Sunday 26 September 2010

Sunday Comments, September 26

Lines of the week:
  • Simon "I've got a brain ache and a hand ache" (That's quite the Christmas list, then!)
  • Rosie "I want to be a doctor" John "But you really have to care about people"
  • Sean "I've not got a deviated anything" Sally "That's debatable"
  • Norris about Rosie. "They should lock her up and throw away the key." Becky "John's already tried that"
  • Sally "I've always wanted a pagoda!" (on top of the conservatory, maybe?)
  • Simon "I'm 6, Grandad, i need some wheels!" (bless!)
  • Becky about the faux-Liz partiers "It's like being down Canal Street, knee deep in trannies!"
  • Jesse to Eddie: "I can hear whining but it ain't sirens!"
  • John to Rosie "Get out you pernicious little bitch!"
  • Fiz "Total honesty from now on" John "No matter how painful" (you're gonna wish you remembered that promise, Stape!)
  • Norris about Stape: "Any word on the Weatherfield Ripper?"
Well you just knew Rosie was working up to give John more grief, didn't you? When he didn't bend to blackmail, she set feminism back 40 years by pretending he assaulted her!!! I can believe that Bill would believe her and probably Sally but why on earth would anyone else? and Why would he think Fiz wouldn't believe him? Well, the fact that he didn't go straight home to Fiz to tell her right away, ya think that might have given her a few doubts? She'd have believed him. She knows what Rosie is like. And Rosie backing off from calling the police should have been a big clue right there but gormless Sally and Kevin didn't clue in and John gets arrested yet again. In the end though, John poked holes in Rosie's story in front of everyone and showed her up for the lying cow she is. I cheered. Boy if it was me, i'd have charged Rosie with mischief just so she can see what it feels like. I'm very glad Janice gave her a mouthful about telling tales, too!

Teresa got her and Lloyd banned from the pub so what does she do? Instead of apologize, she throws a party where everyone impersonates Liz. Yes. that's good. That'll get you invited back. Poor Liz, i felt sorry for her but really, dressing the way she does, she does rather invite a bit of ridicule doesn't she? You don't have to dress in twinsets and tweed but there's somewhere in between. If most or even some of the party goers were a bit uncomfortable with the party theme, why did they go into the Rovers at all? Liz got her own back, frying and tossing Lloyd's records (in front of a police car, even!) though I think that was very mean when it wasn't Lloyd's fault. How is hurting him getting back at Teresa? Then Teresa pretends that Lloyd proposed to her when everyone should have known it was the last thing he would have done after that.

Steve, Dev, Bernie, Golf, yadda yadda yadda. Dev is ticked off because Steve was having lessons behind his back? Pot.. Kettle... yadda, yadda, yadda. Dev being an ass on the golf course and a very very poor winner. yadda yadda. By the way, why is Dev acting all uppity about being a member at the club? He's been a guest member for years! Now, did you see that friend of Dev's, Matthew, that was taking lessons and apparently just got engaged but didn't say her name? Watch this space....

Molly's life is tedious. Tyrone witters on and on. Kevin's life is tedious. Rosie and Sally witter on and on. What makes them think life together would be any less tedious? These two are boring the pants off me. It's got to be one of the worst and most illogical storylines ever. And see? Kevin might make the right noises that he wants to leave his family but he jumps at the first sign of crisis and leaves Molly hanging on her on in the hotel. And then Sophie's getting baptized and her exams are next year and of course there's Christmas. It'll be one excuse after another. Will Kevin leave Sally? Somehow i doubt it no matter what he says. Watch this space, too!

Becky is going to drag Claire out for a night on the town. That ought to be interesting. Claire gets drunk with just a sniff of the cork! Only Claire could sip a shooter! Looks like she had a good time, at least but suffered for it. Instead, she's going to take Becky to the dramatic club. And Club is what Becky's going to do to Steve now she's found out about the lessons and the potential membership cost of 2000 quid when he wouldn't even buy her a jacuzzi. Anyway now the golf dreariness seems to be subsiding, Claire and Becky are going to have to put on the panto show the Rovers!!! Or at least they might if they don't stop arguing about who gets to be Cinders and who gets to be the prince. Oh Gosh there hasn't been an event like that for years!

