Sunday 27 June 2010

Sunday Comments, June 27

I'll be away next weekend so there won't be a post for this week's Corrie.

Lines of the week:

  • Liz to Deirdre "Do you even play bridge?" Deirdre "I don't know about playin it, i'll be ready to jump off it!"
  • Liz "I know Steve's no saint but he were a good kid" (blinders, just like all the other mothers)
  • Hayley "I hate that Hooch. I could do unspeakable things"
  • Steve "Pet Monkeys work out where they're loved and park their hairy backsides down"
  • Slug to Becky "You know i care about you" (yeah, but you care about your skinny backside being out of jail more)
  • Tyrone "Typhoid Tyrone" Jack "I think you mean Typhoo!"
  • Naomi "I've been given the old heave ho by a bloke's six year old!"
  • Cop to Becky "The charges have been dropped" (with the evil eye of Hooch being shot through the blinds at her!)

Ramsay's death has affected Norris more than he's willing to admit. It's good that Rita is making him have a memorial service in Weatherfield for the people that knew Ramsay. Seems like Amber doesn't really want Darryl to come to London with her for some reason. Chances are pretty good that "every weekend" will be "once or twice a month" and then we'll never see her again. Pam is smartening Bill and Jason up! Now they're wearing bright orange overalls. Similar to the prison orange jumpsuits, aren't they? Sean and Leon sure seemed to appreciate Jason!

That was definitely the dinner party from hell. Sally trying to be all posh and a drunken Claire sniping at Ashley and Molly throwing "looks" at Kevin. Everyone ends up insulting each other but Molly keeps jumping to Kevin's defence and being very obvious. Now they're back in the sack and sneaking around again. I can hardly stand watching it. The lies. The deceit. Bleh.

Liz is still bullying Becky. I can understand how she's skeptical and worried that Steve's getting in over his head but I can still dislike how she is treating Becky lately. I hope she has the grace to apologize when she's proven wrong and Becky is cleared because you know that's going to happen! Becky is convinced she's going to prison and doesn't want Steve to be stuck with a wife inside and no life outside, but Steve is more loyal than that. Unfortunately, Liz's attitude sparked Becky's insecurities and she legged it.

Thankfully, Steve found her due to Roy and Hayley's deductive powers. The Transporter in the cab got him there 2 minutes after she had called them he got there before she got on the bus. Over and over he has to convince her he isn't going to run away, that he's going to support her no matter what. And Lloyd had a lucky break and in a 007 moment, leaped into the air and brought Slug down with a crash. Funny moment with Steve and Lloyd trying to decide who was going to rough up Slug and neither of them could do it so they let Becky at him and then they fitted up Hooch, yet again. Hooch didn't seem to want to take the chance that Becky and Slug would be believed. She has a lot of support these days, not like in the past when she had nobody and it's well known, i'm sure, that he has a grudge against her. The accusations would have just enough credence to sink him.

Jack is having trouble finding his own place. Connie wants him to move in with her, platonically, and he can bring his pigeons! But it's hard for Jack to leave it, where he and Vera lived, and battled. Seems to be a lot more sentimental about her now she's gone. She could have used a bit of that when she was alive. You'd think after all the bitching Tyrone did about Connie, they'd have invited him to see her house long before now. All it took was a snooker table and Tyrone was all "It's all forgotten now!" But he did have the grace to apologize.

What's wrong with Peter having a lady over if Simon isn't there? Ken, have you ever heard of doorbells? Turns out she wasn't too keen on kids even though Simon was very well behaved and Simon was very perceptive about her. Awww Simon's bunny died!

Sunday 20 June 2010

Sunday Comments, June 20

Lines of the week:
  • Tina to David "You're a weedly little joker"
  • David "I saw where Joe went...he crawled back into the gutter!"
  • Norris "I nip out to buy a pair of pyjamas and miss a kerfuffle!"
  • Emily "The Berlin Wall came down eventually" Ramsay "Yes, but Norris?"
  • Norris about Emily "It's been like living with a geriatric Holly-Go-Lightly"
  • Pam to Claire "It's a street party, luv, not the G20"
  • Blanche "In my day when sommat bad happened, you stayed home, got drunk, and bit on a shoe!"
  • Kelly "I didn't come here to be insulted" Blanche "Where do you usually go?"
  • Blanche "Folk used to say my mother were a witch" Deirdre "They've said the same thing to me!"

