Sunday 30 September 2007

Sunday Comments, September 30

Lines of the week:

  • cilla "I've always had a smile on me face" (you would too if you had a free holiday)
  • Yana to Cilla "I'm sorry. I don't even like him! (Les)"
  • Frankie "I wanted what i had 20 years ago. Someone who loved me"
  • Chesney "You're the worst mother in the world. I wish you were dead"
  • Vernon "Oh look who it is. Oedipus" (you wouldn't have thought Vernon would have known about Greek mythology would you?)
  • Jamie "It's not incest!" Frankie "Why does it feel like it is!" (Yay, she's come to her senses!)
  • Jason "What if i'm not ready to grow up" Sarah "They (babies) don't give you a choice"

Thanks be to anything and everything!!! This God-awful story with Frankie and Jamie is O.V.E.R!!!!! Woot! At least Sean won't lose his bezzy mate. I think Violet is better off not wanting anything from Jamie. He might want to help out financially but that's not the kind of support she needs anyway. Vernon was a prat but he didn't deserve a smack from Jamie and between his attitude towards Vi and the baby and his quick tempered reaction to Vernon, you could see that Frankie was quickly getting disillusioned and how! Jamie was familiar. Jamie loved her. She didn't want revenge, she wanted Danny the way he used to be and she's realized she can't get that from Jamie so she's off in the traditional black cab and that's the last we see of Frankie. Paul saw her go and must have already been speaking to Danny in order to have his phone number already. Danny's ok too, with a beautiful bird on his arm. He's sold the flat and the factory. So much for signing it over to Jamie, then. Wanna bet he's sold it to Paul? Yep. he has. It's the last we'll see of Danny too. I hope he comes back some day.

So now we get to see a drunken Jamie mooning and whinging for Frankie but at least he knows she's not with Danny like he thought and after every shoulder Sean has offered, Jamie throws it back in his face and I'm glad Vi ripped him a new one for it. I'm surprised that Frankie even took his call after she left. I still say that Carla speaks far too softly.

Cilla gets to go on her holiday all by herself. But she "accidentally" left her money home so Yana would pay for the whole beauty makeover and drinks. Les got a bit of a shock, though, when Cilla revealed she knew about him and Yana. At least Yana had the grace to look ashamed. Les just had that "how did she find out" look as if he thought he was so clever. Then she lowers the boom and tells them all she was only pretending and really was ok. Fiz gave her hell and even Chesney was gutted that she lied to him. It really is a dispicable thing she did to them though, no matter how much Les tries to palm off his own indiscretions by saying he always forgave her hers. It seems like he thinks she should forgive him and i think he'd even take her back now if she apologized and wanted him back. But i wouldn't forgive her for letting me think she was dying if i was her husband. At least she actually seemed like she felt some remorse when Chesney wouldn't forgive her. That's a first.

Jason says he did pull a girl. But I fail to understand how he could accept that the baby is his without a blood test of a dna test. His attitude isn't helping his case with Sarah either. Aw how could Jason not smile at that sweet little baby's face! But no, he's still not wanting anything to do with her. Wait, we saw him and Eileen together in the pub. Who's minding the baby? Janice seems to have taken quite a fancy to the plumber. I bet they have great craic together (har har har) I'm quite surprised that Janice, who's worked in a knicker factory for years, seems to have very plain "granny panties" judgeing from what was drying on the rack in the flat.

Yay Betty scenes! I love her! and she put Steve firmly in her place. Imagine wanting to work New Year's Eve until 3 a.m. at her age! That woman has ale for blood! Why does Steve not want Betty to work, though? Ahhh because he doesn't want Michelle to go out with Sonny. Well it worked but she got to kiss Sonny at midnight anyway and Vernon hijacked Steve's romantic midnight dinner and wine. I think he thought she had set it up for him.

New Year's Eve fancy dress! Liz done up like the chick from Cabaret complete with short shorts and legs cased in fishnets? The mind boggles. Violet looks fab as Marilyn Monroe and whatever movie Kirstin Dunst was it that Michelle was imiating? She looked pretty spiffy too! Sean in his Brokeback Mountain cowboy outfit looked more like something out of a Saturday morning kiddy show but at least he dressed to impress! Steve didn't bother.

I guess Vera doesn't want a reformed Jack after all. She was much happier when she was arguing with him. Michelle is moving into Steve's old flat. Too close for Norris's comfort.

