Sunday 30 September 2012

Sunday Comments, Sept. 30

Gary and Izzy are both broken hearted apart. Even Owen knows Gary loves Izzy and she broke up with him for the wrong reasons. And for all he was against her and Gary being together, he was the instigator in getting them back together.  Owen has pledged to pay the cost to give them what they want and it's thanks to Tina making the suggestion that he investigate the options. At least Gary and Izzy are back together. Tina made a joke about having the baby for them instead but it's sowed the seed. Pun intended.

Tommy is promising that everything is going to change and they're going to make it work. So she turns around and decides to have someone else's baby. The words Lead and Balloon come to mind. And she probably panicked when Tommy mentioned she'd be better off without him, shades of Joe's desperation.  I can see why she would want to, for cash to pay off the debt but i can't help thinking it's going to cause more trouble. And 15 thousand? That's on top of the fee for the fertility treatment, about 7 grand PER TREATMENT if the first one doesn't take. and Gary of course was all over it the instant he heard it. 

So it's going to be Tina carrying the baby and Tommy's in a snit in spite of the fact that it's HIS debt she's trying to wipe out. I think half of it is because he heard the news from Faye not Tina.

Izzy isn't sure that Tina isn't a bit unstable. She seems to be by all accounts but that's because it's a case of crying wolf. All the problems she's had with Kirsty she really has had and she's telling the truth but nobody believes her. Tommy got to stew in his juices all afternoon, no wonder he had himself worked up into a frazzle by the time he went to confront Tina in the pub and then went to the Windasses to say he wasn't having it. He's hugely guilty at her bailing him out and he's dead set against it. He'll even let it break them up. Gary of course, is too single minded and is going to be determined to talk him round. But really. Is Tommy being unreasonable? Maybe  but the fact remains that he really doesn't want her to do this and maybe she should rethink it if it means that much to him instead of stropping and having at tempter tantrum. She wants to get them out of debt but it's technically his debt.

Owen is going to go bankrupt with the money he's going to be paying out and what if it doesn't work the first time? I still don't think this surrogacy isn't going to work. I think Owen's going to run out of cash.

Tina has officially lost all my sympathy. Full Stop. If she's doing this for the money, and Rita is offering her a loan, why would she not take it rather than go through a pregnancy. It's not as if Izzy is her sister or her best friend ever. Tommy really took against the whole idea. I can't decide whether he's being far too sensitive and overreactive or if he's got a point. A couple should really be on the same side in this sort of thing and if one is and one isn't, it's going to cause this kind of trouble.

Rita burst into tears hearing the truth. So did Tommy, telling her. It seems a bit of an overreaction on her part, shocking though it is. I can't get over it. It really doesn't seem like something Rita should get so overwrought about? Angry? Yes. A bit upset. But heartbroken and in puddles of tears? Tommy decided to leave (I knew he wouldn't, he didn't leave in a taxi!). They're always leaving each other. Have you  noticed? And they always get back together. And he does seem to come across as a bit of a sniveller sometimes. Owen made him feel even less of a man, forget the guilt he was having already. Man up and do your duty? I dunno. He really objects. So why should he put up with it? Because it's his debt she's doing it for, that's why.

Tina has spent almost no time behind the bar in the last few episodes! Oh and no matter what Rita said, Tommy wasn't actually selling drugs. If he was, he might have made a bit of money and not been in such a bad state.

Meanwhile Kirsty never fails to take any opportunity to be bitchy within earshot of Tommy or Tina. She really is a cow. New baby has a name. Ruby! I hope she doesn't take her love to town! ;) Couldn't resist. Hope she doesn't grow a tache like Kirk's old auntie either. What a way to bring someone's excitement down a peg or two!

Lloyd won big on the horses but couldn't find anyone to celebrate with and Paul felt sorry for him and got side tracked in the pub with him instead of making a nice meal. He still feels a bit at loose ends, you can tell. Lloyd has been drifting since Cheryl left and doesn't seem to have a lot of focus in his life. But at a reunion gig, he finds a familiar face, an old girlfriend, Mandy. She seems nice. But Ahh. turns out they had an affair while she was married and he considers her the love of his life. Afterwards, Lloyd didn't think he would ever see Mandy again. Virtually guaranteeing he would. Lost bracelet, which didn't look like it had a clasp that was open so do we think she dropped it on purpose? Possibly but then her reaction to him showing up was kind of cold. Maybe she feels like he's stalking her! You could make a case for it. I do like Mandy's wardrobe.

Gloria is sponging off Leanne and Nick now but Leanne is going to get to the end of her tether pretty quick. Gloria's method of picking horses ....  close your eyes and stab the form. Was it the gift or was it blind luck that the horse won? Pretty much a stab in the dark because although Lloyd's horse won, Kirk's didn't.  Gloria and Gail have met and clashed just like Gloria clashes with everyone else. Well i say everyone but it seems to be just the women doesn't it? Gloria's fella showed up, he being the one that got into trouble causing Gloria to go on the run but she's not having him. He's practically on his knees begging. I wonder if there's more to this than meets the eye.

Gail was certainly pleased to make Cliff's acquaintance. Took the opportunity to move in and find out more about her erstwhile rival. Like, she's destitute. Like, she's lied about running a bar in Spain, she worked in a dry cleaner and might have been responsible for a fire. She wasted no time throwing it back in Gloria's face, too, so Gloria pleaded and made a big meal of it and managed to get Gail's sympathy. Wonderful!!  I think Gail needs a mate. Gloria just might be the perfect fit. Gloria's back to her old tricks and now she's got her eye on a pub of the year contest.

Beth is looking for love in all the wrong places and Julie and Fiz reckon Kirk fancies her. She doesn't have any time for him and was very condescending to his two former girlfriends but she doesn't know what she's missing. He'd treat her like gold, would Kirk.Beth tried out internet dating and it went very badly wrong.  Kirk must fancy her, though, he's actually complimenting her and he followed her on her date to make sure she would be ok, meeting a stranger. She looked really nice but the fella was a right plonker and nothing like the photo he'd sent her.  Luckily her white knight in the white van was there to oversee and pick up the pieces. Kirk and Beth! It's got potential! They're close in age, and Kirk could get to be a big brother to Craig!

Good god. Faye comes home from school and choir practice, it's still light out and she's told to get her pyjamas on? Gloria, while i do like her, needs to learn to back off flirting with married and attached men. Hands off Dennis, Laydeh! Well now she's got a new quest, a local pub of the year contest. I smell a disaster in the making.

