Sunday 30 May 2010

Sunday Comments, May 30

Lines of the week:
  • Pam "Do you really think Cowboy is the best image for a builder?"
  • Rosie to MIchelle "Did you think i was out of his league?" (no, he's out of yours!)
  • Joe "I am not a junkie" (
  • David to Joe "Next time you get the shakes, grab a wisk and whip us up an omelet!"
  • Kevin to Chesney about the dog "Bring your 'orse!"
  • Joe "I've got a bad back" (didn't seem to be bothering you when you were tearing up the place!)
  • Rosie about Michelle "Name one thing she has that i haven't" (where do i start?) and Michelle about Rosie "The whole street has you on tap. You should have your own pump in the Rovers"i
  • Gail "You think i'm a mug." Audrey "The only thing your lacking is a handle. And mugs are breakable"
  • Luke about Rosie "Company-wise, she's got less going for her than a dead crustacean" (so why bother?)
  • Eddie "I had an industrial accident" Anna "First day on the job he spilled tea all over his nether regions"

Joe is a whiny drug addict. Yes, he'll probably get over the addiction. But then he'll just be whiny. David is completely off his rocker too, thinking Tina will go back to him just because her father says so. He's pushing Joe so far that he's going to push him over the edge. Gail works in a medical centre. How can she not be aware of the symptoms of addiction or withdrawal? All Joe does is drag Gail down and he pretty much always has done. now it looks like he's lost the big job he got through Len. You do remember that he borrowed money from one of Len's "mates" for the supplies? Yes it's going to get worse.

You didn't think it would, did you, not after he hit bottom and broke into the Health Centre trying to score the drugs.Did you catch the lyrics in the van when Joe was outside of the Medical Centre? "Times for a change, the luck i've had to turn a good man bad. Let me get what i want this time" Ironic, that. then hiding in the ginnel making sure nobody could see him while the van and loud radio was right there! Sheesh! He was even a loser at that, couldn't get into the locked cabinets! I was hoping he'd be electrocuted by the alarm when he was sledgehammering it! Anything to put me out of my misery. Now Gail really has a weight around her neck and everyone knows it. More fodder for David and she'll have to contend with her mother looking down her nose at Joe too!

Even when he got caught, Joe is still denying he's really got a problem. He's not a real addict shooting up on a street corner (but he's breaking into medical offices. Close enough in my book). He just reckons it's bad luck. It is of course, and it is easy to get addicted to prescription painkillers, but put real life situations aside for a minute. This is tv. We're allowed to call Joe a loser. Gail sure didn't look too happy, almost cold really.

Kevin sure looked sour to hear all about Molly and Tyrone's idyllic holiday.

Pam seems to have taken Bill and the business in hand. Janice is right, most of them in the factory take pleasure in the misfortunes of others. Janice and Kelly are the worst offenders but Sally does it too. How could nobody realize Joe was inside the Medical Center when his van was parked right across the road from it by the pub?

The truth comes out. And Sally deserved that whack to the head for trying to grab Fiz's handbag. They figured out it was Chesney that took the car and it all kicked off again. See, i reckon that Fiz didn't tell Chesney about John because down deep she knows it's wrong even if she does love him. Sally and Rosie are out for blood, Fiz's blood, But why would Fiz put the ring in her locker? If you didn't want anyone to find it, put it in your pocket! Anyway. Kevin is being reasonable and understanding about Chesney. He figured that's the way the wind was blowing and put his foot down. Wasn't Kevin nice to Chesney? That poor lad really does need a stable man's influence. Kirk doesn't count. Anyway, Kevin knows how to handle the women in his house and with a not-very-heartfelt apology, Chesney and Fiz are off the hook. I think Sally was swayed by the fact that Ches hates Stape as much as she does! Anna is so sweet with Chesney isn't she? Fiz really does do her best (except when she's lost her mind and backbone over a loser like Stape) but Chesney really does need a Mum.

Laughed at Tony sticking the knife into Rosie's insecurities about Luke and Michelle. She's just so bubble headed. I enjoyed Luke and Tony making jokes about her in the pub after she flounced out. You just know if Michelle'd have Luke back, Rosie would be dumped in a New York Minute. However, Tony doesn't want that because they need Rosie's money. Luke's made his bed, he's going to have to lie in it for the time being. It's probably not that much of a hardship unless he's trying for an intelligent conversation in the morning.

I can't imagine what Becky's dress must look like. It appears to have cost a pretty penny and bought in a classy shop. Not her usual style i would have thought. Well we won't have long to wait. Tony really crossed the line ordering Michelle around and i think he knew it. I also laughed at Sean winding up Jesse and telling him he was gay, between mother problems and cowboy gear!

Jesse's mother seems to be the bane of his existence. He's definitely hinting to move in with Eileen but i think it's more to get away from his mum than it is wanting to be with her. I think Jesse is more of a mama's boy than he lets on really. Tina and Jason are the new owners of Number 12, the flat where steve and Karen used to live. Jason goes a bit over their limit but it'll be ok. I'm sure.

