Sunday 30 November 2014

Sunday Comments - November 30

This seems to be "sad" week for a lot of Corrie women and one or two men.

Things are going from bad to worse between Steve and Michelle. She's really busy organizing a Hoedown Country and Western birthday party for a very amusing older fella called Len who had immediate hots for Liz. It was quite funny, actually, with him playing STand by Your Man on the juke and wondering if Liz would dress as a cowgirl and jump out of a cake. Anyway, Steve spends most of the afternoon and evening helping Steph out at the Bistro while Michelle worries, having no idea where he is. By the end of the evening, she goes down to the bistro to get some change but sees Steve and Steph laughing together. She is confused and hurt and he has no explanation. He's avoiding her so as not to have to deal with anything hard.

Even the next day, he's making empty promises. He says he's going to help with the party but he got distracted and bought a little sports car. Steve should have had Kevin give it a once over. Kev did try to warn him that it could be trouble so that's guaranteed that it will be I suppose. It's an ugly little thing, I think and Steve has called it "Lightening!" and he used it to avoid his promised help with the party. Yes it does get dark that early this time of year in Manchester.

By the end of the week, the tension in the pub is thicker than mud. Liz is trying to placate things. They need a holiday? I don't think springing it on Steve at the last minute was the best thing to do. Doesn't it seem to you that Steve is definitely suffering something and nobody is really noticing? Liz tore a strip off him warning him he'd lose Michelle but i did laugh at Steve telling her that she was just as bad at relationships as he is, point, Steve!

He let her down yet again and he can't tell her what's wrong. Only just that it's a "bad patch" and he can't even find the words to stop her from leaving. I'm sorry and good luck??? Seriously, Steve? You might have just said "Don't let the door smack you on the way out!" and it's off to Carla's for Michelle. I don't understand why Michelle said she should have seen this coming. All she's been doing for weeks is thinking he's been going off her. If that isn't a clue, I don't know what is. And Steve can't even talk to Lloyd.

Sally worries that Tim is having an affair and naturally, Sophie gets the wrong end of the stick when she sees Tim going into Anna's back door with flowers (for a thank you) and finally tells her mother that her suspicions might be right. Sally is dreadfully upset at first and then gets downright furious. She tears a strip of Anna Slutty Windass and won't let Tim in the house. She does the time honoured tradition of chucking his clothes out a window at him before he has to admit before the whole neighbourhood that he can't read. Then she's hurt again because he never trusted her to tell her.

It's hard to tell the one you're closest to something embarassing that you fear may put them off you for good. She isn't angry at him anymore, though because she feels awful that nobody seems to trust her with the deep and painful truths, remembering how Sophie ran away rather than tell her mother she was gay. Maybe it will be ok now. I am glad they addressed the issue where Tim and Faye first connected online even if it was a bit sloppy.

There, now, Sally is taking over his lessons. He's gonna regret that unless she takes the schoolmarm thing to the bedroom!

Alya is upset as well, because she had a job interview with Carla and came over all snobby about silk when Carla mainly uses polyester. That defies the storyline where Rob stole all that silk from her a couple of years ago unless that was a one off for a special order. They think we don't remember these things! Kal sticks his neb in and mortifies his daughter but i bet it will work. But Carla's taking a chance on her anyway because most characters have to work on or very near the street, right? To be fair, with a design degree, Alya is well qualified.

Faye is another sad female as she admits to Craig she is sad to have to leave her house. Craig is an absolute star in these scenes. Really, he is. Lovely little friendship between the two of them. The Windasses are making excuses to make themselves feel better for having to move out of the house but Faye says, or at least pretends, that she likes the flat. Gary will be sleeping on the sofa. I forgot, Katy and Joseph live with Stef so at least they're not stacking them like cordwood against the wall. Nice scene between Anna and Gary in the empty house. I guess Izzy won't be visiting as often, though, it would be difficult for her to get up that many stairs.

Kylie's troubled, she keeps getting texts from Callum but she keeps having bad days and every now and then, she slides back and gets another handful of speed.

Gail was not sad, at least. She and Michael got a lead on where Gavin is though Gail did get drunk on mulled wine, always fun to watch. Michael is scared to bits to push that doorbell but he didn't run. Only Gavin wasn't in so he left a note, Gail always comes prepared! Michael was on eggshells but answered the call. He's so nervous to meet up with him. David doesn't think Michael should tell him about the heart condition straight away.

Finally we all meet Gavin. It looked like he almost backed out himself. Yes, it was awkward and there are huge regrets and a lot of baggage, but they made a step in the right direction. Looks like it was as emotional for Gavin as it was for Michael and if Michael did give him any explanation, we didn't hear it.

Dev has a party to go to and he doesn't want to because he'll be the only single man there. Mary's free, she'll go. No thanks but can she babysit? Ouch. And she lashed out and got her date after all! Great stuff! Awww but she had an allergic reaction to the glue for the false eyelashes. Now, she's been to the medical centre. Why didn't they take the eyelashes and make up off her when they were giving her the once over? They'd have had solvent that would have worked. Dev saw Julie in the Bistro and they ended up going together instead. Julie looked amazing as she always does. Dev's friend, Dom, took one look and zeroed in and Julie loved every minute of it. Dev, on the other hand, looked a little green around the edges.

Katy is determined to build a new career. Good for her. Norris still hasn't got his parcel and since two vehicles were delivering on the same street at the same time it's a fair bet it was Royal Mail. It also must have been two different delivery companies. And the delivery depot guy was deliciously, annoyingly obnoxious! What a great scene! And still no parcel! That's been the only funny bit in this whole excruciating storyline. Deliver the damn thing to the Kabin!

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The year of Bet, Alma and Wendy flamin' Crozier

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in October 2014, reposted with permission.)

I've recently fallen in love with 1990. That's Weatherfield in 1990 to be exact. I can just about remember watching Coronation Street back then as a child, although how much I think I remember and how much I've picked up on since I'll never know. Anyway, a recent episode from January of that year was so enjoyable I thought I would blog about it.

What struck me most about this episode, first broadcast on 19 January was that it concentrated on every day happenings. Two bigger storylines dominated the episode - Alec Gilroy being rebuffed well and truly by his long lost daughter and Alma Sedgewick being a flighty piece and moving in with Mike Baldwin. Everyone featured in the episode felt real, like you could bump into them in the street, the pub or the local cafe. If there was glamour it was of the back street variety. And that's what Corrie does best. 

