Thursday 29 May 2008

Ashley redux

After my rant a month ago about Ashley, we're about to see the crashing end of the storyline this week. At least it wasn't one of those storylines that linger on and on until you're ready to poke your eye out with a fork. I think that's testament to the charismatic Zoe Henry (did you know she had a part on Corrie before, as Spider's girlfriend Log Thwaite?) Casey is wigging out now that Ashley has rejected her firmly. Firmly, did i say? I'm wrong. Even when Casey jumped in and assumed Ashley was trying to tell her that he was choosing Claire, and she went on and on about the two of them being together, did he say anything? Did he stop her and say nooooooo. Did he eckerslike! The only thing he could do for certain was look Claire in the eye and declare he did not have sex with that woman. Which he did, of course, and everyone knows it but Claire. She'll know soon and I wouldn't blame her if she left Ashley again or locked him out of the house.

If she leaves, though, can she please take poor little Josh with her? That poor child keeps getting abandoned by her, the only mother he really remembers. Oh it's ok if she takes Freddy, he's her *real* son while I'm just the leftover one, right? Poor kid could be the David Platt of the future. Ashley and Claire will disappear off our screens for a few months after the dust settles. Apparently they all worked double time filming two versions of the storyline due to the original one about the missing baby coinciding with the real life case of Madeliene McCann. They filmed their original one and the altered one, the one we saw for awhile, according to Stephen Arnold and after that they all had the long break they deserved.

This storyline still rubs me the wrong way and i'm very very disappointed in Ashley for doing this. tsk...

Just as this is winding down, Hayley gets a storyline. Yay! It's a bit of a rip off from a recent movie and they've done some major rewriting of Hayley's history for it which kind of sucks but i think the performances will be good. Julie Hesmondhalgh will also disappear from our screens for about a year after this storyline because the actress wanted some time off. Hayley will be back though.

Sunday 25 May 2008

Lines of the week:

  • Jack to Vera "I've said something nice about your bosoms haven't I? Make do, woman!"
  • Audrey to Ashley "How's tricks?" (I was hoping he'd say "Oh she's fine!" *snork*)
  • Cilla snarling at the Ex-husbands "What are you looking at?" George (Ivor?) "I don't know, the label's fallen off!" (i'm going to have to remember that one!)

Happy Anniversary, Jack and Vera! I bet neither one thought they'd get this far at times! What a shame Ty wasn't there to celebrate with them. At least he was mentioned. Not sure what the point of putting Vera in the car to drive 12 feet to the Rovers was. (I do know that in real life, Liz Dawn has emphesyma and it's quite bad. That's why she's been sitting down for the past few months in all her scenes so i suppose it's to do with that but why couldn't they just have shown them in the pub rather than doing the car thing? tsk) Awww but Jack made a lovely speech and even sang to her. He does love his little swampduck, really. It did make some of the older widows think about their lost loved ones. Meanwhile, Paul has stolen some documents from the tin and seems to be now known as Mr. Duckworth to get a loan against number 9 (he never had TErry's name, just in case you were wondering, his name is Clayton). Where have I seen this plot before? Oh yes, nearly 20 years ago when Alan Bradley stole papers and pretended to be Len Fairclough to get a mortgage against number 7. Looks like Leanne won't give him away though. It's all about the cash. seems like he got the money awfully quickly, didn't he? Ah you gotta love tv!

So David did pass the one exam he sat and with flying colours just to stick the knife in to Gail (Oops, sorry... i suppose that's in bad taste considering last week he told Jason he wanted her dead). I doubt he'll go back to school in the fall though. David is just compltely out of control now. He's thoroughly miserable and thoroughly dislikeable now. If Gail doesn't throw some tough love his way soon, he'll be lost. David also seems to really have thrown Jason for a loop.

Yanno, if a man doesn't want to be involved in planning a wedding, don't make him! If he doesn't want to know, you get to do it your way and he doesn't have a say. Why the heck is Cilla parading Frank around the Street for? Looks like she decided to take his job offer to be his personal care worker.

