Friday 31 August 2012

Fab Photo - Hillman's rage

(This post was originally posted by Sunny Jim on the Coronation Street Blog in July 2012.)

It's time again for another fab Coronation Street photo.With Emily now harbouring a murderer, here's a picture from a time when she had a close call with another one.

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Sneak Preview of next week's Canadian Corrie, Sept. 3 - 7

Without further ado, here's a brief run down of next week's Coronation Street on Canadian Screens:

Kirsty returns to Tyrone. Tina tells Tommy a secret which he lets out of the bag. Kirsty sets about alienating Ty and Tommy. Rob has his eye on the mother and dumps the daughter. Dev isn't as young and suave as he used to be and finds out the hard way. There's a lot more to the surrogacy program than Izzy, Gary and Katy realized.

Gail has fun winding up Eileen when Paul needs a sanctuary. Ryan is struggling. Steve is jealous. Sunita is pressuring Karl and agrees to finance a money making "deal".

For more detail and photos, see the Moosejaw Mercury at

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Overpopulation on the Corrie cobbles

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in August 2012.)

We've never had this many young'uns at one time on Coronation Street that I can remember.  There are seven school aged children attending Bessie Street school and there are four rugrats and one soon to be born. Add in to that a possible surrogacy storyline which would contribute another baby.

Are there too many babies and children on Coronation Street? Yes, I think so. Read about it here, along with my speculation on the near future.

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Thursday 30 August 2012

Corrie originals - William Roache MBE as Ken Barlow

First appeared: 9th December 1960

William Roache has played the role of Coronation Street stalwart Ken Barlow since 1960.

Born in Ilkeston in Derbyshire in 1932, Roache was educated in Rydal School in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. He then joined the army for five years before embarking on an acting career. He made his TV debut in Behind the Mask in 1958 before performing in repertory theatre for two years. In December 1960, his life changed forever when he was cast in the role of 21 year old student Ken Barlow in new drama serial Coronation Street.

For over 50 years, Ken has been a mainstay on the cobbles. While characters come and go, Ken and his quiff have been a constant presence and he’s gone from being a rebellious student to the street’s elder statesman. He’s had four wives (Valerie Tatlock, Janet Reid, Deirdre Langton and Deirdre Rachid), four children (Lawrence, Peter, Susan and Daniel) and a colossal 22 girlfriends! Debuting in the first episode, he’s lived on the street all his life and has held numerous jobs over the years, ranging from a teacher to a newspaper editor and columnist to a supermarket trolley pusher! He’s desired to leave the street on many occasions but his entanglements with women and life in general have let him down. He’s proved much grief and tribulations over the years. He lost his mother, brother, nephew, first wife, father and second wife in the space of 16 years. Plus daughter Susan died in a car crash in 2001 aged 36. In recent years he’s managed to rebuild his relationship with son Peter. When Valerie died in 1971, Ken sent twins Peter and Susan up to Scotland where they were brought up by their maternal grandparents. Deep down, Peter has never forgiven Ken for what he did and always reminds him of what he did.

For over 20 years, he enjoyed a rivalry with Cockney tycoon Mike Baldwin. They originally clashed over principles – Barlow being a socialist while Baldwin was a capitalist. But what embittered their rivalry was Ken’s wife Deirdre. Mike had an affair with her in 1982/3 and when Ken found out they had a memorable showdown on the doorstep of No. 1. The feud escalated when Mike married Ken’s daughter Susan in 1986 but Ken rightly predicted that the marriage wouldn’t last. In 1992, Ken and Mike battled again for the affections of two ladies: Alma Sedgewick and Maggie Redman. Mike eventually married Alma while Ken’s relationship with Maggie fizzled out. After Susan’s death in 2001, Mike and Ken locked horns again for the custody of 13 year old Adam, Susan’s son with Mike which Mike won. Although their relationship thawed as they grew older, they often exchanged insults. Ironically, Mike died of a heart attack in Ken’s arms in 2006 after suffering from Alzheimer’s.

While Ken has always been dubbed boring by the press (a subject that caused Roache himself to take tabloid newspaper The Sun to court in 1990s), Ken has often shared comic scenes with Albert Tatlock, Blanche Hunt and Roy Cropper over the years.

When Jack Howarth (Albert Tatlock) died in March 1984, Roache was left as the sole original character still in Coronation Street, albeit Anne Cunningham (Linda Cheveski) made guest appearances in May and June that year. For 27 years, he was the only original member of cast still in the programme until Philip Lowrie (Dennis Tanner) returned to the show in 2011, having not appeared since 1968. Roache has won much recognition for playing Ken for over 50 years and acknowledges that he loves playing him. He admits though that he thought of quitting in the early 1980s which sparked the Ken/Deirdre/Mike love triangle story in a bid to keep Ken in the programme. Ken had also been saved in 1964 when producer Tim Aspinall wanted to write him and wife Valerie out but both stayed put. Over the years, Roache has become an ambassador for Corrie and due to his long association with the programme is the only one that can recall every stage in the show’s development over the years. In September 2010, he became the world’s longest continuous actor in a drama serial, surpassing US soap As the World Turns veteran Don Hastings (Bob Hughes) who had been in that soap since October 1960. Roache, now 80, is showing no signs of retirement, and has clocked over 4000 episodes over 51 years.

Roache has been married twice. He married Anna Cropper in 1961 and they divorced in 1974. In 1978, he married second wife Sara Mottram and they were married until her death in 2009. He has four children: Linus (b. 1964), Vanya (b. 1967), Verity (b. 1981) and James (b. 1986). He lost daughter Edwina in 1984 from pneumonia when she was only two. Anna, Sara, Linus and James have appeared on Corrie in various roles between 1962 and 2011.  In 2001, Roache was awarded an MBE for his services to acting.

Have you ever seen or met William Roache? Have you any pieces of trivia about him?

Research from Wikipedia, Corriepedia, IMDB and Corrie Net.

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Coronation Street Chit-Chat news catch-up August 2012

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog August 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Here we go with another round up of Coronation Street news. It's those bits and pieces that aren't quite strong enough to make a blog post of their own - and you can read the gossip here, all in one easily digestible chunk.

Anne Kirkbride, who plays Deirdre Barlow, quits twitter after nasty trolls start.  Read that here. Why do people have to be so horrible? I'll never understand.

Mikey North (Gary Windass) wants the bad lad Gary to return to the cobbles. Read that here.

Kym Marsh (Michelle Connor) talks about her upcoming wedding to Jamie Lomax. Read that here.

Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre) has got a celebrity admirer in Italian footballer Mario Ballotelli. Read that here.

Ian Puleston-Davies (Owen Armstrong) wants more storylines. Read that here.

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Wednesday 29 August 2012

She did tell you she was ill...

(This post was originally posted by Rebecca on the Coronation Street Blog in August 2012.)

I suppose it would be too much to hope that Tracy Barlow die? I can't stand the character.

She could have "I told you I was ill" on her headstone, and Amy could carrying on growing up and sassing at Steve.

Win all round, I say.

