Wednesday 30 November 2011

Corrie sojourns in Blackpool

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in May 2011.)

Steve and Tracy were in Blackpool yesterday. Some liked it, some hated it, but one thing is true. Coronation Street has a long tradition of doing location shoots in Blackpool, one of, if not *the* most favourite seaside holiday spots in the Northwest.

In the old days, it was a community event, with everyone piling on the charabanc (bus/coach), paddling in the sea, having a cuppa in a tatty little caff. There were stolen kisses and even the occasional marraige proposal and through the years, even those traditions continued. In 2000, Tyrone asked Maria to marry him at the top of the Tower!

The Mirror has a list of all the times that Corrie went to Blackpool here. Some visits were brief and some carried a storyline over up to a week or more. There's one that's missing, however, when Tracy, Ray and Deirdre took Amy to Blackpool when he returned to connect with his daughter, just before he died.

One of my favourite Blackpool sojourns was the time Rita went with the Websters and they saw Vera there with Lester Fontayne! What was your favourite Blackpool storyline?

Deirdre's Pottery Fantasy

I just couldn't resist it.

Gays on soaps

(This post was originally posted by Scott Wilson on the Coronation Street Blog in May 2011.)

(contains rumour and speculation)

It’s a road of less than twenty households, but, if rumours are true, Coronation Street’s about to get its third lesbian resident (let's call her Eva).  Is this an example of the “gay agenda”?  Is this political correctness gone mad?  Is it a desperate rush for ratings?

Or is it the problem with soap operas?

Here’s the thing: soap operas - or continuing dramas, to give them their Bafta-worthy title - are an art form based around relationships.  Specifically, love matches.  Oh yes, we love to see battles and conflicts, but it’s the love that we tune into.  It’s the couplings and the decouplings that make a soap worth watching.

All British soaps operate in a disturbingly hermetic environment.  They have one set, one load of characters, and one world to play with.  How else do you explain the fact that Deirdre Barlow is the only person in the Street who can’t walk to work?  Think about that for a second.  How realistic is it that every single resident of Coronation Street can leave for work at 8:58 and still arrive on time?  How preposterous is it that Gail Platt couldn’t find a job - in Manchester, the third largest city in the UK - until she started scrubbing Nick’s toilets?

>More to the point, think of the twisted relationships that exist in that street.  Let’s start at Number One.  Deirdre and Tracy both slept with Dev, who slept with Sunita.  Sunita was engaged to Ciaran, who is currently shacked up with Michelle, who used to be engaged to Steve.  Steve is currently married to Becky, who was engaged to Jason for a while, after he split up from Sarah-Louise.  Sarah-Louise is the sister of David, who’s currently married to Becky’s sister Kylie, but who used to go out with Tina, who also lived with Jason for a while, but is currently going out with Graham, even though he’s married to Xin.

That’s one paragraph, and a whole load of interpersonal relations and intimate shenanigans.  But where are Sean, Sophie and Sian in all this?  Not mentioned.  You know why?  Gay characters are cul-de-sacs.  Gay characters are a dramatic dead end.

There just aren’t enough of them.  In terms of drama, they’re a big no-no.  It’s easy to set up a love triangle with unlikely heterosexuals in one street - look at Kevin and Molly.  Even though it seemed strange, they did, at least, have all the right parts and desires to indicate that a relationship would be possible.  There was never any suggestion that Kevin would turn to Sean, or that Molly would suddenly become Sapphic.

In the world of intermingling relations that is the soap opera, gay characters have the disadvantage of being only compatible with a small percentage of other cast mates.  It’s why the bisexual character is far more common in soaps than in real life - Sean’s relationship with Sonny wasn’t about the two of them, it was about creating conflict with Michelle in a very traditional menage-a-trois format.  It’s notable that Sonny disappeared as soon as his storyline was done.

Going back to my original point: if Eva is indeed a lesbian, I suspect the true cause of discomfort isn’t her sexuality, but that we can see the strings.  Sian and Sophie are a happy gay partnership.  That’s pretty dull for dramatic purposes.  As Jane Rossington once said about her character in Crossroads, “there’s only one way for a soap opera marriage to end - divorce.”  Happy ever after just doesn’t work.  For there to be conflict between our lesbian heroines, we need a third party, and so another lesbian character needs to arrive into the Street.  Similarly, with Sean: it would be unlikely for Jason or Tyrone to suddenly turn gay, so a new character has to be introduced for him to have a love interest - hence the return of Marcus.  Eva’s homosexuality is already boring to us because we can see that she’s there purely to create conflict for Sophie and Sian.  If she were a young, attractive, heterosexual character, she’d have the pick of the men on the street: Tommy, Tyrone, Jason, Gary, and so on.  Making her gay means we can see a plotline from a mile off.

It’s a problem that all soap operas have to deal with at some point.  Emmerdale, for example, turned into a hotbed of lesbianism once Zoe Tate came out, something that seems to have disappeared entirely now she’s not in the show.  Similarly, poor Christian in EastEnders is forced to have a turgid affair with every slightly camp man who shows up in the Square, whether he likes them or not.

In the “real world” Sean would have met the man of his dreams via Gaydar, and Sophie and Sian would be on Canal Street.  That’s not only uninteresting to us as a viewer, it’s expensive to film.  Would you care if Sean suddenly announced he was going out with “Brian”, any more than you would care if Gary Windass suddenly started an affair with “Susan”, a woman he’d met on his latest job?  Wouldn’t it be far more interesting to you if Gary started an affair with, say, Julie?

There’s a choice: all or nothing.  Either you introduce gay characters, and deal with the dramatic complications that arise, or you don’t put them in the show in the first place.  I would argue that Corrie’s gay characters are neither tokenist or boring.  Sean has been a great foil to a number of characters, a classic comedian, and has a number of valuable relationships (Eileen and Julie would both be lesser characters without him).  Sophie has grown up on the Street, and so her lesbianism is an interesting twist that has thrown new angles on existing characters - I can’t be the only person who thinks Rosie Webster’s unequivocal support for her sister adorable.  They’re interesting characters who deserve their place in the fabric of our favourite drama (far more so than, say, Cheryl).

I guess I’m saying that the producers need a little bit of slack when it comes to gay and lesbian relationships in Coronation Street.  They need to work outside our dramatic comfort zone, and while that may seem unusual, it ultimately leads to a better, more interesting drama for all of us to enjoy.  It’s a contrivance we need to accept to make sure Corrie remains our number one soap.

State of the Street: April 2011

Ah, the end of the April on our Canadian Corrie screens. This month (well, it only took two weeks now we get an hour a day!) was pretty packed full, with a double wedding, a bank robbery, the exit of two characters, more mud slinging from the Websters. It was all Yummy Mummy competitions between Leanne and Cheryl, Maria hand wringing over Frank and the factory, and there's a new cranky old woman to shake up Roy's content life. That's been one of the bright spots of the month, and the thought of daughter-in-law Kylie making Gail's life a misery is another! Read about it in this month's State of the Street.

Tuesday 29 November 2011

CBC Update on catching up to the UK timeline

I saw a new headline in my inbox tonight regarding the CBC double episode "catch up" that we're seeing. The article is dated about a month ago but it's still relevant. People have been asking how long CBC is going to continue to catch up and how much will they catch up?

