Thursday 30 August 2007

What's Tracy up to?

Forget for a moment that i read all the spoilers from the UK. Clearly she's got a plan. She's staging loud fights, locking herself in a room, pretending to be afraid of Charlie. She's making the neighbours think Charlie is up to his old tricks again. It can't be a plan to make him look bad, he's already got that reputation and nothing happened after the Shelley thing to redeem him. My friend, also a Tracey, thinks she's planning to get her hands on his house and money. She's already threatened his life in front of her mother so it seems she's going for the abused woman/self defence ploy. Will she actually go through with it? She's nasty, she's evil and manipulative, she doesn't have too much of a conscience, but does she have the nerve to actually kill someone in cold blood with a plan like this? Not a lot of everyday people on the street do.

The thing is, if Tracy is planning to kill Charlie, then she thinks she's got the perfect murder planned. The problem with this plan is, Tracy isn't *that* smart though she thinks she is. Oh she knows her mother will believe her. Deirdre's pretty dim overall. She knows Tracy can be an evil cow but buries it in self denial most of the time. (What is it about Corrie mothers? that's a common theme, isn't it?) Charlie's reputation will precede him and most people will think it's likely, too. Logically, comparing Tracy to Shelley, Tracy would be the one to kick back and lash out rather than be beaten down into a quivering heap like Shelley was.

I actually believe that Tracy did love Charlie, as far as she's able to love anyone. I'm sure she loves Amy but that's instinct, innit? Motherhood doesn't come easy or naturally to Tracy. She probably does love her parents but the thing is, she's got a chip on her shoulder the size of the space shuttle. She's had years of resentment built up with one thing and another. Some people think she had a personality transplant. Not really. She turned into a stroppy teenager after Ken and Deirdre divorced. She never really got over the fact that her father, Ray, just upped and left her when she was a child. After the divorce, she seemed to take it out on everyone and was determined to do whatever she wanted, nobody could tell her what to do. Clearly she wasn't faithful to her husband which was too bad because he seemed like a nice bloke. Anyway, she went from bad to worse on her return and this is where she's ended up.

Tracy and Charlie really were suited to each other, though. Birds of a feather and all that. She stands up to him and challenges him and plays him at his own games. Looks like the End Game is coming. Stay tuned.

Sunday 26 August 2007

Sunday Comments, August 26

Lines of the week:

  • Sarah "We're not back together!" (yet)
  • Yana "She's got a fella and she never told me! Devious cow!"
  • Rita to Norris about if he were mithering Michaelangelo "Get down off them ladders, d'you not realize you're in a chapel!"
  • Becky "Who ya gonna call! Toastbusters!"
  • Janice "I wouldn't know nutmeg if it bit me on the backside"
  • Sally to Kelly "Beer's all right for you cause you look like a drag queen anyway"
  • Gail to Claire "Tracey doesn’t have mates. What’s she using you for?" (and will Claire be told? eckaslike!)

Frankie was mopping up Jamie's boo-boos just like a mum! Now that Jamie's got her away from Danny he's going to keep pressurizing her to go public. At least Frankie can admit she was fooling herself, running from the truth but i still think it was a nasty thing to do to Danny. Poor Danny really is having a hard time accepting it and i can't blame him. An affair is one thing but with his son? That's exactly what he put Jamie through. Karma is a bitch. Bradley Walsh is playing a blinder, though. Looks like Warren called at just the right time. It looked like Danny was going to go over the edge. Literally. He's admitted to Liam that Frankie has left him. Now when is the *real* news going to get out? Won't be long. She's going to tell Warren too. Face to Face. Just as well. You couldn't tell what his reaction is anyway between the abysmal acting and the mumbling. Everyone knows something's up with Danny but the worker bees weren't quite sensitive enough and all their Christmas talk hit Danny hard. He nearly went over the edge again but he managed to stay on solid ground after all. More or less. But now's he's sped off into the night with Jamie. Is he going to finish the job he started at the canal?

Do you believe Les actually remembered his anniversary? Yana's right. Cilla *would* tell her if she was having it off with someone else. And besides, if Cilla was flinging, she wouldn't be all quiet, with something definitely on her mind. She's not even wearing a lot of makeup. Why would Yana be all nice to Les all of a sudden? She doesn't even like Les! Is it just a bit of revenge for Cilla not telling her anything? Well now we know. Cilla has skin cancer! You know, Cilla is the most selfish character ever. And this is a result of her spending all that time on the sunbed. She thinks more about her own looks than she thinks about her family. If this were real life, i still wouldn't wish this on someone like her but as it's television, well... sometimes Karma really bites you on the ass! I was a bit surprised that Cilla would turn to Fiz. But when you're desparate to talk to someone, i guess she knew Fiz would probably listen if pushed. So now we have to wait to see if the cancer has spread. Some really good stuff with Fiz in the hospital. Cilla admitting she's vain and not quite able to admit she's scared. Not out loud. I'm glad Fiz told Les even though Cilla won't thank her for it. And we get treated to a scenery chewing performance from Bruce Jones who proves to me yet again that he's really not that good an actor for emotional scenes other than pure anger. I feel bad for chesney though. As bad a mother as she is, that little fella still loves her.

