Sunday 27 December 2009

Sunday Comments, December 27

Lines of the week:

  • Mary "If the ladder falls on anyone, i'm sure we'll hear the scream"
  • Norris "More mockery! More humiliation! This seems to be the season for it!" (Yes because it's so easy to wind you up!)

  • Becky "I want cleavage you could park a bike in!"
  • Roy about Becky "She is the single best example of that old cliche. It's what's inside that counts"

Tina to her own self was true and she dropped David in it. It annoyed me that Joe was insisting she tell the truth or he would. On one level, he's right, it's illegal and she would have got in trouble had she lied, but we all also know he was being self serving with the kitchen contract. You know, i wasn't sorry at all when that smug git David had his smug look wiped off his face though it's true that Gary morally started the fight, he'd been pecking at David all day until he lost it. So the Windasses proceeded to very loudly rub the Platt faces in Gary's freedom. You have to wonder if Gary screaming "Got you Platt!" in court might have given the jury pause to reflect that maybe, although Gary didn't pull the first punch, that he really did instigate it. and David is sulking. Gail is pissed because Joe knew and because David's let her down again. A Drunken Anna's presence didn't help. And really, because David is all wound up and resentful towards Tina and pushing her away, Gary is going to win in the end, even if Tina doesn't want him.

So Tina gives David the push and initially, that's ok by him but it doesn't last. He's determined to woo her back. Unless Graeme persuades her to go out with him first. Nah. Didn't think so. Tina thinks David is insane and while he might not be, the boy does have some serious problems with anger. Meanwhile Joe is getting things together for the kitchens. Even though the warehouse is just a shell. No walls, no flats, nothing. Aren't kitchens some of the last things fitted in the interiors? Why is he doing it all now? And with loan sharks! Obviously he's going to get into even more trouble financially. It's so obvious and so contrived. He's also way too volatile. Gail, run away! She only wanted to give Joe money for the job so that he could hire David back on. David now hates Joe for A. not hiring him and B. being on Tina's side. But at least, this time, I think he's on the money, if that's not a poor choice of words where Joe is concerned but when David takes a hate for someone, things can get dangerous.

I wish someone would pour more than compost over Norris. Nasty little man. And he was fine after. But the next day he had the collar on and was whining. Rita's back and not too keen on the window box after all that palaver! I can't imagine what Mary must see in Norris and want to travel with him in a small, confined space? Emily said she'd miss Norris. But i could see the shape of crossed fingers in her pocket! Rita did seem upset, however. Norris says he's going to go but is that because Colin seems to have taken over Rita's life and Norris is jealous? Maybe he thinks there will soon be nowhere in Rita's life for him. Probably still has feelings for her. I can't imagine driving to China in a motor home, though.

Poor Janice, she's really struggling to study. Luke handled it really well. Send her on a first aid course to give her a start. She might never be a nurse but she might be a nurse's aid, who knows? Rosie is always a bossy cow and yes, i know Janice often slags her off but Rosie can be very infuriating, too and then gets all afronted when someone hollers back and takes offence! Ken always reminds me of a deer caught in the headlights when women are aggressive with him, making passes and kissing him and the like. He always went after the women but it always seemed passive aggressive, letting them make the first actual move. I guess then he can complain that "she made me!!!" I'll say she did ;)

Peter is finally home and proceeded to blow it big time. After rehab he went sailing with another woman. That man just can't resist a woman, can he? Whoever is near at hand it seems. He's not above using any emotional blackmail he can but it didn't work and rightly so. So Leanne is off to Leeds due to his lying but the reason is because the actress is going on maternity leave. I guess that'll be Michelle in the betting shop to attract Peter's attention next. Blanche is a funny old thing isn't she? She can slag off her family at the drop of a hat and then turn around and do what she can to try to get Leanne and Peter back together. Didn't work though.

Tara wants an art gallery/shop? So she'll be sucking money out of Dev for it, no doubt. He'll see it as an investment, to keep her in town. In the meantime, Dev's Uncle Umed has arrived. He's a funny/odd man isn't he? Kind of creeps me when he's chatting up the women though. Did you notice Dev's Indian accent came out of nowhwere when Uncle U came? Don't forget, Dev was born and raised in Birmingham though he doesn't have one of those accents either, come to think of it. Umed paid the taxi but conveniently forgot his walled at the pub. Hmm. All of Mary's "holiday of a lifetime" photos seem to be of either her or her mother. On the boat. I wonder if they actually went ashore! Hmmm... Lloyd seems to be avoiding being seen in public with Liz yet he doesn't have a problem with the age difference. Or so he says. But he didn't introduce Liz to Umed as his girlfriend, did he?