This article states that CBC will play catch up until they're pretty much up to date. We don't know if we'll be 100% caught up as the CBC might keep it about a week or so behind the ITV episodes in case of a technical glitch. Fair enough! There's also mention of not suspending Corrie anymore during sporting events, though they may play with the schedule and air it at a different time. “Even if it doesn’t play in its normal timeslot we’ll put it in another timeslot,”

Also fair enough. Most people have vcrs or dvrs these days and CBC also carries it online. They estimate we should be caught up by September. CBC posts the week's episodes on Mondays following the airing of the Sunday omnibus in all regions so you can always catch it there as well. Kudos to CBC for this! An hour a day for the next 8 or 9 months is a lot do keep up with but it's worth it!

Eddie Windass Goodbye Song

(This post was originally posted by Seapenguin on the Coronation Street Blog in March, 2011.)

Here's the Eddie Windass goodbye song again - but this time with a video, which demonstrates just what a tremendous comedy asset Steve Huison was to Coronation Street. He will be very sadly missed. Great stuff from Tommy Reckless. My blog is here

Charles Lawson talks Corrie

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in April 2011.)

In an entertaining Sun article today, Charles Lawson has been quoted as saying acting is not as much fun as it used to be. He reckons the "bosses" treat actors like kids and this seems to refer to soap bosses but that could very well be taken out of context.

The interview is quite good, with Charlie's view on his years on Coronation Street, mostly being great. He says that Simon Gregson puts in a gruelling schedule and he thinks everyone does a bang up job on Corrie but reckons acting as a business is getting a bit too serious for him. He spends a lot of his time with his wife on their farm in Cheshire where he describes life as having a lot less bull**** (I guess he doesn't raise cattle, then!)

He is amused at the Facebook campaign to free Jim McDonald but doesn't think the producers really take that sort of thing seriously.

Will he return as Big Jim someday? Well he quips "Let's not forget we are in Never Never Land and Tracy Barlow suddenly appeared after being found guilty of murder. Bobby Ewing could leap out of that shower, you never know." Will Liz return? He and I have the same opinion on that, I wish Beverley very well. But she's a bit of a homing pigeon so I wouldn't write her off.

Monday 28 November 2011

Fat Brenda's London Adventure

Loveys, I managed to sneak out, past the handsome young men on security at the cobbles, and bring you some exclusive pictures from within the dungeon of ITV's This Morning in London.

On the first picture you can see that Steve Huison is well chuffed to see me!

Once I'd softened him up with a bit of gin he was a lot friendlier and even told everyone that he'd be playing me in a one wo(man) play next year!

He had a haircut by that Jamie Stevens - a lovely lovely fella AND celebrity hairdresser of the year - and I must say, Jamie did a belting job that takes years off my Steve.

If any of you like that Loose Women, Steve's on that later today an' all (at 11:15) and he'll be talking more about his favourite switchboard operator, his charity dolls and stuff like that.

So there you have it loveys, me in a play, it's the most belting news I've had since I found out Bernice had a big win on the bingo!

I'll let you know how it's all going while we're doing it and I'll be writing me 'Cream Horns' an' all so you'll not be getting rid of me! Sorry that this bloggy post looks rubbish loveys but I'm not very good on the into-net!  Hopefully the lass that runs this bloggy will wave her magic bloggy wand and make it look better!


Another taxi, another departure

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in April 2011.)

And so it goes. This time, a Streetcars cab rather than a black cab but the end result is the same. Eddie's gone and leaving us all bereft.

I've just finished watching tonight's episodes and I have to say, I was more upset watching Anna and Eddie split up than I expected. Watching them, watching Gary's upset and Anna's and Eddie's tears, I could feel a suspicious dampness in my eye region myself and was really sorry to see him ride away in the cab. As sad as I was to see Liz go, I wasn't swallowing hard. That's probably because Bev Callard has been absent more than she'd been on screen over the past year or two and her return and leaving storyline was kind of naff really.

Eddie's leaving storyline was also somewhat abbreviated but it made more sense. He only went along with the adoption for Anna's sake, not really expecting it to happen and got backed into a corner when it did. Because Faye was not an easy child to settle in, he found it overwhelming. He had the chance at a fresh start but Anna wouldn't go with him and that was it. She loves him but not enough to marry him, something he's wanted for awhile but only started asking her after it was too late. She's found the courage to be alone where she never had it before.

It's a very sad breakup because you know they both still love each other but want very different things out of life as they approach middle age. As others have said, Steve Huison turned Eddie from a stereotype ignoramus into an ignormamus we all adore, one with layers and a big heart under all that hair and string vest. We'll all miss him here at Blog Towers and wish Steve the best of luck.

Keep in touch with @SteveHuison on Twitter. If you pass him on the street, remember, he looks like this now.

Corrie Canada weekly awards: Nov. 21 - 25

Your Lips say yes but your eyes say No award: Liz promises to be waiting for Jim. Like that'll happen!

Black Widow award: Gold Star: Mrs. Cropper arrives!

Phrase of Doom award: "We can't rely on him (Frank) for our future" Guess who's the new boss!

Gracious award: Gold Star: Becky was awfully nice to Liz in spite of how Liz has been treating her lately.

Reality Check award: Expensive Star: The kids are finding out about overdue bills. Fast. And you want a baby???

You're not the Boss of Me: Gold Star: Kevin treats Tyrone like a skivvy. He's a business partner and I'm glad Tyrone finally told Kevin.
Silver Star: Maria refusing to do any work her new boss needs. Ah but he *is* the boss of you. Suck it up or quit, honey.

Flip Flop Award: Gold Star: Kevin for letting Rosie mind the baby she forgot and got mixed up; and for giving Sally all his money even though he didn't have to. Trying to buy her love but it's too late.

Impatience award: Gold Star: Anna wants it to be happy families for Faye. Now every little thing Eddie does annoys her 5x more than it used to.
Silver Star: John is in too much of a hurry to get off his meds and back to work. He's only been out of hospital 5 minutes. It's no wonder he went off the rails so soon.

Lying is second nature award: John is back to lying to Fiz already about the meds and how he got his job back.

Yes he *could* sink lower award: Muck raking star: Kevin had no right to be upset his solicitor used Sally's affair in the hearing. He had to have heard it from Kevin first after all.

Fashion award: I loved Anna's "Wishes come true" tshirt!
Stylista award: Eddie's plaits!!

All better award: Gold Star: Peter was using a crutch last time we saw him and now he's not even limping!

Blown out of the water award: Gold Star: Just when Frank was going to sign the partnership deal, Maria has him arrested but it doesn't stick. I kind of thought that would happen.

Incapable Award: Gold Star: Gail "Capability" McIntyre? Really?
Silver Star: John couldn't handle the stress and he's gone right off the rails again.

Holier than Thou award: Snobby star: Toddly! Oh and Gail looking down her nose at Todd!