Oh oh! Something's wrong with Violet and she's lost the baby! Poor little thing! Doesn't look like she might be able to have any more either. looked like she wanted nothing to do with Jamie either but at least it gave us a break from his moaning about Frankie. I don't know why he was looking so sad really, he wasn't all that bothered about the baby. My God. That was ghastly wallpaper that was up at Paul and Carla's. In fact the whole decor was ghastly for someone that puts on the appearance of being so stylish. Liam's a bit of a stirrer isn't he? He's got "little brother" down to a science. Sounds like Carla and Paul's marraige has had more than it's share of bumps and rough road.

Wednesday 26 September 2007

It's Over, It's Over !!!!

That's me doing the jiggy happy dance!! What's over, you ask? The Frankie and Jamie show, that's what. I don't think i've ever been so glad to see a storyline end in all the years i've been watching Corrie! This storyline promoting the affair between Jamie and his step mother was, in my opinion, completely ill-conceived from the get go. I've mentioned before, i think if Jamie had not met Frankie until he was a teenager, then his newly discovered crush/infatuation might have been understandable but he was a child and Frankie babysat him and then mothered him for years. It just didn't wash and now Frankie realizes it too.

She said last night that she went back to Danny because she hoped she could get back the Danny of 20 years ago. (Why? He wasn't any different then! He cheated on Carol with Frankie after all. Start as you mean to go on!) She as much as admitted Jamie was like Danny, all the good bits and none of the bad but then she started to see the bad bits too. His attitude towards Violet and her pregnancy turned Frankie off for starters. He pretty much just paid lip service to saying he'd support Vi and the baby. All he would do is throw money at her and then take off for parts unknown. If he wasn't going to have any involvement in the baby's life, and didn't want any either, why bother with the cash? Anyway, that's a hot topic and not up for discussion at the moment. But Jamie really showed an uncaring and almost callous attitude. All he could focus on was Frankie and his feelings.

He didn't care who knew, he didn't care how or where he told people no matter what Frankie wanted. He didn't care who was upset but it. Even when they thought Danny might be dead in the morgue, he really didn't seem all that bothered for more than five minutes. He hates Danny for taking Leanne off him and this has all been to get back at Danny. Frankie was still reeling from Danny's final betrayal even though she says she's over him. She said that before she went back to Danny too, but as she also said, she was trying to "go home again" and everyone knows you can't do that. She finally realized that her relationship with Jamie is wrong and left. It also means, at least for now, that she has lost a son.

If they *had* to do it, it would have worked so much better if they'd had Jamie develop feelings and Frankie leaving to get away from him. Or even if they had to have her return the feelings, know all along it was wrong and leave to make sure nothing happened. We knew she was leaving the show (that pregnancy bump was getting pretty obvious).

And what about Danny? Wow, Bradley Walsh had put in some powerful performances his last week and yesterday we see him with a lovely woman on his arm celebrating the new year and a new start, hopefully. I'd love to see him come back again. He and Jamie really do need to patch things up. Danny was a serial cheater all his married life and after taking his son's fiance, having his son end up with his beloved but long suffering Frankie was a bit of karma biting him in the ass. What goes around comes around and boy it came around in the worst possible way, too. As much as i feel he had it all coming to him, i still felt a little sorry for him, too. But only a little. Something tells me he hasn't really learned his fidelity lesson either. Leopards and spots and all that.

We'll probably have Jamie sloping around and whinging about Frankie. Lord knows why Sean puts up with it. Well. Ok. Sean fancies Jamie as well so i suppose that's why. He can't have what he really wants so he'll be Jamie's best friend. Too bad Jamie doesn't really appreciate it. Sean is the best kind of friend. He told Jamie and Frankie both off, told them how he felt about what they were doing but he was still there for Jamie anyway.

Sunday 23 September 2007

Sunday Comments, Sept. 23

Happy/Merry Christmas!
Lines of the week:

  • Bev "Just this once i'd like to do something my way" (she's like a mack truck! what's she talking about?)
  • Betty on Steve's off to shower with him "I've half a mind to. That'd teach him!"
  • Michelle to Sonny "Yeah, i'll come" Sonny pointing to Vernon "D'you have to ask your dad?"
  • Sophie to David "Your gran was bitter and twisted. Now i know where you get it from" (yes, well there is that!)
  • Gail "I don't want Sally Webster casting aspersions on my napkins!"
  • Vera "I can't believe it! I'm actually having a nice day!"
  • David "More sprouts anyone?"
  • Audrey "We didn't plan any of this" (that's what they ALL say)
  • David "I thought I was going to be the main event but you totally eclipsed me"
  • Blanche "What's that" Eileen "The rest of the turkey... It's a *baby*!"