The Gilroys dominated the episode. Alec, played by the superb Roy Barraclough, had started to feel his age and realising the clock was ticking, decided to track down his daughter Sandra. Not having clapped eyes on her for twenty years, it didn't go well. The fact that Sandra was married to a nice middle class man called Tim, with a horse owning daughter in Victoria just jarred even more with Alec, Bet and the back street pub that was their world. It was awkward and doomed to failure. Alec was humoured and then disowned by the daughter he'd disowned years before. It was a tragic story made even more so with the knowledge of what was to come the following year. 

Bet visited Sandra to try and make her see sense but it was all for nothing as Mrs Arden, as she now was, gave her snobby short shrift and showed her the door. Crestfallen Bet returned to the Rovers only for Alec to see through her lie about going shopping. Bet told him where to go in no uncertain terms, reminding me of the power Julie Goodyear could put into a performance back in the day. Glorious stuff.

Meanwhile, cockney charmer Michael Vernon Baldwin was luring the lovely Alma back into his flat and into his bed. He wined and dined her one night, the next day her suitcase was packed and she was cooking his dinner for him when he got home. Of course, being Baldwin, there's an ulterior motive to all this flowers and filet steak malarky. Out of pocket and out of luck, he's realised Alma's doing quite well for herself so it's obviously more than just those big eyes and turned up collars he's got the hots for. 

The reactions of those around them are typical and true to character. Mavis, in pale pink tabard, is shocked at Alma's flighty nature, mostly because she is doing what Mavis never dared to do and probably wished she had. Audrey on the other hand gives Alma a piece of her mind, calling her "lady" more than once and saying it'll all end in tears. Her judgement is probably coming from direct experience, never having been one to don a pale pink tabard. Audrey knew her mate though. "Alma has never seen sunrise in her life. She thinks God switches it on every morning.”

What makes this episode so rich and rewarding are the little gems that are content to appear in the wings of the main performances. Martin, teased gently by Sally and a 'tache wearing Kevin, about his new relationship with Gail. Don Brennan, mad before he went crazy, over his recently stolen cab. 

The original Rovers Tina (Michelle Holmes) all bubbly about a trip to France with her boyfriend Eddie. Phyllis Pearce, at the other end of the romantic spectrum, friskily chasing Percy into the cafe for a cheeky hot chocolate. All joyous cameos.

One of the most fleeting scenes of all sees Emily shopping with pre-devil Tracy, catching a glimpse of Ken and Wendy flamin' Crozier linking arms as they shop for their frozen peas in Reg Holdsworth's emporium. It was brief with little dialogue but spoke volumes nonetheless.

I loved it. I loved every second of it. The characters were all interlinked, you got a true sense that they all knew each other. They all had their own voices. It was comfortable, cosy, funny but also sad, tragic and knowing. The writer, Leslie Duxbury, knew the show and its audience. Not bad for a half hour in deepest January. 

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Saturday 29 November 2014

Corrie on Casting

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in August 2014.)

Excellent. More new faces to add to the Coronation Street throng. Just what I woke up this morning hoping for. 

Except I didn't really. I wrote recently to criticise Coronation Street for shamefully wasting the talents of Philip Lowrie, Charlie Condou and Krissi Bohn (Dennis, Marcus and Jenna). So what do the Corrie powers that be do? As soon as they've cleared the last lot out, in come more! 

I am sure the actors cast as Kylie's ex-partner and Michael Rodwell's son will be brilliant and good for them to get the gig, but this announcement sounds painfully, uncannily like the one that brought us Ryan and Rob. Two new Corrie hunks! Corrie is running with the pack, chasing the ratings and lavishing us viewers with what they think we want. 

I hope the storylines are fresh, new and challenging. I really do. However I still think we could have enjoyed fresh, challenging storylines with some of the established Corrie cast first. I just love the press speak that is spouted when new characters are announced these days. Everyone is sexy, dangerous, charming and nobody joins the ranks without an explosive secret to hide.

I'd love to catch my breath first and get to know the Nazirs, Andrea, Tony and the rest before anyone else steps off the Weatherfield Wayfarer. Nevertheless, I'm sure I'll still be tuning in avidly when these new characters appear in the weeks and months ahead. Old habits die hard. 

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Conversation Street podcast 123

Gemma and Michael's podcast for the episodes in Canada that aired (up to last night's Canadian Corrie) can be heard here.

Sally finds out Tim's secret after getting the wrong end of the stick. Steve continues to suffer in silence and loses Michelle by the end of the week. We meet Michael's son, Gavin. Dev and Julie go out together. Norris chases his parcel and the Windasses find a new home. The character profile is Karen MacDonald.  

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Friday 28 November 2014

I want mo' Mo on Corrie

(This post was originally posted by Tvor on the Coronation Street Blog in November 2014.)

Let me establish right away that I'm not nor never have been a Norris Cole fan. He's mean, nasty, petulant, petty, gossipy and I don't find him funny. He does get a good line now and then and I can applaud Malcom Hebden for his superb performance. Therefore, it follows that any storyline that features Norris is not one that's going to hit my "top ten" list.

This recent business over a parcel delivery has been excruciating. Every single time Norris has missed his delivery I want to cringe. Why could he not just arrange for the parcel to be delivered to the Kabin? It makes no sense. And if he was able to go to the depot on Friday's episode, why didn't he just do that the first or second time he missed it?

If he did that, however, he wouldn't have worked himself into a state and we wouldn't have had that absolutely top scene where he encountered Morris "Mo" Grieves last night. It was a brief scene but it delighted me right down to my toes. With a wonderfully droll delivery, actor Jamie Honeybourne played Mo with aplomb. Mo is a pedantic smug prince controlling his little kingdom, much like Norris himself is.

Mo held all the cards, so to speak and made sure Norris knew it. A taste of his own medicine, methinks. Mo wasn't obnoxious, he wasn't argumentative, he didn't "lord" it over Norris. He was the boss of Norris, he held all the control and he knew it. I know little scenes and one off characters like this seem to be fewer on screen these days but this is Corrie comedy gold, to me. This scene leapt off the screen. I don't need these all the time, but a little more often, please?

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Fab Photo Friday - Betty and Steve

It's Friday and I'm feeling a bit nostalgic for our Betty. Here's a lovely photo of she and Steve conniving in the back room

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Thursday 27 November 2014

Corrie Canada sneak previews Dec. 1 - 5

Without further ado here is a brief sneak preview of what you'll see on  next week's Corrie in Canada.