Lines of the week:
Gail "I hate th at girl with every fibre of my body" Audrey "I think she knows"
Liz: "Tracey's going to go mental." Steve: "Tracey's already mental."
Becky "Yet another magical McDonald Family moment!"
Liz "I could have coped with the truth" Jim "Aye but I couldn't"
Kevin "You made me look a right idiot" (it's not that difficult to do!) Sally "I'm quids in all around then!"
Tommy to Tina "I thought you might be knackered. Every since I left you've been running through my mind" (oh *please*)
Maria "I quit!!"
Sean "She's his mother or as i like to say, the final piece of the puzzle"
Hayley "You must be shattered" Sylvia "Why? I sat on the bus, I didn't push it"
Tyrone "Meat and potato pie" Sylvia "Yes, you don't look the salad type. Sit!"
Sylvia "I can't rattle around in this bone shaker another minute. You're like Eddie the Eagle!" Hayley "He was a skier not a driver" Sylvia "Precisely!" (HA!)
Roy about his mother "Rude is her default setting"
Sally "...unless he's (Kevin) gone home, filled the bath with cash and got in for a wallow" Gail "I got a bottle of white in the fridge?" Sally "Shall we get a scratch card on the way?" :)
Sylvia again: "Excessive displays of emotion make me nauseous" (And that explains Roy in a nutshell)
Gail "People tell me things, I've got that sort of face" (there's really nothing I can add to that)
Eddie "It's either her or me. You choose"
Jason "Are you trying to say models are thick?" Rosie "Some of them are, actually! Scary!" (snort)
Norris being facetious "Jim McDonald with a nylon stocking on his head? Hardly qualifies as the Thomas Crown Affair"

Bill Webster! Where have you been and what's that on your face!!

Sunday 27 November 2011

Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, November 27

God what a botched robbery that was! But you knew Jim would have messed it up, he always acts first without thinking. You know he would never have hurt anyone. I'm surprised Jim wasn't watching out the window to see if Liz had arrived. It was odd that we all could hear Jim when Liz was on the phone but that's so we the viewer could hear. I don't think the cops could but it seemed like they could so it might be a special phone tapped into the headsets as well.

And it was stupid that they brought Liz there and could clearly see how agitated Jim was, insisting on talking to her. He calmed right down when they finally let her on the phone. He calmed down so much he got depressed, knowing it was all over and we even wondered if he was going to turn the gun on himself. But no. He's off to the Big Hoose so he is and even though Liz told him she'd wait, she didn't and decided to leave altogether and run back to Spain, no doubt. What a great exit, though wasn't it?

In spite of how utterly nasty Liz has been to Becky, Becky was very sympathetic to Liz in the aftermath of the robbery. Lloyd's well and truly pissed, as well. He's still not been paid his money and I still say Steve didn't take the money from Lloyd, he took it from the business, of which he owns half. Naturally Tracy will manage to eke out Steve and Becky's plan to run away with Amy. He was stupid to even try and he's a miserable secret keeper.

Katy says she feels strange? Any guesses? Chesney was surprised it didn't take very long. I think it's the law of averages. 16 year olds and raging hormones, yannow. And well, it's hard to be a lot of fun when you up to your armpits in bills. What did you think being out on your own was going to be like, kids? I hope she washed off that pregnancy kit stick before she put it on the dinner table, too! So she tells Chesney she's pregnant and she can hardly be more than a few weeks gone and gets morning sickness the very next day? More like moaning sickness ;))

Poor deluded David really can't figure out why Gail gave them money for a honeymoon. He didn't think that Gail would be more likely give it to him not Kylie if it was the way she said it was. Tommy's back. Didn't know he'd left. Cadging a room off Tyrone, too. Tyrone doesn't have the heart to say no and he probably enjoys the company anyway. Tommy's making a real twit of himself, though, with cheesy come-on lines and he even chatted up Sally? Tina has to grovel to Rita so she doesn't get thrown out on her backside. Kirk is such a good brother isn't he? I know he's a bit useless but he's so loyal and kind. It makes me sad when i see that Fiz gave up that lovely man for that piece of work Stape.

Sally sold the car back to the showroom and kept the proceeds and she still wants half of whatever is left? Kevin to Sally "That car was a gift. You've made me look a right idiot" Sally "Good, then I'm quids in all around!" (it wasn't that much of a stretch anyway) and I'm glad Tyrone finally pointed out to Kevin that they're partners. Kevin takes far too many liberties. Kevin was quite put out that Sally sold off the car, mainly because he didn't want her to have any of the money and she's got a bit now from the proceeds. She's also had his winnings frozen. Good girl! At least until it's sorted by the courts, anyway. Really surprised that Kevin was willing to allow Rosie to mind Jack after the last time. Not surprised Rosie offered. She's got pound signs in her eyes and sucking up to daddy and making nice with her little brother is the best way to it!

Right. Leave it to Kevin to drag Sally's past through the divorce proceedings and bring up Ian Davenport. Sally has always maintained there was no affair but we know there was and Kevin's not stupid. Even so, both of them airing dirty laundry at the hearing wasn't necessary and had nothing to do with the hearing but, seeing as it's the Websters we're talking about, completly expected. Shocker, the court said Sally couldn't have any more of the money than she's already got (from selling the car) and Kevin felt bad his solicitor brought up all that dirt. Well he should never have told him then! Kevin ended up trying to give it all to her anyway! It isn't going to work, he can't buy her back no matter what he thinks or what his father advises. In the end she gave half of it back so she got what she wanted all along. Well half, plus the cash from the car. I wonder if she factored that in?

Roy's mother certainly has swept in like a hurricane! She gets all hot and bothered because Roy never told her he was married, but it goes both ways. She also never got in touch with him in spite of knowing exactly where he live. And if she knew that, you'd think she'd have known about Hayley since Hayley has been with Roy ever since the cafe on Victoria Street was opened. That aside, in just a few appearanches, Sylvia will have dominated the lines of the week this week! Superb!! I love her already! Looks like her post-funeral circumstances were exaggerated, as Hayley found out and rescued her, pretending that Roy needs the help in the cafe. Sylvia's great! Loved her meeting Hayley's friends. Izzy was the only one that measured up! Hopefully, we'll get to see a bit more into Roy's past. They've had a contentious relationship but perhaps they can find some sort of peace.

Carla managed to talk Frank around. Maria really was out of her depth and far too new at the job to be left in charge under that kind of pressure. Methinks Frank urged Carla out of town on purpose. But you know, Frank is really kind of creepy. I reckon if Maria hadn't quit, she'd have been sacked after that. I can understand Maria's being upset, however, because Carla taking Frank on as a partner probably seems like a betrayal to her but Frank seems to have pulled the wool over Carla's eyes, eyes that now see Maria as overreacting. But also, Maria griping about Carla keeping her in the dark? She's the assistant, or is she? Is the the assistant manager brackets trainee or only the office assistant. It seems to go back and forth daily depending on whether Carla needs a skivvy or not. I think Maria could do the AA job but Carla does put too much responsibility on her if that's the case. But Maria really doesn't have the right to refuse her boss(es) when they want her to do something, either.

But back to Frank, he knows how Maria feels about him yet he keeps on sniffing around her, even suggesting that she work with him on that new line. What is he trying to prove? That he really didn't mean to push his attentions on her and she was overreacting? Probably. It's probably a good thing Maria had already quit when she told Chris about what happened with Frank because after he went after Frank, Maria likely would have got the sack anyway. Chris persuaded her to go to the police. Now you know the history Maria has with the police and them not believing her. What do you think they'll do with this, when it happened weeks and weeks after the fact? Oh, they'll question Frank but he's very believable and she's got previous even if her hysterical accusations about Tony turned out to be true.

