Sunday 25 October 2009

Sunday Comments, October 25

Lines of the week:

  • Lloyd "Is it hot in here or is it me?" (Surrounded by DD cups, i wouldn't wonder he's a bit warm!)
  • Pam to Darryl "There's no shame in cross dressing these days!"
  • Eileen about Liz "She's like Madonna and her girls before a show!"
  • Molly to Tyrone "It's not about me punishing yer!" (yes it is!)
  • Jack about Ty's shirt "I've seen more subtle shirts on Nelson Mandela!"
  • Molly "Multiple choice. A. Get rid of her! B. Get rid of her or C. Get rid of her!" Tyrone "Is that a dig?"
  • Blanche to Jackie "At least Deirdre looks like Deirdre, not Dracula's daughter!"
  • Becky to Steve "Darlin the world is littered with lads like you, full of promises and when it comes to it? Cowards!"
  • Liz to Steve "The ruins of your three marraiges are owned by the National Trust" and "I know what I'm doing... i'm going to have that on your tombstone because if anyone doesn't know what they're doing, it's YOU!"

They kissed! They scored!!! But could Liz have worn a lower cut dress to that party????? I do like Liz and Lloyd together but Steve is going to go spare when he finds out! They agreed it was a one off but you could tell it wouldn't be the end of it. So now it's all a big secret with them running up the back stairs all the time. Meanwhile Vernon is sending anniversary cards, talk about not letting go! They keep stealing away for sessions and now, Steve is sitting in the room and Liz is hiding behind a chair. Can discovery be far away? I think not. He could smell his mother's "cheap sickly" perfume and he recognized it! it was funny though, he recited the whole argument that his mother used on him earlier. The reveal is going to be Monday, mark my words.

A bit surprised Steve and Lloyd shut down the cab company on the busiest night of the year. I know neither of them wanted to work but even so...And now Michelle is making plans to go to Ireland. She's not actually asked STeve though, she just assumes he'll go. Becky seems to have her eyes opened. She doesn't think Steve will ever have the guts to leave Michelle and it doesn't look like he will, it's true. He just doesn't want to be the bad guy. Michelle is finally getting a clue, though, figuring Steve is going to break up with her but Liz can see right through her son. She suspects he's got another woman no matter how much he protests the opposite. And the way he protests? It's very clear that he's lying, at least to his mother and she got it in one. Becky. That was confirmed when Steve was complaining to Lloyd and she was hiding.

You can tell Molly really wants to get back with Tyrone but wasn't quite ready. I really think she overreacted to the whole situation. She should know how persuasive her Auntie is, it should be Pam she's not speaking to. Let's see....oil...blow torch ... Kaboom! Now that was odd since she'd already warned him that it was volatile and then she goes at the lock with a torch? I'm Not sure Pam and Darryl are as good a double act as Tyrone was but needs must and where did it end up? Feathers flying over the smoking cludgie! Happy New Year! She's ok but the pigeon coop is a write off. Hope the birdies are ok! Now Molly refuses to believe Tyrone had nothing to do with this. You know, with that attitude, maybe it's better that they do break up. It's gone beyond, now.

But just when it looks like Ty is about to put his foot down, look who's back! The bad pink haired penny! Yes, Jackie Dobbs is back. If anything can get Ty and Molly reunited it's going to be them teaming up against the mother-in-law from hell! She's so horrible but wow, i find her a scream. She can really tie them all up in knots can't she? Her implants exploded? Surrrrreeeee. If i was Jack, i'd have left her in the back yard. Well it worked. Molly finally melted and the wedding's back on. And quickly! The hen do is next week and the wedding shortly after! I guess she didn't actually cancel it though she was "breaking up" with Ty. It's still bothering me that she believed Pam before she was willing to believe Tyrone.

Dev is so annoying. I can't stand it. i just can't stand it. He can't use the groceries from his own store because Tara's too good for it? He's that far up his own backside! I suppose cooking a nice meal for New Year's is just as nice as taking her out. Probably nicer since most restaurants are madhouses. Now Amber's sabotaging the flat so Tara has to keep coming for help but it backfired spectacularly and he's been reduced to a gibbering idiot. No change there, then. They made up and he's ticked at Amber. She's turning 18 and Tara is still going to Edinburgh. You know, she sounds just like her mother when she's angry. I hope she does but i have a feeling she won't and we'll be lumbered with this storyline for awhile yet.

Have i said lately that i just love Blanche? Between snipes at Peter and Jackie, she had me laughing all week.

And you know, Tina keeps looking at Gary, answering the door quietly and listens to his bragging that she wants him, she really wants him, doesn't she realize she's fueling the fire or does she actually fancy him like David suspects? Joe might have tried to man handle Gary but i just can't see Joe as a hard man. He looks too cuddly. Certainly not enough to scare Gary.

