Sunday 26 December 2010

Sunday Comments, December 26

I hope you all had a lovely and peaceful holiday!

Lines of the week:
  • Dev "I got stuck in a jumper!" (sweater)
  • Leanne to Peter "So you think i want to spend the rest of my life with some useless lush? Grow up!"
  • Sunita "It's your birthday. What else can you give a man that has everything!"
  • Norris about Gail: "If there is such a thing as Karma, she must have been very wicked in her past lives"
  • Steve: "There are some things you don't want in your head. And your mum molesting someone half her age is one of them."
  • Norris about Gail: "Another chat? They're not going to break out the Garibaldis, they've hauled her in for questioning. She didn't go willingly, either, I thought they were going to haul out the tasers!"
  • Kelly laughing at Teresa "I have never loved another woman as i love carla Connor at the moment"
  • Graeme: "Thanks for ringing, Candy!" Kirk: "That's ok"
  • Norris "whatever happened to concern for your neighbours!"
  • Trev to Norris: "If I told you where to put your bin, would you do it?
  • Mary: "Any news of Gail?" Emily: "No. Just the old news. Recycled. Endlessly"
  • Norris "There's only one place this monstrosity is going" Mary "He seems a little unsure" Emily "Maybe it'll grow on him!" (HA!! Best line of the week!)
Becky didn't think it was so weird that Liz was flirting with Ciaran but we all know, he's not serious, it's just the way he is. Meanwhile, Becky miscarried. That's tough. But why would Steve think Becky would react any differently? He's just as bad for keeping stuff from her when he's upset. Having said that, Becky was irritating me with her over the top reaction but i guess it is typical of Becky. Some really nice scenes between Liz and Becky. Nicest scene of the week i think.

Tina is really having a hard time with Joe's death. I want to know where her mother is! She did talk to her on the phone but you'd think her mother would come see her. I think going to the lake to see where her dad died is not such a bad thing really. All the things she's uncovering about what David did (text, flowers) that Gail took the blame for, mind you, is starting to gel together in Tina's mind as a conspiracy.

Gail wishes she'd taken time to really enjoy being with Joe but let's face it, he didn't really make that easy. I do feel for Gail in one way, losing her husband but on the other hand i have no sympathy for her for lying and making things worse. And looky there, the police know about the life insurance policy taken out just after the wedding. THey're using that as pretty hard evidence. Ever hear of handwriting experts? Joe certainly wasn't one, so it's a pretty safe bet an expert could tell it wasn't Gail's writing. Gail also gets all affronted because she's the talk of the local gossip but what does she expect?

Kelly was laughing out of the other side of her face when Teresa won the job hunting bet and got a job as Underworld's cleaner. She tried to sabotage Teresa but that didn't work either. Kelly's being more obnoxious than usual, don't you think?

Norris and Dev share a birthday? I think Dev got a much nicer gift than Norris did but he's still a drama queen for grumbling about gifts people were kind enough to give him. Ok, A packet of toe spreaders, a callous knife and bed socks were a bit naff but considering how much he complains about his feet, is it any wonder? Mary bought him a hairpiece!! For once, I actually laughed at a scene with Norris in. No surprise to see him trying it on in the gents'.

Peter signed himself out of rehab and finished early. Again. Now is he in denial or is he really ready to tackle sobriety? I can see why Peter would be angry that George is off with Simon. I don't trust George either! He has no right to keep Simon. Peter's instincts are spot on. Was this George's plan all along or is he just a control freak? Peter wasn't drunk, he was just angry that George had Simon and wouldn't give him back. Dev is such a girl! What does he do to feel better? Retail Therapy! Meanwhile it looks like Sunita is missing him. I didn't suppose Sunita would be too crazy about Dev telling his troubles to his staff but why shouldn't he? Molly is a friend as well and Sunita would be talking to her friends about it all if she has any. Typical, though, Dev runs to the Rovers to see Sunita and finds her chatting and laughing with her ex.

