Monday 31 August 2015

Corrie Canada weekly awards for Aug. 24 - 28

Panto award: A Classic case of the wrong end of the stick. "Luke doesn't suspect a thing" with Luke's sister? Oh, She's behind you!

Contrived Cliche award: See above, and also see Lloyd answering Andrea's phone so that he could find out about what she'd done. My most hated of all the hated cliches.

Phrase of Doom award: Tracy "This isn't just a fling. I reckon we can really make this work this time" and "This time, it's forever"

Dab hand award: Maria told Steph, sarcastically, that she had no idea how to keep a man. Well, actually, Maria's not very good at it, is she? Last person to be giving advice on keeping a fella!

Gurn-o-matic award: Steve's gurns are infamous but even more so when he's trying to cover up something, in this case, that Rover has indeed returned.

Taking Liberties award: Ever since Tracy and Robert got together, she's in and out of that tiny restaurant kitchen causing interruptions yet neither Nick nor Leanne ever seems to catch her at it.

Slippery Slope award: Simon's sliding, not just the alcohol incident, but he's violent, he's manipulating Leanne and he's not getting the help he desperately needs.

Optimistic award: Tyrone thought he could put a tent together without instructions because he's a fully qualified mechanic. You know what happens next.

Lines of the week:
Sally about Mary's card "I looks more like a ransom note. If that came through the door, I'd be worried that an ear would fall out of the envelope" (*snork*)
Sally about Rita "She made it up so she could get away from 'Mary, Mary, the Wedding Fairy'"
Amy about her mother "I was in the fire, remember? She just stood in the street screaming. When to *I* get the afternoon off?" (Amy rocks!)
Steve "what's more important? A load of old vinyl or your girlfriend?" Lloyd "Don't be stupid. Those records are me life! Joking!" (ah, but are you?)
Tracy to Robert "So, you're good in bread, and all?"
Rita about Norris "Forgot his name. Complete memory blank. Like I never met him. Mind you, that could be wishful thinking"
Sally to Anna "Kirk's a man of few words and you, you talk a lot" (a LOT)
Luke "I'm a man. With mouse like tendencies" (and that's why I like Luke!)
Andrea "You got a WiFi password?" Steve "Yeah. Traitor123"
Amy "You know when you said mom was being nice because she wanted something? Was it 'weird nice' like she's doing now?"
Tracy "We were made for each other. This time it's forever" (virtually assuring it'll blow up in her face)
Tyrone "I'm a fully qualified mechanic. I just look at the parts and I see how to put them together." (ahem)
Dougie "I love the way camping brings everyone together!"
Beth after Dougie's sad story about the deer "I don't know about you but I could eat a horse" (snort)

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Meet Annie Wallace - the inspiration for Corrie's Hayley Cropper

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog August 2015, reposted to this blog with permission.)

I can't express how happy I am to be blogging this about our friend Annie - at last. 

Last week in Manchester, a 50-year-old woman from Aberdeen was speaking on a panel at a Manchester Pride's Superbia event – Transcript.

The panel also included Corrie scriptwriters Damon Rochefort and Ben Tagoe, actors Bruno Langley (Todd Grimshaw) and Daniel Brocklebank (Billy the vicar), actress Julie Hesmondhalgh (Hayley Cropper) and Cucumber actress Bethany Black.

But never mind them, back to the Aberdeen woman! She's called Annie Wallace and blogger Tvor and I have been friends with her for over 16 years. Annie was brought in to Coronation Street in 1998 as a research assistant to Julie Hesmondhalgh – who played Hayley for 16 years.

As the inspiration for Coronation Street's Hayley, Annie last night spoke publicly for the first time about being transgender.

Annie reflected that Hayley was 'like a sister to her', and said: “It is still difficult for me to speak about it and at first trans activists were against Hayley. I spent two and a half hours with researchers having all of my hopes and dreams and fears put on cassette tapes. It was transcribed and given to all the writers at the time as their bible. I started looking at draft scripts. I wasn't telling Julie how to play a character, this was just about detail and putting full-stops and crossing ts.”

Julie says Annie was 'absolutely essential' for her portrayal of Hayley, especially with the huge secrecy surrounding the first introduction of a transgender character on the Cobbles.

The Accrington-born actress said: “When I was researching Hayley I couldn't ask anyone in the transgender community because it was so top secret. I was able to do a bit of reading but this was 1997. Annie helped me to believe that I was on the right track, even if I wasn't representing every trans person in the country, I was representing her. What she did with the writers and the researching was absolutely vital. So much of Hayley was based on Annie – they share the same birthday and has so many of Annie's characteristics – like her love of rock music.

"I owe Annie so much.”

Julie and Annie are planning to write a two-woman show together about what Hayley has meant to them, which they hope to run at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

And Annie, who is now an actress in her own right, said: "Watch this space!"

Read the full story, and see all the pics at the Manchester Evening News.

Read our exclusive interview from 2014 with Annie Wallace.

Relive Roy and Hayley's romance in A Perfect Duet - the diary of Roy and Hayley Cropper.

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Sunday 30 August 2015

Sunday Comments August 30

Nay, of course Tracy doesn't confess. She doesn't get a chance to. Robert keeps interrupting her, making excuses. The urge to confess has passed. She finally got her salad, though. Robert is so over the moon for her he can't even flirt with the customers! That does not go unnoticed but I think Tracy protests too much. But when Ken had an emotional moment over Deirdre and how he never appreciated what he had, she realizes she ought to grab the opportunity. She glammed up and told Robert she wanted him afterall. She even promised to be honest. Let's see how long that lasts.

All is now well with Robert and Tracy. Heaven knows what Amy thinks. But Deirdre left a life insurance policy, and didn't leave any of it to Tracy who says she doesn't mind but you know she does, really, mainly because she could use it to buy Tony out. She minds more that Ken was a bit sneaky about it, by her reckoning. The two grandchildren get to split the policy. Amy was chuffed about the windfall until she heard she had to wait 7 years for her share. She certainly had lofty ambitions for that money.

Robert needs somewhere to live. Does anyone tell him that Dev's shop flat is empty? Do they heck. Being nice made Ken suspicious that she was trying to get Amy's money, but it wasn't that, it was that she wants Robert to move in and was paving the way, not that she was actually going to ask permission. Ken's ok with Robert staying over but not ok with him moving in. It doesn't seem fair that she does it without asking but then when has she ever?

Leanne lies about her injury and says she hurt herself on the dishwasher door. Zeedan doesn't understand the depth of the real problem (yet). Simon did apologize to Leanne and seems to realize he can't control his anger. I'm not so sure rewarding bad behaviour by treating him and his friends to lunch sends the right message and it certainly did backfire on her.