And Carla's now on his side too. So it's "He said, She said" and all that happened was a bit of embarassment for Frank and Maria looks like an idiot but Frank wasn't willing to stick with the factory. I'm with Carla, really, I think Frank was more aggressive than Maria was used to in a man and it scared Maria. Would he have taken it further if she hadn't managed to run off? In that circumstance, I don't think so. Is he capable of it? We don't know him that well yet. He does seem like the type who gets whatever he wants but rape is about control and anger.

Carla managed to talk Frank around with a lot of begging and red wine but Frank knows that Sean knows. Trying to use veiled threats towards his job isn't going to make Sean believe him over Maria. Frank might not like slander but Sean hasn't done any of that. He's keeping Maria's confidence.

I don't understand really, why Faye would lie about something that could get her taken away, ie lies that Eddie hit Anna. I can understand her stealing to give her presents to buy their love. Is it just a reaction? Well, now Eddie wants to move them all to Germany. I think letting Faye put his hair into braids was the last straw. That and Anna turning down his marraige propsal yet again. Top that off with having to tell the little one her mother died, i think Eddie just starting thinking it was all too much trouble. He used the excuse that he only went through it for Anna and never thought it would actually happen. He could have pulled out any time but he couldn't do that either or look bad in Anna's eyes. So the only thing for it is to run away if she won't go with him.

Marc... Marcia... Marc...Marcia... obviously if Audrey seems ok with the issue, Claudia will be the one to blow a gasket when she finds out. I still can't understand why, if they're going down this road, they couldn't have given Marc better taste. He said his wife had accepted his cross dressing, surely she never would have let him go out of the house in a wardrobe and wig that makes Hayley's look like the Paris catwalks! Laughed at Audrey asking Hayley for advice about transvestites with a nervous giggle but was taken down a peg or two by a highly offended Hayley.

John figures he needs to come off the medication because it's making him feel dragged out. You know what's coming, right? John always does what he wants to, sociopaths always do. They think the laws and rules are for everyone except them because they know best. Coming off those meds are literally going to do his head in. The solicitor arrived and oh hi Colin!!! You could just see John going the pale grey colour of old cement and he's over the edge. He's quoting random literature and cowering in the back office of the betting shop at one glimpse of a policeman. Off he goes, with the bank card he'd got as Colin, running scared, paranoid. It's not the police Fiz needs, it's the men with the butterfly nets!

Gail wants to work as the bar manager. She's had a few days behind the bar 30 years ago. Jeff is whisking Sally off to Paris for a romantic weekend! Nice!

And lastly, we had a lovely day in London with Sean and Dylan and there's Marcus!!! Looks like there's still an attraction there and Marcus even ran for the bus with flowers as a romantic gesture. Too bad Sean didn't see him! I loved the London montage! My favourite city! Poor Jamie and Violet are clearly not getting on. They must be on and off and on and off again because i'm sure we'd heard awhile back that they weren't together. Now they obviously have been and split again. Marcus and Sean had a nice visit but they left the bear behind! Both single, Marcus without a job...Marcus and the grand romantic gesture... I wonder.... d'ya think?

Meanwhile, Todd brought his new fella, Jools, to meet the family. Clearly Jools is far too good for Todd and Todd knows it. Todd has become insufferablly snobbish to try to keep up with Jools when really, Jools was a lot nicer than Todd was. Todd really deserved Jason's harsh words. I think Todd and Jools will probably have a better relationship now that Todd isn't going to try to be pretentious all the time and will relax and just be himself. But you know what? It's supposed to be Easter. Would Eileen really make an Easter dinner of tuna and tomato soup? Gail was pretty nasty towards Todd wasn't she? And she thinks Sophie's just having a "phase"?

Saturday 26 November 2011

How do you solve a problem like Maria's?

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in April 2011.)

Last night's episodes had Frank pull back from the factory partnership deal and then reconsider, much to Carla's delight. Maria doesn't know about that yet. There were some lovely scenes this week, between Maria and Sean and Maria and Kirk. I love it that Sean is so protective of her but Maria, oh Maria... it's all a bit of a mess, isn't it, girl?

Did Maria overreact? Was she justified in going to the police? Should Carla take on any of the blame for this situation? Yes, Yes and Yes, I think.

Happy Easter in Weatherfield? (Some spoilers)

Well, had the Easter bunny arrived in Weatherfield this weekend, he would have probably thrown himself under the nearest tram. Misery was alive and kicking on the cobbles as we settled back for a doom-laden couple of episodes.

Previous comments this weekend have mentioned Misery Maria and I have to agree, she seems to portrayed as one of the next generation of sour-pusses. Will she be the Gail of the next decade? Personally I can cope with Fiz at the moment as we are promised that she will be delivered from the millstone of a storyline that has hampered her progress for so long. With her demented hubby out of the way, here's hoping that Fiz emerges from the shadows in a positive way.

It was sad to see the excellent Steve Huison depart as hapless Eddie Windass. I'm with him on this one though - I'd run to Germany to escape that Devil Child! When Eddie first arrived in the Street I'd anticipated abother version of Les Battersby. However, Huison's portrayal fleshed Eddie out from being a stereotypical slob. Yes, there were definitely layers to Eddie and, sadly, we won't find out how many more. Here's wishing Mr H the very best in the future.

The rest of the evening seemed to focus on the unloveable Xin and her "when I'm cleaning windows" routine, Steve and his giant egg plus the return of the chavvy Platts. Welcome home . . .

No Reconciliation for Kev and Sal (slight spoiler)

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in March, 2011.)

In a smart move, Phil Collinson has told Inside Soap that the Websters will not be reconciling in the foreseeable future. Via Digital Spy reporting on the question and answer article in the magazine, we find out that he thinks "we have to do it justice and show what happens when a marriage collapses" and I think he's right. I think there's far too much water under the burned bridge now after Kevin's affair and baby have devastated the family unit. I know on soaps, favourite couples like Ken and Deirdre make up, break up and get back together over and over, but this time I think it should be permanent between Sal and Kev.

Even though I do realize that Sally has had affairs, the fact remains that the marraige broke up the first time when Kevin had an affair with Natalie Barnes while Sally was nursing her mother. This time, the marriage again has imploded after Kevin's affair with his best friend's wife, which resulted in a baby that he's now raising after Molly's untimely death and Tyrone not able to accept the child as his own. Kevin was willing to ignore Sally's affair with Ian Davenport, not willing to give up his family and he didn't want to give it up after having the affair with Molly either, not when he got that sharp wakeup call when Sally became ill.

Ironically, staying with Sally then was probably the straw that broke the camel's back because to Sally, it felt like he stayed with her out of pity rather than him realizing what he was about to lose, literally, making him see sense. After all their ups and downs, affairs and one divorce under their belt, only to be betrayed yet again, I can't see how Sally could ever trust Kevin again. And now that the girls are grown and becoming more independent, Sally won't have to use them as an excuse to let Kevin back in.

For Kevin's part, as always, he watches Sally with puppy dog sad eyes, wanting her and his family back even though he knows he blew it spectacularly. He thinks anything is forgiveable but if the shoe were on the other foot, if Sally's affair with Davenport had produced a baby, you can bet he would have shut the door on her and locked it firmly. He did almost that when she had a fling with Greg Kelly, insisting that he keep the girls, too, but he did want her back after Greg hurt Sally and was finally chased away.

