Sunday 28 December 2008

Sunday Comments, December 28

Lines of the week:
  • Gail "Was i a bit hard on Jason?" Audrey "No more than usual"
  • Mel about Lauren "There's nothing like Class. And that is nothing like class!" (you got that right!)
  • Leanne to Monkey Boy "But will the pizza be as cheesy as your chat up lines!"
  • Kelly to Vikki "Why didn't you deny it?" Vikki "Why didn't you tell the truth?"
  • Gail to Tina "It's all right to be frightened" Tina "Not today it isn't" (tough little kid isn't she?)
  • Steve to Lauren "You'd better get a top from Michelle. We haven't got a license for that (showing her bra)." .... "Flippin' ought to get one though"
  • Gail "I did it because i love you!"
  • Kirk "What am i gonna do?" Becky "I'd start with a new identity!"

Finally. Alex is gone, and left in an almighty strop. On then was Michelle all over Ryan begging forgiveness. Alex is gone and he's still obsessing Michelle. Now Ryan decides he does really want to get to know Nick and Michelle is wound up. Maybe she thinks that Nick and Wendy will take over Ryan the way she took over Alex! I think Ryan has a bit better head on his shoulders.

Don't know why anyone thinks Chesney would be in any better nick if Cilla was around. And Claire is crossing over from being a caring neighbour to sticking her nose in and look at the trouble she's caused. Granted, Kirk is a bit out of his depth. Poor Kirk, he felt so bad! And they took the dog!!!! There was no need of that! And Claire didn't think they'd take Ches away? What did she think they were going to do? Wonderful stuff getting Roy and Becky involved. You can tell Becky's had a rough life and doesn't have a good view of Social Services. Let's face it, Fiz and Chesney don't either. They've been in care their fair share too. Poor little Chesney just breaks your heart doesn't he? I loved Becky coming up one side of Norris and down the other, though even though he wasn't the one that contacted the Social. Kirk didn't have the nerve to tell Fiz so she's sure coming home to a surprise. I expect Fiz will end up being Chesser's guardian and the social will be happy with that as she's pretty responsible.

David must be wondering why his girlfriend and his mother are all pally all of a sudden. Gail's very good about that subtle pressure though isn't she but Tina knows what's going on. She said that she was conflicted about advising Tina to a termination after Sarah but Sarah was too far gone the first time to have one and the second time, Gail did actually encourage it. It all blew up though and look what happened...David's jealousy got the better of him,and he dumped her before she could dump him because he jumped the gun. He really did show up his immaturity. Then poor Jason got the wrong end of the stick because Becky got the wrong end of the stick and when that all kicked off, (excellent confrontation between Jason and Gail!) David figured out what happened. We all know he's got a hot spot where termination is concerned and it shouldn't be surprising that he snapped and shoved Gail down the stairs. Now, he's got every right to be angry and totally pissed off with his mother for keeping it a secret and helping his girlfriend behind his back. He hasn't, of course, got the right to be violent but considering David's past and instability, it's no surprise either. Gail sputtered and uttered futile excuses but really, even though she had valid concerns, she never should have kept it secret.

How sweet is Jack? As much as Paul has disappointed him just like Terry has, Jack can't see him in trouble. Maybe he thinks there's still hope for Paul to turn himself around. Looks like Sarah is cutting off Jason well and proper. I see Kelly is still nicking knickers. What is it about Underworld? So many people do things that would be firing offences yet they either keep their jobs or get hired back on. It wouldn't happen in real life. Liam figures out someone is stealing seconds and they do know Vikki is doing home parties. I'm surprised they don't know Kelly is as well since she's been gobbing off about it, or she was at first when she thought she'd make her first million by 35.

Dev is only ticked off that Amber wants to work in the restaurant because it's Leanne. Why shouldn't she work two jobs? She would make more money as a waitress anyway, with tips though if the restaurant isn't doing that well, it's debatable. Tony is investing in a new development. Posh flats on Victoria Street. Now, posh flats that Richard Hillman invested in caused him so much financial trouble that he ended up being a killer. How much do you want to bet this is a rerun storyline? Would *you* buy a posh flat in a backstreet of Weatherfield? The neighbourhood is hardly going upscale, is it?

Ah so Tony wants to buy out Liam's share and he didn't tell Carla about it first. Maybe she doesn't want Tony as a boyfriend and a partner. Liam has refused anyway but i don't blame Carla for being angry. That seems to be typical Tony. He's pretty ruthless. Anyway, Carla and Liam said they'd just let the staff overhear them talking about the theft but then they turned around and confronted them straight out and sacked Vikki. Will Kelly come forward?

Sunday 21 December 2008

Sunday Comments, December 21

First off, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!
Lines of the week:

  • Steve "There's not many plusses to living in a pub but one of them is Betty's Hot Pot." (Yay!)
  • Sean "Why couldn't i have been happy playing Uncle"? (that's it in a nutshell, really)
  • Lauren "I'm not much use, am I?" (You really want me to answer that???)
  • Harry "Monkey boy is late as per usual" (that's it. He's going to be called Monkey Boy from now on!)
  • Ashley "Me dad'll be turning in his grave" (I thought he was cremated?)
  • Tina about David "I couldn't lie to him" (Um, isn't that what you're doing?)
  • Ryan "Everyone has turned into a flaming social worker!"
And they're gone. I have to say, i know Sean overstepped his boundaries a lot, but really, i personally feel that Jamie and Violet were very selfish. Surely they could find a compromise and all three of them could help raise the baby? Poor Sean's heart is just shattered! Aww Marcus is such a star, isn't he? He's right, though, even if they figured out that Jamie and Vi went to London or Essex, what are they going to do? They won't talk him around and it would only make them run again.

Alex isn't gone. I don't know how Michelle can justify it all really i don't. You can get to know your kid without shoving your other one out of the way or making him feel like it at least. Alex is going home but Michelle does everything she can to stall it. She says he feels more at home with "us", but she's the only one that's welcoming him. She's driven Ryan out, Steve to distraction and i don't know why we don't have Liz coming up one side of her and down the other. Well i do know why. If i recall, the actress was out sick so they had to film around her for awhile. And Steve can holler at her all he likes. She's got shiny hair, his words just slide right off instead of penetrating that head. She's so obsessed she has to accompany him to the dentist like he was 6 instead of 16. Liam's a really good uncle, isn't he? And i can't believe she had the nerve to get pissed when Nick wanted to contact Ryan after the poor lad already feels like she doesn't want him around. Steve *finally* got through to her. Alex is going home. Or is he? I guess we'll have to wait and see but very likely he will be. I bet he'll still be skulking around though.

Kirk mentioned Boris but where is Boris? If the business is so slow, i'm amazed Ashley can afford to employ two assistants. He's going to lay off Kirk. But we still never see Boris. Hmmm Seems neither Kirk nor Chesney is much of a cook or cleaner. Once Claire gets her big nosy nose in there, things are going to go all pear shaped. Roy's back and he's gasping for a cuppa!! Did you catch Becky dropping major hints to be able to stay at the flat?

Well David's tattoo didn't melt Tina's heart, did it? His jealousy is rapidly spiralling out of control, especially after Tina dissed the tatt. She didn't dump him, though i bet she thought long and hard about it. She doesn't realize how psycho David can be though. And he's going to take it all out on his mother, since she's the only one left around. David really hasn't grown up much and his grip on sanity was not that tenuous to start with. That lad could whinge the ears off a statue. Anyway, so it turns out what she wanted to talk to him about had nothing to do with dumping him, she's pregnant!!! Now Gail knows and David doesn't. The scenes with Tina and Gail were really good. Looks like Gail really thinks David couldn't handle fatherhood. She's right of course. But also, he'd never stand for Tina terminating the pregnancy. Tina could probably manage as a single mum but it's tough on your own especially at that age with few prospects. She doesn't think she could lie to David but not telling him she's pregnant and having an abortion behind his back is a real whopper! It takes a week to get one with private insurance, Gail will pay. No pressure though. (no of course not) If David finds out, considering he's already found out Gail seriously thought about a termination when she was pregnant with him, well.... just stand clear of the volcano!

Monkey Boy is enjoying making Paul squirm and making him pay. Did *you* figure on Paul being a Superman boxer short kind of guy? Talk about taking the shirt off someone's back! Kelly figured a few bits of ribbon and lace would disguise the stolen seconds not to mention that she's selling substandard stuff. Why would she think that's going to sell any better than the official product she's *supposed* to be selling? Darryl didn't even manage to stand the pain of even one full letter! And with the size of that one half a letter, the whole word ENGLAND is going to reach round his back to his other hip. It's only an L now, L for Loser! So let me get this right. Kelly is dating Monkey Boy and wouldn't look twice at Bookie Senior, too old, unless, of course, he's rich? That sounds about right for Kelly. I bet he'd treat her better than MB would. Tell you what, though, i quite like Bookie Senior.

Thursday 18 December 2008

Baby Blues

Violet made it clear that Sean was a donor onl, right from the start, and he was doing her a favour as a friend. He wasn't long becoming attached to the idea of being a dad. She restated the plan several times through the pregnancy when he started to get overbearing, making sure he knew he was only the donor and it was her baby, not theirs or his. Even then, he didn't let it go. She should have known this would happen, though, because she knew he would love to be a dad even before the pregnancy idea came up. Even though it was laid out clearly, when she realized he was getting emotionally attached to the idea of a baby, she also should have known he wouldn't let it go no matter what she said.