Leanne allowed Simon to have his mates to a lunch at the Bistro. It all started off ok. The boys were well behaved and cheerful but after Zeedan left, things descended into chaos. That Kylie, the one Simon seems to idolize, is very clearly a bad influence and Simon started bragging about drinking vodka. Kylie goaded him into nicking a bottle of vodka and the kids all proceeded to get lathered. He didn't like that first swallow and later looked positively ill. Drunken 10 - 12 year olds is not a pretty thing. He deserved the bollocking he got from Leanne and she really does need to get some help because she's not helping that kid. She doesn't know how.

Simon is very sorry the morning after, hungover and moaning that he's sorry but he doesn't seem like it. He's just narked that he can't go to football anymore. And later on, another argument ended up in bloodshed, this time, Simon's. So much so that he needed stitches. How could he accuse her of doing it to get back at him for kicking her the other day? Because he probably feels like he deserved it, that's why.

Meanwhile, Rita's told Ken and he's horrified, mainly seeing Simon slide down the slippery slope that his father did. Ken tries to connect some of the other dots, wondering if it's bullies. Simon is getting good at manipulating Leanne and begs and persuades her not to tell Ken. You'd think Ken might have been able to see Simon's resentful and rude attitude. It's very difficult to watch Leanne struggle so much when you just want to holler at her to get that kid some help and fast!

Zeedan to the rescue, taking him off Leanne's hands for a little bit and Simon always behaves with Zee. And if the nurse said Simon couldn't play football for a while, why was it ok to go through a fitness test? I suppose that wouldn't be likely to rip stitches like football would.

I hope Sally manages to keep Mary at bay. We've seen the kind of Wedding Planner-zilla she can turn into. I laughed at Sally reckoning that an ear would fall out of the "save the day" card that looked more like a ransom note! But it's suspicious that Sally doesn't want to spend time in Kevin's presence and Sophie knows it. She's determined to find out what's wrong. She thinks Sally's having cold feet. She admitted it, though.

Maria seems to be making plans for something and is evasive with Luke. He thinks she's blowing him off. Loved Steph taking the mick out of him and teasing him, very brother-sister stuff. Maria worked out a surprise for Luke but Steph got the wrong end of the stick and thought she was cheating on him. And ohmyGod could they have been any more cliche with Maria yakking on about Luke not suspecting a thing with Luke's sister right behind her to overhear? I HATE that sort of thing in soaps!

Don't blame Maria for being upset that Luke didn't trust her. But she said she was going to get a cab and didn't get very far. Wasn't going to get very far in the car either, it seemed to have broken down! Of course they made up in the end and Steph had to apologize all over the place.

I didn't realize, but Jess is actually living in Amsterdam, apparently. Andrea went missing at one point, trying to raise the cash I suppose. Meanwhile, Liz has persuaded Lloyd that he should help Jess out after all but Andrea, when she turns out, tells Lloyd she's sorted it and she looks distinctly guilty when Lloyd was talking about his records being Jenna's legacy. He offers to sell off more records so she can pay off her friend, the one she pretended she borrowed the money from.

Lloyd has discovered a missing record. There's no explanation, that he can think of aside from it's been stolen. And you know what? It has. By Andrea yet she kept lying to his face about it when he worries about it. And then yet another stupid soap cliche where Lloyd answered Andrea's phone which most people wouldn't do but he had to in order to find out about what she'd done.

And why, when she found out she was caught, she did apologize and tell him why, but she then didn't even try to give Lloyd much choice. She just packed up and left, I suppose, figuring he was going to chuck her out anyway, which he was considering, but that seems awfully harsh for someone that doesn't seem to have had any problem with her partner up until now. Not like it was the last straw or anything. I suppose she knew the trust was broken and then he was more upset that she decided for him rather than he getting to finish it himself. All confusing. All horribly contrived.

I don't know why Steph kept banging on about Tracy not paying for her lunch. Didn't Robert offer her lunch on the house? Later in the week, Tracy already said dinner at the Bistro was on her so it sounded pretty stupid that Robert told them it was on him. They'd discussed that earlier but then did Tracy change her tune and the writer just forgot? Liz seems to have a surfeit of cheese and onion crisps. Giving them away isn't really going to help matters, the pub still has to account for the cost! Yasmeen tried to have a peaceful day, drinking tea and reading. In the cafe where Anna was going off on one about Owen's ex, Linda (where Katy's living now). Why didn't Yasmeen just enjoy her tea and book in her back garden? Luke is going to be in trouble for leaving the garage completely unmanned (Kevin on a breakdown and Tyrone doing something else, I forget what he told Steph).

Aww Steve has to give his doggy back. Kirk was following Steve around like, in sympathy. Steve is gutted! But the dog came back!! Steve tried to keep it secret but naturally, the dog's owner returned. Lovely scenes with Steve telling the dog how well his life is going lately, with the dog adding to his contentment.

Corrie goes camping starting this week: The Dobbses, the Sutherlands, the Chesney browns and assorted children all pile into two cars and head for deepest darkest Wales. I don't think any of them have ever camped before and it soon becomes obvious but they do try. Sinead has shed her crutches and seems to be getting on ok on her own and Craig is moaning about not having any wifi but he does meet a pretty girl in the woods who carries a sketch pad around with her. Craig, a budding artist himself, puts a foot wrong and sends her storming into the woods. A fellow camper who seems to have some pretty tall stories about his being one with the great outdoors helps them put up a huge tent. The one Kirk has is only little so they all agree to take turns in it.

David's back and so is Bethany. Sarah orders her to stay away from Callum and she makes it clear she knows everything. What does Bethany do? That's right, make a beeline for Callum who strings her along with the promise of a date but it doesn't get that far. He ends up getting his current visiting rights confirmed in the court which depresses David and Kylie and Sarah finally comes clean about the gun and Callum's threats to put Bethany in jail. She calls the police who come and drag Callum out of the Rovers where he's conveniently been hanging out today.

Meanwhile, Jason has seen Callum acting threatening to Sarah who definitely looks upset though says she's fine. Jason then goes up against Callum, tossing the remains of a beer in Callum's lap and ordering him to stay away from Sarah and Bethany. Callum is ready for war but Tony comes in and he's not good enough to take on the likes of both Jason and Tony. He might get ushered out by the police but he's insisting it's all a misunderstanding.

Alya tells Carla she plans to put in an offer on the factory with her grandfather's backing. Carla seems surprised but isn't adverse to selling to Alya, better her than Sally anyway. Alya takes on a challenge, convince the difficult Mr. Hanlon to sign another order. She's direct with him and flattering and though he knows what she's doing, he laps it up anyway.