Karl is still laying around and Sunita still doesn't have a job. But Anna left Dev's employ and he... gave her a job in the shop? Really?  After everything that's happened? I truly don't believe that would happen unless he's thinking he might be able to break them up and get her back. I don't believe Dev would walk into his own house and shake Karl's hand like they were old mates either. Who are you and what have you done with Dev? Did Dev just want her to work there so he could be nasty and unkind? If he's working there with her, why does he need her there? Usually there's only one person working at a time anyway isn't there?

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Sam Robertson wants to return to Corrie as Adam Barlow

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog August 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

There's an interview in today's Daily Star that's made me giggle. Anyone remember Adam Barlow, as played by Sam Robertson?  Sam says he wants another go at playing Adam on Corrie, just to prove he really can act and he admits the first time around on Corrie, he wasn't all that great. Oh, you don't say?

Sam joined Corrie in 2004 as Adam Barlow, Mike Baldwin’s son and Ken Barlow’s grandson.

He told the Daily Star Sunday: “I wasn’t a very good actor back then. It’s as simple as that. I was getting recognised all the time and getting all this attention but I didn’t think I had earned it. I knew I was doing a pretty sh*t job and I was too scared to learn on the job. I was in it for two-and-a-half years and I did definitely improve because I had never acted before in my life. But it was some of the worst Corrie acting, to be fair. I was with two of the show’s biggest stars and I had never read a script in my life before. I was a rabbit in the headlights. Now I look back and see the amazing opportunity but at the time I just couldn’t cope with it.”

And he admitted: “A part of me wants to go back just for a few episodes just to show I can actually act."

Sam is back on TV and starring in E4 show Beaver Falls which returns tomorrow night at 10pm.

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Saturday 29 September 2012

Video: Cat joins cast on Coronation Street

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog August 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Came across this wonderful little bit of Corrie history on YouTube showing cat auditions on Coronation Street. Odd, short and worth a look.

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Corrie fans vote for Karen McDonald return

(This post was originally posted on the Coronation Street Blog August 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

A fortnight ago, There was a poll on the Coronation Street Blog about who'd folk would like to return to the cobbles.

550 Corrie fans voted and an astounding 173 voted for Karen McDonald (last seen in 2004) to make a comeback. No doubt with ex Steve and rival Tracy still there it would make interesting viewing!

In second place was Curly Watts (last seen in 2003)  with 97 votes.

Hilda Ogden (last seen in 1987) came third with 59 votes.

Tied in fourth place were Bet Lynch (last seen in 2003) and Mavis Wilton (last seen in 1997) with 47 votes.

And finishing the top five off was Becky McDonald (despite only leaving early this year!) with 26 votes. Becky was voted for under the 'other' option in the poll.

Other characters you wished to return were Linda Cheveski, Sian Powers, Billy Walker, Danny Baldwin, Sarah Platt, Toyah Battersby, Cilla Battersby-Brown, Rosie Webster, Spider Nugent, Graeme Proctor, Eddie Windass, Liz McDonald, Raquel Watts, Les Battersby-Brown, Candice Stowe, Maya Sharma, Dawn Prescott, Debbie Webster, Natasha Blakeman, Suzie Birchall, Jamie Baldwin, Frankie Baldwin, Shelley Unwin and Craig Harris.

Two people wished for Bill Ward to make a return as Charlie Stubbs' twin brother while others wished Richard Hillman, Elsie Tanner, Mike Baldwin and Derek Wilton would make a return from the dead.

Happy with the results? Or shocked? 

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Friday 28 September 2012

Sneak Preview for next week's Canadian Corrie, Oct 1 - 5

Without further ado, here's a brief run down of next week's Coronation Street on Canadian Screens:

Mandy has kept a secret from Lloyd for 28 years. Three guesses and the first two don't count.  Her name is Jenna and she's not happy about it but Lloyd doesn't want to take No for an answer. 

Tommy still isn't comfortable with the surrogacy. Tina gets an installment from Owen and a new place to live. Kirsty gets a monetary surprise from T&T. Tina starts the surrogacy process.

Kirsty has trouble coping with a crying baby. Tyrone freaks out at her reaction and leans on Fiz. Beth and Kirk find each other. Gloria enters a pub of the year competition but can't resist giving herself a boost in rank and her plans cause more chaos.

Brian puts Ken's name forward to replace a school governor but Ken is shocked to see a familiar old face. Michelle tries to find a way to put Ryan off Tracy

For more detail and photos, see the Moosejaw Mercury at

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Fab Photo - Blackpool Holidays

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. Here are some of the Coronation Street residents enjoying the delights of their favourite holiday destination.

An extra Brownie point goes to anyone who knows who's in the Tunnel of Love with Vera - and why.

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Thursday 27 September 2012

Corrie Originals - Lynne Carol as Martha Longhurst

(This post was originally posted on the Coronation Street Blog July 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

First appeared: 14th December 1960

Last appeared: 13th May 1964

Lynne Carol played the role of busybody cleaner Martha Longhurst between 1960 and 1964.

Born in Usk in Monmouthshire, South Wales in 1914, Carol was born into a theatrical family and debuted on stage at the age of three and for the next forty years her career was based in the provincial theatre.

In 1960 she was cast in the role of 61 year old nosy pensioner Martha Longhurst in new drama serial Coronation Street. Carol had to play a character who was 15 years her senior and did a convincing portrayal. Debuting in the second episode, Martha was part of the famous Rovers snug trio that consisted of her, Ena Sharples and Minnie Caldwell. Their friendship dated back to their teenage years and they grew closer as they all became widowed. Known for her beret, Martha was hired as a cleaner at the Rovers in 1963, a job that allowed her to hear the gossip first hand. During her tenure, Martha’s storylines included clashing with Ena on numerous occasions and rekindling with old flame Ted Ashley – she followed him to London thinking he’d propose, but she had mixed signals.