I laughed at Kirk and Graeme both getting the other's mobile number instead of Candy's. Daft as a pair of brushes but Graeme at least had one clue once he realized Candy ripped both of them off, but i didn't think the two of them actually were matey enough to go out on the tiles together.

Ok, we're now going to see Stape moan and whine about not being a teacher. Wait until you see where that's going to lead. And, for one last word in praise of Graeme Proctor, read my assessment of an old soul in a young body.

Sunday 19 December 2010

Corrie Christmas

My fella is a musician and graphic artist and every year he writes me a song for one of my Christmas presents. Usually it's a song about us and our relationship but this year he's written one about my Coronation Street obsession and called it Corrie Crazy. You can hear it here, and check out my blog here for the lyrics and a photo of the two other Corrie related items he gave me this year!

Sunday Comments, December 19

Lines of the week:
  • Mary "Google ganglions, Natasha"
  • Connie about Jackie "She's a bit full on" Jack "You ain't seen nothing yet!"
  • Gail: "What on earth has he got us all into?" (No, YOU have got you all into it by not going along with the plan.)
  • Carla: "I'm just the lowly cleaner" (Even in marigolds and a tabard, she still looks too posh to be a cleaner!)
  • Jackie about Molly: "She's done up like Joan Collins at Elton John's Christmas Party." Tyrone: "Don't be weird, or any weirder than usual."
  • Jackie to Molly: "You're a plate faced slapper with elevator knickers." (she is, you know. The slapper bit at least) Molly "It takes one to know one" Jackie "Exactly!"
  • Lloyd to Liz "And I thought bitter only came on tap"
  • Molly about Trev "That's a bit of all right?" Sunita "You're not wrong, kid" Dev (churlishly) "He's a binman"
  • Jackie to Dev "How does it go? Prices up, knickers down"
  • Steve about Liz giving Ciaran the glad eye "Can't leave her alone for a minute" Becky "She's an optimist, i'll give her that!"
So Joe's fingerprints fingered him as the dead body. (Does anyone else think the writing on the boat makes it look like Gail Farce? seems a bit appropriate!) Anyway, he's dead for sure now. David actually seemed upset to have to tell Tina such an awful thing. He hated Joe but i'm sure he didn't want him to go away in this manner. Gail and Tina identified the body. Horrible thing for anyone to have to do let alone a teenager. For Gail, it must be old hat. (sorry!)

I laughed at David pointing out to Gail that she would probably be better off doing the exact opposite to what she thinks is a good idea. He's probably right. But no, Gail insists on finally telling the police the truth. You know what that's going to sound like, don't you? David makes matters worse by throwing away Joe's mobile. So Gail's running around the house looking for the phone. I"d have rung the phone if i couldn't find it and knew it was in the house somewhere. It sounds so strange, though, hearing David defending Gail, and being worried about her getting into trouble.

So did Simon hit Josh or just push him? Is George trying to manipulate things to get Simon? You bet he is. Yet Leanne, though she seemed suspicious, fell for his "vacation" trick. Will they come back from Spain?
Carla has her hair changed a bit, she's got bangs (a fringe). Kind of suits her. And she's certainly made an impression on Trev who's made more than one set of eyelashes bat! He *is* rather dishy, isn't he? Plot Device alert! There's no way anyone would have left a coffee spill on the floor of the factory all morning, Hayley or Julie wouldn't even if the others would. It might be dried on but Carla looked like she'd been scrubbing the paint off the floor when Trev came in and though she was the cleaner.

Molly has been living in the flat about a month. Wouldn't she just walk over the road to the Post Office counter and have her address changed? Andddd Jackie's back!!! Poor Connie thought she was doing Tyrone a favour telling his mum. Her Royal Pinkness is back! I gotta say i love Jackie Dobbs! She's horrible and awful and over the top and great in small doses! And she's got Molly's number, too. Tyrone really does believe that Molly just stopped loving him. That part is true but there's soooo much more to it. And Tyrone must be messed up, he thinks Jackie's changed.