Deirdre moaned about Ken not listening to her. A. Does he ever? B. She was on about weevils. What did she expect? Why did Deirdre ring a taxi for Blanche? Doesn't Ken have a car? He hadn't been drinking, just at the library.

Let the war of the grandads begin! Ken is determined to get Simon a "wow" pressie for Christmas, probably knowing George is going to outspend himself. So if Simon wants a bike, Ken says he'll get one (um, isn't this supposed to be a surprise?) That said, a part time seasonal job is in order. As what? As Father Christmas. Can't you just picture Ken lecturing children on the evils of commercialism? Meanwhile, George is making inroads, seducing Peter and Simon with his taste of the high life, fancy house, and money dripping from every orifice and ready to finance the bar in spite of reservations about Peter's alcoholism. He'd probably have had more luck had he set up a proper interest payment and an investment plan rather than making it seem like a gift. Naturally Peter's pride wouldn't let him accept and naturally, Leanne's Battersby instincts say Yes please!

And yes, I do think George is trying to buy himself into Simon's life. Of course there's also the Christmas dinner war as well, with Ken getting all huffy about someone that he doesn't consider family getting their two pennies in. And the more Ken pushes, the more he's going to push Peter right into George's wallet. Peter's right. Ken never seemed to have much faith in Peter. I understand why Ken is worried that running a bar will be too much temptation for Peter, i do but once his concerns were aired, the prudent thing would be to support him whatever way he can, not fight him. It only makes things worse.

Eddie's got a new scam. Fill up the guttering then charge people to clean them! Eileen wasn't fooled, though, and got her own back on Eddie by stealing his Santa!

Sunday 19 September 2010

Sunday Comments, September 19

Lines of the week:
  • Gail to Audrey "Look at you now, all pursed lips and grimaces" Audrey "I'd rather eat nails than watch you make the wrong choice again!"
  • Bernie "I could say i'm a tarmaccer, been sorting out your drive!" (Ha!)
  • Carla "I swear to you on my mother's life" Maria "You were never that close to your mother" (exactly. Pants on fire!)
  • Tyrone to Molly "That's why we work so well together - we belong together!" Molly "Um.. you better go to work now"
  • Betty, who gets all the good lines, "You know," says Betty, "for a good hairdresser you make a lousy liar, Audrey Roberts!" and "Nobody ever got addicted to a good strong cuppa tea, do they?" (i do know one or two that have, though!)
  • Claire "I find it hard fitting in with the other mums" Graeme "That's because you went mental and got locked up. I can see how it would put some people off"
  • Carla: "Sally. Why are you standing there trying to look important?"
  • Rosie to Carla: "If you need me, I'm available." Carla: "'Available'. Could almost be your middle name, that!"
  • Ryan "And if she did know what difference would it make?" Michelle "It makes a difference as to how much i can hate her"
  • Sean "She might be a bitch, but she's our bitch!
  • Eddie about his carol-less lights "Folk are gonna be that disappointed!" (Right there, right then. I know officially love Eddie! What a star! :)))
Rosie cracks a clue, video... jealousy... murder...Rosie figures she was close to death in that hotel room. It's all about her. Sally is ready to jump in and take over management of the factory. It's all about her, too. Ah but Carla's back and there will be hell to pay, now, and she didn't even know why Tony was arrested. She struggled pretty hard at first to pretend that she had no idea that he'd had Liam killed and the name Jimmy Dockerson gave her heart a jump. Carla and Maria hugging, i bet you never thought you'd see that. Carla nearly plotzed when the cops wanted her to find out if there's any trace of Jimmy in the factory records! And when she did find something, she shredded it! Big mistake there since Sally knows about the receipt. Wouldn't it be less suspicious if she gave a receipt to the police? They already know Tony dealt with Jimmy. I laughed at Sally in the factory when Carla came back, bigging herself up and brown nosing for all she was worth and it didn't get her anywhere. She deserved a good taking down off her high horse! Hayley still got the manager's job!