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Review: Jonathan Harvey’s new book, The Secrets We Keep

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog August 2015, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Coronation Street scriptwriter, author, TV writer, award winning playwright and novelist Jonathan Harvey has a new novel out in the shops later this week.

It’s called The Secrets We Keep, and it’s his best book so far.

I’ve read Jonathan’s new book and I loved it. With every book he’s written his stories become more complex and involved, his characterisations more vivid and the storytelling more intense.  The Secrets We Keep is a book I couldn’t put down. I know people say that, but I really couldn’t, ask my husband.  He couldn’t get a word out of me while I had that book in my hands.

The Secrets We Keep is about a man who walked out of his house five years ago for a pint of milk, and never came back. The story is told from the point of view of his family members, his wife and his two children. The family find a left luggage ticket in the pocket of one of his old coats and suddenly they’re thinking… What if he’s not dead? What if he’s still out there somewhere?

There’s more, much more, to this book than that. It gets dark... but to reveal more would be to spoil it. All I can suggest, and I suggest it strongly, is that you buy this book, read it and enjoy it.

It is Jonathan Harvey’s best and strongest novel to date and I loved it. 10/10. 

Buy it from here

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Saturday 29 August 2015

Is Amy Barlow turning into Blanche Hunt?

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog August 2015, reposted to this blog with permission.)

The title of this blog post is a rhetorical question, of course.  The spirit of Blanche is truly living on in Amy Barlow on Coronation Street, and it's a joy to watch.

Actress Elle Mulvaney, who plays Amy, has come on leaps and bounds in the past year or so.  She's a young actress who can deliver some really good drama and now comedy too. And as her great-grandmother was one of the battle-axes of the Street, the geriatric genes live on in young Amy.

The writers are clearly having fun giving Blanche-like dialogue to Amy these days and as a fan, it's great to see the spirit of Blanche living on.

With her £40,000 inheritance from grandma Deirdre's life assurance policy, Amy knows she's got that money behind her. She's also bright enough to know that her mum Tracy will try to take it off her.  It could be an interesting future for Amy Barlow and definitely one to watch!

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Simon Gregson: 'I've got Betty's Hotpot recipe'

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog August 2015, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Simon Gregson, who plays Steve McDonald in Coronation Street, has the real recipe for hotpot. This isn't the hotpot Betty used to make in the Rovers Return, it's the one that actress Betty Driver gave to him. How lovely.

Simon said: “We’ve actually got the recipe for Betty’s hotpot. The recipe was written on a piece of paper she’d had for years. I’ve cooked her hotpot for my wife Emma and it was lovely. It’s now one of my signature dishes. But there was a lot of lard in it.”

In real life Betty Driver was a vegetarian.  There's a great vegan recipe for hotpot here which I can heartily recommend. I've made this a lot of times and each time it's great, it never disappoints, it's hearty and does you good. Much like Betty herself.

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Friday 28 August 2015

Conversation Street podcast 162

Gemma and Michael's podcast for the episodes in Canada that aired (up to last night's Canadian Corrie) can be heard here.

It's the third anniversary for Michael and Gemma's excellent Conversation Street podcast. To celebrate, they've got an exclusive interview with Sally Ann Matthews who played Jenny Bradley on Corrie!!! (There's a little spoiler at the start of the interview) Street talk takes us up to last night's Canadian episodes. Simon's out of control. Andrea steals from Lloyd and then lies to him. Steph gets the wrong end of a conversation, spoiling a surprise Maria had for Luke.

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Pics: Look back at our favourite Corrie camping trips

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog August 2015, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Tonight on Coronation Street, there's a camping trip planned as some of the Street's residents swap the cobbles for the country. 

Read all about it here and see some great pics

Time then, to have a look back at some of the other Corrie camping trips over the years, whether under canvas or in a caravan.

Members of the Platt, Battersby and Webster families are pictured above while filming scenes at Gorse Holiday Park near Conwy, Wales in 1999.

Julie and Brian camping out under the stars.

Ken and Deirdre's ill-fated caravan weekend in Wales in 2014. Ken was in his element while Deirdre hated it and they came home early.

Roy and Hayley under canvas.

Spider and Toyah camping out awaiting a cosmic event on the Red Rec.

Are there any more Corrie camping trips you can remember? Let us know!

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Thursday 27 August 2015

Corrie Canada sneak previews for Aug. 31 - Sept. 4

Without further ado here is a brief sneak preview of what you'll see on  next week's Corrie in Canada.

The campers enjoy the great outdoors. Craig finds love. Hope feels ill. Callum is arrested but proves to be a slippery customer. Jason crosses Callum and it has dire consequences, with a witness but will they tell what they saw? Carla's selling up  and leaving town and has two interested buyers. But can romance convince her to stay? Another Connor family member shows up. 

For more details and photos, visit the Moosejaw Mercury at

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Wednesday 26 August 2015

The Last Supper - Coronation Street style

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog June 2015, reposted to this blog with permission.)

I love fun, fan stuff like this.

We're posting this with permission from its creator on twitter -

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Who Owns the Rovers: A Definitive Answer

In the past few days on one of our blog posts, the The Top 10 Mysteries of Coronation Street,  there has been a discussion on the mystery of who owns the Rovers Returns. There has been a lot of confusion over this since it was never clear if Carla did go through with the offer to buy Liz's share of the pub after Steve sold his share to "Travis, Ltd. " aka Tony.

Many thanks to a commenter, Corriefan, who pointed the way to a post that was made on the Coronation Street Guestbook on August 2 by Daphne. This was information obtained by email straight from ITV's David Nugent:

"Many thanks for the e-mail about the ownership of the Rovers and I do hope the below clarify matters.
Liz paid off the debts Steve had run up using Street Cars money. Steve then had a huge tax bill, which Tony paid off. He then also agreed to help pay for the wedding. Tony then pretended that all this strain on his finances had forced him into dodgy deals with loan sharks who were now threatening him with violence if he did not pay them back. Steve sold his half of the Rovers to Travis Ltd. (Tony's bogus company). Steve gave the proceeds to Tony, who effectively paid himself! Liz was about to sell her half of the Rovers to Carla but before they could sign on the dotted line, she learned of Tony's plan to get the pub. Therefore, Liz still owns her half of the pub, while Tony owns the other half."

So there you have it straight from the studio. Liz does still own half of the pub and Tony owns the other half at the moment. We do know that Liz is trying to keep Tony out of it and we've suspected that she'll get back together with Tony only to get Steve's share back for him somehow. Watch this space!

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Tuesday 25 August 2015

Coronation Street theme tune in top 20 funeral songs

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog July 2015, reposted to this blog with permission.)

A poll this week  shows that the Coronation Street theme tune has not lost its appeal as one of the most popular funeral tunes.