Steve's having a hard time connecting with Michelle. Can't get anyone to work for him or babysit for him and by the time he got there, she'd copped off with someone else. Why didn't he call her? He's so useless when it comes to women no matter how suave he thinks he is. So now Michelle has a hunky new fella and Steve misses the boat again.

Now why didn't we see or hear Tracy fling a plate against the wall to back up her story to Claire? Tracy managed to get rid of Amy for Christmas but oddly, i think she rather regretted it in a way. So now she's threatening to sleep with someone else, and letting Charlie know that she might do it. It's all for appearances though, right? And it's Christmas Day and David's Birthday and Claire and Ashley's anniversary! He shot down Sarah's pressie before she'd even given it to him. Sally's supposed to be Gail's friend. Yet she still can't help herself sticking her nose in the air over the dinner. There's an awful lot of tinsel and tat decorations aren't there? they just seemed to appear overnight! The Duckies seem to have had a successful holiday for once. Laughed at Molly training Jack like a dog. It's working, too!

At least Bev and Ashley made peace before she left and Fred's ashes were scattered altogether. And Audrey and Bev made their peace too. Happy Sweet 16, Rosie! I see she's still gaga over Craig who hasn't forgotten her yet. The pub doesn't have any liqueurs out front? Oh well. maybe i guess. I still don't believe that Liz, who's worked in wine bars and pubs for years has never heard of Kahlua. Sean has worked in fancier bars and should know how to make em, as well as what's in em, but it looked like they were very strong! Talk about odd drinking partners, Janice and Norris!

So the secret is out. Sophie found Ivy Tilsley's diary in the attic of Number 5. And did you notice the bits Rosie and Maria read were at the very start of the book? Yet it was about Curly and Kimberly/Gail's near-abortion which was in the early 1990s. Did Ivy write the diary back to front? Other stuff Sophie came up with was a good 10 years before that or more (Susie Birchall flirting with Brian? Vince St. Claire? both in the early to mid 80s) And don't you think it's an awfully small book to carry 10 years worth of secrets? I really don't understand why Sophie has never heard of Ivy Tilsley. She would have heard that Tilsley name for years around the Street, Rosie should have known for sure. She and Rosie grew up as playmates with David and surely Granny Ivy's name would have come up a few times over the years. David sure got a shock, finding out about Gail's near abortion. One more block of wood to add on to the chip on his shoulder. One flash of sympathy for him, i thought. Mum and Dad split up, Mom marries a killer, Dad moves away, now he finds out his mother wanted to abort him. A kid doesn't understand that the maternal instinct would have kicked in and he was just as wanted as the other children. Is it any wonder he's out of control? He sure didn't pull any punches when he revealed all at Christmas dinner! And why stop there? Why not spill the beans that Bill is shagging the black widow in front of Maureen? David really is a little s**t isn't he? What Audrey said was shocking but he did push everyone to their limit that day. Gail should have thrown him out or told him to go live with his father.

Les and Yana spent a chilly night in the bath full of mushy peas. Ewwww. It looked like there was more peas in the bath the further on the evening went and by the end of the night it looked more like plain water than thick mushy peas! That was a good revenge but unfortunately the reason behind it is contemptible. When you think Cilla couldn't get any lower, she does. Blanche was the only one that doesn't believe that Cilla's ill. Wants to see a doctor's note. Cilla didn't waste any time getting away for her holiday either. Alone of course.

Gail really looked like she was hearing way too much information when Audrey and Bill were flirting there just before Christmas. Would have been nice to see David wish Rosie a happy birthday seeing as his is the next day anyway. Didja see Gail's face when she saw Maureen? And David's face?? And Audrey and Bill both went particularly green. Why didn't anyone offer Maureen a plate of dinner? not likely she had any. Bill's excuses to Maureen were particularly lame. He missed her? He loves her anyway? it stops now? He's lucky Maureen didn't stop it now with the carving knife. I don't believe Bill when he says he'd always been faithful. He didn't show any reluctance at all with Audrey, none. You would never guess it was the first time he'd broken his marriage vows. So Maureen decides to wash her hands of the whole mess, husband included. What does Bill do? Well he's got to suck up to Audrey of course. Instead of sucking up to his wife. He didn't even try! I chuckled at the confrontation between Maureen and Audrey though, with name calling flying back and forth. Audrey and Bill say goodbye in the pub. I'm betting if he's staying in Weatherfield, he won't be long until he's got his feet back under her table. Audrey's voice kept going out. You can tell which scenes were filmed on the day she had laryngitis and which ones where she was better.