I know they had an agreement but i still feel Violet was a bit selfish and it didn't really kick in until she and Jamie got back together. Jamie was the one that pushed to leave more than she did, Jamie was the one doing more of the whinging about everyone knowing that Sean was the father and not him. Violet probably would have settled down and allowed Sean to be a daddy if Jamie hadn't been in the picture and really, the baby would not have suffered for having an extra parent in the picture as long as they all agreed that Violet and Jamie were the main decision makers. Sean learned the hard way that he was sticking his oar in too far and realized he should have been content to be a favoured uncle. I know Violet was within her rights to set the boundaries and Sean wouldn't take any notice of them but i still feel bad for Sean and feel Vi and Jamie were selfish.

But, you say, Sean would have interfered to no end and wouldn't listen, so they *had* to leave. Probably, in some ways, yes. But would it have been so difficult to have the three grownups sit down together and set out the boundaries, maybe even have a legal paper drawn up for access etc. so there's no misunderstanding? I don't think any of them were very grown up about it all, to be honest and that's where it all fell down. I think they could have made it work Instead, we've got sad and broken hearted Sean and have seen the back of Jamie and Violet, no big deal after they've been pouting and moaning ever since they got back together. In true Coronation Street tradition, i wonder if Sean will ever mention the baby again?

Sunday 14 December 2008

Sunday Comments, December 14

Lines of the week:

  • Michelle "He's only staying the weekend, i promise" (yeah, right)
  • Jamie "It'll always be the four of us" (it's cruel, but he's right)
  • Amber about Dev "When I was born he wasn't walking on air, he was hiding round corners!"
  • Gail about David "It's his body but he's been taken over by aliens"
  • Steve "Less carrot, more stick!"
  • Michelle about Ryan "He'll realize there's enough of me to go around" (You *are* joking?!)
  • Ryan "He's a spoiled snide brown noser and I'm not sharing a room with him"
  • Audrey about David "he'll probably flip over to his dark side any minute" (be careful what you say! It's closer than you think!)
  • Steve about the boys "It's not a competition" Vernon "I don't know. It looks like Alex has won"
And it's a boy called Dylan Wilson. Good name! They did miss out on one thing, i would have thought Violet would have been sweat drenched but she wasn't. This isn't the first baby born under the Rovers roof though the last one was born in the back room when Betty helped Vera deliver Trish Armstrong's baby by Terry. Sean really shouldn't have squealed about his being the first face the baby saw. It wasn't. It was Marcus's! and saying that is only going to add more resentment in Violet. See, now, if Violet hadn't decided to leave town, Jamie wouldn't have been on his way to London and would have been there to see the baby born! After all Violet was skriking at Sean all these weeks, she let him come to the hospital and let him hold the baby! Instant bond, now. You won't be able to keep him away and taking that baby away now is really going to tear his heart out if they go as planned and she knows it. When Jamie was making his excuses to Sean, it certainly looked as if Marcus had ideas about Jamie's sincerity and he sussed out a bit more info from the midwife. I think he suspects something's up. Everyone is making a big deal out of Sean as new daddy "Who's the daddy" tshirt and all! It's definitely putting Jamie's nose out of joint and a major knot in his face. Cripes. Steve made a point to include Jamie in the "fathers" remark and he *still* wasn't happy. Whine whinge moan. Get over it and go away already. The pair of them (Jamie and Vi) are really getting on my nerves and i'm ready for them to leave now even though i'm going to be very sad for Sean. Lauren stumbled on the fact that their flat was going to be empty. Uh oh! Busted! Who's going to have her loyalty, Violet or Sean? At least Sean has one picture of the baby on his phone.

Given Jamie's history, i really think that down the road, he and Violet aren't going to make it last. He's never going to forget that it's not his baby even though he's raising him. Violet is going to feel more and more guilty. She's basically an honest person. Someone needed to show Sean the proper way to feed a baby. he was holding the bottle at an angle where the baby wouldn't have got hardly any milk! I really hated the way they outright lied to Sean about the birth certificate and that they weren't moving away.

Kelly and Junior Bookie? Well you know he's pretty much just after one thing. Looks like Senior Bookie has been tossed out on his ear. But he was staying there before she tossed all his stuff out anyway wasn't he? Is it me, or is the fella playing Paul actually inherited something else from Terry Duckworth? The actor's inability to act. The childrens' party went pretty much as expected. Nothing like a baby to bring out every woman within a 500 foot radius, all clucking and cooing!

What did you think of the new Rovers decoration? Booooooorrrrrinngggg! Pale covering on the benches, pale print wall paper, it just fades away! The old stuff was dated and tired for sure but it was at least colourful! Did you see Jamie and Sean passing that baby around and his little head going all over the place? tsk! Harry kept his own furniture and stored Junior's. How is that a "sofa"? it's barely big enough for one person! It's not even large enough to be called a love seat!

Michelle really is a bit pompous and smug with Wendy wasn't she? She knows nothing about Alex and Wendy seems like she's got a whole lot more about her and her being older, i think her maturity is far more reaching than Michelle's. And Alex wins again with his whining and playing Michelle off against Wendy. Michelle didn't think it was fair on Ryan but she still let Alex stay and then he decided to swing the lead and play sick for a day except it didn't turn out very well when he didn't notice Amy wandering off. Steve sure let him have it but as usual, Michelle didn't dare criticize her new golden boy. What does he do? throw a temper tantrum and lock himself in the empty pub! And he says things have just been getting to him lately? He's been living in the lap of spoiled luxury with Michelle lately. Fair enough, divorce is hard on kids, and he's not had that easy at least, but he's looking for something better and thinks he can find it with Michelle. Not only is Alex a spoiled brat, he's got ugly clothes. Looks like Ryan is going to move in with Liam for a bit. Vernon really hit the nail on it, saying that Alex had wone the competition. He has.

Tina got talking about her ex. Was that a little green glimmer i saw in David's eye? Most definitely. And he let Tina think that Maria and Tracy were his exes when neither of them would give him the time of day. Can't admit that he's never had a girlfriend in his life. Surprised he didn't mention Mel too. And then he decides he will prove he loves her by getting a tattoo of her name on his arm. I can pretty much guarantee you she's going to take it badly and it's going to blow up in his face. Kelly isn't very good at selling at home parties is she? lol telling people they were time wasters because they didn't really want to buy. Instead of giving up what does she do? Steal Underworld knicker knockoffs!

Tuesday 9 December 2008

Happy Birthday Coronation Street

Today is the show's 48th birthday and not many tv shows can say that! There's a couple of daily soaps on American tv that have it beat but Corrie is an evening show so probably doesn't count in the same category. Bill Roache has played Ken Barlow since episode 1, continuously. There is one American actor that has played his role continuously for a few months longer and one American female actor that has played her role continuously since the mid 1950s. Both are from American soaps, Guiding Light for him, As the World Turns for her. Another woman has played her role for longer but she's not had a continuous run, and has left her show a couple of times over the years. Pretty awesome really.

Eileen Derbyshire has played Emily Nugent Bishop for almost as long. She started on the show in January 1961 in episode 15 though her character was on the show much earlier! In that episode, Leonard Swindley came into the vestry to see Ena Sharples who had had a "spell" and he ordered Miss Nugent to see to her. This photo is a screen capture of that moment. It is distinctly not Eileen Derbyshire. It was a non-speaking part. I wrote a character study of Emily over on Corrieblog if you should wish to read it.

The show certainly has had it's ups and downs but they must be doing something right to last this long. People say it's not like it used to be but in order for it to survive, it's had to change with the times to bring in new, young viewers that will stay with the show as they grow up. We'll definitely see the 50th anniversary of Coronation Street in 2010. Will it last longer? Who knows. But 50 years in anyone's books is a damn good run!

Sunday 7 December 2008

Sunday Comments, December 7

Lines of the week

  • Michell to Ryan "You and Alex seem to be getting on ok" (they're mutually ignoring each other)
  • Becky to Ken "Slapping a pregnant woman ain't good is it?"
  • Michelle to Alex "It's not you" Alex "It is" (It is!)
  • Carla "What you do thing I am? An amusement park?" (the last thing she could be accused of is being fun!)
  • Harry "I might sail close to the wind sometimes but i am not bent!"
  • Jack "Ah, Vera's day to day shoes, also known as 'me shoes'. And these? 'me other shoes'. These ...'me good shoes'.and these? 'me best shoes'. Now, it seems daft calling 'em all that doesn't it but I knew exactly which pair of shoes she meant." (Awww)
  • Sean about the wallpaper "Oh look, our favourite colour. Mud!" (uh oh, that doesn't bode well for the new look)
Could Michelle be any thicker and any more of a hypocrite? Gives Alex a telling off and then offers him soup and ... oh is he staying? "we'll see". meaning yes. Every time he pulls their chain, they bend. He knows all the right things to say. Calling her Mum and saying he'll run away again. I hate hate hate this storyline!!! The only good part now, is how fast the gossip is spreading! So now he's going to stay, where? Share a room with Ryan? Oh *that's* going to go over well. Where else is there? He can't share with Amy. Vernon always seems to put his foot right in it doesn't he? And Alex has managed to extend his "a couple of days" stay. No surprise there.