The poll by Gigwise this week reveals that the Corrie theme tune comes in at No 17 of the most popular funeral songs.

The top 5 are as follows: 5) Frank Sinatra's My Way, 4) Match of the Day theme tune, 3) Abide with Me, 2) The Lord is my Shepherd and the top one is Eric Idle singing Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.

See also: 
Classical version of the Coronation Street theme tune
Sing Me a Memory -
the theme tune with words
Soulful funk version by The Flaming Muchachos
Ska reggae version by Izzy Royal
Coronation Street Jamaican singalong by Top Grant
Rock and funk style
Funkin' it up on Corrie 
Compare the Market - Corrie's sponsor from Nov 2012 - meerkat band plays the theme tune.

Songs about Coronation Street
The best known Street in the land 
Every Street's a Coronation Street
Flo Rida - I Don't Like It (the Audrey Roberts noise mix)

See also: Was Jimi Hendrix influenced by Coronation Street theme tune?

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Monday 24 August 2015

Corrie Canada weekly awards for Aug. 17 - 21

Shaken not stirred award: I think that's the first time we've ever seen Callum well and truly shaken. No wonder! Max had a loaded gun and thought it was a toy!

Rock Bottom award: Carla's punishing herself and pushing everyone away from her.

Diss me but don't humiliate me dog: Loved that Kirk stood up for dogs everywhere when Beth wanted to make and sell little doggy outfits!

"Norm!" award: Carla is as well known in the casino as Norm was at Cheers!

The Guilty Party award: Eileen, who kept, and Michael, who pawned Liz's bracelet. And, by the way, I refuse to believe that Liz wouldn't have shown off the bracelet to Eileen when she was visiting at the cab office the day she lost it.

Tacky fashion award: Kylie's back!!!

Empire lost award: Whatever happened to that garage Kevin was going to buy from his mate? Did he? Was that the second garage in the Webster Empire or did he just buy a fancy sign for Webster's Autos?

Agenda award: Alya helped Sally look at the spreadsheets and books but does she have ideas of her own about buying the factory?

Bricking it award: Sally's sacked for snooping in the factory's accounts. Alya's probably freaked out in case Carla finds out she helped Sally do it!

Don't Give Up Your Day Job: Michael proves yet again he's really no good at this breaking and enter thing.

Mixed messages award: Not sure sure rewarding Simon's behaviour by inviting him and his friends for a free lunch sends the right message but I know Leanne meant well by it.

Guilt Money: Tracy offered to pay 200 quid for a box full of second hand books and dvds that belonged to Maddie.

Skivvy award: Tracy's making Amy do housework! But to be fair, she's the right age to be taught how to do it. It's only too bad Tracy refused to learn herself!

Lines of the Week:
Cathy "Poor Roy, can't move for demented women"
Liz "You only live once" Cathy "Unless you're a Buddhist or a Hindu" Liz "Come again?" Cathy "Exactly"
Nick "You won 2 grand" Carla "It's just a bandaid on a gunshot wound"
Sally about Kevin "He's turned that place into a backstreet garage into..." Gail "A backstreet garage with a fancy sign"
Sean "That's like saying the Pope's a bit Catholic"
Yasmine "I run a community centre, not NASA"
Sally "Don't sound like a disappointed parent, Sophie, that's my job!"
Gail "I try to be a good person at all times. You should try it, Eileen. Step away from the dark side"
Amy "More like 'treat your daughter like a servant' month!"
Tracy "You can tell Robert to stick his specials where a monkey sticks its nuts" (that would be no to the free lunch, then?)

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Sunday 23 August 2015

Sunday Comments August 23

Tim is trying to get Sally go to on holiday but she has no intentions of it. Foreign holiday maybe but not Wales and with no warning. Tim's going to go without her. Sally is frantic at the factory all of a sudden when she's practially been running it while Carla was away. She used Kevin as a sounding board, moaning about Carla. It's nice that they can finally be friends. She's sounding a bit admiring of Kevin, however, and comparing his newfound ambition with Tim's lackadaisical one. Sally always was ambitious! But what happened to that other garage Kevin was offered to buy? Did he? He did put a shiny new sign up over the old garage.

I don't know what's worse, Carla being addicted to gambling or Carla on the booze! Yep, Carla was on a gambling binge and lost count of what she lost. That means Carla is ready to lash out at Michelle and guess what? That holiday didn't clear her head after all. She's getting ready to hit bottom. I didn't know Michelle knew Carla was gambling before she left. Anyway, Carla is punishing herself any way she can. Carla's pushing everyone away from her. Michelle went to Roy for help but she wouldn't see Roy. Couldn't face him.

Financially, the gambling is far worse and she's neglecting the factory. Well, Nick's sniffing around Carla again. I'm surprised Carla actually took him with her to the casino. I don't mind the storyline but at times it does feel a bit clunky. Anyway, she admitted her gambling debt to him and thinks she might sell up and run away and Nick can't say the words to her that he really wants to that will make her stay.

So she's decided. She's selling the factory and Sally wants to buy it. She wants to get a loan from Kevin. Sally wasn't long in snooping around to find the books and even accepted Alya's help, but Alya probably has an agenda. Did you see Alya's eyes light up and her face close down when Sally wondered if she was going to put in an offer. Alya said no but why shouldn't she? An idea is germinating, isn't it? Carla caught Sally snooping and sacked her. You can't sack someone for getting on your nerves or even discovering that you're taking an awful lot of money from the factory, it's true, but you probably can for snooping in the books behind the owner's back. If Sally wanted to buy the factory she should have done it the proper way and came with the money and *then* asked to see the books.

Only it's going to be difficult to let anyone see the books since Carla's been gambling money from the factory funds! Alya is probaby bricking it too, since she helped Sally do it! But yes, she does want to buy the factory and even with her inexperience, she might make a better job of it than Sally would.

Even though Kevin was barking at Tyrone and Luke for slacking off and having tea breaks, he didn't have any trouble taking his own breaks to talk about the factory with Sally. She's all excited because Kevin offered to buy in with her and that's all it took. She was all over him like a dirty shirt. Nothing gets her hot and bothered like ambition (and weddings!). Kissing Sally like that would have been Kevin's dream at one time, he wanted her back for years. But now, he's doing the dirty on his best friend and he's horrified. Sophie nearly caught them, too but the news about Sally's sacking and maybe buying the factory diverted her from finding out about the kiss.

Tim got back and was all loved up. He missed her and was a bit jealous of Kevin. What a sweetie! He nearly gave Kevin a heart attack, though, when he came over to talk about "it", which was the factory sale. Tim even asked Kevin to be his best man! He's a good man, is Tim.

