Friday 29 April 2011

Sneak Preview of next week's Corrie, May 2 - 6

Chesney discovers some truths and he's not happy about it. Nick and Carla struggle for power, who's going to come out on top? Sian has a medical crisis. Graeme tries to make peace with David. Colin Fishwick returns. What is he going to do about his lost identity? Meanwhile, John is hit by an angry husband. Has John betrayed Fiz or is it another case of mistaken identity?

For more details and photos, check out the Moosejaw Mercury on

Corrie in Canada: There are several words that rhyme with Nick...

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in July, 2010, reposted with permission.)

One of those words starts with P and one starts with D. Neither are flattering. It's not as if the character of Nick Tilsley wasn't already sinking lower and lower in my eyes before now. He's a jumped up Mike Baldwin Wannabe with a poker up his backside and a nasty temperment, at least with his workers. He's using Natasha, clearly not that into her but letting her go on and on planning their future together when he has no intentions of sticking with her for the long run. But last night, he was sucking up to Leanne and then complaining because Carla gave him a taste of his own medicine and then asked her if she ever wondered if she ever pictured them together with a baby of their own...HOW FLAMIN' DARE HE!!??

If that isn't the epitome of bad taste, and quite a few other bad words that I can't use on a family blog.... You cannot imagine how much ranting I did last night watching this. I was absolutely gobsmacked that Nick would stoop so low and ask Leanne so thoughtless a question after *he* was the one that insisted she abort their baby when they were married and *still* scarpered off to Canada leaving her to deal with the breakup and her emotions on her own. What an Arse! And that's a polite way of putting it. He is officially my most hated character now! He might be a Baldwin pretender but he most certainly doesn't have the charm that Mike had to go along with it. He's just a lowlife. A selfish, whining, slimy sleezeball!!

I rest my case.

Thursday 28 April 2011

How many sofas have the Windasses had?

(This post was originally posted by Seapenguin on the Coronation Street Blog in July, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Two,  at least, and they're heading for three with any luck.  I've really enjoyed the recent scenes with my two favourite Coronation Street males - Eddie Windass and John Stape - and yes,  I do know I've got peculiar tastes - in which Eddie has been trying to blag a cheap settee.

But I couldn't help noticing that the sofa which they are trying to ditch - the one with the food colouring stains on it - is made from fabric - I'm guessing either moquette or Draylon - and completely different to their original sofa (pictured).  This leatherette one is clearly "wipe clean".   Have I missed something,  like Eddie bunging it on a skip?  Feel free to call me pedantic,  but I'd like to know.

Wednesday 27 April 2011

Whatever happened to Cilla Battersby Brown?

(This post was originally posted by Seapenguin on the Coronation Street Blog in July, 2010, reposted with permission.)

I used to love watching Coronation Street's Cilla Battersby Brown, played by Wendi Peters. Blimey - she was vile, wasn't she? But brilliantly so. I really miss her, and the recent mention of Cilla's pal Yana reminded me of her. I also noticed a photograph of her, in the Stape's house. Nobody really mentions her though. Mind you - I suppose that's hardly surprising given her awful past behaviour towards Ches and Fiz.

One of her later storylines involved her getting a job in a nursing home, and finding a wealthy resident to seduce - who turned out to be more than a match for her. I loved that one. After he died, she sold the necklace she had been left, and headed off to, well, I remembered it as Vegas, which feels right for Cilla, but on reading back about this, it seems that it was Florida. Her character kind of softened from being a thoroughly nasty, screechy harridan to start with to more of a Wilma Flintstone cartoony type.
Wendi seems to have done a bit of reality TV and some chat shows over the past year or two. I remember her singing on Soapstar Superstar as well, and getting a right slagging off the American judge for not being thin enough. Infuriating. Anyway - good luck to you Wendi, whatever you're up to.

What the flaming heck is a ha-ha?

(This post was originally posted by Seapenguin on the Coronation Street Blog in July, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)
Anyone else been wondering what a ha-ha is? Coronation Street's "scary" Mary Taylor keeps mentioning them in the context of posh weddings at country house hotels.

Seemingly, you can get double-sided ha-has, as well as single sided. Who knew? The one pictured, is a single- sided example.

I'm still a big fan of Mary. I'd like to hear her tinkling mad laugh again though - mentioning "ha-has" just reminds me of it and makes me miss it more.

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Who's the fairest barmaid of them all?

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog in July, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

While Liz McDonald might be putting herself forward in Coronation Street's competition to find Weatherfield's Fairest Barmaid, over on t'other blog last year (last week on our screens in Canada) they had their own poll. And Liz hasn't won it, that's for sure!

378 fans voted for Weatherfield's Fairest Barmaid and the winner by a mile... is Betty Williams.

The votes were cast as follows:

Betty Williams, 30%
Michelle Connor, 24%
Ciaran McCarthy and Becky McDonald, 19% each
Sean Tully, 15%
Liz McDonald, 7%

Vancouver Corrie ping alert for Canadian fans

After the roaring success of their ping in February, the organizers of that event in Vancouver are doing it again! There will be another Vancouver Ping at the Kings Head Tavern in Kitsilano on May 14, 2011. (1618 Yew Street, Vancouver)

Tickets are best purchased ahead of time online here or directly from the King's Head and will cost you $15.00 CA. Once again hosted by Joe Leary of Team 1040, the Ping will be held from noon – 2:00 with doors opening at 11:00 for those wishing to arrive early. Preferential seating will be given to those with pre-purchased tickets. There will be some wonderful prizes, game ideas and door prizes that will be given away as well as another trivia contest, so be sure to study up on your Corrie trivia.
For more information please contact Maureen O’Brien

Look who's back on Corrie this week!