Maria has had her confidence completely shattered and won't even look after the baby! What did i tell you? Off to Ireland (for Samia Smith's maternity leave) You gotta feel for the poor woman, though. What she's been through is enough to bring anyone to their knees. Audrey was the only one that really made sense to Maria, pointing out that she was punishing herself. Poor Roy seems to have had a rough go of it too, trying to get his feet back under him. I was going to say getting his sealegs back but that might be in poor taste, eh? Maria flitted off to Ireland and that left Michelle to go to the court hearing instead. Well, she warned Ryan not to kick off and then made a show of herself instead.

Oh dear. Amy seems to be picking up some of Becky's rough language. Swear words that start with D! It isn't Damn, either, it's um... "Richard" head. (use your imagination) Claire has decided to get involved in an amateur drama group. That should work since she's quite often a drama queen with red haired temper! Why would Claire want to be Becky's new bezzie mate? You couldn't get two women more different. Is it by default since Claire doesn't fit in with the other school mums and they were bullying Becky? It might work, though. you never know.

Speaking of red hair, Teresa isn't too happy that Lloyd is still sniffing around Liz and Liz has no business being pissy with Teresa for being with Lloyd when she didn't want him anyway. Teresa is particularly angry that Liz reminded her that she only got Lloyd on the rebound. There will be repercussions. Her being nice to Liz immediately puts Liz on her guard and a few drinks under her belt gets her barred, as per usual. I wouldn't trust her either! It looks like Rosie is working herself up to some scheme or other to wind up John. I'm with Fiz. I wouldn't trust her.
Gail's selling up to pay off Joe's debts. Audrey knows there's something afoot and David is just ticked off that he will not be coddled by mummy any more. Naturally David is going to be so mature and make it difficult for everyone who comes to see the house. First looker? The loan shark!!!! Gail and David have no idea. I thought Joe was going to pass right out. And personally i don't blame Audrey for taking against Joe. Gail makes out that Audrey married Alf because he was safe. He was. Joe isn't and Gail likes that. She's going to regret that, mark my words.

Sally wants to see the books and they'll tell a tale. Kevin's been cooking the books for the motel charges without receipts. How's he going to get out of this? Plead stupidity? Boy she sure had Kevin and Molly scared, when she called both of them and demanded Kevin call her back. I guess they are back to motel visits AND taking chances in the Webster marital bed. So much for taking a break to keep people off the scent. Pam was trying to get Tyrone to do something nice for Molly but when you see him there slobbing in his dirty vest and Molly doing all the work, you kind of get the idea why she might have got bored and fed up with him. I'm not excusing her, mind you, the solution is to talk to your partner, not shag his best friend and business partner.

It had to happen. It had to happen that Kevin and Molly would take more and more risks and if Sally ever finds out they were making out on her bed? I wouldn't want to be Kevin or any of his dangly bits. Molly is starting to get more and more pushy, too, wanting to be found out but Kevin seems to be backing off a little, don't you think? Molly should have listened to Auntie Pam. Married men rarely leave their wives and families even if Kevin seems to be coming around to it. That was only after Sally was her usual obnoxious self. Will it happen? Wait and see!
Dull, dull, dull, Dev, Steve, Golf, hiding the golf pro lessons, pretty woman, Dev assuming a golf pro couldn't possibly be a woman and then flirting with her over the 19th hole, Becky stroppy because Steve's playing and paying. yadda yadda yadda. Steve seemed pretty sure that Bernie wasn't a solicitor. You figure he is taking secret lessons behind Dev's back? Well he is. No surprise.

You know, it just wouldn't be Christmas on the Street without someone putting up obnoxious and loud Christmas lights! Les used to do it, the Mallets had done it before and now we have the Windasses. And as awful a character as Eddie is, he's growing on me! He doesn't have a lot of redeeming characteristics but oh my god, Steve Huison is really making Eddie great!

