Sunday 30 November 2008

Sunday Comments, November 30

Lines of the week:
  • Audrey to Maria "You don't need luck my darling" (with Carla skulking around? Yes she does!)
  • Liam about Maria "Maybe she's smarter and deeper than you think" (and maybe not)
  • Kirk "Why does everyone automatically think i'm useless?" (something about the dog sleeping on your suit, i think)
  • Liam "Don't wave that thing at me." Maria "That's funny, that's exactly what I said to you at one o'clock this morning"
  • Vernon on a Rovers refit "I'm thinking leather" Liz "And that's just for the staff!"
  • Fiz "I wish someone adored me like that" Kirk.... gazes.
  • Janice "Cruella's cryin'!" (but not out of sentimentality!)
  • Jack, spotting Rita and Emily at high noon "Man eating pensioners!!!"
  • Sean to Vi "I'm not boring you am i?" Violet "Yes!!!"
  • Becky "Can I be honest?" Roy "As opposed to your normal velvet gloved diplomacy?"
  • Becky "Nothing can possibly go wrong" (aaaaghh!)
You know that horrible fascination you get by watching a black widow spider consuming her mate? I think that's probably why headgear like Carla's is called a "Fascinator". Really. Ugliest. Wedding. Hat. Ever. It looked like a spider about to consume her head! Fiz's hair looked awful, that big heavy pancake of hair over her forehead. If Carla's intent was to walk into that wedding looking like the scarlett woman and stun Liam, she succeeded but not in the way she planned. Maria did really look nice. I loved her dress and it so suited her. I know there are Carla-Liam fans out there but i just can't buy it. She's hard faced (nearly literally) and bitchy and bad tempered and Maria is pretty and sweet and girl-next-door. Yes, Maria is a bit shallow but she's a nice person. Why would Liam realy want to be married to the queen bitch? But going to her flat is only fanning the flames. I don't think Liam is as complicated as Carla thinks and that's why i think he and Maria are a better match. By going to her flat, it only makes it look like he's trying to convince himself as well as her. Unfortunately, it's a soap, so i suppose they're supposed to be star crossed lovers. She comes back to his place, and tries to find out if he has feelings for her like she says she has for him. There's something? lust. She just wants something that she can't have.

Anyway, Maria certainly had her wobble on her wedding day after seeing Carla all over Liam the night before. seeing text messages from Carla telling him not to marry her and seeing Carla stalk them in the gardens. Can't blame Maria, really, can you? She prevailed, though and got her own back in the ladies' with a resounding slap to Carla's cheek. Unusual choice for a wedding march wasn't it? That was Wonderwall by Oasis, in case you didn't know. And did Maria know his middle name was Barrington? I really don't know why Carla would have stayed for the reception after the man she so ardently persued married someone else. Have a little pride, woman! And do you honestly believe that Carla would stand in line waiting to catch the bridal bouquet? Well she didn't, actually, she was just standing on the dance floor when the gaggle of women and Sean gathered for it. After that, a night in a lovely hotel and then off to Venice for their honeymoon, leaving Carla to drink herself to sleep and go back to Tony with her tail between her legs. The rest of the wedding wasn't without it's bumps when that pernicious little git showed up whining about his mommy. So much for the promise Michelle made to Ryan just before the wedding. More about that in a minute.

Ken in the cafe? Oh come on. It's at least one or two steps up from trolley pusher! Blanche could have a field day with that or she would have if she hadn't been so insulted that she wasn't asked. Well let's face it. She doesn't do anything except pour the odd cup of tea and sit there and gossip. Did you see the shot of Amy sitting on the floor at the wedding with Ozzy? Cute! So Vernon and Liz think the pub should have a facelift. Well it *is* about time, it's not been redecorated since the fire gutted it in 1986! Emily and Rita are bound and determined to make sure Jack isn't lonely. Good God he just lost his wife. Let the man have a bit of time to grieve! Jack told Junior Bookie that he'd put a bet on the day Vera died. Um. they were in Blackpool all day that day! Oh wait, Tyrone put it on for him but now nobody can find the betting slip and Vera put it somewhere safe. Vera? Wouldn't you think that if Vera knew Jack was betting she'd have thrown it out for spite?