Oh eck!!! Someone's dropped a baby on Jason! Then Sean went running down the wet cobbles with silly slippers on and a Santa hat with funny hair on the sides of it! So she met Jason last Christmas and this is the result and Jason has no idea or memory. I wonder if that means it was someone else using his name? That's my first thought but then if he was drunk enough, he might not remember anyway. He's that thick he doesn't remember last week let alone a year ago, even sober! Every Christmas, someone has a disaster and this year it's the Platts, Websters and Grimshaws. I think Eileen should definitely get a dna test or at least a blood test.

Sunday 16 September 2007

Sunday Comments, Sept. 16

Lines of the week:

  • Jamie about Violet "She's just angry. It'll pass." Frankie "What if she turns into Tracy Barlow?"
  • Kirk "I had a paper round once. I got lost" *snork*
  • Jamie "There's plenty of blokes out there who have a kid with someone and then start a new relationship. Dad did, I'm going to be just like him" (isn't that the understatement of the year?!?!?)
  • Les "I'm the one that has to carry on. You'll be all right. You'll be gone. I intend to drink and smoke my way into oblivion" (yeah, that's supportive innit, always all about him)
  • Steve "If you ask me it's the poor dolphins we should be collecting for"
  • Janice "Normally when Granny comes calling it's tea and cakes not incest and murder"
  • Blanche "Who says there's no such thing as a happy medium" *snork*
  • Frankie "Daddy is actually shacked up with Gran'ma"
  • Cilla "With kids like i've got, i wouldn't be surprised if i beat this thing" (doesn't she just make you want to scream!)
  • Jamie about everyone else "Some people are sick" (pot? kettle?)

Violet didn't waste any time spreading the news and now that Noz knows, the secret will be across the cobbles like spilled milk. You might as well write it on the Kabin newspaper ad sign out front! Frankie's back. I thought Jamie was picking up Frankie? Don't tell me, she came home in a taxi and he's still at the airport waiting. Oh wait, she's not coming back until "tonight". Early winter sunsets always throw me off on the show. What a greeting, too. One of the most gossipy neighbours sticking nis Noz in. I bet she's thinking it doesn't rain but it pours once she got Jamie's news about Violet on top of it. Well it had to come out sometime. I bet it's really going to make Frankie have second thoughts about the whole affair. He really doesn't have the first clue about babies and parenting just like Frankie said. I did laugh at Becky asking if there was a difference between father and son and wondering how Violet feels being dumped for her boyfriend's mother! She's growing on me, is Becky! Then first Sean gives Frankie and Jamie what for and now Violet does! Yay!

Where is Danny anyway? He's not even called his mum and Frankie thinks the police ought to be told. But if they know why he disappeared, i'm sure they'd not be too keen to persue their inquiries. Wouldn't they have thought that Viv would come up and find out where her son was and of course, it won't be long before she finds out the truth of the matter. And let's face it, Jamie really didn't care if his father's missing or not even when it came down to a visit to the morgue and a brief sigh of relief. And then it was back to "all about me" without a thought about how anyone else was feeling, even how his grandmother was going to feel when it came out. In the middle of the pub. She's got to know sometime. I really think Jamie has been 120% selfish, Frankie was right, he doesn't even give looking like he gives a toss a little bit of effort. That's because he doesn't. And now she seems to suspect that Jamie really could have killed his father. He certainly was angry enough and it sure seems like my suspicions are right. Jamie is still pretty ticked over Danny stealing Leanne.

They're worried about Danny, about his giving the lot to Jamie but not really, about Warren taking the news badly, about Violet's pregnancy and the whole world knowing their business. It's them against all the odds which are stacking up higher and higher. Do i care? Do i heckaslike. Do you know what? I could care less about this whole storyline and i can't wait for it to be gone off my screen. The things i do for you lot! ;)

My God those were rough looking eggs Les was frying. The whole family seemed to be handling the stress of waiting for the test results badly. Leave it to Cilla. Cake and beer chaser. Did you see that snog Cilla laid on the doc? Classic! Cilla finally crossed the line though. As bad as she's always been and as rotten, letting them all think she's dying as revenge for Les's fling with Yana is reprehensible! It's one thing to accuse Les of being selfish, "it's all about you Les!" but look who's talking! She's going to make him pay but how? by getting herself a holiday to swim with the dolphins. Is she actually feeling a pang of conscience with all the public contributions? And Les, being Les, is about as supportive as a bowl full of jello. And part of it makes Les and Yana both take a bath in beans outside in December!!! Rofl!!