Jerry's all excited about his date with Eileen and thankfully Jodie convinced him to change shirts. The hard way. :) Not much better, though, the second shirt. You couldn't tell where Jerry ended and the tablecloth began! Aw but they seemed to get along pretty well. Yay for Eileen handling the yobs in the kebab shop! Jerry's second date with Eileen cost him more than it would have if he'd just taken her out somewhere! And they did go out... to the shed to escape the kids he'd paid off to stay away! Brilliant scene, though, showing off and taking the mick out of Gail! You'd almost think she was jealous!

Ashley seems to be going off Casey so that wasn't exactly the affair to remember was it? Just enough to put a major dent in his marraige though. Casey says she's going away, hoping i suppose, to put herself out of reach so that Ashley will come running after her? And after it seems to be over, that's when Audrey finally decides someone has to tell Claire except she didn't really. She alluded to it but wouldn't a real friend just tell her outright? IT's weird, Casey says she's selling her flat and going away and Ashley says he's choosing Claire but Casey also seems to beleive that she's going to be with Ashley. But she's leaving. Isn't she? For the first time in months Matt Ramsden was mentioned and Ashley's actually let Josh go overnight? or so it seems. Plot device, clearly. I wonder how thick Claire is actually. Comes back finally, finds Casey there, finds out she stayed the night and cleaned her house. Any more obvious? Telling Casey that she'll be brilliant when she has a family of her own... that's pretty mean considering Casey lost a child. I've never sat through anything so agonizing. It was staring Claire in the face. She was even suspicious and asked him outright and yet when Ashley lied to her, she believed him. I could smack sense into Claire, i really could. And one for Ashley just for good measure. The truth is going to come out of course and Ashley's going to pay for it big time. He's now trying to get shot of her but she won't go. Is she going to turn into some sort of Fatal Attraction nutcase? Stay tuned! It all hits the fan next week!

Steve gets to meet the parents. AT least this time he's taking Amy. I wonder if he's got frequent flier points? Ok, are we ever going to find out which woman Norris fancies? Oh as if you didn't know it was Rita! That's just a given isn't it, though it might have been funnier if it had been Doreen. Aw Hayley's lost her Auntie Monica. Um, Emily and Norris were going to the pub to meet Doreen. How come she came out of Emily's house?

Sunday 18 May 2008

Sunday Comments, May 18

Lines of the week:

  • Casey to Ashley "If he was a real friend, he'd be happy for you"
  • Norris "I'm not really one for idle gossip" (idle, no. Dedicated, yes)
  • Michelle to Steve "I might have forgiven you but there is no way I am ever going to let you forget."
  • Kirk "Nobody's ever led me astray" (No but Molly had a pretty good try at it)
  • Paul "I'm a proper metrosexual, me" Jack "Whatever you do behind closed doors is your business"
  • Liam "I'm just going to shout at the workers. It's cheaper than therapy"
  • Gail "I'm not here for a trim. I'm here for a scalp"
  • Sarah "If he had a life he wouldn't have to make one up"
  • David "I don't do friends. I do enemies"

Ashley sure did lay into Kevin didn't he? He's getting almost as paranoid as Claire. But the difference here is, he's doing it out of guilt. He *knows* he's cheating on Claire and he *knows* everyone will think the worst of him for it. He nearly ripped the ears off poor Kevin who has been there and done that. Casey is well in there and saying vicious and underhanded things. Why won't anyone listen to Becky? She's got the measure of Casey but as pointed out, her own reputation was pretty rough before Hayley gave her the benefit of the doubt. But she's right about Casey and she had nothing to lose by telling Ashley. Kevin could see the signs clearly but others are going to take longer to realize but it won't take long, not with her parading around in Claire's dressing gown. Audrey's figured it out and didn't waste any time taking her turn. At least she was honest and wasn't judging him even if she did disapprove. I think that's because Audrey's probably been the other woman once or twice in her life. It seemed to make Ashley sit up and take notice, though and it looks like Casey is going to up the stakes.