Norris is on high gossip alert, between this new fella Audrey's been seen with and the police visiting Gail. As soon as he scurried into the pub, Audrey wanted to know what he was hoping to find out! LOL!

The Aunties farce continues. Sunita darns socks? Sounds like an excuse to me. She probably needs a little alone time. Liz asked Lloyd who the aunties were. She served them "vegetarian" hotpot 24 hours earlier. Well it looks like the inevitable, Dev and Sunita will get back together but instead of going slowly like she wants, he's telling the children, telling his friends, bringing her flowers... Dev... ok, flowers are too much. How about a holiday to Disney instead? I think it's more than just enthusiasm, i think he's a control freak. Or just highly selfish and self centred.

Gary's friend has his eye on Rosie. Trev's brought two adorable kittens home for
Janice only she's allergic. It must be love! Ciaran just can't help himself flirting and you'd think he wouldn't flirt with Liz who's plainly falling for his patter. You'd think he'd have learned from the upset he went through with Bev. What did Becky expect Liz to do, with her swinging the lead and Steve running around waiting on her, Liz is doing it all herself though Michelle is supposed to be working there. We've not seen her much until she has to share bar time with him. Funny, that. Ciaran is a lovely addition i think but Trev... Phwoar!! :))

I laughed at Gary and Quinny making fun of "old fashioned" names. Oh dear, Quinny's soldier brother has been seriously injured in Afghanistan. I bet that makes Gary's toes curl. Quinny's reaction was quite good, shock, disbelief. Wait, there's seagulls in Weatherfield? Imagine it. David advising someone NOT to lie!

And that's the end of February (in the UK). You can read more obvservations about the month's events here. Be warned there are a few upcoming spoilers.

Saturday 11 December 2010

Sunday Comments, December 12

Lines of the week:
  • Tina texting "Your loan shark just tried to kill me. Please call." (try calling yourself!...yes... i do know.)
  • Eileen to Jesse: "You're an animal lover, a parrot lover. I want an Eileen lover." (And you deserve it, too!)
  • Steve to Eileen: "You can't have the time off because you're rubbing it in far too much."
  • Gail: "You're angry, David, I can see that." (That's the only thing you can see.)
  • Norris: "I don't gossip!" *koff* Mary "Of course you do! You'd be very poor company if you didn't!"
  • Jesse "I think the world of you, Eileen" (no words of love then. Big sign there Eileen!)
  • Gail about Joe: "He'll be home soon." and "He must be out there somewhere." (But not quite how you thought)
  • Becky about Tina: "Mouthy cow. I like that in a woman." (You would!)
  • Jason: "Whatever you like, Mrs. Grimshaw." Tina: "My God. That sounds minging."
  • Deirdre to Audrey: "You've got more bling on than Barbara Cartland."
  • Liz: "He's probably wondering what Camilla Parker Bowles is doing in Weatherfield." (Great in-joke. The resemblence is remarked on a lot!)
  • Dev "I love to mow, weed and hoe.."
  • Nick to Tina "You're the daughter of the man married to my mother" (stepsister, wouldn't that be so much easier to say?)

Though i'm glad to see the back of Joe, i can see this storyline is going to drag on eternally. *sigh* How can you have a successful faked death if you haven't got a missing persons report or a boat floating abandoned in the lake? Someone isn't thinking this through very well. It's time to get the police involved because the threats are escalating to trying to burn the flat down! It's just not on! and then David texts Tina using Joe's phone and sends her flowers? Talk about digging an even deeper hole and it's going to come back to bite him, mark my words. In amongst all this, David is having a hissy fit because Tina is marrying Jason. That aside, David seems to be the only one talking sense, for once, pointing out that Joe can't love Gail very much if he's putting her through this. And it doesn't make sense anyway. Why fake your death to get the insurance money if you can't be declared dead for seven years!