In 1964, Tim Aspinall (1935-2000) was appointed as the new producer of Coronation Street and proved controversial when he decided to axe five members of the original cast - Lynne Carol being one of them. Aspinall wanted to revamp the show and get rid of some deadwood. He felt that Carol would be able to find other acting roles. Carol received the news in the papers and was devastated and many of her co-stars, including Violet Carson (Ena Sharples), called for her reinstatement. But to no avail. Martha was killed off that year and died of a heart in the snug, unnoticed by everyone. When they recorded the death scene, Peter Adamson (Len Fairclough) paused for a while before announcing her death, hoping that the producers would change their mind but they didn’t. Viewers sent thousands of letters complaining about the decision to kill off Martha – the only character out of those axed to do so. Carol became bitter as she felt it was a mistake as her character was so popular and, with Violet Carson and Margot Bryant, provided the rich moments of the programme. After Martha’s death, writers acknowledged that maybe it would’ve been better to have her leave the street rather than killing her off. It has been said since then that killing Martha off has been the show’s biggest mistake. Martha’s spirit (pardon the pun) has lived on in the show. Betty Turpin thought she saw Martha’s ghost in the snug in 1975; and in 2011 Dennis Tanner joked that the mysterious voice Roy Cropper could hear was Martha’s ghost!

Between 1960 and 1964, Lynne Carol appeared in a total of 298 episodes of Coronation Street. For the rest of her career, she struggled to find work and suffered from being typecast. She secured a role in new BBC soap opera The Newcomers in 1965 but it wasn’t permanent. She had roles in other TV programmes like Albert! (1969-1972), Z Cars (1972-1973) and Crown Court (1975), but they weren’t top of the bill roles. Martha Longhurst’s shadow hung over her. Her last TV role was in BBC2 Playhouse in 1980 before retiring from acting. She made her last TV appearance in 1988 in a tribute programme to Margot Bryant where she spoke from her home in Blackpool. She died two years later aged 75.

Lynne married Bert Palmer (who also appeared in Corrie in 1965 as Mr Hartley; and in 1973 as Walter Biddulph, who sold his newsagents ‘Biddulphs’ to Len Fairclough who renamed it ‘The Kabin’) in 1934 and she was widowed in 1980. They had two children: a son and a daughter.

Did you ever see or meet Lynne Carol? Were you outraged when she was sacked? Do you have any trivia about her?

Research from Wikipedia, Corriepedia and IMDB.

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Further Predictions about the Corrie surrogacy storyline

There have been a lot of negative comments about the surrogacy storyline. People already think it's gone on too long and are getting frustrated with it. Not me.

I am enjoying it and enjoying thinking about what's going to happen. I didn't think Katy would be the surrogate because of the finances. But then Owen got involved and Katy got uninvolved and now Tina has decided to do it for the money to bail out Tommy's debts.

On the surface, it seems like the perfect fit, even if it's not strictly legal to be paying money for it but that never stopped Owen before.  It seems to be the kiss of death for Tina and Tommy's relationship and Gary has latched on to the new plan with his usual single-mindedness. He's determined to persuade anyone and everyone that needs it in order to become a dad.

But I don't think it's going to succeed. And this time maybe it will definitely come down to the cash. Rita has offered her Favourite money in the past and it may be Tina's turn this time. It would get Tyrone and Kirsty off their backs and it would pay off Tommy's debts. They'd still owe money but at least Rita wouldn't be rubbing their noses in it at every turn. Owen's not made of money and I don't think he'd end up being able to afford the 15K plus 7K every time they have to do the treatment because it doesn't work first time out.

In the end, debts will be paid and there will be no baby. Gary gets to love Izzy and they'll probably get a puppy that will be forgotten and will disappear in about 8 months. 

Like it or not, where do you think this is going? Will there be a baby at the end of it?

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Conversation Street podcast catch up

Gemma and Michael bring you a new Corrie podcast, Conversation Street,  coming to you out of the UK every weekend. I've been listening to it on the weekends since I keep up to date with the UK goings-on and it's very entertaining. They are a spoiler-free zone as far as what's coming up in the UK storylines.

For Canadians, since we are a couple of weeks behind, you can still listen to the podcast and if you don't want spoilers, just check out the dates on each episode. Their podcast, number 5, that covers the week ending in the UK on  Friday, September 14 covers Canadian episodes that aired from Sept. 19 to Sept. 26 (last night). Therefore, today, if you listen to this podcast, you'll hear their discussion of the episodes we've just seen. You can also subscribe to them on iTunes, Like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter (@conversationstr).

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Wednesday 26 September 2012

Soap fans vote Coronation Street most realistic

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog June 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

It's Inside Soap magazine's 20th birthday this week and they recently commissioned a survey asking soap fans what they think of their favourite shows.

The results came in as follows, with most soap fans saying they want to see more humour, rather than grim storylines, in their favourite shows. Can't argue with that!

Four-fifths of viewers believe there should be more funny moments in the plots of the series, according to the poll.

More than a third - 36% - said they wanted to see fewer stories about affairs in TV soaps, and 30% said they would prefer to see less emphasis on "murder and mayhem" in the shows - although a quarter said they actually wanted to see more.

Just over two-fifths (42%) said the shows rarely or never reflected their own lives, and just 18% said a portrayal of a real-life issue in a soap had actually helped them.

Soap fans said Coronation Street was the soap which most accurately reflected reality, chosen by 40% of the sample of 1,000 people. EastEnders was second, chosen by 30%, while Emmerdale came third on 19%.
Emmerdale was chosen as the fictional location where viewers would most like to live, with Walford's Albert Square runner-up.

Inside Soap magazine editor Steven Murphy said: "It's interesting to see how Britons continue to love soaps and their family values, as well as the escapism it provides them with."

Read our exclusive interview with Inside Soap editor Steven Murphy.

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I had a draft post saved a few days ago with a prediction that Tina was going to end up the surrogate for Izzy and Gary since she and Tommy owe Tyrone so much money. Lo and behold, last night's show has proven me right! I've decided that this storyline should not end happily and here's why.

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Pic: Catherine Tyldesley in bed with Corrie co-stars

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog September 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Picture copyright Catherine Tyldesley on twitter
 Catherine Tyldesley, who plays Coronation Street's Eva Price, has just put this brilliant picture on twitter.

Why is she in bed with Corrie cast members Simon Gregson (Steve McDonald), Marc Baylis (Rob Donovan) and Kym Marsh (Michelle Connor)? It doesn't matter, it's such a great pic and was definitely worth posting here on the Coronation Street Blog. 

Follow Catherine on twitter @Cath_Tyldesley

Did you know that Catherine is also starring in another television programme at the same time that she's on screen in Corrie?  Find out more here.

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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Inside Soap Awards for Corrie

This year's Inside Soap Awards were given out in London last night. While Coronation Street and most of the other nominees from the soap didn't win awards, there were three statues given out to show favourites.