Tracy doesn't seem to be having any trouble carrying her shopping in the arm that she burned. Did i pose the question already as to why nobody has mentioned Charlie's "abuse" of Tracy to Steve in case Amy is in any potential danger? Well we know she isn't but the hysterical neighbours and Tracy's family don't. Boggles my mind why Claire would invite Tracy for Christmas and not Charlie and it wouldn't occur to her that Charlie might take it badly no matter what Tracy says about him not being much for Christmas. Surely if Tracy went anywhere, with or without Charlie it would be to her own family anyway. It would have been smarter to get Deirdre to ask her to come to theirs.

Claire's not wearing glasses? I hadn't noticed either! Michelle and Steve sure are taking their time getting together. If it isn't one thing, it's three and they can't seem to get their wires pointing in the same direction. Debra Stevenson is really waddling with her baby bump now. Looks like Bev is finding eviction papers in her Christmas stocking. Yet again she barges ahead and does something that affects everyone without asking (Christmas tree) and completely misses all the hints when she decided not to go to Shelley's for the holiday until it was as obvious as a tank. I wonder why nobody, much less Bev, has pointed out that Shelley is going to give birth to Bev's grandchild? At the end, at least she saw sense over the ashes. Anyway, it's too bad, in a way, i always enjoyed Bev's character. Suzie Blake always did a fabulous job!

Vernon is hoping to get back behind the drums and take Michelle with him during a pub's busiest season! Liz would have been quicker to let Michelle off for the night if she knew it would interfere with a date with Steve but of course it does mean spending the evening in Vernon's presence. A rock. A hard place. but hang on, i thought Michelle made the date knowing it was her night off anyway? Why did Liz have to be consulted at all? I love it when Eileen teases Steve!

Sophie's doing a lot of pulling past history out of the air. Everyone seems mystified as to how she'd know about Alan Bradley but i would think that would be Street legend even if it did happen before her time. Hmmm sounds like we're getting closer to the truth, if the only people that knew about Vera's past pranks were Ivy and Hilda. Stay tuned. And it Looks like Gail and Sally are in a fierce competition over the dinner! What kind of knitted cap was Claire wearing and why did she have al of her hair stuffed up inside it like a hairnet? Talk about a fashion don't! Isn't Amy's hair getting long! When Tracy was carrying her out the house it was right down to her back!

You probably have heard that Liz Dawn has emphysema and it's getting more evident in Vera's scenes lately. Ms. Dawn sounds very winded a lot of the time. It's also why most of her scenes have her sitting down for the most part.

Wednesday 12 September 2007

How selfish is Jamie?

Good God, i can't get over how selfish Jamie is. He decided he wanted Frankie and persued her, knowing it would be the best way to get back at Danny for stealing Leanne from him. Ok, he might not have been thinking that consciously but you know that was the motivation. Frankie does admit she's not doing it for revenge but i think down deep that's partly her motivation too. What else could have her shagging the boy she raised as a son?

Anyway. Jamie. Once he had her, he knew she wanted to keep it quiet. She knew what kind of reaction it would get from the neighbours. She knew they'd practically be run out of town for it. But noooooo. He had to tell Violet and was he surprised she was pissed off enough to tell everyone? Heckaslike. He was pleased. Frankie couldn't blame him could she? Oh yes, Violet deserved to know now that she's pregnant with his baby. Yeah, he'll help her out and stuff. If she wants. He couldn't really give good Goddamn about that baby, could he? As long as he gets to have Frankie. Then his grandmother comes to town and well, why not tell her too? Watch where they are when he decides to tell her. will he do it in the house, nice and private? Heckaslike. Nothing seems to faze him about this. Nothing. Not even when they go to the police to file a missing person report (and not because he wants to, but because his gran and Frankie decide they should).