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Tuesday 28 August 2012

Corrie cast glam up for Inside Soap Awards nominations

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog August 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

In this week's (August 15) fab Inside Soap magazine, five of the Coronation Street cast were photographed in their best bib and tucker - even Norris!  The photoshoot was to publicise the Inside Soap Awards 2012 and Corrie's nominations.

Natalie Gumede (Kirsty Soames) and Lisa George (Beth Tinker) are both nominated in the Best Newcomer category. Malcolm Hebden, who plays Norris has been nominated for Funniest Male. Alan Halsall (Tyrone) Dobbs has been nominated for Best Actor and Catherine Tyldesley (Eva Price) is up for Sexiest Female.

Read the behind-the-scenes photo shoot information here.

Vote for Coronation Street in the Inside Soap Awards here.

We in Canada can sometimes get Inside Soap on the newsstands a few weeks later so keep an eye out for this issue.

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Burnley football club strip to get exclusive preview on Corrie

A scene from Friday‚Äôs Coronation Street with Ken and Deirdre Barlow, Amy McDonald and her screen mother Tracey.  
(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog July 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Burnley football club's new strip got an exclusive preview on Coronation Street says the Lancashire Telegraph.

The club received a request earlier in the summer from Corrie for a junior Clarets kit.

The episode aired last night show Amy (Barlow) McDonald wearing the new Puma shirt. Amy, played by Elle Mulvaney, is pictured crouched over her mother, Tracy, after her health takes a dramatic turn for the worse.

A spokesman for Burnley FC said: “We received a request from Coronation Street to provide a kit for the actress who plays Amy to wear. I believe the context is that she’s taking part in a summer soccer skills course. We were only too glad to provide the strip and are glad that the character of Amy has the good sense to be a Clarets fan.”

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Monday 27 August 2012

Corrie Canada weekly awards: August 20 - 24

 Happy Birthday Chesney!

Smug Cow award: Could Sunita be any smugger around Dev? I think the mighty will fall hard and it'll be sooner than later.

Over protection award: Gary's only adding to Izzy's stress by hovering over her, going behind her back to Rob, and shouting the odds at work.

Inarticulate Award: Ok, I've given him a chance. But I can't understand a word Ryan is saying, even when he's sober.

Fat Brenda's got competition award: Kylie on the switch at Streetcars! Brill!

Generous award: Aww, Roy bought his mother a flight to Palm Springs. She raked him over the coals but was pleased really.

Weatherman fail award: The rain was pouring down on Ryan but Norris, head out the window, was bone dry.

Pink Plank award It wasn't even the pink shirt that Steve had on, it was that faux-Elvis hair he had!

Pants on Fire award: Ryan told Michelle that Kylie gave him the drugs and lies about everything else, too! He just says whatever his mother wants to hear but at least she doesn't believe him now.

Playground award: I'm gonna tell your mummy on you! But David is rightly angry about Ryan offering Kylie cocaine.

Ally award: Gail defends Kylie! She even complimented her!

Coward award: Yellow Star: Eva told Karl Stella wanted to see him. What's his reply? I'll send her a text.

Naive award: Michelle said she really didn't know much about drugs. Really?  She's worked in clubs and pubs most of her adult life.

Pearls before Swine award: I love it that Sylvia dresses to the nines to Skype with Milton, just like a real date!

Backtrack award: Ryan told his mum he "did a bit of coke, all right?" And then he's telling the police and his mother it was only the one time, his first time.

Pants on Fire award: Kirsty pretended she'd seen the Doctor and that it was just hormonal mood swings but Tyrone caught her in a lie. Then she let Deirdre think Tyrone hurt her.
Ryan's still scamming money and doing drugs in spite of him promising not to do it again and stealing from his mother to fund it. Lloyd is right, he's a toerag.

Fuelling the fire award: By leaving Tyrone, Kirsty's only going to make people think he really was knocking her about.

Running off at the mouth award: Deirdre is gossiping about Kirsty all over the place. Gail got fired for that didn't she?

See a solicitor award: Finally! Tracy asked when she's going to get her share of the house sale and Steve isn't going to give her any.

Deja Vu award: Looks like Tyrone may have lost another woman and another child.

Musical ambiance award: Tyrone in the pub with "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" playing in the background.

Dynamic Duo award: Lloyd is back and Steve's got him!

Lines of the week:
Sunita to Leanne "You've been bouncing between Peter and Nick for so long it's like watching a flippin tennis match"
Eileen about Ryan "He's drooled on my postit!"
Ryan "Mom please stop, my sides are splitting"
Lloyd to Karl "We hire the odd lowlife but we draw the line at scumbag"
Steve "Pink is the new black for the man of today" (Yep, red sock in the white laundry"
Kylie to a cab client "Have a brew and stop fussing!"
Steve "He just meeds a steer in the right direction. The firm hand of a firm but achingly cool hand" (who would that be, then?)
Tina "Sean, you break a nail and it's a major drama"
David about Kylie "She's after having a bath" Norris "It's an annual event"
Kylie "I've never read a book in me life" Norris "And she says that so proudly!"
Beth "I lost my virginity in Blackpool...on the ghost train."
Kylie to Michelle "D'you want to explain why you still have all your teeth?"
Emily to Norris "I think you've got the mistaken impression that this is your house"
Steve "I'm not that cunning and conniving" (Yes you are and you know it)
Deirdre "Maybe it's none of my business, but..." (You're right, it's none of your business)
Tracy "How can you sit there and lie to people?" Steve "I'm a businessman!"
Dealer "I don't usually do house calls" (how do you normally sell it? On a market stall?)
Mary "You don't pay people to be your friends" (but you do exact a price, if you're Mary Taylor)
Tracy to Norris "I'll be all right in a few hours without that slap-head... Hoover... Nazi!"

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Michelle Collins considered quitting Corrie because of dodgy accent

Michelle Collins, who plays my least favourite character in Coronation Street, St Ella of the Back Room, is all over the front of the Sun's TV Magazine today saying: “I’m definitely not quitting.”  Oh.

She talks about the criticism she received for her dodgy Northern accent when she first joined Corrie. But it hasn't improved, has it? It's still all over the place. Look, I'm not a St Ella fan. I've tried, really, really hard, but I can't get to like her. I don't find her watchable, she's not lovable and I absolutely hate that she's forced into our faces in almost every scene of every storyline in every episode, saving souls in the back room of the Rovers Return.

This week's Corrie has been more enjoyable of late because she has been in it less. And you notice her absence because it's like a high pitched whine that's been turned off and you can get on and enjoy the business of your favourite soap rather than having to try to blot out a character I can not, just can not, enjoy.

I know she's got her fans, lots of people like St Ella but I'm not one of them and the sooner she goes, the happier this fan will be.

About that continued ropey accent Michelle says: “It was a real shock when the press criticised my accent, because I’d ‘done northern’ before and never been criticised for it. I did get to the point where I said to people high up: ‘Should I just resign? I’ve had enough. I can’t do this.’ But they said no, absolutely not. They told me to fight it and get through it. So I did.”
“The enormity of the criticism made me too scared to watch Corrie on the telly. I still can’t.” 

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Sunday 26 August 2012

Should a Rover Return?