No, I think it's time the Websters started in new directions. I doubt Sally will go the distance with JAlfie but it's good for her to have a little fun and have a relationship that gives her some confidence back.

Friday 25 November 2011

Weatherfield goes to London

(This post was originally posted by Chewy on the Coronation Street Blog in April 2011.)

What a fantastic little treat tonights episode was, so much drama packed into thirty minutes, was great seeing Violet, Jamie, Marcus and Todd back on Corrie.

I especially loved the London montage, as I worried that it would end up focusing too much on scenes in each location, but the montage did the trick.

These episodes left the doors wide open to quite a few returns, but seemed to close a door on Jamie Baldwin's future in the show. Corrie should definitely do more episodes like this, it makes the show and Weatherfield seem a little more realistic

Here's the montage from Corrie's Easter Special, with The Clash song, London Calling, which played as Sean, Marcus and Dylan enjoyed their day out in London.

Beverley Callard on leaving Liz McDonald and Corrie

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog March 2011, reposted to this blog with permission.)

There's a good, long, honest interview with Beverley Callard, Corrie's Liz McDonald, in The Mirror today.  Beverley talks about leaving Liz McDonald behind when she bows out from the soap this year and says she's looking forward to spending more time with husband John, reveals more about her depression, and talks about working with Charlie Lawson, as Jim McDonald.

She says: “I can’t give too much away, but Jim basically turns up when Liz needs him most – he’s her knight in shining armour and they have the most amazing chemistry! I’ve loved working with Charlie again. We’re like the Liz Taylor and Richard Burton of the Street!

So, will this be the end of Liz McDonald on Coronation Street? Beverley tells the paper: “I’ll never say never to playing Liz again, I think it’s going to be a shock that she leaves the Rovers because it’s in her blood. And I can’t rule out ever playing Liz again as she’s in mine. She’s a fantastic character for any actress to play but I’m ready for some much-needed time off. I’ll always be loyal to the show because I love it though.”

See also: Liz McDonald's final scenes revealed
See also: The mystery of Liz McDonald's back necklace

Thursday 24 November 2011

Sneak Preview of next week's Canadian Corrie, Nov. 28 - Dec 2

Without further ado, here's a brief run down of next week's Coronation Street on Canadian Screens:

Fiz searches for John and finds him with the Hoyles. Later, John takes the Hoyles and Chesney captive and ties them up in the Hoyles' cellar!

Eddie makes a decision and leaves the Street. Where does that leave Faye's adoption? Ken and Deirdre take up pottery. Mary's van seems to be playing hide and seek.

Tracy discovers Steve and Becky'd planned to take Amy on the run and starts scheming to spend more time together as a family, excluding Becky who thinks Steve's on an overnight job. Becky and Steve have a blazing row when she finds out and she lashes back at Tracy, causing even more conflict in the McDonald marraige. Will it survive?

Will Steve's lies be found out? Frank and Carla get closer as do Marc and Audrey and Claudia gets suspicious.

Graeme and Xin grow closer as they wait for her permanent resident visa. Immigration get tipped off and drop in for an inspection. Who grassed? Will the young couple be able to convince the authorities? Graeme's feelings are conflicted, finding he's jealous of Tommy's attentions to Tina and an accident means an even more prolonged presence of Xin in the flat, much to Tina's frustration.

Ken's grandson, James, returns to the Street, working for a nearby homeless hostel and Sophie's interested in helping out.

For more detail and photos, see the Moosejaw Mercury at

The mystery of Liz McDonald's black necklace

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog November, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Now then, if I had a penny for every time I've been emailed and asked where Liz McDonald got her black necklace from, well, I'd have a lot of pennies.  A load of pennies. I'd be a penny millionaire.  Indulge me while I waffle because I'm going somewhere with this.  Oh yes, I really am.

What I'm wondering is now that Liz McDonald has left Coronation Street, what'll happen to the Street's most coveted icon that is Liz's black spiky necklace?  Will Liz wear it to waltz out of Weatherfield only for the jewellry to languish in a dusty props box at the back of a cupboard alongside Barney the stuffed rabbit.

So what I'm thinking is, wouldn't it be a great idea for Corrie to auction it off for charity?  Knowing the interest that the necklace inspires in Liz's legions of fans, it could raise a pretty penny.  A load of pennies, even.

And if you want to know where the necklace did come from, we have the answer here, direct from a man who knows, at ITV.

Free Jim McDonald - The Singalong

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog April 2011, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Corrigan Brothers- new release “Free Jim McDonald” Listen while wearing your Free Jim McDonald t-shirt.

Corrigan Brothers the Irish Band who had the international hit “There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama” amassing over seven million you tube hits are back with “Free Jim McDonald” an appeal to have the Coronation Street legend and bumbling building society robber freed. With the music of Free Nelson Mandela the Irish brothers are claiming that Jim’s crime was a crime of passion. Lead singer Ger Corrigan said “we don’t condone robbery but Jim’s crime was purely for the LOVE of Elizabeth, so it was”- he had no intention of hurting anyone. In fact a fairer punishment would be five years with Elizabeth, so it would”.

Wednesday 23 November 2011

I already love Sylvia!

I'm already loving Sylvia, Roy's mother. (Her last name, according to IMDB, is Goodwin. Remember, Roger, her recently deceased husband, was Roy's step-father)

From the minute she walked behind the counter of the cafe, astutely judging Tyrone as "not a salad type" and ordering him to "Sit!" to when she complained about Hayley's driving to when she shuffled up the stairs of the run down respite home.  We  saw her through a fence from a distance slowly and reluctantly climbing the stairs to the door, you could see her stooping in defeat and discouragement. When she gave Roy the old train set, you saw her look down at the box after he got up from the table and gesture to it as if she was remembering when she gave it to him when he was little. The tiniest gesture conveyed a lot. It's the mark of the great actress that Stephanie Cole is.

I am going to love seeing her become a thorn in Roy and Hayley's side, grumpy behind the cafe counter like Vera used to be, yet with a vulnerable side she's not about to show many people.

Jane Danson's Not "Mrs. Squarepants"

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in April 2011.)

There's a nice interview with Jane Danson in the Mirror today. There's also a few photos of her modeling some fun outfits, too!

In the interview, she talks about having her husband stay home with the babies. It's part and parcel of them both being actors, really. She's the one who has the full time work at the moment so he's happy to stay home and raise the children. And being involved in a major storyline about infidelity has made her see that there are other sides to the situation. She never thought she'd forgive such a transgression but seeing Leanne fight to stay with Peter, having a child involved, makes her realize that there are sometimes circumstances where you would try to work things out.

She doesn't think Peter and Leanne will have a smooth road through marraige (what soap union ever does?)  but reckons now the former wild-child Leanne has finally grown up and settled down. She's been accused of being a "goody goody" herself by former co-star Vicky Entwhistle (Janice Battersby) but insists she's no "Mrs. Square Pants". She points out that she's got the responsibility of a family while Vicky still loves to party, something Jane doesn't get a lot of time to do these days, juggling work and home.

I've always liked Leanne and I hope she's going to stick around! Whatever happens between her and Peter, I hope she stays away from Nasty Nick!