Peter seems to have fallen off the wagon. He's leaving rambling phone messages and hiding how much he's drinking.

That's it from me for a few weeks. I'll be on my vacation and probably won't get to watch the show some of the time at least.

Sunday 18 October 2009

Sunday Comments, October 18

Lines of the week:
  • David "The world certainly is my oyster!"
  • Tony "I am not a cold blooded murderer....not yet"
  • Tony to Jed "You're just going to have to trust me!" (eek!)
  • Vikki about the Polish booze "It'll put hairs on your dog"
  • Rita to Colin "You're still in the doghouse, but i'm enjoying the barking"
  • Janice "Get on, i'll be fine" Emily (about the patients) "Yes, but will they?"
  • Betty about Liz's party outfit "Two Words! Mutton. Lamb!" (God i love Betty!)
Phew Jed's not dead after all! Oh God did Tony give Carla the same nightly he used to throttle Jed? Ewwwww! Anyway, it looks like Jed realizes he's got to back down and has gone to some new flat that Tony owns on the promise of no more contact. Only problem is nobody knows where he is and he's left his hat behind because Tony didn't see it and had to leave quickly because he didn't know Vikki was in the house when he was clearing out Jed's things! It was like bloody Panto, him running up and down the stairs everytime someone came in the front door. So Jed is off to Wigan. We think. I figure Tony would have killed Jed when he was first coming conscious that morning if he was going to do him in so Jed's probably ok but now he's disappeared and Emily is worried. Though Norris couldn't care less. Norris got rid of Jed from under his territorial feet and now he's got Jed's cat!

Maria's really freaking out. It started in the cemetery when she found Carla and Tony's flowers. A bit tasteless especially since it was probably Tony's idea even though he blamed Carla and then he snapped and made some very definite veiled threats. I can't blame her for freaking out really. She even managed to outline some of the MURDERER letters in a darker colour so they'd stand out! Can you believe Norris was the one that called the cops? It's not his business that got defaced! I guess the alarm was shut off by the company at Tony's over-the-phone authorization. Then Becky is there watching the whole thing like a Greek chorus and correcting the spelling mistake. Maria tosses the rest of the red paint over Tony's car and gets herself arrested. Tony is an expert at making people believe what he wants and they're all tea and sympathy for the poor bereaved pregnant widow when he's done with them.

It's never Christmas unless there's a disaster at the Platt's and this one was a doozy! The Windasses crash the party. Add booze to the mix, toss in the Websters, garnish with Gary flirting with Tina and serve with a very nicked off Joe and David and the inevitable happens. David rolls around with Gary, Rosie and Tina are pulling hair, Joe starts throwing food and throws all the guests out and then storms out himself. He does come back, tail between his legs but i wonder if Gail will always have that bit of mistrust for him. Nah, this is the Blinder Queen!

Does nobody sit together and open presents anymore? They seem to be all handing them over here and there willy nilly. Seems Hayley is still out of sorts, or so it seems. Glad Becky made a point of telling her what she really had to be thankful for in Roy. Amber is playing cupid and has got Tara and Dev back together. Groan. I don't like that spoiled cow any more than i did her mother. She might say she wants to move away but he'll smooth talk her out of it eventually, you just know it. Mind you, it *was* funny seeing Dev playing Guitar Hero in the flat, complete with fashion accessories!

Steve managed to get some alone time with Becky and even decorated the taxi office for her. Awww!! But he had to lie again to Michelle. He's very good at it even when he nearly gets caught in one lie. There's always another one around the corner. Problem is there are more and more lies and he's going to mess up at some point.

I don't understand. Emily's house is much like the other houses. I think they only have two bedrooms upstairs yet Jed has a bed presumably in a room and Norris has his own room. I distinctly remember her offering Jed the front sitting room on a temporary basis. I hate when these houses turn into little magic places with expandable numbers of rooms. Anyway Emily's Polish Christmas was fun. Vikki got kale-eyed and Mary was analysing the contents of the booze. Norris was his usual snotty self.

Joe seems to be spending more money than he has. That's going to come back to bite him and Tina knows it. Janice seems to have made a new friend.

That had to be the least sweat inducing and "ENERGY" salsa dance class i've ever seen! But Lloyd seems to be catching the interest of both Poppy and Liz, i wonder if there's going to be a smackdown between them over the Blues Brother! In the meantime, he thought a date with the blonde bimbo would be a good thing but she bored him senseless! I kind if think Lloyd and Liz make a good couple. She talks about "maybe if i were 10 years younger" but let's do the (approximate) math. Liz was 16 or 17 having Steve and Andy. She had her 50th not that long ago so she might be 51 now. Lloyd is older than Steve, he could be over 40 though probalby not a lot older. He might be 10 years younger than her but could also be a couple less. It's not really that much of a stretch. When Gail went with Martin,he was barely in his 20s, but Lloyd is almost double that. It's the old double standard isn't it? Nobody blinks when the man is the older. Ken and Deirdre, Mike and most of his women, Roy and Hayley, Peter and Leanne, etc.