(This post was originally posted by Clinkers (David) on the Coronation Street Blog August 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

They could explode Rita in the middle of the Red Rec or have Sunita burnt as a witch on Jubilee Terrace but it wouldn't matter at the moment. If it ain't the Olympics it ain't happening. Over on the BBC though, tucked away amongst compulsory Gary Lineker and people falling from pommel horses, a brief trailer for THAT OTHER SOAP is doing the rounds. It heralds the return of one of the show's original characters who we'll call Fat Sharon for the sake of this piece. Apparently, she is due to blow into town like a tornado and cause havoc. Apparently. Enough of Albert Square though. Fat Sharon's return did get me thinking about returning characters in general.

In terms of Weatherfield, as the years pass, there seem to be fewer characters for whom a re-tread across the cobbles would be worthwhile. I realise that there was a great deal of anguish in fan-land at the news that dear old Hilda Ogden would not be returning for Betty's funeral. A smart move. Any returning character would have overshadowed the final farewell of one of Corrie's finest. Other than that, there would be no real value in dragging Hilda back, other than for sentimental reasons.

Bringing Dennis Tanner back to the Street after a 43 year break might have looked a little mad on paper, yet it seems to have worked. The character was re-integrated into Street life and has now cemented his position by marrying the lovely Rita. Plus he came back with news of how Elsie had spent her remaining years, so thank you for that Mr T.

Sometimes though, the re-emergence of an old face can be a grave mistake. Step forward Bet Lynch. Her much-heralded 2002 return to the drama turned out to be a massive damp squib. Cocky, jovial, brassy Bet returned as some embittered back street bitch. For me, it didn't make happy viewing and it was less than a happy experience for Julie Goodyear too.

In my own slightly demented fantasy world, I hanker for an appearance from Suzie Birchall. OK, so almost thirty years after her last appearance, it's unlikely. From what I recall, actress Cheryl Murray was invited back on several occasions but cited ill health as her reason for staying away.

Realistically, any returning character should have as much impact on the existing cast as possible. A return should bring disquiet, the resurrection of old arguments, maybe old romantic feelings and the chance to tidy up unfinished business. Which is why we need a dose of Karen McDonald before the end of the year. I'd happily hand over a van-load of Olympic gold medals for the chance to see 'Barren Karen' stomp down the Street, maybe as a successful businesswoman, wreaking her horrible revenge on Tracy, causing upset for Michelle and confusion for Steve. A brief, fiery, memorable visit could be Santa Collinson's Christmas gift to the lot of us. I will ask for nothing else (he lied horribly...)

Should characters be resurrected for any old reason or should they have a purpose? Anyone who replies "Hilda" or "Mavis" can expect to receive a visit from a bellowing Dev.

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Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, August 26

Dev is really reeling from the betrayal and pain. Having Sunita flaunt Karl under his nose isn't helping and it's pretty blatant of her isn't it? It's difficult when you live in a small neighbourhood and everyone knows your business. Dev is garnering everyone's sympathy this time out and Lloyd is being a very good friend. It wasn't so long ago his heart was breaking too. I think Lloyd's heartbreak was a lot more believable really, but then Craig Charles is a top actor. Mostly Jimmi Harkishin seems to have trouble with heartfelt emotion but now and then he can pull a good performance out of the hat when he underplays it. Problem is he usually doesn't.

I wonder why everyone's reaction to utter heartbreak is to get blinding drunk? Norris just couldn't help getting his nose in there to extend his sympathy to Dev, just to get a good close look really. It's really too soon to foist a new man in the house on those children, too. Daddy's gone and here's Karl all in a day. I also don't think Lloyd has any legal right to sack Karl just because of his personal life. Now Karl doesn't think he'll be able to get a job and that's a tragedy because of course nearly everyone has to have a job on their doorstep. Never mind the rest of Greater Manchester (aside from the hospital and Frescos)

Lloyd is a great friend to Dev. Dev got over the initial depression and is now angry and spiteful but at least that's better than crying all the time. Stella got all dressed up to talk to Karl and tell him to get stuffed while he thought he could beg to come home and she'd take him. Boy was he surprised. I wonder when St. Ella is going to let that little gem drop into Sunita's ear. Now she wants him to sign his share of the pub over to her in exchange for his debts but i don't think she's responsible is she? And she told Sunita his debts are hers now, again, how??? He is going to do it anyway, in spite of Sunita urging him not to.

Sean grabbed the really wrong end of the stick, when Marcus was just being friendly, and thought Marcus might want to get back together but in fact, he's tentatively dating that awful Aiden. I don't like him, he seems sneaky and passive aggressive and manipulative. Maria is still really sweet to Marcus and it's nice that Jason likes hanging out with him too but then he'd have got to know him very well living under the same roof. Good to see Brian does stand up to Julie now and then when she was intent on giving Marcus hell for leading Sean astray but at least it made Sean see sense.

Rob seems to be a bit of a tough boss, strict and has high expectations. That's probably good that he's not a pushover. Mind you with Kirk messing up all the time, he's got to be on top of things. It does seem that Rob is a bit overwhelmed having to deal with so many women, though. A bit out of his realm of experience. Dating them is a very different thing! I love Lloyd and Steve back together again! They are always good mates!!! Doctor Carter always seems to have time to leave and make house calls. Why wouldn't Amy's paint just wash right off Norris' shoes? Surely it's water based paint.

Ryan is really pushing the envelope at the cab office. He's falling asleep and then he asked Kylie to cover for him but ... Kylie was flaming brilliant! I want to see her there all the time! (why would Lloyd call the switch and not use the radio in the car?) Steve keeps playing the father figure for Ryan, he even got Lloyd to get Ryan a music gig through Lloyd's mate, and Michelle is certainly lapping it all up. He is a good bloke, really, even if he's a coward and has no spine but I never thought they were suited and I still don't. But Ryan, Ryan's a liar. He will say anything to anyone to get what he wants. What a tosser! And he's doing cocaine and i don't care what you or he says, this wasn't the first time. A little surprised that Kylie was so against it because i can't think she's had a squeaky clean past but maybe she's learned her lesson.

Really didn't think the Bistro was the kind of place Ryan and Kylie would have been comfortable in, and it's probably way more expensive than the Rovers. David wasn't too keen to join she and Ryan but was plenty ticked off when he found out about the drugs and rightly so. But he didn't go after Ryan, he went and tattled on him to his mummy. Michelle hasn't lost the blinders i see. Still willing to believe anything her little beloved baby says even when it's "blindingly" obvious. I think she did the right thing calling the cops but unfortunately Ryan managed to bullsh## his way out of it and Michelle believed him when he said he'd only done it once, yet he'd said, when she caught him the night before, said "So I do a little coke?!!! So what?"

Ryan was a lying tosser when he let Michelle think it was Kylie that gave *him* the drugs. She's completely forgotten what he said the night before (see above) and she, naturally, doesn't think the worst of him so Kylie it is. Except Kylie pushed back and laid a few truths at Michelle's stillettoed feet. Even Gail defended Kylie! (Oh God i love Kylie!) Michelle is starting to have second thoughts about Steve and his attentions and flattery are starting to make inroads and it looks like Michelle doesn't trust Ryan after all. Thank God! Even so, he's still stealing from her and he's still making plans to buy drugs.

