash happened.

There's an interview with him in the Wales Online website. He talks about the tram crash as "It was more about driving a tram through the characters’ lives." Indeed, it was! Damon used to be a pop star, is now a writer and father. He loves working out of Manchester because Corrie gets a lot of attention. He's looking forward to continuing to give us lots of intrigue and his next episode is on New Year's Eve when a great mischief happens to a returning character.

Damon has been writing for Corrie since 2004 and is one of my favourite writers. I always know it's going to be a good episode if he's behind the pen... er... word processor.

CBC Corrie schedule change for September 26

I just saw a notice on my screen here in the Halifax zone that said Corrie would be airing on Monday at 1 p.m. just for Monday, September 26. According to the CBC website schedule, this affects Canadians east of Saskatchewan. From there west, Corrie is on at the usual time. The reason appears to be an early NHL game. It won't affect the Sunday omnibus. If you tape it, you'll have to change your programming but DVRs should pick it up ok.

Also, I've been told that, in the Toronto area, Corrie is on a 1 both Monday and Tuesday so you probably had better check your local listings!

Sneak Preview of next week's Canadian Corrie, Sept. 26 - 30

In brief, here's a quick run down of Coronation Street in Canada next week:

Tracy returns to Coronation Street and, wasting no time getting up to her old tricks, may not survive the New Year. Hope clings to life. Gary finds it hard to cope. John struggles with his guilt. There's a charity auction for New Year's at the Rovers. Sian and Sophie take the next step, to Sally's dismay. The War of the Websters ramps up.

For more detail and photos see the Moosejaw Mercury at

Kevin Webster, Did he have it coming?

(This post was originally posted by Seapenguin on the Coronation Street Blog in December, 2010.)

Corrie producer Phil Collinson promised us viewers that we'd see several families' lives changed forever thanks to the tram crash, and clearly the Websters are among them. They've got it all going on at the moment, haven't they?

Molly Dobbs' deathbed revelation to Sally about Kevin being baby Jack's dad has been a bombshell and it's given all the cast concerned an opportunity to act their socks off. Sally Dynevor's been especially good and it's been great to see her with more to do than merely look sour-faced and carp at the factory.
Alan Halsall's also been really good as Tyrone. And what about Michael Le Vell as Kevin? He's one of these Corrie characters that have been around for so long, pretty much ticking along in the same old way, that they get taken for granted. Until the Molvin debacle, Kevin seemed a fairly amiable character, despite the several obligatory-in-Corrie affairs over the years, pottering around at the Garage and being a good enough dad and a good enough mate. But that's all over now, and Sally and "the girls" have kicked him out. What's to become of him?

Did he deserve to end up getting thumped and toppling into his ex-lover's grave ? To be honest, I'm still not sure how I feel about that part. It was almost a black comedy moment, but not quite.
It feels to me like the production team are relishing their self-appointed task of doing a demolition job on some of the Corrie cornerstones. Fair enough. But don't go too far, is my opinion. The next few weeks will reveal whether their "chuck 'em into the air and let's see where the pieces fall" approach has paid off.
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Thursday 22 September 2011

Forgiveness in short supply on Corrie tonight

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in December, 2010.)

Tonight's double episode of Coronation Street was all about forgiveness, the lack thereof, that is. The focus of the episodes was Molly's funeral and boy, it didn't half skip the plot along, didn't it?

Tyrone put two and two together and correctly came up with four and sussed that Kevin was the other man and father of baby Jack. Sally was horrified at Kevin's hypocrisy and could barely stand to be in the same room as him let alone look at him or speak to him civilly. Ironically, Sally said part of her wished it was Kevin in the grave and seconds later, he was, thanks to Tyrone thumping him. Kevin's world is irreparably in a thousand bits, with even his beloved daughters turning their backs on him.

Tyrone pushed everyone away until Sally forced him to accept the baby as his own. That baby is loved by Tyrone and is where he belongs and though he's not Tyrone's by blood, he'll be what gets Ty through all this. As Sally pointed out, Tyrone knows what it's like to regard someone not of your blood as a father.

The other thing that has been bothering me that finally showed up tonight. Kevin and Molly were lovers. In spite of how it ended and in spite of Kevin rejecting her firmly, she did mean a lot to him at one time. I wondered when Kevin was actually going to grieve for her but he seemed too preoccupied in his guilt and trying to maintain damage control with Sally. Finally, at the graveside when he was about to throw dirt on the coffin, it seemed as if it finally hit him and his face was pure grief, not guilt for a change. That's also what Tyrone saw and what made him realize the truth.