Carla and Tony seem to have made up but he sure did it in an underhanded way, stealing the keys to her flat, sneaking in and making her dinner, *and* availing himself of her shower and Paul's dressing gown. I don't know as i really like that. It's creepy, not romantic (and does he think Beethoven's Fifth is music to woo to?). He almost deserved to get whacked on the head with a tire iron! (Why didn't she just call the police?) Tony's giving *Carla* a second chance? Man i'd be on the phone to the cops in a split second. Tony's moving in with Carla. Talk about rebounding from Liam! Well she deserves whatever she gets by backing off and letting him stay after all. I wouldn't trust a sneaky control freak like that.

Tina is making herself right at home isn't she? And David did have a point. Gail didn't have too many objections to Jason living under her roof when he and Sarah were dating. Still, even though David seems to have settled down, he's not changed all that much. Certainly selfish enough to expect his mother to vacate the house most evenings. Vernon figures he can get a good job of the redecorating out of two of his band-mates. Stranger things have happened, i suppose. Time for Jack to start clearing out Vera's things. At least he had Molly to help. Heartbreaking seeing him inhale what was left of her scent from her sweater. *gulp* If Amber's too young to sell Beer, then David's too young to pay for 'em. Darryl is over 18 of course.

Poor Jack, really thought he'd be able to get the money without the betting slip. So who finds it? Paul! Were you surprised? Not me! But before he could do the right thing, Ty and Molly tell him he'll have to leave. And i don't believe for one minute it was his birthday. If that hadn't happened, he might not have tried to scam the money. I just find this a bit hard to believe. Tyrone put the bet on and gave the slip to Vera for safe keeping? Vera *hated* Jack gambling! Paul came in to cash the bet but since Jack came in straight after and he never said a thing, Junior Bookie knows he's up to something so he's blackmailing him for 1000 quid! Harry knows as well and is going to make Junior pay Jack out of his own pocket so Junior is going to try to get it back out of Paul. What a tangled web we weave! Now how long do you think it will be until Jack, Ty and Molly find out that he scammed the money? Probably not long. Junior might just see to that if Paul doesn't pay up. Will this all mean Paul's got to find a new place to lodge?

Sean is using Lauren as his spy! I can understand Violet feeling pressured by Sean but i also think she's being a bit selfish and over the top too. Once she knew that Sean wanted to be involved, and seeing as he's, or was her friend, what harm would it do to let him be involved a bit? If she outlined the boundaries instead of just getting all flustered and shouting, he might give a little too. Unfortunately, it's all taking away from her own excitement and she's feeling heavy and hot and very pregnant and cranky at everyone that mentions the baby and Sean in the same conversation. Yes, i know, It's true that Sean doesn't know the boundaries *and* his excitement gets the better of him. Violet certainly went over the top at Lloyd and Steve and took great offence at Sean hiring a cleaner. After all that getting the flat clean for them, where does she give birth? On a grotty pub booth bench! I guess they've got no choice but to redecorate now! Jamie wants to move and not tell anyone where they going, not least Sean but can Violet really bring herself to do it? It looks like plans are moving forward. Jamie's bought the perfect stealth getaway car (oh look, it's the General Lee!) and leaving town just for the day virtually guaranteed that Violet would give birth and considering it's a soap, of *course* Sean would be there instead and be the first one to see and hold the baby! Lucky Marcus the midwife was there!

Dev must open the shop early. Kelly doesn't seem to be making much of a go of the knicker parties. Looks like Molly and Tyrone are now officially the owners of Number 9. Tina has the house to herself and would rather not? What kind of teenager is she? The honeymooners are home. Odd how you never saw Blanche in the betting shop before the new owners. Gotta say, i am loving Harry Mason, Senior Bookie. Aww didn't you love that little scene in the salon where Blanche was reminscing about her own honeymoon?

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Monday 1 December 2008

Brothers at arms

Oh god make it stop!

I knew ahead of time that this baby swop story was going to be lengthy and tedious as hell and living through it is even worse than i imagined! There are so many plot holes in this storyline that it makes swiss cheese look solid! Let me count the ways (just off the top of my head and there are many more!)

Nick stalks Ryan. Michelle gets pissed but it's ok if she stalks Alex!
Nobody raised any questions at the hospital. No reports. No social services involved. No police. No councilling for anyone and let me tell you a few of them need it. The only semi-voice of reason seemed to be Wendy and she's shoved to the side and is only incidental to the story. She's abiding by Ryan's decision and not stalking him or calling Michelle to find out about him. Now that the truth is out, Nick doesn't seem to be bothered with Ryan when he could hardly stay away before. Wonder where Alex gets it from? Even when he came to pick up Alex or find out where Alex was, he didn't ask to see Ryan or ask about him at all!

Alex seems to appear out of nowhere, even at a remote country hotel for the wedding. He's 16 but Michelle accompanies him home. She also goes to a dentist appointment with him. Like he's a child of 6. They allow Alex to get away with all that acting up and acting out without consequence. Oh sure, take over the pub (that's this week) and we'll let you stay here. Doesn't matter what Ryan thinks, Oh yes Ryan, what you think matters. Like hell it does. Doesn't matter what Steve says either. Michelle is single minded. Forget everyone and everything else.

This is going to go on for weeks more. Watching Alex lead them all around by the nose is getting old really quick. and ... semi spoiler here, once the storyline is over? Alex isn't mentioned again and only rarely is Ryan mentioned as visiting Nick... mainly when they need to get the character off screen for something.

The nation might be gripped, but i'm just bored witless.

Sunday 30 November 2008

Sunday Comments, November 30

Lines of the week:
  • Audrey to Maria "You don't need luck my darling" (with Carla skulking around? Yes she does!)
  • Liam about Maria "Maybe she's smarter and deeper than you think" (and maybe not)
  • Kirk "Why does everyone automatically think i'm useless?" (something about the dog sleeping on your suit, i think)
  • Liam "Don't wave that thing at me." Maria "That's funny, that's exactly what I said to you at one o'clock this morning"
  • Vernon on a Rovers refit "I'm thinking leather" Liz "And that's just for the staff!"
  • Fiz "I wish someone adored me like that" Kirk.... gazes.
  • Janice "Cruella's cryin'!" (but not out of sentimentality!)
  • Jack, spotting Rita and Emily at high noon "Man eating pensioners!!!"
  • Sean to Vi "I'm not boring you am i?" Violet "Yes!!!"
  • Becky "Can I be honest?" Roy "As opposed to your normal velvet gloved diplomacy?"
  • Becky "Nothing can possibly go wrong" (aaaaghh!)
You know that horrible fascination you get by watching a black widow spider consuming her mate? I think that's probably why headgear like Carla's is called a "Fascinator". Really. Ugliest. Wedding. Hat. Ever. It looked like a spider about to consume her head! Fiz's hair looked awful, that big heavy pancake of hair over her forehead. If Carla's intent was to walk into that wedding looking like the scarlett woman and stun Liam, she succeeded but not in the way she planned. Maria did really look nice. I loved her dress and it so suited her. I know there are Carla-Liam fans out there but i just can't buy it. She's hard faced (nearly literally) and bitchy and bad tempered and Maria is pretty and sweet and girl-next-door. Yes, Maria is a bit shallow but she's a nice person. Why would Liam realy want to be married to the queen bitch? But going to her flat is only fanning the flames. I don't think Liam is as complicated as Carla thinks and that's why i think he and Maria are a better match. By going to her flat, it only makes it look like he's trying to convince himself as well as her. Unfortunately, it's a soap, so i suppose they're supposed to be star crossed lovers. She comes back to his place, and tries to find out if he has feelings for her like she says she has for him. There's something? lust. She just wants something that she can't have.

Anyway, Maria certainly had her wobble on her wedding day after seeing Carla all over Liam the night before. seeing text messages from Carla telling him not to marry her and seeing Carla stalk them in the gardens. Can't blame Maria, really, can you? She prevailed, though and got her own back in the ladies' with a resounding slap to Carla's cheek. Unusual choice for a wedding march wasn't it? That was Wonderwall by Oasis, in case you didn't know. And did Maria know his middle name was Barrington? I really don't know why Carla would have stayed for the reception after the man she so ardently persued married someone else. Have a little pride, woman! And do you honestly believe that Carla would stand in line waiting to catch the bridal bouquet? Well she didn't, actually, she was just standing on the dance floor when the gaggle of women and Sean gathered for it. After that, a night in a lovely hotel and then off to Venice for their honeymoon, leaving Carla to drink herself to sleep and go back to Tony with her tail between her legs. The rest of the wedding wasn't without it's bumps when that pernicious little git showed up whining about his mommy. So much for the promise Michelle made to Ryan just before the wedding. More about that in a minute.

Ken in the cafe? Oh come on. It's at least one or two steps up from trolley pusher! Blanche could have a field day with that or she would have if she hadn't been so insulted that she wasn't asked. Well let's face it. She doesn't do anything except pour the odd cup of tea and sit there and gossip. Did you see the shot of Amy sitting on the floor at the wedding with Ozzy? Cute! So Vernon and Liz think the pub should have a facelift. Well it *is* about time, it's not been redecorated since the fire gutted it in 1986! Emily and Rita are bound and determined to make sure Jack isn't lonely. Good God he just lost his wife. Let the man have a bit of time to grieve! Jack told Junior Bookie that he'd put a bet on the day Vera died. Um. they were in Blackpool all day that day! Oh wait, Tyrone put it on for him but now nobody can find the betting slip and Vera put it somewhere safe. Vera? Wouldn't you think that if Vera knew Jack was betting she'd have thrown it out for spite?