So much for him telling Danny he didn't want Danny to die (remember, that scene at the viaduct when it looked like Danny was going over the edge?) This week proves that Jamie doesn't really look like he cares if Danny did turn up dead (he's not, btw, just so you know). I wonder if his callous attitude towards Violet is going to make Frankie realize that this affair is all about Leanne and revenge. Jamie is 27 years old and he's acting like he's younger than David Platt. I don't blame Vi for spitefully telling everyone. I don't blame Vi for feeling betrayed by Sean either. But Sean was in a hard place. Confidentiality vs. his good friend. Maybe Sean's loyalties should have been with Violet rather than Jamie. Gonna make it tense under the Grimshaw roof with both of them living there, innit!

Sunday 9 September 2007

Sunday Omnibus comments, Sept. 9

Lines of the week:

  • Audrey "Bill Webster are you trying to lead me astray?" (pot? kettle?)
  • Audrey "Might as well be hung as a tart as a strumpet"
  • Tracy "No pain no gain"
  • Sally to the men "You're going to be washing up anyway, it won't matter that there's twice as many!"
  • Jack re Sophie "She reckons she's psychic." Betty "yeah, and i reckon i'm a Dutchman"
  • Rita "Go and put kettle on.... NOZ"
  • Gail re Bill "What if his wife comes?" Audrey "I'll jump off that bridge when i come to it"

Audrey and Bill are really annoying me. She's chasing him like a mad thing and he's married!!! Lovely example he's putting out for his granddaughters, spare room or not, and you know darn well he's only using the spare room for storage! Sally's got her nose all up in the air over it too. I'm surprised at Kevin saying "Who Cares" over his father's adultery too, having done it himself and had a wife that did it too. He knows the hurt that will come of it. What on earth is the reason why Bill would stay alone on Christmas when he's got family who would expect him there? Now Sally seems intent on the turkey wars with Gail. Who will Bill and Audrey end up spending the day with?

Norris is annoying me too but at least he discovered who the graffiti artist is, Michelle's son, Ryan. Emily, however, is a star! He might have tossed away the can but it didn't go that far and fingerprints will tell. And you'd think that using a spray can as much as Ryan does would have left a little bit of spray paint on his hands or clothes. And that's exactly how he got caught. If he was wearing it the night he was caught by Norris, why didn't anyone check his sleeve then? It was obvious enough for his mother to notice and she wasn't even trying. Just goes to show you, some kids think they can get away with anything. Smart ar$e and confident but very stupid. Imagine carrying the paint cans around in your backpack but that's exactly what a kid like him would do. I tell you though, Ryan is quite talented. Pretty fancy stuff for painting with a spray can.

Next step in Tracy's plan, use the christening to her favour. I wonder why nobody's mentioned anything to Steve that they all think Charlie is controlling and abusing Tracy with his daughter in the way. And Why was Hayley so hot to have a picture of her and Tracy along with Claire after everything that Tracy did to her and Roy? Why would Charlie think that Tracy should snap right back into the bedroom after he's cheated on her not once, but twice, but then he's the type that would. Or is this just another step in her plan? Did she expect he would turn around and want out of the relationship? Is she doing some fancy footwork to keep him where she wants him? Good God!!! Burning her arm with the iron is quite a drastic measure! But she should have slammed the front door for effect too. (Did you notice she'd put the iron down on the ironing board, went and had a few drinks and when she finally picked it up again, there were no scorch marks from the obviously hot and steaming iron?) I hope the doctor didnt' give her any strong painkillers on top of all that booze she had to shore up her nerve. Well she's out and out lied to Claire now and given her the full "abused partner" line and saying she'll give Charlie one more chance. Calling the women's shelter only reinforces her plan.

Speaking of the christening, i don't think it will be long before Bev is not wanted at the Peacock inn just like the Rovers Return Inn. By 'eck, i bet if Claire's mother has a word with Bev, she'd get the hint quick enough. That woman is a tough nut. Sophie is hearing "voices" that expose the ghosts of the past? Hm..... She sure wound up Jack! Yay! A Betty scene! More! Looks like Jason and Sarah will be back together before long, doesn't it? I always thought the Weathy Arms was within walking distance but Jason and Sarah hopped on a bus. Sounds like Sophie might actually have more stage talent than Rosie ever did but she's being smart and not letting Sally know!

