Sunday 25 January 2009

Sunday Comments, January 25

Lines of the week:

  • Steve "I know you can be a colossal pain in the backside, Michelle misses you" (I don't)
  • Vernon to Liz "You're missing the bigger picture" (and it's visible out the back hole in the wall)
  • Lauren "Can i just say i don't pay my rent for cold showers?" Eileen "Can i just say you don't pay your rent full stop!"
  • Roy "Going on is one of the things I do"
  • Gail "I know you did it"
  • Norris to Kevin about David "What did you do to him? Fail his MOT?"
  • Rita "Now the whole Street know i 'm not a natural red head" (ya think?)
  • Eileen "Another day in paradise eh Gail?"
  • Blanche about Gail "Never happy unless she's got someone else's hands round her throat" (*snork*)
  • Audrey to Gail "I might have left ya, but i always came back"
  • Blanche about Lauren "Pauline's Seconds? With the way she dresses, what's Pauline? A lap dancer?"

Gail remembers. she does. David's running scared, putting off the inevitable. Tina can't handle it and she dumps David. David thinks his mother is going to think he deliberately tried to kill her which he didn't. And didn't i tell you? Gail isn't going to turn him over to the cops, she's blaming herself. David's plan is to just continue to deny, deny, deny. Mother's gone, doesn't believe him. Tina's gone. David is very alone. I have to admit Jack P. Shepherd went a bit over the top with that dead eyed look at his mother, he's a pretty good actor most of the time but that just didn't work for me. Gail pushed and pushed and pushed until he broke. For once, he didn't have the bravado, the anger to get up and walk away. His guilt made him sit there and take it and he finally admitted it. She thinks she can help him, that they can work it out but his guilt just won't let him. He needs help and he's hit bottom. You know, David wreaked havoc across the street and all those men just stood around and watched him. He was just sitting downthere for awhile, they could have had him easily. Yes he had a pipe or something but sheer numbers should have been able to overwhelm him and he wasn't in *that* much of a wild frenzy. The only one brave enough was mild mannered Ken at first and the only one to really try to stop him was Jerry until the police got there! They all looked ridiculous stood there watching.

Gail in the aftermath. Blaming Audrey because she overcompensates? Blaming Audrey for her bad choices resulting in her own. She and Audrey drinking gin and arguing over whether a mother's love is unconditional. It probably is but you don't have to like your kid. I'm going for the reincarnation of Ivy Tilsley, meself. Some excellent stuff between mother and daughter. Gail should be getting help for David yet she really doesn't seem to want to believe the worst, even when presented with the evidence. And all the things he admitted to, she still never asked why! I don't understand Gail. She insists to David that he pushed her down the stairs. Now when he's admitted it, she wants to know why he did because nobody else had to know and she's not going to testify. She continues to be the problem and she wonders why David is the way he is. David pleaded guilty and wants to give it all up and Gail was still fighting him every step of the way. He knows he needs to pay for what he's done wrong and maybe he really will start to turn his life around. If Gail will let him. What's she going to say in court? Stay tuned.

Dev gets disrespected by Amber because he's an idiot, not because she's trying to look cool. uh oh, i think Harry's got eyes for Liz! Roy's taken to examining poo. Apparently, bat poo. Nobody should be surprised he's got bats in the belfry. If they're working practically next door to the cafe/ butcher shop, then will those buildings have bats too? If the bats are going to stop the building project, Tony is going to have to find a way to circumvent the problem. Looks like he's hoping Jason will tak up his suggestion to smoke them out. Why do the builders seem to behave as if Tony is the site foreman or owner of the new building when as far as we know, he's just an investor. Fastest way to embarrass Roy? Either talk about women's problems, or confront him with evidence that you're having sex right under his nose. Roy was a good man and extended the hand of compromise to Becky and Becky will be willing to give a little as well. We hope.

The builders have gone and got a gig and are leaving the job half done. Vernon has thought about the consequences. Not done anything about it, mind you, but thought about it. He just figures Karma will come up with an idea. I think someone else is going to come up with an idea and he's not going to be happy about it.

Michelle is missing Alex. Steve goes to find him and he makes Steve pay him a tenner for talking to him. Noooooooooooooooooo! Make him go away! He's a nasty little skeeve. It's a wonder Michelle can move her fingers with that huge black ring on one of them. Steve takes a lot of advantage of Michelle, she takes a lot of the responsibility for Amy and now she's doing his VAT forms. Michelle is well on her way to being the same sort of mother Gail is and Vera was, making excuses for bad behaviour.

