Sunday 26 October 2008

Sunday comments, October 26

Lines of the week:
  • Becky to Fiz "The only break he should get off you is when you break his two timing neck"
  • Ryan "How do you get lost walking?" (that's a city boy for you)
  • Sally complaining to Kevin about Janice "She called Rosie a cheap tart!" (and she agrees with Janice!)
  • Nurse "He was still calling for his Carla" (oops!)
  • Michelle "Why would he call for Carla unless he thought he'd died and went to hell!"
  • Rosie "Joan of Arc was executed for heresy, not hearsay!"
  • Carla to Tony "My knight in shining Armani"
  • Tony to Carla, all wide eyed "I'm here for you" (i seriously don't trust him!)
  • Liam "When i first came too yesterday the first thing i saw was Maria. All six of her"
Pretty spectacular rescue, wasn't that? Excellent stunt work! They used real mountain rescue crews too. All that aside, I guess that map would have come in pretty handy. The stupid woman thought she could climb down. So what was she going to do if she actually managed it? Maria just wandered around not knowing where she was until she finally stumbled on civilization and then had trouble directing them back again. Should have left sweet wrappers or something. At least Liam had Ozzy to keep him warm. Wonder how he got down there without hurting himself? Maria thinks they had no business being out there, that's not true, they just should have been more prepared. Sure they had Liam's cell phone but you would pretty much figure there wouldn't be a signal out that far. Taking Maria out to help retrace their steps might not have been the normal thing the crew would do but it did work. Aw they remembered Ozzie and the hotel will mind him. Doesn't sound like Liam came off too badly, though broken ribs can be pretty dangerous. They sure took their time calling Carla, though and she had to find out from Violet! Even disregarding her family connection, she's his business partner.

Maria's all upset that Liam called out for Carla. Can't blame her, can you? Do you think she's making a mountain out of a molehill? (er, yes, pun intended). Michelle says Liam and Carla have been at odds since they met, but that can also be a disguise for attraction too, considering she was his brother's wife. So what does Maria do? She doesn't want to be made a fool of, she doesn't want to give him a chance to tell her something she doesn't want to hear, so she pushes the wedding up! Why would she say no one's ever loved her before? You couldn't get someone that loved her more than Tyrone!! Ungrateful cow! Now, Liam does feel a bit trapped into marriage yet he says he does love Maria. Maria is covering her bases though, lying to Carla about their arrival home but she got caught out shopping for her wedding dress with Carla in a restaurant across the road.

This young girl, Tina, seemed to be a bit stroppy with Gail in the clinic. She was nice to Betty, though and if she's got the nerve to go into the pub and ask for tap water, she's got guts! And...David seems to have found a girl that actually thinks he's normal! They may just be the match made in hell or she might be the making of him, keeping him on his toes. Wait until Gail finds out! David can hardly believe it. And she is a bossy thing isn't she, ordering David around and he takes it like a tonic! She cuts right to it doesn't she? Backs him in to a corner as to if he's had sex and then says she'll sleep with him. She's going to keep him on his toes, that's for sure. I like her already!

Oh Fiz, don't listen to him! He's a silver tongued devil. In a trance and couldn't say no? Horse hockey! Think what he did, Fiz, don't do it! She nearly gave in until she saw Rosie again and Rosie isn't going to go away. Chesney wants to help, but nobody really can. Fiz has to get over John but it's going to be a long haul. Rosie back to school, something tells me she's going to be the butt of all the jokes and gossip. Stape is gone from the school.

Ryan is too clever for Michelle. She's lying and saying the police caught the weirdo and Ryan has many questions and then, busted! Sees Steve talking to the stalker which, of course, is Nick who is likely Ryan's father. She only told him that because she doesn't think Nick will bother Ryan at least until they've had a DNA test.