Back to Carla, Roy, Nick and Michelle have decided to stage an intervention. It was all about her leaving, not about her gambling. It came down to Roy and Carla alone. Will his words have an effect?

Leanne is still complaining about the chef. Whatever happened to those interviews she did? They were forgotten because we need to give Robert a job. Robert, who has just lost his job by signing his restaurant over to Joni and has a beloved ex living down the road. That's convenient. (that's sarcastic) Tracy was quite shocked to find out Robert was working in the Bistro. Robert doesn't seem bothered, he's definitely getting to her and he is quite happy about it. He keeps telling Tracy that he "gets" her but does he really? She loves the attention, even if she pretends she doesn't.

Simon was in a good mood and was behaving himself. Too good to be true? It didn't take much, all she did was remind him about the troubles of the last few months and he was inexplicably off again. Beth on the attack! She directed it mostly at Robert, though, rather than Joni who is apparently heartbroken but resigned to the end of her marriage. Cathy might be staying at Roy's so she doesn't re-clutter her house but she's already starting to pick up junk, an old hostess tray. She did manage to put it back. reluctantly.

Zeedan is being really nice to Simon and asks him to come play football at noon. That seems to get Simon off the sofa at least to clean his OLD boots. But later in the morning, he couldn't be bothered to drag himself away from his video games to answer the door to the postman and he and Leanne get into another argument that ends in him giving her a vicious kick on the shin, probably wearing those old football boots. She forbids him to go to football but he sneaks out and goes anyway. Zeedan later notices the inury. Will she tell?

Good grief, Callum actually did have the gun loaded in the closet. No wonder he freaked out when Max was pointing it at them! First time we've ever seen Callum well and truly shaken. But later, he's saying it's no big deal and a one off. No way, and at least Sarah has finished with him and he admitted he was using her. Now of course, Sarah can be the catalyst that will lose Callum the custody case even if it's her word against his so Callum is using his filmed deals with Bethany and a well placed threat as insurance. I can understand Sarah being afraid to tell anyone but it does have to do with Kylie, in that her son could be in danger, never mind the court case.

Sarah might be finished with Callum but Bethany isn't backing off. Looks like she still oked the school trip to Paris which, as far as we know, Callum financed. I suppose it was already paid for. At least it gets her out of Callum's way for a bit and considering she's trying to, quite literally, chase the pants off him, it's just as well. Kylie isn't letting up. She's determined to find out why Sarah dumped Callum and is seemingly scared.

Michael still thinks Eileen should give back the bracelet but Eileen dared him to see what it was worth at Tracy's. He went and sold it! So much for his moral outrage at her keeping it. Only it turns out that the bracelet didn't belong to the cow, it belonged to Liz, the one she was given from Ken which was Deirdre's and they can't get it back. Uh oh. And you know what? that bracelet story, while amusing at first, now stinks. Liz was chatting to Eileen in the cab office when she lost it. Do you really think she wouldn't have shown it to Eileen, her new BFF, when it was such a lovely and recent gift?

Anyway, Liz is still polling all the neighbours to see if anyone has found it or had it turned in and Eileen and Michael are steeped in guilt. Todd is Eileen's son, why can't she just insist he sell it back to them? Eileen's suggestion of stealing it back and breaking in when the shop turned out to be shut isn't helping. I'm surprised Michael even agreed and was trying, not very successfully but then Liz came along, followed by Mary who decided to pass the time of day with him standing outside the shop! Later, Gail caught Michael. He really is a crap burglar isn't he? Gail blamed Eileen and really, that's the truth and Michael couldn't say otherwise.

Loved Todd winding his mother up over Gail and Michael together. Eileen definitely looks threatened at Gail's presence and so she should be. I really think Michael should forgive Gail and I reckon they will reunite eventually. So much for Todd promising the bracelet to someone else. He probably didn't at all, just playing games with Michael because he did sell it back to them for 200 (he paid them 85 originally) and it turned out not to be Liz's after all! Gail was delighted with the whole thing and delighted that she has a secret to keep.

Sophie thinks it would be nice to hold some sort of memorial party for Maddie so is setting about raising money. Tracy offered to pay 200 pounds for the box of stuff Sophie brought to the shop, we know it's guilt money but Sophie thought that Tracy was really just feeling grateful that her daughter did get out alive and they agree to call it a donation to the fund and Soph promises not to tell which would ruin Tracy's reputation after all!

Tracy's not doing well, is she? more and more, it seems like her guilty conscience is really weighing on her. Quite a change for Tracy. Sophie brings in a box of Maddie's things, books, cds, dvds, and Tracy is touched that it isn't much to show for a life. Robert keeps popping up unexpectedly and it's irritating Tracy. Later in the Bistro, when he sends out a dish that isn't what she ordered, she goes off on one, but is obviously more upset than angry and when he finds out sobbing outside, he assumes it's grief. It looks as if she's going to confess to him, perhaps about the fire. Will she?

Amy was great this week! She's really an enjoyable character to watch. I think the writers can tell she's quite capable and are writing for her. We had another one of Mary's wonderful stories, this time about a memorial at a Portuguese taverna that turned into disaster, as her stories usually do. Luke dreams of owning a stock car. Maria doesn't really understand. If you compared it with wanting to own a very expensive designer handbag, she might. Mary jumped in to the wedding planning session with Sophie, Sally and Rita with both feet, univited but it was amusing just the same. I just hope Sally keeps her at bay. We've seen what a bridesmaid-zilla she can turn into!

Andrea's daughter needs 1000 pounds and she needs it today to pay her rent or be evicted. Since Andrea can't get hold of her husband to wire money, she's scrambling to find it herself. It's very coincidental that Lloyd mentions he has a record worth 1000, isn't it? He does offer to give her 40 quid after selling one of his duplicates which isn't much of a drop in the bucket and says he'd go into the red if he offered to pay the rest for her. I wonder why he has absolutely no savings if the cab company is doing well? Maybe he spends it all on records!

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Saturday 22 August 2015

What are your first memories of Coronation Street?

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog July 2015, reposted to this blog with permission.)

What are some of your first memories of watching Coronation Street?

I've been watching the show since before I can remember. Corrie was always part of our house, it was always on. I used to watch it with my mam and my grandma as my mam tutted at Elsie Tanner's antics and grandma and I relished in Elsie's naughtiness.

I can't recall any exact first moments or storylines, and the point at which I turned into a regular watcher is lost in the mists of time.

However, I must have tuned in properly around 1974, at the age of 10 years old. 1974 was the year that the women went to Majorca when Bet won on Spot the Ball, a storyline I remember, and love.   I also remember scenes of Elsie Tanner rinsing her stockings out in the kitchen sink, smoking, applying make-up and crying it off again.

What are your first memories of our favourite show?

