Sunday 28 December 2008

Sunday Comments, December 28

Lines of the week:
  • Gail "Was i a bit hard on Jason?" Audrey "No more than usual"
  • Mel about Lauren "There's nothing like Class. And that is nothing like class!" (you got that right!)
  • Leanne to Monkey Boy "But will the pizza be as cheesy as your chat up lines!"
  • Kelly to Vikki "Why didn't you deny it?" Vikki "Why didn't you tell the truth?"
  • Gail to Tina "It's all right to be frightened" Tina "Not today it isn't" (tough little kid isn't she?)
  • Steve to Lauren "You'd better get a top from Michelle. We haven't got a license for that (showing her bra)." .... "Flippin' ought to get one though"
  • Gail "I did it because i love you!"
  • Kirk "What am i gonna do?" Becky "I'd start with a new identity!"

Finally. Alex is gone, and left in an almighty strop. On then was Michelle all over Ryan begging forgiveness. Alex is gone and he's still obsessing Michelle. Now Ryan decides he does really want to get to know Nick and Michelle is wound up. Maybe she thinks that Nick and Wendy will take over Ryan the way she took over Alex! I think Ryan has a bit better head on his shoulders.

Don't know why anyone thinks Chesney would be in any better nick if Cilla was around. And Claire is crossing over from being a caring neighbour to sticking her nose in and look at the trouble she's caused. Granted, Kirk is a bit out of his depth. Poor Kirk, he felt so bad! And they took the dog!!!! There was no need of that! And Claire didn't think they'd take Ches away? What did she think they were going to do? Wonderful stuff getting Roy and Becky involved. You can tell Becky's had a rough life and doesn't have a good view of Social Services. Let's face it, Fiz and Chesney don't either. They've been in care their fair share too. Poor little Chesney just breaks your heart doesn't he? I loved Becky coming up one side of Norris and down the other, though even though he wasn't the one that contacted the Social. Kirk didn't have the nerve to tell Fiz so she's sure coming home to a surprise. I expect Fiz will end up being Chesser's guardian and the social will be happy with that as she's pretty responsible.

David must be wondering why his girlfriend and his mother are all pally all of a sudden. Gail's very good about that subtle pressure though isn't she but Tina knows what's going on. She said that she was conflicted about advising Tina to a termination after Sarah but Sarah was too far gone the first time to have one and the second time, Gail did actually encourage it. It all blew up though and look what happened...David's jealousy got the better of him,and he dumped her before she could dump him because he jumped the gun. He really did show up his immaturity. Then poor Jason got the wrong end of the stick because Becky got the wrong end of the stick and when that all kicked off, (excellent confrontation between Jason and Gail!) David figured out what happened. We all know he's got a hot spot where termination is concerned and it shouldn't be surprising that he snapped and shoved Gail down the stairs. Now, he's got every right to be angry and totally pissed off with his mother for keeping it a secret and helping his girlfriend behind his back. He hasn't, of course, got the right to be violent but considering David's past and instability, it's no surprise either. Gail sputtered and uttered futile excuses but really, even though she had valid concerns, she never should have kept it secret.

How sweet is Jack? As much as Paul has disappointed him just like Terry has, Jack can't see him in trouble. Maybe he thinks there's still hope for Paul to turn himself around. Looks like Sarah is cutting off Jason well and proper. I see Kelly is still nicking knickers. What is it about Underworld? So many people do things that would be firing offences yet they either keep their jobs or get hired back on. It wouldn't happen in real life. Liam figures out someone is stealing seconds and they do know Vikki is doing home parties. I'm surprised they don't know Kelly is as well since she's been gobbing off about it, or she was at first when she thought she'd make her first million by 35.

Dev is only ticked off that Amber wants to work in the restaurant because it's Leanne. Why shouldn't she work two jobs? She would make more money as a waitress anyway, with tips though if the restaurant isn't doing that well, it's debatable. Tony is investing in a new development. Posh flats on Victoria Street. Now, posh flats that Richard Hillman invested in caused him so much financial trouble that he ended up being a killer. How much do you want to bet this is a rerun storyline? Would *you* buy a posh flat in a backstreet of Weatherfield? The neighbourhood is hardly going upscale, is it?