So who beat up David after all that shouting and palaver on the cobbles? Yep, neither Jason nor Joe. It was Gary. But wasn't the insult match between Eileen and Gail fun!

Ashley is still avoiding Claire's bedroom eyes but he's running out of excuses. And waiting for him in her lingerie and having to cover up with a pinnie with a picture of a topless woman wasn't much better! I think it's a bit harsh for her to insist Ashley donate the boxing gloves. It's his most treasured possession, something his Dad got for him. And deciding to tell her about not having the snip in the middle of the fair? What on earth possessed him?

The fete seemed to go ok other than Joshua's allergic reaction. Penny pincher Norris Prat Cole doling out sherbet lemons by the singles...Claire running around with a blue tooth headset and clipboard, ordering everyone around when her stalwart "floater" Sally lazed back and enjoyed a beer in the sunshine. Teresa and Umed in the curry cookoff and the best, the BEST of all was Blanche's fortune telling "booth" (Gypsy Rose Hunt) with Simon as her shill! She had Kelly pegged! mwahahahahaha! Why would anyone want to go to a Pencil Museum? Erm. Me, actually, but it keeps eluding me!
Poor little Josh, though! Janice really didn't do much but at least she was there to comfort the lad until his mum was found. And although most people didn't realize, Bad news arrived with the notice of Ramsay's death on the flight back to Oz. He had a brain tumour! I wonder if that will give Norris the kick up the backside he so richly deserves!

Jesse is turning out to be more high mainenance than already! That bird is driving Eileen mad and now it's walked out the back door! Jesse says the bird has a 60 minute fly past out of the cage. Would he really leave the bird alone in the house for it?

So Ramsay wants to buy one of the flats. Does it come with all the furniture, dishes, flowers and food, and a guitar on the wall too? He thinks he and Norris could live together! Has he lost his mind? Norris might manage to make some sort of relationship with Ramsay eventually, but i highly doubt he'd ever manage to cohabitate with him. It's things like how Norris digs his heels in and treats Ramsay so awful for something that really had no bearing on what Norris has accused him that makes me detest Norris so much. He's driven Ramsay away finally and out of Emily's life, too and Boy, didn't she tear a strip off him! I don't feel one shred of sympathy for him after how he's behaved.

That really sucks, that the "free" trip to Paris that Roy (aka Eddie) won has already expired. That's not realistic. Usually those trips/vouchers are good for a lot longer than a couple of months. And oh ugh, Molly and Kevin are back in the sack. Someone change the channel! It's got to be the worst and ugliest storyline ever. Totally out of character and totally without chemistry.

Sunday 13 June 2010

Sunday Comments, June 13

CBC is showing the World Cup over the next few weeks. What does that mean for Corrie? Well the on screen notice on my telly said that Coronation Street will be on in the weekday evenings as usual but they will not be showing the Sunday Omnibus for the next few weeks. Well, they are, but it'll be at 1:30 on Monday morning! If you have a pvr you could tape it. When they return to Sunday mornings, they will be going back to showing it at 7:30 a.m. local time. I know that in some regions it never changed from 7:30 but in other regions it did. I've heard that Southern Ontario had the same notice so it looks like it'll be returning to early Sunday mornings there too. Check your local listings. I can't remember the date, but i think it was probably coming back to Sundays either June 27 or the first Sunday in July.

Lines of the week:

  • Norris "It's a charm bracelet isn't it? Hope he kept the receipt because it obviously isn't working!" (But it was a joke. One of the few Norris ever makes!)
  • Steve "It's a bit knackering trying to look on the bright side"
  • Joe "are you saying to want to finish?" Gail "I don't know" (pleeeeese dump him!)
  • Betty "Try and pretend I'm not here and I'll try and pretend i'm not listening"
  • Betty "Who'd have thought. Liz McDonald giving up men!" Liz "I didn't say that!"
  • David "When is anyone going to take my side?" Audrey "Oh listen to Saint David of Weatherfield"
  • Jesse "I'm not looking for another mother" (oh are you not?)
  • Eileen to Gail about David "He hasn't been innocent since the day he hacked his way out of your womb!"

