Sunday 29 April 2007

Corrie in Canada, Sunday Comments

Lines of the Week

  • Danny "It's not about how many times you get knocked down Lippy, it's how many times you get up" And Danny always gets back up!
  • Betty to Rita "Were we ever that young and stupid?" Rita "That's why they call it madly in love" Betty "I was talking about Gail and Eileen sat there like a couple of sulking kids!"
  • Gail "At least i've *been* married" (um. 4 times!)
  • Tracy "That's the thing about being a mother. Always have to put yourself last." (and you would know that, how?)
  • Dev "treat 'em mean to keep 'em keen!" (yes, and that's why you're getting a divorce and have a litter of other children scattered about Greater Manchester)

So Adam now has a photocopy of the Spanish Will which nobody expected (sorry, weak Monty Python reference). What *was* expected was Adam ready to jump down Danny's throat without even finding out if the will is legal and enforceable. Thing is, Mike was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer's even if it wasn't until after he came back from Spain (i checked). Surely that alone was worth a solicitor contesting the will Danny had Mike sign. Danny even questioned Mike's state of mind when he was in Spain, but that was only a week after the previous will was signed! And as much as i think what Danny did was wrong? Wishing that smug prat Adam would get his smirk smacked off his face would be soooo worth having Danny win in the end. I suppose Danny will have to settle out of course to come out of it with anything at all, not even the wisp of a hope of getting Frankie back if she finds out he knew about the Spanish will before the other one was read. Frankie's really giving him mixed signals though. The storyline is a good one but the problem is we're going to have to suffer the slings and arrows of excruciatingly bad acting from the youngest Baldwin who is going to be winding Danny up at every turn. Do you think Adam will take the 10% cash payoff? It doesn't sound like a lot considering Adam would have inherited controlling interest.

While the cat's away, the Charlie Mouse is going to play. There's some serious flirting going on between he and Maria and the only surprise is why did it take him so long? Having Maria move into his flat seems a bit like the spider inviting the fly into his web! Craig has his old job back. Now if he can just find a regular shower seeing as he's squatting in the bakery. Somehow i don't think Sophie is going to turn into an axe murderer because she was watching a horror film.

Sarah said yes! No surprise there. Let's see if they can throw a wedding together in two weeks. Wonder if they'll go through with it if the mothers aren't there like they say and they're determined not to cave. The mothers are going to look like bitter old hags when everyone else rallies round to help the young couple have a nice wedding day, even Audrey financing their deposit on the flat! Sarah sure put a flea in the collective ears of Eileen and Gail for objecting when everyone was helping them.

Do i detect a bit of jealousy between Bev and Audrey? So Claire is going to just paint over the wallpaper? Is that legal? I'm amazed at the energy Claire has post-birth. You'd think she would just want to sit and cuddle the baby, it being her first one, rather than leave him with all and sundry. And doesn't she work fast? My heavens the walls are all painted and she was only testing out colours that morning. Rosie's back and Craig's happy! You wouldn't be surprised to know all Rosie wants to do is tell Craig all about it. Her family comes a distant second. That's what it's like when you're 15. Looks like she's given up the ghost of the Goff, and it sounds like she's all enthralled in the afterglow of her trip and new friends. Craig is going to be feeling left out. Sally could get her wish yet.

Ohmy Goodness, Fred wants to sell up and retire! I think Sophie is back to acting out now that Rosie has returned and Sally has all her attentions on the older daughter. Poor Sally, first she had the unsuitable Craig after Rosie and now the unsuitable Chesney has been banned from being friends with Sophie and poor old Chesney keeps getting the short end of the stick from Sally.

Sunday 22 April 2007

Corrie in Canada, Sunday Comments

Lines of the Week

  • Jason about Sarah "She'll come round"
  • Craig to Charlie "She's just a dirty little tart and you're just a thieving scumbag!" (truth hurts doesn't it charlie?)
  • Fred "You do realise it would be a lot easier to say goodbye to your family if they all had names"
  • Charlie to Jason about Sarah "You know all women grow to look like their mothers" (Charlie better be worried, too if that's the case!)
  • Cilla about Norris "He's one of them neighbours from hell you hear about" (*snork*)

Really good writing in today's omni, didn't you think? Claire seems to be a bit over the top with the nest-making, house cleaning, wedding planning and entertaining and her with a brand new baby, cute little Anon Y. Mouse. So Maria is going to move into Charlie's flat? For all she was moaning about moving up in the world, she didn't go far. I thought Fiz couldn't afford hers on her own, what's she going to do? Les offered drinks in the "ice bucket" old toilet! You gotta love Les and Cilla torturing Norris!