Steve's diagnosed with depression but can't accept it. Michael gets to know Gavin who gets to know Gail's family. It doesn't go smoothly but Gavin does find out about Michael's condition. Julie has a date which makes Dev jealous. Julie finds out how Dev feels about her. Tracy decides to get rid of Rob's things. Norris finally gets his parcel and it opens up new worlds.

For more details and photos, visit the Moosejaw Mercury at

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Wednesday 26 November 2014

Nazir Towers speculation

Apparently, the Nazir family is set to move into the Street because in the end, nearly everyone does, right? The only question is where because none of the houses are empty and there's only a couple of tiny flats available which, like all the other tiny flats, seem to have room for at least two bedrooms. You can tell from the size of the various buildings they're in that there's no way you can fit a two bedroom flat, with living area and bathroom into the space allocated. Elastic walls again. And some of the buildings, like the Kabin and the Salon/Taxi office have TWO two-bedroom flats! Madness!

But I digress.

Where will the Nazirs go? There's one house that has had a very frequent turnover ever since it was built, mainly it's been a scene of murder and mayhem and we now know the current owners and inhabitants, Anna, Owen, Gary and Faye, will vacate because the bank wants the house back. We haven't heard a lot about Owen's debt lately. He did declare bankruptcy but I don't think that related to the mortgage on the house though the bailiffs did come and remove some items but it was related to his business, I think.

They'll be the ones crammed into Peter's vacated and very tiny flat that are available. Sharif and Yasmeen will unrealistically give up the very nice house they currently own (much like Sunita did to move into Number 7), buy No.6 and move the whole clan in. The only other place that might be likely is a posh flat in Victoria Court seeing as only Nick and now Carla seem to live there.

I think there's meant to be three bedrooms upstairs in Number 6, again, somewhat unrealistically, but that's enough at least for the married couple and each of the two grandchildren. Kal can bunk in with Leanne or with his son and we're sorted. 

(And I still think Mary needs to rent a flat. I'm surprised Dev has never suggested the shop flat for her at a reduced rent considering her being his nanny and all. I believe the flat over the butcher shop (soon to be community centre) is vacant, as well. )

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Missing the point?

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in November 2014, reposted with permission.)

I have to thank Emma's excellent review of last Friday's Corrie for making me sit up and think about this issue. Although I love Tim and think Joe Duttine is superb, his current storyline is really missing the point as far as I'm concerned.

Tackling adult literacy is a very important move for a programme like Corrie, which still has the power to educate and inform as well as entertain. For many people like Tim, school didn't work out well for him for a number of different, complex reasons. Many people struggle by with poor reading and writing skills for much of their adult life. If Corrie publicising this issue can help people then it's all for the good.

However so far, despite Joe Duttine and Debbie Rush being very good actors, I really don't think Coronation Street are hitting this head on. It feels like Tim's struggles with reading are really only a means for Sally suspecting them of having an affair. If the story continues along these lines it will be a total and utter disappointment for me and a missed opportunity. 

Corrie is traditionally not an issue led programme. Past attempts at this, such as Alma's cervical cancer or Toyah's rape, have backfired. There was a period in the late 1990s and early 2000s where Corrie changed focus and became more issue based, like EastEnders. Not a great time for us loyal Corrie viewers. So while I'm all for stories being character led, I can't help but feel that these days important issues are being raised only to be used as plot devices for more typical soapy scenarios such as adultery or murder. Sensationalist and unsatisfactory. 

Sally will find out very soon what has really been going on between Anna and Tim and as usual will have to dismount from her high horse for a large slice of humble pie. I hope the writers will then focus on Tim's real issue and show Sally being supportive of her partner. I also really really hope this isn't just a precursor for a full-blown Anna and Tim affair. I adore Sally and Tim together and think they have so much potential for the future. The combination of Sally's twenty-first century misguided Annie Walker snobbery and Tim's modern day Eddie Yeats works so much better than another Sally/Kevin rehash.

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Tuesday 25 November 2014

Small moments of triumph

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in November 2014.)

I don't know how I feel about Coronation Street at the moment. There are things that I have really enjoyed that I wasn't expecting to and other stuff that provokes stifled yawns.

I unexpectedly really enjoyed Tracy's wedding debacle and Rob's comeuppance. Rob was a character I was never too fond of but he has grown on me and I'm actually quite sad to see him go. Tracy, a character I would happily push under the Weatherfield Wayfarer tomorrow, was hard to sympathise with and as usual, easy to loathe. Typically she's blaming everyone else for her current predicament and I fear there will be more fireworks ahead between her and Carla.

Peter coming out of prison was always going to be a queasy watch. We knew he had false hopes when it came to Carla and I was glad she stuck to her guns and saw him off. Although Peter has been a deep, beautifully flawed Corrie character I will be pleased to see him off our screens for a while. It's a tribute to Chris Gascoyne that the character has survived the awful Tina affair plot pretty much intact. I'm still ready for a break from him though.

Another character I struggle to empathise with is Todd Grimshaw. I understand from what I've read that the aftermath of his brutal mugging will see him become even more unpleasant as he seeks revenge from his nearest and dearest. Sorry, but this is tedious. Fair enough nobody turned up to dinner but really he only has himself to blame on that front. Had he not been so odious and conniving ever since his return, none of this would have happened. His brief good turn, helping Roy scrape eggs off his windows was nowhere near enough to elicit any sympathy whatsoever.

The arms-folded one is also heading for dark times.Steve's depression is continuing to manifest itself and neither Michelle nor Liz really have any clue what is going on. I would have more interest in a relationship hitting the rocks if it was one I actually cared about. I would much prefer for Steve and Michelle to break up for good, rather than fighting collectively from our armchairs to keep them together. As always, Michelle is making Steve's problems all about her. A deeply unsympathetic character who needs to ship herself off to wherever that charmless, gormless son-who-is-not-her-son has gone. 

I am looking forward to seeing more of Tim's storyline. Joe Duttine can do no wrong so I'm hoping he will deliver the goods as Tim struggles with his literacy issues. I also really like the idea of Dev and Julie together. Meddlesome Mary needs to let them be. And Cilla's return has been quite enjoyable. I'm pretty relieved the character has been toned down considerably and is therefore much more real and believable. I'm quite sad she's not staying on longer. Who'd have thought it?

The scenes of Maria and Luke out in the countryside were pretty tedious to be honest. I enjoyed Audrey's matchmaking but that's as far as it goes. I struggle to feign any interest in Maria these days and worry she's grown stale. Luke, like his sister Steph, shows promise though and I hope we see more interaction between them in the not too distant future.