More Alex-shenanigans. First winding up Michelle about surmising that Dean would have wanted him to live with them, making sure she knows he doesn't get on with his parents. Then showing up at the wedding and pushing everyone of Michelle's buttons. (They're way out in the country. How did Alex even get out there on his own?) How's she going to explain that one away. He says Nick is always shouting at him. It's no wonder. He's not likeable at all. Sneaky, Passive agressive, whiny and childish. I hate the way Steve always gives in to Michelle and lets her off the hook so easily. Steve never did have a backbone where women were concerned. Ryan probably does feel like Alex is trying to take over and his mother can't seem to draw the line and even if she did, Alex would take no notice. It's quite an upheaval for both kids and probably a no-win situation for Michelle. Alex keeps showing up in spite of repeatedly being told to stay away and wait while things get sorted. He even managed to tell Norris the nuts and bolts of the story, one of the worst gossips on the street, ensuring it would get out in the open. Then he deliberately got into some trouble so that the cops could take him to Michelle because he said it was his home. See what i mean? Norris nearly went out of his tiny mind trying to get to the bottom of the gossip!

Sunday 23 November 2008

Sunday comments, November 23

Lines of the week:

  • Lauren "When did you lose your sense of humor" Sean "round about the time you became really annoying!"
  • Michelle about Ryan "I don't like lying to him" (then don't!)
  • Becky "Why can't I make me happy?"
  • Steve to Michelle "Decide on your cover story and I'll lie without flinching" (cos, he's good at that is our Steve)
  • Gail to Jason "All packed for your guilt trip?" (snork. nice one, Gail!)
  • Fiz about Becky "if she was in the ring with two hungry rotweillers I wouldn't know who to put my money on."
  • Drunken Liam "Ladiesh, ladiesh. No fighting over me. I'm not worth it." (you can say that again!)
  • Steve to Michelle "Can't you just forget about Alex and concentrate on Amy?" ("Who?")
  • Jason after being thumped by Becky "It's alright Roy, I probably deserved it." Roy "I didn't say that you didn't."
  • Maria "I can't believe i'm so lucky" (aaaaghh! DOOM!!!! DOOM!!!!)
Michelle really is a piece of work isn't she? She's handled this thing badly from the get go and Alex didn't even know that Dean, his bio father is dead until Michelle had to tell him, which brought it all back to her as well. Even so, I think Alex is a sneaky little git, too and he's manipulative. He really knows how to push Michelle's buttons. Ryan finally knows that Michelle has seen Alex and he's not happy at all. It's going to be difficult for him, thinking he might lose his mother. Alex doesn't really want to know his parents so it's not quite the same thing is it? Michelle finally came clean with Ryan and is turning around and lying to her parents. It never flaming ends with her! The Connor seniors seem quite nice. I"m sure they'd take it all in their stride after the shock wore off. They'd just celebrate having a second grandson! Clearly they don't like Carla. No surprise there. And Mama Connor can certainly hold her own against Carla the witch. Michelle is so obsessed she has put everything and everyone else on hold, including little Amy's birthday! Have i mentioned yet this week how much i hate Alex and i think he's a little manipulator just like his erstwhile father, Nick?