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Fat Brenda's Cream Horn

So Jim's bank robbery went well loveys! 'Put 120 grand and 45 pence intay the bag' he said quietly after queueing up politely in his lovely hat! He got the gun from his old prison pal and I have to confess loveys that it's the same bloke who gets me cheap ciggies, I used to get 'em off 'Nozzer' but 'Nozzer's dead' apparently. I would have gone to his funeral but me and Nozzer didn't exactly see eye to eye so we didn't. Liz shone as a hostage negotiator though... considering she's trained as a landlady.

Poor Jim was so beside himself that he forgot Liz had divorced him years ago and had since married Vernon and been biblical with at least two hundred others fellas including Steve's ex best mate and business partner (and me boss), Lloyd! 'I want tee see me wife!' he shouted at the camera. I suppose it wasn't the time to point out his mistake loveys, what with him hitting that fella and carrying a sawn off shotgun!

I knew Liz would leave loveys, she's not been well of late. She told me that when she stands in The Rovers on her own at night she's haunted by ghostly voices. She hears folk who aren't even dead yet, like Alec Gilroy and Bet! Spooky. Poor lass. She packed up her g-strings in her old kit bag and left in that black cab. That cab seems to show up whenever there's someone leaving in a hurry! He's what you'd call an opportunist is that driver! But how does he know? He must patrol the cobbles waiting to hear the sound of a distressed lass and just pull up outside, all hopeful!

Becky's destruction of Steve's life is going well though. He's now lost his daughter, his friends and both his parents! His businesses aren't far behind either. She's a right find isn't she loveys? 'A keeper' I think they call it nowadays. I like the way she doesn't trace any of these disasters back to herself, 'I want to buy Max, I've looted our friends, I think we should accept yer dad's offer to buy the pub, we should steal the kids and all run off together,' she's full of bright ideas that one! I wouldn't tell her that loveys cos to be honest I couldn't be doing with her walking around like a catatonic, whinging about how worthless she is while drinking a pint of Malibu so that Roy and Hayley can say, 'what's wrong? What's wrong? Tell us what's wrong.' I'll tell you what's flamin' wrong Croppers, she's a flamin' nightmare! THAT'S WHAT'S FLAMIN' WRONG!

Sorry loveys...

Why did Graeme tell Xin that Norris and Roy were thick as thieves? I don't think I've ever seen 'em speak more than two words to each other. Maybe they're both Masons or summat and they meet in Roy's Rolls after dark and exchange strange handshakes and jam roly poly recipes!

'I like yer factory, I like yer knickers and I like you,' Frank told our Carla over a bottle of wine, 'I want in!'

What the flamin' hell does everyone see in Underworld? It's had more managers than Manchester City in the flamin' nineties! I wouldn't buy into it loveys and here's why:

  • Paul Connor - Dead.
  • Liam Connor - Dead.
  • Tony Gordon - Psychotic, Dead.
  • Luke Strong - Con-man.
  • Nick Tilsley - Nick Tilsley.
  • Carla Connor - Covered up a Polish worker's death, lost her husband, lost her lover, married Tony Gordon, lost him after he tried to kill her by tying her up and threatening her with a gun, ran away, dated a bin man who eventually went with Janice, hit the bottle, fell in love with her best mate's boyfriend who chose an ex drug addled, lottery stealing, insurance swindling, unfaithful ex prostitute over her! And then to top it off she has to spend all flamin' day with Maria! While we're on the subject of Maria, where is that flamin' baby? Where was it the other night when Kirk was getting leathered in The Rovers and Maria was slapping Carla?

Sorry about the last two loveys but to me the only fate worse than death is being Nick Tilsley or spending even a minute with Maria! You all get me point though and that's only a recent history of Underworld! If you go back further than that you'll see that you may as well die, go mad or watch yer son cop off with yer wife who's also yer son's step-mum like Danny Baldwin than invest yer capital in that place! Its the kiss of death - a knicker stitching Amityville!

In other news, Sally has sold her red car, Chesney is going to sell enough diamante dog collars to fund his child...and his baby (see what I did there loveys?) and Fay(e) has been doing her best to drive Eddie and Anna apart because I'm paying her £20 to split them up so I can finally make me move on Eddie! The idea I had about getting Fay(e) to say Eddie was violent worked a treat!

Oh and one more thing before I go, Cheryl has left the cab office and Steve is never here so who do you think has been doing all the hours? Me! I'm in Weatherfield so much that I've started squatting (not literally squatting loveys so you can get that image out of yer minds - perverts) in Ashley's old butchers shop, it smells a bit but at least it's local.

I'm going now. If there's owt you'd like me to keep my eye on then let me know by putting summat underneath on this into-net page or by tweetering me on this thing here.


I'll miss Big Jim, so I will

There's been so much negative reaction to last night's bank robbery, the last hurrah of Jim McDonald, now on his way back to the Big Hoose. It's not the ending I would have hoped for, because most everyone agrees they wanted Jim and Liz to be happy ever after. I suppose that was just never fated to happen and we only got our hopes up.

Having said that, I really don't think that the bank robbery was all that awful. Of course it was ill thought out but Jim has never been one to think things through first. His main impulse has been the "scream and leap" method and he's not really learned anything from all the times that he has crashed and burned. Thus, he didn't wear a mask and would have been identified even if he had got out of the bank without being stopped.

Some people have wondered how he knew Liz would have been watching on the CCTV. Why wouldn't he think that? He had her on the phone and she did say she was there. You might assume she would be with the police watching on the screens. It was odd, though, because it looked like they could all hear him as if they were watching a regular television when it was only that we could hear what he was saying over the phone that synced with him on the screens.

There was never any chance that he would hurt the hostages. We even saw him wait for a mother and baby to go in and emerge from the bank before he went in himself. Yes, there was a chance he'd have turned the gun on himself and I'm glad he didn't. I felt Liz's heart break along with his and when he finally came out, I wished they had let the two of them be together for a minute but that wasn't in the cards either.

They've had a stormy relationship over the years but no matter what happened, they seemed to be each other's soul mate even if they couldn't always live together. They might have got together, but they might not have lasted, either. Tempers and jealousies would probably always do them in.

Maybe it's just better this way, but we'll never know.

Goodbye Elizabeth

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in April 2011.)

She had a weep. She knew she wouldn't keep her promises to Jim. Lying alone in a cell, I think he knew it too, down deep.  She sends Steve and Becky to bed and listens to the echos of her past.

Then it's last orders and turn out the lights

The inevitable and traditional taxi, red shiny case in hand.

"Airport, please.... Go for it"

And off she goes. Good luck, Elizabeth!

As Liz McDonald gets ready to leave the Rovers Return and Weatherfield, I thought you might enjoy looking back on her time on the cobbles. I've written a character study here with some of the highlights and memories of Liz that I have. Please do add your own favourite Liz storylines and comments.

She was always an enjoyable character. She was a strong woman, fiercely loyal to her two sons while always able to see their faults (unlike some mums on the Street I could mention *koffdeirdregailkoff*) She had stormy relationships but Jim was the love of her life and even when they weren't together as a couple, you could see the chemistry between them.

Bev Callard has always put her all into Liz and it always showed.  I'll miss her but who knows? Maybe we'll see Liz again someday!

ITV has a "Good Bye Liz" gallery here. (current ITV site, there will be spoilers)

Monday 21 November 2011

Corrie Canada weekly awards: Nov. 14 - 18

Daddy's little girl award: Baby Pink star: Aww lovely little scene with John and the baby.