Shock of the week for me was Katy declaring all of a sudden that she wants to become a paramedic. Really? While further education amongst the good people of Weatherfield is worryingly rare, this is a giant leap for me. What has happened to her son by the way? I can't remember the last time I saw her interact with him.

I still don't know what to make of the Nazir family. Yasmeen is fairly spirited (!) but her husband doesn't bring much to the party. I am liking Alya though, I think she has promise. As always though, there just seems to be too many characters for each of them to develop naturally. 

So how is Corrie for you at the moment? What are you enjoying and what is making you cringe?

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Ronald Pickup's Coronation Street cameo

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog November 2014, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Yes, that was veteran actor Ronald Pickup in a Coronation Street cameo role last night.

He played the part of Len Sheldon, the birthday boy for whom Michelle was arranging a geriatric hoe-down.

Read Ronald Pickup's IMDB profile here.

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Monday 24 November 2014

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for Nov. 17 - 21

Prison Goodbye Card award: Now that's inventive!

Literacy Fail award: Did Alya really not know that Wuthering Heights was a book before Kate Bush did a song with the same name? She's got a librarian for a mother. I don't buy it.

Resentment award: Cilla's making up for missing Chesney's childhood by hanging out with Craig and Chesney resents it and isn't ready to put it in the past.

Regrets award: Cilla does seem to have regrets over her lack of parenting skills, at least with Chesney. I wonder if she'll apologize to Fiz and all?

Business fail: Michelle's not going to make a success of the event planning business if she uses her own money for bookings rather than the clients' credit card like every other business does.

Fashion win: Sally's dress really did look nice.

Pants on Fire award: Tim for all the porkies he's telling Sally.

Musical Ambience: Def Leppard's "When Love and Hate Collide" while Carla and Peter spoke in the Rovers back room.

Soap Law of Residency: Almost nobody shall live or work outside of 500 meters of Coronation Street. Thus, all the Windasses, squashed into Number 6 as they are now are going to be stacked like cord wood into the bookies flat.

That's you told award: LOVED Steph tearing a strip off Peter!

Continuity fail: Beth ordered a pint when she joined Tracy and minutes later, she's got a half done glass of red and ordering more.

Lines of the week:
Alya "I've heard the song!" Yasmeen "Wuthering Heights is a classic. You need to read more!"
Carla to Peter "You're out now and it's time to get real"
Carla "You're not even worth my sarcasm"
Beth "Where free booze is concerned, I don't take sides"
Tracy about Carla "If she messes with my family again, she better not go near any balconies"
Michelle to Tracy "Rob's had a lucky escape because he's avoided the real life sentence"
Cilla "I have brought three kids up meself" (I snorted along with Anna)
Michelle about Peter "Good riddance if you ask me" Steve "Nobody Did" (Steve 1 Michelle 0)
Tracy to Carla "Anyone that drinks with you ends up mad, jailed or dead" (She's got a point)
Carla to Tracy "you just backed the wrong horse love, that's all"
Tracy about Ken "The static on his kimono was lit up like the national grid."
Cilla "Thanks Fiona. I'm not sure I deserve it" (You don't, not really)

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Sunday 23 November 2014

Sunday Comments November 23

Peter's home. Simon's happy to see him though it's a bit awkward between them. Carla's not so happy. She thinks she'll be able to avoid him or at least avoid talking to him but they come face to face in the pub the night he gets home. Can't blame him for wanting to get out of the house after being cooped up and surely he figured she'd be in the pub.

He even talked her into having a few quiet minutes with him and he tried his best to persuade her into taking him back, even went on his knees but she will not be moved and I'm glad. He's a serial philanderer and he hurt her far too much for her to take him back. Plus as we later find out, he's leaving anyway. Well, he wouldn't have left if she'd said yes but the actor is leaving the show so off he goes, back to Portsmouth and Simon has been let down yet again by his father.

But he sure got a shock when Carla said she only did it for her conscience, and for the Barlows, but not for him. I think down deep he knew she wouldn't have him back but he'd convinced himself otherwise. He seemed to be in better shape the next day than expected though when Carla sent back her wedding ring, it probably felt like a kick to the gut. And i loved, absolutely loved Steph ripping Peter a new one. It nearly drove Peter to the bottle. So much for promises never to drink again, knowing it will kill him.

But he didn't. And he's right, he needs a fresh start. It's only too bad he has to leave Simon behind. If he wasn't such a raging alcoholic on the verge of a disaster so much, he could have taken the lad with him but given his history, no reasonable parent or grandparent could take that risk. Simon was pretty cold to him at first, hiding his feelings behind his phone which is typical kid, but later, the standard launching into Peter's arms and crying. Again. Nice to see that Carla was the one that ultimately helped Simon accept it. Maybe Simon will finally have a bit of respect for her.

So Steve took Peter to the train station and Michelle was vile, staunchly defending her friendship with Carla. And was she realistic? Yes, there are a lot of people that are vile to others and I'm quite glad Steve had a curt remark to shoot back at her.

Tracy's still bent on making Carla pay because she can't accept that Rob would have made his own choices and she made the wrong one. But that's classic Tracy. Carla was kind to her after she rejected Peter but Tracy won't take that as given. She needs to blame someone other than Rob and isn't ready to give that up yet.

And quite unrealistically, the Windasses are all going to squash into Peter's flat. If it was just Anna, Owen and Faye, I'd say why not? But there's also Gary, Katy and Joseph. It's ludicrous.

Todd has one particular injury to his face that they doctor says is going to scar. Scarred for life and pretty boy Todd is horrified. Why can't they do plastic surgery? And it won't be that bad, not once it heals. It's not as if it's a slash down the whole side of his face. It's an inch or so on his cheekbone. It'll probably make him look more interesting, really! Cue Todd feeling sorry for himself. Ok, ok, it's a lot to take in at that age. It would have been devastating for someone good looking to end up with a very visible scar. I just have a hard time feeling sorry for him even though this wasn't his fault nor is it really retribution for everything he's done. All the hurt he caused was emotional, not physical but nobody deserves this and it could just end up being another reason for him to hate the world and lash out even more.

Now Todd's home, he's really going to pour on the hate and resentment. He never does take responsibility for his own actions and he's going to blame everyone else for this injury. If they never showed up he would be ok? They didn't show up because Todd's a tosser and really burned a lot of bridges.