Becky is going for the wedding, full force. Pink satin and tulle and she's going to look like a Barbie doll! I can't get over how nasty Liz is being to Becky. She never wastes an opportunity to slag her off and makes a few as well. Good for Roy for telling her what for!

Sunday 20 December 2009

Can I just say I love Steve and Becky!

I know it came out of nowhere, and i know it seems a bit like a Karen-rerun but i still love Becky and Steve together. Part of me thinks maybe Steve went for Becky because Michelle was just dragging him down so it's kind of a rebound thing. Becky is certainly more fun than Michelle, that's for sure. Becky is going to be as high maintenance as Karen, really. Karen was gobby and so is Becky. They are both spirited and dominating. Steve has always prefered domineering woman and you know, maybe it's true that a lot of men go for women like their mothers, same as a lot of women go for men like their fathers. Liz is certainly domineering and gobby.

It's interesting that Liz has taken so much against Becky, same as she did Karen. I think it's probably like looking in the mirror for her because they aren't that different really. It bothers me that Liz is so nasty to Becky and doesn't hide it, even around Amy sometimes. It also bothers me that Steve doesn't really put his foot down with his mother and tell her to lay off once and for all. All she gets from him is a warning "mother!" but he doesn't go any further. No wonder Liz thinks she can get away with being so bitchy. Becky can hold her own but is obviously very hurt just the same.

Becky's got a strong shell but inside she's a scared little girl. She's had a pretty rough life from the stories we've heard her tell. Up to now, she's survived any way she could but the support and belief in her from Roy and Hayley have given her a bit of self esteem and she's bloomed. Now Steve loves her and maybe that will really be the making of her, who knows?

I always thought Karen was the perfect one for Steve but she was too much a loose cannon for him. Will Becky go the same way? She's got the potential but we'll be in for a roller coaster ride in the meantime. Steve and Becky are planning to get married on Friday 13th. Becky is highly superstitious. Do YOU think it's going to go smoothly? Nor do I.

Sunday Comments, December 20

Lines of the week:

  • Ken about Martha's character "Fooling yourself to the very end" Ken "We all do that sometimes" (like now)
  • Len to Joe "Everybody's got a price. Yours is dropping by the hour"
  • Ted to Ken "I just feel you should be more honest with yourself"
  • Becky to Steve "Do they all get rings as nice as this?" (um, yes at least one of them did)
  • Blanche "That's the second fiancee to chuck it away. You'd be better off buying a boomerang!" and "And they said it wouldn't last!"
  • Anna "I hope you know your lad's about to commit perjury" Gail "Really? At least mine can spell it!" (The smugger they are, the harder they fall!)
  • Eileen "Rita's Royal R's, it's going to be the talk of the neighbourhood"

Hmm so Len is putting a lot of work Joe's way, 19 kitchens, if he gets Tina to retract her statement. Why on earth they'd be worried about fitting kitchens when the building is only an empty warehouse and there's no flats in it yet, i don't know. So will Joe stick to his principles to see the Windasses go down or will his state of finances win out. Yep...he led Tina into admitting she's lying. So now what? If she tells the truth, Gary gets off and Joe gets work. If he trusts Len's word. Does he get angry at David for putting his daughter in a situation where she has to break the law and lie in court? It must be a legitimate deal. There's a contract. We'll see if it's worth the paper it's printed on. Joe is taking advantage of Tina's admission, now, he'll push her to tell the truth because "it's the right thing to do".... yeah... for his wallet. Well they've all pressured her so much that she's taken off. Will she come back for the trial?

And so we end the week in the courtroom. Gail is all smug but we know the truth. Will Tina show up? Will Gary go down? Tina showed up. Ted told her to her own self be true. So.... truth or lies under oath? Find out on MOnday.