Odd that there was a stag do for Liam and nobody organized one for Maria, not even her so called best friend Fiz. It was all thrown together very last minute. And the thing is, Michelle is right. Carla would stop ragging Maria if Maria wasn't bothered but that makes it all the more fun for Carla. Like any bully, she feeds on the vulnerable and weak. She probably wouldn't even want Liam all that much if it wasn't winding them both up so much. Why on earth would Michelle ever tell Carla about Liam calling her name while unconscious. I can't believe she'd be so stupid and so disloyal! It's not as if Carla was her best friend either! Carla took full advantage of a nearly naked and very drunk Liam (drool) but Maria managed to manacle her man who had no idea which woman was what that night. (And Claire sure enjoyed her eyeful!) Liam really did look horrible the morning after. I bet they filmed that first thing in the morning and told him to stay up late the night before! Aww the factory bees made him special boxers and gave him a little celebration. I bet Carla knows they'd never do that for her! Anyway, she'd had enough of everyone getting up her nose and she's gone to see Liam. What is she going to tell him?

My god Violet is enormous! Surely she's going to pop any minute! Lauren continues to stir the pot. She's either scamming Darryl for money or she's winding up Sean about the baby. I hate her. I really do. Another reason to dislike Bookie the Younger. Betting his father he could shag a factory girl by week's end. I'm glad his father outed him on that one. Mind you, with Kelly, he was definitely in there with more than a chance. Steve has Ninja Turtle cufflinks???? Becky sure made mincemeat of David in the pub! Wasn't Jerry cute with Mel when she came to show off her uniform

Kevin's adding to the problem if he's going to take Rosie out to a movie once a week and not do it with Sophie because he has bought Rosie's pretense that she was too scared to tell them about what she was up to instead of the reality, that she was playing it from all sides and enjoying seeing everyone squirm. That's all right though, the factory girls are really taking the mick out of her and she's got this righteous on thinking they're just being mean. oh ya think? ?

Oooh Jason and Becky up a tree!!! I think Becky's had a crush on him for awhile but she's held back. She only went with him because he assured her that Sarah was history and then he turns around the next day and regrets it and regrets it so much, he flew to Italy to see if Sarah would take him back. Becky should have known better. You know what the problem was, don't you? Red wine! Classic Corrie ploy. If red wine is involved, rumpy pumpy isn't far behind. Instead, she takes Jason's attempt at getting back with his wife very personally and decks him! Becky is a marvel, though isn't she? Every now and then she reveals a little snippet about her past and you can understand why she's a rough patch of road. She would seem to have had a very hard life to date. And Yay, another fight on the cobbles between Gail and Eileen! I was hoping Eileen would put a head lock on Gail to stop her phoning Sarah and spilling the beans because Jerry got in the way. She did a number on that hanging plant though didn't she! Jerry was the one that made Gail see reason about telling Sarah. I suppose he did learn his lesson interfering in what's-her-name's lovelife, her that tried to date Lloyd. Jodie, that's it. If anyone tells Sarah it should be Jason if he's going to see her. If he went there and didn't say anything, then it's fair game. Well there you go. Jason got a split lip out of Sarah's anger and Becky added a few bruises for good measure.

Don't forget to watch this week and see the wedding. Will Carla do something to stop the wedding? Will Maria and Liam wed? Will Ozzy be taken away on the honeymoon? Will Michelle forget about the wedding to see Alex? All this and more on Coronation Street on CBC this week.

Sunday 16 November 2008

Sunday comments, November 16

Lines of the week:

  • Jerry about his "first time" "What an old boot!" Gail "What happened?" Jerry "I married her!"
  • Tina "I never met anyone as bad as me before"
  • Becky to Jason "What's wrong?" Jason "Three guesses" Becky "Does it start with stupid and end with Sarah?"
  • Jack to Terry "I'm grateful for your advice" (.... but i'm not going to take any notice)
  • Terry to Paul "Nice talking to yer, Happen we'll meet again when the old man snuffs it"
  • Michelle re the Rovers "I live here, but it's not my style, not my home" (Steve would be interested to hear that, you cow)
It was bad enough seeing Vera's death. Her funeral was heart breaking. Terry, of course, probably only came to see if there was anything in it for him. I wonder if he actually was a bit sad at the loss of his mother. D'you think? Typical, too, he had no idea who Paul was and i guess that probably brought Paul down a peg or too. I did feel a little sorry for him then. Not surprised Steve was kind to Jack, Vera was kind to him on the Street after Karen miscarried, over Christmas, remember that? I'm surprised Jack spoke at the funeral, he seemed to think people expected it. I would never expect the surviving spouse to speak at the funeral! Did you notice the formation of the neighbours on the street watching the funeral car leave? Some people have said that it looked like they formed a loose sideways V shape. I don't know if it was deliberate or not though it kind of looked like the actors were all lining up on a mark. I'm surprised Terry had keys to the house. He'd not lived there for years and during that time, the Malletts lived there so surely the locks had been changed when they had it. Paul wonders if people will think he's a chip off the old block. Um, yes he already has shown that he is.

