Sunday 31 October 2010

Sunday Comments, October 31

Lines of the week:
  • Kelly "Half the blokes thought i were a drag queen and the other half thought i were a Diana Ross lookalike booked as entertainment" (You know, i can kind of see that!)
  • Becky "I want to see a film where a fat, balding, middle-aged pig dies in a chainsaw accident"
  • Steve to Ashley "Men can't force women to have babies but women can force men NOT to have babies" (You know he's got a point!)
  • Peter to Joe's request for cash "Tell me, what have I done to make you think I'm soft in the head?"
  • Graeme "I don't think Gail could cope with another one like David."
  • Joe "I'm not about to spontaneously combust!" (too bad)
  • Audrey to Gail "It's so lovely you getting a second chance at your age." (fifth?)
  • Lloyd "Joe's a very lucky man" (in whose universe?)
  • Becky "I don't have to get wasted to have a good time!"
  • Ted to Jo "Any last minute doubts?" Joe "Only whether i'm good enough for her" (I can answer that one. You're not.)
  • Nick "If you weren't my mum, I'd marry you myself" David "That is so wrong on so many levels" (it was kind of ick wasn't it?)

Well that's one question answered. Sarah isn't coming to the wedding because Bethany has chicken pox. Why isn't Gail crushed? You'd think she would be but said she wanted a low key wedding anyway. It's your DAUGHTER and GRANDDAUGHTER! That's hardly high key though with Sarah it could be high drama. And the loan shark has returned and we will be treated to Joe shaking and grimacing and whining again. And why isn't Gail excited to be marrying the man she loves? Maybe because weddings are pretty much routine to her these days ;) Meanwhile, Rick is making sure Joe and his family are being threatened. Surely that's illegal? Can't Joe just go to the police? And if you declare yourself bankrupt, can loan sharks still come after you, legally i mean?

Joe's so desperate he's asking Peter for an advance of wages on a job he hasn't even got yet! He even cadged cash off Ted to pay some of what Rick says he owes. Is there no lengths to which he will stoop? Apparently not and even the wedding day is ruined for Joe when Rick lurks in the back of the pub. (Gail's fifth wedding to the fourth husband, married Brian twice, by the way) I was a bit surprised at the guest list at the wedding. Not even Gail's best friend Sally? And Graeme? Was he David's date?

Man, David and Nick sure tossed around a lot of old baggage didn't they? Seems a bit hypocritical of Nick accusing David of causing all kinds of family trouble and him being there to put a stop to it. Where was Nick all those years? Nottingham isn't that far away. Nobody can dredge up dirt like family, eh?

Molly's pushing for Tyrone to get a job out of Weatherfield but i fail to see how working for someone else is a step up from being half owner of a business that seems to be thriving. And they would never hire him without checking references and the only reference Tyrone would have is his current employer. Kevin.

That was an awful lot of noise Joe and Rick made banging about the garage door right under Rita's window and right outside Gail's house and nobody saw or heard? Rita sends a postcard from a round the world cruise and the photo on it? A picture of the boat. You'd think she would find something a bit nicer from one of the ports of call.

Must be hard for Hayley to hear Becky banging on about not wanting kids when Hayley would give anything to have one. Steve and Becky really are acting childishly aren't they? They don't know how to properly communicate and when they do, each seems to be too involved in their own side of things to try to see the other's.

I see illness hasn't affected Sally's sense of snobbery at all. Dressing up to see the surgeon! Nice to see Carla being very supportive but then as a woman, how could she not be? And have you ever noticed, it's easier to let your emotions out with someone more objective? Do you get the feeling that Michael LeVell was having a hard time doing the scenes where he was telling his father about the surgery and procedures? I thought he was, in particular, more than just acting so i wonder if the cast by that time those scenes were filmed knew that the actress was going through the same thing. He and Sally Whittaker (now Dynevor) are good mates as you would if you'd been working together as long as they have.