Danny's clearly a lot more worried about the will than he lets on and desperation means more money for Leanne. He knows Leanne is out for blood money this time. Breaking into Janice's flat wasn't going to get him anywhere, he should have known that. They'll have had the will in a safe deposit box, or even better, hidden under the pile of rubbish in Les's flat. Nobody would ever find it there, not even Les! Wait.... a gossip magazine? *That's* where she stashed it and he didn't find it when he was tossing everything around the flat? Doesn't matter, though, Danny threw it all away, thinking Frankie would have him back and she doesn't want to. Stay Strong, Frankie! Danny's got some nerve accusing Leanne of destroying his family!!! I think he had quite a lot to do with that himself. Chasing skirt was his habit of a lifetime and chasing his son's fiancee was the straw that broke the back of his lifestyle and marraige. The last laugh was Leanne's even if she was in tears as she left. Adam has the will!

As i let slip last week, Craig is back and was trying to hide in his old house. A stupid move, really, since he knows Charlie bought it. You'd think Charlie would have changed the locks though. He'd be that spiteful. Love never did run smooth and Craig is back and waiting for Rosie. Sleeping rough too, from the look of it. Isn't Roy a star? Wanna bet Craig ends up under Hayley and Roy's wing? Stupid boy, sure he's worried about his grandfather's health so why did he run off without a word and worry the man more? They did have him looking suitably grungy with dirty hair, though.

The pre-teens were being pranksters this week using Sally's mobile phone to make crank calls. Looks like Chesney and Sophie have their first crush only it's not on each other. That wasn't hard to figure out, now was it? Jason seems to be making a career out of grovelling to Sarah. Is it because the writers can't think of anything else to do with the pair of them? He thinks ignoring her might make her come running. Actually, didn't that work one of the other times? Except turning around and asking her if she's noticed he's gone yet isn't really the way to ignore someone. Pratt. Why do i bother? She wasn't that hard to persuade in the end though, a 2 week confirmed wedding date. Yes Gail and Eileen are going to love that.

Sunday 15 April 2007

Sunday Comments for Corrie in Canada this week

Lines of the Week

  • Bev re Matt Ramsden "Something of a blessing in disguise I'd say." Fred "well disguised if you ask me"
  • Fred "I left half me dinner on the plate" Ashley "I bet that's the first time that ever happened"
  • claire's mother "I had a name picked out for you the minute i knew i was pregnant. Mind you it *was* Paul"
  • Tyrone to Maria "I'm your plan B"
  • Sean launching a new rumour about Leanne "I hear the pitter patter of tiny little jackboots!"
  • Maria "you and Jason Dimshaw" (you got that right, more like Dim and Dimmer)

Congratulations, Claire and Ashley! A new little baby boy, even if it had to be delivered by Doctor Death! Must be hard to come home without the baby but he didn't have to stay in too long and is now safely at home in his new nest. Wonder what they're going to name him and will he have a middle name of a famous composer? Is it me, or does Bev seem a bit proprietary over Fred when Audrey's around? Fred is such a joy isn't he? I love seeing him so excited about the new baby. How on earth has Claire got the energy to do a thorough spring clean when she's just had a baby and getting no sleep at night?

Can't blame Nathan for being upset that Frankie seems to still be paying so much attention to Danny. Nathan was just the rebounder anyway. I guess he just realized that and got fed up. Now he's gone too but left Danny with a few bruises as a souvenir. I'm still not so sure Frankie is going to jump right back into Danny's bed even though he's dumped Leanne thinking that's all it will take. Now that she's dumped, and after Danny callously tried paying her off with 5,000, Leanne is going to go for payback and it ain't going to be pretty. She's not going to be a cut price gold digger, she says, and we all know she's got that original will tucked away just drooling for blackmail. Danny used nausea as an excuse for Leanne's absence and it didn't take much of a leap from there to "morning sickness" did it? Danny was very callous in his handling of Leanne. He should have realized that she wasn't going to go quietly. And Frankie should take note, if he could be that ruthless with Leanne, would she really want him back? He's certainly Mike Baldwin's son. If we weren't sure before, we are now.

Vernon collects Northern Soul type music. So does Lloyd. You wouldn't think they'd have anything in common would you? Seems to me this missing van is a little too coincidental. Liz paid through the nose to replace a record only to find out Vernon didn't lose it after all. Now why on earth would she slip it into his record case instead of just putting a bow on it and giving it to him? Toerag indeed. And What are the chances he just hid the van as well? Loved it when she broke the old record. But at least Liz got him a job, not that he really wanted one. I can see him out in the cab parked out of the way having a nap!