Sunday 11 October 2009

Sunday Comments, October 11

Lines of the week:
  • Rosie to Carla "You're gonna sack me" Carla "Oh no. But i'm going to make your life a misery"
  • Mary to Norris "When people are attracted to one another, age is irrelevant" (I wonder who she's talking about! ;)
  • Ken to Peter "You're poison! You wreck everything in your life! Get away!"
  • Ken to Peter about Simon "It seems to me you need him just as much"
  • Norris about Mary "If she sees me as anything, she sees me as a Renaissance Man" (Good old Nozzer!)

Peter apologizes for getting drunk, with a drink. He uses Simon to blackmail Leanne who's got a soft spot for the little boy. But he's definitely developing a drink problem and she's right to be wary. He made an utter twit of himself at the school play. Love Blanche, she shouts at the onlookers, defending her family and she's heartbroken at the prospect of Peter's behaviour and how it will affect Simon, but she's the first one to insult Peter for his drinking. I don't know. If i was in Leanne's shoes i'd be dropping Peter like a hot potato after his drunken performance on the street. Gotta say though, that must have been one long shave and shower for Leanne to have time to go in a cab and return with a bear! Peter's poured his booze down the sink. Wonder how long that will last.

Rosie is going to be a tabloid queen. No surprise there, is there? And she looked pathetic chatting up Gary at the bar, even more than usual. She celebrated her birthday with champagne and Gary! Still, Sophie is always one to cut her sister down. Rosie's blathering on about giving her expenses to the reporter and Sophie pipes up "Oh the one you gave your bus tickets to?" Talk about having no taste in men at all! Gary Windass? Well, at least he's about her age!

I laughed at Steve, Lloyd and Eileen with the pie wars! lol and it ended up in a weight loss competition between the men. Thing is, in the UK timeline, the actor that plays Lloyd does seem to have lost quite a bit of weight. I think Liz and Lloyd would make a good couple. I can well imagine his first full on exercise class would nearly do him in! I don't think Steve would have even survived it!

I utterly fail to believe that Amy Barlow could have landed a part in the play. She never speaks!!! Carla's coming over all cheery, must be the Christmas season. She's letting them have a party, usually they have to convince the bosses to let them. And it looks like they're getting their lottery money! Ray! Now Vikki could afford to go home but i suppose it's a bit last minute.

Carla certainly put Rosie in her place. Quite firmly. It's too bad she can't sack her, due to the fact that it would raise too many questions. Meanwhile Maria is spiralling into madness. Not just what everyone thinks, either, she's obsessed and frantic and out for revenge. This kind of behaviour isn't good for her or the baby and she could end up in a straight jacket if she's not careful. There is more than one way to depilate a feline. She should be biding her time, gathering what evidence she can, calmly. Hysteria doesn't look good in court. Kudos to Carla for telling Maria and Michelle (some of) the truth. Even Audrey doesn't believe her and that's a bit out of character after what she went through at the hands and mind-games of Richard Hillman.

Jed seems to be intent on persuing Tony with Maria's help, and hooking up with Mary, probably that just to wind up Norris. I hope that when the truth comes out, and it will because murderers can't get away with it, that the police inspector has the grace to apologize for not believing Maria. I know there's no provable case but the police could be digging a bit deeper. Jed is blackmailing Tony and he's intent on getting compensation for his house. He isn't scared of Tony but i think he should be. He's got most of his courage out of a bottle. What i can't figure out, though, is this.. Tony asked Carla if she'd want to go to a film. Yet there he was down the ginnel paying off Jed! And then,... and THEN, Jed couldn't leave well enough alone and Tony throttled him in the factory with one of Carla's nightgowns and stuffed him in a big chest. He almost got caught by the factory party guests. Imagine it! The booze is sat on top of the chest that contains a dead(?) body. Tony is wearing Jed's Santa hat. I think this is the first time they've ever had the factory Christmas party at night though, usually it's in the afternoon. Now Tony has a body to get rid of....

I like Mary more and more. What a great character! I see Emily is still bringing Norris' packages to the Kabin rather than let him get them when he comes home. His newest food hamper is all Polish delicacies! Now Norris has shot himself in the foot and has to forswear his turkey for Polish ham.

Steve might be laying off the bad boyfriend game but he's still the same old Steve. Meanwhile Poppy has a job behind the bar and has been given rank over Michelle. That's pretty low, really. Liz didn't even ask her if she wanted the Assistant job.