Ken, petition, anti-bar, grousing about George, private school, yadda yadda yadda. Deirdre's right, Ken would have done much better to support Peter. By fighting him every step of the way, he only pushed Peter into George's moneybags. Bins aren't being emptied because they're too full? Huh? You'd think Jason could get a couple of hours off for the wedding but then again, if he can't, then Tina shouldn't be so stroppy about it. Oh look Mary's back and she's not happy to see that cozy photo of Freda and Norris! Stalker, much?

My god, someone turned the vocal key on Amy and she said several whole sentences albeit still in that autobot voice. I'm sorry, i'm sure the little girl is very sweet but she's not a natural actress is she?

Did you notice Joe walking around the Kabin while eluding Rick? No Post Office by the door anymore and a previously unseen window pointing right at Gail's door. I've looked at all my photos and aside from the big picture windows on the front and side, i can't see where that blind-covered window would be. Hmm maybe it's the opening that they use to set up the window display. It's the only possibility.

Sunday 24 October 2010

Sunday Comments, October 24

Lines of the week:
  • Molly on New Year's in the Rovers "Out with the old and in with the old"
  • Ryan about the Christian rock group "They smash up hotel rooms but leave the Bible in the drawer after"
  • sally "I don't want to be a condition, i just want to be the same person i always was" (*sniff*)
  • Bill to Kevin about Molly "You make it sound like some kind of accident!"
  • Sophie to Sian "What was he? the main course?"
  • Ryan to MIchelle "It's all right for you to put it about but not all right for me to be with the one i love" *slap* (she *is* a hypocrite!)
  • Molly "What's she got that i haven't?" Kevin "Cancer. You stupid girl"
  • Sally "Molly, you're dull!" Molly "Sally, you're drunk!" Sally "Molly, you're right!"
  • Becky to Claire "From now on keep your nose out of my marraige. Or i'll break it."
  • Rosie to Kevin about Sally "She's got a hangover, not cancer" (ulp!)

Dude! Tyrone's too sexy! Molly doesn't think so. She's brooding over Kevin dumping her while Kevin is worried sick about Sally. Molly was ready to dump Kevin but he dumped her very thoroughly so now she's panting after him again. He got the worst kind of reality check but it's snapped him out of his infatuation pretty swiftly and i'd have been extremely disappointed in him if he hadn't. It's no wonder that Kevin is upset, since his mother died of cancer but this is caught early and Sally is a major character so you know she'll be ok in the end. I can't believe Kevin told his father about Molly, though. Good lord, his dad should have taken a wrench to Kevin's backside when he heard that but he sure gave him a deserved dressing down! Excellent stuff!

Molly wasn't keen to go to the Rovers for New Year's until she heard Kevin and Sally would be there. Then she dressed up with a plunging neckline so he'd know what he was missing and she's still giving Tyrone the runaround. Our poor dim little mechanic nearly guessed she was seeing someone else but her amour Kevin convinced him she wasn't. It's just so obvious! Yet Molly is really making it all about her, flashing her cleavage at Kevin and is convinced that maybe Kevin is making the cancer up because Sally doesn't look sick. Oh just give her a few weeks when the chemo starts! Well Molly just sealed the deal on how Kevin really feels about her

Rosie wants a boob job? Oh *that's* going to go over well with her mother who might lose one or both of hers! Graeme is quite smitten with Rosie, even wearing Auntie Pam's knock off aftershave by Alvin Klein (lol!) Hey! Peter, Leanne and Simon were playing Kerplunk! I bet lots of you had that when you were kids! Natasha dumped Audrey for a hog roast! *snort* So she called the gigolo!!! Lewis certainly is a smooth operator isn't he? He knew she was nervous about hiring him and talked her through it all, telling her exactly what she needed to hear. It was a nice little scene after Audrey's date when she went to Gail's and they more or less made up over Joe.