Jack and Vera seem to have finally figured out a way to move to Blackpool, with Tyrone and Molly's help. After Paul got his backside saved by Jack pretending he'd lent Paul the money, he's no help at all. He doesn't even seem to feel guilty at all. Tyrone was sweet, going to Blackpool to get more listings for Vera. Loved the little walk down memory lane, mentioning all those old names. Aren't Ty and Molly really just a great couple?

Blanche and the junior bookie are wonderful! I like the senior bookie. Have seen him in Bad Girls and he's a good actor. Boy, Sophie's got a gob on her doesn't she? They really had Liam looking rough, whitened his face and pasted reddish black circles under his eyes. Very realistic. It's Kevin's day of reckoning and Rosie decided to stay away and cook a meal instead of going to the court house. Kevin got 28 days, to serve 14 days!!! Hardly seems fair for a crime of passion. And Janice couldn't resist taking the mick out of Sally but Sophie came all over her like a wild thing and all Sean can do is simper and egg her on.

Sunday 19 October 2008

Sunday Comments, October 19

Lines of the week:

  • Jim to Vernon "I've no intention of stealing your bride to be" (Oh yes you have!)
  • Liz about Jim "I want what he used to be" and "I don't want to be on a pedestal. I want to be on the edge of me seat wondering what happens next"
  • Dev "Let's just say Jim wasn't so cool about the wedding as he was making out" (I'll say!)
  • Liz "There's more to a man than..." Betty "Hard work?"
  • Vernon about his friend "He's never had the love of a good woman" Steve "I guessed as much"
  • Vernon "It's an Eskimo love song" Dev "I just wondered if you were going to do it in a ... husky voice" (oh, nice one!)
  • Vernon "I love you" Liz "Me and all" (yeah, *that* sounds committed. not.)
  • Liam "I was anyone's for a free ride in a minibus!"
  • Liam "I'll show you who's King of the Mountain" (not you, as it turns out, home boy!)
  • John to Fiz "I was unfaithful with my body, but I was never 'ever' unfaithful in my brain or in my heart" (so 2 out of 3 ain't bad? tosser!)

David managed to have Sarah panicking about what David could have done to her luggage. Sarah made no bones to David now that she schemed to take his job away. David did manage to put the doubt in Jason's head and Sarah made her big mistake. Why on earth would she have admitted it to Jason? Bragged about it, even? I knew she was self centred but you'd think she'd also be self-surviving. Wouldn't she figure Jason wouldn't approve of what she'd done? He's not got a scheming bone in his body, not really. HE's a bit thick. Ok a lot thick, but he's a good lad and he couldn't stomach that she behaved as badly as David and dumped her at the train station and good for him! It's too bad the little girl that played Bethany in those scenes wasn't a better actor (I don't know which twin it was). There's Beth walking beside Jason and Sarah who are screaming at each other and she's looking like they're on a day out in the park, looking around for the ducks, rather than look upset like most kids would. Sarah gave him an ultimatum and she probably thought he'd come running back at the last minute. He didn't. And you know, even after Jason told Gail everything, her apology to David was pretty half hearted, wasn't it? Poor Jason. Even though he did do the right thing, it did hurt that his marraige had blown up in his face, and he had to spend New Year's Eve celebrating someone else's wedding with his mother! Oh and i guess Jason will have to buy himself a lot of new clothes since all or most of his will have been in Sarah's suitcase. Wonder if she'll ship them back home?

We stumbled towards the last wedding of the year. Lots of fun in the bar taking the mick out of Vernon and his friend (Steve, Dev, Lauren etc. Even at the reception!) Liz seems to be more comfortable with Jim around, more and more, letting him babysit, help decorate. Him sharing memories certainly added to her uncertainty but I was pretty sure she didn't love him anymore and she confirmed it. She'll always care for him, though. Let's face it, I never believed Vernon was the right one for Liz even if he's a good man and will treat her a lot better than any other has. She's an adrenaline junkie and she'll never be happy with Vernon. It was a close call but Jim's violence made her realize she can't live on that adrenaline and she married Vernon, him with blood all over his shirt from his encounter. Power to him, he isn't a fighter but he wasn't afraid of Jim either and ended up on his backside for it. I *loved* Steve's rollocking of his father. Excellent scene. Excellent chemistry. And Vernon not pressing charges because Jim would go back to the nick. Golden. Then the mad scramble to get to the registry office before they all left after Deirdre told them it was off.