Leave it to Cilla to be scrubbing floors in sheer stockings, heels and a plunging neckline. Did you note the old feller in the wheel chair that was enjoying the view of Cilla's bum? That used to be Charlie West! Now he's Frank Nicholls who used to be a loan shark from the sounds of it. Cilla's now got pound signs flashing in her eyes since she realized Frank has money. She and Frank are so great, trading insults and her giving him an eyeful of cleavage or thigh just for the fun of it and now he wants to hire her as his personal care worker.

Bill and Jason are going to make a bedroom in the garage for David so that Sarah and Jason can have their own room finally? You mean Beth has been sleeping in with the er.. happy couple, all this time? Poor David, though, it makes him feel like he's being pushed out even more than he thinks he already is. This isn't going to bode well for his attitude. And hello? People? Where was it that Richard Hillman first tried to kill the family? Just when you think David couldn't sink any lower... and I can't blame him for wigging out on this one. Sarah got her revenge though. She really made sure Mel knew that David had a crush, turned the screws, then turned away and smiled triumphantly. You know, Sarah's getting to be just as bad as David. Sensibly, Mel didn't go to the film though it wasn't very nice not to let David know. At least Darryl could have texted David. I don't understand why Sarah is so vindictive all of a sudden. They always bickered growing up but she was never like this. Maybe she's just had enough of his antics. And you know what? It'll be her that Gail blames if something happens, because David is the blue eyed boy isn't he? But you know what? if he goes off the rails now, i've a feeling Sarah's provoking him is going to be partly to blame and humiliation doesn't help either.

David is sure showing stalker characteristics, standing in the garden staring at Mel's house, rushing out when she walks past. At least she had the grace to talk to him and she didn't talk down to him either but David has to save face and told Amber he dumped Mel *and* said they were having sex. You just *know* that's going to come back and bite him on the backside and it took about 5 minutes for Amber to tell Darryl and for it to get back to Mel. More humiliation and he deserved it this time. See, if i was Jerry, i'd not have gone to Gail, i'd have shouted the odds at David himself. Still. Gail only grabbed him by the scruff and marched him off to apologize, in front of everyone, because Jerry gave her a hard time. Otherwise it would have been a stern word at home. She should have done more of the scruff thing over the years. overhearing his mother, sister and Gran talking about him. Could have have had any worse a day? No wonder he was feeling murderous towards his mother. Jason at least, seems to be uncomfortable that Sarah is taking such joy in David's misery and he's showing real concern for David and David is even throwing that back. That is one damaged lad and it's probably too late to get him the help he needs. Would he really find a gun and try to kill his mother? I don't think so but Jason isn't too sure.

Rita's back from wherever she had gone (seeing Mavis? i must have missed it if they said). Doreen was brilliant talking to Steve about the Ladyboys of Bangkok. Norris's new friends aren't going to stop nagging him trying to find out which lady he's grown fond of. They think it's Emily but I think it's probably Rita or possibly Doreen. It's quite nice to see Norris having real friends, though. Mel wants to be a copper. Ooh, Jerry finally asked Eileen out though she wasn't too interested at first but she soon changed her mind. I think they'd make a nice couple, actually.

Michelle has accepted Steve's apology even though he never did stop lying by saying he had no intentions of doing more with "Shania" who was the one that told Steve she was a he. You remember, it wasn't that way at all! steve says there won't be a next time. Oh come on. This is STEVE! But it's all back on again with Michelle and even her little revenge make me *yawn*. She's jumped right into the whole committment thing too, back together 5 minutes and she wants him to meet the parents.

Rosie is asking Carla for a full time job and insisting she's not going back to school. Sally is going to do her nut! This time, Sally isn't trying to live her life through her kids but you can't tell a 16 year old that education is important if they've got a few quid in their pocket. She's poncing around acting like what she thinks a grown up acts like and Sally really can see her future. And it isn't the rosy one Rosie thinks it's going to be if she quits school now. But yes, she still knows how to get around her mother but her mother knows how to get around her. Make a financial contribution to the holiday? Heh.