I get so angry that i shout at the screen when Martha keeps ragging on about how lovely and sensitive Ken is and he keeps on letting her assume he's widowed even when there are the perfect opportunities to do so. Ken gets home late. So much for Deirdre's nice evening together. Then he drags Ted into it using him as an alibi. Ted isn't fooled one little bit so he decides to go meet Martha himself to see what Ken is so enthralled by. Ken nearly swallowed his tongue when he saw Ted there. Ted poked and prodded and Ken finally admitted he was lying to everyone including himself.

Does Maria sell LadRags or not? Michelle has a point, LadRags could do really well if they put more effort into it.

Liz is really being underhanded and putting the knife in Becky's back with STeve. She insults Becky non stop and brings in MIchelle to take over Amy, which is only going to confuse the little girl. She finally leaves Becky in charge and look what happens. A bus load of Metal fans eating and drinking the pub dry. Poor Becky only had one set of hands. You'd think one or two of the regulars would at least offer to ferry sandwiches back and forth from the kitchen. Instead, Kelly the B!tch just made trouble for Becky and it made it look all that much worse on Becky in Liz's eyes. And Steve didn't do a whole lot to defend her either.

He's such a prat isn't he? All this sucking up and smoothing over the hurt edges caused by his mother and all the time he's pawning off on Becky the ring he bought Michelle that Michelle picked out. And Liz has some brass neck calling Becky a gobby mare and counting down all Steve's exes. Pot or Kettle, Liz? Anyway, Becky found out and i thought she was going to take Steve's head off. Only she aimed lower. Probably appropriate. His way of making up? Scheduling the wedding... for Friday the 13th! More superstition!!! I'm kind of surprised she decided to keep the ring, calling it recycling. But then again, it's worth 7500 quid, why not? And Michelle didn't want it, she chucked it in the garbage skip! Too bad everyone else seems to be against the wedding, as well. Even his mother, which was expected, but also Lloyd who, when he didn't think Steve was listening, agreed he didn't think it would last.

Eileen finally met up with her old school friend Paula. Paula has been avoiding Eileen so there must be a reason. If so, why would she be on the Street where she could bump into her which is what happened. Paula was 14 when she got pregnant and moved away. Thought she had to be pretty young. Eileen's dad decides to give Rita a flower box. Who knew Graeme was such a garden expert? The problem is Norris. As usual. What business did he have shaking the ladder under Graeme? He deserved to have the compost dropped on him and i bet he blames Graeme when he was clearly in the wrong.

Sophie's got Sally in a spot, you have to give something up for Lent! Booze? And Sally coerced Kevin into it too. Right, and how long did that last? 5 minutes, that's how long. Like they think nobody can smell the booze?

Ah the rigors of filming outdoors. The teenage girls were sitting on the wall while it was snowing! What on earth was Liz wearing? Those black and white patterned tights!!! GahhH! All of a sudden, Ryan is a guitar player and is in a band! When did that happen? He was determined to make a living out of gaming last i heard.

I forgot Michelle was away. Her hair sure got long while she was away! Extensions, no doubt.

Sunday 13 December 2009

Sunday Comments, December 13

Lines of the week:

  • Steve to Liz about Becky "We're engaged." Deidre "Never a dull moment round here!" Steve "And she's moving in. Today."
  • Sean about Jason's broken heart "What he needs is a good cry!"
  • Kelly about Julie "I've seen nightlights brighter than her"
  • Ashley about Josh "I bet he'll voice will crack before mine does" (*snork* lickle "in" joke there?)
  • Michelle about Becky in a wedding dress "She'll look like a whippet in a frock"
  • Tony "A helium balloon tied to a pair of high heels. Rosie Webster" Luke "Two helium balloons?"
  • Ken "That 'We' that i'm never part of!!" (Because it's really all about you!)
  • Blanche about Ken's behaviour "I hate to say it, but i feel another novel coming on!"
  • Janice "Tony's nose is put that much out of joint he's got to go into another room to blow it!" (LOL i have to remember that one!)

It's bad enough that Michelle didn't know that the "other woman" was Becky, her friend, but seeing that Steve gave Becky the ring he'd bought for her? That's low. Mind you it's a fuzzy area. Michelle never did want the ring and chucked it into a garbage bin. It's not as if she wore it for any time before the breakup. It's a perfectly good ring. But morally, yeah, probably not the best idea Steve's had, is it? Becky took a thumping from MIchelle but she only gets one "get out of jail free" card and the next time she tries it, I am sure Michelle will have lost a few of those hair extensions to Becky's claws. Leanne decided that since Steve would be so uncomfortable if Michelle got a job in the bookies, she'd give her a job! You know, i really like Leanne. I always did. I got wondering why she and Steve never got together. They aren't that different in age, especially now that they're adults. Ah well. Just mates.