It's Chesney's birthday! 18! Gosh remember when he was a little ginger boy? Sally and Kevin are still pretty chummy even if she won't have him back as a lover. Nice that they are still friends at least. Sylvia dresses up to Skype with Milton! Now Roy has bought her a plane ticket to go to Florida and nurse him through his broken leg.

Tracy is still plaguing Norris. That's about the only thing i've ever enjoyed her in. Otherwise it's a broken record, Steve, Steve, Steve. Norris was determined that Tracy was not going to snoop in his bedroom under the guise of cleaning so he padlocked it. Tracy then padlocked him *in* his room! He then leaned out the window in the driving rain to try to get Ryan to unlock him for 20 quid. But while Ryan was soaking wet, there wasn't a damp hair on Norris' head! Tracy finally burned her bridges, though. After Amy ruined one pair of Norris' shoes, Emily gave him Ernests old dancing shoes and Tracy ruined them as well. Emily's patience only goes so far and Tracy is out on her bony backside. But Tracy keeps saying she feels unwell. Is it true? Is she playing on sympathy or is she really ill?

Steve was in a pale pink shirt and everyone razzed him. Next day he's in an even pinker shirt and nobody said a word. Awww Roy bought his mother a ticket to Florida! You didn't really think she'd refuse it in the end? (The actress had been ill and is going to do a Christmas drama for the BBC but she'll be back with us, don't worry) Sylvia gone gives Mary a reason to spend even more time under Roy's feet in the cafe. Now she's maneuvering him into an overnight at a concert in Malvern which is a bit of a hike, to be sure, as it's a good 2 hour drive on the motorway. Hayley came home from nursing her uncle and Roy's face just lit up, a fact not gone unnoticed by Mary no matter how she might have tried to hang on as long as possible, left alone in the end.

Gary is getting overprotective of Izzy again, trying to keep her healthy while pregnant. This of course chafes on Izzy and she gets stubborn but when Gary blasts Rob (at Owen's instigation) for making her work overtime, she kicks back and then doubles over in pain. Sadly, she loses the baby which may or may not be related to her stress or her condition but it sure may give Owen cause to say he told her so even though he wouldn't. He was more upset than i expected. Now, however, Izzy has decided not to take the chance again and doesn't want to have any babies. Understandably she's scared because of her condition but right now isn't the time to make that decision really. Gary's heart is broken.

Kirsty really has a lot of insecurities and that's fueling her temper and violence. Kirsty has a hate on for Fiz because she's an ex girlfriend. Does she know about Maria? Tyrone gave Tommy a few weeks off his repayments but Kirsty went right off her rocker when she heard that and battered poor Tyrone to bruises with a vaccuum cleaner attachment. Now Tina has seen the bruises but Kirsty got to her before he could crumble and admit everything.

Kirsty keeps turning it on him, making him to blame for her feeling insecure and now he's thinking it's his fault. That's very typical behaviour in someone that's being abused. You make the person think it's their fault and wear at their self esteem until they believe they've "asked for it". It's hard to get them to see the real way of it. And Tyrone being brought up with a mother who at the very least emotionally abused him made him a prime target.

Anyway. Tyrone is getting pretty stressed out. He gave in to Kirsty and he pulled the payment holiday back so T&T can't go away. That's what preceeded Tina going to the garage where she saw Ty's bruises and there's far too many Ts in this Street these days. Tina figured it out and Tyrone, who desperately needs someone to talk to, admitted it but blamed her hormones and himself which is tragic. Now he's embarrassed and defensive that he said anything and he's still lying to Kirsty. He tried to get her to go to the doctor and she tried but she chickened out and then let Tyrone believe she had gone. Deirdre knows the truth, however and how is she allowed to keep her job and gossip all over the place about patients? Poor Tyrone, he's lovely but still dim. Normal pregnancy stuff? Normal? Did he forget he's already lived through this with Molly? She never knocked him around.

Tyrone got so wound up over Kirsty lying about the doctor that they had a scuffle and Kirsty ended up with a bruised face, seen of course by Deirdre who now thinks Tyrone is knocking Kirsty around. She'll be backed by Eileen who's heard them fighting and Kirsty let Deirdre think it, too. Yet they've all known Tyrone for years and years, why would they instantly think the worst of him? Well since it all came to a head, she sent Tyrone off for a pint, packed her gear and left him though he came home and caught her. He wasn't able to stop her and now it looks like he might have lost another woman and baby.

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Do you feel sorry for Dev - Yay or Nay?

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog July 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Anyone feeling sorry for Devendra after last night's Coronation Street when Sunita left him?

'You haven't hurt me," Dev told Sunita. "You've angered me, disappointed me and made me look like a fool in front of my friends and neighbours.'

Well, that's as maybe. But if he'd paid Sunita a bit of attention and not been so patronising in his dealings with her, maybe he wouldn't be in this state now.

He's only got himself to blame, I reckon, so I'm not feeling sorry for him. It's a  Nay from me - what about you?

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Saturday 25 August 2012

Corrie set fails to win English Heritage listed status

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog June 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

The current Coronation Street set in Manchester has failed to win listed status as an historic building because of its constant reinvention to suit the changing demands of TV drama.

The Guardian (along with many news sources) reports that Coronation Street, which is threatened by redevelopment as the city's media move from central Manchester to Salford Quays, lost out after a detailed analysis by English Heritage.

English Heritage said it failed the listing system's "extremely strict" criteria on age, albeit only by months, but other problems with supposed historic and architectural value were rife.

The ruling says: "Most of the houses do not have interiors and therefore exist as facades, and most of those have been altered. The set as it stands today is an active reminder of the long-running television programme, rather than a survival of an earlier era of television productions."

The full-size street was opened by the Queen, an indication of the show's status rather than the quality of the set. Its two predecessors were built smaller than life-size to fit into Granada TV's production space, obliging actors to walk more slowly than normal. The first set was indoors; the second outside and unpopular with staff because it was built at an angle which caught the wind.

A number of housing and tourism groups are thought to have approached ITV, which is expected to move out next year.

ITV Granada said in a statement: "We continue to consider the future of the Coronation Street set ahead of our planned move to Media City".

Nick Bridgland, of English Heritage, said: "There is no question that Coronation Street is a television institution and holds a huge place in many people's hearts. While listing is not appropriate for the set, a better solution could be for a local group or organisation with an interest to care for it and allow fans from all over the world to visit and enjoy it."

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Corrie cast nominate their Pride of Britain unsung heroes

Coronation Street stars Charlie Condu, Toby Sawyer and Sue Cleaver come out to see the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain BusCoronation Street cast members  took time out to nominate their unsung heroes for the Mirror's Pride of Britain Awards.

Catherine Tyldesley, who plays Eva Price, nominated staff at Manchester’s Christie Hospital, one of Europe’s leading cancer treatment centres, for an honour.

She said: “It is the most incredible place, they make lives so much better. A couple of my friends and family have been helped by them. The job they do is awesome. A lot of us here at Coronation Street are right behind them for Pride of Britain. The awards are very important. They are one of the things, like fish and chips, pies, puddings and pubs that make me proud to be British.”