I'm guessing Paul already has a crush on Leanne, Amber definitely has one on David, and Rosie is rapidly developing one on the lovely Liam (who can blame her!) which is probably what's behind her not wanting to go back to school, what do you think? Does Sally think that she can bribe Rosie with a greek holiday? Paul's really trying to ingratiate himself with Vera and Jack by making nice with Molly and shopping for Jack. Is he genuine or is he as slimy as his father? I'm betting on the latter. He saw that Jack keeps spare cash in a Charles and Di tin. Remember, Paul wants to help Leanne out with cash for the restaurant as an investor. He's ordering a fake driving license for himself but in the name of Jack Duckworth. This does not bode well. Leanne is still making cow eyes at Liam. Is there a thawing of his feelings toward her or is it just that he's putting the past behind them. I don't think he wants to get back with her but she wants him that's for sure.

Sunday 11 May 2008

Sunday Comments, May 11

Lines of the week:

  • Doreen about Cilla's new job "As if getting old wasn't bad enough, you have to have *her* looking after you!"
  • Kevin about Sally "Why would i fancy Carla Connor when i've got my own ray of sunshine right here" (huh? Sally?)
  • Claire to Ashley "Marraiges break down over a lot less"
  • Vernon "It wasn't a wasp, it was a bee. A queen" Steve "Were it wearing a crown?"
  • Janice "Sally's knickers loose???? NooooO!!!" (what have i been saying all these years?)

Norris found several kindred spirits at the funeral, in the guises of Angela's ex-husbands, the ones she had after Norris. Why didn't anyone mention Derek, i wonder? Odd seeing Norris with actual male friends, isn't it? He usually hangs out with the rest of the other old women. Looks like Neville runs true to form about some men marrying women just like their mothers. The three of them have formed a club, which greatly amuses Doreen and Rita. The Ex-Husbands' Club. Well more power to them but what's this about Norris having feelings for someone who doesn't know he likes her? Would that be the stalwart Emily? Doreen? (Dislike and love are often two sides of the same coin) or is it the flame wigged Rita? I think his new mates are going to keep the pressure on him until he cracks.

Michelle and Steve are back together. No they aren't. Yes they are. And so it goes. over and over and over. No wonder Ryan was distinctly unimpressed with the news that they were a couple again. Steve of course, never fails to stuff things up by lying and keeping the truth from Michelle so that when she does find out that he would have jumped into bed with Shania, had she been a biological woman, she dumps him yet again. Or at least makes him squirm for a few days. Even then, Steve still didn't tell Michelle the whole truth until he was faced with her and her family backing her up. Thing is, he really did believe he and Michelle were over. This couple gets on my last wick. Lloyd and Jamie, however, were brilliant, keeping up the pressure and ribbing Steve within an inch of his little life about his escapades on holiday. I do wonder why Eileen didn't take her holiday snaps home rather than leave them in the office or in her purse in the office for days for Lloyd and Jamie to get their hands on.

Claire is really getting paranoid, accusing all and sundry of talking about her or laughing about her and even biting Hayley's head off and Casey is really throwing gas on the fire, isn't she? Curled up on the sofa like a snake about to strike. She's pushed Claire out of the house and away from Ashley again and this time, it looks like they didn't have to have sex in the conservatory. Red wine was involved so the end result is a done deal. She stayed overnight and everyone is going to know about it. I'm surprised Becky didn't deck Claire right there when she went at Hayley. Now tell me, I know that Josh is Ashley's son and not Claire's but wouldn't you take both children with you if you were going away? That little boy is going to grow up thinking Claire just doesn't want him around. And Becky, the street's Greek Chorus and general observer already can tell there's something not quite right about Casey, pointing out that Casey seems to be bezzy mates with one and then the other. Claire hasn't made a friend of Audrey, though. Her antennae are up and the red flags are waving. Ashley was pretty rude to her but then he was probably feeling pretty guilty. Claire didn't want Ashley to let Kevin in and then coughed so that Kevin would know she was in there, feet under the table.