More Alex-shenanigans. First winding up Michelle about surmising that Dean would have wanted him to live with them, making sure she knows he doesn't get on with his parents. Then showing up at the wedding and pushing everyone of Michelle's buttons. (They're way out in the country. How did Alex even get out there on his own?) How's she going to explain that one away. He says Nick is always shouting at him. It's no wonder. He's not likeable at all. Sneaky, Passive agressive, whiny and childish. I hate the way Steve always gives in to Michelle and lets her off the hook so easily. Steve never did have a backbone where women were concerned. Ryan probably does feel like Alex is trying to take over and his mother can't seem to draw the line and even if she did, Alex would take no notice. It's quite an upheaval for both kids and probably a no-win situation for Michelle. Alex keeps showing up in spite of repeatedly being told to stay away and wait while things get sorted. He even managed to tell Norris the nuts and bolts of the story, one of the worst gossips on the street, ensuring it would get out in the open. Then he deliberately got into some trouble so that the cops could take him to Michelle because he said it was his home. See what i mean? Norris nearly went out of his tiny mind trying to get to the bottom of the gossip!

Sunday 23 November 2008

Sunday comments, November 23

Lines of the week:

  • Lauren "When did you lose your sense of humor" Sean "round about the time you became really annoying!"
  • Michelle about Ryan "I don't like lying to him" (then don't!)
  • Becky "Why can't I make me happy?"
  • Steve to Michelle "Decide on your cover story and I'll lie without flinching" (cos, he's good at that is our Steve)
  • Gail to Jason "All packed for your guilt trip?" (snork. nice one, Gail!)
  • Fiz about Becky "if she was in the ring with two hungry rotweillers I wouldn't know who to put my money on."
  • Drunken Liam "Ladiesh, ladiesh. No fighting over me. I'm not worth it." (you can say that again!)
  • Steve to Michelle "Can't you just forget about Alex and concentrate on Amy?" ("Who?")
  • Jason after being thumped by Becky "It's alright Roy, I probably deserved it." Roy "I didn't say that you didn't."
  • Maria "I can't believe i'm so lucky" (aaaaghh! DOOM!!!! DOOM!!!!)
Michelle really is a piece of work isn't she? She's handled this thing badly from the get go and Alex didn't even know that Dean, his bio father is dead until Michelle had to tell him, which brought it all back to her as well. Even so, I think Alex is a sneaky little git, too and he's manipulative. He really knows how to push Michelle's buttons. Ryan finally knows that Michelle has seen Alex and he's not happy at all. It's going to be difficult for him, thinking he might lose his mother. Alex doesn't really want to know his parents so it's not quite the same thing is it? Michelle finally came clean with Ryan and is turning around and lying to her parents. It never flaming ends with her! The Connor seniors seem quite nice. I"m sure they'd take it all in their stride after the shock wore off. They'd just celebrate having a second grandson! Clearly they don't like Carla. No surprise there. And Mama Connor can certainly hold her own against Carla the witch. Michelle is so obsessed she has put everything and everyone else on hold, including little Amy's birthday! Have i mentioned yet this week how much i hate Alex and i think he's a little manipulator just like his erstwhile father, Nick?

Odd that there was a stag do for Liam and nobody organized one for Maria, not even her so called best friend Fiz. It was all thrown together very last minute. And the thing is, Michelle is right. Carla would stop ragging Maria if Maria wasn't bothered but that makes it all the more fun for Carla. Like any bully, she feeds on the vulnerable and weak. She probably wouldn't even want Liam all that much if it wasn't winding them both up so much. Why on earth would Michelle ever tell Carla about Liam calling her name while unconscious. I can't believe she'd be so stupid and so disloyal! It's not as if Carla was her best friend either! Carla took full advantage of a nearly naked and very drunk Liam (drool) but Maria managed to manacle her man who had no idea which woman was what that night. (And Claire sure enjoyed her eyeful!) Liam really did look horrible the morning after. I bet they filmed that first thing in the morning and told him to stay up late the night before! Aww the factory bees made him special boxers and gave him a little celebration. I bet Carla knows they'd never do that for her! Anyway, she'd had enough of everyone getting up her nose and she's gone to see Liam. What is she going to tell him?

My god Violet is enormous! Surely she's going to pop any minute! Lauren continues to stir the pot. She's either scamming Darryl for money or she's winding up Sean about the baby. I hate her. I really do. Another reason to dislike Bookie the Younger. Betting his father he could shag a factory girl by week's end. I'm glad his father outed him on that one. Mind you, with Kelly, he was definitely in there with more than a chance. Steve has Ninja Turtle cufflinks???? Becky sure made mincemeat of David in the pub! Wasn't Jerry cute with Mel when she came to show off her uniform

Kevin's adding to the problem if he's going to take Rosie out to a movie once a week and not do it with Sophie because he has bought Rosie's pretense that she was too scared to tell them about what she was up to instead of the reality, that she was playing it from all sides and enjoying seeing everyone squirm. That's all right though, the factory girls are really taking the mick out of her and she's got this righteous on thinking they're just being mean. oh ya think? ?

Oooh Jason and Becky up a tree!!! I think Becky's had a crush on him for awhile but she's held back. She only went with him because he assured her that Sarah was history and then he turns around the next day and regrets it and regrets it so much, he flew to Italy to see if Sarah would take him back. Becky should have known better. You know what the problem was, don't you? Red wine! Classic Corrie ploy. If red wine is involved, rumpy pumpy isn't far behind. Instead, she takes Jason's attempt at getting back with his wife very personally and decks him! Becky is a marvel, though isn't she? Every now and then she reveals a little snippet about her past and you can understand why she's a rough patch of road. She would seem to have had a very hard life to date. And Yay, another fight on the cobbles between Gail and Eileen! I was hoping Eileen would put a head lock on Gail to stop her phoning Sarah and spilling the beans because Jerry got in the way. She did a number on that hanging plant though didn't she! Jerry was the one that made Gail see reason about telling Sarah. I suppose he did learn his lesson interfering in what's-her-name's lovelife, her that tried to date Lloyd. Jodie, that's it. If anyone tells Sarah it should be Jason if he's going to see her. If he went there and didn't say anything, then it's fair game. Well there you go. Jason got a split lip out of Sarah's anger and Becky added a few bruises for good measure.

Don't forget to watch this week and see the wedding. Will Carla do something to stop the wedding? Will Maria and Liam wed? Will Ozzy be taken away on the honeymoon? Will Michelle forget about the wedding to see Alex? All this and more on Coronation Street on CBC this week.

Sunday 16 November 2008

Sunday comments, November 16

Lines of the week:

  • Jerry about his "first time" "What an old boot!" Gail "What happened?" Jerry "I married her!"
  • Tina "I never met anyone as bad as me before"
  • Becky to Jason "What's wrong?" Jason "Three guesses" Becky "Does it start with stupid and end with Sarah?"
  • Jack to Terry "I'm grateful for your advice" (.... but i'm not going to take any notice)
  • Terry to Paul "Nice talking to yer, Happen we'll meet again when the old man snuffs it"
  • Michelle re the Rovers "I live here, but it's not my style, not my home" (Steve would be interested to hear that, you cow)
It was bad enough seeing Vera's death. Her funeral was heart breaking. Terry, of course, probably only came to see if there was anything in it for him. I wonder if he actually was a bit sad at the loss of his mother. D'you think? Typical, too, he had no idea who Paul was and i guess that probably brought Paul down a peg or too. I did feel a little sorry for him then. Not surprised Steve was kind to Jack, Vera was kind to him on the Street after Karen miscarried, over Christmas, remember that? I'm surprised Jack spoke at the funeral, he seemed to think people expected it. I would never expect the surviving spouse to speak at the funeral! Did you notice the formation of the neighbours on the street watching the funeral car leave? Some people have said that it looked like they formed a loose sideways V shape. I don't know if it was deliberate or not though it kind of looked like the actors were all lining up on a mark. I'm surprised Terry had keys to the house. He'd not lived there for years and during that time, the Malletts lived there so surely the locks had been changed when they had it. Paul wonders if people will think he's a chip off the old block. Um, yes he already has shown that he is.

Amazing Grace was appropriate but Elvis singing it was a bit of an unusual choice, i thought but sending her off with Ray Charles? Perfect! Probably something the two of them danced to in their day. I dunno, i think it's a bit brutal having to watch the coffin wheel into the crem, don't you? Was Roy Cropper at the funeral? I think i missed it but i'm sure he must have been. As always with funerals, you really wish they could get actors back that have left the show. People like Curly and Emma, and even Frankie wouldn't have missed that funeral for the world. Terry doesn't want Jack to sell the house because he knows he'd get the house when Jack dies. Otherwise, Jack would spend the money from the sale long before he goes. I figure Jack would make a will leaving the house or money to anyone but Terry, probably to his grandchildren and Tyrone. It didn't take long for the widows of the parish to start dragging Jack into life again, did it? They mean well but Jack never liked Vera fussing, he sure isn't going to like them doing it either.

Michelle lasted about 5 minutes before starting to want to see Alex. Nick didn't last any longer either, traipsing in with a letter for Ryan that he could have easily mailed. Michelle upped that by a mile by stalking Alex at the schoolyard, exactly what she'd told Nick not to do. Alex has started calling Michelle and she's lying to Ryan again about all of it. She's lying to Steve to get him out of the way so she can go stalk Alex at the schoolyard. When will it end? Please someone make this agony end! I have a feeling Alex is going to be just as persistent and odious as his erstwhile father, Nick. I think he's really taken the divorce of Nick and Wendy badly and is looking for a replacement mother.

