Sunday 24 January 2010

Sunday Comments, January 24

Lines of the week:

  • Tony to Luke "You had to go back for the rabbit" Luke "I always go back for the wabbit!"
  • Julie to Kirk "You're warm, and loving and loyal" Kirk "If i had a tail, i'd make a good puppy"
  • Rita to Tina "Go easy on him. For once, it's not his fault"
  • Ken "Deirdre's my wife" (FINALLY!) and "When i'm with you, i wish i was single" (pig)
  • Martha "I mistook caution for integrity" (got it in one)
  • Umed to Dev "You are a nutcase"
  • Tom "I go for the unobtainable ones" (like Maria)
  • Ken "I think Peter's turned a corner" Blanche "Let's hope there isn't a pub on it"
  • Julie "I think i need a man" (but not in the way you think!)
  • Headmaster "I prefer child initiated conflict"

Very good stunt work and effects with the fire at Peter's flat!! But at first, there seemed to be an awful lot of smoke for just a few flames! Poor little Simon was still smart enough to call someone for help and Tony and Luke saved the day! Luke even went back and saved Leanne the "wabbit"! Do you think Ken being neglectful of his family yet again and not being there for this crisis is going to make him realize what he's doing? Seems so and he FINALLY admited to Martha that he was married. (Did you want her to smack him one??? I sure did!) Peter's wake up call was pretty profound too but i reckon he's still got a long row to hoe! It's not going to be as easy as he thinks.

One short insight that Ken realizes how judgemental he is and he thinks he shouldn't be like that. It won't last. Ken has admitted his real situation so Martha rightly doesn't want him around anymore. He's told her all the truths and she's shocked and appalled. I don't like her one bit, she's too perfect, but she doesn't deserve this either. (and neither did poor little Eccles!) He says he didn't set out to deceive her but he did from the first day he met her.

It didn't take Dev too long to get busted, did it? He's a terrible liar, isn't he? Made copies of the exact three that were sold? Coincidence? She storms out, he thinks she's left him so what does he do? Shag someone else who also happens to be someone Tara knows. They were on a break, right? Well she did say it was over and they were finished! It could have been pushed under the blanket (so to speak) but Poppy let the cat out of the bag which wasn't her place to do. She claims Tara is a mate. Since when?

Rita and Colin seem to be getting closer don't they? She's organizing a surprize birthday party for him. Hey, what were the sleeping arrangements in Number 5 anyway? Kirk and Ches used to have bunk beds and i thought Fiz has the old master bedroom. But then Kirk and Julie probably had that so did Fiz sleep on the other bunk? She must have because Kirk offered Fiz the big bedroom back.

My gosh! Kirk actually acted like a responsible grown up! He talked honestly to Ches and the told Fiz Ches was bunking off school straight away. Chesney is "hating school" and Fiz found out why too, Ches is being bullied again and the headmaster is dating the bully's mother! That's really going to make so much of a difference. Sheesh! Chesney wants to leave school and the head master's attitude got Fiz digging her heels in and now she's got to figure out how to get Chesney schooled at home. I hope they don't make him into yet another troublemaker. Oh dear heavens. Fiz has turned to Prisoner 666! (Who knew you could get a prison visiting order in an hour's notice?) And i don't know about you, but that smirk on his face when she left? I wasn't the least bit surprised and i don't trust him one inch. And yes, of course Fiz still has feelings for him but very mixed ones, too, i should imagine. This is not going to bode well, mark my words.

Poor Kirk, even he could see Julie was unhappy and he started to realize that they really were a bit too opposite. I like that he was the one that did the ending of the relationship and that he pointed out that she often treats him like he's not good enough or like he's stupid. Fiz would often do that too but she was a lot nicer about it :) You know, it was one of the most realistic yet touching breakups on telly i've ever seen.

Lloyd's back. Liz's gone to take care of Andy. Joe.. Tina... Tina... Joe... Blah blah blah. Very clearly Joe likes his feet under Gail's table. Capital L Loser!