I bet Roger is very glad he got his money back before the restaurant went up in smoke. Janice is funny. She's not got a lot of morals but she does have some. She was very against Leanne's hooking and she might do a scam for money but she wouldn't contenance Leanne burning a restaurant for money. Leanne wasn't long without a job, should have guessed Monkey Boy would give her a job, much to Harry's chagrin. Leanne needs to be really careful with Paul and she's not being.

Lauren sure backed off quick after moaning about no hot water when Eileen pointed out that she'd not paid her rent anyway. Jason couldn't keep his eyes off that towel! She moans and complains, and wraps everyone around her manicured little finger and the sooner she goes away the sooner i'll be happy. She couldn't walk all over Liz for an advance and she's bled Darryl dry. She tried to get him to steal from Jerry and when he wouldn't, she dropped him cold. She's like that, she only uses people for her own means and i hate her i hate her i hate her.

Sunday 18 January 2009

Sunday Comments, January 18

Lines of the week:

  • Vernon "Let's get some chuffing work done! I'll come up with a cunning plan" (that precludes the assumption that any of them have a clue between them)
  • Blanche "That house is shaking so much the smoked haddock jumped off the table" Builder "You should have killed it first"
  • Carla to Tony "That was untypically nice of you" Tony "You never know when you might need a favour"
  • Deirdre to Dev "Someone once described you as charming and witty. Hold on.. .it was you!"
  • Lauren to Eileen "I give it (the rent) to you as soon as my brain gets going" Eileen "That'll be a long while won't it?"
  • Steve to Vernon "Is Jerk Chicken named after you?" and (about Vernon wanting to get rid of hotpot) "If Betty gets wind of this she'll clean the gents with your head. While I watch"
  • Paul to Leanne "I wanted you. for the rest of me life"
  • Monkey Boy to Leanne "He loves you? *I* don't even love you!" (and your point is?)
  • Gail "Did you push me, David?" (gulp. will he or won't he?)

David rescued Tina from Audrey's grasp just in time eh? And he's doing anything he can to make sure nobody prompts Gail's memory. Will Tina manage to keep schtum? She's not a liar like David and isn't very good at it. Gail thinks Coffee will help better than tea, because caffiene gets her mind racing. She's been drinking tea non stop so what does she think is in that? Guess the coffee worked though, she remembered what happened with Jason. It won't be long now! It must be frustrating. It's odd seeing Gail and Eileen be so civil to each other when they really don't like each other all that much. But of course, it's because Eileen wants to clear Jason. Gail never really thought Jason pushed her. When Gail was trying to get down the stairs, and David was behind her, i thought for sure she'd have a memory flash. But she is starting to remember. Gail knows Tina knows what happened and Tina's running for the hills. David's let his mother down yet again, pushed her down in fact though it wasn't on purpose. He really didn't mean to but he also didn't call for help. I bet She Who Wear's Blinders will make more excuses for the lad and yet again let him off the hook. It's no wonder he's so screwed up.

So the guys that Vernon hired to do the smoking shelter turned out to be worse than the ones he asked to paint and paper the pub. So what are they doing? knocking through another door to the back? And i bet they didn't get planning permission either and Deirdre working right next door (she that works in the planning department). Uh oh. Vernon's bored with hotpot and wants to make it a gastro pub? If he's bored with hotpot, he must go! That's sacriledge! Did you notice that when Harry grabbed Amy from in front of that car, the car swerved in the same direction as Harry was running yet it didn't hit him? And what kind of grandmother lets go of a small child's hand while standing in the street! Liz, if there's a handsome red blooded man to chat to. And yes, i do think Harry's handsome and i like the character too.

Leanne played Paul like a fiddle! She stuttered and hesitated and prevaricated and pretended to back out and he got sucked right in. She's lurkign around corners with Monkey Boy, surely Paul is going to figure out he's been had. She's really walking on July ice. Now if we can just get the fella that plays Paul to take a few acting lessons, this story might even be easier to watch but eye rolling and chin scratching just isn't cutting it for me. Harry could be the fly in that ointment, seeing as he knows Leanne and MB are playing games of some sort. Amber was underfoot too, carring her crush on Paul on a platter. Oh he really did it though. Let a pot of olive oil boil and catch flame. Wouldn't it have been better to let it go more slowly so he'd have more time to get far away before the smoke detector went off? Well it's done now. Leanne has an alibi for her whereabouts. Paul is smug and she's nervous. Not a good combination. Leanne is a very good liar and she's used to handling men, let's face it but ewww just the thought of slimy Paul.... just... ewww....

