Sunday 31 August 2008

Sunday Comments, August 31

Boy, isn't it good to have Corrie back!

Lines of the week:

  • Jerry to Mel "I'll be two minutes!" (four hours later...and Where's Darryl? )
  • Steve to Claire "How are you ever going to get your hands on a man? Get your mum to knit you one?"
  • Stape about Sally "She's not actually that bright"
  • Becky on Sally's offer to lend Claire advice on clothes or makeup "Sally, i didn't think you had a sense of humour"
  • Liam "It's a dirty Irish video. Lepreporn"
  • Fiz to Sally "You Bitch!" THWAP!!
We pick up right where we left off two weeks ago with Sally knocking on John's office door and Rosie on the other side with her tongue down John's throat. But you knew they wouldn't get caught, didn't you? In a quiet school and an old wooden door, you'd think Sally would be able to hear Rosie's voice quite clearly from the other side. Sally used the whole thing to suck John back into more lessons. And the spineless git can't say no to her either. No wonder Fiz is getting suspicious though she shouldn't have been so wound up with John driving Sally home since Rosie was with them. Sally seemed quite delighted that it seemed like there was trouble in paradise and smugly stuck her beak in between a tentative kiss. I'm really *really* hating having to watch Rosie laying it all out on a plate for John and the other boys in the classroom and having to suffer the really really terrible acting of almost all of the people in that classroom and that includes Rosie. Fiz's questioning of Kevin has now put a spark of suspicion in his head too, and no wonder, with Sally's history. What was up with Rosie's hair? Literally, up! She's having a lot of fun flexing her muscles and leading John around by the whatsits and he's acting no older than poor sap Lee, him that Rosie's using. Still, it's all worth it just to see smug Sally get a smack from Fiz even if it isn't strictly waranted. Why is it though, that it's the woman that gets the slap? John should have had one too if it was actually what it looked like which it wasn't.

Some people wouldn't like to take advantage of generous relatives but Sarah has on qualms. Aw Jason kept his speech to read to Sarah. He might not be too bright, but he's a good lad. Too bad she's turning into a nasty vindictive cow. yes, yes, i know, it's understandable, but only to a point. It would be fare more productive to just ignore David altogether. It would be nice if Jason adopts Bethany wouldn't it? Well, David has noticed some sort of spark between Becky and Jason. That will be his next plan of action, i bet, to drive that wedge between Jason and Sarah.

Lol Vikki won't listen to Human League because she was thwarted in her quest to fly to the UK to see them when she was 14. That was the fastest cup of takeaway hot chocolate i've ever seen made! I don't think Becky did more than snap her fingers! Does Roy keep hot choccy on the stove steeping hot like he does a teapot? Where does Michelle get off objecting to Steve taking a half a day off to play golf with a mate when she's perfectly capable of disappearing to Ireland at a moment's notice or going off to the shops? Mind you, he doesn't really have to ask permission. Seems like the emasculation that Karen started has been well and truly completed by Michelle.

seems that it's a week for couples reconciling. Jamie and Violet are back together and all loved up after he had umpteen beers to shore up his courage and they are just too cute for words. I can't blame Vi for being a bit reluctant though. Not everyone loses their boyfriend to his stepmother. Claire and Ashley ended up back together after Claire's disastrous night out at the singles party where she snogged Kevin Webster in a drunken pity party. I'm glad Sally didn't take it seriously and it was fun watching Kevin squirm. Paul's still slacking off and making it look like Tyrone and Molly aren't keeping the place clean and now Jack and Vera are back.