It's a wonderful week for Coronation Street this week as Sally Webster returns on Friday night.

It'll be fantastic to have Sally back on the Street especially as it means actress Sally Dynevor is back to work after her fight with breast cancer.

Sally will be celebrating her birthday on Corrie this week.

We at Bluenose Corrie Blog Towers are all pleased as punch to see Sally Dyvenor back on screen as Sally Webster and boy, does Sally have a long row to hoe now she's recovered her health! She's got to deal with Sophie's new girlfriend and will eventually have to deal with Kevin's infidelity. But what makes Sally tick? Has Sally really changed all that much over the years? I think she's progressed in a logical fashion.

Blog post about her over here!

Monday 25 April 2011

Corrie weekly awards: April 18 - 22

How much trouble can booze cause? award: Wine star: Sean and Michelle up to mischief; Ken, Deirdre, Audrey and Lewis having the dinner party from hell.

Boyfriend Competition award: Gold Star: Jason and David arguing which one of them has more right to be pissed off at Tina.

I Need A Man award: Horny star: Julie! Dear heavens, she's drooling over almost anything in trousers these days! Runner up: Deirdre lusting after Lewis.

Hates to lose control of the situation award: Gold Star: Chris, Cheryl's husband
Silver Star: Mary.

He's Back, Beardless, and even More Gorgeous award: Gold Star: Too Tall Trev. Wow.

Suck Up award (In conjunction with an award for massively underestimating Carla): Gold Star: Nick. Carla's back so he's giving the workers a bonus and being nice but he's up against a formidable force.
Silver star: Chris for promising Cheryl: "It won't happen again"

Fashion award of the week: Eileen's paper crown and Graeme's peakless caps and hoodless hoodies!

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire award: Gold star: Liz rigged the vote!

Reality Check award: Gold Star: Lloyd keeps mooning over Cheryl but seeing her with her husband and child like a happy family makes him think twice.
Silver Star: Liz was shown the light and it hurt!

Lines of the Week:
Ken: "Food isn't important, Deirdre, conversation is!" (But when the shoe was on the other foot, Ken was changing the subject!)

Eddie: "My special something is my son." (Aww, sometimes he really does pull a blinder!)
Tina to Graeme: "Were you born yesterday?" Graeme: "1990."
Cheryl: "I probably deserved it." (Oh that makes my blood chill!)
Rita "I have a very high boredom threshold, it comes from years of standing next to him (Norris)"
Rita: "Norris, would you get me a Garibaldi biscuit as well." Norris: "What did your last slave die of?" Rita: "Insolence. Chop, chop."
Sean: "Fat men in lycra, Julie, if i want to see that I'll pop down to the YMCA!"
Lewis to Deirdre: "You are a very naughty girl!" (And doesn't she love it!)

Sunday 24 April 2011

Corrie Sunday Comments, April 24

Don't think Becky quite understood the concept of meaningful childhood memory. Mind you, I don't think she had a meaningful childhood, not the way we think of it, poor thing. Eddie trumped everyone saying his most treasured posession is his son! He's always such a wastrel and a pillock but every now and again you see a little glimpse of that heart underneath that dirty undershirt and long stringy hair!

Mary is determined that Hayley should have the wedding of her dreams. Mary's that is. Lovely old country estate, though very expensive. Have you ever noticed how Mary always insists on being the centre of attention?

Liz is determined to win that Fairest Barmaid competition, even to go so far as to rig the vote for who represents the Rovers! Who do you think should do it? Should the landlady? Or should it be Becky or Michelle? Ciaran was tactful, saying the competition was beneath Liz. Liz just can't stand growing old, that's always been clear.

Lloyd really has a thing for Cheryl. Now he's got her under his roof so she can get away from her violent husband. I wonder if she's just using him as a safe haven. What really scares me is her making excuses for Chris hitting her (under pressure, lost his job, etc) and Lloyd managed to lose Streetcars the contract with the club because he thought it was the idiot boss that hit Cheryl at first and thumped him. She finds temporary refuge with Lloyd but her husband sees them when he brings her back and she lies about where she's been and how she got home. She's not too bright is she? Chris wouldn't know she knew the cab driver so she could have just said she took a cab home. And guess what? Yep, running back to Lloyd with more bruises the next day and she goes running right back to Lloyd. And Lloyd says Chris doesn't know where he lives but he sure found Streetcars' office quick enough. Guess what? You found where Lloyd lives! And i don't blame Steve for getting upset, Lloyd had no reason to come up side him.

And Natasha most definitely has a thing for Nick but sometimes it feels like he doesn't even like her. I expect it is just a case of convenience. He still throws longing looks Leanne's way and he can't have her. Natasha offers herself on a plate and he's getting more and more tied in her web. She's got a key to the house, she's got an investment in his factory, now she's pushing for them to get a flat together.

Meanwhile, Nick's spending his days channeling Mike Baldwin and being perfectly horrible to the factory bees who are better than they look and get their order finished early. Take that you jumped up nobody! He's still pretending that Nick's Knicks is really just his way of keeping Underworld alive for when Carla comes back and is ready to take up the reins again. Anything to keep the workers sweet.