Elsewhere, Nick is sinking into depression due to his guilt over the accident. Nobody seemed to be able to make him understand it was an accident and you can certainly understand that. Wouldn't you blame yourself, too? It took Claire, after a few sharp words from Rita, to tell Nick that she knows he didn't mean any harm though she wasn't ready to forgive him just yet. The unspoken words were that she would in time and so should he. Watching her confront him put a big lump in my throat, I can tell you.

We have Becky looking distinctly uncomfortable with the news that the Alahans have the police investigating the looting at the shop and when she heard that there's a possibility that the CCTV caught the thief, she was probably mentally measuring her wrists for handcuffs.

Norris was, as usual, thoroughly dislikeable in his quest for gossip, to hear it and to spread it. What a nasty little man his is!

Peter is facing some time in a wheelchair. No surprise there. It's one of the soap laws that someone surviving such a horrific accident will have a temporary disability of some sort. I had suspiciously moist eyes when Peter was talking about not being able to thank Ashley for saving his life. Leanne, too, tried to talk to Nick but he still only has eyes for her.

Fiz and John are bonding over their baby Hope, willing her to survive. Yet he still tells lies and said he had no idea when Charlotte's funeral was. I wouldn't think Fiz would think it was strange if he'd said it was Monday and she might not even be all that perturbed if he said he wanted to go as she was a former colleague. Lying is second nature to him, he can't help himself.

We had some incredible acting tonight, too. Alan Halsall in particular, blew me away and Julia Haworth, Sally Dynevor and even Michael LeVell were top notch as well. Everyone in the cast altogether seemed like one working and well oiled  unit tonight! Well done, all!

All I Want is You (Corrie's musical montage)

For those who missed it! The fantastic montage to finish off Coronation Street's saddest week ever. Found on YouTube. All copyright remains with ITV.

What's Next for Coronation Street?

(This post was originally posted by Matt, totally tongue in cheek, on the Coronation Street Blog September, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)
After the tram crash and explosion, Corrie’s residents will be unsure of what will happen next. Here are some possibilities:

After being blamed for the explosion, Ciaran drops Nick in it by telling the police he already told Nick about the explosion. Nick leaves in disgrace

Graeme takes over the butchers and employs Kirk as his assistant, but it proves a disaster and the place shuts within a couple of months

Recent events give Norris a personality transplant and he starts being nice to everyone

After Nick escapes jail over the explosion, Gail falls in love with his lawyer and marries him

Gail’s new marriage falls apart when her husband cheats on her with Sean

John confesses his crimes after being haunted by Charlotte’s ghost

Fiz finally leaves John and gets together with Dr Carter

Sian decides to cheer Sophie up after Kevin’s affair is revealed by trying on the corset Rosie bought Sophie for her 16th

After seeing Sian in the corset, Sophie vow only lasts for a few more minutes

Ken and Diedrie push each other away after what happened to Peter, leading them to both have another affair

Character Study: Ashley Sibilius Peacock

 Our Ashley was buried last night. We didn't see the funeral, only Claire's fury at Nick before and after when she found out via Nosy Norris that he should have reported the gas stove problem straight away. Nick didn't realize he was legally obligated to do so but you'd think it would be a no brainer where that type of thing is concerned. No matter.

In honour of Ashley, we're pleased to offer you a character study and essay about Ashley Peacock.

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Hope and Devastation

(This post was originally posted by Chewy on the Coronation Street Blog and The State of the Street in December, 2010.)

"It's Coronation Street as you have never seen it before" said Phil Collinson, and you know what, it really was. What a brilliant week of television, the week began with a street so divided that you could cut the tension with a knife.

By the end, the street were all sleeping quietly together in the Rovers, with Steve stood at the doorway, thinking over what had happened over the last three hours. Roy and Hayley soldiered on through the night, providing warmth and a smile to all who needed it. Josh and Freddie lay fast asleep, unaware that they had lost their daddy.

Two themes were very present in the final minute, hope and devastation.

Coronation Street: Recovery

Have you recovered from the best Corrie ever? Are you reliving it? Rewatching it?

Or have you put it behind you, donned your flak jackets and headed out for back to school shopping?

It's the day after the week that was and I'm still coming down to earth slowly. It's still be mostly all Corrie all day as I catch up on the specials and slowly catch my breath. My musings on the subject are here on my other blog as I wonder what's coming up this week on the show.
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