Carla wore a robe going into the shower, why did she wear a towel coming out. Oh, right. Forget i asked. Carla as Marilyn Monroe? The things we do for our fellas, eh? She's really enjoying winding up Maria. I still find it hard to believe that she's in love with Liam. I think it's more the fun of the chase than anything. If she does have feelings, i'm putting it down to rebounding after her Paul died. Maria's wedding is going to be a pretty sparse affair. No parents of the bride, no bridesmaids (I'm surprised she'd have asked Candice would couldn't even come to her own best friend's wedding). and the only best man is a 16 year old lad. Why didn't Maria ask Fiz to be a bridesmaid? I suppose she's going to be the default one now anyway. Kevin's back home too. That was a quick 2 weeks. Liz is staying a McDonald for professional purposes. Yes, nice. It's not that she shouldn't keep her name, but it's the name of her ex-husband, not her maiden name. I'm sure Vernon must be a bit uncomfortable with that. Lauren is leading Darryl around by the nose. When she wants something, like a free drink or a kebab, she's all over him like a dirty shirt. OTherwise she doesn't want to know.

As icky and wayyyy too much information as that whole white stilletto thing was, what i do like is the relationship between Harry and that puppy of a son, Dan. I like Harry. I don't like Dan. Rosie can't take a bit of gossip and "bullying" when we all know she could wallop anyone that ticked her off. She's wimping out on the embarassment factor which would be gone when the next thing came along for people to talk about. It *was* enjoyable seeing Sally's reaction to the fact that her daughter will be working in a back street factory just like her! Doesn't look like Sarah and Jason are any closer to agreement. Why was Molly wearing that ugly hat? Liam said the girls were going to a funeral this morning. Gail said it was this afternoon. Liam said Vera worked here "about a hundred years ago". She never worked for Underworld though did work for previous incarnations of Baldwin's factory, but not since the old factory was torn down in 1989. Ken determined the funeral was at 12 so definitely in the afternoon. just.

Somehow i doubt Jerry's ex was his first experience with sex. But on the other hand, it's possible and she'd have got pregnant and snared him that way i suppose, considering the type of woman we've already briefly seen her to be. Liam and Maria do seem to send the most vacuous texts... talking about the traffic, going to bed. *sigh* Looks like Carla's right, Maria *is* a bubblehead but Liam doesn't seem much more on the ball. Well Tony showed up instead and thwarted Carla's plans. Liam almost looked as if he was going to take her up on her no strings offer. But you know Carla, there would have been as many strings as there are in a black widow's web!

Sunday 9 November 2008

Sunday Comments, November 9

Lines of the week:
  • Nick to Michelle "Why are you being so hostile?" (um, take a guess!)
  • Lauren to Darryl "What do you want" Darryl "Something cheap and tasty" Lauren "That will be me, then" (don't think i'd want to call myself *cheap* and tasty but what would you expect out of her?)
  • Blanche about Harry "He's like Henry VIII with a shave"
  • Norris "It's like the man falling out of a hot air balloon. Halfway down he thinks to himself, so far, so good"
  • Paramedic to Jack "50 years and Never a cross word eh?" Jack "Nothin' but!"
  • Carla to Maria "Violets.. they're meant to represent fidelity!"
  • Harry "This story is like a dirty version of Cinderella" (and just as distasteful)
And so we must go through the process of loss. Jack took such good care of Vera, making sure she looked ok for when people would come to see her, her loved ones and even the paramedics. Interesting to see the various reactions, with Molly being the most emotional. I was a bit surprised there weren't tears in the Rovers, though, among Vee's oldest friends. Quite effective, the church bell ringing as they took Vera away. I think the saddest scene was Jack sobbing that he loved Vera, while standing in the yard by the pigeons. Saying the words he never could say to Vera while she was alive. Difficult to get him to the point where he could make funeral arrangements. If he does, it means it's real. Lovely little scene with Liam in the back yard. Norris seems to think bad diet contributed but i think once Jack had his heart attack, the cooking methods probably did improve, much to Jack's chagrin. Reluctance to organize the funeral is probably just because Jack didn't really want to accept it, i suppose. Imagine! It was actually Blanche that told Norris off for saying something inappropriate! Usually it's her gob that fires off at the wrong time! Terry sent a card and didn't take the price off the back. Here in Canada all cards pretty much have the price printed on the back. Can't remove it! Wonder if Terry will show for his mother's funeral.

What was all that about the white shoes with the bookies? That really seemed a bit grotty didn't it? Same thing with Carla down on her knees in the hotel supposedly like a cat. Liz and Vernon are back from honeymoon and Vernon wasted no time putting both feet in it, albeit unkowingly, as far as Ryan was concerned and just typically prat-like where Vera's death was concerned. Wonder how the honeymoon went? You wouldn't think Lauren would have her hair done in a back street salon would you? Liam is always so good with Ryan, isn't he? Uncle, father, and good buddy.

Michelle is nearly out of her mind looking for Ryan. Nick, who's been stalking Ryan and who shattered his world by telling him the truth, wonders why she's so hostile? Oh let's see now...But then Nick's not shown himself to be the sharpest tool in the box has he? Just a tool! Lauren isn't helping either by saying she left home at 16 and didn't speak to her parents for a year. I doubt they wanted her to anyway. Well tit for tat. Ryan was the one that told Alex about what was going on and it didn't sit any better with him. It seems one of the main reasons that Nick is so hot to get to Ryan is because the son he raised doesn't like him. Well he's not very likeable at the moment so i can't blame him. Nick blames the whole situation for breaking up his marraige. His ex-wife added that it wasn't the only thing anyway. Probably him being a prat in general. They say they'll go with whatever the lads decide to do. How much you want to bet Nick will still be skulking around putting pressure on Ryan as well as Alex? He won't get the chance. Ryan figures the test will prove Michelle is his mother but aw we've seen, it is what it is. Awfully fast for dna tests to be taken and come back though, just a couple of days? Sometimes accelerated time on television can be a good thing. Endless weeks of Michelle scriking would have been appalling! Now we will have to put up with endless whinging about Michelle thinking she's not a good mother if Ryan does want to get to know Nick and Wendy. Can't she just understand it's curiosity? She *is* his mother in every way that counts. Ryan of course, probably thinks that if MIchelle meets her *real* son, she won't want him. But he's still a kid, he's bound to think that no matter how much they reassure each other. If everything works out in the best way, both boys will have two families to love them but stay with the ones that raised him. So you can pretty much predict what's going to happen. Michelle has spent weeks lying to Ryan about who he is. Now she'll end up seeing Alex and spend weeks lying to Ryan about that, too.

Liam is going away with Carla and i'm surprised Maria didn't decide to go with them! What it really comes down to is Maria has to trust Liam no matter that she doesn't trust Carla. And Liam, he's as bad as every other male on that show. Rather than call Maria and tell her straight off that the hotel messed up the booking (so far as he knows) and he and Carla have to share a room, he didn't say a thing, making it 10 times worse when Maria finds out. Because she will, you know, and she did. Carla sure did everything she could to make sure Liam got all hot and bothered under his dressing gown and Maria got hot and bothered under the collar. And I'm telling you, if my parents couldn't go to my wedding, i'd change the date! I'm surprised she didn't already know about the cruise but i guess her parents aren't like mine who would have called me up as soon as they had booked, all excited!

I might have known Vikki wouldn't be selling scanty sexy knickers lol If Kelly's bag really were a designer bag, chances are it would have been better made. Now Kelly is going to try to steal some of Vikki's thunder selling knickers. I bet Kelly wouldn't be all that credible to sell sensible knickers though. Darryl fancies Lauren who's probably going to lead him up the garden path by the nose with his cojones firmly in her handbag. Didn't take her long either. One date, she's out shopping and manages to get Darryl to pay for her kebab. Gail's not quite sure what to make of Tina and David. I think she doesn't want to rock the boat but it's a totally new experience. You'd think after raising two kids already, talking to them about sex would be a bit more comfortable for Gail. Instead she's leaving condoms discreetly on the coffee table. And why Tina made such a big deal about it, since they'd probably already used one (or more) with their encounters already. She doesn't seem like the type that would take the chance. I laughed at Gail, letting David know she'd be back at 10, wanting to give them enough time.... for themselves. Um. He's 17. They could have time for themselves about 5 times over!

Sunday 2 November 2008

Sunday Comments, November 2

Lines of the week:
  • Carla to Maria "Gold digging bitch" Maria "Stay away from Liam and all!" Carla "Make me!"
  • Vera about 42 Hampton Gardens "It's common!" Jack "how can it be common? it's a bungalow!"
  • David to a very shocked Gail "I'm knackered, me. Have you ever read Animal Farm?"
  • Carla "Nobody tells me what to do darlin, especially a hair dresser with candy floss for brains"
  • Ryan, sadly, to Michelle "You're not my mum" (ouch)
  • Vera "There's plenty of years left in me" and "You can stop talking like it's a wake!" (*sigh*)
  • Jack to Vera "You still smell allright!" and "I've never loved anybody else shall i go and get your slippers"
Excellent, excellent stuff this week!