Sunday 23 May 2010

Sunday Comments, May 23

Lines of the week:

  • Mammy Connor "We need to get her away from that odious man!" (you don't know the half of it!)
  • Lloyd to Ashley "I'm doing vasectomy jokes here and you're not playing ball!" (snort!)
  • Betty about Jim "He's like a human tsunami that man!"
  • Anna to Chesney "You're a good lad, I can tell" (and really, he is, just having a hard time lately)
  • and.. "Deny everything, they've got nothing on you!"
  • Michelle "It's complicated" Ryan "With you and men, it's always complicated" (he's learning fast!)
  • (from last week but it was brilliant!) Tony to Helen Connor: "Why don't you take your toxic tongue and your tubby hubby back to the land of Begorrah and BeJesus."

Hiya, i'm back from my holidays. I had a brilliant time and had a great Coronation Street Coroping/Contress weekend in Manchester as well! So wonderful to catch up with old Corrie friends and meet new ones face to face! We had a coach tour of locations that were used in Corrie and had a 40 minute visit on the outside set of Granada studios, thanks in full to the wonderful Christine!!! There's photos of the tour and set here, and photos from the ping party here.

How can Rita tell Emily has had her hair done? It looks exactly the same as it always does! But yes, i think Emily and Ramsay both quite like each other. Wouldn't it be lovely to see her find love in her winter years? Norris finally has an ally in Freda against Ramsay. He really can be an odious little man.

Becky and Steve are going to get married in two weeks! I wonder if she'll get through this one sober! I wonder if Liz will come back! Loved the Pretty Woman scenario in the posh wedding shop (Co-Cu in the Victorian Barton Arcade off Deansgate in central Manchester, for you location junkies! I actually walked through there last week and saw the shop!) I can't wait to see what sort of dress Becky will end up with this time, though i actually did like the pink one from last time. And it doesn't look like Liz could make it back for the wedding so Becky's got a plan, though, seems she's going to surprise Steve by inviting Jim to the wedding. Becky's surprises don't always go according to plan so i shudder to think. She's also trying to win a dream honeymoon. It all sounds perfect but is there a fly in the ointment? or should i say a Slug in the ointment?

Gail's unshockable? yet she always is shocked when something that was blatantly obvious finally sinks in. David is having great fun winding up poor pathetic Joe. And Joe is supposed to help Tina and Jason. More "betrayal" and fodder for blackmail, at least in David's eyes. He figures Joe can make Tina like him again. I don't know who's fooling themselves more, Joe for not accepting he's an addict or David for not accepting Tina's gone and done with him. How can Joe not realize he's addicted when he allows David to blackmail him for one pill at a time! Joe is firmly in the throes of addiction and Gail can't see it at all. He's not even that good at hiding it, i think. Now he's even stealing money from Gail who blamed David for it. More fodder. When she does have some suspicions, he manages to talk his way out of it but you know, deep down, she probably does realize but isn't accepting that he's a loser of the worst kind. Even Joe finally snapped and attacked David but you know that isn't going to scare David off, though it might have if JOe had actually hurt David. Next, Joe is nagging the substitute doctor at the medical centre because he isn't the regular doctor who already knows his history (but then again, wouldn't any doctor check his file first?)

I see Chesney is just as nasty and disrespectful to Fiz as he was 3 weeks ago and i think he needs a good spanking, the brat! So what does he do next? He finds the ring and goes beserk and steals Rosie Webster's car! Did you see her in her Daisy Duke short shorts and high heels washing it? She's turned into a cariacature, a joke really. And the saga of the ring continues, Chesney might have escaped getting caught for stealing the car but he left the ring in the car and Rosie found it and gave it to Sally but Fiz saw it and stole it back. It's not going to be pretty. It's nice that Chesney is making friends with Anna, she needs someone to mother and probably sees Chesney as a young Gary, with the hope of steering him on the right path. He could so easily go off the rails now but i think down deep he's a good kid and if Fiz is careful he might just grow up that way too.

Jason doesn't realize Leon is gay? I have a feeling he does know. It was kind of mean having Eileen and Tina teasing him with every gay stereotype there is though. I see Claire's still on her crusade to make Josh a football legend now she's back on her feet. Wait until she finds out that Ashley didn't get snipped! Chesney, Eddie didn't get you sacked, you did that with your attitude. I'm really surprised that Number 12 is in such bad shape. It was occupied not all that long ago when Michelle and Ryan lived in it before she moved to the pub. Ok, 2 or 3 years but would it need so much work in that short a time?

Low impact aerobics with frozen peas on your ankles? OUch! Kevin didn't get his magazine delivered. Why didn't Norris just pull one off the shelf? And then he gets into a childish tugging competition with Eddie over it. Sheesh. Roy is a peach. lol! Wait, i thought Chesney packed in his job or got himself sacked but there he was later on with the paper bag walking back to the Kabin (when Kevin handed him his wages from the garage). Michelle is back for a bit.

Tony needs to do damage control with the Connors but i think they're far too suspicious of him and his motives and methods. He's intent on putting a wedge between the grandparents and Maria and claiming his territory and he's very posessive of Maria and the baby but in the end, she's slipping out of his grasp with a trip to Ireland right into Mammy Connor's clutches. Tony may actually have developed real feelings for Maria but he doesn't really know the meaning of love, does he? it's all about control with him.

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