Liz Hates Becky. We get that. But even if Becky gives Amy too much breakfast and gives her pretend kiddie coffee, is it really a good idea to take the kid away from her breakfast altogether?

So intimidating Tina didn't really work, Len decided to try it on with Ted but he's not afraid. It gave Tina the shakes though she's not backing down. The more he pressures, the more she's determined to dig in her heels. Then Len turned around and arranged to have Joe's lockup robbed but made sure he was in the pub acting all Jack the Lad and loudly buying rounds for a firm alibi. And i wouldn't be saying out in public about putting the pressure on Tina until she changes her mind. Ted was, as ever, The Voice of Reason and the first real one on the show. (don't get me started on Ken bloody Barlow!) Poor Tina, more and more pressure. As the day in court gets closer, what is she going to do? But Gary's right when he told off his family. The more they interfere, the more Tina digs in her heels.

Then Gail spilled the beans about Joe's situation to Jason and Joe didn't like it. He doesn't like his dirty washing aired in public. That's because he looks like a loser. I'm beginning to think he is! He's got a quick temper if nothing else. Were you surprised that Len was behind a big kitchen refit job? What kind of deal is he going to offer? Stay tuned next week and see!

I feel terrible for Julie being under that kind of pressure from Tony. Mind you, if they were in a union, he could never get away with that. Even so, i'd be going to a tribunal so fast Tony's head would spin because if he sacked her because she wouldn't sack anyone else, that's very much unfair dismissal. And nobody is going to defend Julie. That's kind of unfair, too. She volunteered to get sacked but he still tried to force her to do it. I'd be quitting if that was me. Then i'd go to a tribunal. And get a solicitor. Anyway, guess what? She did tell Tony she'd be the one that was sacked (you get benefits in that case, you don't if you quit), and she was saved by the bell, so to speak. Luke Strong, appointed by Carla to run the factory (she has the majority share, remember?)

So Luke Strong. He's definitely going to be a thorn in Tony's side. Tony is NOT impressed by his appearance. I wonder if Luke Strong is really who he says he is. Does he have an agenda other than winding up Tony? He certainly enjoys doing that. He's making friends with the workers too. I think he's working up to a good cop-bad cop scenario lol Tony thinks he is a spy. He could be. I don't know. He *is* cute though. A nice bit of eye candy to look at. Mind you, Tony is easy on the eyes too. He comes across as too good to be true, though. Should we trust him? Tony certainly doesn't.

Liz and Lloyd on a dinner date with the Barlows? Ken, of course, wanted to go to Martha's play. after all Ken didn't even bother to go home when he returned from Peter's, he went straight to the barge lady. Of course she would have given a Tony award winning performance seeing as she's perfect. Honestly, she's so annoying because she comes across like the perfect woman. Ken's soul mate. I don't trust her. Does anyone else think she could turn into a stalker or scam him for cash or something? And if Deirdre thinks it's embarassing that Ken doesn't even want to be there, she ain't seen nothing yet.

He certainly got jumpy with the Beatles song Martha My Dear was mentioned and it turns out he's been playing it over and over all week. Just mates, he says. Blanche was a hoot, moaning about being shut in the cellar. And Ken balks at painting Blanche's room which would only take a couple of hours and kicks off that he's tired of everyone else arranging his life. Cripes! But buying wine at a corner shop in your own neighbourhood when you aren't going to be sharing it with your wife is an amateur's mistake. Ken's no amateur when it comes to cheating so it's kind of odd he would do that.

Graeme made a passable Fred-immitation. Poor Ashley first thought he was possessed by Fred's spirit and then though he was making fun! But why on earth was Fred's hat so filthy dirty? It wasn't when Fred last wore it and it's been hanging in the shop. It can't be that dusty in a food shop.