Poor Mary lost her mum. Norris barely touched her arms when he "hugged" her. What a pathetic hug! Norris could be a good friend to her if she didn't fancy the pants off him! But he was good support after her mother died. I'm sure Mary loved her mother but i am also sure she's probably relieved of the responsibility. All the stories that came up seem to indicate her mother was a bit of a millstone around her neck. Now there's not mother involved, Mary has a clear road and she's hoping Norris will join her on it. He says he will. I have my doubts. He's only going because he's been usurped in Rita's life by Colin.

How late does the corner shop stay open? Simon was in bed ages before Peter's cig started the fire yet everyone was still in the shop (when Tara discovered Dev's subterfuge). Laughed at Graeme drooling over the remains of the fire, breathing in the charred smell but wishing he'd seen it. You forget he was an arsonist, don't you!

Sunday 17 January 2010

Sunday Comments, January 17

Lines of the week:

  • Tony "I may be a lot of things, Natasha, but i'm not a murderer" (oh yes you are!)
  • Natasha about Tony "He's not one of those cards on the table blokes. Only lets you see a little. like an Iceberg" (and they were dangerous, too!)
  • Ken "This old codger has to abandon ship"
  • Ken to Martha "Perhaps we could spend the rest of our lives together here reading" (Oops that's the start of the slippery slope!)
  • Natasha "Me gusset's still a bit damp"
  • Dev "What can possibly go wrong?" (SOPOD ALERT!)
  • Kirk "If I was a boss, i'd deffo be giving a job to a bloke named Bobby Dazzler"
  • Maria to Natasha "If you behave like a slapper you'll get treated like a slapper" (so says the voice of experience)
  • Blanche "Oh here we go again. Another day in paradise!"

I thought the empty shop of Dev's that was turned into a gallery was in Chorlton, not "round here" as Tara said. But obviously she was a tad ambitious and Dev's going to take a loss. Umed thinks Tara is sponging off Dev and sucking his money dry. Meanwhile he has no problems freeloading off Dev, and raiding the shop for free cigars! I know Umed is annoying now but trust me, he'll grow on you.

Peter is drinking more and more and poor Simon, little as he is, seems to be trying to take care of Peter. Deirdre went on the sly to have a nose around the flat and found all the bottles, of course Peter's defensive. And drunk. He's got bottles stashed everywhere! Deirdre's right to be worried about Simon and though she did bluff Peter into thinking she called the Social, it is a very valid threat. And Ken's nowhere to be seen most days when he does bother to come home, he criticizes Deirdre for worrying and interfering and points out it's his son not hers. But he's too self involved to be bothered, either and the little boy is the one that's going to suffer. Peter might have pointed out that Ken and Deirdre both had alcohol on their breath but they aren't likely to abuse it like he is. (Although Ken downing a bottle and a half of wine with Martha ought to have had him reeling!)

IT's odd that Blanche can be pretty quick to slag off Peter but then just as quick to defend and make excuses for him. The writers need to be a little more consistent. Michelle has disappeared and Peter's under more and more pressure. The more he drinks the nastier he gets, to most people in particular his father. Oh dear, there's Peter staggering around the flat, drinking and smoking and listening to old 70s music. And yep, there goes the cig right into the carpet!!!!

Oh dear. Pam is selling "gourmet" sandwiches. I don't think Roy and Hayley are going to like that much, cutting into their business. Why on earth would Sally want Tyrone and Molly to come "to dinner" (not tea). So she can slag off Molly? She was certainly at her snobby best, wasn't she?

Paula seems to have taken an instant dislike to Eileen's dad. But did you see his face when he first saw her? She'd have known him when she and Eileen were kids together, and though he pretended he'd just met her, it seems like he recognized her.

Natasha has been a spare part on Corrie since she arrived. Now she's actually got something to do, it turns out she's just another chick with loose underwear. And her gushing the next day seemed to make Maria uncomfortable, too. She might say she's treating it casually but she's acting a bit clingy just the same and yet still making eyes at Tom. And Tom is most definitely jealous of Tony, and i think he fancies Maria rotten on top of resenting Tony's better business acumen. Tom's going around scowling and pouting for England and Natasha is going around doing something else for England lol But it's funny how Tony barely acknowledges her when he's on the Street or in the salon. In the mean time, he's got a PI on the trail to dig up dirt on Luke. I wonder if he'll find anything? Luke does seem too good to be true!