Yeah. So Michelle gave Ryan a hard time about having sex with Sian and then turned around and skipped off to a posh hotel with a man who is almost a stranger. Nice example, eh? Not only that, Liz let her go on the busiest night of the year. That's completely unrealistic. Aw and Sophie found out she was dumped by Sian for a dvd and a teenage shag. Did anyone see Escape to Victory? It was all over the telly on Corrie on New Year's Day! I quite like those little running "jokes" and references sometimes.

Nick seems a bit keen on Tina but he's far too old for him and anyway, how much can poor David take anyway? Bad enough losing his girlfriend to his sister's ex-husband. But for her to go for his brother? So what do we think of NuNick? I think he's a far better actor if nothing else. The character was always a bit of a pratt so it remains to be seen whether he's changed any.

Steve wants a baby and Becky doesn't. Claire already knows so now Steve knows too. So what's he going to do about it? Looks like he's going to sulk. Then Becky told off Claire and Claire got into an argument with Ashley over fancying Leanne. Anyway, STeve and Becky are certainly up against a roadblock, But does Mother Nature have other ideas?

The Grandad wars continue. Ken bribing with babysitting with one hand and writing petitions with the other, right under Peter's nose in the pub too! I wonder how the view looks from that moral high ground, Ken?

Dev has decided he wants his family back. Does anyone else wish this story would go away? More and more i find Dev increasingly odious and obnoxious. I am glad to see Sunita back but i wish it were under different circumstances. But it seems the only way we can have her back is if she and Dev get back together so it's inevitable i suppose.

Are you getting tired of Michelle? I got tired of her a long time ago. Overused in ridiculous storylines. Lots of people say Becky is overused and they're tired of her, too. I love Becky and i do think that she's the "flavour" of the month but she's such a good actor and her storylines are very much in character where Michelle's were just pulled out of the air. Here's why i think Becky isn't annoying and why Michelle most definitely is

Sunday 17 October 2010

Sunday Comments, October 17

I'm back! Just in time for Christmas too! Wasn't it a good week? Lots of fun and lots of drama too!

Lines of the week
  • Audrey about Zoe's foot in mouth disease "At least she's pretty"
  • Molly to Kevin "How does the view look from the moral high ground?" (She's getting right up my nose!)
  • Molly "Does it not get any better than this?" Pam "Some folk might say you've got everything" (and she is a bit ungrateful isn't she?)
  • Becky to Steve "You kiss her again like that and Turkey won't be the only thing getting stuffed this Christmas!"
  • Rosie to Sally "Christmas is a time of miracles but i wouldn't hold your breath" (you better hope it is!)
  • Amy "Oh Bol......"(sound effects) Eileen "It could have been worse. she could have said Sh..."(sound effects)
  • Molly "Is this really happening?" Kevin "It's all off. Sally's got cancer" Molly "It's not terminal is it? People get better." Kevin "There is no us. Are you so stupid? It's finished. It was a stupid game. We've just had the biggest wake up call we could imagine. .. My wife needs me. Go on... Grow up!" (YAY! FINALLY!)
  • Becky "I think it's better when they're not your own!" (kids, that is)
  • Connie "Do you think we might hear the pitter patter of of little feet by next Christmas?" Pam "I wouldn't count on it" (I would)
I'm glad Ashley had to pull out of the panto. He really isn't a Prince Charming, is he? In my opinion, Claire is selfish. Just get someone else to play the part, surely she can see how busy Ashley is? (I thought he said he was going to take Kirk on for the Christmas rush?) Ah well, Steve gets to be the substitute Prince but he wasn't very good at it was he? Problem is, he doesn't find Claire attractive but he sure does find Becky in thigh high boots attractive! Claire is also a big bossy boots. But the panto? It was brilliant! Great costumes, great characters...Jesse and Sean as the ugly sisters, Carbuncula and Gorgonzola, was brilliant and nobody could be Fairy Godmother but Betty! Amy stopped the show with "bollocks" which really isn't *that* bad but proof positive that she does swear! It's no wonder she fluffed her song. That child never gets any practice speaking out loud on set!