What a contrast, Steve and Becky all over each other, full of emotions and there's Roy and Hayley barely touching in public but you know Roy and Hayley are devoted to each other. It's nice that Sophie has a best mate to kick around with and it looks like it's going to be a foursome, Sophie and Ben, Sian and Ryan. Poor Chesney looks to be the gooseberry as always!

Sunday 6 December 2009

Sunday comments, December 6

Lines of the week:

  • Deirdre to Ken (referring to the kimono) "You're on balloon duty, Grasshopper"
  • Sally about someone on the telly "It's not a dimple on her chin, it's a belly button!"
  • Tony "Mrs. Connor has left the building and I'm not exactly brimming with the milk of human kindness"
  • Steve "Gazumped by a builder in a fancy jacket"
  • Becky "I can't believe two blokes want to marry *me*!"
  • Eileen "One loves and the other is loved"
  • Natasha to Poppy "Are blokes round here all complete idiots?" (yeah, pretty much lol)

Steve and Natasha? Nah. Pity, Natasha seems to fancy Steve but he's only got eyes for Becky. He didn't bother to change for their date, he insisted on a takeaway and the darts on telly. Nice. He used her hoping to make Becky jealous but she didn't bite. Becky came out the best though, two proposals including one Hollywood style! That was a fab gesture! (even if she did have pink rubber gloves on with chicken skin stuck to them!) Aw poor Steve, having to hear everyone laughing and celebrating while his heart is breaking. Then Becky has to decide... Weighing them both up seemed to put them both on equal footing. On paper Jason seems to be the better candidate, she knows him better than she knows Steve, but you know, Becky's heart really seems to be with Steve. I think his "dead twinkly eyes" are going to win out even if she thinks Jason has the advantage. What turned the tide? Eileen talking about how Jason was crazier about Sarah than she was about him. Becky knew. She just *knew* it was the same with her. She doesn't love Jason as much as he deserves to be loved. Aw didn't your heart just break for Jason?

I should think that even though the kebab shop security cam had no sound, seeing Tina cower behind the counter and throw him out would be enough evidence. Plus that short, sharp holler didn't look like laughing to me. You know, Tina is always so confident and cocky, you forget she's just a teenage kid. No wonder she was scared coming back to an empty house after the encounter with Len. I actually feel a bit sorry for Anna. She want's everything to work out and everyone keeps putting their oar in and making it worse. And Len's threats actually made Tina dig her heels in so it backfired. I dunno. Does Joe seem kind of pathetic to anyone else? He got all rough with Len after hearing about his daughter being threatened and then couldn't follow through. All mouth no trousers.

Graeme is a gardener afficionado? Who knew? And Kevin got all grumpy when he found out Sally paid Graeme to do the garden and pretended she'd done it. He went a bit OTT but then i can't blame him. Sally has always run roughshod over him. He don't get any respect. *sulk* And it sounds like he still feels unseated by living in a house he can't seem to feel at home in.

I'm surprised that Maria went with Leanne to talk to Tony after she was so against him. He only told her part of the truth, that Carla was in love with Liam and that's why she left. He didn't say that Liam was going to leave Maria. Now she's got to get through another first, their anniversary and surprise! She finds Tony at the graveside. Do I detect a thawing? I think it was another plan of Tony's to keep Maria sympathetic, he heard from Julie that it was the anniversary. He wouldn't have remembered on his own. I can't help thinking Tony's tears were either crocodile ones, or else he was still emotional over Carla more than anything. He wouldn't be crying if Carla had chosen him, would he?

It seems he's still taking it out on everyone though. Making Julie decide who gets sacked is mean and totally uncalled for. And the staff aren't making it easy. Either they're all really good or they're all slacking off.

Oh my. Sophie is going to go to church because of Ben. That's a turn up for the books. But she seems to have dove into it with flags flying. She's decided to take up religion and also to be celibate until she's married. Kevin doesn't think it will last but you know Sophie, she always dances to a different drummer. I think it's great that they're taking her down a different road than they did with Rosie. Rita is getting closer to Eileen's dad, Colin. Norris seems to be pals only with Mary but it's pretty clear that she fancies him and i think she scares him! And Julie seems to find Jason attractive but she still loves her Kirkey. Or does she? Julie seems to be getting annoyed with Kirk. He wants to be a stuntman!

I think Deirdre has been hanging out with Liz too much. What's with the cleavage with all that flesh wobbling about, and for a children's birthday party too!

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