Alex Bain (Simon Barlow) wins Best Younger Actor
Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre) wins Sexiest Female and Best Dressed Soap Actor.

The full list of winners is here.

Inside Soap is a very popular soap magazine in Britian and you can get it in some Canadian newstands here. The issues will usually be about a month old but the magazine is very good though it will often have upcoming spoilers for Canadian viewers.

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Review: Bev Callard in The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog September 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

(While this blog post concerns a stage production in the U.K., There are often many of our Canadian readers that go on vacation across the pond. I certainly do! I'm posting this in case any of you are in the U.K. over the next few months and get the chance to see this. I'm going to the U.K. in November but unfortunately, I'll be leaving on the night it opens in Blackpool which would be the closest location to where I will be staying!)

The last time we saw Bev Callard on Coronation Street as Liz McDonald she was leaving to go to Spain to help son Andy with his bar.  In real life, Bev's finally back on the stage, currently acting in a touring version of Jim Cartwright's The Rise and Fall of Little Voice.

We caught up with the show this weekend in Scarborough and I can't recommend it highly enough.  Bev Callard plays the role of Little Voice's mother, Mari Hoff.  And while the clothes Mari wears on stage are the short-short skirts and tight-tight tops in the style of Liz McDonald, this is a different character altogether to the one we've seen Bev play in Corrie.

Bev's character Mari Hoff carries the show from start to end.  She's on stage more than any other character and her role is one that gets the audience on her side straight away. She plays a comedy blinder with her on-stage friend Sadie - and in one moment that had tears of laughter rolling down my face, Bev does a hand stand while Sadie (played by Sally Plumb) opens and closes Bev's legs while they're both dancing to a Jacksons' hit.  Wonderful stuff.

As well as the comedy, Bev played the role with emotion and pathos, it really was fantastic.  The rest of the cast are pretty darn good too, not least Jess Robinson who plays and sings her way through the show as Little Voice.  It's a wonderful play, I highly recommend it and it more than deserved its standing ovation.

Find out more about Little Voice the tour and book tickets online at

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Over the top Corrie character introductions

In a comment posted on Coronation Street Blog, regular blog reader Humpty Dumpty mentioned that she hoped Gloria wouldn't become a pantomime character and pointed out the softer side to other characters such as Blanche. Other commenters have taken against Gloria who seems to be very "full on" so far. She does seem to be excessively full of sarcastic/funny/rude one-liners and she's only been on our screens for a week. There are hopes that she'll soften over time, reveal more vulnerable aspects and turn into a more rounded character.

That's probably exactly what will happen. This has often been the case in the past. A new character is introduced and seems very over the top and in your face, no matter what type, or stereotype they're meant to convey. Eventually, as the actor gets used to the character and adds their own spin on him or her and the writers see how they do it, the dialogue gets more depth and the character becomes more complex. If a character really catches the audience's imagination, then the producer will allow and develop more background which all adds to the mix.

Who knew when feckless Eddie Windass first appeared on our screens that he would be a creative and talented baker? Volatile Becky Granger was also fiercely loyal to those she loved and ached to be a mum. Owen, at first, was an out and out nasty piece of work. He's still a bit of a bully but we can also see a more tender and understanding side. Well. Sometimes.

A few characters over the years never strayed very far from their initial personality. Les and Cilla both really remained cartoonish but on rare occasions could show a bit of depth. Bubble headed Candice and Celeb-wannabe Rosie never really got much deeper than a sheet of paper but they both developed into great comic characters. Current character Eva seems to be following in their stillettos.

Audrey Roberts was most definitely a flighty, selfish woman but over time has grown into a very layered character. Most famously, Roy Cropper first appeared as a bit of a creepy stalker. You would never guess that now.

So, those of you that are finding Gloria to be a bit one dimensional at the moment, may we suggest giving the writers and the actor time to find her feet and her direction? I think Sue Johnston will do mighty things with the character and the writers will rise to the challenge. First impressions, as a general rule of thumb, tend to mellow, on Corrie.

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Monday 24 September 2012

Interviews with the Coronation Street extras - Christine Quigley

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be an extra on Coronation Street, then wonder no more.

Canadian Coronation Street fan Christine Warren who runs the Coronation Street Fun Pages, has secured interviews with some of the extras on Corrie and has kindly given us permission here on the Coronation Street Blog to feature and link to each one when they are uploaded to her site.

This week it's Underworld factory extra Christine Quigley who has worked as a Corrie extra for 10 years.

Check out the interview here.

See also: Interview with Corrie extra Darran Burr

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Corrie Canada Weekly Awards Sept. 17 - 21

Provoking award: Kirsty can't leave it alone and always manages to wind up Tina, on purpose. Why was anyone surprised that Tina came after her in the pub? It was still out of order, though.  

Billing and cooing award: Oh ick. Tracy feeding Ryan to wind up Michelle. Steve and Michelle snogging to wind up Ryan. (They were trying to watch Ferris Beuller later on)

 Miracles happen award: - The brewery does deliveries on Sundays? - Cilla has a rich bloke and has invited her son for a visit. (Not her daughter, Fiz, I see?)  

Instant baby: Waters broke and the contractions started instantly without anything happening up to then. Is that possible? I suppose so.

 Pariah award: Everyone's against Tina. Even Tommy seems to be pretty critical of her. He's right. She IS obsessed and she can't let things lie so digs herself in deeper with every step. Kirsty antagonizing her makes her just as bad, though.  

Hurricane award Gloria blew into town like a storm of fresh air!  

Wearing Blinders award: Is it me or is Gary obsessed about being a father to the expense of everything else?

 Holding Court award: Gloria took over the pub, let everyone else do the work, getting rid of hotpot, getting Karl back behind the bar, but she pushed a bit too far and got chucked out.  
Musical ambience. Stella and Gloria fighting to "Waterloo".