Saturday 11 September 2010

Sunday Comments, September 12

Lines of the week:
  • Julie to Eileen "You're too old to be this paranoid"
  • Tony to the cops about Maria "Grief does funny things" (made her fall for her husband's murderer!)
  • Hayley to Roy "Don't fall in!" (she didn't say don't get pushed in!)
  • Hayley "He murdered your husband. And if i don't do something now, my husband could be next" (and he almost was!)
  • Kirk to Maria "We'll sort it, like we used to" (Awwww)
  • Julie about Eileen "There she is, Big Chief Sitting Bull"
  • Blanche "Naughty Blanche. Naughty!!" (She was brilliant!)
  • Helen "You shared a bed with my son's killer!"
  • David to Joe "You really are the scrapings of a pretty ropey barrel" (I agree!)
Tony's giving Maria a spa day and then packed the baby off to Audrey. And he's still avoiding the police like a bad flu but they found him at the factory and they arrested him on suspicions!!! They did seem to be taking Roy and Hayley's accusations seriously though. They questioned him for five hours but he went off anyway. Last straw and all that. Didn't tell Maria about being questioned. Did he really think nobody would tell her? He put his spin on things, told her the truth about why Roy went to the police but saying that Roy is insane. That doesn't wash with Maria. She says she doesn't believe it but you can see she's shaken and so can Tony.

So. First. You lure Roy out into a dark, spooky location by reporting to the bat society that you've seen the rare sighting. Then. you get into the cafe and try to shut up Hayley (with a carving knife) only Maria got there instead and she believes Hayley's story. Tony knows he's lost her. Right there. He's lost her. He has nothing more to lose now. One last shred of conscience, though, and Tony pulled Roy out of the drink. Even stevens, then he turned himself in. He was so matter of fact, retelling the facts, wasn't he? So cold, so calm. The only reason he even confessed is because he knew Maria doubted him and he'd lost her. He'd lost everything and Roy's needling pushed him over the edge. When he was talking to Maria, wasn't it clear that Tony really is insane? He truly believed he could put murder behind him and make a new life with his victim's widow.

Roy managed to come out of it alive, and still had to make sure he recorded the information about the bat sighting! Poor Maria could be close to another breakdown but awww wasn't Kirk a good big brother? between the aftermath and finding her later at Liam's grave, he really does love her. You gotta feel for the poor girl (a bit more to read about this through this link). She feels stupid for being duped and it's a big thing to be duped over. Let's face it, this isn't just nearly marrying a man that's unfaithful, is it? She knows everyone is going to think she is as well. They'll be sympathetic to her face, most of them but some of them will still have something snarky to say or think. Everyone is in shock and man, you just knew Mammy Connor would have a lot of I Told You So to say! At least she didn't blurt it out to Maria first thing. She waited 5 minutes. Tony never really got her on side as much as she seemed to start to thaw. There was still down deep suspicion.

I'm a bit surprised that, as worried for Hayley's safety as he was, Roy at least didn't take Hayley's mobile. Then there was the awful acting of Ben Thompson (Ryan) who really is as wooden as a plank, isn't he? Kym Marsh (Michelle) isn't a lot better but she can express emotion a tad me realistically. Compare them to the actors playing Roy, Hayley, Becky and Tony who act circles around this lot.

Richmond Canal Apparently, this area of Manchester under those bridges is where the scenes canalside were filmed. It must have been from the other side of the bridges because it doesn't quite look right to me from this side. It's only a short walk from Granada Studios. Once you've seen this week's omni, have a read over here where i've written something on the Downfall of Tony Gordon

Back to our regularly scheduled storylines...

Brilliant stuff! Blanche managed to spill all the Barlow secrets after getting squiffy on wine when George and Eve visited. George didn't take some of the news well but he did apologize...with expensive gifts. Buying their love. I guess he doesn't know any other way. Typical Dev, riding on a guest membership long after the original person who guested him was gone and Steve's guest membership has been for a dead man. Obviously the golf club don't bother checking. Now they've got to actually pay for a membership and they are going to fight over the last open one. Dull, dull, dull.