Oh heck, back to the barge again. We had a nice week or two Martha-free. Ken is still waffling about whether to take it to the next level and still too cowardly to tell her he's married. *And* he apparently has keys to her boat!

Aww Julie thought she was pregnant, Kirk was absolutely delighted. I'm not entirely sure he'd make a responsible dad but he'd sure love the kid. I also thought it looked a bit like Julie might have a glad eye for Jason. She's far too old for him. Or he's too young for her. And it definitely looks like the shine is off the apple as far as Julie's adoration of Kirk goes. Poor Kirk is having a hard time getting a job and says he's really a grafter when he gets the chance (which he is so I'm surprised he's not found something. Then again, Ashley always said he'd hire Kirk back when things got better. They did and he didn't, he hired Graeme instead). Anyway, Julie's attitude seems awfully off hand and it looks as if Kirk's brain is finally suspecting something's up. Chesney's hiding letters and Prisoner 666 is writing Fiz from the nick. Kind of looks like Ches is skipping school too.

Sunday 10 January 2010

Sunday Comments, January 10

Lines of the week:

  • Steve to Becky "Things didn't go according to plan"
  • Becky to Liz "Shut it., Barbie's grandma" Liz "Dracula's Daughter!"
  • Lloyd to Steve "You passive aggressive twit!" (and he is!)
  • Eileen to Lloyd "And you wonder why you've been single for so long!"
  • Sean "What's the male equivalent of a cat fight?" (a pi$$ing contest!)
  • Ken "Maybe I'm a coward" Ted "Maybe you're not as interested in Martha as you thought you were" (No, Ken's got it right)
  • Umed having a drink "I find art more palatable when slightly out of focus"
  • Tony "You know what goes with carrots? A great big stick!"

It took Steve an awfully long time to tell Michelle to shut up and Liz tearing a strip off her in the pub after spilling the beans to Becky. Poor kid. It wasn't bad enough that she was humiliated in front of the whole pub by the one person that could rightly lord it over her. It was adding insult to injury, how stupid she felt about getting so drunk the registar wouldn't marry her and forgetting the whole thing. Steve is working hard to get Becky back and oh great! His dinner a deux ended up being a foursome with his mother and considering how not-well she and Becky have got along, it was inevitable that it was a disaster. There was no reason either couple couldn't just change tables. God, behave like adults will you all? Aw never mind, Becky and Steve are off on their non-honeymoon after all.

And Lloyd might say he's in a loving relationship with Liz but he said nothing to her and booked a boys' trip to Ibiza without even letting her know before he booked. Not like had had to ask her if it was ok, but it would have been nice if he'd kept her in the loop. I don't blame her for being upset. She wasted no time trying to get Eileen on her side but rightly, she kept well out of it. I think Liz should have borrowed Poppy's rubber gloves to give Lloyd a taste of the airport security for his punishment!

Aw poor Sophie, isn't it awful being a teenager and your parents show up to meet your friends! At least Kevin and Sally can see that the teens are being well supervised. Sally and Kevinstill think Sophie's doing the church thing to be with her friends, not for a genuine reason. Nice to see Sophie talk about her doubts with Emily. Sian has a crush on Ryan and he's a couple of years older. That's a lot at that age. She seems so naive. One little kiss and he's wanting her to "go somewhere" though i'm sure he's not that aggressive. Looks like Natasha has taken a fancy to Tony and she overheard Luke tell the worker bees that it doesn't look like Carla is coming back. Looks like she's on a mission and when you persue a man with that much focus, and considering the man and his circumstances, it can only end in tears. And between the idea of losing control at the factory and Natasha coming on strong via text, and seeing Rosie from behind and thinking she was Carla, Tony is starting to have anxiety attacks. What's his solution? A private investigator who looks like a Basset hound. He looks like the type of PI that takes mucky photos of cheating husbands and wives rather than business espionage.