Colin is most definitely full of horse hockey. He's worming his way into Rita's affections because you know darn well Eileen would never wear the same sort of perfume that Rita would. There's Joe evicted out of his flat. Business must be really bad! Joe's not wanting to tell Gail because he doesn't want to impose. It's an ego thing as much as anything. Even though Joe and Kevin had a chat, Joe really hasn't made any mates on the Street yet.

Sunday 4 October 2009

Sunday comments, October 4

Lines of the week:
  • Tom to Maria "You can convince yourself of anything if you try hard enough"
  • Pam about her "debtors" "Them as did for Billy three fingers. I'd be in for a similar fate if i didn't stump up. No pun intended." (snork)
  • Maria "I am here you know!"
  • Rita to Colin "You old reprobate!"
  • Colin to Eileen "I've brought you some flowers!" Eileen "that makes up for 45 years of disinterest!"
  • Jesse about his wayward wife "She seemed to suddenly know everything about rats!"
  • Liz "Do it for Amy" (the robot child)
  • Tony to Carla "Everyone knows about you and Liam!" (but not as much as there actually was!)

Yep, Tyrone is officially in the doghouse. Molly thinks he's been cheating and from her point of view it does look that way. Pam, though i like her, is selfish isn't she? She should have come clean straight away when she found out what Molly thought instead of lying and saying Tyrone was helping her pay off her own debts. She's allowed to be angry but i think she went a bit over the top in leaving him. And the ever-selfish and greedy Auntie Pam finds out about recycled oil and can't let it go.

Now we have Eileen's father, Colin, and there seems to be a lot of unsettled history there too. IT's very clear though, that he's more interested in the ladies than he is in his family. Not a reliable sort, i'd guess. Did you see how he picked up Tyrone's discarded flowers and presented them to Rita as his own and then pretended he'd recognized her and knew her from the old days? Rita saw straight through him. Now, he said his last name was Postlethwaite but Eileen's is Grimshaw and she has never been married. You don't suppose Eileen's parents weren't married? Then he gave the rejected flowers to Eileen! Definitely a scallywag.

Steve is continuing his campaign to tick off Michelle enough that she'll dump him. The problem with that is that it often has a backfire effect. Didn't you love Jesse the General Custard? Superb stuff! He's an excellent actor, i've seen him in other stuff. Marvellous comic delivery. And do i detect a spark between him and Eileen?

Poor Gail, she finally got used to Jerry and his lot and got them trained to keep the music down to a dull roar when she's got to start all over again with the Windasses. Eddie is going to drive a cab. He's the kind of driver that gives cabbies a bad name. Peter is drinking an awful lot and a drunken Peter isn't really the sort of pressie i'd like to find under my decorated tree!

Liz's new friend from exercise class is a barmaid. Ergo, she will land a job behind the Rovers' bar. Why is it that there's always one family that puts up a Vegas-load of Christmas lights and music? The Battersbys did it, the Malletts had Santa's Nookie Nest and even Derek Wilton blew every fuse in the street with his display. How did Gail and Joe not hear or see Eddie on the ladder in front of their living room window putting up lights?

Maria is on a quest to prove that Tony's guilty. Thing is, when you look at the mounting circumstantial evidence, you could see that even if you didn't think Maria was making it up. It's too bad not one person humours her and thinks a little harder about it all. Tony has his tracks covered pretty well and it doesn't matter that people like Jed or Kevin might believe the worst of him, because he only has to say they have a grudge. Rosie didn't manage the office all that well when Maria came trying to take all the files. "Mum!!!!" You can always tell when someone's losing their marbles, they dress in their rattiest clothes or even go out in their jim jams and their hair is a mess.

So Tony and Carla are back and Tony got the heads up from Maria's frantic messages. Why is Tony always plying Carla with sleeping pills? How would Maria figure Tony would get all her messages if she's leaving them on the home phone rather than a mobile number? Well Tony is going to have some major damage control and oooh he locked the door and it looked like he's going to strangle her!! Saved by Fiz, though, and now it makes Maria look even more off the wall. God it was like something out of a panto, sort of like Richard Hillman heading towards Emily with the cushion. Tony told Carla what Maria was saying, better from him than for her to hear it on the Street, The best defence is a good offence and all that. Tony even talked the police around but it wasn't very difficult. Maria is the picture of a nervous breakdown and she's going to have one if she keeps up. Don't worry, murderers never get away with it, eventually.

Tony nearly gave Carla a heart attack when he said everyone knew about her and Liam but it turns out all they know is the earlier one night stand, not the final full blown affair. She managed not to let the cat out of the bag at least. Otherwise that belt might have got used after all. Carla had a few doubts. She knows Tony is ruthless but he reckons business is business but murder is a whole different animal. She's going to believe him. At least for now. He's very convincing. When you want him to be.

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