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Top 10 mysteries of Coronation Street

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog August 2015, reposted to this blog with permission.)

I've been wondering about a few Corrie loose ends.

If you know the answer to any of these, do please leave a comment below.  And if you have any more comments you want to air or things you want to point, then do.

1. Where's Eccles?
2. Where are the Renshaw twins getting their hair done these days?
3. Why did Gail's dad Ted Page disappear, never to be mentioned again?
4. Where's Ozzy?
5. Who's looking after Lily?
6. What happened to Todd Grimshaw in that London to turn him so evil?
7. How does Sophie manage to control her grief over the recent death of the love-of-her-life Maddie?
8. Has Sophie forgotten she's a church-going Christian?
9. Why hasn't Mary fought to get her beloved motorhome back?
10.Why is Gail turning into the village idiot?

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Friday 21 August 2015

Quinoa and Kale Crisps - the Genius of Sally

(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in August 2015.)

So impressed by Sally’s performance last night and by the brilliance of her script. Sally Dynevor was superb. Her comic timing is second to none on the cobbles.

Carla was clearly deep in thought but Sally, who misread the situation chats on about the pronunciation of quinoa and kale. She even mentions the avant garde notion of kale crisps.

At root, of course, is Sally’s snobbery and her sense of self-importance. The brightest scripts the writers produce for Sally are those where she thinks she is being fashionable, in the swim, keeping up with the Jones’s and in actual fact is failing. Remember the sofa? She hated the red sofa but on discovering it was expensive and pre-owned by a woman she thought of good stock, all of a sudden Sally loved it! It’ll be Farrow and Ball paint next, which will be essential to Sally’s existence.  

Later, when Tim and Kevin arrive back at Sally’s and there is a sense of relief about the kiss and the buying of the factory is in prospect, Sally says, ‘I’ve got a Vienetta in the fridge.' Alan Bennett would be delighted.

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Conversation Street Podcast 161

Gemma and Michael's podcast for the episodes in Canada that aired (up to last night's Canadian Corrie) can be heard here.

Carla's getting very close to hitting the bottom and decides she's going to sell up. Sally and Alya both want to buy in but Roy, Nick and Michelle try their best to help Carla. Sally kisses Kevin but Kevin's too loyal to his new BFF. Michael and Eileen scramble to return that bracelet and Gail scores a little victory, pointing out the things Eileen has insisted Michael do to get the bracelet back. Max finds something he shouldn't and Sarah sees Callum for who he really is but Callum blackmails Sarah into keeping schtum. But is this what will eventually be what defeats Callum? Robert gets a job at the Bistro, very conveniently, but Tracy's not happy about him being under her feet. Robert seems pretty sure he can win her over. There's a chat with Corrie fan, Jack Lewin who recently had a tour behind the scenes at the Corrie set.

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Thursday 20 August 2015

Corrie Canada sneak previews for Aug. 24 - 28

Without further ado here is a brief sneak preview of what you'll see on  next week's Corrie in Canada.

Tracy's feeling guilty. Simon admits his problem but then gets out of control. Will Leanne tell anyone about his violence towards her? Sophie pressures Sally. Andrea bails out her daughter but got the cash from selling something she shouldn't have. Are she and Lloyd over? Luke worries Maria's going off him but Maria has a surprise up her sleeve. Steve has to give the dog back to his owner.

For more details and photos, visit the Moosejaw Mercury at

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Michael Le Vell: "Sally should stay with Tim"

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog July 2015, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Last night on Coronation Street we saw Kev and Sally have a snog on the sofa.

Michael Le Vell, who plays Kevin Webster tells Radio Times about the kiss and how, in soap, it can't remain a secret for long.

Michael says this about the kiss: "Kevin does respond at first. But after about five minutes, he realises that what he's doing is wrong. He's feeling total shock and disbelief. He knows deep down that Sally didn't mean it and that it was just a spur-of-the-moment thing. But they're full of remorse and they do feel bad afterwards for Tim. Even though it's not really Kevin's fault - Sally does pounce on him!"

"He'll always have feelings for her. They were together for a long time. So he'll always love her - they just hurt each other too many times. Too much water has passed under the bridge. Never say never, but I think Sally and Tim are a great couple and Kevin enjoys seeing them together as well. And he's got a new best mate in Tim."

"I don’t think it will stay a secret, no - I’m not sure who will tell who, but I do know Sophie is quite suspicious. Whether anyone else close to Sally or Kevin will be brought into the loop, I don’t know. But if Tim finds out he’s not going to be happy.

"It could end up putting the wedding in jeopardy. Tim would be left always doubting Sally’s true motives for marrying him and wondering whether she loves him or still has feelings for Kevin. It would stir a lot of emotions up and bring out a lot of insecurities in Tim."

And if it came down to Sally choosing between the two men in her life, then who does Le Vell think she should be with? "That's a big question…Tim! I think Sally and Tim should be together."

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Wednesday 19 August 2015

Will Corrie's Sarah Platt tell all?

(This post was originally posted by Tvor on the Coronation Street Blog in August 2015.)

(reposted from State of the Street with permission)

Sarah has now seen the truth about Callum, a truth she probably already knew down deep. Callum accused her of knowing what he was really like and being attracted to the excitement of it. That could be true. We're all pretty sure that she only started going out with him so she could wind up David and we are definitely sure that's why Callum did it initially. As he said, it would also have looked good in court in his bid to win custody of Max.

I still fail to understand how a man with his background could possibly be considered for full time full custody of a child even if he did pretend to have cleaned up his act. Surely the police or Social Services would be investigating both he and David very closely in this matter. If nothing else, David should have got his lawyer to hire a private investigator to prove Callum was still dealing but reality doesn't really have much of an impact on soaps so we'll just leave that there. It is what it is. Kylie can only testify that he was dealing back at Christmas when David kicked her out. She was getting drugs from Callum up until then. Callum can then say he stopped after she left town. Again. unprovable in court.

Now, though, Bethany has seen and heard many things that can prove Callum's activities and has been coerced into it herself. Dropping a package of money off isn't illegal but handling a package in return which had drugs in it most certainly is. Could she say that she didn't know what was in the package? Possibly. A photo of her smoking a spliff is a misdemeanor at worst. So Bethany really doesn't have anything to worry about, I don't think. Sarah though, is frantic. She knows Callum has evidence against Bethany and thinks Bethany could be sent to juvenile detention. Callum's pretty threatening and considering the state of Gemma's face, and the fact that David has been roughed up in the past, Sarah knows his threats are real and dangerous. She's not just scared for Bethany in a legal sense but for all of their physical safety if she goes to the police.