Ah so Tony wants to buy out Liam's share and he didn't tell Carla about it first. Maybe she doesn't want Tony as a boyfriend and a partner. Liam has refused anyway but i don't blame Carla for being angry. That seems to be typical Tony. He's pretty ruthless. Anyway, Carla and Liam said they'd just let the staff overhear them talking about the theft but then they turned around and confronted them straight out and sacked Vikki. Will Kelly come forward?

Sunday 21 December 2008

Sunday Comments, December 21

First off, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!
Lines of the week:

  • Steve "There's not many plusses to living in a pub but one of them is Betty's Hot Pot." (Yay!)
  • Sean "Why couldn't i have been happy playing Uncle"? (that's it in a nutshell, really)
  • Lauren "I'm not much use, am I?" (You really want me to answer that???)
  • Harry "Monkey boy is late as per usual" (that's it. He's going to be called Monkey Boy from now on!)
  • Ashley "Me dad'll be turning in his grave" (I thought he was cremated?)
  • Tina about David "I couldn't lie to him" (Um, isn't that what you're doing?)
  • Ryan "Everyone has turned into a flaming social worker!"
And they're gone. I have to say, i know Sean overstepped his boundaries a lot, but really, i personally feel that Jamie and Violet were very selfish. Surely they could find a compromise and all three of them could help raise the baby? Poor Sean's heart is just shattered! Aww Marcus is such a star, isn't he? He's right, though, even if they figured out that Jamie and Vi went to London or Essex, what are they going to do? They won't talk him around and it would only make them run again.

Alex isn't gone. I don't know how Michelle can justify it all really i don't. You can get to know your kid without shoving your other one out of the way or making him feel like it at least. Alex is going home but Michelle does everything she can to stall it. She says he feels more at home with "us", but she's the only one that's welcoming him. She's driven Ryan out, Steve to distraction and i don't know why we don't have Liz coming up one side of her and down the other. Well i do know why. If i recall, the actress was out sick so they had to film around her for awhile. And Steve can holler at her all he likes. She's got shiny hair, his words just slide right off instead of penetrating that head. She's so obsessed she has to accompany him to the dentist like he was 6 instead of 16. Liam's a really good uncle, isn't he? And i can't believe she had the nerve to get pissed when Nick wanted to contact Ryan after the poor lad already feels like she doesn't want him around. Steve *finally* got through to her. Alex is going home. Or is he? I guess we'll have to wait and see but very likely he will be. I bet he'll still be skulking around though.

Kirk mentioned Boris but where is Boris? If the business is so slow, i'm amazed Ashley can afford to employ two assistants. He's going to lay off Kirk. But we still never see Boris. Hmmm Seems neither Kirk nor Chesney is much of a cook or cleaner. Once Claire gets her big nosy nose in there, things are going to go all pear shaped. Roy's back and he's gasping for a cuppa!! Did you catch Becky dropping major hints to be able to stay at the flat?

Well David's tattoo didn't melt Tina's heart, did it? His jealousy is rapidly spiralling out of control, especially after Tina dissed the tatt. She didn't dump him, though i bet she thought long and hard about it. She doesn't realize how psycho David can be though. And he's going to take it all out on his mother, since she's the only one left around. David really hasn't grown up much and his grip on sanity was not that tenuous to start with. That lad could whinge the ears off a statue. Anyway, so it turns out what she wanted to talk to him about had nothing to do with dumping him, she's pregnant!!! Now Gail knows and David doesn't. The scenes with Tina and Gail were really good. Looks like Gail really thinks David couldn't handle fatherhood. She's right of course. But also, he'd never stand for Tina terminating the pregnancy. Tina could probably manage as a single mum but it's tough on your own especially at that age with few prospects. She doesn't think she could lie to David but not telling him she's pregnant and having an abortion behind his back is a real whopper! It takes a week to get one with private insurance, Gail will pay. No pressure though. (no of course not) If David finds out, considering he's already found out Gail seriously thought about a termination when she was pregnant with him, well.... just stand clear of the volcano!