Harry seems to have suspicions that Monkey Boy is involved in the fire, he's not but he knows what's going on but he still corroborated the story that Leanne was with MB which of course she was. Leanne told the police she was with her "boyfriend", even though she keeps telling Paul that he isn't. now is Paul going to hear that? Well he didn't have to did he, because Dan didn't leave when Paul was coming to talk to her and Dan didn't help matters did he? Paul knows now. Is he going to shop her to the cops because he'd have as much to lose or more, since he was the one that actually lit the fire. And he's an owner as well so he has as much to gain financially from the insurance. Paul's really bitter now. Dangerous.

OH ugh Lauren's back and swinging the lead as usual to get out of paying the rent and taking money from Sucker Morton to pay it. Marcus is back too! I do like him especially since he can't stand Lauren! Eileen must be doing well though, collecting rent from Sean and Jason and Lauren when she bothers. Tina took Gail out for a walk/roll and you could see the rain coming down!

Maria found just the right words to convince Kirk to go to Cypress, Fiz needs some time with Chesney. Carla doesn't laugh, she literally cackles. Becky and Roy seeming to rubbing each other the wrong way since they've been roomies but she's flirting like mad with the builders. It seems like Scrabble will be the instrument to keep the peace. Michelle and Steve are going off for a few days? After she's just spend months not working because she was running around after Alex. It's a good job she's shagging the boss or she'd never have a job waiting for her. Tony is an investor in the new buildings, he must be a very major one if he can dictate to the foreman.

Sunday 11 January 2009

Sunday Comments, January 11

Lines of the week:

  • Monkey Boy "Just burn the place down"
  • Fiz is moving back in... Kirk "Result!"
  • Becky to Lloyd "From what i remember, Roy's twice the man you are!"
  • Roy "I prefer well defined ground rules" (don't you just!)

The DI is pretty clever. She has David sussed out pretty well. She's got no proof, just a pretty good hunch. And she picked away at him and then Tina but she lied for him. The DI won't nail him but Gail will remember sooner or later. Gail might not be hungry and she might not remember, but she managed to get a full face of makeup on including a pound of mascara! Boy David is in major suck up mode isn't he? Cleaning?? Gail is racking her brains worrying about her memory. She doesn't think David pushed her but let's face it, she must have doubts. David is damn lucky Tina is sticking by his story. Gail's memory is bound to come back, probably sooner than later. But for now, she's home finally. David will be scurrying around bending over backwards and Audrey will grill Tina to see if she can be tripped up on the story and Jason goes face to face with David.

Of course Fiz was able to convince Social Services that she would look after Chesney. Of course Cilla wouldn't mind relieving herself of the responsibility. I didn't expect Fiz to move in with Ches and Kirk though. So why couldn't Kirk look after the dog? He's got nowt else to do and Chesney is only across the road.I guess it was more about Chesney wanting to be in his own familiar surroundings and not have to leave Kirk and the dog as well. A bit contrived to get Fiz and Kirk under the same roof naturally since we know he still adores her. So Fiz is moved in. That means Chesney and Kirk are back sharing bunk beds again, not that Kirk's happy about it. Sharing comics too. Which he is happy about. Didn't take him long to try to get back into his old habits but Fiz wasn't too keen on him taking advantage and bringing tea to her in bed. Gosh will she really make Kirk leave Number 5? Maria is getting upset because her brother is being done over, his feeling played with. Can't blame her. So instead, she asks Liam to pay for a flight to Cypress for Kirk to visit their parents. It's not that big a deal, not with cheap flights, so it's not like Liam is paying first class to Australia or something. Still, nice of him.

Bill wants to work for the new building site that Tony's invested in. Handy, right across the road. Of course they'll get the job, everyone works within feet of Coronation Street. The cafe is nice and busy with all the extra builders wanting food and tea breaks. They're run off their feet but the money must be cashing in. Cilla's going out with an Elvis impersonator. Fiz says she couldn't make that up, but let's face it, Elvis impersonators are a dime a dozen in Vegas. So now it's all about Ryan spending time with Nick. I guess we have to assume Emo boy is still freezing Michelle out for making him go home.