Gail protests that she wouldn't put up with a man beating her but i think she just might. She certainly puts up with everything else men throw at her, at least emotionally. I think she's inherited Ivy's blinders. And Tina...complaining because her father hasn't had a birthday present for her yet she knows he owes his soul to the loan shark. So when she does get flowers (from David pretending they're from Joe) she complains they're too expensive and they're not flowers she likes anyway. Selfish cow. She doesn't believe the "fake your death" excuse when they finally have no choice but to tell her. Her logical conclusion is that he committed suicide, considering the crushing debt and history of depression, but by the end of the week, though, Joe's body was bobbing about in the lake. He's dead, Jim! Er. do you not think it's odd that he sailed out quite a long way away from the cottage, Gail certainly couldn't see the boat from it, yet his body bobbed to the surface within a stone's throw of the cottage?

Dev is such a faker! moaning about his back and then leaping up to the bed. There's more ducking and diving and trying to fool the Aunties again this week but honestly, they can't be that stupid. Hilarity ensues. Meanwhile, as one couple inch slowly back together, another is marching apart.

Jesse and Eileen seem to be doing the slow dance to the end, don't they? Mind you she's being inordinately rude to him lately, especially about his job. It's no wonder he's considering his parents the most important people in his life and Eileen surely can see where she stands. Why did Eileen think Jesse would pick her over his parents? Well her rudeness aside, he's been attached to them by the apron strings all along, anniversary or not. And it was pretty childish of him to be quoting divorce statistics to Tina and Jason, newly engaged. He complained, he was miserable, Eileen deserves better and i'm glad she found her self respect and chucked him out.

Becky is certainly taking advantage of the pregnancy too, ducking and diving work, and Steve must know this but is happily pandering to her.  The Auntie who's son is a dancer in Vancouver with a Norris has got a point... young people really do talk about every tedious detail of their life on their mobiles. I hear them on the bus all the time. How much tea was drank in various places on screen this week? Bucketloads! Natasha has the hots for Nick and she's not even met him yet!

Audrey has booked the smooth and ever so slick Lewis again. She seems to be a sucker for his silver tongue. It was pretty funny seeing Liz and Deirdre and Audrey eyeing Lewis and him picking up Audrey and not Liz. Of course it was a set up but didn't it set the other two's complexions a bit greenish?

Nick seems to have his eye on Carla. I don't think she'd give a little weenie like him the time of day, frankly. He used to run the factory *for* Mike Baldwin? Mike Baldwin taught him everything he knows? Mike Baldwin sacked the little toerag, if you may recall. He wasn't much more than a toady.

If the Alahan house is a 3 bedroom house, then the twin must share a room if the Aunties are installed in the third bedroom. Roy needs to reduce the hours of his staff. Wouldn't it be better not to have them all working at the same time and

Sunday 5 December 2010

Sunday Comments, December 5

Lines of the week:
  • Peter "I don't suppose Sorry's going to help?"
  • Gail "I bet whoever called it that (boom) was just hit in the head by it" (Phrase of Doom, anyone?)
  • Peter "If i was seriously drinking i'd be on the whiskey" (you mean that bottle that you already finished?)
  • David to Gail "You married yet another head case!" (and still she defends him)
  • Sunita "I'm remembering why i divorced you!"
  • Tina about Joe: "He's a dead man next time I see him." (Um, yes)
  • Audrey: "I'm THE Audrey of Audrey's!"
  • Nick: "Expecting romance by a roaring fire, ending up with a sausage roll in the pouring rain"
  • Peter: "Help me!" (finally!)
  • Deirdre: "I'm sure he's found somewhere warm and dry." Leanne: "Depends on what you mean by dry!"
  • Sunita "They (the children) don't do baths, they do tsunamis!"