Boy, someone peed in Sean's cornflakes! He gets asked about the baby and because he's been told to back off, he gets snarky and takes it out on Marcus and Jamie who's curious to know whether Violet has said anything about him kissing her the night before. Um Sean, that was the whole plan, the whole deal. You were to be the donor, not a full time dad. You may have changed your mind, but Violet hasn't. Don't be so surprised you got what you agreed to but we all know he's always wanted a child, a little family of his own. Terrible timing, though, just when Sean decides he wants to push to be more in the baby's life, Vi and Jamie get back together and Jamie will take Sean's Daddy role. Ouch. Nice to see Marcus so supportive though. But Sean has had a knock back now, and is threatening to get legal access and he wonders if finding out his right is going to make things better or worse? Duh. What do you think? So who do you think is going to annoy you more? Sean whining about the baby or Violet selfishly smug with Sean? (Yes, i know it's going to be Rosie and John on the top of that list but who's next?)

I'm a bit insulted for all of womankind when Lloyd suggested that Claire could only pull if she had a boob job. If Claire is going to have a conversation that she wants kept fairly private, she shouldn't do it in the middle of a small crowded cafe. Claire looked quite nice though a bit girl next door-like. Maybe that's why she wasn't attracting too much attention at a singles night at the club. I'm a lot happier about Claire and Ashley getting back together than Vi and Jamie but then with the Peacocks, it was inevitable. I don't understand why Claire felt the need to tell everyone, all and sundry that she kissed Kevin while she was drunk if she's that embarassed about it. She may think the facts would be better coming from her, and i understand her telling Ashley, but what makes her think Kevin would have gone round to everyone spilling the gossip? He didn't even tell Sally!

Seems a bit of rivalry between Doreen and Rita over Norris. Rita didn't want him but she seems to be resisting the fact that he could want someone else so soon after she turned him down. Is Rita right? Is Doreen just playing with Norris' affections? Or is she jealous? I'm betting that she knows her friend well enough even though they haven't had any contact before now for decades. Liam still seems to be making puppydog eyes at Carla though dating Maria hot and heavy. David's got a court date for driving without a license and one whinge, what does Gail do? persuade Jason to stop working on the list of chores for Sarah and go play with David. Which of course, causes contention between Jason and Sarah so the day wasn't a complete loss for young master Platt.

Monday 18 August 2008

Withdrawal pains?

Are you missing Corrie as much as i am? Damn CBC! But take heart, for the 2010 and 2012 games, CBC does not have the broadcasting contract so we won't suffer a 2 week withdrawal until 2014. At least during the NHL playoffs, they still show the Sunday omnibus and have began to show the episodes online as well. I think that worked quite well but they can't do that now because believe it or not, there's still people that don't have the internet!! Yes, i know. Astonishing innit? What's wrong with these people? ;)

I am missing it but it's not too bad. I do spoilers and download some of the UK episodes and look at the ITV episode updates for the rest, I write for (which is a UK site, with spoilers) and i write an episode update for the UK broadcasts using the downloads so my withdrawal isn't so bad as some. I have dozens of Corrie dvds and a few books and a stack of old Corrie magazines that help a little bit, too.

What do you do to get yourself through the drought?

Sunday 10 August 2008

CBC rant

So we're at that point again. Falling behind another 2 weeks because CbloodyC suspends Coronation Street during the Olympics. Which are on the other side of the world. So they're broadcasting live all night and in the morning and broadcasting the highlights at night. So if it's repeat broadcasting anyway, Why can't they show Corrie at 7? It's not as if they're broadcasting live???? It really pisses me off. Well, CTV has the contract for the next two Olympics, 2010 and 2012 so this won't happen again until 2014. That's another thing. The Olympics used to be every four years but the Networks make so much money out of the ads during the Olympics, i guess that's why they decided to spread them out to every 2 years. Each set of games is only four years between, but they alternate. So the next Summer Olympics are 2012 (In London).