Eileen doesn't believe that Julie fancies Jesse. I don't think she does either, for all her moaning about finding a fella. But i do think Jesse is tempted by Julie. Laughed at Jesse running down the road away from Julie. I really think that Eileen is too good for Jesse, though. He really does seem to have the apron strings firmly tied and i think he just used Eileen to try to get away from his mother. Very possibly Sean's description of Saggitarius, half donkey half man was closer to the mark than half horse. Half jackass is even closer to the mark. Why lie about your birthday? Because you want to spend it with your mommy and your girlfriend isn't invited. He used the excuse that he didn't think she wanted to go but that's really a pretty lame excuse but apparently, a pretty fair one since she had a horrible time.

John gets to be a pinnie wearing cafe guy. Seems to be a habit, having ex-teachers work in the cafe! So much for signing the van over to Rick the debt collector. He wasn't happy with it and is demanding double the remainder! Joe is back to sweating and grimacing and whinging and he's dragged Gail into it too. Just when David is halfway to possibly accepting Joe, i guess once this gets out, it'll be all daggers drawn again. And i can't blame him, really. He sees someone dragging his mother down. First it was the depression and drug addiction and now crushing debt with a loan shark and his mother about to sell his home out from under him!

You know that running joke about Spa and people talking about shopping? There's a grocery store chain in the UK called Spar.

Becky thinks Gail could wear a dress just like one of hers! Ya think? Here's what she'd look like!

Thursday 9 September 2010

Poor Maria

That poor kid! Loses her husband and then falls in love with the man that had her husband murdered. She thought he was guilty of it but then he was smooth enough to make her think she was just losing her mind. Little by little he managed to get under her skin and she fell in love with him after he delivered her baby on a beach. He may even have fallen in love with her a bit too, in some way. Tony felt he was making up for what he did to her and it could all be put behind him as long as Maria didn't find out.

But she did and he went off the deep end after pushing Roy Cropper into the deep end and pulling him out again. Now everyone knows the truth and Maria can't walk out the door and face the world. She reckons everyone will be staring at her and thinking how stupid she was. They'll be sympathetic to her face, most of them but some of them will still have something snarky to say or think. Well, she was stupid and naive but it isn't her fault completely. Let's face it, this isn't just nearly marrying a man that's unfaithful, is it? Tony Gordon was very slick and smooth and could talk himself out of any pickle and has done. And she was grieving and vulnerable and he took advantage of that.

I do feel bad for Maria. She wasn't too bright but she did get sucked in, too. Now she's got to live with the consequences and was ready to rid the house of any trace of Tony. At least Kirk was there to help and what a lovely man he is too, when it comes to being a big brother. It feels to her like losing Liam all over again and she's lost all her confidence. She doesn't even feel able or entitled to look after a child! You know that will be sorted out quick enough but I expect you'll see her go to Ireland for a break for awhile (because the actress was pregnant and going on maternity leave). You know she *must* not be thinking straight if she's willing to spend an extended time with her mother-in-law!

Maria's never been too bright when it comes to men, has she? She should have stayed with Tyrone all along but she grew up and grew a bit more ... well "sophisticated" isn't quite the word for it, though maybe it is when compared to Tyrone! She lost Ty to Fiz and fell for pretty boy Nick and that was a bad choice. She shagged Toyah's boyfriend, got pregnant and had a termination and that blew up in her face too. There was another go-around with Tyrone but she kept wanting to change him and he knew she didn't really love him the way he loved her. Chalk up another loss. She had a brief fling with Peter Barlow but he had no intention of being around for her. She thought she had it made with Liam but he always loved Carla and was on the verge of leaving her when he was killed. Then there was Tony. Biggest. Mistake. Yet!

What will happen to Maria? Will she manage to find someone she can trust again? Or will she always be the one that makes the wrong choice with men?