Jim takes one last try the next day, thinking Liz really did call the wedding off. Surprise! So we say good bye to Jim McDonald again. You never know, though, maybe he'll be back again someday? Vernon knows, too, and got it right in one. He knows she married him because she felt sorry for him. but decided to stay with her anyway. The really sad part of all this is that at some point Vernon is really going to get hurt and as much as i never particularly liked him in the past, he's growing on me and he doesn't deserve it. Hmm the limo was longer than the Rovers is wide! Vernon's taking Liz to the Grand Ol' Opry! That's a bit different. Probably be fun, too.

Surely Darryl isn't sleeping in the shed in winter? Looked like he was sleeping upstairs... Finlay's bed while the lad was with his mother? DAvid didn't go to work because he was going to Liz's wedding? It never fails to baffle me the people that get invited to Corrie weddings and the ones that don't. Same for funerals. Clever of someone to produce a colouring book and crayons for Amy at the registry office. Oh heck, Jason moped around all week waiting for Sarah to call and when she finally does, he's out! Hmmm i'd say Becky definitely fancies Jason, wouldn't you? John,like Jim, tried one last time to return and get in Fiz's good books. Bless Kirk for trying to have a go and growling him off.

It's all very mono-syllabic at the Websters', with the threat of prison hanging over Kevin's head. Rosie doesn't see what the big problem is and thinks everyone is just jealous. Even though her father might suffer for her actions, it doesn't look like Rosie will be taking any responsibility at all for hers aside from a few inconveniences. Rosie apologized to Fiz saying she didn't mean for her to get hurt. Well, you know, any *adult* that is the "other" woman knows that somoene is going to get hurt. I know violence isn't the answer but oh did i want Fiz to whack Rosie one. It has, however, been entertaining in that Rosie has been getting the cold shoulder and barbed remarks from everyone including her family and she just can't understand why people just can't move on! (Stupid child). She's swanning around like it's all ok just because she's apologized, even planned to go to the wedding thinking nobody would care. Somebody better tell Ryan pretty soon what's going on? He's old enough even if it's going to be hard to accept. Blanche and the bookie junior might just be the best new double act on the Street! Funny, though, we never saw or heard of her betting before now? Maybe she's got a crush on Junior.

God. Maria is still whining about Carla who's refined image slipped a little on New Year's. "You'se lot are stuck with me!" It didn't take long for Carla to get back up Maria's nose. Carla even tried calling Liam when he was on his way with Maria for their romantic weekend, just to wind them up. I really and truly don't think Carla loves Liam, i think it's game playing. Seeing how far she can push, maybe even a challenge to see if she can break them up. Lake District, very pretty but probably pretty chilly in January. Why on earth would they be traipsing around the hills without a land survey map for the trails or something? And why would Maria blame Liam, she could have asked or made sure they had a flashlight and map etc. And Liam blaming her for being pissed and calling it "hormonal"? I'd be pushing him over the edge meself! So they're lost, it's getting dark, and then.... oh noooooo!!! Liam goes over the edge! yikes!!!