Boy did Liz ever make a swift turnaround against Becky! She didn't like her to start with, then thought she was ok but she's back to negativity with a vengeance. She's really being vile isn't she? Worse than anyone else! She told Steve off for taking a piece off her in front of Amy but if she'd kept her mouth shut in the first place and didn't start up with Becky, it wouldn't have come to that. Trying to talk to and then bribing Hooch probably wasn't the best idea Steve has ever had but once they all realized Slug must have been in on the scam, getting his picture to all the cab drivers in Manchester was most definitely Jim's best idea ever. But how much you wanna bet it will be Steve, Lloyd or Eddie that finds Slug? (The only three streetcars drivers we ever see of the supposed 15!)

Gail is getting fed up with Joe and i don't think him making breakfast is going to turn the tide. David is fed up with Joe and Tina for the moment, but only because she's with Jason and rubbing it in David's face. In fact she seems to be intent on giving David grief for everything. I understand why but poor David, it's the like the little boy who cried Wolf! He gets blamed even when he's not doing anything (steal her bracelet). Why oh why can't Gail just get rid of Joe? I'm afraid i'm with David on this one. And Joe being critical about David isn't helping his case either. And in the end Gail gives Joe one last chance. Tina wasn't right that her relationship with David was all bad. It just turned out that way. And as much as David protests that he's had enough of her, he'd take her back in an instant.

So then it's all set up... who beat the crap out of David? Joe was lurking in his van drinking beer and Jason went out gunning for him. All Gail had to do was check Joe's hands. He'd have bruises if he'd done that damage to David's body. and Jason? he's not a violent man and wouldn't have done it anonymously. He'd have pushed David around a bit and shouted at him but i don't think Jason would have done it.

Kevin was driving Rosie's car. Rosie can't drive it herself yet, so i hope she at least insured it for her father and mother to drive but there's not been any mention. I guess we are just to assume. Jesse got what he was angling for, an invite to Eileen's but he's too much of a mama's boy to take it. He only thought he might be ready for committment when his mother threw him out. What's Jesse going to do now that he's moved in and his bird doesn't like Eileen?

Oh heck. Molly and Tyrone are back. Cue more googly eyes and sneaking around. Tyrone brags about his "second honeymoon" so Kevin took Sally house shopping out of town. I guess he figures if he can't have Molly, he doesn't want to live across the road from her either. I wonder if Tyrone is sensing something, now he's buying flowers and asking her if she loves him. I think even he must be starting to figure it out, she's getting sarcastic and critical of him all the time.

Joe's back doesn't seem to be hurting in the least now. Did you see him unload that gear off the van like a 16 year old? Graham has quite the unique cart for his gardening supplies. looks like some castoffs from Joe's kitchen cupboards, too.

I'm really sad that Lloyd and Liz have split up. I don't really know why she finally decided it was over. And she's all in a twist about menopause. I guess for someone that's a live wire like Liz, she must think her youth and sexuality is a thing of the past.

Claire is on a mission and is uber-organizing her Fete. Andy and Jim are gone again. I so enjoy seeing both of them but especially Jim and Liz. The chemistry still crackles between them doesn't it?

Ramsay was leaving and Emily was heartbroken. Norris behaved very very badly during all this. He sniped and insulted Ramsay relentlessly until Ramsay finally gave up. However Rita played matchmaker and put a bug in his ear about the Victoria Court flats and it looks like Ramsay is going to be a permanent thorn in Norris' side if it works out.

Sunday 6 June 2010

Sunday Comments, June 6

Lines of the week:

  • Audrey about Graeme "He's like some sort of Idiot Savant" Blanche "You're half right"
  • Becky "Who needs booze? I'm legless on Lurve!"
  • Becky "I just wanted it to be perfect...and normal"
  • Liz "Before you say it's not about me... it is about me!"
  • Liz "I hope you're not going to start on me" Steve "I don't know where to start starting on you!"
  • Becky "I love you Roy Cropper" (He's a real star!)
  • Becky going up the aisle "I love it when he's gaggin for it!"
  • Maria "I'm not disrespecting his memory" (you are, more than you know!)
  • Hooch "She lied last time and got away with it. Looks like justice has come full circle" (bastard!)
  • Becky to Steve "I'm trouble" Steve "I love trouble. Bring me trouble" (and he's telling the truth!)

Loved the Blackpool Tower made of sausages that Graeme made to tease Ashley about his non-vasectomy! Graeme is an utter and most definite star. Did you see him face off against Blanche over the classic Hollywood movies? He just gets better and better!