Ohmygod Joe is such a loser he couldn't even fake his own death properly! David figured his mother had lost her marbles going sailing in February and look where it got her? Joe was that horny to get away and of course that's when the phone rang off the hook. You notice he also rented a big SUV to tow the boat as well. I guess if Gail's in for a penny, she, or her credit card, are in for a pound or three! Joe told the loan shark to give him a week and he'd have it sorted. He wants Gail to use the life insurance to pay off the debts and later, after a few years, he'll send for her. Now if you were an insurance company, and someone took out a big policy, made one payment and then wanted the payout, wouldn't you be suspicious? Anyway Gail was horrified at Joe's plan and fought him. Because she fought him, he hurt his arm and because he hurt his arm, he couldn't get back on the boat when the boom knocked him over.

I really do think Joe has lost his marbles completely with all the pressure and desperation. It's got to be illegal, what the loan shark is doing and Gail can't imagine lying to everyone. Geez, if she thought being married to a homicidal maniac was bad, at least she could be open and honest about that. Did you see that couple that witnessed Gail and Joe's argument? Remember that they saw Gail on the boat with Joe and drove away before he threw her back off. It'll come back to haunt her. I don't know why Joe didn't just chuck the mobile into the lake, too.

Gail doesn't think Joe did the right thing but she thinks he'll come to his senses and come back. Nothing David can tell her can change her mind. Lying to say Joe stayed behind because he'd got some work yet he's not answering his phone. And David giving her tips on how to lie lol and the lies just get deeper and deeper and now Nick is back on the scene, obviously lost his job and flat so he thinks Joe and Gail had a row.

I can't say i'm sorry to see the back of that whinging whining Joe, though. He's been a loser from the start. Ok, ok, i know people fall on hard times and they should be supported by their friends and families but he's just been a total idiot! This loan shark business should have been taken to the police at the first threat but Noooooooo. We have to put up with this face for months! I've got a blog post that delves into this a bit more over here. (There is one future spoiler mentioned!)

The morning after the night before, and the wreckage after the hard hat party is spread across the Barlow fields. Ken is regretful and a bit smug and Leanne is heartbroken that Peter's drinking again and feeling guilty that her dream contributed. Deirdre figured there was one positive, with Blanche still in Portugal. I guess we find our bright spots where we can. George has his mitts on Simon and wasn't giving him back. I wonder if that was his plan all along or if it was just a lucky result.

Poor little Simon, having to see his dad drunk and pathetic. Chris Gascoyne played a very good and believable drunk, though, didn't he? How did Peter get all those bottles and cans of beer stashed in the betting shop office when he'd only been off the wagon 24 hours and was out roaming the streets for most of it? Peter's lucky George hasn't called Social Services! Peter tried to convince Leanne he is only drinking because he can't see Simon and tried to make a deal with George, he'll go into rehab if he gets Simon back. Any little excuse except the real reason. He is addicted. This is really being handled well, I think. Much better than being reformed and recovering after one bout and never slipping again. No amount of talking to him is working, either. He wasn't ready to accept he needs the rehab and he needs help until Simon rejected him and he saw fear on his son's face.

Sunita used a pretty lame excuse to go see Dev. Why? Because her old aunties are coming and nobody ever told them that she's divorced. It's been nearly 5 years, and nobody has slipped up or anything? Hard to believe they've never called Sunita in that time, not asked to speak to Dev, or had an excuse why not every single time and they've not been suspicious? A bit contrived, really. Lucky for Dev, he was there when they arrived so he jumped right in with his plan to pretend they were still married in front of them and Sunita didn't have a choice then. But pretending they're married? You can just see where that's going, can't you? Probably the reason for the ridiculous storyline. Um...Auntie Grishma is apparently 72. She's Sunita's great-aunt. Sunita's parents must be pretty young for one of them to have an auntie that age or someone's lying about their age! and "They" came to the wedding yet one of them was introduced to Dev as if it was the first time.

I did wish that Joe's and Gail's phones would pick a ring tone and stick with it or at least choose one more modern. Do any phones still have that ringtone anymore as a default? You could see it was a fairly new style phone. I also don't think Joe's phone would still have a charge a day after both Tina and Gail were ringing it non stop. At least two people had a good week. Tina and Jason got engaged! It's a cute little ring but it's almost not even there!
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