Well that was the first girl fight of the year. Trust me on this, the slaps and attacks by women on other women and some men this year will be legion in their numbers. What does Carla do? Rise to the challenge and brought Liam some comfort food. Bacon, sausage and cheeky cheese. Sounds like a heart attack in a pot! The pair of them slinging darts at each other over the casserole and Liam sticking up for Maria, good lad. But Carla's got Maria on the defensive, Carla has the measure of Maria and she knows Maria's worried. Everything Carla does has Maria clinging onto Liam to show ownership including gushing about Liam to Tony and suggesting he marry Carla (to get Carla out of her hair!) and now Carla's allowed a mistaken hotel booking so that she and Liam have to share a room on a business trip.

Did you see Gail's face when she saw Tina and David, very clearly post-mambo? Picture... thousand words! She's unusually accepting of David having a girlfriend and a sexual relationship.

Aw poor Sophie, her little heart is broken. Sally's nerves are frayed and Rita arrived to provide some comfort and tea. Sally's right, Rosie isn't showing any remorse. Rita thinks Rosie fell for the wrong fella but that's the awful thing. There was no "falling" at all. Rosie only did it all along for a game. Sally's got to the point where she can admit she doesn't like Rosie very much and Rosie isn't doing much to encourage her mother liking her either. Rosie did get quite a surprise when Sally sat her down, adult to adult and washed her hands of her. Really, though, you know Sally and Kevin would continue to be in Rosie's corner if the circumstances called for it but Rosie is going to have to live with her own choices now. And after all Sophie was complaining that what Rosie did was going to make it embarassing for her, she turns around and joins in the Rosie-baiting herself!! I wonder if Rosie wailed on her like she did on that chick the day she started back in Weatherfield High?

Jamie and Violet are picking out names but the daddy's name is probably pushing the envelope. I do think it would be nice to use "Sean" as the middle name though. Lauren seems to thrive on causing trouble. Vikki is going to sell underwear at home parties! I wonder if it's going to be sexy stuff or stern, sensible stuff? I'm not so sure she should trust Janice and that it's going to go smoothly! Roger was kicking off already, just because Janice didn't clear it with him first.

I laughed at Jack and Vera discussing mobile phones, Vera thinking she might like one to take up texting and Jack telling her she wouldn't be able to see it anyway. They're wonderful, they are. Ty and Molly are going to buy the house and Jack almost looked a bit disappointed that he'd have to move, don't you think? Just in passing. Lovely gesture Paul made, having that old photo frame.Vera then dragged Jack to Blackpool to measure up and she was so excited. This was probably one of the saddest weeks in Coronation Street that i can remember. I know that Corrie will go on without Vera Duckworth just as it did with other beloved iconic characters such as Hilda, Elsie, Ena, Annie Walker and Bet but it won't seem the same. Liz Dawn has emphysema and the pressure and stress of filming has got too much for her so she decided to leave. And it looks like Ty and Molly might let Paul stay... and pay rent! Now the question is going to be, with Vera gone, will Jack still sell Molly and Tyrone the house? He won't move to Blackpool, he was only doing it for his Vee. Molly was anxious to get the decorating books out and pull down the stone cladding! If that goes, Vera will haunt them forever!

Michelle continued to lie to Ryan about Nick and avoid Nick like the plague. If she thinks he's ticked off now, you just wait until he finds out the truth and everyone lied to him about it! Ryan's 16. Rosie dismissed his invitation to his party. After all, she's like totally 17 now! Then Ryan turned around and did the same to Sophie and Kayleigh who are only 13 year old kids ;) Now of course Michelle is curious about Alex but you don't see her out stalking a child like Nick did with Ryan and he is still being all aggressive and creepy. Ryan finds out and is furious and i can't blame him. it's not like he was a child. 16 is plenty old to understand. At least he wouldn't have thought a pedophile or nutter was after him. Alex's mum, Wendi, she seems a heck of a lot more sympathetic than her plonker of a husband and she makes a heck of a lot of sense. Except with so many people knowing the truth, i think Alex deserves to know too.

Sunday 26 October 2008

Sunday comments, October 26

Lines of the week:
  • Becky to Fiz "The only break he should get off you is when you break his two timing neck"
  • Ryan "How do you get lost walking?" (that's a city boy for you)
  • Sally complaining to Kevin about Janice "She called Rosie a cheap tart!" (and she agrees with Janice!)
  • Nurse "He was still calling for his Carla" (oops!)
  • Michelle "Why would he call for Carla unless he thought he'd died and went to hell!"
  • Rosie "Joan of Arc was executed for heresy, not hearsay!"
  • Carla to Tony "My knight in shining Armani"
  • Tony to Carla, all wide eyed "I'm here for you" (i seriously don't trust him!)
  • Liam "When i first came too yesterday the first thing i saw was Maria. All six of her"
Pretty spectacular rescue, wasn't that? Excellent stunt work! They used real mountain rescue crews too. All that aside, I guess that map would have come in pretty handy. The stupid woman thought she could climb down. So what was she going to do if she actually managed it? Maria just wandered around not knowing where she was until she finally stumbled on civilization and then had trouble directing them back again. Should have left sweet wrappers or something. At least Liam had Ozzy to keep him warm. Wonder how he got down there without hurting himself? Maria thinks they had no business being out there, that's not true, they just should have been more prepared. Sure they had Liam's cell phone but you would pretty much figure there wouldn't be a signal out that far. Taking Maria out to help retrace their steps might not have been the normal thing the crew would do but it did work. Aw they remembered Ozzie and the hotel will mind him. Doesn't sound like Liam came off too badly, though broken ribs can be pretty dangerous. They sure took their time calling Carla, though and she had to find out from Violet! Even disregarding her family connection, she's his business partner.

Maria's all upset that Liam called out for Carla. Can't blame her, can you? Do you think she's making a mountain out of a molehill? (er, yes, pun intended). Michelle says Liam and Carla have been at odds since they met, but that can also be a disguise for attraction too, considering she was his brother's wife. So what does Maria do? She doesn't want to be made a fool of, she doesn't want to give him a chance to tell her something she doesn't want to hear, so she pushes the wedding up! Why would she say no one's ever loved her before? You couldn't get someone that loved her more than Tyrone!! Ungrateful cow! Now, Liam does feel a bit trapped into marriage yet he says he does love Maria. Maria is covering her bases though, lying to Carla about their arrival home but she got caught out shopping for her wedding dress with Carla in a restaurant across the road.

This young girl, Tina, seemed to be a bit stroppy with Gail in the clinic. She was nice to Betty, though and if she's got the nerve to go into the pub and ask for tap water, she's got guts! And...David seems to have found a girl that actually thinks he's normal! They may just be the match made in hell or she might be the making of him, keeping him on his toes. Wait until Gail finds out! David can hardly believe it. And she is a bossy thing isn't she, ordering David around and he takes it like a tonic! She cuts right to it doesn't she? Backs him in to a corner as to if he's had sex and then says she'll sleep with him. She's going to keep him on his toes, that's for sure. I like her already!

Oh Fiz, don't listen to him! He's a silver tongued devil. In a trance and couldn't say no? Horse hockey! Think what he did, Fiz, don't do it! She nearly gave in until she saw Rosie again and Rosie isn't going to go away. Chesney wants to help, but nobody really can. Fiz has to get over John but it's going to be a long haul. Rosie back to school, something tells me she's going to be the butt of all the jokes and gossip. Stape is gone from the school.

Ryan is too clever for Michelle. She's lying and saying the police caught the weirdo and Ryan has many questions and then, busted! Sees Steve talking to the stalker which, of course, is Nick who is likely Ryan's father. She only told him that because she doesn't think Nick will bother Ryan at least until they've had a DNA test.

Jack and Vera seem to have finally figured out a way to move to Blackpool, with Tyrone and Molly's help. After Paul got his backside saved by Jack pretending he'd lent Paul the money, he's no help at all. He doesn't even seem to feel guilty at all. Tyrone was sweet, going to Blackpool to get more listings for Vera. Loved the little walk down memory lane, mentioning all those old names. Aren't Ty and Molly really just a great couple?

Blanche and the junior bookie are wonderful! I like the senior bookie. Have seen him in Bad Girls and he's a good actor. Boy, Sophie's got a gob on her doesn't she? They really had Liam looking rough, whitened his face and pasted reddish black circles under his eyes. Very realistic. It's Kevin's day of reckoning and Rosie decided to stay away and cook a meal instead of going to the court house. Kevin got 28 days, to serve 14 days!!! Hardly seems fair for a crime of passion. And Janice couldn't resist taking the mick out of Sally but Sophie came all over her like a wild thing and all Sean can do is simper and egg her on.

Sunday 19 October 2008

Sunday Comments, October 19

Lines of the week:

  • Jim to Vernon "I've no intention of stealing your bride to be" (Oh yes you have!)
  • Liz about Jim "I want what he used to be" and "I don't want to be on a pedestal. I want to be on the edge of me seat wondering what happens next"
  • Dev "Let's just say Jim wasn't so cool about the wedding as he was making out" (I'll say!)
  • Liz "There's more to a man than..." Betty "Hard work?"
  • Vernon about his friend "He's never had the love of a good woman" Steve "I guessed as much"
  • Vernon "It's an Eskimo love song" Dev "I just wondered if you were going to do it in a ... husky voice" (oh, nice one!)
  • Vernon "I love you" Liz "Me and all" (yeah, *that* sounds committed. not.)
  • Liam "I was anyone's for a free ride in a minibus!"
  • Liam "I'll show you who's King of the Mountain" (not you, as it turns out, home boy!)
  • John to Fiz "I was unfaithful with my body, but I was never 'ever' unfaithful in my brain or in my heart" (so 2 out of 3 ain't bad? tosser!)