David and Sarah are really winding each other up all the time these days. They never used to, not this bad anyway. Sarah told David his shiny shirt looked like a crisp packet so he got his own back by suggesting that Jason doesn't really want to marry her. Jack and Vera's 50th wedding anniversary is coming up, we are reminded. And there's Tyrone out of the country. Does'nt seem right, does it?

The thing is, everything Dev told Leanne was true and she could have done well to take his advice. He was willing to invest but he didn't seem to take it very seriously, calling it a "bit of fun". Can't really blame her for refusing his money in the end but therefore is probably going to make a disaster of this restaurant malarky in the long run. What on earth does she know about running a business let alone one that relies on good customer service? (Ok, but not *that* kind of customer service)

Ah, i see Carla was flat sitting for Michelle. Sally's so proud of Rosie, as she should be. But it certainly sounds like Rosie is leaning towards not going back to school. She's getting to like having cash in hand. Loved Rosie and Sally taking shots at each other, Sally making Rosie seem like a little girl and Rosie criticizing Sally's stitching. You gotta love Sally, though. Janice gets her digs in but Sally always has a great comeback, like her quoting that bit of poetry about a "wh*re" back to Janice. Nice one, Sal! Really, how could Claire have not realized the girls in the pub weren't talking about her? They were talking at the top of their voices and they were only stood 3 feet away. They've really reduced Dev to a dribbling idiot haven't they? What was all that crap about salad cream? Don't understand why Sarah trusts thick Jason to any wedding plans. It sounds like she's planning a posh wedding. With what money? She's not even a fully qualified hair dresser is she?

Cilla has a job as a cleaner but it's really a "hygiene specialist" in a nursing home. She's an odd one though. Doesn't mind displaying her boobs for all to see but doesn't wany anyone to know the actual bra size. David's crush on Mel progresses and Amber seems to have a crush on David, poor girl. I don't understand what the problem is with giving Mel an appointment. If she's got one, there must have been a free spot for it. Mel even seems to be taking pity on him. Really surprised that Tyrone would bother going to his mother's aid... in Spain, no less. Pretty thin excuse to cover for an actor's vacation innit? Tyrone isn't too keen leaving Molly to Paul's helpful hands is he? I'm very surprised Sarah would trust Jason with any important plans or calls to do with the wedding but then she's about as thick as he is.

Monday 5 May 2008

Love in the later years

You know, one of the many things i like about Corrie is that they show characters of all ages. Yes, it seems like they focus on the younger set too much at times but they do still give the senior characters storylines, if not quite frequent enough for me. Soap operas are all about love stories at the heart. And of the heart. And American soaps tend to focus on under 30s for the big love triangles with a few older men hankering after younger women just for variety. That's another great thing about Corrie. There are love stories for all ages.

You don't just get to see the Rosie and Craig, Sarah and Jason or youngish couples like Steve and Michelle getting on with things, you get hot love triangles and stories from characters that are pushing forty (Sally and her men), or fifty (Liz McDonald or that randy Deirdre) and even the seniors get in on the act. Audrey is one of the ones that has been around the block so many times she's got a season pass and she's *still* doing it! She had Archie Shuttleworth and Fred Elliot both pining for her but didn't want to know until Fred decided he was going to marry Bev who was well into her 50s. Then, as we know, Audrey put pressure on Fred who then died of a heart attack in her hallway. Within months, she was snogging Bill Webster behind the bike shed!

Ken Barlow was the master of lady-killers and even recently remarried his love Deirdre who's no slouch in the romance stakes herself as she hits menopause. During a bad patch, he landed on the settee of old flame and mother of his child and by the end of that sojourn, had her chatting him up as well though god knows why. Liz might not be "senior" in age but she's definitely middle aged and is always shown as being a very sexual hot blooded woman.