Sally's already suspicious about Tim's cagey behaviour. Him bringing flowers to the factory is only going to make it worse because everyone knows that men only bring flowers to cover up their guilt, at least on soaps. He's only having reading lessons from Anna but because he's too embarassed to let people know, it's going to get all blown out of proportion. The reading lesson started slowly. Seems like Tim can make out a few words and Owen has a point, find something he is interested in to read. It seemed not long before he was reading quite a lot of words and I bet he's reading War and Peace by Christmas.

Michelle is still bitching at Steve for pushing her away rather than seeing that there's something just not right about him. He's not himself at all. If she can't see it, I would have thought his mother would know since she knows him better than anyone.

And speaking of Michelle, she's not going to go far in the event planning business if she pays for everything with her own money up front rather than using the client's credit card.

Chesney is resentful of Cilla making pals with Craig even when Cilla tries to point out the similarities in the cheeky smiles of both lads to tell Chesney that she missed him. We do find out that Cilla is sleeping in Craig's bed and Craig on the sofa but I still don't know where Craig normally sleeps unless it's up in the loft.

Cilla is still selfish Cilla, though, getting others to pander to her, much to Chesney's annoyance. He's not surprised but is angry about what he had to put up with all those years with the mother from hell. He's not ready to forgive and move on and I suppose, given how she treated him, it's understandable. Only Fiz really knows and she's matured to the point where she can put it behind her. It's interesting that Sinead ended up talking to Gary about it. We forget, but Gary and Chesney used to be close, like brothers for awhile. Nice little scene with Chesney and Rita, too.

Cilla offered to babysit Joseph and fell down the stairs. In her condition, that's a bad thing and sure enough, she had to go to the hospital and left Craig and Faye to watch Joseph. That's not so bad, they're plenty old enough and Craig is 16 or something. There was no reason for Chesney to whinge about all and make a big production over it but it touched a hot button with him. Even so, once he found out the real reason she had to leave? No apology so I'd say he needs to grow up. It's clear Cilla has regrets and she's got to live with them as well. She'll never be able to make it up to Chesney and she knows it.

It's all contrived so that Jennie McAlpine can go on her maternity leave but it was good to see Cilla in a toned down version of herself. I really liked this little storyline.

Katy wants to be a paramedic. She's going to volunteer for St. John's Ambulance which is a great idea. It's not easy to get in with the paramedics but all the SJA experience you can get will be a very good background. Meanwhile, all the Windasses are going to be moving into the bookies' flat. They're already overcrowding Number 6. I think they'll be stacked like cordwood in the flat.

Norris is still banging on about that parcel. He keeps asking for it to be re-delivered. Why would they not deliver it to the Kabin? Why doesn't he ask for it to be sent there? I really have no idea why it's such a big deal. Now we are told it was delivered to 13. Why? It's not as if the mailman is going to go down the row knocking on doors to find someone home. They will just leave yet another card. FFS this is stupid. And as usual Norris is a nasty piece of work, suggesting that Todd provoked his attack and shouting at Sally because Tim didn't show up to clean his windows instead of making the call himself. I don't know why Rita bothers to spend leisure time with him when the conversations they seem to have are never happy ones.

Cute scene in the cafe where Wuthering Heights is discussed but it's all a front so that Gary can hint to Alya where he's going to be later so she can meet him in secret. The other upshot of the scene is that Zeedan will be working for Tony, something Kal isn't happy about. Don't all parents want more for their children, though? He sees his son with a good education who could go on to university, probably something he wishes he had done, perhaps. Being a builder is a good, honest job, something Alya suspiciously defends. Wonder why!?

Then of course, Kal gets on Tony's case for underpaying Zeedan which is fair enough but there's going to be trouble there, mark my words. Carla's looking for a trainee. Who do we know that needs a job? Nice little aside, Gary remembers when Kal lost his wife so it wasn't really all that long ago, just 4 or 5 years. Leanne caught Alya and Gary kissing and now she's got to keep the secret from Kal.

Steve is still avoiding spending time with Michelle and she's really getting beside herself with worry only it's not worry that Steve isn't himself, it's worry that he's gone off her.

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Saturday 22 November 2014

Conversation Street podcast 122

Gemma and Michael's podcast for the episodes in Canada that aired (up to last night's Canadian Corrie) can be heard here.

This week sees Peter out of jail and then he and Fiz both leave the street, Fiz with Cilla in tow. Peter and Carla kind of made peace but Michelle and Steve are moving further apart. Leanne has found out Gary and Alya's secret and Kal now has a bead on dodgey Tony. Tim's learning to read with Anna's help but Sally is suspicious. The character profile this week is Beth Tinker.

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Friday 21 November 2014

Fab Photo Friday - Cilla and Yana

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo Celebrating the recent visit of Cilla.

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Thursday 20 November 2014

Corrie Canada sneak previews for Nov. 24 - 28

Without further ado here is a brief sneak preview of what you'll see on  next week's Corrie in Canada.

Sally confronts Anna and Tim and learns Tim's secret. Steve continues to avoid Michelle and she catches him helping out at the Bistro. He buys a car but swerves Michelle's weekend away and it looks like her ultimatum is going to split them up. Carla finds a new trainee. The Windasses move into the flat. Michael gets a lead and finds his son. Kylie's still giving in to temptation. Dev and Julie have a friendly date.

For more details and photos, visit the Moosejaw Mercury at

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Wednesday 19 November 2014

It's not all about Michelle

(reposted from State of the Street with permission)

We have seen the beginning of the storyline focussing on Steve struggling with depression. As many others have said, Steve is a very good character to carry this.

Depression can strike anyone, even the usually happy-go-lucky people like goofy Steve. Simon Gregson is an underrated actor when it comes to serious stuff but I've often seen him do some really great acting when the acting gets tough. I can remember quite a few scenes during his time with Becky that he had to pull out all the stops and he could be breathtaking. He's come a long way from that fingernail chewing scallywag he once was!

There has already been one scene with Liz who showed concern, noting that he's not been himself. His mother sometimes shows a bit of disrespect for her son but she also knows him better than anyone, even his current partner, Michelle.

Michelle is going to start worrying that Steve has gone off her. It's annoying that Michelle sees something different and immediately thinks it's got anything to do with her. But on the other hand, that's typical of her. She's long been dismissive of Steve and treats him appallingly. She doesn't show a lot of respect and can be a bit of a bully to him, too. I often feel she treats him like a naughty child. It's going to be painful watching her moan and whinge while watching Steve suffer and try to hide it. I'm sure Liz will suspect there's more going on but he'll keep everyone he loves at arms' length until he will eventually have to admit he needs help.