Monkey Boy is enjoying making Paul squirm and making him pay. Did *you* figure on Paul being a Superman boxer short kind of guy? Talk about taking the shirt off someone's back! Kelly figured a few bits of ribbon and lace would disguise the stolen seconds not to mention that she's selling substandard stuff. Why would she think that's going to sell any better than the official product she's *supposed* to be selling? Darryl didn't even manage to stand the pain of even one full letter! And with the size of that one half a letter, the whole word ENGLAND is going to reach round his back to his other hip. It's only an L now, L for Loser! So let me get this right. Kelly is dating Monkey Boy and wouldn't look twice at Bookie Senior, too old, unless, of course, he's rich? That sounds about right for Kelly. I bet he'd treat her better than MB would. Tell you what, though, i quite like Bookie Senior.

Thursday 18 December 2008

Baby Blues

Violet made it clear that Sean was a donor onl, right from the start, and he was doing her a favour as a friend. He wasn't long becoming attached to the idea of being a dad. She restated the plan several times through the pregnancy when he started to get overbearing, making sure he knew he was only the donor and it was her baby, not theirs or his. Even then, he didn't let it go. She should have known this would happen, though, because she knew he would love to be a dad even before the pregnancy idea came up. Even though it was laid out clearly, when she realized he was getting emotionally attached to the idea of a baby, she also should have known he wouldn't let it go no matter what she said.

I know they had an agreement but i still feel Violet was a bit selfish and it didn't really kick in until she and Jamie got back together. Jamie was the one that pushed to leave more than she did, Jamie was the one doing more of the whinging about everyone knowing that Sean was the father and not him. Violet probably would have settled down and allowed Sean to be a daddy if Jamie hadn't been in the picture and really, the baby would not have suffered for having an extra parent in the picture as long as they all agreed that Violet and Jamie were the main decision makers. Sean learned the hard way that he was sticking his oar in too far and realized he should have been content to be a favoured uncle. I know Violet was within her rights to set the boundaries and Sean wouldn't take any notice of them but i still feel bad for Sean and feel Vi and Jamie were selfish.

But, you say, Sean would have interfered to no end and wouldn't listen, so they *had* to leave. Probably, in some ways, yes. But would it have been so difficult to have the three grownups sit down together and set out the boundaries, maybe even have a legal paper drawn up for access etc. so there's no misunderstanding? I don't think any of them were very grown up about it all, to be honest and that's where it all fell down. I think they could have made it work Instead, we've got sad and broken hearted Sean and have seen the back of Jamie and Violet, no big deal after they've been pouting and moaning ever since they got back together. In true Coronation Street tradition, i wonder if Sean will ever mention the baby again?

Sunday 14 December 2008

Sunday Comments, December 14

Lines of the week:

  • Michelle "He's only staying the weekend, i promise" (yeah, right)
  • Jamie "It'll always be the four of us" (it's cruel, but he's right)
  • Amber about Dev "When I was born he wasn't walking on air, he was hiding round corners!"
  • Gail about David "It's his body but he's been taken over by aliens"
  • Steve "Less carrot, more stick!"
  • Michelle about Ryan "He'll realize there's enough of me to go around" (You *are* joking?!)
  • Ryan "He's a spoiled snide brown noser and I'm not sharing a room with him"
  • Audrey about David "he'll probably flip over to his dark side any minute" (be careful what you say! It's closer than you think!)
  • Steve about the boys "It's not a competition" Vernon "I don't know. It looks like Alex has won"
And it's a boy called Dylan Wilson. Good name! They did miss out on one thing, i would have thought Violet would have been sweat drenched but she wasn't. This isn't the first baby born under the Rovers roof though the last one was born in the back room when Betty helped Vera deliver Trish Armstrong's baby by Terry. Sean really shouldn't have squealed about his being the first face the baby saw. It wasn't. It was Marcus's! and saying that is only going to add more resentment in Violet. See, now, if Violet hadn't decided to leave town, Jamie wouldn't have been on his way to London and would have been there to see the baby born! After all Violet was skriking at Sean all these weeks, she let him come to the hospital and let him hold the baby! Instant bond, now. You won't be able to keep him away and taking that baby away now is really going to tear his heart out if they go as planned and she knows it. When Jamie was making his excuses to Sean, it certainly looked as if Marcus had ideas about Jamie's sincerity and he sussed out a bit more info from the midwife. I think he suspects something's up. Everyone is making a big deal out of Sean as new daddy "Who's the daddy" tshirt and all! It's definitely putting Jamie's nose out of joint and a major knot in his face. Cripes. Steve made a point to include Jamie in the "fathers" remark and he *still* wasn't happy. Whine whinge moan. Get over it and go away already. The pair of them (Jamie and Vi) are really getting on my nerves and i'm ready for them to leave now even though i'm going to be very sad for Sean. Lauren stumbled on the fact that their flat was going to be empty. Uh oh! Busted! Who's going to have her loyalty, Violet or Sean? At least Sean has one picture of the baby on his phone.