In the meantime we go through Corrie withdrawal. I'd say they should broadcast it on the web only but that isn't fair to people that don't have computers and the internet. Philistines ;) And we fall a further 2 weeks behind for about 9 and a half months behind being the total by the time we return to Corrie at the end of August. (25th)

Sunday Comments, August 10

Lines of the week:

  • Gail about David "Well he's not his usual self" Audrey "You say that like it's a bad thing"
  • Gail to Jason "There's more to you than people think, Jason Grimshaw" (and i bet you never thought you'd hear that)
  • Fiz "Trust 'er (Sally) to go one better than an apple"
  • Jodie to Lloyd "It was beautiful while it didn't last."
  • Tony "Kelly Crabtree reminds me of Big Bird off Sesame Street" (doesn't she just?)
  • Jerry "I can change if that's the problem" (If???? and he *still* doesn't get it)

David's latest trick was letting the neighbours have Sarah's wedding dress and i did have to laugh at it being on the Guy and getting burned on bonfire. But how could Sarah tell? I couldn't. And where did they get the veil? I don't think Sarah had one. If David really were in a suicidal state, other than getting councilling, getting back to work probably would do him good if he thinks he's up to it. As it is, he's probably just hoping to be able to wind up Sarah some more and make a little money. Sarah called the next door neighbours "chavs". Um. Look in the mirror lately? It must be frustrating for Sarah in one way, knowing David has been doing all this on purpose to wind her up and nobody believes her. But biting every time he casts out a line is only making it worse because he just keeps on doing it. I'm still waiting for social services to get involved or the police (he was driving an unlicensed and uninsured car with no driver license). And if Sarah *will* get into rows in the cafe, Becky is going to come over all sympathetic and Jason is going to start confiding in her and then there will be trouble. Sarah was nasty about having her wedding catering done by a hooker, now she's going to work for one at nights.

I'm a bit confused. David is doing the sweeping and tea making and maybe washing hair. Sarah is cutting hair? When did she go to styling school? I don't even remember Maria taking a course either. David is really pretending to be on his best behaviour which shows Sarah up in a worse light. Very, very glad that Sally wasn't put in charge of the factory. She's insufferable enough as it is! And as for Kelly smarming that they all took Vikki under their wing, ticked off because Vikki told them to get back to work, i very much don't think so. Kelly was one of the worst offenders when it came to insulting Vikki.

John handled Sally's admission of her crush well. Rosie is really pushing herself at John and showing herself to be as immature as we know she is. Why she should be surprised Sally had feelings for Stape, though, considering she knows Some of Sally's history, i don't know. At least Stape knocked Rosie back for insulting him and Fiz. But why on earth would Stape tell Rosie that Sally fancied him? Big mistake! Now Rosie has something to use over her mother if she wants to even if Sally doesn't know she does. I really don't see what Stape sees in Rosie. Well, ok, yes, there is that. I guess i never did understand why people cheat on someone they love especially with someone that they don't love and that will ruin them in one way or another if it comes out. So John moving in with Fiz. That's going to make it even trickier to find alone time with Rosie though I'm surprised he's not had her to his place? Is he not living on his own? Ah "shared house" it was. Well it still is, isn't it? Rosie wasn't too thrilled was she? He wants to finish it and she doesn't. I bet she really puts on the pressure now. and when Rosie says Jump, Stape seems to roll over and say How High. Gutless as well as spineless. It ain't over till it blows up in your face on a soap. Stay tuned for fireworks.

A little bit of PR with the poppy selling in the pub. Steve moves Michelle and Ryan in (how many rooms does that pub have??? It keeps changing!) and hopes that Liz and Vernon will move out but L&V hope Steve et. al. will go instead and leave them in their little love nest. Urgh.

There's Jerry being selfish and irresponsible as always and poor Jodie yet again bears the brunt of it. All she had to do was go get Jerry from the beer tent. Couldn't have been that far away. Jerry might appreciate Jodie, but he really doesn't show it. And who couldn't see it coming? Lloyd has had enough of waiting for Jodie to free herself of family obligations and the albatross around her neck that is her father. Even then, Jerry still didn't catch that he was the main reason Lloyd dumped Jodie. See? Selfish! And where did it get him? Jodie-less and that's the last we'll see of her. Boy, when people decide to leave town, they don't waste any time, do they? Now. Jodie said she was almost 30 and Daryll said she's a 32 year old woman. Which is it? the twins are only 19 i think or thereabouts, so Jodie is at least 10 years older.