 I'm looking forward to seeing this play out even if I expect I will be shouting at the screen every time Me-chelle whines. If there was a genie in a bottle, I'd wish that this would break up Steve and Michelle because I never thought they were suited but I doubt that's going to happen. Michelle will get her knuckles rapped and a hefty piece of guilt-sauced humble pie and be very supportive once Steve is finally coming out the other side.

As long as she doesn't overdo it by spoonfeeding his medication and scheduling rests and downtime for him.

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Tuesday 18 November 2014

Coronation Street extra injured on set

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog September 2014, reposted to this blog with permission.)

One of the extras working on Coronation Street was rushed to hospital during filming this week after ending up with a bloody nose.

It happened when they were filming the scene featuring Todd Grimshaw, who gets attacked by a group of thugs in a recent.(*)

But the extra required medical assistance after falling face first onto the pavement, leaving blood streaming from his nose.  He was taken away in an ambulance and a stand-in was called in to replace him in the late night scenes in the city centre.

A Coronation Street spokeswoman said: “The actor in question sustained a minor injury when he fell during filming. He was taken to hospital as a precaution and is now fine and well.”

The Mirror have pictures here.

(*) I'm not condoning violence, but as it is Todd who got beaten up, so, er... YAY!

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Coronation Street Blog interview with Bruno Langley

(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in September 2014.)

I had the pleasure of interviewing Bruno Langley at ITV in Media City recently - and here is what he revealed about his forthcoming storyline.

Very soon viewers will see Todd Grimshaw get a thorough beating. Doing his best to make amends and get back into his family’s good books, which he has been trying to do for a while now, he decides to treat his family to a meal at the bistro. Viewers will remember that because of Todd’s attempts to cut corners when working at Tyrone and Fiz’s house, Tyrone suffered a bad accident. When it was discovered that it was Todd’s fault, Tony and the Grimshaw family were, understandably, absolutely furious and Todd was pretty much ostracized.

Todd’s arrogance and general cockiness seem to desert him after the attack - at least for a while. Arriving at the bistro to treat his family, he sits and he waits and then he realizes that no one is coming. Unbeknown to Todd, Jason, who is probably the most furious with Todd, has persuaded his mum that they shouldn’t go, that Todd is conning them and that they shouldn’t just jump when Todd says jump.

So, after having been let down by his family, Todd leaves the bistro, humiliated and sad. A group of young men surround Todd and after intimidating him for a while, they beat him up, severely.

In his hospital bed he is in a very bad state. What mother would or could stay away from her son when in such need, despite what he has done. Eileen is of course distraught and this savage attack might just be the way back for Todd to his family.

One question that I really wanted the answer to, was, would we ever found out what happened to Todd in ‘that London.’ Viewers may remember that when Todd came back to Weatherfield almost exactly a year ago on November 4th 2013, there was some mystery as to why he had left. There was an enraged boyfriend, but the implication was that what made Todd leave London was something more than a fall-out with an ex.

I put this question to Bruno Langley and he said that yes, we would found out – eventually. For now, after his beating, and after being discharged from hospital, Todd is allowed to live back in the Grimshaw household, but for how long he will be tolerated, is uncertain.

What Todd’s family do not understand is the depth of resentment that Todd is harbouring about the way his family have treated him and what plans he has for further mayhem.  The physical scars are on the outside of his body, thus visible, but the damage on the inside is going to be much worse.

Eileen’s guilt about Todd’s attack is huge, understandably, and Todd will play on that guilt. In Eileen’s head is the undeniable fact that if she had turned up as she said she would, at the bistro, then Todd would not have been beaten up. She regrets having been persuaded not to go and meet him.

Bruno Langley talked about how long he had to be in make-up to have his wounds put on. At first, when the wounds are fresh, he was in make-up for up to two hours. After the wounds improved, over the course of time, the make up application took about twenty minutes.

Bruno told us that when he was about seventeen years old, on his way to his very first audition, he was beaten up, but not a badly as Todd was thankfully.

Apparently, at Christmas, when Todd is feeling sorry for himself, it is none other than Tracy Barlow who tells him to snap out of it, stop feeling sorry for himself and pull himself together. A scene with Tracy and Todd? Can’t wait!

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Monday 17 November 2014

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for Nov. 10 - 14

Camera shot of the week

Media Mania: I really would have expected MANHUNT WIDENED to be on the front of the Weatherfield Gazette, the local newspaper, not in the middle.

Woman's Intuition award: Tracy. Rob only told her generally where he was (A B&B in Bolton) How did she know exactly where to find him? Surely he wasn't using his own name at the guesthouse.

Pack Horse award: Maria made Luke carry her on his back because she couldn't walk a couple of miles.

Cliche award: Luke actually used "It's not you, it's me!"

Misdirection award: Wait. I thought they did over Blanche's room downstairs for Amy? Why did she go upstairs to get her duvet?

Lazy award: Maria was wearing Ugg boots. No excuse why she couldn't walk a couple of miles instead of having Luke carry her.

Musical ambiance award: Tracy sobbing her heart out to Wonderwall which was to be her wedding song.

Dropout award: Katy wants to be a paramedic. That's fine. But I hope they're realistic about it and show her going back to school to get her GCSE and college courses first because she dropped out at 16 to have Chesney's baby.

Vengeance is Mine award: Tracy has found a focus for her heartbreak and anger. Carla. Toxic Tracy is back with a vengeance. Literally.

Lines of the week:
Eileen about Tracy "She's not going to have Precious Memories on the front of her wedding album, is she?" (snork)
Kevin "I thought I was supposed to be the miserable old git"
Tony "We will never have to mention Tracy again" (unless of course, she changes her mind!)
Rob "Bolton's nice this time of year"
Tracy "You know what this is? It's our honeymoon. And I'm a dubious looking woman sitting on a toilet in a B&B" (You're dubious full stop!)
Roy to Cilla "Surely you'd agree. Everyone deserves a second chance"
Rob "There is always a choice" (yes, but some are bad ones)
Eva about Todd "He's not all bad, Jason, nobody is" (he certainly does a good impression of it)
Mark "What's your name?" Kirk "I didn't know there was going to be a quiz!" (I love Kirk)
Owen about Anna teaching Tim "You are going to nag, moan, and generally make his life a misery. Of course I'm on board"

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Sunday 16 November 2014

Sunday Comments November 16

Can't blame Tracy for being depressed. Her future has just crashed and burned and the love of her life turned out to be a killer! She's glad Peter will get out but geez, man, what about me? And if my dad had been spitting out useless platitudes about time healing and at least the truth came out before the wedding, I'd bite his head off, too. It's not really what you want to hear just now is it?