(and bloody cbc decided that Rick Flaming Mercer was more important than Corrie here in Atlantic Canada on Tuesday and didn't air the missing episode! I had to wait until Sunday because in their infinite wisdom, they aren't showing the episodes online on the night they air in there "new and improved" website")

Sunday 12 October 2008

Sunday Comments, October 12

Lines of the week:
  • Fiz "It's not Christmas without lights" and "What would i do without you" (you're about to find out)
  • Jason "I was thinking Rochdale, not Rome!"
  • Audrey at Christmas dinner "it simply cannot be as bad as Christmas Day last year" (SOPOD!!! Whammo, it's Jinx time!)
  • Fiz to John "If i like what I find, you never know, you might get lucky" (or not)
  • Rosie "It's not from John, i swear" Kevin "Nobody said it was" (Busted!)
  • John "It wasn't my fault!" (if that isn't the most pathetic thing a grown adult could say, because obviously "No" isn't in his vocabulary?)
  • Sally to Rosie "if your dad goes to prison because you couldn't keep your knickers on you're in for a very bumpy ride"
  • Rosie to Sally "I had what you wanted. And you're jealous!"
  • Blanche about Fiz "They said she was beside herself with grief. She doesn't look it to me. Not with a mouth full of bacon!" (it's called comfort food!)
  • Rosie to John "I'll see you around then" (not if he sees you first!)
  • Sarah "Jason thinks what I think"
  • Tyrone to Kevin "You should have hit him a bit harder!"

It's not much of a Christmas for David, with his dream shattered at the hands of his sister. Steven walked right into Sarah's plans, and it's a done deal and Jason really doesn't have much of a say, not when it's something Sarah really wants. It's a three month trial, so why is Sarah talking about Beth growing up with two languages? She made all the arrangements and they never told anyone until there was only four days left until departure. Not very fair on Gail is it? And Sarah waited until maximum humiliation for David could be aquired. If i was Jason, the alarm bells would already be ringing in my head. I'd think Bill would probably think Jason going to Italy wouldn't be such a bad thing, even with a different language. He did it years ago going to Germany. Well David is going to have his last ditch effort and try to convince Jason that Sarah stitched him up. And let's face it, Jason is a good lad, at heart. Will he believe David? I think he'll look back on Sarah's whole attitude and realize it's true. So if it's true, what will Jason do?

Rosie's making John choose. It's not as if she's all in love with him, is it? She just wants to lead him around by the nose and rub everyone's faces in it. And not have to sneak around. She must be getting bored. Anyway, he then started to break up with Fiz with excuses, and she knew it but he backed down. He really does love her. But oh boy! Wasn't that a serendipitous way of finding out? You could tell straight away that's what was going to happen when Fiz found a gift under the bed and put it under the tree. So Fiz gets Rosie's slinky knickers and Rosie opens Fiz's sturdy pjs!!! Of course Fiz would immediately suspect Sally but judging from the look of the knickers, they wouldn't even fit Sally! Even Kevin started to have doubts. I don't see why Sally is all holier-than-thou, though. She'd have had John if he'd been willing! and into the fray swans Miss Thing who hoisted herself with her own petard. But also, totally unrepentant. And then it all blows up and ends with John on the cobbles being kicked around by an irate Kevin and Rosie looked at him as if he were gum on her shoe. Shows how much she really thought about John, doesn't it? It was all a game to her, one which she kept upping the ante to see how far she could push things. And what does John do? Whine that it isn't his fault and oh mummy she made me do it and the bad man hit me, Mr. Policeman! Yes, ok, it was assault. but who can blame Kevin? Obviously, Mr. Righteous and Morally Upstanding does. Did anyone but me get the impression that, when John was talking to Rosie just before he left, that he was blaming her for his problems? Who's the adult here? Who had the responsibility to say no? No surprise he wasn't taking any responsibility for his actions.