Callum still deals drugs. Callum had a loaded gun in his flat, in a child's bedroom closet, no less. Callum is blackmailing Sarah into keeping quiet. I don't really think he wants Kylie back romantically, that suggestion the other week was more in aid of getting Max than it was getting back the "love of his life". Callum wants full time custody of his child. Does anyone see the problem here? I still don't really understand why he wants Max full time, given the kind of business he's doing.

I don't think he had a shocking childhood which might lead him to the conclusion that bringing up a child in a criminal environment isn't such a bad idea. Callum's mother, a teacher, seemed quite nice and respectable and it follows, somewhat logically, that he probably had a decent bringing up rather than a rough childhood on a dodgy estate, or shuffled in and out of care or something similar to the childhood we know that those like Tyrone, Fiz and Chesney had. Is his mother afraid of him, too, rather than testify that he shouldn't be a full time dad? Or is she just wearing massive blinders, thinking her son isn't a bad boy, just a bit naughty and his recent jail sentence was a miscarriage of justice.

I would suspect, in the long run, that Sarah will do the right thing and go to the police. It may even bring Bethany and Sarah back to a more even relationship.  Callum is going to cross the line at some point soon, before the custody hearing. I maintain my prediction that he will end up dead. Any number of Platts could be suspect but the guilty party will be an expendable crew member as per the Soap Laws, probably Gemma. Callum's a baddie, even if he's not a very convincing one, and will pay for his crimes.

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Coronation Street's past, present... and future

(This post was originally posted on the Coronation Street Blog July 2015, reposted to this blog with permission.)

A guest blog post from Coronation Street Blog reader (and one of our Corrie fans of the week) ELK.

"Although it's not Chrismas, all of the recent posts about Tracy – whether she can be redeemed, whether she should be redeemed, etc – got me daydreaming about taking a tour of the cobbles with the ghosts of Corrie past, present, and future – in whatever mode you prefer, with a Dickensian flavour, or a more 1940s American It's a Wonderful Life – to see what everyone's  favourite Street would look like if there were no Tracy Barlow.

Corrie Past: It's possible, had Tracy's pram remained outside the Rovers the day of the lorry crash, that Deirdre, so bereft at the loss of her only child, might actually have thrown herself into the canal. (A sad loss for viewers indeed!) On the other hand, had she recovered from this trauma and proceeded to date and/or marry the many men in her life (To all the men I've loved before - Deirdre's song) without Tracy's meddling the relationship with Dave Barton might have flourished  or, for that matter, Samir, had he not been on his way to the hospital to donate a kidney to Deirdre's OD'd daughter, might still be alive – at least that's what Deirdre, in fits of anger, always told Tracy. Wally might have married Blanche. Roy and Hayley Cropper would have been up £20,000. Somebody else might have offed Charlie Stubbs (Bev perhaps?)  If Steve had not succumbed to Tracy's seductions, he might still be with Becky. Certainly Steve and Liz would still be full owners of the pub.

So far,  I have to say the case for Tracy Barlow's existence is pretty weak.  Except for one thing, a very significant someone, who is hard to overlook – and that is Amy Barlow.

Corrie Present:  Children are a mixed bag on the best of days, adorable, difficult, innocent, manipulative, hard to love, hard to hate, but one thing is unavoidable: in the face of mortality, they embody hope.  Ken's eulogy for Deirdre rang truest for me when it turned to the grandkids, Amy and Simon, seated together in the family pew, the closest thing there is to a Barlow legacy.  While the adults winced at Ken's reference to their parents' dubious credentials, the two kids looked pleased as punch to be singled out, to bask in the knowledge that their grandmother loved them, and implicitly, with the passing of an era, to come into their own as the heirs to all that.  The funeral was a rite of passage for both of them.

Members of the 1 o'clock club remarked on Amy's uncanny resemblance to Blanche – never one to spare others' feelings – which, in its own way, was high praise, compared to Peter's warning that Amy, in a worst case scenario, might grow up to be as despised as her mum. For all the uncertainty surrounding who Amy Barlow will become in the future, her present importance is clear. 

Ruth's recent blog about Mothers, non-mothers, children and future children... got me thinking about the fragility of couples on the street, who are in danger of dying out, like Mavis and Derek, if they have no children, or, like Stan and Hilda Ogden, of being forgotten if their children move away. 

Ruth's blog also made me wonder what it feels like for young actors to be 'born' into a particular family on the street, each with its own distinct character, history, and, yes, dysfunction. Is being cast in one of those roles like putting on the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter? If Hogwarts has four houses, it could be said that Coronation Street, at present, has four dynasties:  House of Barlow, House of Platt, House of Webster, and House of McDonald. With the exception of the Platt's, three of these main houses have taken hits in recent years, what with divorces, prison sentences, and the departure of close family members. However, as we have seen chez Webster, renewal is possible, along with new relationships and extended family units. Tim and Sally's connection not only allows us to enjoy the bromance between Tim and Kevin, but also creates a bridge, via FayE, between the Webster and Windass clans.

Returning to the subject of the Barlow's, Amy is the link joining two venerable households, the Barlows and McDonalds. Liz and Deirdre were not only best friends, they were also Amy's grandmothers. Now that Deirdre's gone, it's Steve and Liz who have taken a big role in comforting Ken.

Back to Corrie present sans Amy Barlow. Not only does Amy embody the next Barlow generation, calling up remembrances of Blanche and Deirdre, she also enlarges the family, if not through marriage, then through being Tracy and Steve's accidental love child. (On a side note, I really enjoyed seeing Amy and Simon together at the funeral as cousins united in loss rather than bad blood, so I hope the writers will continue to build on this relationship.)  But that observation extends to Tracy as well, who is, after all, Deirdre's only child.  Although Ken isn't her biological father, the three have been a unit for a very long time, with Tracy playing a key role in keeping her mum and stepdad together, as well as recently, according to Bev's report, keeping them apart. I think the only thing that would have been sadder at the end of Wednesday's episode than watching Ken go to bed without Deirdre in a house full of damaged, argumentative offspring, would have been to watch Ken, in a throwback to Uncle Albert, sitting alone in an armchair at Number 1, not only marking the end of an era, but the end of a family which has lived on the Street since its beginning.

I know viewers are alternatively skeptical and reluctant for Tracy to turn over a new leaf in Corrie future, but watching her bang about the kitchen in Friday's episode, cleaning, baking, fussing, brought back fond memories of Deirdre in her apron, keeping a cheerful demeanor while, at the same time, looking after Tracy, Ken, and Albert. Tracy will never be Deirdre, but, on a brighter note, thanks to surviving that lorry crash, there will be a future.

And as for Corrie's future? Ah, now there's a question!

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Tuesday 18 August 2015

Mothers, non-mothers, children and future children on the cobbles

(This post was originally posted by Ruth Owen on the Coronation Street Blog in July 2015.)