But it looks mighty suspicious to Sean and me too! Carla's back (with a beardless Trev who looks a little like Liam now, don't you think?) and it didn't take her long to suss out the little toad.

Wait, why did Jason let Tina up to the flat to get all her things? I thought he threw them all out at her in binbags last week? David's trying a different tactic, stealth tactics, in his campaign to undermine Graeme and Tina by playing mind games. She couldn't possibly fancy you, she still loves Jason and all that. Enough to put a few doubts in Graeme's mind. And launching a tirade over every negative thing that Tina's done, when you put it all out like that, she certainly doesn't seem like much of a prize, does she?

Well they don't let it get them down for awhile. Graeme takes her on a romantic picnic in the rickshaw and we hear a little more about his boyhood. They both end up with temporary homes, she with Rita and he with the perennial landlady Emily who's taken in more lost lodgers over the years than she's had hot dinners! I do wonder why Tina didn't go to her mother's. They couldn't have fallen that far out, have they? I know her mother didn't go to Joe's funeral but Tina didn't seem to take that too personally.

Do you remember that word game some of the characters were playing in the pub, putting names to a series of alphabet letters? One of the names was Beryl Bainbridge and did you know that Beryl was once a cast member, one of Ken's many women from back in 1961? She had actually passed away just after all this would have been filmed and about the time it aired in the U.K. Nice tribute!

Then there was the dinner party from hell between the Barlows, Deirdre is making stuffed marrow (wtf is that anyway?) and then offers ketchup all around. Class. Ken says conversation should be like debate on the left bank and Audrey thinks that's in London! *snort* so much for putting on airs! Audrey and Lewis with Deirdre practically swooning over the dinner table at Lewis and he smoothly winning them all over, much to Audrey's chagrin. Ken thinks Lewis is refined and cultured, much like himself (snort) when it's really all a fake facade. Lewis gathers just enough knowledge of lots of things to be able to get by with the dating scene, really.

Ken's all up in the library ladders of his fantasy office/study but Deirdre sure brings him down with a clatter, spilling the beans about his escort days. Zing! And saved by the doorbell when Liz arrives! Audrey is all head over heels over Lewis and doesn't want him to find out she's almost 70. I don't think it's going to be any surprise, do you? He looks like he might be in his late 50s, maybe early 60s if he's well preserved. Why hasn't anyone mentioned that he's younger than Audrey, i wonder? It's obviously why she's lying about her age.

Sean's back and getting upset with all the adoption talk because it makes him miss his little boy, the one he and the turkey baster had with Violet. So far his attempts at contacting her through the Facebook clone have not been successful so a bottle of wine and a friend (Michelle) and a new plan is cracked. He says she doesn't know if Violet's mates are on Face"scene" but that's a bit of a plot hole. He was a friend of Violet for a long time before she came to our screens and would know her mates and know if they're on the social network scene. That aside, what's the plan, then? Pretend to be Liz using the photos Michelle took for the barmaid thing that seems to have died a swift death and bob's your uncle. Contact! aww i think i had a little tear in my eye when Sean first saw photos of baby Dylan!

Julie must be desperate if she's lusting after Nick. Stick with Ciaran-fantasies, lass! Trevor brought Janice back a wooden elephant from South Africa where I'm not really sure they actually live (other parts of Africa, yes) but i may be wrong. And her name is spelled wrong so he says she can always return it. To where? A South African tourist shop?

Musical atmosphere: Poker Face playing in the pub while David was intently watching Graeme and Tina after his undermining of Graeme's self esteem in the gents'. I see they've improved the lighting in the temporary factory.

Saturday 23 April 2011

Trevor the bin man - beard or no beard?

What do you reckon... does Trevor the tasty trash man on Coronation Street look better clean shaven without his beard or with? I'm thinking with. Without it he just looks a bit like Liam Connor and that's creepy.
(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog in July, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Nick and our Leanne

Nick and Leanne are starting to cross paths.  Not that difficult when you live on the same street but still it takes me back to 1998.

I will admit right now that I did not watch Corrie back then but living in the UK you always knew what the story line was thanks to the actors making appearances on the Saturday morning TV shows and the cover of the TV Quick.  I do remember watching the episode in which they went up to Gretna Green to wed.  I loved the dress she wore with the simple tiara and also felt the worried shock that Nick did when she said 'I nicked it from Top Shop'.

I think I also had a slight crush on Adam Rickett, Ben Price's predecessor.  I liked his hair.  Two years later I was up there in Gretna getting wed myself but I wasn't 16 and I had my family's approval.  Such a charming little village.

I found this blog which is a great reminder of Leanne and Nick's history.  I am interest to see what happens and I know I'm not the only one.

Friday 22 April 2011

Eddie and Simply Red

So, did anyone else notice the music that was playing while Eddie ate his breakfast in the famed vests and pants recently? It was Stars by Simply Red. (we heard it again in the pub in tonight's show, as well) I hope that this was a deliberate reference to a couple of weeks ago (I think when the social worker visited) when Anna said, "Oooh, he's like a cross between Delia* and Mick Hucknall, my Eddie!"

* Smith, she of cake baking/teaching the world how to boil an egg fame.