Fallout. When Kevin and the cops came outside, Eileen said "Have you seen Kevin's shirt!", but he had changed into a clean one, he didn't still have the bloody one one. Surely John will lose his job? Even if the affair started before Rosie was his student, it did continue. I wonder if Kirk thinks he might get Fiz back but in the meantime, he seems to think Becky fancies him. Blanche is haunting Fiz, hoping for some inside gossip straight from the horse's mouth. Somehow, i think between witnessing all this and the kerfluffle in the Platt household over the Milan job, this Christmas probably was worse than Audrey's last year (when David outed her and Bill's fling to Maureen!) You would think Kevin, having a pretty clean record, would have got off with community service. I guess we have to wait a couple of weeks to find out. Even though Kevin might have argued that it was temporary insanity, he was probably right in pleading guilty in the end. I was so glad Sally slapped little miss Knickers, weren't you? About the only thing that made Rosie even blink with a slight bit of shock and regret was her father's insults calling her a scrubber. Didn't expect that, did you, missy? Poor Fiz, my heart breaks for her!

Looks like Jerry and Harry both have sons that are missing the tact gene. Laughed at Jamie and Liam leaving their wild single youth behind and looking ahead at fatherhood. I won't say looking forward, they were both scared. There's no way on earth uber First Aider Roy would have frozen at the onset of Kirk choking and have feckless Becky come to the rescue. Where on earth would she even have learned the Heimlich? Becky's coralling all the odds and ends for their own little family dinner for Christmas. Roy didn't have a say either. Just like Jason lol! But why on earth would Hayley phone Roy in the cafe on Christmas day? She'd know he'd not be open, wouldn't she? Wasn't he cute, putting his Christmas paper hat back on to talk to her on the phone? Tony's going for a four star restaurant.. In Paris! I'm surprised Dev kept the shop open even if he's Hindu (and yet he bought Amber a Christmas present, golfing clothes? Is that possibly the most uncool thing you could buy a teenage girl ever???). It could hardly be worth his while. Darryl is developing a soft spot (or something) for Lauren. I hate her more and more every scene. She's really odious, isn't she? Laughed at Tyrone and Dev betting on how long Jason would last in Italy.

Cilla sent Chesney a singing Elvis mug!!! it wasn't even wrapped up all that much, i can't imagine how it got there unbroken. Ches said it was already Christmas in America. He got his time zones backwards. And it seems Kirk is even more of a kid than Chesney! Up in the wee hours! Amy walks! But nobody let her try to tear the paper off a gift. At 4 years old, she's more than capable. poor kid! Liz's gift was to put something on. Vernon's will be to unwrap it off her! After Ryan received all his Uncle Paul's top end computer games, what does Liam buy him? Another one! Maria might say she's not bothered about his kiss with Carla, but she is. Why couldn't we have been allowed to see Norris make an arse of himself at the hotel? probably would have been more fun than the boring Platts. A bit hard to have a good time though, when the spectre of Christmas past and present is scowling over the procedings. Vernon gave Amy a cd he'd wanted himself, Yes a four year old is going to want David Bowie. Indeed. Prat. We did get a little glimpse of the Peacocks and Joshua got a very cool Ood mask (Doctor Who monster!)

Awww Andy won't be coming for his mum's wedding. I always liked Andy. It was nice to see him last time he came, for Steve's nuptials. I'm enjoying Jim being a thorn in Vernon's side. It's really clear that him being around, even on his best behaviour, is giving Liz second thoughts. It's clear he still loves Liz, you can see the history between them every time they look at each other. And Steve *never* should have told Jim about Liz's fling with the dreary drayman!!! Gotta give Vernon points though, he takes it all quietly but isn't afraid to tell Jim what he thinks, too. If it comes down to it, he'll fight for his Liz.

Michelle finally had a proper talk with Nick, Alex's dad. And it looks like Alex has a few angst issues with his dad. Michelle is right, though, this revelation really will be difficult for the boys to handle and it's a tough call, what to do. Tell them or leave it? Well, the cat's out of the bag so we know it's going to come out at some point. But how long will Michelle be able to keep it from Ryan? After all, she's already said Alex was the spit of Dean so it's bound to be true. And Nick hasn't told Alex yet either.