Given Jamie's history, i really think that down the road, he and Violet aren't going to make it last. He's never going to forget that it's not his baby even though he's raising him. Violet is going to feel more and more guilty. She's basically an honest person. Someone needed to show Sean the proper way to feed a baby. he was holding the bottle at an angle where the baby wouldn't have got hardly any milk! I really hated the way they outright lied to Sean about the birth certificate and that they weren't moving away.

Kelly and Junior Bookie? Well you know he's pretty much just after one thing. Looks like Senior Bookie has been tossed out on his ear. But he was staying there before she tossed all his stuff out anyway wasn't he? Is it me, or is the fella playing Paul actually inherited something else from Terry Duckworth? The actor's inability to act. The childrens' party went pretty much as expected. Nothing like a baby to bring out every woman within a 500 foot radius, all clucking and cooing!

What did you think of the new Rovers decoration? Booooooorrrrrinngggg! Pale covering on the benches, pale print wall paper, it just fades away! The old stuff was dated and tired for sure but it was at least colourful! Did you see Jamie and Sean passing that baby around and his little head going all over the place? tsk! Harry kept his own furniture and stored Junior's. How is that a "sofa"? it's barely big enough for one person! It's not even large enough to be called a love seat!

Michelle really is a bit pompous and smug with Wendy wasn't she? She knows nothing about Alex and Wendy seems like she's got a whole lot more about her and her being older, i think her maturity is far more reaching than Michelle's. And Alex wins again with his whining and playing Michelle off against Wendy. Michelle didn't think it was fair on Ryan but she still let Alex stay and then he decided to swing the lead and play sick for a day except it didn't turn out very well when he didn't notice Amy wandering off. Steve sure let him have it but as usual, Michelle didn't dare criticize her new golden boy. What does he do? throw a temper tantrum and lock himself in the empty pub! And he says things have just been getting to him lately? He's been living in the lap of spoiled luxury with Michelle lately. Fair enough, divorce is hard on kids, and he's not had that easy at least, but he's looking for something better and thinks he can find it with Michelle. Not only is Alex a spoiled brat, he's got ugly clothes. Looks like Ryan is going to move in with Liam for a bit. Vernon really hit the nail on it, saying that Alex had wone the competition. He has.

Tina got talking about her ex. Was that a little green glimmer i saw in David's eye? Most definitely. And he let Tina think that Maria and Tracy were his exes when neither of them would give him the time of day. Can't admit that he's never had a girlfriend in his life. Surprised he didn't mention Mel too. And then he decides he will prove he loves her by getting a tattoo of her name on his arm. I can pretty much guarantee you she's going to take it badly and it's going to blow up in his face. Kelly isn't very good at selling at home parties is she? lol telling people they were time wasters because they didn't really want to buy. Instead of giving up what does she do? Steal Underworld knicker knockoffs!