It's stuff like that that I keep noticing and laughing at!
(This post was originally posted by Rebecca on the Coronation Street Blog in May, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Sneak Preview of next week's Corrie, April 25 - 29

A sneak preview of next week's Coronation Street in Canada:

The Windasses want a new sofa, and John has to do some scrambling. Mary runs Hayley ragged with wedding planning fervor. Ciaran woos Michelle. Lloyd tries to protect Cheryl. Deirdre falls under Lewis' spell. Leanne does another favour for Nick. David works on Graeme's deepest fears. Carla steps up the war with Nick. Leanne and Peter double date with Natasha and Nick. One of Lewis' former clients, Audrey's friend Claudia, reacts. And best of all, Sally's back!

For more detail and photos, see the Moosejaw Mercury on

Thursday 21 April 2011

Corrie's John Stape is Fab!

(This post was originally posted by Seapenguin on the Coronation Street Blog in June, 2010, reposted with permission.)
Yes, I'm sticking up for him - again! I'm out, and I'm proud - I think John Stape is great. Or more precisely - I think Graeme Hawley's portrayal of the Coronation Street character John Stape, is great.

It's the sinister smile, the glinting specs, and the way he weaves the totally insane things he does (I WON'T go over it all again, but the words "kidnapping" and "identity theft" will be in all our minds) into an - ahem - "normal" life with Fiz and Chesney.

I think he's a brilliant Corrie character and I'll be gutted if/when he leaves. I think the writers can still have a lot of fun with him, if they stop short of having him commit full-blooded murder in the foreseeable. Remember his gran's creepy house, with the ancient wall-paper, where he held Rosie captive, and the fridge with the health foods he bought in for her? I loved all that.
I don't know what he's going to do next, but I'm looking forward to finding out. This Charlotte woman seems to be even more bonkers than John, so it looks like he MIGHT have met his match - though somehow, I doubt it. Will she blackmail John, and then end up in the foundations of Underworld? Will Fiz start to suspect John's having an affair with her, first? I've no idea. Bring it on.

Wednesday 20 April 2011

Tina and Graeme and why I love them

(Here's another view on Tina and Graeme, This post was originally posted by blogger Rebecca on the Coronation Street Blog in July, 2010, reposted with permission.)

So it seems like some people don't like Tina and Graeme's fledgling relationship. I love it. I love it SO MUCH, and here's why.

I love Tina. I've loved Tina ever since she arrived with her massive gold hoop earrings, looking far too glamorous for dreary old Weatherfield. I loved that t-shirt with the braces printed on it (they actually mentioned that the other day and I squeed!). I loved how she was with David and how, in the early days, Gail and Tina ganged up against him. I loved how real and emotional she was after her dad's death. I didn't really love her with David, but I can see how it was necessary, and I wish drippy Jason would feck off to London so that maybe we could have sexy Todd back instead? Tina's relationship with Jason was just a nothing to me. Do not care.

I love Graeme. I love his hoodies and his hats and his cheeky grin. I love that he's a bit weird looking. I love that he exists on a planet that is far away from Planet Earth. I love the little asides he has. I love that he has no family and a shady past but is now trying to make a decent living even though he has that not-so-hidden pyromaniac side. I would love for Graeme's family to arrive, all chaotic and rambling, a bit like the Mortons maybe? I love how Graeme talks to EVERYONE from Rita to Rosie. I would like a Graeme of my own, really. Corrie should rent him out.

This relationship doesn't work on paper. She's high maintenance and a glamorous teenager, he's laidback and a little bit off the rails. She should be with someone like Jason - pretty but dumb. Graeme is neither. But, that's WHY this works. It reminds me so much of Racquel and Curly - two other slightly odd individuals that didn't work on paper. And yet some of my earliest and best Corrie memories involve those two, the dizzy blonde barmaid and the weird supermarket assistant manager. They worked. Tina and Graeme work.

If I was writing Corrie, I would keep them together. I would have Graeme proposing somewhere really stupid, and then I'd have a gorgeous wedding where Graeme almost didn't make it for some reason but where everything turned out alright in the end. I'd love for them to settle down and fail at being parents, but together. They could have all the makings of a great Corrie couple and I for one can't wait to see!

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Corrie's Graeme and Tina, an unlikely couple?

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog in May, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Digital Spy have some paparazzi pictures of Tina and Graeme being filmed for Coronation Street in Manchester's Heaton Park. Is this unlikely coupling reminiscent of Curly and Raquel, the beauty and the berk?

Monday 18 April 2011

Corrie weekly awards: April 11 - 15

Who's the Fairest of them all award: Liz looking in the mirror, considering her chances as Fairest Barmaid "Who's the fairest one of all?" Not you, honey. (but having said that, I do like Liz!) I think this Fairest Barmaid competition is going to be a bloody battle, Take No Prisoners.

Get a Room award: Mushy star: Roy and Hayley. Innit nice to see them all loved up?

You Can't Be Friends with Both of Us award: Gold Star: Mary Taylor, pushing Anna away and taking over the wedding planning.

Addicted to danger award: Gold Star: John Stape. Idiot. Selfish idiot.
Silver: Graeme. The love of a good woman. Was it worth the rage of a former best friend?

Another sucker to wind up award: Gold Star: Nick. Last week it was Peter, this week it's Jason. My God I want to bitch-slap that Tilsley!

Peacemaker award: Gold Star: Must as it pains me to say it, John for getting Ches and Fiz on the same side finally.

I need new underpants award: Gold Star: Stape is discovered! Why didn't he just say, yes, I just used his name for the conference? He's an idiot! That's why!