Sunday 5 September 2010

Sunday Comments, September 5

Lines of the week:
  • Kevin to Sally "Since when have you ever been able to resist bragging!"
  • Fiz "I've missed this. You going on about stuff i don't understand"
  • Chesney to David "Do sommat nice for a change!"
  • Kevin "I love you and i'd do anything for you" Molly "Except leave your wife" (honey, they almost never do!)
  • Ted on seeing the wee diamond ring "It means we'll have more money for the wedding" Joe ... thinking.... "oh crap"
  • Ted "It's not every day your daughter gets engaged" Sean "That's right, you've not been around very long"
  • John to Tony "Whatever happens, i'm not prepared to be frightened anymore. That's the worst prison of all"
  • Hayley "I thought i'd married a cafe owner, not Cracker!"
  • Steve "You're sleeping with an absolute nutter" Lloyd "You're married to one!"
  • Tony "The hunter chopped up the big bad Wolf with an axe" Maria "He deserved everything he got!" (Feel hunted, much, Tony?)
Roy poked and prodded Tony, even gazed up at him through the rain...Clearly he's getting to Tony. Tony wastes no opportunity to suck up to Hayley as well, making sure she knows he was drugged up and didn't know what he was saying. Tony's conversation with John was interesting, too. John spoke of learining to forgive himself and that he's a different man now that Fiz loves him. I wonder if Tony thinks he's a different man. He's not really, he's still up to his old tricks. He's putting scary pressure on Roy and threatening Hayley too and Hayley is scared Roy is on Tony's case too much.
So everyone got locked out of the factory because Hayley didn't turn up. They called, oh yes, but did they walk 50 yards down the road to the cafe? Why didn't someone do that? tsk. Solution? Go to the police. I wonder how seriously the police actually took them but it looks like they were going to follow up anyway. I'm sure Tony could probably charm them out of it like before but things are definitely closing in. Roy always seems to get so single minded when he gets something under his skinand with no regard for anything else until it goes too far. Next step? Run away but they don't fool Tony, nosiree, and he didn't waste any time getting his nose into the Cropper flat to nick Hayley's keys.

Gary's attitude towards War vets sure got him told very soundly, didn't it? Jesse and Julie got found out! Simon was in the crowd and wasn't he clever, getting to win all the games! It was inevitable that they got busted! and someone should tell Eileen that making a man choose is never going to end up well. It's too bad, John Thompson is a good actor but they didn't do a lot with his character.
So Joe owes 9 thousand pounds??? The loan shark bought 2 grand worth of debt with 7 grand interest! Joe might want to buy a paddle for that boat because he's up the creek! And he should have sold the boat for 5 grand. Instead he gives Rick the van and thinks they're even. Somehow, i doubt that. And will he tell Gail? Will he heckaslike! What does he do next? Buy Gail an engagement ring with the money he didn't actually get in hand from the van!

Aww Kirk and Chesney persuaded David and Zoe to paint Number 5! What stars! Even if they did paint the walls in easter egg colours! I like it! So John is going to live with Fiz... happily ever after? Not if Sally Webster has her way. I know she's got good reason to dislike John, really i do, but she did go a bit over the top. After all, Rosie isn't bothered or scared of having him close by. She never really was scared of him. Mind you, i am surprised that legally he was allowed to live within such a short distance of his victim. Wouldn't that be unusual? Couldn't Sally and Kevin have put in an order or would Rosie have to do it? It would serve Sally right if Fiz called the police but Ches is right, ignoring bullies is the best way to deal with them, especially bullies like Sally. Nice example for your children, though, isn't it? Not.

Style-ista of the week.. Eddie in the buff body pinnie! John fell into a job at the cafe. Steve and Becky are back from honeymoon and Steve's quite surprised to find Theresa with her feet under Lloyd's table. Lloyd's embarassed (wouldn't you be?) and pretended she was cleaning his flat. She'll clean his clock! Steve and Lloyd seem to be pretending to like each other's girlfriend/wife but i thought Lloyd actually did like Becky? I bet most of the photos Anna was looking at that she thought were a scowling young Roy were a scowling young Harold.

So Connie sleepwalks! Molly didn't like hearing about Kevin's past, did she? I wonder if it made her feel like just another bit on the side. Well, i think that's all she is no matter what Kevin says. Molly better get her act together. She's treating Tyrone like dirt and he's getting upset about it all. She needs to leave him or chuck Kevin for good. Kevin wasn't fooling the lawyer with his story about a friend. Now he knows it will cost him big time. That's one more reason not to leave Sally. Married men rarely do. It's rather the exception that proves the rule.
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