Samia Ghadie, who plays Maria Connor, nominated the East Cheshire Hospice which cared for her father Joseph when he lost his battle with cancer in 2009. She said: “The doctors and nurses there do an amazing job.”

John Michie, who plays Karl Munro, said: “I’d like to nominate a group of people I think work really hard – teachers at inclusive comprehensive schools who not only educate academically but also about life.”

Charlie Condou (Marcus Dent) said: “I’m nominating all the NHS’s paediatric specialist nurses. They do a wonderful job and many families exist because of their fine work.”

Sue Cleaver (Eileen Grimshaw) nominated all of Britain’s volunteers.

The Mirror's Pride of Britain, sponsored by Lidl, is in its 14th year and honours ordinary people who do extraordinary things. There some good video interviews and pictures of the Pride of Britain bus on Coronation Street at the Mirror website here where you can also nominate your own unsung heroes.

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Friday 24 August 2012

Fab Photo - Lobster power!

(This post was originally posted on the Coronation Street Blog June 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

It's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. I will leave you to come up with your own captions for these peculiar pictures.

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Sneak Preview of next week's Canadian Corrie, Aug. 27 - 31

Without further ado, here's a brief run down of next week's Coronation Street on Canadian Screens:

Tyrone is gutted that Kirsty's gone and taking it out on everyone. He confides in Tina and later, Kevin who encourages him to fight for his baby and Tommy tries to help too but Tyrone is not coping well.

Tracy pushes Emily's patience too far and is evicted but soon collapses from a dangerous kidney infection. In hospital, Steve says all the right things which give Tracy the wrong impression, meanwhile he and Michelle are getting closer. When Tracy finds out the truth, she's out for revenge and lashes out at Michelle as soon as she gets home.

Chesney, Ryan, and Sunita are all complaining about finances. Karl gets a job in the factory but Eva takes action. Gary helps out Chesney. The christening doesn't go well when Owen finds out about Katy's offer to Gary and Izzy. Chesney has doubts as well and Owen intends on using them. Karl and Sunita clash with Stella and Leanne. Has Stella got a new admirer?

Roy and Mary's concert evening in Malvern is cut short when there's a hotel mix up and Roy really wants to get back to Hayley. Mary decides to leave town but someone surprising stops her after a heart to heart.

For more detail and photos, see the Moosejaw Mercury at

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Thursday 23 August 2012

Corrie originals - Violet Carson OBE as Ena Sharples

First appeared: 9th December 1960

Last appeared: 2nd April 1980

Violet Carson played the role of hag in a hairnet Ena Sharples between 1960 and 1980.

Born in Manchester in 1898, Carson had a successful career prior to her debut in Coronation Street. Her career was mainly radio based and was a regular member of the BBC’s Children’s Hour from 1928 alongside Wilfred Pickles and Trevor Hill. Corrie’s creator, Tony Warren, appeared on Children’s Hour and that’s how Carson got the role of Ena many years later. She made her television debut in 1957 in A Job for the Boy and appeared in various programmes between 1958 and 1960.

In 1960, Violet was cast in the role of 61 year old battleaxe Ena Sharples in new serial Coronation Street – a role she would play for twenty years. Debuting in the first episode, Ena made her mark as the nosy, gossipy and moralising battleaxe of Coronation Street. Her feud with street siren Elsie Tanner dominated her early storylines, with them having slanging matches in the street and catty remarks. When not clashing with Elsie, Ena was to be found drinking milk stout and gossiping with fellow cronies Martha Longhurst and Minnie Caldwell in the Rovers snug. A staunch Christian, Ena worked as the caretaker of the Mission Hall on the street until its demolition in 1968 and then the Community Centre between 1971 and 1973 and then from 1975 until 1980.

Known for her trademark image of wearing a hairnet and a double-breasted raincoat, Ena would also clash with Annie Walker and Leonard Swindley over various matters. Having lost husband Alfred since the 1930s and driven her children away, Ena, although she didn’t admit it, was devoted to her friends. She was fiercely defendant of best friend Minnie and helped her out when she had money problems. Violet Carson’s experience of being an accompanist came out when playing Ena, who could also play the piano and would lead sing-alongs in the Rovers and taught young Tony Parsons to play the harmonium.

Playing Ena made Violet Carson a household name in Britain and abroad. She toured Australia in 1968 to visit loyal fans and was awarded an OBE in 1965. She did however admit that playing Ena had become a burden and that Ena would take over but Violet stayed loyal for twenty years. During the 1970s, Violet was plagued by ill health and suffered strokes and heart attacks. From 1974 onwards, she would only make sporadic appearances in Coronation Street. During her absences, Ena was said to be in Lytham St. Anne’s with old friend Henry Foster or visiting family in Hartlepool. Due to her frailty and affected speech, Violet Carson would only appear in few scenes and, although there were still signs of the old battleaxe still there, Ena as a character mellowed and became a grandmother figure to the residents of the street. When Minnie left for Whaley Bridge in 1976, Ena socialised and reminisced with old friend Albert Tatlock and her frosty relationship with Elsie thawed as they both grew older with Elsie even offering Ena a bed when the Community Centre was being refurbished. In 1980, Ena became fed up of the Centre still being renovated and left for St. Anne’s once more. Both the producers and indeed Violet Carson herself believed Ena would return, but sadly didn’t. Carson fell ill and all return storylines for Ena were scrapped. For twenty years, Carson appeared in 1150 episodes and at the time of her departure, was one of five members of the original cast still in the programme.

Three years after her final Corrie appearance, Violet Carson died aged 85 after failing to recover after an operation for an abscess. She had been living in Blackpool for many years and that is where she died. Ena wasn’t officially killed off, but died prior to 1989.

Violet Carson married George Pepworth in 1926 but became a widow in 1929. She never remarried and thus was a widow for 54 years.
Did you ever see or meet Violet Carson? Do you have any pieces of trivia about her? Any memories of her on Children's Hour?

Research from Wikipedia, Corriepedia and IMDB.

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Coronation Street Blog visits the Weatherfield garden

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog August 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Recently in Southport, UK, there was a big Flower Show. They had a Coronation Street themed garden and two intrepid reporters, Nikki and John Beresford - went along to the Southport Flower Show to have a look at the Coronation Street themed garden and blogged for our sister blog, The Coronation Street Blog 

Here's the report from Nikki and John, who also had the pleasure of meeting Corrie cast members David Neilson and Patti Claire - who play Roy and Mary.  All photos on this blog post are those taken at the Flower Show today by Nikki and John.

And so, over to John:

"The brief summer interlude that had surprised us earlier this week gave way to yet more rain today, perhaps in honour of Weatherfield's visit to the Southport Flower Show.  Coronation Street stars David Neilson (Roy Cropper) and Patti Clare (Mary Taylor) braved the inclement weather to visit the Weatherfield-themed show garden, created by award-winning designer Chris Ashcroft.

The garden features a Rovers Return pergola, under which visitors were gleefully taking turns to be photographed sinking a pint of Newton & Ridley's at the bar, and the famous chimney pots seen in the Street’s opening credits since 1960. The pergola is creatively balanced by a gazebo on the other side of the garden, under which is set a comfy sofa (supplied by Coronation Street sponsor Harveys) for visitors to take the weight off their feet, although very few braved the stares of onlookers to do so!