She's *that* into you award: Gold star: Charlotte. Using Colin's Facebook status as an excuse to see John and wind him up with a few well-chosen but cringeworthy chat up lines.

The Twilight Zone award: Chesney looked like Fiz was losing her mind saying Charlotte, one of his ex teachers, was her good friend.

Who peed in your cornflakes award: Gold Star: Michelle and her jealous attitude toward Ciaran.

Is it any of your business? award: Gold Star: Mary sticking her two pennies in to Tina and Graeme having upset half the Street.

Lines of the Week:
Graeme: Just spreading a little joy, Noz!
Eileen to Jason "Seems like she dumps you every other week. I think it's her way of showing she cares."
Fiz to John about Charlotte "She knows our secret, she's got a big mouth and she fancies you!"
Deirdre "When you're public enemy number 1 like we are round here at the moment, you develop a seige mentality."
Charlotte to John: "I used to think you were boring!" (you were right) and "Wherever you go, I go" (I think he's got a ready made stalker, hot for his form!)
Rosie to Fiz: "Charlotte 'Church' we called her. She gets very busy on a Sunday!"
Tina: "When did people stop having problems and start having issues?"
Charlotte about her fashion sense "I buck the trend!
Graeme "I did think of rebuffing her for about a nanosecond"
David "She's destroyed us, like she's destroyed everything she comes in contact with" (so why do you still call her "My Tina"?)
Liz "I am the face of the Rovers" (a 100+ year old, worn at the edges little back street pub. Yes, i see the connection!)
Graeme: "He has cut the hoods off all me hoodies." Norris: "I have the same impulse every time I see them!"

Sunday 17 April 2011

Corrie Sunday Comments, April 17

It had to happen. John got caught out while attending an "exam marking" seminar. Really, how difficult can it be that you need a course on how to do something you've done for years? We met Charlotte before, at that party where John took Colin's identity papers. She's bonkers and it shows already! Anyway, she's all excited to be in on the secret and she's acting like John Stape is the secret identity for Superman or something! I hate Stape, though he's a "love to hate" character because he's acted and written so well. This storyline is about to descend into a real farce, Stapegate!
She didn't waste any time coming round to find him at the pub though i do wonder how she knew where he lived? I have a feeling Charlotte has many ways of finding out what she wants to know. The plot thickens... Colin is returning to Britain, or so his Facebook status says. Well it doesn't say that really, but it does say he's lonely. It can only be a matter of time. He's going to want his identity back, you know that. Charlotte then decided to suss out the competition and came to see Fiz. Chesney was a bit surprised to know his ex-teacher was friends with Fiz, though. Mainly because they aren't. Fiz has her pegged though. Lunatic. She's a lot more right than she knows!

Mary's really acting like Bridezilla and it isn't even her wedding! Feels like she's living her dream through Hayley and shutting out any of Hayley's friends in the process. She's taken possession of the whole planning process and i bet she won't even listen to what Hayley wants! She even gives her that wedding dress she had hanging in the cottage where she and Norris were! That's kind of creepy, really!

If Sean is signing up on "Face space" or something similar, so named, i assume, for copyright reasons, why did Charlotte say something about Colin's "Facebook" status? Fiz is right. If Chesney isn't going to school and he's earning, he *should* be paying rent or contributing to the household costs. It would probably make a big difference to the bank balance if he just bought Schmeichel's food! 30 quid Fiz said and i bet that's a weekly thing, not a monthly. John is actually supportive of Chesney. Ironic then since Chesney really has no liking for John for for all John's faults, and there are many, he probably does understand most kids. I think Fiz and the stress aobut the Fishwick business isn't helping her attitude towards Chesney though I can understand her disappointment. Chesney used to be very smart. There was even a chance of him getting a scholarship to Oakhill. So what happened? Now he's saying school was wasted on him.

I know what Natasha's thinking, if she lends Nick money, he'll have more reason to stay with her. She's just trying too hard and he's taking whatever she's handing over on a plate. If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with. She's over the moon for him but he doesn't feel the same way, it's very clear. I wonder sometimes if he ever likes her.

Peter is willing to do anything to shut Nick down. I think we're looking at a testosterone fueled pissing contest if you ask me. Nick wants Leanne though doesn't admit it, Peter must sense it somewhere and is determined to stake out his claim. And then there's always that veil of hypocricy Peter is sporting. With his womanizing past and bigamy, he's not got much room to forbid her from speaking to an ex. He knows he's overreacting but he just can't help himself.

Speed dating? Ciaran had a good idea but i don't really think the Rovers is the trendiest place to have it. Ciaran, meanwhile, is hot for Michelle and making friends with Mama Connor by phone. I guess he hopes that will score him points. Speed dating, ah yes. Anyone ever done that? I'm a bit dubious meself. Michelle keeps saying she doesn't want to go out with Ciaran and when he decides to fling with some other piece of sugar, she gets all jealous and full of attitude. That should tell her something. She fancies Ciaran rotten! (and who wouldn't?) And she's enjoying giving him the runaround too. Don't you think she's a bit of a smug conceited cow? I've never really liked her much. She's a game player, too, I always thought.