I wonder if the paper Danny gave Jamie is even legal? Yeah, i was kind of thinking it probably isn't. Danny probably gave Jamie the paper to make him think he was going to top himself. Blimey, Jamie's got a few more things to be worried about on top of the business and Frankie, Violet's pregger!!! Leave it to Liz to assume it was Michelle not Violet and suspect Steve as being the father but it's none of her business anyway. And now she's not going to get rid, what's Frankie going to say when she hears that! Wanna bet she takes the high road and pushes Jamie away? I bet Jamie's going to get a shock too. Gosh the actress playing Violet, Jenny Platt, did a good job, i nearly cried right along with her! I really loved the friend-y scenes with Sean and Vi, and you know Sean is just dreading what's going to happen when Violet tells Jamie and finds out about him and Frankie which she will do eventually. I think Violet did have some faint hopes that Jamie would want to be with her and the baby when she told him and was really let down when he didn't make any such noises in that direction. Now she knows the truth and she knows Sean knew, it's all blown sky high. Eileen knows as well. It's going to hit the fan this week, boys and girls!

Friday 7 September 2007

What's been on Corrie this week

Tracy is stepping up her campaign this week. Holy Crap! I knew Tracy was whacked but burning herself with an iron?? Problem with that is that Charlie was out when she did it and was probably somewhere with Jason or on a job where there were witnesses to where he was at the time. She's really spinning out of control. Charlie is starting to suspect and is getting tired of her games. What i want to know, is where's Amy? We've only seen her in a few scenes but all this screaming and shouting isn't doing her any good and then Tracy is out and about, going to Christenings and medical centers and not a word about someone looking after the kid. I don't think she goes to a day care does she? There's no reason for it, Tracy doesn't work, after all. I guess we are to assume she dumped Amy on her father or Blanche those times when it would be otherwise logical to see the child around the house.

Geez, after all the initial angst over Frankie leaving Danny for Jamie, things are just ... left flat. Where's Danny is all we get. Frankie ran off 5 minutes after she left Danny to tell Warren in Spain but she's still there. How long does it take to tell him? If he didn't take it well, which he didn't, i can't imagine her staying around to try to talk him into acceptance. Mind you, he's pretty thick. "But I love Jamie and i don't love your dad". "OH that's all right then" though it would probably come out more like "Oh t'lsk sasdl riighoi tannn " or something. (Who's worse? Warren or Adam Barlow?)

And now Violet's pregnant. Vi doesn't know about Jamie and Frankie yet. Maybe she thinks if she tells Jamie he'll come back to her but when she finds out about Frankie, she's going to plotz. Jamie will be torn between Frankie and a baby and Frankie? Maybe this will be the incentive she needs to throw her hands up and say to hell with all of you which is what she should have done in the first place when Jamie tried it on with her. I maintain the position that both of them were only doing this as a belated reaction to Danny's affair with Leanne. It looked like Frankie was softening towards Danny slowly before Jamie stuck his oar in (ooh err!)

I am not sure i like Michelle either. Don't you think she's got kind of odd eyes? It's like they're not symetrical or something. And they're kind of poppy. Or is it just me? Her hair is almost impossibly shiny but i got thinking... i wonder if she's got any Asian heritage. People of Oriental heritage always seem to have lovely shiny hair. And Carla... What an utter snob that one is and she speaks very quietly. Hard to make out what she says a lot of the time. She's very hard faced too, don't you think? I mean literally. Ultra-beauty, lots of makeup, almost plastic looking. Doesn't seem the type that would fit in and be a Street character, not a full time regular one. Still, when Frankiei arrived, she definitely looked down on the backwaters of Weatherfield and ended up fitting in pretty well overall but it was brought up that she grew up on a similar type of street "darn Souf". Somehow i don't think Carla came from the same background and isn't ever going to really enjoy life on the Street.

Sunday 2 September 2007

Sunday Comments September 2

Lines of the week:

  • Rita to Amber about Norris "Who was he this time? Norman Bates?" Amber "No, Norris Lechter. Like Hannibal but bald and not scary."
  • Emily to Norris "You're a blithering idiot!" (i couldn't agree more!)
  • Michelle "me and Carla have a love hate relationship. I love her and she hates me."
  • Liz to Vernon "You mean you're too lazy to even be bothered that folk are saying you're lazy?" got it on one
  • Les "Tracy Barlow yelling out the window!" Cilla swigging beer from a can "So common!"
  • Janice about Carla "She's got a gob like a foghorn" Pot? Kettle?
  • Michelle "Carla and me have a love hate relationship. I love her. She hates me"
  • Vernon "It's your job, you don't want me out there under your feet" Um aren't you supposed to be the cellarman?
  • Vernon "People have always said that about me" (lazy, no kidding)
  • Audrey (Don't shower, Bill) "I love my men rough and ready" (??????)