Norris definitely doesn't like to share his new friends though his friends think he fancies Doreen. I don't think that's the case but perhaps if he thinks she fancies him, he might grasp at the straw. Whatever happened to school uniforms? Rosie and her class weren't wearing any. I suppose they're in the A level type course, is it not uniformable then? And of course, Amber is in her class too. She looked like something out of Trends R Us, didn't she? I'm surprised more than just the one other student didn't immediately take against Rosie with a violent dislike! It's probably more likely all about Rosie flirting with the lad than it is her swanning in. I"m guessing this Tina and the lad used to go out together.

Claire and Ashley! Not seen them for awhile. Seeing Violet going off to shop for the baby, i wondered why Claire didn't offer her Freddie's baby clothes. I thought Claire had invited Ashley back? I guess that was just a one night on the couch thing. Sean has absolutely no experience with hormonal women and is over excited about the baby anyway. And it seemed like everyone else but Vi knew the baby was a boy and now she does too. What did Vi think was going to happen with Sean being the dad? She knew how much he wants a child. I can understand her being angry that Sean found out the sex and told everyone and then she found out but she's carrying it on a bit much, threatening to go to a tribunal. At least she backed off that when Sean admitted he tricked Marcus though why it took him and Sean so long to admit it when she'd been tearing strips off them both for days, i don't know.

Saturday 2 August 2008

Sunday Comments, August 3

Lines of the week:

  • Minister "We now need the rings" (and there goes the bridesmaid with the rings!)
  • Kelly "I only wear Gucci" Fiz "you mean Poochie!"
  • Jason "All marriages go through rough patches don't they?" Todd "Yeah, but not usually in the first week."
  • John to Fiz "You're being paranoid " (that's what they all say when they're having affairs!)
  • Carla "Do i get mate's rates?" Janice "You would if you had any mates"

Wow, the wedding of the year sure went off with a bang didn't it? Seeing as Sarah had been Bridezilla, it's no surprise she insisted that Jason go through with the wedding even though everyone thought David might be dead after driving his car into the drink. Same place that Richard drove them, too. And even after he was taken back into the fold, he still gave Sarah a dirty smirk and she knew she was right, he set the whole thing up to try to stop the wedding. To pay them all back. Yet everyone thinks oh Poor David, and all is forgiven instead of pushing him out of the family forever for doing what he did. That or locking him up or having him committed. Really, that's what needs to happen. He really does need psychiatric help does David. Sarah probably does too, with her obsession with David. She's pretty much as bad as him especially now he's ruined her wedding day. Jason sure had his eyes opened with a snap, didn't he? About his new wife, i mean. He couldn't even bring himself to "kiss the bride". Jason is basically a pretty decent bloke and he does try to do the right thing when it comes down to it. How's he going to think of her now? Yes, *we* know David seems to have been winding them all up but none of them realize it. Between her obsession and her being so self centered, i don't know which was worse. Sarah is a mother herself, you'd think she'd sympathise with Gail and probably if it hadn't been David, she would have. So David didn't manage to stop the wedding but he certainly did ruin the day and the honeymoon.

So, he took his car and slept in it. And then ... poof, he's on the roof of the factory spying on everyone. And then Poof, he's in the car again by the Canal. When Sarah saw the police car, i bet she thought maybe he really did kill himself. David probably thought the cops were there because of his note and missing car. Marcus and Sean were all confused as to what church to go to. What church is it? Everyone else is gone.. well the Bride is still there! Every time there's a wedding or a funeral, there are always surprising absences and surprising attendees (Not many of the neighbours were there though i did spot Roy, Deirdre and Blanche in the back and possibly Sally and Kevin. But Dev and Amber, Steve and Michelle, all of which were Huh?? guests Ooh and i saw Liz and Vernon. Another HUH? Kirk and Tyrone, Jason's old best mates were not there that i could see). Sarah did look lovely. And there's David, scowling because they're all going off without him and ignoring his note, so he thinks. Do you think he really meant to kill himself and bottled it at the last minute or was it all a plan from start to finish? I am of two minds really. The speed of things really dropped my jaw. First David is here and there and everywhere. As the wedding began, he hadn't driven off into the canal yet before they were through the vows, the cops were at the church. (How did they know where to go? That was some pretty fast deduction that it was indeed David's car and the cops ould have had to have the church noted on their files. And you noticed that David was playing the same song as Richard had playing? It turned out he's ok but Gail didn't know that when she heard the message he left on the answering machine. Can you imagine how *chilling* that would have been had it been for real? He didn't stay away too long though did he. Turned up wet and mucky and looking as pitiful as he could. He continued to play his mother off against Sarah all week! Sarah must be desparate to get away if she's willing to move in with Eileen. Well David is back with his mother, why doesn't she go to Audrey's?