Motherhood is not something every woman hankers after. For some women, maternity is not a desired state and that is how it is.

The women of Coronation Street who don’t have children are Emily, Rita, Carla, Erica, Julie (yes she’s gone, but it’s so recent I’m going to include her) and Mary. Clearly, Emily and Rita will remain childless. The others though, might all have a chance, if they want one of course. As regards Leanne; although she hasn’t had a biological child, she is most definitely a mother to Simon. Leanne is just 34 so she could still have a biological child if she wished. Some people see fit to criticise those who have just one child. Perhaps those people should mind their own business and appreciate that in some cases, people may not be able to conceive another child.  

Mary is only 41, which may surprise some people who might have thought she was older, not so much by her appearance but by her attitudes. That said, she can, at times, be surprisingly progressive. I know a few people who have had a child over the age of 40 (including my own sister-in-law – 44!) Mary may still have a chance, should the opportunity present itself. You never know!

Carla is 40, so her chances are slightly better than Mary’s, and who knows how Nick will feel after the loss of his baby with Erica? We have seen several scenes now where Nick and Carla are clearly interested in each other, but the pregnant Erica put paid to anything progressing between the two.

Carla, though, may have decided against motherhood after the tragic loss of her baby. Initially Carla was considering terminating the pregnancy but after talking to Michelle she changed her mind. Carla had even got as far as the clinic, but Michelle’s words were clearly instrumental in changing her mind. At the moment though, Carla’s desire for motherhood, if it exists at all, takes second place to gambling. We also know that soon, at the end of the year, Carla will leave, though Alison King has said she ‘definitely wants Carla to return.’ Thank goodness for that!

At 50, or 49 when she actually conceived, Erica was unusual in achieving a pregnancy. I imagine that a fertility expert would rate her chances of conceiving again as just slightly over zero.

Julie, 38, adored Dev’s children and as she went off round the world she saved her biggest hugs for Aadi and Asha. It is heartbreakingly sad and cruel that some women who want children are denied them. Julie was told hat she would not be able to have children. Maybe Julie will adopt or use a surrogate.

Although Leanne has Simon and is a good mother to him, she may not wish to have another child. The forthcoming storyline of Simon’s domestic abuse towards Leanne, may well put her off having more children. Had Kal survived, though, who knows what would have happened?

As to the others, Tracy is 38 so could have another child, doubtful though that might have been before the arrival of ex-husband Robert last night. What might happen there? He is married but that won’t trouble Tracy, though it might bother Robert.

Michelle had Ryan at a very young age, but newly married to Steve and now 39, another child may be possible. She is stepmum to Amy so may not feel the attraction of  sleepless nights and disruption to their relatively comfortable life. And anyway, Steve has his dog.

As for the other women of childbearing age, Sarah was 13 when she had Bethany and now, at 28, could have several more children, maybe with Callum?! Sophie Webster could have a child and has many childbearing years ahead of her. Many gay women and men choose to have children, so in future years Sophie may become a mum. Steph is now 20 and is with Andy. Whether she stays with him or not, she could have several, should she so wish. Luke and Maria may have children, even though Maria already has little Liam. The relationship between Luke and Maria though doesn’t feel as if it is ripe for the long haul, somehow.

Beth has the wonderful Craig of course, and at 41 may be pushing the bounds of fertility. Kirk doesn’t have any children so he may wish for a child. Sinead seems to be made to be a mother so little Joseph could well have a sibling at some point, as may Gary and Izzy’s Jake. Alya and Gary may breed too. Fiz and Tyrone have a child each but not one together. Maybe, in time, they will have another, though may well decide that 2 is enough. Kylie and David may also increase their family, but above all I do hope that Eva and Jason get together again, once Todd’s lies are exposed. A baby with a chuckle like its mum, would be a real treat.

Ruth Owen

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Corrie spoiler links

Though we are a mostly spoiler free blog for Coronation Street in the Canadian timeline, from time to time we will post a few links for those that want to know what's going to happen and can't resist looking. With that in mind, here are spoilers regarding the following characters:

Characters: New, Returning and Leaving

On September 23 in the UK, Corrie is airing a live one hour episode in conjunction with ITV's 60th anniversary. In Canada, that should air over two nights (unless CBC does something unexpected and gives us a one hour special) around the middle of October.

There are a few spoilers for the episode, here from the producer, Stuart Blackburn, here, here, and here (with a bit of speculation)

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Monday 17 August 2015

Corrie Canada weekly awards Aug. 10 - 14

Art is Life award: Cathy's portrait of Roy was full of colour, life and nuance, very much like her. Roy sees things in black and white so his portrait of Cathy was the same.

Tangent award: Roy broke into Cathy's house to help her and started on an explanation of why he keeps a fire extinguisher in the car! European regulations and all that. I *heart* Roy Cropper!

Trivial Pursuit award: Laughed at Lloyd and Kevin and Tim reading nature facts from the book left in the cab. I love little things like that!

Musical Doors award: I thought there was now a separate entrance door to Roy's flat. Why did Cathy come to the cafe after hours looking for him?

Grand-Mothra of the Bride: Forget Bridezilla, Yasmeen has taken the art of wedding planning to new heights!

Careless but Contrived award: Alya left the pregnancy test box in a bin so the others naturally found it.

Dropped Storyline award: The bailiffs were at Cathy's door, promising to come back. They never did. What happened? She wouldn't let Roy pay them so she must still owe.

Sopranos award: Sarah thought Gemma was over dramatizing what happened to her, likening it to a mob movie. Then Max came out of the bedroom with a gun.

Lines of the week:
Tim about Sally "She drops the K-bomb (Kevin) like there's no tomorrow"
Sally "You're perfectly happy 'pootling'" (so leave him alone!)
Yasmeen "This marriage is going to be a complicated affair and will need military Liz to Tony "You know where the viaduct is. I think there's a tram due in 10 minutes" (Ha! Clever!)
Sally to Alya "I diagnose a severe case of being out of your depth" (she is, but not to do with business)
Roy "The one constant in life is change"
Beth about Sally and Tim "I've seen the pair of them sneaking off at every wedding we've ever been to!"
Gail about Bethany "She's a teenager. She sees it (winding up her mother) as a rite. Or, in David's case, a pass time"
Cathy "I like a bit of a boogie in the morning, get the blood flowing"
Sally "This may be a back street greasy spoon, but to me, it's an oasis in a cultural desert"
Kylie "So what, you're going to brainwash him (Michael) into going back to you?" Gail "If that's what it takes. Yeah!"
Kirk to Beth who's just been called an attack dog "It's a compliment! Dogs are loyal, good looking and the top of their head smells great!"

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