Everyone loves everyone again: Gold Star: Steve and Becky aren't glaring knives at each other and Lloyd even seems up for teasing Steve like a good friend does. What did I miss?

Peeing contest: Jeff thought a lush bouquet of red roses would trump Kevin's lilies. So Kevin buys her a red car!

Blonde is really not your colour award: You'd think Marc would have taken off the wig in the police station!

More than meets the eye award: Gold Star: Kylie showed a few cracks in her shell.

Duckworth Charm award: Looks like Tommy has inherited the charm genes off Jack and even Terry. Let's hope he's lot a rum'un like Terry, though.

Deception Award: Gold Star: Steve and Becky going to run off with the kids.

Interfering Mother-in-Law award: Cash Star: Kylie kept the money and married David anyway. At least it paid for the honeymoon!

Coming over all previous award: I thought Mary was actually going to swoon over Jim!

Kitchen Sink award: Gold Star: Mary has a whole stationery shop in her very large handbag. I beg to wonder what else is in there.

Buy yourself some friends award: Gold Star: Underworld girls only going to the hen night to get out of work!

Theme tune for the wedding? Kirk played 'Toxic' on the juke for the stag do.

Reunited award: Mushy Star: Liz and Jim back together. For 5 minutes, at least. He wants to buy her the pub. Methinks that's half the attraction!

Busted award: Norris caught Tina and Graeme snogging and now Rita knows too!

Fashion statement: Sally's fascinator. I just can't get into that particular fashion. I think they look ridiculous!
Kylie's wedding dress! Gail figured she looked like a prostitute from the Wild West. I think that was the intention!

Big Adjustment Award: Gold Star: Faye is trying a bit too hard, stealing to show her gratitude and lying for who knows what reason.

Lines of the week:
Betty "I have half a mind to down dusters!" (I love Betty!)
Frank "Never underestimate the power of schmoozing. Nothing beats pressing the flesh" (You can say that again)
Sally to Kevin "That history is precisely the reason we don't have a future" (another shot!)
Betty about Liz "She loves lording it around behind the bar with her dangling earrings and her dangling bosoms"
Sally "Do one, Doug!!"
Jim to Steve "It wasn't that long ago that you showed me a bit of respect" (Did he? ever?)
Kylie "Be a bit pleased. He could do a lot worse" Gail "Not if he sticks to human beings, he couldn't" (and the tranference to Ivy Tilsley is complete)
Jim to Owen "Do you not know when you're beat, Vernon?" Owen "Owen!" Jim "It amounts to the same thing" (nice little nod to Liz's last husband there!)
Audrey "You just walked in on a bit of a bitch and a moan" David "I know, and you were the 'moan'"
David to Gail "You drive everybody to the edge. It's no wonder some of 'em jump off"
David "I can't get married with no pants on!" Nick "it might be kind of romantic, seeing as Kylie won't be wearing any either!"
Kylie to Becky "So you don't wish me luck, then?" Becky "I wish you were dead!" (Whoa, that was a bit harsh!)
David "I'm marrying the lady of my dreams" Gary "I'd hate to have your dreams" David "You should be so she'd ever look at you!" (Gary, thinking "oh did I not tell you? she did!" ;)
Kirk "It's not a hat, it's an 'amazer'" Sally "Fascinator!"
Gail "I gave you that money in good faith" (you gave her that money to pay her off)
Solicitor "Do we know when Mr. McDonald will be back?" Liz "There must have been a hold up somewhere" (Ulp!)
Solicitor "Do we know when Mr. McDonald will be back?" Liz "There must have been a hold up somewhere" (um....)
Kylie to Gail "Would you mind if I call you MUM?" (Brilliant!)

Finding the positive in Coronation Street

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in April 2011.)
I know a lot of you are struggling with the state of Coronation Street lately, judging from the many comments on recent posts. I agree there are one or two storylines that I find less than inspiring but overall, I'm still loving the show. Plot holes? Yep, we got them. Personality Fairy Transplants? Yep, got them too. Maybe I'm just too easy to please, but over all, Corrie still does it for me. I'm adding a bit of positivity to the stream, and discussing it on the State of the Street.

Sunday 20 November 2011

Corrie on location: Bank Heist photos

There's some great pics on flickr of the McDonald family's bank heist on Coronation Street. There's been all sorts of rumours flying around today, and it all sounds quite exciting. This storyline already looks better than last year's siege week, maybe it's because we care more about the characters involved?

The building society in question is named "Lancashire & Fyle Building Society." Well, I know where Lancashire is, but Fyle? The heist scenes are being filmed in the Wellsprings branch of Barclay's Bank in Bolton.

Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, November 20

Trying to sell out the brewery out from under Steve to help him out of debt? Yes and the first thing Liz would do is throw them out. Steve is going to let her stay but only just and Jim and Liz are back together and have a plan! (Kudos to him, he still wanted her after seeing her wearing those satin leggings or maybe that's why he did!?) They're going to try to raise the money to buy the pub themselves. Becky's plan is to take the deal and kidnap the kids and start over somewhere fresh. And how is she' going to do that? How is she going to get Max a passport when she can't prove she's the legal guardian? Dodgey one i suppose. Kylie coming sniffing around wanting Max at the wedding doesn't help and Becky is keener than ever to get away. She gets so hysterical that Steve has to agree to selling the pub. Well he can get Amy's passport but if Tracy finds out she'll string him up.

Jim figures he can come up with the dosh. Oh really??? He's been out of prison how long? Does he even have a job? He's talking about a Great Aunt leaving him money but he couldn't even cover the whole bill at the Bistro. Funny how Liz suddenly got a lot more interested in a reconciliation when he said he'd buy her the pub. No wonder he's desperate to do whatever it takes. He's always wanted her back. I think Becky letting Liz know their plan was probably a very big mistake. As if Liz needs another reason to hate Becky. You'd think Liz would be anxious to get the pub all to herself wouldn't you? And she spends so much time in Spain, what difference does it make if Steve is there? Looks like Liz and Jim are back together! Yay! I always liked them together and I think the actors have great chemistry. Steve seemed pretty pleased, as well. Loved that little scene between Jim and Owen in front of the pub.

Jim is trying so desperately to raise the money, even hoping he can talk Kevin into investing because clearly no bank is willing to lend it to him. No chance. Jim's desperate, so he is. Robbing a bank? Even if he went well, how did he think he could get away with it? He didn't even cover his face! On the way out, he bumps into a woman who spots the gun and starts screaming. A man wallops Jim across the back with a chair and the gun goes flying But Jim grabs him before he can get the gun and thumps him. He gets the gun back and waves it around, telling everyone to get to the floor as he backs to the door. He turns around and sees the cops are all arriving. They have their sirens going. Funny he nor we didn't hear them blazing down the street before then, though. Surely they would have? Well we'll find out on Monday what happens but you can bet it isn't going to end well.

Marc saves the day for the Bistro opening and makes up with Claudia. You know, they make a good couple. They look like they could be related! Tight jaw, deep voice, the lot lol Ah but Marc has a secret and we've found out what it is. He wears really bad wigs and dresses up in women's clothing, goes out on the town and gets beaten up! It wouldn't be so bad if he had any fashion sense. But that wig!!! And why didn't he take it off in the police station? So Audrey could see him in it of course and the secret would be out. Pretty contrived if you ask me. I guess if you're caught with your pants down and your skirts on, you might as well keep the wig on too. Audrey was a bit aghast but took the shock rather gracefully even if she couldn't really get her head round the fact that Marc is sometimes Marcia. Even she knows Marc can't change who he is.