David managed to have Sarah panicking about what David could have done to her luggage. Sarah made no bones to David now that she schemed to take his job away. David did manage to put the doubt in Jason's head and Sarah made her big mistake. Why on earth would she have admitted it to Jason? Bragged about it, even? I knew she was self centred but you'd think she'd also be self-surviving. Wouldn't she figure Jason wouldn't approve of what she'd done? He's not got a scheming bone in his body, not really. HE's a bit thick. Ok a lot thick, but he's a good lad and he couldn't stomach that she behaved as badly as David and dumped her at the train station and good for him! It's too bad the little girl that played Bethany in those scenes wasn't a better actor (I don't know which twin it was). There's Beth walking beside Jason and Sarah who are screaming at each other and she's looking like they're on a day out in the park, looking around for the ducks, rather than look upset like most kids would. Sarah gave him an ultimatum and she probably thought he'd come running back at the last minute. He didn't. And you know, even after Jason told Gail everything, her apology to David was pretty half hearted, wasn't it? Poor Jason. Even though he did do the right thing, it did hurt that his marraige had blown up in his face, and he had to spend New Year's Eve celebrating someone else's wedding with his mother! Oh and i guess Jason will have to buy himself a lot of new clothes since all or most of his will have been in Sarah's suitcase. Wonder if she'll ship them back home?

We stumbled towards the last wedding of the year. Lots of fun in the bar taking the mick out of Vernon and his friend (Steve, Dev, Lauren etc. Even at the reception!) Liz seems to be more comfortable with Jim around, more and more, letting him babysit, help decorate. Him sharing memories certainly added to her uncertainty but I was pretty sure she didn't love him anymore and she confirmed it. She'll always care for him, though. Let's face it, I never believed Vernon was the right one for Liz even if he's a good man and will treat her a lot better than any other has. She's an adrenaline junkie and she'll never be happy with Vernon. It was a close call but Jim's violence made her realize she can't live on that adrenaline and she married Vernon, him with blood all over his shirt from his encounter. Power to him, he isn't a fighter but he wasn't afraid of Jim either and ended up on his backside for it. I *loved* Steve's rollocking of his father. Excellent scene. Excellent chemistry. And Vernon not pressing charges because Jim would go back to the nick. Golden. Then the mad scramble to get to the registry office before they all left after Deirdre told them it was off.

Jim takes one last try the next day, thinking Liz really did call the wedding off. Surprise! So we say good bye to Jim McDonald again. You never know, though, maybe he'll be back again someday? Vernon knows, too, and got it right in one. He knows she married him because she felt sorry for him. but decided to stay with her anyway. The really sad part of all this is that at some point Vernon is really going to get hurt and as much as i never particularly liked him in the past, he's growing on me and he doesn't deserve it. Hmm the limo was longer than the Rovers is wide! Vernon's taking Liz to the Grand Ol' Opry! That's a bit different. Probably be fun, too.

Surely Darryl isn't sleeping in the shed in winter? Looked like he was sleeping upstairs... Finlay's bed while the lad was with his mother? DAvid didn't go to work because he was going to Liz's wedding? It never fails to baffle me the people that get invited to Corrie weddings and the ones that don't. Same for funerals. Clever of someone to produce a colouring book and crayons for Amy at the registry office. Oh heck, Jason moped around all week waiting for Sarah to call and when she finally does, he's out! Hmmm i'd say Becky definitely fancies Jason, wouldn't you? John,like Jim, tried one last time to return and get in Fiz's good books. Bless Kirk for trying to have a go and growling him off.

It's all very mono-syllabic at the Websters', with the threat of prison hanging over Kevin's head. Rosie doesn't see what the big problem is and thinks everyone is just jealous. Even though her father might suffer for her actions, it doesn't look like Rosie will be taking any responsibility at all for hers aside from a few inconveniences. Rosie apologized to Fiz saying she didn't mean for her to get hurt. Well, you know, any *adult* that is the "other" woman knows that somoene is going to get hurt. I know violence isn't the answer but oh did i want Fiz to whack Rosie one. It has, however, been entertaining in that Rosie has been getting the cold shoulder and barbed remarks from everyone including her family and she just can't understand why people just can't move on! (Stupid child). She's swanning around like it's all ok just because she's apologized, even planned to go to the wedding thinking nobody would care. Somebody better tell Ryan pretty soon what's going on? He's old enough even if it's going to be hard to accept. Blanche and the bookie junior might just be the best new double act on the Street! Funny, though, we never saw or heard of her betting before now? Maybe she's got a crush on Junior.

God. Maria is still whining about Carla who's refined image slipped a little on New Year's. "You'se lot are stuck with me!" It didn't take long for Carla to get back up Maria's nose. Carla even tried calling Liam when he was on his way with Maria for their romantic weekend, just to wind them up. I really and truly don't think Carla loves Liam, i think it's game playing. Seeing how far she can push, maybe even a challenge to see if she can break them up. Lake District, very pretty but probably pretty chilly in January. Why on earth would they be traipsing around the hills without a land survey map for the trails or something? And why would Maria blame Liam, she could have asked or made sure they had a flashlight and map etc. And Liam blaming her for being pissed and calling it "hormonal"? I'd be pushing him over the edge meself! So they're lost, it's getting dark, and then.... oh noooooo!!! Liam goes over the edge! yikes!!!

(and bloody cbc decided that Rick Flaming Mercer was more important than Corrie here in Atlantic Canada on Tuesday and didn't air the missing episode! I had to wait until Sunday because in their infinite wisdom, they aren't showing the episodes online on the night they air in there "new and improved" website")

Sunday 12 October 2008

Sunday Comments, October 12

Lines of the week:
  • Fiz "It's not Christmas without lights" and "What would i do without you" (you're about to find out)
  • Jason "I was thinking Rochdale, not Rome!"
  • Audrey at Christmas dinner "it simply cannot be as bad as Christmas Day last year" (SOPOD!!! Whammo, it's Jinx time!)
  • Fiz to John "If i like what I find, you never know, you might get lucky" (or not)
  • Rosie "It's not from John, i swear" Kevin "Nobody said it was" (Busted!)
  • John "It wasn't my fault!" (if that isn't the most pathetic thing a grown adult could say, because obviously "No" isn't in his vocabulary?)
  • Sally to Rosie "if your dad goes to prison because you couldn't keep your knickers on you're in for a very bumpy ride"
  • Rosie to Sally "I had what you wanted. And you're jealous!"
  • Blanche about Fiz "They said she was beside herself with grief. She doesn't look it to me. Not with a mouth full of bacon!" (it's called comfort food!)
  • Rosie to John "I'll see you around then" (not if he sees you first!)
  • Sarah "Jason thinks what I think"
  • Tyrone to Kevin "You should have hit him a bit harder!"

It's not much of a Christmas for David, with his dream shattered at the hands of his sister. Steven walked right into Sarah's plans, and it's a done deal and Jason really doesn't have much of a say, not when it's something Sarah really wants. It's a three month trial, so why is Sarah talking about Beth growing up with two languages? She made all the arrangements and they never told anyone until there was only four days left until departure. Not very fair on Gail is it? And Sarah waited until maximum humiliation for David could be aquired. If i was Jason, the alarm bells would already be ringing in my head. I'd think Bill would probably think Jason going to Italy wouldn't be such a bad thing, even with a different language. He did it years ago going to Germany. Well David is going to have his last ditch effort and try to convince Jason that Sarah stitched him up. And let's face it, Jason is a good lad, at heart. Will he believe David? I think he'll look back on Sarah's whole attitude and realize it's true. So if it's true, what will Jason do?

Rosie's making John choose. It's not as if she's all in love with him, is it? She just wants to lead him around by the nose and rub everyone's faces in it. And not have to sneak around. She must be getting bored. Anyway, he then started to break up with Fiz with excuses, and she knew it but he backed down. He really does love her. But oh boy! Wasn't that a serendipitous way of finding out? You could tell straight away that's what was going to happen when Fiz found a gift under the bed and put it under the tree. So Fiz gets Rosie's slinky knickers and Rosie opens Fiz's sturdy pjs!!! Of course Fiz would immediately suspect Sally but judging from the look of the knickers, they wouldn't even fit Sally! Even Kevin started to have doubts. I don't see why Sally is all holier-than-thou, though. She'd have had John if he'd been willing! and into the fray swans Miss Thing who hoisted herself with her own petard. But also, totally unrepentant. And then it all blows up and ends with John on the cobbles being kicked around by an irate Kevin and Rosie looked at him as if he were gum on her shoe. Shows how much she really thought about John, doesn't it? It was all a game to her, one which she kept upping the ante to see how far she could push things. And what does John do? Whine that it isn't his fault and oh mummy she made me do it and the bad man hit me, Mr. Policeman! Yes, ok, it was assault. but who can blame Kevin? Obviously, Mr. Righteous and Morally Upstanding does. Did anyone but me get the impression that, when John was talking to Rosie just before he left, that he was blaming her for his problems? Who's the adult here? Who had the responsibility to say no? No surprise he wasn't taking any responsibility for his actions.