Amazing Grace was appropriate but Elvis singing it was a bit of an unusual choice, i thought but sending her off with Ray Charles? Perfect! Probably something the two of them danced to in their day. I dunno, i think it's a bit brutal having to watch the coffin wheel into the crem, don't you? Was Roy Cropper at the funeral? I think i missed it but i'm sure he must have been. As always with funerals, you really wish they could get actors back that have left the show. People like Curly and Emma, and even Frankie wouldn't have missed that funeral for the world. Terry doesn't want Jack to sell the house because he knows he'd get the house when Jack dies. Otherwise, Jack would spend the money from the sale long before he goes. I figure Jack would make a will leaving the house or money to anyone but Terry, probably to his grandchildren and Tyrone. It didn't take long for the widows of the parish to start dragging Jack into life again, did it? They mean well but Jack never liked Vera fussing, he sure isn't going to like them doing it either.

Michelle lasted about 5 minutes before starting to want to see Alex. Nick didn't last any longer either, traipsing in with a letter for Ryan that he could have easily mailed. Michelle upped that by a mile by stalking Alex at the schoolyard, exactly what she'd told Nick not to do. Alex has started calling Michelle and she's lying to Ryan again about all of it. She's lying to Steve to get him out of the way so she can go stalk Alex at the schoolyard. When will it end? Please someone make this agony end! I have a feeling Alex is going to be just as persistent and odious as his erstwhile father, Nick. I think he's really taken the divorce of Nick and Wendy badly and is looking for a replacement mother.

Carla wore a robe going into the shower, why did she wear a towel coming out. Oh, right. Forget i asked. Carla as Marilyn Monroe? The things we do for our fellas, eh? She's really enjoying winding up Maria. I still find it hard to believe that she's in love with Liam. I think it's more the fun of the chase than anything. If she does have feelings, i'm putting it down to rebounding after her Paul died. Maria's wedding is going to be a pretty sparse affair. No parents of the bride, no bridesmaids (I'm surprised she'd have asked Candice would couldn't even come to her own best friend's wedding). and the only best man is a 16 year old lad. Why didn't Maria ask Fiz to be a bridesmaid? I suppose she's going to be the default one now anyway. Kevin's back home too. That was a quick 2 weeks. Liz is staying a McDonald for professional purposes. Yes, nice. It's not that she shouldn't keep her name, but it's the name of her ex-husband, not her maiden name. I'm sure Vernon must be a bit uncomfortable with that. Lauren is leading Darryl around by the nose. When she wants something, like a free drink or a kebab, she's all over him like a dirty shirt. OTherwise she doesn't want to know.

As icky and wayyyy too much information as that whole white stilletto thing was, what i do like is the relationship between Harry and that puppy of a son, Dan. I like Harry. I don't like Dan. Rosie can't take a bit of gossip and "bullying" when we all know she could wallop anyone that ticked her off. She's wimping out on the embarassment factor which would be gone when the next thing came along for people to talk about. It *was* enjoyable seeing Sally's reaction to the fact that her daughter will be working in a back street factory just like her! Doesn't look like Sarah and Jason are any closer to agreement. Why was Molly wearing that ugly hat? Liam said the girls were going to a funeral this morning. Gail said it was this afternoon. Liam said Vera worked here "about a hundred years ago". She never worked for Underworld though did work for previous incarnations of Baldwin's factory, but not since the old factory was torn down in 1989. Ken determined the funeral was at 12 so definitely in the afternoon. just.