Tracy and Charlie are moving in to number 6, and look who's back? Craig! Maria didn't get a new job either and why on earth is this git she's dating still around and why is he on my screen in the first place? Good Riddance! Maria is going for an interview in a posher salon with her hair all hanging down and looking like she just rolled out of bed. Think that was why she didn't get the job? Now i suppose she wants Tyrone back, which she usually does when she's been let down by life and Tyrone knows it. Well i think he's finally got a head on his shoulders and will stay with Molly and they are the better couple.

Any idea how Joanne and Adam actually have a conversation? She can't look him in the eye, not with the hair hanging down and nobody can understand a word he says. Gee i wouldn't want to be coming downstairs the morning after to the scrutiny of Blanche, Deirdre and Ken! Sophie actually *wants* spaghetti hoops? And here we thought those poor children raised on fish fingers and hoops were being force fed them because they were cheap! Sarah and Jason are finished again. *yawn* I"m betting on about 10 minutes until he manages to pursuade her to take him back instead of revelling in the freedom he pretends to want. Why doesn't the cafe do lattes? I've heard people order a "frothy coffee" lots of times yet other times it's "oh no, we don't do that". So is that the last we are going to see of Diggory? I'm sure he'll live to knead another day somewhere else.

Sunday 8 April 2007

Sunday Canadian Corrie comments

Lines of the Week

  • Charlie "Good things come to those who wait"
  • Liz about Vernon "He's not really a morning person" (nor one of life's workers)
  • Blanche "Them old biddies down the one o'clock club... it's moan, moan, moan"
  • Tracy to Shelley *smack* "That's just in case you're telling the truth"
  • Shelley "I've had a laugh here"
  • Shelley to Tracy "you and him, you're made for each other" (and she's so right)

Aggh! I can't believe Shelley did that! I think she can't believe it either! I can't believe he still has that much control over her! I thought she regrew a few brain cells? Well now what happens? Is she going to tell Tracy or not? As she said, she has nothing to lose. I guess that was one way to take back control. I'd tell Tracy, i would! Charlie was actually spinning his wheels trying to convince Shelley not to tell. That's a first. I wonder why, though. It's not as if he really cares that much for Tracy. (Oh god, Shelley is *still* wearing those awful shawls and ponchos. I won't miss them!) I'm not really sure i get why Shelley figures Tracy should know that she had a fling with Charlie. There's no love lost. I think perhaps she's trying to make her own guilt go away rather than just warn Tracy off Charlie for her own good. Tracy was vile to Shelley but Shelley at least, maintained her composure. Tracy overhears Shelley lie to Bev, but that seed of doubt is going to be there no matter what she convinces herself is the truth. Charlie of course, is going to make Tracy pay for believing Shelley, with the silent treatment. That's his style.

Awww wonderful scene with Sean and Eileen, him taking her on as a substitute Mum and him a third son for her. Vernon isn't only a cheap bar steward, he's lazy, feckless and shiftless and a brilliant Jack Duckworth in the making except he's not full of devious plans like Jack always was. Charlie is taking down the fence between No. 6 and 4 where the Peacock's live. Except didn't Mavis and Derek put that fence up? Therefore not Charlie's to take down. Mind you, a free, new fence isn't such a bad deal. Leave it to Adam to bring his gran on a date. Laughed when Joanne guessed Blanche's age at 90! But at least it got rid of her lol!

Claire certainly had cleavage in that suit she wore to court! Very un-Claire, don't you think? I got to give Ashley a point. Matt did lurk around the nursery and sneak into the back garden to try to get to the child. Once a month visitation for 2 hours. Not much but he took it. As Josh gets older i'm sure Ashley will relax a bit more. Bev had a point. Claire is an "extra" mommy to Joshua. I think it wouldn't have been so bad if the circumstances to Joshua's conception wasn't so much of a betrayal followed by Maxine's violent death. claire is ever the voice of reason (maybe that's why i like her). Joshua should know about Matt even if he really won't understand it yet. I'm very surprised that Ashley would have kept a photo of Matt all these years after finding out what he did with Maxine. Good on Audrey for tearing Matt a new one. Yikes! Claire's going into fast labour with a doctor in the house and a husband with a grudge against him!