Blanche still has an ember or two to be fanned. She was after Archie and then had another fella that Tracy took off her. Then there's Doreen Fenwick, Rita's friend. That one is hot for anything in trousers and she's got to be 75 if she's a day. Talk about a randy granny! Emily is probably the only senior that hasn't had a date since 1993 or thereabouts but even then, she was over 60! Vera Duckworth was always chasing (or dragging) Jack up them stairs!

I think my favourite senior's love story, though, was Betty Turpin finding the man she had a mad fling with on VE day and marrying her Billy in 1996. Awww!

Randy grannies and grandpas of the future? I reckon Sally will give any of them a run for their money though i suspect Gail may be off men for a little while longer. Being married to a killer tends to cool your heels pretty quickly and add to that Phil the foot doctor who she first thought was sending her cards from her dead husband. He wasn't, but he was pretty quick to temper and pushed her son around. You can't have that. Still, i reckon Gail will have love in her life sooner or later. Eileen goes through men, too, and all of them rotters. It looked like Dev Alahan, smooth womanizer would have been running with the wolves well into his grey haired days but he's been in cold storage since the breakup with Sunita. The old Devster charm just doesn't seem to be working anymore but I don't think we can count him out just yet.

As for the younger set? I'm betting senior rumpy pumpy participants will include Sarah Platt, Leanne Battersby and Rosie Webster. Sarah's been through a lot of blokes at her tender age. In Canada, she's about to marry Jason and she's not 20 yet is she? Or if she is, it's only just. Leanne beats her on the youngest bride stakes though. Leanne could give Sally a run for her money. She's certainly started off on the wrong stiletto even putting her prostitute phase aside. She and Nick married when she was 16, he 17. Then, more recently, shagging your fiance's father really does tend to give you a reputation. Rosie's skirts are getting shorter and her heels are getting higher and she's Sally Webster's daughter. She started young with Craig and now that she's over her puppy love phase, i think the men of Weatherfield had better watch out.

Sunday 4 May 2008

Sunday Comments, May 4

Lines of the week:

  • Jason to Sarah "Why do you want to get married surrounded by dead people?" Sarah (oh vacuous one) "Because it looks good in the photos!"
  • Eileen singing "Man, I feel like a woman" Steve "Not funny!!! Not funny in the slightest!!" (erm, it is, actually!)
  • Steve to Eileen "Getting the urge to nibble a little Malteser?"
  • Steve "The world is our lobster" (oooh was that a nod to Hilda Oggie?)
  • Tyrone "I'm not much of a doer, more of a thinker" (*snork*)
  • Gail to David "I'm not having you slaughtering pimps and druggies when the vicar's eating his fig rolls"
  • Roger to Janice about Cilla "She's so gobby she makes you seem shy and retiring"

So we get to visit sunny Malta this week with Steve and Eileen. Didn't it look lovely! They had quite an adventure, didn't they? First trying to find a hotel and then having to share a room. (I didn't think the pair of them were ever going to stop bickering! And when they did, Eileen started the self pity party) What was really nice during the holiday was the focus on their friendship even if Steve was the one that put Eileen's admirer off her. Prat! It *was* funny though, when Steve thought he might have had sex with Eileen. He was horrified and embarassed but also annoyed that she seemed to think little of it. Serves him right then :) (Um, they went to bed, Steve passed out, fully dressed but they woke up in the morning, he in his drawers and she in a nightie. Don't tell me she undressed him!) they weren't away very long, just a couple of days. No wonder it was a cheap vacation. A tall looker gave Steveyboy the glad eye and he sucked it up in typical Steve McDonald fashion only to be Stunned that it was a bloke! Will Eileen tell the secret? Will Steve stuff up again? It's *Steve*. Of course he will! And Eileen has photographic evidence, too!