 Lines of the Week: Gloria to Sunita "So it's you that's made my little girl cry. Hardly worth the hanky!"
Gloria to Stella "A relationship isn't just hard work, it's hard work and graft, especially for a woman of your age and bust size"
 Kevin to Tyrone "If me and you can make up after everything that's happened, I'm sure you and Tommy can" (not if Kirsty's in the driver's seat)
Marcus "I'm a midwife" Gloria "I'm a mother!"
Tracy "Only bad people hoover on a Sunday night"
Tyrone to the baby "You've mended everything" (Babies don't make very good bandaids)
Gloria "Nobody eats hotpot these days" Rita "I do" Gloria "Well you know what they are what you eat!"
Deirdre to Ryan "I think you're all right. You've got lovely manners and great taste!" (well anyone that loves the marrow must be ok, right?)
Tina "You're beginning to sound like a couple of kids" (Listen to yourself lately?)
Sean to Gloria "By God, Betty knew how to hold a grudge!"
Gloria "It's Norris doing a butch voice"
Sean "I have never EVER had a hissy fit in my life" (No?)
Gary "This isn't just about you" (no, but it's not all about you either)

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Corrie rabbits celebrate Rabbit Awareness Week

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog September 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

You did all know last week was Rabbit Awareness Week didn't you?  Nope, me neither. But it is and what better way to celebrate than with this wonderful picture of Coronation Street rabbit Barney with its owner David Platt. And let's not forget little Simon Barlow's Leanne the rabbit too.

Have there been any more rabbits on Corrie?

Check out Rabbit Awareness Week website.

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Lisa George interviewed about Corrie's Beth Tinker

Digital Spy has a good interview with Lisa George who plays gobby Beth Tinker today.  She tells us that she's still got a few months left on her contract and is waiting to find out if it will be renewed (Oh I do hope so!).

Lisa has been an actor for 16 years and also teaches singing and she's thrilled to be on Coronation Street and working every day.

When asked about Beth's similarity to Cilla Battersby-Brown she replied that she doesn't think there's a lot, other than a bit of a resemblance.  "But I don't think that Beth is as callous as Cilla was. Cilla didn't care for her kids, but Beth is really soft. She comes across as gobby and harsh, but she's a very different character to Cilla. I'd like to think that people see that."  I will agree with that.

I don't know about you but I think the Rovers needs to have a karaoke night soon so we can hear Beth belt out a tune, surprising everyone with how good she is!

Vote for Lisa as Best Newcomer in the Inside Soap Awards.

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Sunday 23 September 2012

Character Study: Royston Cropper

Roy Cropper has evolved from a creepy near-stalker to one of the most loved characters on Coronation Street. He and Hayley have what is probably the best relationship on the Street. It's had it's ups and downs but they have always supported each other, even when it's proved difficult and always forgiven each other when needed.

Roy is quirky, shy, unable to show his emotions easily, fiercely loyal, slightly obsessed, highly intelligent, and handles change with a good dollop of anxiety. He had a lonely life before he met Hayley, his soul mate, but he knows who he is and seems content with his lot. With that in mind, I bring you a character study of Royston Cropper.

Corriecature by the talented Jayne Tunnicliff/Bickerton

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Sunday Corrie Comments Sept. 23

Tommy's ok, but has a broken leg. Now he can't work and is going to have to pay back the owner of the pizza van. How much  more debt can he shoulder? More and more Tina's blaming it all on Kirsty. Well she's got a point but Tommy was the one stupid enough to trust Terry in the first place and get tangled up with Rick. Kirsty's definitely antagonizing things and nobody believes Tina. And wasn't she a bitch when Lloyd told Tyrone about Tommy's accident, insisting that Tyrone doesn't express any real concern.

Tommy's back from hospital (on his birthday no less) and being situated in their flat. Making Tina promise to turn the other cheek is about as useless as a chocolate teapot. Now they have to move out. They're giving Jason a mouthfull of attitude but come on, it *is* his flat and he *has* been trying to sell it for 2 years. Tyrone made an effort too, being nice to Tommy and letting his repayments slide for a bit. They shook hands on it and seemed to make friends again.

Sure enough, Kirsty waltzes into the pub and starts digging in and pushing all Tina's buttons and she tried, she really did but it lasted all of 5 minutes. She hollered, ranted and raged and then scuffled and pushed Kirsty. Her water broke right there in the pub. Now it's all Tina's fault. And yes, it really is. She can't learn to keep it buttoned. Getting into even a slanging match with someone that far pregnant was a bad thing let alone a physical struggle. After he thought he'd made it up with Tyrone, Tommy was far less inclined to support Tina and rightly so and the whole neighbourhood has now thought even less of her than before!

Tina really is obsessed. I know Kirsty is pushing her, and I know she knows that Kirsty is unstable, but she's got to gain a bit of persepective too. All this is going to end up with Tina's own life in ruins and Kirsty really will be the winner then. But Tina just can't leave it alone can she? She tried a peace offering with a big teddy, spending money I thought they didn't have,  but Kirsty and Tyrone both wouldn't have it. It wouldn't be so awkward if it wasn't true, about Kirsty abusing Ty.

Tina can't imagine how much worse her life could get. Well duh. I know Kirsty is a bad un and Tina feels like everyone is against her not Kirsty. Knowing what she knows, she's frustrated and Kirsty pushes all her buttons on purpose but she needs to grow up and step back and bide her time. Everyone now thinks Tina's paranoid and lying and making up stories. Time will prove her right, of course and she needs to realize that. I'm surprised that Rita doesn't offer to loan them the money to pay off Kirsty but i suppose one loan to pay off another isn't a great idea.

Anyway, Tyrone is like a dog with two tails now he's got his new baby girl. Natalie Gumede did a great job in the birth scenes and Tyrone made it there for the final push. Just like when Molly had little Jack. He's starting to make a habit of this! Baby's cute, got almost as much hair as Kirsty!

Stella's mother Gloria has appeared and has been thrown at us full on. She's got no tact, she's got a wicked tongue and it feels like she's meant to be a Blanche replacement. So far, so good. She's quite different from St. Ella. I don't think "Saint" is in her personality, do  you? Gloria seems to have a soft spot for Karl too in spite of whatever Stella told her and she's set about trying to get them back together right away even though she'd smacked him one first. That went over like a lead balloon, as you can well imagine.

She was nervous to meet Leanne, her granddaughter. I bet Leanne was more nervous! I suppose Gloria was around some when she was born but if so, why did Stella not take the baby with her and leave her with Gloria? Maybe she was already living in Spain by that time. She certainly hit it off with Sean, that's for sure. She was also a bit bitchy to Rita and her clothing taste while flirting with Ken, Paul, Nick... well anything in trousers, really.

Gloria's been told off  well and truly about interfering with Karl. Now Eva's off on holiday and Gloria's going to get stuck in behind the bar and she wasted no time acting like the boss! She also took over or tried to when Kirsty was giving birth in the back. I'm surprised Marcus didn't whack her one. This could be fun! She seems to be an incurable flirt for one thing. Gloria and Stella obviously shouldn't be sharing a house.