I gotta say. It was a very eventful week but there were also so many wonderful lines and scenes. Blanche haunting the street for more gossip, Rosie lording it over Sally, Sarah lording it over David, Roy hosting Christmas dinner and waiting for Hayley's call which came at the end of the day. As always, the pair of them wittered on about who would speak about their day first and Roy, in his best cardy, putting his paper hat back on to take the call. Gold!

The Stape/schoolgirl affair blew wide open and man, oh man, did Jennie McAlpine blow me away with her acting. I *really* believed her pain and vulnerability. Fiz was shattered, her self esteem completely destroyed and her heart in pieces and you found yourself with a huge lump in your throat along with her. David finally gets his comeuppance and I don't care, Sarah was nasty and manipulative but considering what David's done to her and her family, it was Karma to end all karma. Goodbye to Sarah and Bethany. Jim McDonald keeps lurking and Vernon is very uneasy. Next week will be the wedding (or will it?) and another good week of Corrie watching.

Sunday 5 October 2008

Catch yourselves on!

Have I mentioned how much i'm enjoying the return of Jim "Big Mac" McDonald? I always thought the chemistry between Jim and Liz was electric, largely in part to the actors who really did work well together. Even when the characters were apart, when they were fighting, when they were with other people, all one of them had to do was look at the other and you could see all that history between them laid out...the good times and the bad. The love and the regret and you always knew there would always be something there between them even if you also knew they weren't good for each other in reality.

Liz married Jim as a teenager, pregnant with twins and had to take on most of the responsibility of raising them while Jim was in the army, often away. She would have had to live away from her home and friends with each different posting he would have had. She would have been young and lonely, she'd have had to contend with his drinking and his hot Irish temper. And his jealousy. Jim's jealousy would always come between them and cause trouble. He was married to a gorgeous woman and he knew it.

When the lads got older and didn't need their mother as much, Liz starting wanting things for herself. Jim got scared, feeling she'd realize she no longer needed him either and things got worse. In trying to hold on so tight to her, she slipped through his fingers. Add guilt and regret onto his jealousy and you had a recipe for rage and disaster. They tried to run The Queen's, a Newton and Ridley pub but the brewery rep had his eye on Liz and even though Liz had no intention of taking him up on the offer that was clearly there, Jim's temper went into overdrive and his actions and reactions ended the marraige, albeit temporarily.

It ended in divorce eventually when she admitted she'd had a long ago fling with his best mate in the army. He hit her and threw her out of the car and left her on a dark road. Let it be said, Liz had a pretty hot temper at times, too. In her rage and anger, she doctored up the bruises to look even worse than they were!

Like two "star crossed" lovers, though, over the years they were back together or nearly so several times. It really was clear to me that although they loved each other, they were bad for each other as well. Liz had established her own independence but Jim never really got control of his jealousy and anger issues, and his temper and parental protective instinct led him to beat the tar out of Jez Quigley who had beaten Steve very badly. Understandable reaction in one way but taking the law into hiw own hands in a fit of red rage landed Jim in jail for 8 years because Jez died of his injuries. Jim at least did the right thing and confessed and would allow no defence of his actions. Liz returned for the trial and in a surprise move, married him before he was sent down.

While he was in jail, however, his temper ended up extending his sentence and his jealousy led him to escape. He heard Liz was canoodling with the landlord of a bar she was working in, up in Blackpool (she was, as it happened, but she wasn't in love with him.) They nearly managed to escape together to Northern Ireland but saved Ashley and Clare, stranded in a boat, instead and recaptured, Jim was back in the nick. His temper led to an arguement and fight inside and Liz finally had enough and divorced him.

Now she's involved with mild mannered Vernon, a musician who's a bit of a slacker but he genuinely loves Liz and he treats her with respect and he treats her like a queen. He's everything Jim is not and he's definitely not got the exciting edge, either. Liz always seems to thrive on that edge and it's clear to all of us that Vernon isn't really her soul mate. It's too bad that she hasn't really learned that she can be happy with him. I think she does love him in a way but it's not with a passion, certainly not with the passion Vernon feels for her.