Lloyd pointing out that an adoptive child could have issues is probably true. He comes across all sensible until the woman of his dreams comes round and he's hiding behind the cab! Meanwhile the adoption process seems to be a rocky road for Becky, still not really sure she'd actually be a good mother. Steve keeps thinking this adoption thing is a competition with the Windasses. It's not as if there's only one child up for adoption. There are hundreds of kids needing good homes and they could both be accepted and both find a child. Instead, Steve and Becky are being a bit immature about it all. Well Steve is, for sure. Anna and Eddie really seem to have their heads on straight about it.

Lewis is spending a lot of time in the betting shop all of a sudden. No escorting, does he have nothing better to do? Or is he up to something? Well he did admit to Deirdre that he was an escort. Something they have in common. Ken used to do that though not quite in the same league as Lewis.

Considering that Tina seemed to prefer chatting to Graeme in the pub and on the street, it's no surprise she broke up with Jason. I think probably Ciaran was a bit insensitive trying to sell Jason a ticket to the speed dating, mind you. But as Kirk says, that's just leaving more for them! Wouldn't it be a laugh if Kirk did find a girlfriend out of the speed dating? All he did get was his face slapped. I guess he and Izzy have decided to just be friends. Cheryl used the opportunity to send more mixed signals to Lloyd. I am not quite sure what Graeme was wibbling about in the butcher shop, and if he's hoping that will woo someone, he's probably got another think coming. I guess he didn't have to worry about speed dating. He ended up staying the night with Tina! We could see that coming but i don't think he did. And no wonder. It was moan, moan, moan, i want you, kiss me! It certainly made Graeme's day, I'll tell you that and it made Ashley's day too!

At least Graeme was honest, he told David straight away even if he did chain him to a radiator for his own safety first. That was too funny, though! David hauling the radiator out into the street after he'd yanked it from the wall. He's lost his best friend, though and you know how sneaky and vengeful he can be, Graeme better watch his back. He's already started, saying Tina sleeps with any bloke but his heart is broken and he's never been able to let her go. He cut the peaks off Graeme's caps and the hoods off his hoodies! LOL! Jason wasn't too happy either and he was a bit more proactive. Changed the locks but Tina's right, I think she could have a case for charging him. She owns the flat, too! And was i hearing right? Was Nick really giving David advice like he actually cared? I did think it refreshing that Tina broke up with Jason first. Usually it's cheating partners and stealing kisses in the ginnel first.

And check out the State of the Street for a review of Corrie that aired over June 2010 (we're about to hit July on Canadian screens)

Friday 15 April 2011

State of the Street - June 2010

We are at the point in Coronation Street where we are about to see episodes from July 2010 so it's time to review June 2010.

June on Coronation Street was a blast. Literally! We didn't just have sparks, we had flames and dead bodies! We also had the tribulations and trial of Gail McInPlatt. Innocent, of course, there was no other option, was there? Love is blooming and revenge is stewing.

It's all in the State of the Street for June. Read more about it here.

Sneak Preview of next week's Corrie, April 18 - 22

Here's a few hints at what's on our Canadian Corrie screens next week:

Lloyd gets a thumping after a misconception. The truth is even more painful. Sean is not having much luck and devises a plan. Graeme turns romantic. Nick's Knicks seems successful but questions are raised and Carla returns with even more. Does this mean war? Ciaran continues is campaign to woo Michelle. Natasha continues her campaign, too. Ken and Deirdre socialize.

For more detail and a few more photos, see the Moosejaw Mercury on

Radiator Dave

After last night's episode, I thought you might like a replay...

These have got to be the funniest Coronation Street pictures I've seen in a long time. It's David Platt chained to a radiator, of course, and why not? It happened when Graeme decided to tell David that he's now dating Tina and in order to be sure that David's not going to punch his lights out, Graeme chained David to the radiator in Gail's house first before delivering the news to the Plattser, as you can see below. David yanks the radiator off the wall and goes in search of Graeme...

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog in June, 2010, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Thursday 14 April 2011

Why I keep watching Coronation Street

June-14-2010-Tina-MaryI have to jump in here and say how much I enjoyed The last two episodes of Corrie.

It had humour, weirdness, jealousy, romance, cheeky flirting and foreboding of things to come. Even though Corrie does drama and tragedy, and occasionally pyrotechnics, quite well, there's nothing like the everyday slices of life that keep us all coming back and that's what we had in these two episodes.

I've blogged it in more detail over yonder, (there's a spoiler through a link in the post) do jump in with your thoughts.

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in June, 2010, reposted with permission.)

Wednesday 13 April 2011

An Evening with Vicky Binns (Molly Dobbs)

Every year that the Downeast Streeters have hosted a Coronation Street actor here in Halifax, I've volunteered to help out or have been part of the organizing committee. I would have gone to the show anyway but volunteers are important to helping the event go smoothly and it adds to the enjoyment of the evening.

Every show has been fantastic and last night's Evening with Vicky Binns was no exception. The show was held at the Westin Hotel for over 400 excited Corrie fans and was hosted by local florist and celebrity Neville MacKay of My Mother's Bloomers. Neville is a favourite and adds lots of fun to the event with his wit and enthusiasm. He loves the show just as much as we all do!

Vicky Binns has played Molly Dobbs for 5 years. She was only contracted for 3 months to start with but says that a new producer had other ideas for the character and she stayed. As always, the audience submitted questions and Nevilled kept her giggling all through the show. There was a lot of great backstage and behind the scenes chat and stories and we found out a bit more about the actor as well. Here's a few notes that I took during the evening (If I can decipher my scrawl!)