Oh Gail!!!! Desperation isn't pretty, woman! Letting Joe move back in and letting him use Sarah's room? You just know she figures once she gets him back under her roof, she'll have him back in her bed before long. The sad thing is, she's probably right. David went spare, as expected and chucked Joe's stuff down the stairs. It's all about him. Gail is right to stand up to David because it's none of his business. He might have better luck if he talked to her about his concerns like an adult instead of having a temper tantrum, but even so... she's wrong about Joe. I think he's a loser. David went sulking off to his father's. I guess he figures his mother will come crawling. she won't, you know. Now, Joe's going to get tangled up in loan sharks. You can see where this is going can't you?

Luke and Tony are most definitely at odds. Tony seems to be passive aggressive and Luke isn't bothering to keep Tony up to speed and it's going to cost them money if it keeps up. Luke's apparently buying out Carla making him the boss officially. Will Tony put up with it because he's not best pleased. Carla's also given Maria her share of Ladrags. Sounds like she's really cutting all ties.

You would think the builder that wants the kitchens would be the one that buys all the supplies for the kitchens. Joe shouldn't have to, should he? Speaking of builders, Bill's business might be in a slump but Audrey wants her money back, the money she loaned him to buy the yard in the first place.

Norris only got an hour and a half up the road. He used the excuse that the nursing home called but it wasn't an emergency. He just jumped on it and made Mary come back. Eileen's back and everyone in the cab office is leaving! Tara's plowing through Dev's money and Umed isn't happy about it. The gallery opens, and man, Jason sure got that renovated and ready in record time didn't he? In fact, he seems to have worked miracles. That was one of Dev's empty shops but it seems to be awfully large with various rooms! Umed creeps me out with his flirting with every woman in the pub and on the Street! Seriously though, i think he might have a point about Tara. I think she jumped into the gallery without really thinking about it. None of the photos have sold yet and Dev is doing the typical Dev thing, manipulating and lying and getting someone to buy some photos to make Tara feel better when the whole thing is going to end up a big loss.

How long has there been a side door to exit the Rovers and where is it? It must be in the kitchen. Cornflakes with a whiskey chaser for breakfast? Peter!!! He's not coping as well as he says he is no matter what he tells Deirdre. And Michelle's sudden absence didn't improve his mood. He was probably gagging for a drink and he probably has a stash in the office anyway. Shouldn't Minnie be wearing some sort of net around that long hair while working in the kebab shop?

Sunday 3 January 2010

Sunday Comments, January 3

Lines of the week:

  • Tina to Joe "You're a flamin loser!"
  • Gail "Go to your room" David "I'm 18!" Gail "I'm 50. Go to your flamin' room!"
  • Ted to Ken "Certain opportunities are easier to grasp than others"
  • Audrey to Gail "Why do you get yourself in this situation time and time again!"
  • Becky about Roy "he only wanted me to do the right thing. Nobody ever did before so i never gave a toss either"
  • Jason to Becky "You want your wedding cake and eat it too, you!"
  • Becky to Kevin "Toast the bride! It's the Law!" Kevin "You seem pretty toasted already!"
  • Luke "The soon to be Corpse Bride on me roof!"
  • Registrar "This is Weatherfield. Not Las Vegas!!"
  • Steve "Why does nothing every go right for me!!!!" Liz "Because you're an idiot"

Happy New Year to you all!!

Joe has just made an enemy of David. For life. He nailed it, too, Joe did take the job and he did put pressure on Tina to change her story but he also did it because he didn't want her to perjure herself in court. I think the financial side of it was the larger motivation. I agree, i think Joe is a loser and he's got a volatile temper too. Well the Platts hollered and accused back and forth and allllll the dirty laundry came rattling out of the closet with all the skeletons. Gail finally threw Joe out. I wonder if it will stick. I figure Tina came for her stuff when she knew that David would be there so that they *could* talk. I hope that they do stay split up because though she was good for David in the start, it hasn't really changed him and he's dragged her down. Just like i think Joe will drag Gail down. Ted as always tries to play peacemaker. Now that she knows about the depression she's feeling all sorry for him again and is taking him back after finding him shaking in the lockup under an old blanket. Don't take him to the doctor, or anything, oh no. Just a nice hot cup of tea and he'll be fine. ;) Audrey doesn't like Joe and has no time for him anymore.