Jim has finally been released and in spite of promising to stay away, he just can't do it. Coronation Street was a large part of his life and Liz an even larger part. He still loves her. You can tell. That look is still in his eyes. The history and the love, the regret. He ambled back on screen and it's felt like he's never been away, aside from the fact that he's been keeping his temper in check, trying to prove he's changed. Has he? He says he wishes Liz well. He probably does but would prefer it if he could get her back. He's not consciously trying to stop the wedding but he's consciously trying to show himself in a good light, reminding Liz of the good times and how it could be between them. "This is what you're missing". Except it's bound to blow sooner or later.

And already you can see Liz starting to doubt her decision to marry Vernon. She's having chats with Deirdre, talking about her fantasy man who resembles Jim not just a little. She's starting to have second thoughts. Maybe not that she'll go back to Jim, but that she might be making a mistake marrying Vernon.

Unfortunately, Charles Lawson is only back for a short time so we know Jim and Liz aren't going to get back together. The big question is, will the wedding go off as planned or will Liz do the right thing and dump Vernon? By next week, we'll have the answers.

Either way, it was great to have a little bit of Jim for awhile, so it was. From the first "What about yer, Steven" to his connecting with his wee granddaughter Amy, to the father-son relationship that puts poor Steve in the middle. Seeing him with Liz again, feeling that crackle of chemistry. It was short, but it was worth it.

Sunday Comments, October 5

Lines of the week:

  • Sarah "I don't really look at it as losing a brother, just getting Bethany's bedroom back!"
  • Jim "I'll tell you this and i'll tell you no more... it'll bring a tear to her eye!"
  • David to a tinsel covered Darryl "I came to see if Darryl was coming out. Didn't realize he already had done!"
  • David "They're not mine!!!!!!!"
  • Betty "Balawi isn't exactly Prestwich, is it?" (about Madonna's recent adoption)
  • Maria "No one can beat my Liam in the kissing department" Carla "Oh he's not that good" (0oops!)
  • Blanche to Michelle "Puts it about, your brother. Our Deirdre was a bit like that."
  • Fiz "I'm grateful i'm with someone that knows the meaning of the word faithful" (ya think?)
  • Rosie on the phone to room service "A basket of pastries? does that include muffins?" (oh Rosie you have no imagination!)
Hiya, i'm back! Didja miss me? We had a nice two week holiday and did some touring around Cape Breton Island with spectacular sunny weather. I did catch the Sunday omni so i'm up to speed and away we go!

Whoah, now that's something, isn't it! Someone says he's really Ryan's father and the son he's raising is the spit of Michelle's dead husband, Dean! How could it not be true? Alex, the lad, is a completely different blood type from either of his parents. The father thinks the babies were switched by mistake in the hospital as infants. Michelle really went hysterical at the idea though, didn't she? Was that reasonable? or was it not? I guess you don't know how you'd react but the son you raised is the son you love. The only way to solve it is dna tests all around. Steve sure found Michelle quickly, didn't he? He must have been waiting outside when they came out. Looks like MIchelle is going to be in serious denial for the moment and not telling Ryan is not really the best way forward. I'm surprised Michelle even has a job with the amount of disappearing, and hand wringing in the back room she's been doing. And I wont to know why Alex's father didn't go straight to the hospital with his baby switch suspicions and why (and yes, SPOILER WARNING here) nobody is going to do it either! Really really a big flaw in this storyline. END SPOILER

Seems to me Nick (Alex's dad) really does come across as persuing this out of spite and he's nearly obsessed. Has anyone every heard of a court order to keep Nick away? It seems to be driving Michelle almost to the evil weed. She must have taken Steve's pack but didn't smoke it after all. Now that the cat is out of the bag, though, she really will have to have that dna test eventually. She's coming around to facing up to it but when will she tell Ryan?