Maria might say she and Tony are just friends but you can tell she's got growing feelings and Fiz can tell too. Can't blame her. On the surface, he's charming, handsome and pays all that attention to her and the baby. Does he have genuine feelings for her? He may have convinced himself he does. I'm sure he loves the baby. But we know he murdered her husband so it's really weird! And he's got her completely wrapped around his little finger. He might say he's falling in love with her but i don't trust him for a minute. Michelle went ballistic. You can understand why. Liam's not been dead a year. But she did actually come round. Mammy Connor, on the other hand, is going to lower the brimstone on Maria and Tony. It's a bit quick, yes, but it's not the end of the world.

Poor Steve doesn't trust Slug and i don't blame him. It also looks like he doesn't trust Becky either so that didn't going to go over well. She tried to set up a surprise to get Jim at the wedding and she also had that honeymoon she won. The hen night looked like a fun night in. Loved Becky and Betty together. The Two Frozen Peas dance was punctuated by Anna's swinging her bosums around lol! The Northern Soul dance that Steve and Lloyd did around the ironing board was fun too! You got to hand it to an actor who's less than er...buff and is willing to appear shirtless!

So the wedding day...WHAT was Becky wearing and do you really think a posh wedding dress shop like they went to would carry that??? I much preferred the fluffy pink one from her first wedding! She looked like an ostrich with all those feathers around her hips and hair and tiara high on her head. At least Becky managed to stay sober through it all and on her wedding day though she had a near miss with the panic attack. Roy Cropper to the rescue! Awww lovely to see Jimbo again! And Liz! All she needed to go with that dress was a pair of castanets! Lovely venue (Ryecroft Hall for those of us that were on the locations tour in May!)

But just as we all thought, Slug was in cahoots with that dirty cop and set up Becky. She was sober, but spent her wedding night in a cell. Still, Betty saw him, would she remember him? It doesn't prove he put the package in Becky's bag but it would put forth the possibility. The worst part of it was that Steve didn't believe her and that kind of betrayal has to hurt her to the core. Not only is she being stitched up but her beloved Stevie doesn't believe her. I think if the dirty cop hadn't felt the need to rub her face in it, she'd never have even guessed what happened. Roy and Hayley will stand behind her. Steve only believed her when he saw the cop and it all fell into place. But what a lovely scene between them in the car!
Lloyd been dumped by Liz. It's for certain she was avoiding him, not just by not coming home but by not returning his calls either. But just as he thought it was all lost, who shows up and is too chicken to face Lloyd. (but what did she look like in all pink????) Why did she bother coming back for the wedding if she couldn't face Lloyd? The problem was, Jim came to the wedding, too! Oops! And they had a right old confrontation didn't they with lots of "catch yerself on" and "tell you this and i'll tell you no more!!" Gotta love Jimbo!

Liz and Lloyd had a nice quiet chat. She bared her soul just like she bared her un-made-up face and very un-Liz like clothes and they both cried facing the end of their relationship.

How much longer is Ashley going to be keeping his little secret from Claire i wonder? Sophie has noticed Kevin isn't bothered running when Molly isn't around. Just goes to show you, that's the only reason he even bothered in the first place. Oh hey, Claire's support group is having to fold so hey, let's put on a show, kids!! A Street fair/fete! Claire's got a quest, a crusade, and she's going to turn into the UberOrganizer!

Lloyd (Craig Charles) has lost weight. I see Norris is still bullying Ramsay. You just can't win. He castigates Ramsay for breaking his mug and when it's replaced, and tea is offered, Ramsay can't stay so it's his fault again for not taking up the tea offering. Tina is very worried about her dad and his depression. But a metaphoric kick up the backside isn't what he needs at all, it's medical help and councelling when it's clinical depression.

Tina keeps accusing David of causing Joe's Addiction. Nobody can do that. Joe got addicted long before David got his sticky fingers into it. He teased and played with Joe but i wouldn't even consider what he did as contributing to it. He stole Joe's pills and pretended he'd bought him new ones and then only let him have one now and then. If anything, he's guilty of emotional abuse or bullying but keeping the pills away from Joe was probably better for Joe than anything, albeit putting him into withdrawal. The hard way. It was Joe that wanted David to get the pills and it was Joe that took the pills. Yes, David did enjoy it. Even though David was a little sh#t about it all, Joe is being fair by not blaming David.

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