Frankie's back. And the fact that she didn't let Nathan know is very telling and you could see that split coming a mile away. All the miles away from Spain, actually and now it looks like Danny is getting ideas about Frankie. And if he thinks he has a chance, do you think he'll be long dumping Leanne? Oh, Janice hasn't moved out yet? I thought Danny agreed to lend Janice the money for a deposit weeks ago? Blanche was pretty pointed to poor embarassed Joanne in the morning. i have to agree, too, only someone common as muck would leave their underwear in the living room of the house where other people live. Tacky. Laughed at Steve giving Vernon a taste of his own drumkit in the morning "after". I wouldn't put it past Vernon to hide his van somewhere just to get out of the work of loading it.

So Shelley is leaving. You'd think she was going to the back of beyond instead of a lovely country pub about an hour's drive away. I always liked Shelley, even when she was daft as a brush. Liz is taking over as barmaid. Poor punters having to look at her over the bar. Might put them right off their hotpot. (excuse me, how are they short staffed behind the bar if Fred's hired Liz? Short a manager, yes but not short staffed) Diggory's out of business, again from the sounds of it. Maybe it's got more to do with the fact that he's a lecherous, odious character! Is Fred looking a little thinner or is it just my eyes?

Sunday 1 April 2007

Sunday Corrie Comments in Canada

Lines of the Week

  • Shelley to Bev "You don't have to be sacked to feel redundant"
  • Steve to Liz "How old do you think I am? Ten?"
  • Tracy to Sally about Craig "You know what? That kid needs a good slapping." Sally "Pity someone didn't do it to you"
  • Audrey to Sarah "Just you be careful my darling. Perfect men are sometimes like milk. They can go off!"
  • Jason to Sarah "I'm fed up with you bossing me around" (i'm sure you're used to it from your mum and your boss so what's different?)

Of course the girls meant to slag off Leanne. they're such a bunch of hypocrites. All they're concerned about is missing out on the free food! I don't think Leanne would ever get any security from Danny even if he did love her. She has insurance by holding the will, but it's not security.

See? I figured Tracy was playing games with Charlie and didn't leave Amy alone. She might be a pretty crap mother but she's not quite *that* bad. At least it gave Tracy a bit of a shake up, both first thinking that the flat was broken into and second, realizing that Charlie was very capable of leaving Amy on her own. Why are they coming at Shelley only? Steve was the one that actually broke down the door. And Charlie seems to have taken out his aggro on Keith and Craig and chucking them out all the way to Bournemouth. Charlie and Tracy both want to make Shelley pay for interfering but Charlie's going to be a lot more subtle about it where Tracy would fly right across the bar if she could. Shelley's going to leave for sure, Charlie is making sure her last days are memorable. Maybe not for the right reasons though! He certainly still knows how to play Shelley and as much as she thinks she's got her own backbone again, she certainly still falls for all of his tricks. Charlie doesn't have lingering feelings for Shelley, i think he's just pissed at the one that got away. Why on earth she'd consider letting him in and having a drink alone with him, i don't know. He really did remove her last clue when he was driving her round the bend.

Joanne fancies Adam? I thought she'd have had better taste. They teased her about Adam using her for info and what's the first thing he asks her about? Work! thicko! Somehow i can't picture Diggory's bakery making much of a go of selling pizza. Nope, that was short but sweet. Diggory's going to go bankrupt. I guess we won't be seeing much more of him and i don't mind in the least. Does Bev really think that setting Shelley up with Steve will keep her from moving away? YOu'd think Bev would have learned her lesson after she was party to that bet with Tracy to set up Roy. Mind you, i think they probably would make a nice couple. You know, Shelley isn't that much older than Steve, probably only a year or two, so it seems odd that Steve would regard her as an "auntie". Looks like absence isn't making Frankie's heart grow fonder for Nathan. I always thought that all he was was a rebound relationship.

I do feel bad for Ashley. It's a very stressful situation. Ashley did make a pig's ear of it, with the social worker and he's quickly doing it with Claire too and if he's not careful he's going to lose her and the new baby. I like that she's very meek and mild but will also stand right up to anyone and tell them what she thinks, even if it's hard to hear.

Ken seems to have David right where he wants him and i think even managed to get David interested in his work for about 5 minutes at least. David just gets rewarded more and more. Gail is compensating wayyyy over the top. He whinges because Craig can't stay with them, Gail feels guilty and buys him a new mobile phone??? Alas, no matter how much Craig wanted to be there when Rosie returned from France, he's off in the car and away. Ah teenage love! The movers must either be very, very strong or those boxes were very, very empty. Guess it wasn't such a bright idea to try to get Gail and Eileen to be civil to each other. Wonder how long we'll have to wait before Sean either finds his father or gives it up for a lost storyline?

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