Somehow i doubt Jerry's ex was his first experience with sex. But on the other hand, it's possible and she'd have got pregnant and snared him that way i suppose, considering the type of woman we've already briefly seen her to be. Liam and Maria do seem to send the most vacuous texts... talking about the traffic, going to bed. *sigh* Looks like Carla's right, Maria *is* a bubblehead but Liam doesn't seem much more on the ball. Well Tony showed up instead and thwarted Carla's plans. Liam almost looked as if he was going to take her up on her no strings offer. But you know Carla, there would have been as many strings as there are in a black widow's web!

Sunday 9 November 2008

Sunday Comments, November 9

Lines of the week:
  • Nick to Michelle "Why are you being so hostile?" (um, take a guess!)
  • Lauren to Darryl "What do you want" Darryl "Something cheap and tasty" Lauren "That will be me, then" (don't think i'd want to call myself *cheap* and tasty but what would you expect out of her?)
  • Blanche about Harry "He's like Henry VIII with a shave"
  • Norris "It's like the man falling out of a hot air balloon. Halfway down he thinks to himself, so far, so good"
  • Paramedic to Jack "50 years and Never a cross word eh?" Jack "Nothin' but!"
  • Carla to Maria "Violets.. they're meant to represent fidelity!"
  • Harry "This story is like a dirty version of Cinderella" (and just as distasteful)
And so we must go through the process of loss. Jack took such good care of Vera, making sure she looked ok for when people would come to see her, her loved ones and even the paramedics. Interesting to see the various reactions, with Molly being the most emotional. I was a bit surprised there weren't tears in the Rovers, though, among Vee's oldest friends. Quite effective, the church bell ringing as they took Vera away. I think the saddest scene was Jack sobbing that he loved Vera, while standing in the yard by the pigeons. Saying the words he never could say to Vera while she was alive. Difficult to get him to the point where he could make funeral arrangements. If he does, it means it's real. Lovely little scene with Liam in the back yard. Norris seems to think bad diet contributed but i think once Jack had his heart attack, the cooking methods probably did improve, much to Jack's chagrin. Reluctance to organize the funeral is probably just because Jack didn't really want to accept it, i suppose. Imagine! It was actually Blanche that told Norris off for saying something inappropriate! Usually it's her gob that fires off at the wrong time! Terry sent a card and didn't take the price off the back. Here in Canada all cards pretty much have the price printed on the back. Can't remove it! Wonder if Terry will show for his mother's funeral.

What was all that about the white shoes with the bookies? That really seemed a bit grotty didn't it? Same thing with Carla down on her knees in the hotel supposedly like a cat. Liz and Vernon are back from honeymoon and Vernon wasted no time putting both feet in it, albeit unkowingly, as far as Ryan was concerned and just typically prat-like where Vera's death was concerned. Wonder how the honeymoon went? You wouldn't think Lauren would have her hair done in a back street salon would you? Liam is always so good with Ryan, isn't he? Uncle, father, and good buddy.