Ken is nearly giddy with joy that Peter might get out and can't thank Carla enough. Carla doesn't really want to know, she might not want Peter to rot in prison but she is still not all warm and fuzzy about Peter either. It was a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" decision. And it has to be frustrating for Peter who can nearly smell the fresh air but has to put up with bureaucracy and he thinks Carla will have him back. Boy is he going to get a shock.

Rob is on the run and calling Tracy to bring him money. She makes him admit the truth and he does. He deserves every sob and every dollop of guilt she can lay on him. His tears might be genuine but it's a bit too late. Can he win her over? But the cops are watching every move she makes. He also finds his picture in the newspaper in the centre of it. I'm very surprised it wasn't on the front page! It was the local Weatherfield Gazette after all. He heard someone pounding on the door. Obviously thought it was the police but it was even worse, it was Tracy. I hope he checked that she didn't have a blunt object in her hand before he opened the door. How did she know the address anyway? He only told her generally where he was.

Tracy seemed more pissed that Rob did it for Carla. Tracy has no sense of family loyalty really. She even admitted she'd have married him even knowing the truth. I thought he was going to beg her to go with him but it was her that asked. She's willing to go on the run, hiding from the law, giving up Amy for Rob. Can she do it? Well, she spent the day cuddling Amy, thinking she'd never see her again and Ken could tell there was something not quite right with Tracy when she left "for the shop".

Ken and Carla figured it out but Tracy was well away, meeting Rob in an abandoned building from the look of it. I wondered if Carla was going to turn Tracy in but not knowing where they were, it's difficult. In the end Tracy couldn't go through with it. She couldn't leave Amy. Oh and it turned out she called the police herself! I kind of had a feeling that would happen but I wasn't sure.

Peter's coming home on Monday. A bit surprised that the solicitor and the legal system would be working that late on a Friday night but hey. It's all good. After what she's been through, understandably, Tracy's really upset, and I figure all that heartbreak and anger is going to turn her into Toxic Tracy with a vengeance. Literally. Carla is going to be her target because Tracy has to blame someone and she's not going to blame Rob.

Chesney is still avoiding Cilla when possible and you can tell he's holding a lot of resentment towards her. She's really on her best behaviour and it scares me! Ironing, cooking though she did manage to wangle Tyrone into buying the groceries. She's too proud to accept any help and ended up topping the potatoes on the floor. That, at least, elicited a bit of sympathy from Chesney. Now they're going to squeeze Cilla into Number 5 for a visit instead of squeezing her into Number 9. The poor woman has osteoporosis. Sleeping on sofas isn't going to do her any good.

Faye has volunteered Tim to help out at a school auction but the more he heard about it, the more he realized he couldn't handle the responsibilities but Anna spotted something wrong and badgered him into revealing his secret. Now she's going to be the one that teaches him to read but it has to be a secret (except she did tell Owen) and already Sally's seen Tim and Anna hug so you can see where this is going.

Oh wow, there's Lloyd and Andrea, They've been unseen and unheard for weeks. I see Nick has resurfaced, too. Beth is definitely on Team Tracy but then she's not been on the blunt end of Tracy's schemes nor the sharp end of her tongue all these years, either. Ken has a new BFF, too, in Audrey who has to take up the slack that Deirdre left. Everyone's taking a first aid course. The guy that's running it has caught more than a few eyes of the women. Not such a boring evening, after all! Katy in particular was making eyes at him non stop and I think even Yasmeen was a bit taken in by his smile, too! Katy wasted no time moving in, questions, right? He didn't mind and asked her for a drink so they could talk. Now she wants to be a paramedic. I hope they show her

It's Liz's birthday and Tony's given her a very x-rated card from the sounds of it. She's worried he's going to get done for stolen goods. Nobody should trust Tracy but he's confident. Still, he overhears Tracy talking to Rob and manages to get her to reassure him that he's off the hook.

Audrey is still chasing after Luke and now she's offering his services to Maria for advice on buying a new car and poor Andrea has had the brunt of her going on and on about it, a captive audience. She wasn't going to take him up on the offer but she changed her mind because the car she wants to look at is out in Cheshire and she needs a ride. And the amount of times each of them assured the car seller that they weren't boyfriend and girlfriend virtually guarantees that they will be before long.

It didn't go very well, though, the car seller got ill, all wobbly and out of it. I guessed it right, he was having a hypoglycemic thingy, what happens when you're diabetic and your sugars get out of whack. And then Luke had to piggy back Maria for a few miles to get back to the car. Really? She couldn't walk it? She wasn't even wearing heels, she was wearing Ugg boots for heavens sake! And I bet she didn't buy the car off the guy after all that. All because the guy had the car keys in his pocket when he went in the ambulance. That man didn't have the presence of mind to get out of the back seat, take the keys from the ignition before they took him away, either. Really not funny at all. Later, Luke made the effort to apologize and suggest a fresh start, turned on the charm and you can see it's making inroads.

Michael is still looking for his son, Gavin and finally, might have a lead. He's heading out to a pub where Gavin may have worked. If he hasn't seen Gavin since he was a kid, how's he even going to recognize him? All he did was get drunk, bar hopping trying to find Gavin.

Todd paid his mother some of the money he owes and seems to be working hard to keep on everyone's good side. Even Roy is unflapped by Todd's rudeness, advising him to build bridges. He tried with Fiz and Tyrone but he's got a long way to go there. At least he saw off the bullies that were bothering Roy and helped him clean up. Surprised the heck out of Fiz and Tyrone when they heard. Gotta start somewhere.

He invited them all to the Bistro. Eva has a kind heart, to be fair, and she tried to talk Eileen into going but it was Todd's heartfelt words that changed her mind. She's even more softhearted than Eva. But Jason talked her into not going. Nobody showed up. Todd went wandering off into dark, shadowy ginnels and got the crap beat out of him. He got his family back but not the way he wanted to do it.

Amy went upstairs to get her duvet. I thought they did over the front room that was Blanche's for her? Norris still hasn't got his package. Why on earth doesn't he just get them to deliver it to the Kabin?

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Saturday 15 November 2014

Conversation Street podcast 121

Gemma and Michael's podcast for the episodes in Canada that aired (up to last night's Canadian Corrie) can be heard here.