Why would Stella be so upset Gloria took the last of her perfume. A 50 quid bottle but there was only a little left, so Stella said. It's not as if she used the whole bottle. I do think Gloria got Stella out of the way on purpose. Not sure why she wanted to run the bar when she called Sean in to do all the work. I guess she just wanted to be queen for a day, holding court. But Gloria pushed a bit too far when she got Karl in to help her in the pub and Stella chucked her out so she's landed with Leanne. You know that won't last very long.

Ryan has the nerve to ask for a loan from Steve and Michelle to take Tracy out. Tracy's little plan certainly is having the intended intent. Michelle is wound up tighter than a tightly wound thing. Beth is helping Tracy's plan I think, making nice loud comments in Michelle's earshot but Michelle is good at shutting her down. Beth said Michelle wasn't all that bothered, but it seemed to me she was. She kicked back and that's a reaction but she's trying hard not to let Ryan see that she's bothered.  There was lots of immature posturing in front of each other, the four of them. Kind of sick making wasn't it? That didn't work so Steve and Michelle decide to do the noisy housework chores instead. Oh get a life, all of you!

It sent Ryan and Tracy off to Number 1. Boy did Deirdre get a surprise when she got home! Ha, i did wonder what the age difference was with Ryan. Deirdre says Tracy is the same age as Michelle. I thought that was about right. And Tracy calling him Baby, feeding him, him calling Deirdre Mrs. Barlow, and then being instructed to call her mother Deirdre makes him seem even younger. It was funny when Deirdre, a bit tiddly, started going on about Samir, the love of her life, oh and Tracy's got one of his kidneys. Um. ok.

The Barlow dinner party  was wonderfully funny! Ken was a ghost upstairs, Deirdre was squiffy and wafting toast around. Michelle had her teeth ground down to the roots. Steve sat there like a useless twaddle as per usual. Tracy enjoyed playing happy couples with Ryan and Ryan is blissfully obvlivious. It looks like Michelle is sick and tired of playing it understated. I think it's about to be out and out war.

Owen is sympathetic to Tina's plight. And in other news, Cilla has surfaced, sort of, with an offer of a visit to South Africa for Chesney but not Fiz but Izzy's worried that if Katy is pregnant by then it might not be safe to travel. Now Izzy feels guilty, as well. And Chesney really is bothered and took it out on Katy. So much for their romantic night in. He reckons Gary and Izzy will be interfering in their lives constantly while Katy is pregnant.

So everyone is having fits about this surrogacy. Chesney's going around with a knot his his face and the surrogacy councillor has pointed out the obvious, that Katy is probably too young emotionally. Gary and Izzy both are sticking their noses in Katy's life, and it would be worse once Katy got pregnant. The clinic worker pointed out a lot of things that made Izzy think though i do wonder why it didn't come out in their first clinic visit a few weeks ago, regarding Katy's suitability. She made some good points about Katy's emotional ability to give up the baby and see it all the time and Gary is refusing to see any problem at all because he wants it so badly. And in the end, Izzy called it all off because it's already causing trouble and then Gary went off in a tantrum. You know, it's not all about him.

Understandably upset but he doesn't seem to want to see it from anyone else's point of view. Izzy really was right. They're putting way too much responsibility on Katy and Chesney both. (I wonder if they'll go to South Africa now?) Gary really was upset. He was so focused on having a baby of his own that he wasn't ready to accept anything else. He did back down and come back to her but she made a decision. (But why didn't they just go home and talk? Why did everyone have to leave the house instead?) No wonder Izzy wants to finish with him so he could find someone who could give him what he wants. To his credit he loves her and he wants her no matter what else.

Lovely little scene where Izzy reached out for her Dad. Also, wonderful performances from Cherylee and Mikey.

Now Jason is angling to move into Maria's. (Why doesn't he just rent Brian and Julie's flat? Or why doesn't Tommy and Tina rent it?) Kylie figured it out but Maria didn't see it at all.  It took awhile but Maria had to be clued in that Jason wants to move into the flat but when Marcus and Maria were discussing it, she wasn't saying she loves Jason. But when she invited him, he backed off at first but she persuaded him.

The DVD that Ryan and Tracy were watching was Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Maria accused Tina of putting Kirsty into labour. But she *was* actually a few days past her due date.

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Saturday 22 September 2012

Photography Exhibit from Ex-Corrie Star Bill Ward

Charlie Stubbs might have been a bad'un and now dead and buried but actor Bill Ward, who portrayed him, has had a lifelong hobby as a photographer. At the end of this month in Manchester, he'll have a show of his recent photographs of the Manchester area.

According to an interview with the MEN, He says he often chills out with a walk around the city with his camera and the shots of the city and it's people make up the new exhibit called "Passing Through". 
“My character was an unpleasant piece of work so I liked keeping keeping myself to myself and staying undercover. I saw that there were so many beautiful routes in Manchester to photograph.”  A lot of the photos feature water, the river and canals around Manchester and Salford. He promises that there are prices suited to all budgets.

Although he is currently living in London, the exhibit will take place in a purpose-buillt marquee in the Spinningfields area of Manchester at the Buy Art Fair over Thursday September 27 to Sunday September 30.Tickets are available on their website/blog

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Meet the man who's had 11 Coronation Street roles

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog July 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Actor Dave Dutton has, so far, acted in ten, yes ten, different roles on Coronation Street. In fact there's been 11 if you count one on stage too.

    Over the years, Dave's been hit over the head with a frying pan by Mavis Riley.

    He's also played Shelley Unwin's uncle Gerald, who liked a drink, a smoke and the ladies.

    Dave Dutton as Clifford - Kung Fu expert extraordinaire - and neighbour to Joy Fishwick, who was bumped off by John Stape.

    Dave also played the part of Jack Walker in the stage production of Jack Rosenthal's Coronation Street episodes from 1968. These plays were staged at the Lass O'Gowrie pub as part of  Manchester Fringe Festival 2012.

    My review of the plays is here.