Michelle is nearly out of her mind looking for Ryan. Nick, who's been stalking Ryan and who shattered his world by telling him the truth, wonders why she's so hostile? Oh let's see now...But then Nick's not shown himself to be the sharpest tool in the box has he? Just a tool! Lauren isn't helping either by saying she left home at 16 and didn't speak to her parents for a year. I doubt they wanted her to anyway. Well tit for tat. Ryan was the one that told Alex about what was going on and it didn't sit any better with him. It seems one of the main reasons that Nick is so hot to get to Ryan is because the son he raised doesn't like him. Well he's not very likeable at the moment so i can't blame him. Nick blames the whole situation for breaking up his marraige. His ex-wife added that it wasn't the only thing anyway. Probably him being a prat in general. They say they'll go with whatever the lads decide to do. How much you want to bet Nick will still be skulking around putting pressure on Ryan as well as Alex? He won't get the chance. Ryan figures the test will prove Michelle is his mother but aw we've seen, it is what it is. Awfully fast for dna tests to be taken and come back though, just a couple of days? Sometimes accelerated time on television can be a good thing. Endless weeks of Michelle scriking would have been appalling! Now we will have to put up with endless whinging about Michelle thinking she's not a good mother if Ryan does want to get to know Nick and Wendy. Can't she just understand it's curiosity? She *is* his mother in every way that counts. Ryan of course, probably thinks that if MIchelle meets her *real* son, she won't want him. But he's still a kid, he's bound to think that no matter how much they reassure each other. If everything works out in the best way, both boys will have two families to love them but stay with the ones that raised him. So you can pretty much predict what's going to happen. Michelle has spent weeks lying to Ryan about who he is. Now she'll end up seeing Alex and spend weeks lying to Ryan about that, too.

Liam is going away with Carla and i'm surprised Maria didn't decide to go with them! What it really comes down to is Maria has to trust Liam no matter that she doesn't trust Carla. And Liam, he's as bad as every other male on that show. Rather than call Maria and tell her straight off that the hotel messed up the booking (so far as he knows) and he and Carla have to share a room, he didn't say a thing, making it 10 times worse when Maria finds out. Because she will, you know, and she did. Carla sure did everything she could to make sure Liam got all hot and bothered under his dressing gown and Maria got hot and bothered under the collar. And I'm telling you, if my parents couldn't go to my wedding, i'd change the date! I'm surprised she didn't already know about the cruise but i guess her parents aren't like mine who would have called me up as soon as they had booked, all excited!

I might have known Vikki wouldn't be selling scanty sexy knickers lol If Kelly's bag really were a designer bag, chances are it would have been better made. Now Kelly is going to try to steal some of Vikki's thunder selling knickers. I bet Kelly wouldn't be all that credible to sell sensible knickers though. Darryl fancies Lauren who's probably going to lead him up the garden path by the nose with his cojones firmly in her handbag. Didn't take her long either. One date, she's out shopping and manages to get Darryl to pay for her kebab. Gail's not quite sure what to make of Tina and David. I think she doesn't want to rock the boat but it's a totally new experience. You'd think after raising two kids already, talking to them about sex would be a bit more comfortable for Gail. Instead she's leaving condoms discreetly on the coffee table. And why Tina made such a big deal about it, since they'd probably already used one (or more) with their encounters already. She doesn't seem like the type that would take the chance. I laughed at Gail, letting David know she'd be back at 10, wanting to give them enough time.... for themselves. Um. He's 17. They could have time for themselves about 5 times over!

Sunday 2 November 2008

Sunday Comments, November 2

Lines of the week:
  • Carla to Maria "Gold digging bitch" Maria "Stay away from Liam and all!" Carla "Make me!"
  • Vera about 42 Hampton Gardens "It's common!" Jack "how can it be common? it's a bungalow!"
  • David to a very shocked Gail "I'm knackered, me. Have you ever read Animal Farm?"
  • Carla "Nobody tells me what to do darlin, especially a hair dresser with candy floss for brains"
  • Ryan, sadly, to Michelle "You're not my mum" (ouch)
  • Vera "There's plenty of years left in me" and "You can stop talking like it's a wake!" (*sigh*)
  • Jack to Vera "You still smell allright!" and "I've never loved anybody else shall i go and get your slippers"
Excellent, excellent stuff this week!