David not only ruined the wedding but he ruined Sarah's honeymoon too. Jason really was upset over what happened. Sarah slept the sleep of the righteous knowing she was right all along but nobody else will believe her. I do believe they could easily have finished the wedding ceremony. they were nearly done anyway. The minister could have done the speedy gonzales version. Do you? We do! done! Sign here! DAvid is really REALLY playing them all isn't he? Milking it for all he can with his family and with anyone else that comes around. Even Eileen won't have the newly minted Grimshaws under her roof and who can blame her? She can't stand Sarah anyway. Oh.... speaking of which. Gail's lovely blue mother-of-the-bride outfit? Did you think it looked at *all* like that really nice purple suit that Eileen had bought that Sarah said was identical to the one Gail'd got? Neither did i. Continuity Fairy on holidays again, i think. David's next trick? Getting Sarah's wedding dress on the Guy to be burned on a bonfire! Sarah had wanted to wear it to retake the photos! (ok, nice one, David. I did laugh at that)

Sophie is turning 13 and Sally is as insufferable as always. Imagine suggesting that her 13 year old's birthday outing be to a classic play instead of bowling? Ah but you see, she couldn't invite John to the bowling party or at least discuss the play with him. She wouldn't be able to keep her mind out of the gutters let alone her balls). Liz is 50 and she got a lukewarm party. Paul at least, managed to palm off his day old wedding buffet leaving Dev waving around ineffectually behind them and still Steve expected Dev to come to the party! He did but Dev made sure that Liz felt even worse. Mind you, I certainly wouldn't be upset. I wouldn't have expect a great deal anyway. Then anything would have been a nice surprise. But hey, Vernon came up trumps with the Paris tickets! I'm not even going to ask how he came up with the money. Probably sold something.

I see Leanne has her snarky waiter back again. And Paul kissed Leanne! Ooh, as if you couldn't see that coming! Liam's dog seems to like Kelly. But in the wrong way. Liam is off to Ireland and asked Ryan to look after the dog. Sounds to me like he's still not quite that into Maria. Why not ask her to mind the dog? Why not ask her to go with him? Carla is starting to act very jealous too. One kiss, and Liam starts getting narky about her and Tony and now she's making cow eyes at Liam too.

Rosie and Stape continue to gross me right out. btw "stomach ache" seems to be another word for er... female troubles. The kind you get every month. But with Rosie, it was a lie to get the house to herself anyway. And how could Kevin have woke the girls up? He wasn't talking any louder than Sally was there early in the morning. Looks like everyone else in her family is selfish. She asks for help and they all get busy buttering their toast. Yet they're the first ones to moan in their tea isn't on the table and all three of them are capable. Fiz is starting to realize that Sally does indeed have a crush on her fella. Jerry's back from Viva Milano and wonders why Jodie is cool towards him. You know, he's a charmer but he's very selfish too.

At least, if nothing else, the wedding got Todd and Jason back on the brotherly love track. Becky looks quite fondly on Jason these days, doesn't she? The actress that plays Amber seems to be looking off to the sides as if she's reading off cue cards. I don't think they do that on the set but it's distracting. And it looks like Sally is about to confess her crush to John. Tune in this coming week!

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