    So far, on Coronation Street, Dave has played these 10 roles:

    1. Delivery man (1983) to Baldwin's Casuals
    2. Eric Priestley (February 1985)
    3. Gasman (September 1989) who cut off Baldwin's Casuals
    4. Bert Latham (December 1990 - 18 February 1991)
    5. Insurance man (July 1995) who assessed Kevin and Sally's kitchen after Bill set fire to it
    6. Harry Benson (9 January & 3 July 1998; 21 - 23 April 1999)
    7. Photographer (22 November 2000) when Jack Duckworth was presented with a cheque for £59,631 from Skinners bookies.
    8. Photographer (16 May 2001) who photographed Curly Watts and David Platt during Curly's election campaign.
    9. Gerald Unwin (2003) who attended the wedding of his niece Shelley Unwin - manager of the Rovers Return - and who liked a drink, a smoke and the ladies.
    10. Clifford, the nosy neighbour of Joy Fishwick (2011). The spritely "Kung Fu" Cliff who, along with serial killer John Stape, found the body of neighbour Joy Fishwick after karate-kicking the door open. He later attended her funeral and also caught Chesney trying to snoop at the deceased's property.

    We wonder who he'll end up on Corrie as next?

    Follow Dave Dutton on twitter @redhotdutt

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    Friday 21 September 2012

    Sneak Preview of next week's Canadian Corrie, Sept. 24 - 28

    Without further ado, here's a brief run down of next week's Coronation Street on Canadian Screens:

    Tina and Tommy are shunned and broke.  Tina has an idea that will help her and Tommy as well as someone else. Owen makes an offer. Tommy pushes Tina away. Tina leans on Rita but does she tell her the whole truth? Lloyd encounters an old flame. Gail and Gloria clash and Gail susses out the truth.  Beth looks for love in all the wrong places. Will the right place present itself unexpectedly? Sunita gets a job where you won't expect.

    For more detail and photos, see the Moosejaw Mercury at

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    New Corrie podcast online, but will contain SPOILERS for non-UK

    There's a new Coronation Street (unofficial) podcast online called Conversation Street. Michael and Gemma, a husband and wife team, have decided to do an informal weekly chat discussing the week's episodes. They usually broadcast it on the weekend though this week's was a bit early due to no Friday Corrie.

    They chat for a bit about the storylines and add in a character profile, and some news about the show.

    Their blog has a player or you can find them on iTunes as well. They tweet during the show while it's airing, (look for @ConversationStr) and they're also on Facebook though it's only just been set up so it's a bit sparse as of yet. I

    Since we in Canada are only just under 2 weeks behind, though, If you wait a couple of weeks and check the older podcasts, you will hear their comments about episodes we've just seen in Canada.

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    Family Fortunes in Weatherfield

    (This post was originally posted by Clinkers (David) on the Coronation Street Blog in September 2012.)

    At this early stage, I'm quite happy to give the thumbs up to Glorious Gloria, the horribly-wigged mother of St Ella of the Back Room. You get the impression that Price Senior was some tie-dyed free spirit from the late 1960s and certainly seems less highly strung than her beige-clad daughter.

    Introducing the previously unseen kinfolk of Street residents has proved to be a mixed affair down the years. For every Sylvia Goodwin there's an Amy Burton. Remember her? She arrived at the back-end of 1987, the hatted-harridan who was lucky enough to be Vera Duckworth's dear old mum. Except she wasn't a lovely old lady. Amy was a thieving, repellent banshee of a woman and thankfully her tenure was a brief one. Or how about Mike Baldwin's dad, Frankie, played by veteran actor Sam Kydd? Frankie was a one-man parody of the Eastend. I'm surprised they didn't have him playing spoons in a blitzed-out Bermondsey terrace.

    Of course, back in the day, no one really had parents in Corrie. Did Len, Elsie, Emily or Bet ever mention a parent? How about Stan & Hilda? Mind you, the Oggies were so un-family friendly that they managed to forget about two of their own kids. Whatever happened to Sylvie and Tony Ogden? Are they still outside in't cludgy?

    Some residents conveniently forget their nearest and dearest of course. Sally has barely mentioned her sister Gina in the past twenty five years. She was a bit annoying, I suppose. No wonder their mother looked so haggard. Likewise, Kevin and Bill obviously can't be bothered with their closest relative Debbie (pronounced De-beh), the weeble-like sister that time forgot.

    I suppose that's nothing though compared to Bill having chosen not to remember his other son. Yes! Had you forgotten about him too? Cast your mind back around 400 years to when Bill got wed to rubbish hairdresser Elaine. She produced another little Webster around 1985 who was given the truly horrendous name of Carl. Where is the 27 year old Webster now? Isn't it time we met him again? I'm sure he could stir up a bit of trouble for Bill and Kev.

    How about a mother for Marcus too? I'm picturing a very gay-friendly fifty-something mum - one of those 'all guns blazing' mothers who stride out in Gay Pride parades with a mortified (but secretly pleased) Marcus some way behind. Are there other long lost family members who need to be dragged onto t'cobbles? Surely Rita must have a living relative. How about a nan for Fiz and Chesney? Or let's have a lovely little storyline where Dev's parents arrive and take him away. Forever.

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    Thursday 20 September 2012

    Corrie Originals - Margot Bryant as Minnie Caldwell

    (This post was originally posted on the Coronation Street Blog July 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

    First appeared: 14th December 1960

    Last appeared: 7th April 1976
    YouTube of her last scene here

    Margot Bryant played the role of timid pensioner Minnie Caldwell between 1960 and 1976.

    Born in Hull in Yorkshire in 1897, Bryant later moved with her family to London and that’s where her interest in the theatre began. She made her break in The Cure for Love in 1949 where she starred alongside future Corrie co-star Jack Howarth (Albert Tatlock). She also starred in various films, acting alongside the likes of Fred Astaire and Oliver Reed. She also appeared in The Verdict is Yours in 1958.

    At 63, she secured the role of 60 year old cat-loving Minnie Caldwell in new drama serial Coronation Street. Minnie’s life revolved her cats Bobby and later Sunny Jim and supping milk stout in the Rovers snug with pals Ena Sharples and Martha Longhurst and was often dominated and bullied by her fellow cronies. Debuting in the second episode, Minnie’s storylines over the years including money problems; a gambling addiction and when she fell into debt she disappeared; being injured in a coach crash; taking in lodgers Charlie Moffitt, Joe Donnelli (who took her hostage at gunpoint), Eddie Yeats and most famously Jed Stone who she saw as a son. Having lost hubby Armistead in 1935 and childless, Minnie dedicated her life to cats. Romance did enter her life though. She was smitten towards old flame Handel Gartside when he visited in 1970 after 30 years in Canada. And in 1973 Albert Tatlock proposed to her in a bid to ease their financial problems. But after three months of engagement, she grew tired of his habits like drinking tea from his saucer and called it off.