Well that was the first girl fight of the year. Trust me on this, the slaps and attacks by women on other women and some men this year will be legion in their numbers. What does Carla do? Rise to the challenge and brought Liam some comfort food. Bacon, sausage and cheeky cheese. Sounds like a heart attack in a pot! The pair of them slinging darts at each other over the casserole and Liam sticking up for Maria, good lad. But Carla's got Maria on the defensive, Carla has the measure of Maria and she knows Maria's worried. Everything Carla does has Maria clinging onto Liam to show ownership including gushing about Liam to Tony and suggesting he marry Carla (to get Carla out of her hair!) and now Carla's allowed a mistaken hotel booking so that she and Liam have to share a room on a business trip.

Did you see Gail's face when she saw Tina and David, very clearly post-mambo? Picture... thousand words! She's unusually accepting of David having a girlfriend and a sexual relationship.

Aw poor Sophie, her little heart is broken. Sally's nerves are frayed and Rita arrived to provide some comfort and tea. Sally's right, Rosie isn't showing any remorse. Rita thinks Rosie fell for the wrong fella but that's the awful thing. There was no "falling" at all. Rosie only did it all along for a game. Sally's got to the point where she can admit she doesn't like Rosie very much and Rosie isn't doing much to encourage her mother liking her either. Rosie did get quite a surprise when Sally sat her down, adult to adult and washed her hands of her. Really, though, you know Sally and Kevin would continue to be in Rosie's corner if the circumstances called for it but Rosie is going to have to live with her own choices now. And after all Sophie was complaining that what Rosie did was going to make it embarassing for her, she turns around and joins in the Rosie-baiting herself!! I wonder if Rosie wailed on her like she did on that chick the day she started back in Weatherfield High?

Jamie and Violet are picking out names but the daddy's name is probably pushing the envelope. I do think it would be nice to use "Sean" as the middle name though. Lauren seems to thrive on causing trouble. Vikki is going to sell underwear at home parties! I wonder if it's going to be sexy stuff or stern, sensible stuff? I'm not so sure she should trust Janice and that it's going to go smoothly! Roger was kicking off already, just because Janice didn't clear it with him first.

I laughed at Jack and Vera discussing mobile phones, Vera thinking she might like one to take up texting and Jack telling her she wouldn't be able to see it anyway. They're wonderful, they are. Ty and Molly are going to buy the house and Jack almost looked a bit disappointed that he'd have to move, don't you think? Just in passing. Lovely gesture Paul made, having that old photo frame.Vera then dragged Jack to Blackpool to measure up and she was so excited. This was probably one of the saddest weeks in Coronation Street that i can remember. I know that Corrie will go on without Vera Duckworth just as it did with other beloved iconic characters such as Hilda, Elsie, Ena, Annie Walker and Bet but it won't seem the same. Liz Dawn has emphysema and the pressure and stress of filming has got too much for her so she decided to leave. And it looks like Ty and Molly might let Paul stay... and pay rent! Now the question is going to be, with Vera gone, will Jack still sell Molly and Tyrone the house? He won't move to Blackpool, he was only doing it for his Vee. Molly was anxious to get the decorating books out and pull down the stone cladding! If that goes, Vera will haunt them forever!

Michelle continued to lie to Ryan about Nick and avoid Nick like the plague. If she thinks he's ticked off now, you just wait until he finds out the truth and everyone lied to him about it! Ryan's 16. Rosie dismissed his invitation to his party. After all, she's like totally 17 now! Then Ryan turned around and did the same to Sophie and Kayleigh who are only 13 year old kids ;) Now of course Michelle is curious about Alex but you don't see her out stalking a child like Nick did with Ryan and he is still being all aggressive and creepy. Ryan finds out and is furious and i can't blame him. it's not like he was a child. 16 is plenty old to understand. At least he wouldn't have thought a pedophile or nutter was after him. Alex's mum, Wendi, she seems a heck of a lot more sympathetic than her plonker of a husband and she makes a heck of a lot of sense. Except with so many people knowing the truth, i think Alex deserves to know too.

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