We catch up from last week, including the wedding episodes and through this week with Rob's capture. Katy eyes a new career, Maria gets a ride on a gallant Luke's back. Todd tries to make amends but ends up in hospital with a bruised and bloody face while Eileen may need that guilt complex surgically removed.

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Simon Gregson talks about 25 years as Steve McDonald

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog October 2014, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Simon Gregson first turned up in Coronation Street as Steve McDonald on 6th December 1989.  Simon's now coming up to his 25th anniversary of working on the show and has been giving interviews to The Mirror taking about growing up in the spotlight of the show.

Simon candidly talks about his past history of drinking and drugs, and how he had to go into therapy for depression.  This makes him acutely aware of what his on-screen character Steve is going through right now and he says he's determined to Steve's depression storyline justice.

Part 1 of the interview is here and Part 2 is herePart 3 is here.

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Friday 14 November 2014

Fab Photo Friday - Deirdre and Rita

It's Friday and time for a fab photo. This one of Deirdre and Rita is a throwback to a few years ago when Deirdre discovered that Wendy Flaming Crozier was back on the scene! For a change, Ken wasn't tempted but Wendy did try her best!

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Blog interviews with Kate Ford and Alison King

(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in October 2014.)

What a treat to see Tracy and Carla sitting together! Before the interview began, Kate Ford and Alison King were chatting and are obviously very good friends. The interview was conducted with Tracy and Carla together as they are both inextricably linked by their love of the same man, Rob Donovan - Carla's brother and Tracy's fiancé. The wedding is soon - Tracy, the bride, Rob the groom and Carla, the Best Woman or Best Bird as she refers to herself as.

The trouble with the these two women is that they loathe each other. In fact it might be fair to say that  Tracy loathes Carla more than Carla detests Tracy. Carla is not in the minority here, whereas most people on The Street are alright with Carla, not that she has been a saint, but lately because of her friendship with Hayley and now Roy, we see that though she may be a keen, cut throat business woman, she is also fundamentally a good woman.

In recent months, Carla has lost her baby, her husband, her 'friend' Tina and now she will lose her brother. She must do the right thing by The Barlows, the law and morality, and so she informs the authorities that it was Rob who killed Tina.

How does Tracy react to the news about Rob?

Tracy is raging! She even sets off after Rob, leaving Amy behind. When things go wrong for Tracy she lashes out, which she does anyway when all is well, but this time she becomes absolutely vicious. What's more, she blames Carla for everything. she doesn't stop to think and rationalise, but lays one hundred per cent of the blame at Carla's door. It was bad enough when she found out that Carla was to be Rob's best woman, but after Rob confessed to Carla, Tracy interprets that as being Carla's plan to ruin things for her. In addition Tracy's business hits the skids.

Liz and Tracy have also got a fractious relationship which is about to become even more fractious. Tracy and Tony have an affair which was hinted at a while ago in the advertisement where Liz's reflection becomes the reflection of Tracy, as Tony stands by looking into the mirror. So that will further damage the relationship between Tracy and Liz. Poor Amy!

How about Carla, how does she react to the truth about Tina's murder?

Carla is devastated. She needs time to take stock and understand what has happened since Hayley's death. Her child, her husband and now her brother - all lost to her. Carla does what Carla does when life lashes out - she launches herself body and soul into her business and unlike Tracy's, Carla's business is doing very well indeed. Her business is her saviour.

There will not be a man waiting in the wings for Carla. She needs a break!

She is also blessed in her friendship with Michelle, one of the few really strong female friendships amongst the younger women. Michelle has been a rock and continues to be so. When, in her turn, Michelle experiences problems, it is guaranteed that Carla will be a great support for her. They have had their spats, as do people in life, but essentially they are solid.

Is there any future for Peter and Carla? 

It is very unlikely that there will be any relationship now or in the future for Peter and Carla. Does she still love him? Difficult to say after all that has happened. Carla is numb.

Carla is anxious about Simon. Before Tina's death and after a shaky start, Carla and Simon began to hit it off. She knows for certain that Peter, Simon's dad is not Tina's murderer, but Peter is the one who has been found guilty in a court of law, even though Ken, was almost certain that Peter would be coming home. No doubt about it - neither Simon nor Amy are going to grow up unscathed.

What was your favourite scene during the filming of all these dramatic scenes?

The favourite scene was out on the balcony with Rob, as the hen night clattered away at the other side of the street at The Rovers, including for our delectation a rendition of Gloria Gaynor's anthem, I will survive.

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Thursday 13 November 2014

Corrie Canada sneak previews for Nov. 17 - 21

Without further ado here is a brief sneak preview of what you'll see on  next week's Corrie in Canada.

Peter is released and makes a bee-line for Carla who knocks him back. He decides he will leave Weatherfield behind. Todd may be scarred for life. Eileen feels guilty and Todd is more bitter than ever. Tim's acting secretive and Sally gets the wrong end of the stick. Katy wants to change careers. Gary and Alya get found out. Chesney has a lot of emotional baggage where his mother is concerned. Fiz leaves with Cilla to help her recover from a fresh injury. Michelle doesn't know what's up with Steve.

For more details and photos, visit the Moosejaw Mercury at

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Tracy Barlow does the right thing

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in November 2014.)

We've seen the back of Rob Donovan tonight. I've enjoyed the character quite a bit and meeting him here in Halifax in November, 2013 added to that enjoyment because I met the man behind the character. At that time, there was no immediate end in sight for Marc Baylis on Corrie but he was the one chosen to kill Tina. Was he the expendable crew member or was it the case of last in first out? We were losing Chris Gascoyne as Peter and it could just as easily have been him that killed Tina but as he's attached to the longest standing family on the show and they'd want the chance to to have Peter back at some time in the future.

I enjoyed the whole storyline and liked that we knew from the start who the murderer was. It was interesting to watch Rob's guilt torture him, all the while planning a future with Tracy. He ended up confessing to Carla, the only one that knew him inside and out and that was it. Just a matter of time.

This week, it was Tracy that offered to run away with Rob but it seems maybe that was the "old" Tracy. The "new" Tracy backed out and was even the one the turned Rob in to the police. She said there were two reasons. She couldn't leave Amy and she didn't want to risk going back to prison. I wonder if we'll even see Tracy with a changed point of view, someone unselfish, someone that puts their daughter first from now on. Maybe not.

I had a feeling she might be the one that turned Rob in but I wasn't sure. I did figure that he would get caught, perhaps the police following Tracy. It's soap law, after all. All in all, Marc Baylis and Kate Ford *both* turned in very good performances this week!

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