I suppose since Vernon had the interior of the Rovers redecorated by mates, he figures they could do a builder's job just as well yet he calls Bill a cowboy builder. Dev is still moaning about Amber having a second job. When Kirk brought Fiz tea, he was wearing a tshirt with dog paw prints on it. A little later, he's seeing Chesney off to school and he's wearing a blue striped tshirt. I guess the first one might have been something he sleeps in but it seemed like a jarring continuity stuff up.

Paul isn't too happy that Leanne is going out with Monkey Boy. Valandros is only open 7 days 12 to 3? What about the many evenings we've seen people there? Oh dear. Monkey boy joked about Leanne burning the restaurant for the insurance. But it started her thinking about it and it looks like she's going to do it, or at least talk Paul into it by letting him think he's got a chance with her. Poor Leanne, she's never going to live down her past with Blanche around. Janice and Roger are going to Formby. That leaves Leanne without her moral conscience looking over her shoulder. I never thought i'd see the day when i call Janice a moral conscience, mind you and it's not that she's all that ethical. She doesn't mind doing iffy things herself, but she doesn't like Leanne to be doing them. Leanne's actually going to user her feminine wiles to talk Paul into torching the restaurant for her! It's safe, i suppose, he's got investments so he's got just as much to lose if the restaurant goes under and just as much to gain if they do it right and the insurance pays out. Meanwhile Monkey boy has to lay low and his daddy is already suspcious of Leanne. Boy didn't she take him by surprise with a smack, designed to put Paul off the scent. It's funny watching Paul getting all aggressive with Dan. I think Leanne would cause him more harm if she tried a little violence than Paul could do.

Poor Roy... He asks Becky to be a lodger and she winds him up something terrible, pretending she thinks he'll be after her. My God. It would never happen. A. Roy is afraid of women in general especially after all that business with Tracy. and B. Becky would leave nothing behind but a few toast crumbs if she got hold of Roy *in that way*. I think he's regretting it already, especially after she got a good look in the bathroom that first morning after. I can't understand how she could not hear the shower running though.

Thursday 8 January 2009

Dual timelines, other blogs and sites

As you know, this blog is for the Canadian timeline for Corrie. I don't or rarely post spoilers but i do keep up with them. In fact, i have to. I write for Corrieblog which is a UK based Coronation Street blog and i couldn't do that if i avoided spoilers. I also post the upcoming spoilers for and with the advent of figuring out how to download tv stuff from the UK, i am now writing an episode update once a week for the UK timeline. Because i was downloading Monday night's episode for that, i started getting into the habit of downloading all the Corrie UK episodes as they are broadcast. So there i am, watching UK Corrie and Canadian corrie and trying to keep them all straight!! We're now seeing shows in Canada that aired in the UK in March i think and seeing shows that i have written the updates for.

I don't really have a problem keeping it all straight, i was just joking. But what is mildly frustrating is the fact that i can't break my own rules and blog about what's going on in the UK now and then, when a particularly funny or sad or annoying episode/storyline airs. Oh i can sometimes blog it on Corrieblog, for sure, and i do. If i ever stop writing for Corrieblog, though, i expect i'll start up another general Corrie blog on Blogger that's not restricted to Canadian timeline, just general thoughts and rants and news on my own. Glenda Young, who writes the weekly updates from the UK has her own Corrie blog and it's fab, but of course, full of UK spoilers so don't go there if you don't want to know. Otherwise, indulge yourself!

Another new blog that's started up is called "Back on the Street" and is all old Corrie history and trivia, news articles and photos and it's really good for long time fans and fans that want to learn more about the show.

For Canadian timeline episode updates, which are more detailed than what I do with my Sunday comments, check out Corrie Canuck. Their team of writers are always sharp and funny!

Those are the sites that really stand out and the ones i check regularly. Of course you can always have a look at my own website that has a Corrie section but the content doesn't change a whole lot. It's mainly a portal to other sites, and talks about my own personal Coronation Street experience. There's also links to write-ups for the Corrie star event shows we've had here in Halifax. Next Halifax show is March 31 at the Halifax Marriott, by the way and we don't know who's coming yet, but someone definitely is and the show is always good!