What a horribly mean Christmas party Carla set up! Even Liam was embarassed! Tony to the rescue and even Sally was running for the fizz! And even though Liam wanted them to have a proper party, his nose was out of joint when it came from Tony. Does Rosie not have any other blouses besides that white frilly one? She's wearing *again* this week! Will this storyline every end? I'm so seriously creeped out by her Stape-stalking and him slobbering all over her. I'm even more creeped out by him running around scratching at her skirts every time she says "Jump" and she's given him the ultimatum. It's going to hit the fan this week, though, dear readers, big time! Will Rosie spill the beans? Will John Dump Fizz? Don't miss it!

Sarah's on a mission to sabotage David's new life and it looks like she's going to succeed. Whispering poison in Steven's ear wasn't enough because he figures she's jealous so she's working on her mother! Suggesting the same to her, with David inadvertently adding to the suspicions and then buying the pills off a restaurant customer and setting him up. Even made sure it was Audrey that found them. That's just nasty but you know, i can see where she's coming from! Yes, it seems like it would be a fresh start for David, and on one level it would be good for him, but on another, on Sarah's, he's getting rewarded for bad behaviour. She stitched him up right and proper, did Sarah. Well in a way, it was exactly what he deserved. He did all those things and never took responsibility for them and now he's had a taste of his own medicine. Gail's put her foot down. The only problem is, now, it's given David even more reason to hate his mother and the world and it's anyone's guess what he's going to do now. (Though i'm surprised he didn't smack Sarah one) If you thought he was out of control before, just you wait! Stephen certainly is a bit presumptious telling David to let his mother know where he was going and when he'd be back.

Have i mentioned how great it is to see Jim McDonald again? He and Liz are still pretty friendly and they still have that special something, i think, and Vernon knows it. I'm surprised they even managed a stag do for Vernon. He doesn't seem to have any mates, or at least not handy and nobody has bothered to find out names of the music biz ones. Steve managed to persuade Bill and Dev to go, neither of whom really know Vernon well. Jim took the opportunity to slide into the pub after Vernon left. He's making every effort to show he's changed but it's pretty clear he still loves her. Liz's hen night looked a lot more fun though i'm surprised Carla was there. but the stripper!! He wasn't much of a dancer, was he? I love the friendship between Liz and Deirdre. Mates having a fag and a giggle out the back and confiding in each other. Jim may be the archetype of Liz's ideal fantasy man, and she's always been drawn to men with an edge. Will she really be happy with Vernon? She knows he's never going to treat her badly and she knows he's more reliable than anyone she's ever been with but will she settle for no edge? no excitement even if she knows that those sorts of men always let you down?

Blanche was having a great time with the gossip but Maria sure got a shock. Well Carla's known Liam years. She could have said she'd kissed him yonks ago. I think Carla is right, though. She wouldn't be the other woman, she would want 100% of whatever man she wanted. No sharing. The worst thing is, everyone knows about it. Is Maria making too much of it, though?

Isn't Mel's friend tall! Looks like the fact that she's a cop isn't going to hold Dan back after all. Harry seems to really be having a difficult time with the ex-wife. Wonder if we'll get to meet her? Well Fiz really couldn't expect Chesney to leave Kirk along on his own on Christmas and yes, a bit awkward if Kirk came to dinner. Oooh, Ozzie's getting big and I see he likes to wait for the post! I can well imagine that Steve is a rubbish Christmas pressie shopper!

Steve was running around looking for Liam's mobile number. All he had to do was cross the road and go to the salon. One of Michelle's rings looks like a salad plate, it's so big! Ugly checked/plaid dress Gail was wearing. Looked like a tablecloth or bad bedroom curtains. Sorry. Oh God. Lauren's working in the pub. That means we have to look at that smirk more often. I really could smack it right off her, couldn't you? Sounds Like Jerry is going to have a bit of a low key Christmas.

So it seems the week ended on Christmas eve. Happy Christmas everyone!

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