John Beresford enjoying a pint of Newton & Ridley in the Corrie garden
David Nielson said he was: "Looking forward to seeing the flower show as nature cannot be hurried and in today's modern, frantic world it does you good to escape into the calm of being surrounded by nature and this lovely relaxing environment." The attention of many devoted Coronation Street fans desperate to grab a photo opportunity meant that, for David at least, today's garden visit was perhaps not such a calm environment as he had hoped, but both he and Patti were clearly delighted to meet the many fans who had turned up to see both them and the garden.
Corrie's Patti Claire (Mary) poses for photos with fans at the Flower Show
Knowing our readers' love of insider gossip, I asked Patti whether we had seen the last of the controversial storyline concerning her character Mary's designs on Roy. Choosing her words very careful, Patti replied that the story would continue to play out for some time yet, but perhaps not in the way we all expect. Read into that what you will! She added that in a related story, Mary is about to offer help to a friend, with predictably catastrophic (and no doubt hilarious) results.
The Southport Flower Show continues until Sunday 19 August.
John Beresford
Read my novel war of nutrition
Hear our new album at

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Wednesday 22 August 2012

Coronation Street theme tune - Metal Style

There are a number of different styles of the Corrie theme tune but closest to my heart are these two in the Metal style!

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Could Kirsty's abuse last for years?

(This post was originally posted by me on the Coronation Street Blog in August 2012.)

Alan Halsall has been doing the rounds of the media this week in anticipation of Friday's storyline where Tina discovers Tyrone nursing bruises on his body.

There's a video on the site as well as on (neither of which is viewable outside the UK). The gist of it all has Kirsty lashing out again when she discovers that Tyrone has excused Tommy on one of his repayments.

Because Tina caught him medicating the resulting bruises, Tyrone confides in her. He has convinced himself that Kirsty's mood swings are related to pregnancy hormones but Alan admits in real life situations like this can go on for years. Having said that, I don't think we'll be subject to an ongoing storyline lasting that long.

Next week sees Tyrone hit a breaking point and strike back at Kirsty, her injuries are seen by Deirdre and he's embarassed and angered that his neighbours may find out and think he's the one that's the abusive one. It all boils over but after taking a breather, Tyrone returns home to find Kirsty has done a runner!

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State of the Street - July 2012

The end of yet another month is upon us. There were breakups and make ups. New faces arrived and old faces departed (for awhile). One or two things made me smile (Yay, Lloyd's back!) but there was a lot that had me rolling my eyes and sighing with frustration this month. I'd say there was more that I could have done without rather than looked forward to but that's the way it goes some months.

Read more detail on the State of the Street.

And as this post was originally on the Coronation Street blog in July 31, you can see that as of this date we're about 3 weeks behind in Canada. This is unprecedented. The closest I can remember being behind the UK ever was 6 weeks!

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Mikey North interview on Izzy and Gary losing the baby

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog July 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Mikey North and Cherylee Houston, who play Coronation Street's Gary and Izzy, are two of my absolute favourites on Corrie.   And there's an excellent interview today over at Digital Spy with Mikey North who talks about the baby storyline and how Gary and Izzy deal with losing the baby.

There's a great quote which I think speaks volumes about why this Corrie couple have such great chemistry on screen, it's clearly because they're such great friends in real life.

Mikey says this: "I love working with Cherylee as she's brilliant. She's an inspiration as she goes through so much every day just to get into work and to give the level of performance that she does. I love her to bits and can't speak highly enough of her."

Read the full interview here.

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Tuesday 21 August 2012

Coronation Street writer pens soap novel

Coronation Street writer Jonathan Harvey has just had his debut novel published, and it's all about a soap actress called Jodie McGee.  Ooh, I wonder who it's based on?

In an interview with the Liverpool Echo, Jonathan says this about the heroine of his book: “I think there’s a lot of me in her if I’m honest. She’s certainly not based on any one particular person. Or even an amalgam of people really.”

Jonathan's novel is about Jodie McGee, a fictional character and star of a Liverpool-based soap called Acacia Avenue. It's published next week by Pan Macmillan next week and Corrie gets a few mentions in the book too.

And the novel is already being turned into an audiobook, read by Liverpool actress Leanne Best, who worked on Corrie! the stage play.

Jonathan's novel All She Wants is out next week, price £7.99.

Find out more about Corrie writer Jonathan Harvey here.

And read the Coronation Street Blog's exclusive interview with Jonathan Harvey here.

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Julie Hesmondhalgh swaps Coronation Street for stage

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog August 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Julie Hesmondhalgh, who plays Coronation Street's Hayley Cropper, sent out this message yesterday on twitter:  @juliehes "Right that's me done. Bye bye Weatherfield till October!"

Julie will be starring in a new stage play at Manchester's Royal Exchange.

The play is Black Roses: The Killing of Sophie Lancaster, a moving response to the death of a young student, who was killed because she dressed differently. Julie will be playing the part of Sophie's mum Sylvia, with Sophie played by Rachel Austin.

Black Roses is an elegy for Sophie in which she tells her own story through a series of poems by the award-winning poet Simon Armitage, alongside the words of her mother, Sylvia Lancaster, remembering her daughter’s shortened life.

The piece provoked an unprecedented response when it premiered on Radio Four last year, winning the BBC Audio and Music Best Speech Programme of the Year Award.

The play runs from 19-29 September 2012. Find out more at the Royal Exchange website.

See also: The Sophie Lancaster Foundation

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Monday 20 August 2012

Every Street's a Coronation Street

(This post was originally posted on the Coronation Street Blog June 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

I was watching some Coronation Street videos on YouTube just now and I came across this little gem.
It's a song called Every Street's a Coronation Street sung by Max Bygraves and was released back in 1962. I must say I've never heard the song before. Have you? A bit of background to the song would be nice.
As it was recorded in 1962, the song does refer to the Coronation Street of the 1960s - the Rovers, the Mission Hall and the Corner Shop. There's also a reference to Ena Sharples and Elsie Tanner. And the person responsible for putting the song up on the site (Cymrobach1 which in Welsh means Little Welshman 1!) has done a clever slide show that runs concurrently with the lyrics of the song.  Have a look and listen and the tune's very catchy!
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Anne Kirkbride on being different to Deirdre

(This post was originally posted by Flaming Nora on the Coronation Street Blog June 2012, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Anne Kirkbride, who plays Coronation Street's Deirdre Barlow, tells this week's 20th birthday special Inside Soap magazine, that she doesn't answer when anyone shouts out "Deirdre!" in the Street.  Wise woman!

She was asked: "What do you think when you go to the shops and see yourself in magazines?" and replied: "To be honest, I differentiate between me and Deirdre, so if it's a Deirdre front cover, it just wouldn't be something I'd worry about."

And then she was asked how she feels about meeting Corrie viewers when she's out shopping. "Everyone is really lovely when I'm out and about - but I only answer to people if they call me Annie. If they've gone to the trouble of knowing my real name, then I really appreciate that. If people just yell 'Deirdre' though, I don't turn around."

Sounds like a sorted kind of woman. You can follow her on twitter @annekirkbride - but just don't call her Deirdre.