Fallout. When Kevin and the cops came outside, Eileen said "Have you seen Kevin's shirt!", but he had changed into a clean one, he didn't still have the bloody one one. Surely John will lose his job? Even if the affair started before Rosie was his student, it did continue. I wonder if Kirk thinks he might get Fiz back but in the meantime, he seems to think Becky fancies him. Blanche is haunting Fiz, hoping for some inside gossip straight from the horse's mouth. Somehow, i think between witnessing all this and the kerfluffle in the Platt household over the Milan job, this Christmas probably was worse than Audrey's last year (when David outed her and Bill's fling to Maureen!) You would think Kevin, having a pretty clean record, would have got off with community service. I guess we have to wait a couple of weeks to find out. Even though Kevin might have argued that it was temporary insanity, he was probably right in pleading guilty in the end. I was so glad Sally slapped little miss Knickers, weren't you? About the only thing that made Rosie even blink with a slight bit of shock and regret was her father's insults calling her a scrubber. Didn't expect that, did you, missy? Poor Fiz, my heart breaks for her!

Looks like Jerry and Harry both have sons that are missing the tact gene. Laughed at Jamie and Liam leaving their wild single youth behind and looking ahead at fatherhood. I won't say looking forward, they were both scared. There's no way on earth uber First Aider Roy would have frozen at the onset of Kirk choking and have feckless Becky come to the rescue. Where on earth would she even have learned the Heimlich? Becky's coralling all the odds and ends for their own little family dinner for Christmas. Roy didn't have a say either. Just like Jason lol! But why on earth would Hayley phone Roy in the cafe on Christmas day? She'd know he'd not be open, wouldn't she? Wasn't he cute, putting his Christmas paper hat back on to talk to her on the phone? Tony's going for a four star restaurant.. In Paris! I'm surprised Dev kept the shop open even if he's Hindu (and yet he bought Amber a Christmas present, golfing clothes? Is that possibly the most uncool thing you could buy a teenage girl ever???). It could hardly be worth his while. Darryl is developing a soft spot (or something) for Lauren. I hate her more and more every scene. She's really odious, isn't she? Laughed at Tyrone and Dev betting on how long Jason would last in Italy.

Cilla sent Chesney a singing Elvis mug!!! it wasn't even wrapped up all that much, i can't imagine how it got there unbroken. Ches said it was already Christmas in America. He got his time zones backwards. And it seems Kirk is even more of a kid than Chesney! Up in the wee hours! Amy walks! But nobody let her try to tear the paper off a gift. At 4 years old, she's more than capable. poor kid! Liz's gift was to put something on. Vernon's will be to unwrap it off her! After Ryan received all his Uncle Paul's top end computer games, what does Liam buy him? Another one! Maria might say she's not bothered about his kiss with Carla, but she is. Why couldn't we have been allowed to see Norris make an arse of himself at the hotel? probably would have been more fun than the boring Platts. A bit hard to have a good time though, when the spectre of Christmas past and present is scowling over the procedings. Vernon gave Amy a cd he'd wanted himself, Yes a four year old is going to want David Bowie. Indeed. Prat. We did get a little glimpse of the Peacocks and Joshua got a very cool Ood mask (Doctor Who monster!)

Awww Andy won't be coming for his mum's wedding. I always liked Andy. It was nice to see him last time he came, for Steve's nuptials. I'm enjoying Jim being a thorn in Vernon's side. It's really clear that him being around, even on his best behaviour, is giving Liz second thoughts. It's clear he still loves Liz, you can see the history between them every time they look at each other. And Steve *never* should have told Jim about Liz's fling with the dreary drayman!!! Gotta give Vernon points though, he takes it all quietly but isn't afraid to tell Jim what he thinks, too. If it comes down to it, he'll fight for his Liz.

Michelle finally had a proper talk with Nick, Alex's dad. And it looks like Alex has a few angst issues with his dad. Michelle is right, though, this revelation really will be difficult for the boys to handle and it's a tough call, what to do. Tell them or leave it? Well, the cat's out of the bag so we know it's going to come out at some point. But how long will Michelle be able to keep it from Ryan? After all, she's already said Alex was the spit of Dean so it's bound to be true. And Nick hasn't told Alex yet either.

I gotta say. It was a very eventful week but there were also so many wonderful lines and scenes. Blanche haunting the street for more gossip, Rosie lording it over Sally, Sarah lording it over David, Roy hosting Christmas dinner and waiting for Hayley's call which came at the end of the day. As always, the pair of them wittered on about who would speak about their day first and Roy, in his best cardy, putting his paper hat back on to take the call. Gold!

The Stape/schoolgirl affair blew wide open and man, oh man, did Jennie McAlpine blow me away with her acting. I *really* believed her pain and vulnerability. Fiz was shattered, her self esteem completely destroyed and her heart in pieces and you found yourself with a huge lump in your throat along with her. David finally gets his comeuppance and I don't care, Sarah was nasty and manipulative but considering what David's done to her and her family, it was Karma to end all karma. Goodbye to Sarah and Bethany. Jim McDonald keeps lurking and Vernon is very uneasy. Next week will be the wedding (or will it?) and another good week of Corrie watching.

Sunday 5 October 2008

Catch yourselves on!

Have I mentioned how much i'm enjoying the return of Jim "Big Mac" McDonald? I always thought the chemistry between Jim and Liz was electric, largely in part to the actors who really did work well together. Even when the characters were apart, when they were fighting, when they were with other people, all one of them had to do was look at the other and you could see all that history between them laid out...the good times and the bad. The love and the regret and you always knew there would always be something there between them even if you also knew they weren't good for each other in reality.

Liz married Jim as a teenager, pregnant with twins and had to take on most of the responsibility of raising them while Jim was in the army, often away. She would have had to live away from her home and friends with each different posting he would have had. She would have been young and lonely, she'd have had to contend with his drinking and his hot Irish temper. And his jealousy. Jim's jealousy would always come between them and cause trouble. He was married to a gorgeous woman and he knew it.

When the lads got older and didn't need their mother as much, Liz starting wanting things for herself. Jim got scared, feeling she'd realize she no longer needed him either and things got worse. In trying to hold on so tight to her, she slipped through his fingers. Add guilt and regret onto his jealousy and you had a recipe for rage and disaster. They tried to run The Queen's, a Newton and Ridley pub but the brewery rep had his eye on Liz and even though Liz had no intention of taking him up on the offer that was clearly there, Jim's temper went into overdrive and his actions and reactions ended the marraige, albeit temporarily.

It ended in divorce eventually when she admitted she'd had a long ago fling with his best mate in the army. He hit her and threw her out of the car and left her on a dark road. Let it be said, Liz had a pretty hot temper at times, too. In her rage and anger, she doctored up the bruises to look even worse than they were!

Like two "star crossed" lovers, though, over the years they were back together or nearly so several times. It really was clear to me that although they loved each other, they were bad for each other as well. Liz had established her own independence but Jim never really got control of his jealousy and anger issues, and his temper and parental protective instinct led him to beat the tar out of Jez Quigley who had beaten Steve very badly. Understandable reaction in one way but taking the law into hiw own hands in a fit of red rage landed Jim in jail for 8 years because Jez died of his injuries. Jim at least did the right thing and confessed and would allow no defence of his actions. Liz returned for the trial and in a surprise move, married him before he was sent down.

While he was in jail, however, his temper ended up extending his sentence and his jealousy led him to escape. He heard Liz was canoodling with the landlord of a bar she was working in, up in Blackpool (she was, as it happened, but she wasn't in love with him.) They nearly managed to escape together to Northern Ireland but saved Ashley and Clare, stranded in a boat, instead and recaptured, Jim was back in the nick. His temper led to an arguement and fight inside and Liz finally had enough and divorced him.

Now she's involved with mild mannered Vernon, a musician who's a bit of a slacker but he genuinely loves Liz and he treats her with respect and he treats her like a queen. He's everything Jim is not and he's definitely not got the exciting edge, either. Liz always seems to thrive on that edge and it's clear to all of us that Vernon isn't really her soul mate. It's too bad that she hasn't really learned that she can be happy with him. I think she does love him in a way but it's not with a passion, certainly not with the passion Vernon feels for her.

Jim has finally been released and in spite of promising to stay away, he just can't do it. Coronation Street was a large part of his life and Liz an even larger part. He still loves her. You can tell. That look is still in his eyes. The history and the love, the regret. He ambled back on screen and it's felt like he's never been away, aside from the fact that he's been keeping his temper in check, trying to prove he's changed. Has he? He says he wishes Liz well. He probably does but would prefer it if he could get her back. He's not consciously trying to stop the wedding but he's consciously trying to show himself in a good light, reminding Liz of the good times and how it could be between them. "This is what you're missing". Except it's bound to blow sooner or later.

And already you can see Liz starting to doubt her decision to marry Vernon. She's having chats with Deirdre, talking about her fantasy man who resembles Jim not just a little. She's starting to have second thoughts. Maybe not that she'll go back to Jim, but that she might be making a mistake marrying Vernon.

Unfortunately, Charles Lawson is only back for a short time so we know Jim and Liz aren't going to get back together. The big question is, will the wedding go off as planned or will Liz do the right thing and dump Vernon? By next week, we'll have the answers.

Either way, it was great to have a little bit of Jim for awhile, so it was. From the first "What about yer, Steven" to his connecting with his wee granddaughter Amy, to the father-son relationship that puts poor Steve in the middle. Seeing him with Liz again, feeling that crackle of chemistry. It was short, but it was worth it.
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