Tuesday 9 December 2008

Happy Birthday Coronation Street

Today is the show's 48th birthday and not many tv shows can say that! There's a couple of daily soaps on American tv that have it beat but Corrie is an evening show so probably doesn't count in the same category. Bill Roache has played Ken Barlow since episode 1, continuously. There is one American actor that has played his role continuously for a few months longer and one American female actor that has played her role continuously since the mid 1950s. Both are from American soaps, Guiding Light for him, As the World Turns for her. Another woman has played her role for longer but she's not had a continuous run, and has left her show a couple of times over the years. Pretty awesome really.

Eileen Derbyshire has played Emily Nugent Bishop for almost as long. She started on the show in January 1961 in episode 15 though her character was on the show much earlier! In that episode, Leonard Swindley came into the vestry to see Ena Sharples who had had a "spell" and he ordered Miss Nugent to see to her. This photo is a screen capture of that moment. It is distinctly not Eileen Derbyshire. It was a non-speaking part. I wrote a character study of Emily over on Corrieblog if you should wish to read it.

The show certainly has had it's ups and downs but they must be doing something right to last this long. People say it's not like it used to be but in order for it to survive, it's had to change with the times to bring in new, young viewers that will stay with the show as they grow up. We'll definitely see the 50th anniversary of Coronation Street in 2010. Will it last longer? Who knows. But 50 years in anyone's books is a damn good run!

Sunday 7 December 2008

Sunday Comments, December 7

Lines of the week

  • Michell to Ryan "You and Alex seem to be getting on ok" (they're mutually ignoring each other)
  • Becky to Ken "Slapping a pregnant woman ain't good is it?"
  • Michelle to Alex "It's not you" Alex "It is" (It is!)
  • Carla "What you do thing I am? An amusement park?" (the last thing she could be accused of is being fun!)
  • Harry "I might sail close to the wind sometimes but i am not bent!"
  • Jack "Ah, Vera's day to day shoes, also known as 'me shoes'. And these? 'me other shoes'. These ...'me good shoes'.and these? 'me best shoes'. Now, it seems daft calling 'em all that doesn't it but I knew exactly which pair of shoes she meant." (Awww)
  • Sean about the wallpaper "Oh look, our favourite colour. Mud!" (uh oh, that doesn't bode well for the new look)
Could Michelle be any thicker and any more of a hypocrite? Gives Alex a telling off and then offers him soup and ... oh is he staying? "we'll see". meaning yes. Every time he pulls their chain, they bend. He knows all the right things to say. Calling her Mum and saying he'll run away again. I hate hate hate this storyline!!! The only good part now, is how fast the gossip is spreading! So now he's going to stay, where? Share a room with Ryan? Oh *that's* going to go over well. Where else is there? He can't share with Amy. Vernon always seems to put his foot right in it doesn't he? And Alex has managed to extend his "a couple of days" stay. No surprise there.

Carla and Tony seem to have made up but he sure did it in an underhanded way, stealing the keys to her flat, sneaking in and making her dinner, *and* availing himself of her shower and Paul's dressing gown. I don't know as i really like that. It's creepy, not romantic (and does he think Beethoven's Fifth is music to woo to?). He almost deserved to get whacked on the head with a tire iron! (Why didn't she just call the police?) Tony's giving *Carla* a second chance? Man i'd be on the phone to the cops in a split second. Tony's moving in with Carla. Talk about rebounding from Liam! Well she deserves whatever she gets by backing off and letting him stay after all. I wouldn't trust a sneaky control freak like that.

Tina is making herself right at home isn't she? And David did have a point. Gail didn't have too many objections to Jason living under her roof when he and Sarah were dating. Still, even though David seems to have settled down, he's not changed all that much. Certainly selfish enough to expect his mother to vacate the house most evenings. Vernon figures he can get a good job of the redecorating out of two of his band-mates. Stranger things have happened, i suppose. Time for Jack to start clearing out Vera's things. At least he had Molly to help. Heartbreaking seeing him inhale what was left of her scent from her sweater. *gulp* If Amber's too young to sell Beer, then David's too young to pay for 'em. Darryl is over 18 of course.