    By the mid-1970s, Margot Bryant’s health deteriorated as she suffered from memory loss. She appeared regularly until the end of 1975 before making just three appearances in 1976. She recorded her final scenes with long-time colleague Violet Carson with her lines in front of her but hidden by her handbag. Her last scene was in The Kabin and she never appeared again. Over 15 years, she had appeared in 990 episodes in total. Six months after her final appearance in April 1976, Minnie was said to have decided to stay permanently with Handel Gartside in Whaley Bridge who she’d been visiting (this covered Bryant’s absence). Minnie’s house was sold (the last house to have an outside toilet and the only one not privately owned) and Handel Gartside came to collect her things and to tell her friends Ena and Albert she wasn’t returning and gave Minnie, although not memorable, a dignified exit.

    Ultimately Margot Bryant was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and was admitted to a mental hospital in Cheadle by Stockport where she remained until her death on New Year’s Day 1988 aged 90. She remained unmarried and like her alter-ego was fond of cats. In Coronation Street, Minnie wasn’t officially killed off but in 2008 was said to have died prior to that year, probably around the time of Bryant’s death.

    Did you ever see or meet Margot Bryant? Do you have any pieces of trivia about her?

    Sources from IMDB, Corriepedia and Wikipedia.

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    What Will Happen to Kirsty?

    (This post was originally posted by Rebecca on the Coronation Street Blog September 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

    With baby Soames-Dobbs due to make its appearance soon, I do wonder what's going to happen to Kirsty. She's turning out to be a loathsome character, isn't she? All the horrible things she did to Tommy and Tina on Monday, and poor Tina feels like she's being gaslighted or something because no one believes her when she says that Kirsty is twisted and manipulative.

    I've been cringing all the time that Kirsty's been on screen. She's horrible. But she can't last. Soap law tells us that criminals pay for their crimes, and that domestic abuse can't be ignored. Look at what happened to Charlie Stubbs. Justice is always meted out. Kirsty won't be able to settle down and live a happy life with Tyrone and the baby.

    I did think she might die in childbirth - it does still happen, it could have been something like pre-eclampsia, maybe. But the photo above would suggest otherwise, so I suppose we might have to put up with her creepy psycho self a little while longer.

    I bet though that within the year, she's gone, leaving Tyrone to bring up baby alone. Heartbreaking for Tyrone, and kind of a repeat of what happened to Molly, but I can't see her just leaving them - she's too controlling. Maybe she gets done for what she's done to Tyrone and goes to prison. She might get ill and die. She might get run over by a bus. We can only hope, I suppose.

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    Will Steve and Michelle go the distance?

    (This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in September 2012.)

    Steve and Michelle, Part 2. Will they manage to make a go of it this time around? I doubt it.

    Steve seems to be attracted to women with volatile lives but then all the angst and self-absorption end up dragging him down and overwhelming him. That happened the last time these two were together and it looks like history is repeating itself already.

    Read more about it here.

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    Wednesday 19 September 2012

    Michelle Collins takes Corrie advice from her psychic

    (This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog September 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

    Michelle Collins, who plays Coronation Street's Stella Price, says that it was down to her psychic and her spiritual life coach who gave her the strength to carrry on in Corrie.  

    Yes that's right, she's got a psychic called Cara and a spiritual life coach called Simon.

    According to the Mirror, Michelle she told Spirit & Destiny magazine in an interview: 'I was nervous to be joining Corrie, but consulted a dialect coach to get the accent right. So when I was slated, I seriously considered walking away. But Cara and Simon gave me the confidence to stay, to defy my critics and prove myself.'

    Explaining her aura is 'shiny and bright', Michelle says in the interview that she has regressed to her former life as a young girl living in Victorian London on two occasions.

    Also this week it was reported that Michelle was involved in a serious car crash
    after she crashed into a parked car at the end of a long journey last week. Michelle’s convertible was seriously damaged in the smash, although luckily she escaped unharmed.
    Anyway, this Corrie fan still hasn't warmed to St Ella of the Back Room, for  it is she who has ruined my viewing enjoyment. My opinion is that St Ella still doesn't fit, she grates and her accent, whatever ITV might say about it - is and always has been rubbish.

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    Door's Open for Liz's Return?

    (This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in August 2012.)

    There's no immediate return for Liz McDonald, but Bev Callard has said that one never knows. "The door is still open." As long as her son Steve and granddaughter Amy are still around, there's always a chance in the future that Liz could return since her character was not killed off when she turned off the lights of the Rovers.

    Meanwhile, according to the Express,  Bev is on stage in Guildford, Surrey for The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice. She's playing Little Voice's mother and has had to gain weight for the role of the blowsy alcoholic. Bev has had a rough time over the past 10 years, battling depression and dealing with bankruptcy. We wish her well and I for one, would love to see Liz back, even just for a visit. Someone needs to take Tracy in hand and, while she's at it, show St. Ella what a classic Rovers Landlady is made of! 

    The Rise and Fall of Little Voice is playing from August 31 to Sept. 8 at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford.  Tickets from a very reasonable £15.00. If this week isn't good for you, Little Voice is on tour around the U.K. Check out the schedule here.

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    Natalie Gumede prepares for onscreen birth

    (This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in September 2012.)

    The Sun has a good interview today with Natalie Gumede about her on screen character, Kirsty, who is about to give birth on Coronation Street tonight. Natalie isn't a mother herself so she watched the documentary show One Born Every Minute for research. That wasn't always such a good idea, particularly while having lunch! She's concerned with getting right and has said it's about more than just the screaming and hollering you see often on screen.

    “The most useful thing I was told was that giving birth is primal. It’s not about shouting and screaming — it’s about the push and the job in hand. You can’t worry about how you sound or how you look. I just hope I’ve managed to get it right.”

    Gloria Price provides some comic relief while Marcus is on hand to deliver the baby in the back room of the Rovers. 
    Natalie and Alan Halsall both have been deeply affected by the abuse storyline as it develops. The scenes are difficult to film and take a lot out of both of them. It must be gratifying to hear that real life victims are getting help after watching this storyline. Natalie has also won awards and award nominations as Best Newcomer. The TV Choice awards are tomorrow so we'll keep our fingers crossed that she comes out a winner again!

    That makes three babies born in the Rovers to my recollection. Do you remember the other two?

    Follow Natalie on Twitter and she's also got a blog on her website.

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