Where is Danny going to take Jamie? Off the viaduct where he's been sitting the last few days? Ooh good guess, Tvor! Is he going to finish the job he started at the canal (Of course not, you daft things, he loves his son!) Jamie as much as admitted he was pissed because his father stole Leanne from him. Didn't I tell you? Ah he's going to scare his son into thinking he's going to kill himself and he wants Jamie to forgive him. I don't know if that's ever going to be possible now. Danny says Frankie was the only thing he ever truly wanted. Well if that's the case, he should have treated her better over the 20 years they were together. Hmmm. Danny is going to sign over everything to Jamie. What about Warren? Then he disappeared and that's nearly the last we see of Danny. Wonderful stuff. Warren isn't happy about Frankie's news. I can't imagine why he'd be upset about his mother shagging his brother, can you? Now Liam has to carry the whole factory on his shoulders. His brother Paul doesn't seem to have too much of a hand in it though i think he was the money behind Liam's partnership wasn't he? I'm pretty sure the paper Jamie has from Danny isn't going to stand up too well legally so he couldn't be the one to co-sign the payroll cheques.

Why would Paul ever mention Carla, his wife, to the staff? He's only shown his face in the factory about 3 times ever. I see she's a snob and an elitist too. Do you think she's had a bad face job? Her skin is very tight and drawn across her face. Janice reckons it's Botox. Carla also speaks very softly doesn't she? I thought she'd be shriller. She's make quite a splash and she's not a very sympathetic character, is she? God it must have been quite a party if the worker bees were still hung over the next night!

More games and tricks from Tracy to wind up Claire. Wonder how long that's going to last until she plays her hand. Locking herself in the bedroom? Charlie is going to see through what she's doing if she's not careful and whatever plan she has is going to go up in smoke. Bev is playing right into Tracy's plan too, winding up Claire and Deirdre both. Bev says he locked Shelley away but he didn't actually. He just worked her up into such a state that she didn't want to go out of her room. If Charlie was already suspicious with the door handle thing, wouldn't Tracy realize he's really going to figure out what he thinks is her plan when she starts a row that all the neighbours can hear?Charlie made out that he wasn't going to rise to it but then he mentioned Shelley and he knew darn well that would give her the green light to proceed. Then with an official call in to the police on record, that was probably just icing on Tracy's cake. Deirdre wants the evil old Tracy back. Be careful what you wish for. Gosh the walls are sure thin when they want them to be aren't they? Now Tracy was standing outside in the rain. You could hear it on the brolly. Yet Claire was standing by the butcher shop with the baby in a stroller and didn't seem to be getting wet at all. Or at least wasn't flinching. and no brolly. And there's no canopy overhanging the butcher shop.

If Norris can't see without his glasses, banging into things, how is he going to see using the night vision goggles? What a freak of nature. Bravo Emily for having some fun with them too! I see. It's ok for Norris to go scaring Amber in the shop but it's not ok when the shoe is on the other foot is it. Gee i wonder if Charlie can put as much of a fright into Norris as Richard Hillman did that time? And actually, there is too much light out on the Street for those goggles to work properly. It has to be really pitch black out, no street lights or house lights. I still wonder why Kirk is living with the Battersbys when he's got his parents' house at the kennels.

Bill's back. and he's still acting like a cheating dog! Hmm Audrey's back too. I wonder if that was a coordinated effort? Or if he just knew when she'd be back and arranged to be in Weatherfield too. She certainly seems intent on him. And their "chance" meeting in the pub sure felt like it was't that much of a chance. 'I was wondering when you were back from Canada'?? I'm sure she told him when she was back before she left. Audrey is about as subtle as a brick and acting like a 14 year old. So much for all her devoted words of Love to Fred. He only died a month ago or so, and she's chasing another man and Bev isn't saying a word! Bev by rights should be shouting the odds drunkenly all over the pub.

I see Bev is indeed taking over as much of the christening as she can. Vernon doesn't want to get under Liz's feet. Um. isn't he supposed to actually be working there? Liz doesn't want Michelle to drink on duty. I guess that's because Bev is doing enough for all three of them. Is Liz really just putting blinders on where Vernon is concerned? I mean, on purpose? Surely she can see he's a lazy feckless git. So Les is going to build a room in the loft? Sophie is right. Jacuzzi....ceiling... ring any bells?

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