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Corrie Canada weekly awards: August 13 - 17

Wrong end of the stick award: Kirk thought Marcus fancied him! Aw bless!

Head in the clouds award: Peter thinks running away will solve all his problems. It won't.

Classic enabling award: Tyrone is always finding reasons to blame himself for Kirsty's tantrums

Revenge award: Peter says he's doing it for Simon but he's doing it to get back at Nick and Leanne and Nick knows it.

Bleach my brain award: Mary suggested she should have worn a low cut top to distract Roy. Ewww.

Fashion shout out to Kirk for his top tshirt!

Forerunner/Deja Vu award: Steve seems to have very fond memories of Michelle. Where did that come from?

Done her homework award: Mary has most definitely brushed up on all of Roy's likes, dislikes, and even his emotional "buttons" like his father and invents her own empathy for him.

Money grows on trees award: Dev is still always moaning about financial problems yet is willing to spend a fortune on a wedding venue and holidays etc.

Granny Wars: Stella and Gail are bashing heads over babysitting Simon. Is this necessary?

Boo! Hiss! Award: It's official, Don't like Ryan. (Not supposed to, mind you)

Jaw Dropping fashion D@MN award: Holy Crap, Eva looked dangerous! Ryan had no chance and neither would any other man faced with this!

Sneaky Pete award: Sunita engineered it so Stella would catch her and Karl and Karl wasn't strong enough to resist temptation one last time. Busted!

On the warpath award: Kirsty can't shake her jealousy and is really irrational about Fiz's friendship with Tyrone.

Deja Vu award: Jason and Maria are back together. She could do worse. She has done worse.

Permission granted award: Dev told Sunita to find someone else if she was not happy with him. Ok, then.

Not-Quite Oscar award: Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) actually wasn't cringeworthy during his meltdown and confrontation with Sunita.

Sore thumb award: Eva most definitely does not belong in that factory. She doesn't fit in at all.

Consolation Prize: Karl had nowhere to go. Chucked out of the cab and sacked, rejected by Stella. So he ends up with Sunita after all.

Delusional award: Sunita thinks it's all happy families now she's got Karl in her bed but it's pretty clear he doesn't really want to be there.

Lines of the week:
Carla "Hello!!?? Dumped of Weatherfield!?"
Leanne to Carla "Every man that you love ends up dead!" (Black Widow of Weatherfield, indeed)
Tommy "Jason's not even deep enough to be sad"
Leanne "You may have taken my husband but you take my son over my dead body!!"
Mary "Elgar has touched parts of me that no other man could reach"
Mary "I've dropped some piccalilly on your Bishop"
Eva "If this is what you talk about on a lads' night out, thank GOD I was born a girl!"
Rob to Ryan "Last time I saw you, you were wearing Spiderman underpants and wearing a lamp shade on yer head" (way to bring him down a peg or two!)
Michelle about Ryan "He's not a liar" (yes he is)
Eva to Sunita "You make a right good scrubber"
Rob "How would you like to play Mata Hari" Eva "I'll play Kerplunk if it helps wipe that smug smile off his face"
Julie to Sunita "This dress should reflect your heart's emotions" (that would be stone cold black then?)
Sean "It looks more like a cow's milking equipment" Julie "Pull the other one!"
Simon "There's plenty of me to go around"
Steve "So fix it" Ryan "You mean grovel?" Steve "No, I mean grow up!" (got it in one!)
Eva to Stella "Remind me to be as sympathetic when you're having your next mid-life crisis." (Didn't have to wait too long!)
Mary "I've never been so moved by a wind section," (it doesn't bear thinking about)
Stella "Put the dog out, girls!"

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Sunday 19 August 2012

Sunday Canadian Corrie Comments, August 19

Not much of an adventure for poor little Simon. And the B&B is pretty crap if they can't even get a proper television signal. I can understand Leanne's worry, not just because Peter took Simon away from school but we all know Peter was drinking barely more than 24 hours ago. From what we've seen, it certainly seems like he's not struggling to get back on that wagon though. Must be because he's on a mission. He's forgiven Carla, too and he has decided to leave town and wants her to come with him. All that guff he gave Leanne about wanting her back was just what she said. He can't have Carla and came back to her so she wouldn't take Simon away and now he's doing the same thing. Peter lurches from one disaster to the next. He thinks he's being real but he really is living in a fantasy world. He thought Carla was the problem, then Nick and Leanne and now he says Weatherfield is the problem when, as always, the problem is Peter himself.

Well, he managed to talk Carla around. Will she go with him? It must be love because she decided to go against her better judgement (because the two actors are taking a break from the show but they'll be back). She told Rob but not Michelle and is going to leave Rob to run the factory in spite of the fact that Michelle ran it last time she left town. Why isn't Michelle snarky because she's not going to have the reigns? Simon managed to call home and alert Leanne but they still couldn't find them.

Michelle figured it all out and saw through Carla's lies about L.A. and ratted on her to Leanne and though we didn't see the whole conversation, it must have hit home. Carla never really did think Peter was doing the right thing running with Simon. Another tear jerking scene at a train station with Peter saying goodbye to his son and trying to get him to decide. Why didn't he tell him he'd be back? Or he'd stay in touch with calls and emails etc? Leanne still thought she should move away but enough people pointed out there was no need so she changed her mind.

Now Leanne has to move forward and make a proper stable life for Simon with Nick at her side. She's going to run the betting shop herself, says she owns half of it. When was that? He bought it long before they were together. Did he changed the deed when they got married? It might be marital property i suppose since she did help run it. I don't know as it's a great idea to rent out the flat behind his back, though. Hire Tracy for the bookies? No I don't think that would work out very well. People skills are a foreign concept to her.

Nick didn't mind and Gail doesn't have to lose her baby. And she still can't say she loves Nick.Good thing. She did her best to put off the buyer. Why does everyone seem to do that on the show? And why does Gail continue to clean in the middle of dining hours? Shouldn't that be done before the Bistro opens?

Pub music when discussing Leanne's whereabouts. "Running up that Hill" by Kate Bush. Marcus and Sean talking awkwardly to "I just Don't Know What To Do With Myself" Love the burgeoning Granny Wars between Gail and Stella. I hope we get more of it. Thing is, though, neither of them have a blood tie to the lad.

Kirsty and Tyrone's domestic dischord is starting to seep through the walls. Eileen asked Tommy if there was a problem that he knew of. I hate to see Tyrone blaming himself or her hormones. Molly never went off her rag like that when she was pregnant. Tyrone's gone a bit too far trying to be electronically attached to Kirsty to make sure she's ok every waking moment. Kirsty is still narrow eyed and suspicious about Fiz and Tyrone's friendship, and even thought the baby shower was a sneaky collaboration instead of just a kind and generous thing to do. Mind you, Tyrone hasn't grown any more clues and keeps mentioning Fiz, like saying that she helped pick out the gift he bought Kirsty. Duh. You know the idea of Fiz sparks Kirsty off so why keep doing it? Because you're Tyrone and you're not the sharpest tool in the box.