Sunday 4 January 2009

Sunday Comments, January 4

Lines of the week:

  • Amber "You're just trying to embarass me!" Dev "I haven't even started!"
  • Carla to Tony "The nearest thing to 'close' me and Liam get is when we're about to throttle each other" *uh huh*
  • Betty to Vernon "Get out of my way you useless lump!" and "Which of his two gears is he working in, Slow or Reverse?"
  • Jason "She slapped me" Eileen "Did you slap her back?"
  • Liam "We don't want a pickled baby do we?"
  • Roy "Some people claim to remember being inside the womb" Sean "'appen that's just showin' off!"
  • Audrey "David. Did you push your mam down the stairs" (get right to the point, Audrey!)
  • Steve "That is the beauty of having sons. They don't want you to wear lipgloss"
Boy, Gail really did take a tumble didn't she? David almost called for help but then he panicked and ran. and ran right to Tina. Lucky job Audrey went to talk to David and found Gail. Only thing is, she doesn't remember and David is absolutely bricking it. I know he didn't really mean to push her down the stairs but he *is* responsible. Tina took him back without much persuading but then she didn't want to break up in the first place. She should have been suspicious when he wanted to leave town right that minute, or at least after she found out about Gail's accident, knowing how angry he was with his mother and the police think she might have been pushed. All anyone knows, and it was Claire again who spilled the beans, you might know, is that she had an argument with Jason and now he's bricking it too! Poor lad, you know he's one man that really would never hurt anyone. Eileen had a good point. Why would Claire be so anxious to help the police after she was dismissed by them over the fire/Freddie incident.

Gail doesn't remember and Audrey now has an inkling that David could very well be involved. But you just know darn well that Gail has the Vera Duckworth Maternal Gene and when she does remember that it's David's fault, she'll excuse him, not shop him to the cops and David will yet again escape taking responsibility for his actions. I wonder if David would have been so contrite and tearful and upset if he didn't have that big bad cloud of guilt over his head and on his conscience. David really put on a good act when Audrey confronted him and told him about the abortion, where he pretended that was the first he'd heard of it. Very convincing. But should he have told Tina? She won't lie for him. Will she? He made a big mistake telling her that it's her fault he's in that mess. See? Still not taking responsibility. And waiting for the police because he knew someone would grass him up. But I think the police figured it out for themselves.

Michelle just needs to give it a rest. She's all over Ryan now that he is getting to know Nick. I bet Alex is giving his parents a brutal time in retaliation. He's certainly giving Michelle the business, not taking her calls. Nick has upped his game, inviting Ryan away for a week at Easter. So i take it that means Alex won't be going. Tony senses some closeness between Carla and Liam, and she just passed it off. All she had to say was that they are family and go back years but she told him about the kiss. He said it didn't matter but it obviously did so what does he do? Spring a surprise dinner party and then propose to Carla. I'm getting creeped out by this guy, he really is controlling and manipulative.

Posh flats on Victoria street. Odd place to put 'em. Dev was a real plonker, embarassing Amber like that in the restaurant. I am surprised Leanne didn't give him hell for harassing her staff! Now Leanne is ready to sell up but Paul doesn't want to. She's looking for investors and thinks Monkey Boy might be touched for a loan. Gotta give her points for being honesty, telling him about her recent past. No luck trying to sell the restaurant to that businessman though.

At least Kelly did finally own up. And didn't i say? She didn't lose her job after all. It was always thus with the factory, even with Mike Baldwin owned a factory. People got sacked all the time and got their jobs back most of the time. You know, Carla is nearly as ruthless as Mike was! Rehiring Kelly to cut her wages and use her for free overtime lol!

I loved Betty giving Vernon hell for just sitting around doing nothing. He thinks he's entitled because he was the "brains" behind the refurb. His next vision is a smoking shelter in the back yard. I suppose it's better to have it there with facilities for ciggy butts than hanging out on the street. Tony's a U2 fan (who knew?) and Steve loves Springsteen (that i can believe).

Fiz sure got a surprise welcome home. I don't know what they would have done without Roy's voice of reason helping with Social Services. Poor Kirk. If he's afraid of the dark at his age, it's no wonder he couldn't handle bringing up a kid. We won't see Chesney come home until next week but it's not really spoiling it to say he will. You knew, didn't you? I won't say how it all works out for those of you that don't do spoilers.

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