This is Vicky's first time in Canada and it sounds like she's had a little time to see a bit of Halifax in between media interviews over the past two days. She, like many of the Corrie actors, know that Corrie is popular here but actually being here and seeing the response always amazes them all. She says that people here really "get" Coronation Street, they really understand it.

Her all time favourite Corrie character is Liz McDonald and she also loves Jack and Vera, Norris and Jim McDonald but said Liz is definitely on the top of her list.

When asked about the "hottest" guy on Corrie, she agreed with one suggestion that Keith Duffy, who plays Ciaran is pretty hot and he's also one of the nicest men, too. Always a gentleman. Jennie McAlpine (Fiz) has been one of her best friends for years, long before they were on the show and she's also best friends with Alan Halsall who plays Tyrone. That's important, she says, you really have to get on with someone that is your main acting partner and says he's a joy to work with and her favourite part of her Corrie experience. You don't see a lot of the cast if you aren't in scenes with them. She was on the show for a year and a half before she met Betty Driver!

Her favourite storyline was when she and Tyrone got together and worked in the burger van. She told the story about filming the scenes where the van caught fire and they drove into a lake where they then had their first kiss. She said that there were stunt workers playing their parts, dressed like them and everything, driving the van into the lake while she and Alan were in a caravan playing cards. Pretty bizarre sitting there and seeing this van go flying by with two people in it that looked like them! They weren't overly impressed that they then had to don wetsuits and go in the water in January but that's the life of an actor! It usually takes awhile before you stop feeling like the new girl on the block but this happened about the time she was really finding her feet.

Another funny anecdote had to do with a question about the dog that was Tyrone's pet, Monica. She's disappeared, you see. Vicky said that the dog was very nervous around lots of people so they found it better just to let the doggy character disappear. It was ironic, as Vicky said she herself is terrified of dogs and when she was first on the show, Molly worked with Kirk in the kennels because she was supposed to be really good with dogs. She says that working with animals isn't very easy because, though they are trained, they don't always do what you want.

There were a few funny stories about practical jokes played on set. There was one time that Alan Halsall came down the stairs behind her. Molly was in the kitchen making Ty's sandwiches and he was supposed to be coming down the steps and tying his overall but when she turned around he was naked!

Vicky mentioned William Roache (Ken Barlow) and said he was really a gentleman and very kind to new actors to the show. He's also a fantastic spokesman for the show as well.

Behind the scenes, Vicky says that all the music in the Rovers or in the cafe is added in after, as is other background "people" noise.

Vicky does a lot of work for charities. She believes that while being a celebrity and famous face has it's drawbacks (lack of privacy), it also allows you to use your high profile to do some good works for brilliant causes. She's become a runner and runs in various charity races through the year, mainly for Luekemia research and a Teenage Cancer trust. She's also done some work for charities that have done some good works (for children, I think) in Africa and has been lucky to visit there a few times in relation to that. Craig Gazey and Graeme Hawley also run for the leukemia charities as well. (Craig Gazey is running in this year's London Marathon!)

She's also become involved with a new online venture called Suzie Pugh and a Monster Too where the traveling adventures of Suzie and her monster friend are geared to teaching children about the world.

Of course, there were questions about Molly's affair with Kevin! When asked what her reaction had been to finding out about the storyline, she covered her face with her hands. She said she'd asked the producers if it was a wind up but she said it was brilliant to be involved with it and it was meant to progress very slowly over months but when the story leaked out, they ended up having to speed it up and they were in bed before they knew it!

She spoke for an hour and a half, answering questions and talking to us all and then Connie, the chair of the DESNPS, got up and thanked everyone for coming and thanked all the volunteers. She presented Vicky with a hand drawn cariacature of Vicky holding her baby with a tram going along the viaduct behind her. She LOVED it! It was drawn by my fiance, Graham, and he had it spot on. She thought it was really good.

A little about Vicky: In her spare time she's likes to paint and see films. She likes to travel and she likes to shop! She'd love to work with actors like Julie Walters, Judi Dench and Imelda Staunton some day and her favourite actors include Kate Blanchett and Juliet Binoche. She's recently enjoyed the new version of True Grit. Vicky loves New York and Africa. When asked whether she prefers William or Harry (Royal Princes), she says she likes the younger Harry because he's cheeky! She'd also plans to do a play that's going to be put on first in Scotland and she'd like to do more comedies or a film someday.

She was very good about spoilers and didn't let any secrets out. She did say that there was a lot of publicity and specials done for the 50th Anniversary of Corrie last year including the Road to Coronation Street. The actual 50th anniversary, (December 9) featured an hour long live episode which Vicky said was terrifying but fantastic to be involved in. It was very dramatic and several big storylines culminated that night.

There was a lot of other things but those were the main ones I thought people would like to read about.

From comments I heard from the people attending and from various members of the organizing committee, Vicky made quite a positive impression. She was very engaging with the audience and was very genuine and down to earth. She's bubbly and fun, and most definitely doesn't have any "attitude". She signed autographs for about 100 people at the end of the evening after a long day. She was tired but each person that sat down beside her was treated like they were the first one to sit there and she made each and everyone of them feel welcome. She graciously signed and posed for pictures for everyone of them.

There are photos here and I have a lot more Corrie photos, including some from this event and from past events and visits to the set here.

Feature on Vicky in the Halifax Chronicle Herald and here in the local Metro paper.