Well it looks like Tony has Maria convinced. He's clever that one, admits everything to her but makes it sound as if it was all a fairy tale, something Maria's imagination conjured up. But the more he gets his hooks into Maria and the business, the more Tom looks resentful and sulky.

Ken's worried about Peter and hopes he had more about him than his father. I doubt that very much. Peter is a bigamist and can't seem to stay faithful. Out of sight, out of mind. He's equally as weak. But at least he's got Simon a bunny. This one is a boy bunny but Simon wants to call it Leanne.

It's wedding week! Hen night? Stag? Hayley has an odd way of promoting a good marraige. The occasional hair wash? But even so, both of the Croppers are clearly happy together and Becky clearly does love them even if Roy can barely tolerate her group hugs. Blanche has a bet on with Eddie that the wedding won't happen and others are putting on bets too and the hen night went up the spout. Lloyd at least owned up to joining in. Becky took it all surprisingly well, far better than Steve who finally told everyone off in public and declared his love.

So the wedding. Becky actually looked nice, i liked the big pink fluffy dress on her. She didn't get the cleavage she wanted but she still looked good. It was very Becky. However it all went kind of wrong, aided and abetted by first Liz sending champagne and Blanche who put temptation in the bride's way via a large bottle of cider. Mind you, she started off on her own, with dutch courage. It was quite touching, her chats with Jason (aw poor Jase, did you see his lickle face when he saw her in her dress? and why didn't Natasha come get her?), and with Hayley and it was quite funny, spraying champers off the roof of Underworld and staggering up the aisle. Typical Becky. And Hayley lied through her teeth so the registrar would go back and conduct the ceremony, she who couldn't normally tell a lie if her life depended on it. (But what on earth was she wearing!) And the music for going down the "aisle"! Bonnie and Clyde with a curtsey at the end!!!! Brilliant! She didn't even get through the ceremony but doesn't realize it! Steve as usual, too spineless to tell her. Ok, yes, i know it was over the top but i still loved it all! Especially where she was so jubilant on the roof, screaming about overcoming all the people that said she'd amount to nothing, because she's officially loved!

Bloody Liz, she almost made a new fresh start with Becky but the wedding fiasco sent her back down Sarcastic Road. Becky went into a panic because she thought she lost her wedding ring. I don't know who Liz was more angry with, Becky or Steve! Even worse, though, Michelle was the one that spilled the beans to Becky about the non-wedding and you know, as much as she was the wronged woman, that's really below the belt after she already told Becky about the ring, too. Still, that was also down to Blanche who promised not to say anything to Becky, only she didn't promise not to tell anyone else and telling Michelle, knowing Michelle would be likely to take the opportunity for revenge yet again, that was below the belt too.

I laughed at the teenagers. Sian is googly eyed over Ryan but when he finally asks her out, she's iffy about it, not wanting to seem too eager so Sophie accepts for her. Typical teens! THey're so cute! Someone who's not cute is Uncle Umed. leering at the women in the pub,

Dev is pathetic. And Jason is a miracle worker. From one episode to the very next, all of a sudden the gallery is taking shape! Tara is sure taking no prisoners spending Dev's money and Umed is not happy about that. Maria is back and forth about whether to sell LadRags. She's finally come round and doesn't think Tony's a murderer anymore and now he can start putting his little control feelers in. Partly he doesnt' want Luke to get any further roots in Weatherfield and partly it's to keep Maria off the track, I think.

Liz is ticked off at Lloyd for not admitting to Umed that she's his girlfriend. I'd be a bit upset too. I don't know why Liz was so upset at not going to the wedding anyway. She didn't think it would last and doesn't approve of Becky anyway.

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