Michelle's son Ryan has reappeared as a new actor and with a new attitude and i'm pretty sure i don't like it. I don't understand a word he says too which means the actor is crap. The character is going to be detestable too if this week is anything to go by, already trying to lure Sophie to the dark side, causing trouble, starting fires, and trying to rip off the factory because his mother made him work there. Even worse, by staging an accident, he shifted the blame on Kirk for not cleaning the storeroom up. He might be about 19 or 20 but he's acting like a 10 year old. And another thing, they shouldn't have tried to move him, should have just called the ambulance straight off. That alone, if it had been a real accident, would have been grounds for a law suit if he'd truly been hurt. Even once he was outed in his scheming, he was smug and arrogant about it, manipulative, rude and hateful. Really unlikeable. He's not going to be a character that will be liked because he's not supposed to be now. Michelle should have just let him leave.

Steve is most definitely re-interested in Michelle after all these years. I can't help thinking it's a very good chance it's a rebound thing. It *is* a nice side line that he's feeling like helping Ryan and acting as a sort of parent figure, leftover from before. Giving him a job on the switch is another step in her direction, puts him in her good books. I doubt Ryan appreciates the opportunity though. Lloyd sacked Karl. I don't think he can legally do that for the reasons he's offering, having an affair with a friend of Lloyd's.
I laughed at Kirk's face when it dawned on him that Marcus might fancy him. He made sure he was obvious about liking women with Marcus in hearing distance. He didn't get it at first and then had a hard time laughing when Kirk laid it on the line. Aww Kirk is so sweet isn't he? Daft as a brush but sweet! Kirk was good all week, in fact!

Poor Jason is moaning about being single so Tina has decided to play matchmaker and put him in Maria's radar again once she found out they used to go together and Maria was a bit moany about being single too. It was pretty obvious that their friends were setting them up but after a few moans, it looks like it's ok anyway. They did get together in the end, though, even though she wasn't too keen about the set up. I think Jason is probably a good match for Maria, at least he probably won't be unfaithful and he isn't a secret murderer.

Things are awkward in the Windass household with Owen and Izzy at odds. The family tried to be peacekeeper between then. Izzy has to give Owen a break but because she's not a parent yet, she really can't understand how he feels. Looks like Granny wars between Gail and Stella over Simon. Rita and Dennis are back! It must have been a round the world cruise for how long it took! Beth has now rented the bookies' flat. I guess that other one she rented out from under Tracy is free. Tracy could always go there!

Dev is becoming Groom-zilla and intent on showing off for the wedding, very expensive, and i thought he had no money? Where's he getting from for the posh wedding and holidays? Sunita most definitely doesn't want to get married you can tell and she's finding ways to delay it but not very successfully so far. But with Eva watching her all the time and Karl under her feet back with Stella, Sunita quit the pub to go back to work in the shop. Then he decides, again without consulting her, where and when the wedding will be and hires Julie to be the wedding dress designer. It always was and always will be what he wants. Julie's idea of a dress and colour was exactly opposite to Sunita's and she was out the door before the first needle was threaded. She thinks Sunita's heart is filled with passion for Dev. It's more likely it's a stony cold pit of gloom. And of course once she's back under this thumb, he's out gallivanting around the golf course and taking her for granted all over again.

She got fed up and shut the shop early and went to the pub. Stayed there drinking all evening and at the end of it, engineered it so that she and Karl got caught in a very compromising position. I know she did it all on purpose, because she saw the text from Stella saying she'd be home early after all, she wanted it all to come out and she'd be free of Dev. It sure did, too, in spades! Did you see her smug face when Stella caught them? We were just talking.... and your clothes all fell off, yeah i know. He blamed Sunita for jumping on him. Well she did, but it certainly wasn't the first time. He lied and lied and admitted the flirting, then a kiss but refused to admit anything else but Sunita certainly didn't mind letting the cat out of the bag. She blew it all out of the water because she wanted it to come out. She wants Karl not Dev. Well the whole neighbourhood had quite an eye and earful.

And when Dev confronted her, she really didn't seem all that upset that it came out, did she? He was snide and hateful and angry and hurt and she barely had the grace to look at all remorseful for hurting him. Even then, after knowing everything, he was willing to forgive her so that the kids wouldn't have to suffer. But really, he just can't let go. If it was anyone else it might be noble but with Dev, it's just a bit pathetic. Karl was begging Stella to take him back but she won't have it and judging from what she said about his past indiscretions, I would agree with her. He'd blown all his last chances. So Karl ended up on Sunita's doorstep, not because he loves her, but because he has nowhere else to go but she's got blinders on and is all ready for happy families with him. Boy is she going to come down with a crash when it's all over. He even admitted he was only in it for a bit of fun. So now Karl is living with Sunita and Dev found out straight away when he went to go beg once more.

I really don't think Dev and Sunita will reconcile this time. It took nearly 5 years for her to trust him enough the first time. I don't think she ever really loved him when she got back with him, it was more of an old ember flaring up and he's the father of her kids. This time, she won't go back. And Stella ... someone has to do the traditional throw stuff out the window routine even after she'd packed his bags and gave them to him.

Looks like Eva has decided that Rob is worth investigating after all. He managed to cheek her into a date. Rob has given Eva a job as a machinist even though she's dangerously inexperienced and unsuited. Apparently he's been in the nick a *long* time ;) She was good for one thing, though, trapping Ryan in his lies and man, didn't she look dangerous in that tight dress! That's not my bus but even I was gobsmacked (and not a little jealous) Ryan fell for it hook, line and sinker. A 20 year old student up against a blonde with cleavage like that and a body to break your heart? No chance in the world. At least they didn't drag out the storyline. Michelle was surprised he was lying. Michelle always did have blinders on when it comes to her son (and the one we're not supposed to remember).

Stella is trying to make peace between Eva and Leanne and managed to get them sat at the same table. Peace was shaky and they ended up in a row again when Eva overheard Leanne slagging off Rob's family and they came back to the pub early. And now that Karl's affair has been found out, the two women can be on the same side, supporting Stella in her heartbreak.

That was an awfully heavy jacket Simon had on for mid July though he could need it on the boat on the Atlantic, but why wear it to the train station?. And where did he get it? Did he have it at school when Peter picked him up? Carla was bringing his clothes to the train station. Marcus was polite to Sean but Sean has now got the wrong impression and thinks Marcus wants him back.

Mary most certainly has a crush on Roy. Roy is oblivious even though she's making pointed remarks about cleavage. She's luring him to concerts. She's brushing up on the things he likes and blathering on about trains even though nobody's listening. She even reaches for his emotional buttons like his father. The woman is a stalker. But where's it going to get her? Three hours of The Sound of Steam. You might want to rethink it, Maz! Now that Hayley's off the scene looking after her uncle, will Mary move in for the kill? You betcha. Didn't take long for her to invite him out to a concert. She made sure to come back after and he had to practically push her out the door.

I know i shouldn't but oh dear, Michelle Collins (Stella) really does have a difficult time with emotional scenes doesn't she? Between that annoying whisper and the face that barely cracks due to the cosmetic injections, it's painful to watch. And watching Jimmi Harkishin gurn and "cry" and emote is nearly as bad. Remember when Lloyd was heartbroken? Now *that* was great acting!

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