Corrie Fab Photo: Roy Rocks the House

Here's a very Fab Photo. Roy Orbison? No, it's David Nielson, our Roy Cropper, dressed up as the big O, for a variety show called Stars in Their Eyes. Celebrities (and regular folk) dress up as famous performers and show off their talents.

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Craig Gazey participates in a fan Q&A

Last year on the Coronation Street Blog, Craig Gazey, who plays the wildly popular Graeme Proctor, kindly participated in a Q&A interview. Fans were asked to contribute questions.

The interview is very good and though he hints at some upcoming storylines for Graeme, he doesn't really spoil it so you can read it with impunity.

For all this and more, read the full interview here.

With thanks to Craig Gazey.

Monday 11 April 2011

Corrie weekly awards: April 5 - 8

Please Don't Wear the Gold Bikini award: Mary in her Princess Leia get up. And being all territorial about the Kabin. I think that woman has totally lost the plot.

Mike Baldwin in the making award: Gold Star: Nick. "Who's Carla?" indeed!

Retcon award: Platinum Star: Fiz. She wants Ches to sit his GCSEs to have a better life than she did. But when Fiz first came to the Street, we found out she had 7 or 8 GCSEs! So has all that disappeared?

Anything in skirts award: Gold Star: Ciaran will flirt with *anyone*! (or almost) Did he really ask Tina what her sign is?

You Just Can't Help Yourself: Gold Star: Nick again, he keeps stirring up Peter and looking very smug when he gets a reaction.

Serendipity award: Izzy's dad found out the landlady's name and called her Elizabeth (like Jim does) and he's got a daughter named Katy, like Liz did.

For old times' sake award: Nick giving Leanne the sob story to get info on renting the Joinery.

Fashion Award of the week goes Carla and Trev for the wooly England hats (a bit warm for South Africa innit?)

Lines of the Week:
Fiz about French: "It's like a different language" (um.)
Mary: "I've never been happier to lose a fiver in my life" (Yes but you still thought the jury was wrong)
Roy to Fiz: "You don't think he's been bullied?" Fiz: "If he hasn't been, I'll flaming batter him!"
Mary: "Mother wouldn't allow any films like that (Star Wars). Sex, violence or robots. Or talking animals... volcanos, monks, haunted vehicles of any kind." (That explains so much.)
Peter to Leanne: "You're making a big show of yourself" (and you and your jealousy aren't?)
Ciaran "Sometimes this place is like God's waiting room!"
Norris "Speed dating is like fast food. Instant gratification with a greasy aftertaste and a deep regret"

Vicky Binns in Halifax this week (Minor spoiler below)

Tomorrow night is the Downeast Streeters event in Halifax, N.S., "An Evening With", hosting a Corrie star in Halifax. The Streeters have been putting these events on since 2002 most years. The actor that's featured at this year's event is the woman that played Molly Dobbs, Vicky Binns. She's not on the show in the UK now but she is still here on Canadian screens because we're 10 months behind the UK storyline.

Apparently she's arrived in the city so the show will go ahead as planned. You never know about these things! Between problems with the flights and weather issues, anything can happen but we've been lucky to date with only one near miss due to flight problems a few years ago. I'm going to be working at the event tomorrow night as always and I've taken a room at the hotel and taking Wednesday off as well. It's so much easier than getting home exhausted late at night and hauling out of bed in the morning. I'll still get up earlyish but I can then go home and relax, sort through my photos and do a write up for my Corrie website and blogs!

Yes, we in Canada are 10 months behind the UK timeline. What we see on our screens this week aired in mid-June last year. Damn you, CBC! Well, it's not a big deal for me anymore since I download the UK episodes so am up to date, but it's still irrirtating that CBC let us fall so far behind for no real good reason. They used to be only 6 weeks behind but as the show aired more often weekly in the UK it took CBC awhile to go the same route and then when CBC shows the Olympics, they don't show Corrie for the two weeks. They used to catch up with extra episodes but they stopped that years ago. When there's extra episodes in the UK or hour long episodes, CBC doesn't put the extra on that week so you fall further behind. They caught up a couple of months a few years ago when CBC was on strike and they doubled up to fill some of the air time. It's creeping up again now, though.

Anyway, all that aside, tomorrow's show will be fun. They always are. The actors always have great behind the scenes stories. Ms. Binns has been on the show about (without looking it up) 6 or 7 years maybe? Possibly a little less.

As you know, Molly, her character, had an affair with Kevin, her husband Tyrone's best friend and business partner. The man that plays Kevin, Michael LeVell, was here in Halifax 2 years ago, just before that affair started on screen. It was just a rumor then and he said he hoped it wasn't going to happen because it wasn't really in character but it did. It was dreadful but it did provide some long time repercussions, I'll give it that. Molly is now pregnant and doesn't know who the father of the baby is. (I know but I'm not saying so as not to spoil things)

Anyway, enough of that. I must remember to get my event ticket off the top of the fridge or they won't let me in! I'll be blogging about the event of course and linking to photos I take. There may be spoilers in the write up. The actors usually do let a few things slip though most generally try to be circumspect about spoilers.

There are some tickets left ($27) but you might only be able to get them today. Celtic Traditions in Spring Garden Place, Edgewood Cafe on Baker Drive in Dartmouth and possibly still some left at Ed's Unique Gifts at 10 Akerly Blvd in Burnside. They don't sell them at the door.
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