Are we surprised that just as Steve said he was over Michelle, that she turned up again? Of course we aren't. It's all part of the Phrase of Doom syndrome innit? Looks like they're going to continue to bob and weave around each other. Good God that's tedious! Even now they both want to get back together and can't say the words. that's typical of their relationship. They've never been able to communicate properly. She says being apart make her realize how much she cared. Got a funny way of showing it. And what does she do? Use the C word. You could almost see the hairs on the back of Steve's neck standing up. She wants total honesty from Steve. That's going to be a bit tricky. "Forever" until she finds out about Shania. Will he say "But we were on a break!"

Tyrone is keeping up a campaign to annoy Paul just because Paul annoys him by just being. Why wouldn't Paul have told Ty that he had a proper job when Ty was slagging him off as lazy? It would have shut him up. Leanne lost her chef and waiter, does that mean she's doing it all aside from the cooking? If Paul's as good a chef as it seems, Leanne should start making good money at the restaurant and Roger can get some of his money back. Until then, he's going to be living under her and Janice's roof, a constant reminder. You'd have thought he would have been just a *little* smarter than to clean out his entire savings and current account so that he couldn't even pay his rent. And Leanne, did she really think that Dev would invest? And Dev...after Leanne tried to take him for sexual harassment a few years ago, why would he even consider doing business with her?

Sophie still has a crush on her teacher who is now teaching Sally. Bonus! He's going to be around her house sometimes outside of school. Sophie was low necklines and lip gloss! David seems to fancy Mel from next door. Aww bless. He's not that much younger, really. Rosie has had a taste of working life and now seems to be thinking that school might not be the answer. Sally is going to go through the roof! Sally is starting to obsess about her English lessons and "neglecting" her family, at least at mealtimes. You've got a father and two teenage girls that should be able to at least cook basic stuff, she shouldn't have to be the chief cook in times like these. As long as we don't have Kevin starting to whinge. He and Ashley could have whingefests between them.

Jason was shocked that his mother just upped and left on holiday but really, what would she been needed for. Wedding Plans? You know Gail and Sarah are going to take over that and only pretend to let Eileen's opinion matter. It'll probably be more peaceful this way anyway. Mind you, David seems intent on causing trouble with the wedding. What bee got up his bonnet? I like that the vicar had a serious talk to the couple about Jason's previous cold feet.

Angela has died on the golf course and her most recent ex husband, Norris, probably wants to go to the funeral to make sure she's not going to pop up and cackle 'Fooled You!' Still, it was a sudden shock and he'll be thinking about his own mortality now, as you do. He did get a bit over dramatic, though, talking about it to Emily. Love to see Doreen back again though! She knew it was bothering Norris, the death of Angela, no matter how badly their marraige ended. She's a breath of fresh air!

Casey doesn't want Ashley panicking but she keeps turning up when he least expects it and Claire keeps shoving Casey under Ashley's nose. Boy is she going to be pissed when she finds out her husband and her best friend were having it off under her own nose. In the meantime, Casey is going from one to the other and she knows just what to say and it's always the right thing for what the listener wants to hear. Meantime, Claire's still thinking that the police and everyone else think she set the fire. Claire does have a point. Someone tried to kill her, why aren't they even entertaining the thought that it could be the husband? Not that it is but it makes about as much sense.

When you chuck your phone in the sea. The salt water sea. I really don't think there's much point in retrieving it except to toss it out. Cilla seems a bit pointless these days doesn't she?

Thursday 1 May 2008

Are you a Corrie character?

I nicked this from Flaming Nora (Glenda Young) over at her Corrie blog site. I don't know who created the quiz and the spelling and grammar in it are atrocious but anyway....It says I'm Maria Connor and I can't say that would really suit me. Glenda got Tyrone Dobbs and possibly i'm closer to him than i am to Maria, though perhaps a few more clues ;) At least i didn't come out as Carla or David, though!

What Corrie Character Are You?
My Result: Maria Conner
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You are the nicest one, of them all. Your up for a laff most of the time. Your attractive and have a great personality. Family is important to you and so are your loved ones. You stick to one man but don't mind having a piece of someone else's aslong as your single, and feel your doing nothing wrong. You have your ups and downs but always come out in the end with a smile.

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