Why wouldn't Sarah come to her mother's wedding? Well since the actor is no longer on the show, it's likely she won't. Tina is turning into a right stroppy mare isn't she? Why all the jealously about Sarah all of a sudden? Ah but now we find out there's not been a divorce yet. I can understand she'd be a bit narked at him not telling her. David certainly enjoyed the big bust up but his girfriend Zoe got the worst of it and dumped David. He didn't seem bothered. Joe has to impress Nick and says he's going to do everything to make Gail happy. Would that include hiding the fact that a loan shark is on his back?

Tina gets drunk and kisses a handsome stranger. Only he's not a stranger! He's the nuNick Tilsley who's arrived after a call for help from Audrey! Eeek! That could be a bit tricky! Is it realistic that Tina didn't know David's brother's full name? She would have known they had different dads I think. She didn't tell Nick her last name or he might have put 2 and 2 together, probably knowing what David's ex girlfriend's name was (Tina) and that Gail is marrying her father. Crossed purposes. Uncrossed on Christmas day... you! YOU!!??

Sophie's baptism was very nice and so nice that Emily was there to contribute as well. I may not share the same beliefs but i do hope that Sophie keeps to her convictions and stays with the church. It seems to fit her quite well and it's nice to see her following her own way.

Sophie chucked Ben to the curb for making a pass at Michelle. Poor lad! Don't you think Michelle was kind of giving off mixed signals? I don't think she even realizes she does it. If it wears pants and she needs attention, it's fair game, it seems. Meanwhile Molly is behaving more and more possessive and things are getting more and more complicated. Kevin should have told her straight away that Sally swept him off to Paris for the weekend in stead of letting her find out from a photo slide show a week later. That should tell her something about his values and goals in life. He's a family man and no matter what he says, he's not going to leave Sally and i can't believe they were going to dump their spouses on Christmas Day!

Especially now Sally has dropped a bombshell. No wonder she wanted this to be a Christmas to remember. Sally has breast cancer and Kevin is going to realize just exactly where his priorities are. Molly finally has had enough and kicks him to the curb which makes Kevin come crawling back, for a slap at first. He begs, he pleads, she finally agrees and then he's got to stop Molly breaking up with Tyrone hours later. Oh come on, Look at that loveable Tyrone, tubby, topless and singing lovesongs to her on the karaoke machine. Why would Molly want Kevin when she's got this? How ironic having her have to sing "Don't go breaking my heart" just before she was going to dump him.

I don't mind telling you, Sally telling Kevin about her breast cancer had tears in my eyes and i didn't know then what i know now. The actress that plays Sally went off screen a few weeks later with an illness. Nothing was said and there was a media blackout on it. I had a sneaking feeling and in the spring the news came out just as she was coming back to work. Sally Whittaker (now she's going by her married name of Dyvenor) found out she had breast cancer herself and was going through most of the scenes knowing she too had to face chemo. Luckily, the actress has done very well and everything looks really good for her.
Will we have Christmas Ceasefire at the Barlows? Of course not! Too bad Blanche wasn't there, she'd have everyone sorted with a heavy dose of guilt. (Sadly, at this time last year when these scenes aired, Maggie Jones was in hospital and died in early December) Deirdre did her best and Peter finally agreed. Ken gets to spend his Christmas not only with George and Eve but with Janice too! Simon was thrilled with is bike after all so that made Ken's Christmas even if they got a flat tire on the first go. And even though George made a mistake with the wine at dinner, Ken took the opportunity to make a big deal of it when anyone could have done the same thing. I think he was narked that George's Wii present upped the bike.

Tina's hair gets higher and higher. It's a wonder she can even hold her head up! With all the times both Sally and Kevin have cheated on each other, you'd think Sally would have spotted the signs, wouldn't you! Steve is brooooodyyyyyyy! As much as Becky is so good with Amy, do you think you'd like to see her pregnant and in hormone hell? eek! Doesn't look like Claire and AShley are going to have much of an anniversary, does it? I guess with Vera gone, someone has to have a marital row on Christmas day! aw but they made it up in the end.
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