Poor Jack, really thought he'd be able to get the money without the betting slip. So who finds it? Paul! Were you surprised? Not me! But before he could do the right thing, Ty and Molly tell him he'll have to leave. And i don't believe for one minute it was his birthday. If that hadn't happened, he might not have tried to scam the money. I just find this a bit hard to believe. Tyrone put the bet on and gave the slip to Vera for safe keeping? Vera *hated* Jack gambling! Paul came in to cash the bet but since Jack came in straight after and he never said a thing, Junior Bookie knows he's up to something so he's blackmailing him for 1000 quid! Harry knows as well and is going to make Junior pay Jack out of his own pocket so Junior is going to try to get it back out of Paul. What a tangled web we weave! Now how long do you think it will be until Jack, Ty and Molly find out that he scammed the money? Probably not long. Junior might just see to that if Paul doesn't pay up. Will this all mean Paul's got to find a new place to lodge?

Sean is using Lauren as his spy! I can understand Violet feeling pressured by Sean but i also think she's being a bit selfish and over the top too. Once she knew that Sean wanted to be involved, and seeing as he's, or was her friend, what harm would it do to let him be involved a bit? If she outlined the boundaries instead of just getting all flustered and shouting, he might give a little too. Unfortunately, it's all taking away from her own excitement and she's feeling heavy and hot and very pregnant and cranky at everyone that mentions the baby and Sean in the same conversation. Yes, i know, It's true that Sean doesn't know the boundaries *and* his excitement gets the better of him. Violet certainly went over the top at Lloyd and Steve and took great offence at Sean hiring a cleaner. After all that getting the flat clean for them, where does she give birth? On a grotty pub booth bench! I guess they've got no choice but to redecorate now! Jamie wants to move and not tell anyone where they going, not least Sean but can Violet really bring herself to do it? It looks like plans are moving forward. Jamie's bought the perfect stealth getaway car (oh look, it's the General Lee!) and leaving town just for the day virtually guaranteed that Violet would give birth and considering it's a soap, of *course* Sean would be there instead and be the first one to see and hold the baby! Lucky Marcus the midwife was there!

Dev must open the shop early. Kelly doesn't seem to be making much of a go of the knicker parties. Looks like Molly and Tyrone are now officially the owners of Number 9. Tina has the house to herself and would rather not? What kind of teenager is she? The honeymooners are home. Odd how you never saw Blanche in the betting shop before the new owners. Gotta say, i am loving Harry Mason, Senior Bookie. Aww didn't you love that little scene in the salon where Blanche was reminscing about her own honeymoon?

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Monday 1 December 2008

Brothers at arms

Oh god make it stop!

I knew ahead of time that this baby swop story was going to be lengthy and tedious as hell and living through it is even worse than i imagined! There are so many plot holes in this storyline that it makes swiss cheese look solid! Let me count the ways (just off the top of my head and there are many more!)

Nick stalks Ryan. Michelle gets pissed but it's ok if she stalks Alex!
Nobody raised any questions at the hospital. No reports. No social services involved. No police. No councilling for anyone and let me tell you a few of them need it. The only semi-voice of reason seemed to be Wendy and she's shoved to the side and is only incidental to the story. She's abiding by Ryan's decision and not stalking him or calling Michelle to find out about him. Now that the truth is out, Nick doesn't seem to be bothered with Ryan when he could hardly stay away before. Wonder where Alex gets it from? Even when he came to pick up Alex or find out where Alex was, he didn't ask to see Ryan or ask about him at all!

Alex seems to appear out of nowhere, even at a remote country hotel for the wedding. He's 16 but Michelle accompanies him home. She also goes to a dentist appointment with him. Like he's a child of 6. They allow Alex to get away with all that acting up and acting out without consequence. Oh sure, take over the pub (that's this week) and we'll let you stay here. Doesn't matter what Ryan thinks, Oh yes Ryan, what you think matters. Like hell it does. Doesn't matter what Steve says either. Michelle is single minded. Forget everyone and everything else.

This is going to go on for weeks more. Watching Alex lead them all around by the nose is getting old really quick. and ... semi spoiler here, once the storyline is over? Alex isn't mentioned again and only rarely is Ryan mentioned as visiting Nick... mainly when they need to get the character off screen for something.

The nation might be gripped, but i'm just bored witless.
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