Looks like the mommy wars are in full gear. Can i just say right here and now i really find Cheryl and her gormless son very very dull? Having said that, it's also nice to have a break from the high drama and sensationalism, just having two moms scrapping over their kids, one upping each other. Far more realistic. Leanne is making Simon audition for the school play and he doesn't want to. Russ does but it's Simon that gets the part. Cheryl then puts the pressure on Leanne because she's got to make the costume.

Tracy and Becky are still at odds over Amy, too, which Tracy nearly destroying a picture Amy made for Becky. A crumpled paper can never be made like new again. The new Bistro is open, it looks very suave and sophisticated. Faye's come to staye. (yes i spelled it that way on purpose). But it looks like it's going to be a big adjustment curve. She's so overly anxious that her new family like her that she's trying too hard and stealing to try to buy their love. Poor chicken probably doesn't realize what a real loving family is like. Why would she lie to Gary about Eddie hitting Anna? Now with all the trouble she's caused, is it me? Or is Eddie starting to go off the kid?

John's home but still seems kind of fragile. Fiz is the one lying now, trying to cover for the fact that she's posed as Colin's wife, accepted the inheritance and used a bit of it for things for the baby. Sweet little scene with him holding the baby! Chesney and Katy are scraping for money already but they weren't the ones that took the money she was hiding. It was that little madam, Faye! Only she didn't know there was money in the handbag, she just nicked the bag for Anna. The whole point of it was to give John suspicions and you know, Fiz is a terrible liar!

The War of the Websters continues. Sally seems to be getting more on the score sheet, knowing exactly what to say to shut Kevin up when he starts posturing and hollering. But Kevin did get one point when Sally thought he sent her roses which she hates and he brought the remains to the pub where he knew she was with Jeff. He never would, though, because he'd know she hates them. But Jeff doesn't. However, wasn't Jeff there when Sally thanked him for the lilies and said they were her favourites? So why did he send her red roses? Oops! Kevin ups the ante and buys her a car but even that doesn't work and Sally scores even more points in front of Ty and Tommy as well.

Norris has no business giving Graeme and Xin marital advice and warning. I don't see him telling David he's getting married too soon and too young. And he doesn't like Graeme any more than he likes David. And Graeme figures he'd be up the creek with just one slip. You mean, like Norris catching you and Tina snogging? Oops! Meanwhile, Graeme's jealousy is aroused when he sees Tina come out of Number 9 with a shirtless Tommy but nobody else understands why he's upset since Tina is a free agent. And do i see cracks in their relationship already? Graeme's speech was very clearly for Tina who was stood behind Xin. And Rita sure raked them over the coals for "disrespecting" Tina who was hiding behind the sofa and when she found out they tricked everyone? Wow, there wasn't much skin left on the pair of them! Tina thought she didn't have anywhere to stay. Can't she move back into the flat she owns with Jason? Surely that's been rebuilt as well?

Gail's made a few remarks that got David thinking and Becky refusing Kylie access to Max and Kylie letting it slide made him think even more. He really doesn't know Kylie all that well but when he asks Kylie, we see a few cracks in her shell. She doesn't let out any secrets of course but she does reveal some of the awful stuff that went on when she was a kid. Kylie laid her heart on the table and asked Becky to come to the wedding or at least let Max go but Becky out and out refuses. Kylie can't have it both ways. Gail tries to make up with Kylie but how long does it last? Not very, since she sent Kylie off with money to buy a wedding dress instead of going with her and found out she spent it on booze. I don't think David was too pleased either, hoping his mother and his future wife might make friends. Not gonna happen.

Audrey is signing over the salon to David. I see she's making it conditional on her staying in charge in the foreseeable. He's not ready to manage the place on his own yet. But really, slagging off Kylie when they knew David would be coming to sign the paperwork was a bit of an "Oops!" Gail is perfectly within her rights not to like Kylie but knowing what David's like, it's only going to push him to her more and she could lose him altogether if she pushes. So what does she do? Bribe the bride! Very good move. I don't think. Ivy Tilsley is alive and well.

And so we're on to the wedding! Cracking hen night, wot? Kylie demonstrating her cage dancing skills on the bar at Nick's newly opened Bistro. I can't imagine why he'd have allowed that hen night to be held there even if he does want to drum up business. That sort of business isn't really the kind you'd think he'd have wanted. And all the factory workers get to go? Talk about buying yourself some friends. They just wanted to get out of extra work. None of them would have been invited to the wedding anyway or mostly and they probably wouldn't have gone if they had been. I'd have said they'd go for Graeme but wouldn't they be against him because of the perceived cheating on Tina? Women usually stick together on that sort of thing. But no, we have to have a raucous hen night so there has to be guests. Gail played her final card but it got thrown back in her face the next day. Kylie took the bribe but married David anyway.

What a wedding! Tacky vol au vents and kebabs! I suppose it suited them though.
And Norris saw Tina and Graeme snogging round the corner and leaped to the exact correct conclusion. Will Norris blow the whistle and be the person that objects? Will Tina be able to stop him? And Oh my God/dess what was she wearing!!! I didn't really like Xin's dress, not that frilly floppy bit down the front of the bodice, though the rest was ok. and Kylie looked like an Old West Saloon girl which, I think, was the point! That and to get up Gail's nose. David loved it and that's all that matters! Gail looked like thunder once Kylie showed up and the judge said Mr. and Mrs.  And I really don't understand why Gail didn't spend the wedding night at Audrey's. You wouldn't think she'd want to be under the same roof as the honeymooners. Nick as well.

Owen was persuaded by his gentle daughters to invest in Gary's business. Do i sense that he's being softened up a little? Mary nearly melted when she heard Jim's accent. Sly Kylie nicked Betty's pen but got caught out so pretended she'd found it. It's nice to see David's relationship with his gran develop, isn't it? KIRK! thinking Audrey was coming on to him because she bought him a drink! Bwahahaha! Why is Frank so antsy to get Carla out of town? Maria isn't too happy about having to run things while she's gone, not with Frank lurking around looking over their shoulder. And she's struggling with the factory, too. Becky was a bit overly harsh with Kylie wasn't she? Roy's mother has appeared!
So this new fella flirting with everything in skirts, figuratively, is Tommy Duckworth! (Born in 1992, making him 19). Why was he scouring the neighbourhood looking for Tyrone rather than Jack? Seems he didn't even know Jack was dead. Wouldn't it have made more sense to ask where Jack was? In the meantime, he's ticked off Sophie for flirting with Sian and he's ticked off Kevin for making a stupid remark to Sophie. And Granada has hired another male model type instead of someone that can actually act to bring in the young viewers. Well, I guess Tyrone does need a mate seeing as he's lost his best friend. I just hope he takes after Jack more than Terry but he's awfully sexist isn't he?

Kylie and David's Wedding Album and that lovely place where they got married? I've been there! It's called Ryecroft Hall and there's photos of the
Wedding locations in real life comparing photos i took with screen shots.
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