I'm surprised at Yana moving in so quickly on Les. She accuses Cilla of being disloyal because she's not told her her secrets and the minute Cilla's back is turned, Yana is all over Les like white on rice. I'm not surprised at Les taking her up on it though. He's always been a pig and Chesney caught them after they were "at it". Must have been a long one. It was only the start of the work day when Yana arrived and it was dinnertime when Chesney came home. I am just waiting to find out what she's going to do when she finds out Les and Yana were fooling around while she was in hospital and Chesney is probably the one that's going to spill the beans.

Becky doesn't *get* hints, heavy or otherwise. You have to shout at her and even then she isn't sure you really mean it. Now how will Becky manage the morning breakfast rush on her own? She seems to have done ok and kudos to her for not stabbing Blanche with the butter knife. And what about that boyfriend? His name is Slug. It's probably the most appropriate name ever for a skeevy boyfriend isn't it?

Claire has herself worked up into a lather over Tracy and Charlie, just exactly what Tracy wants, too. Warnings from Gail aren't really going to make any difference. I wonder if Claire is going to get grief from Bev because they didn't ask her to be godmother. She's already dropping hints. Hey i thought they weren't going to have the Christmas party at the factory?

Jason seems to be playing his cards right and Sarah is slowly making her way back to him. Norris seems intent that Chesney is the graffiti culprit therefore logic says he probably isn't. I don't think Norris is happy unless he's got something to mither on about. If i was a graffiti artist, Norris would be the one i'd pick on too! So he's going to do the night shift and Amber has given him the idea of getting night goggles. Dear god that man is ridiculous! Derek used to do that too, trying to catch Des out in his tricks. Ok. David is the worst child ever and his mother is going to buy him a (non working) car.

Friday 24 August 2007


I just watched a half hour show about people that are obsessed about a particular television show. No, Not Coronatin Street. This episode was about two people that fell in love with the tv show, Charlie's Angels when they were kids and it's become a major part of their lives even now. When I see a show like that, i subconsciously compare my Corrie-ism to their obsession, to make sure i don't come that close to their level of it. I know i'm a major fan. I have books, dvds, i tape certain episodes that i want to keep such as Hayley's wedding, the Richard Hillman story ending and the Mad Maya week. I own other memorabilia such as a set of flying ducks, a cross stitch i did, a few ornaments and i treasure the photos i took when i've visited the set. I know huge amounts of Corrie trivia that i've gained from watching and reading. I participate in a few online forums and blogs.

However, i don't, as the woman on the tv show has done on occasion, take the day off work and prepare for a party held in honour of one of the actor's birthdays. It hasn't inspired my career like it did this one man, who became a makeup and hair stylist in Los Angeles, inspired by the Angels' looks and style. They have both got a huge collection of photos and 1970s and early 80s memorabilia, games, toys, advertising products that the various Angel actresses promoted. The woman in the show actually talked two of her friends into a photo shoot. They wore wigs and carried pretend guns and did some of the Angel classic poses. Her husband was the photographer. I'm damn sure i'm not going to have my picture taken in a Bet beehive or Hilda rollers just for the fun of it. (I might, however, if i was invited to a Corrie themed fancy dress party or ping if everyone else was dressing up too!) I only talk about the show to friends who also watch the show. I don't drag my non-Corrie friends to pings unless they want to go.

Some people might say i'm obsessed. I really don't think so, though. I'm a dedicated fan, true. I write about it, i blog about it, i go to pings to talk about it, I've met a lot of really good friends (and gained a fiance and i know others that have met the loves of their lives) in a corrie chat room. I've even done a couple of corrie-themed painting (see?). I've gone to fan events and met a few of the actors and heard them tell all about behind the scenes which I always find fascinating.

But it doesn't consume me. I don't think, when i have a decision to make, "what would Ken Barlow do?", or when i do something think "This is like something Steve McDonald would do". Seriously, one of the women interviewed admitted she sometimes thinks that way. There's nothing wrong with loving a tv show so much that you collect, you blog, you meet other like minded friends with the same love. But I console myself thinking A. that my favourite show is still on the air after 47 years, not something that was shown for 5 years in the late 1970s and B. I actually get paid for Corrieblogging! It does seem a bit over the top to be that obsessed about a show you loved as a kid that isn't around anymore other than in cheesy remake movies. Which they never mentioned by the way. I wonder what they think of the remakes?

I know someone that is probably in the realms of the obsessed. He told me once that he doesn't take any vacations away because he has to be home to change the tapes hin his vcr every day (he tapes about 5 or 6 shows in addition to Corrie, on 5 or 6 vcrs, each dedicated to it's own show) So am i obsessed? Maybe some people might think so but when you read or hear about some of the fans out there, I realize that I just love it, I don't live it.

Wednesday 22 August 2007

Karma is such a bitch

I certainly don't enjoy the Frankie-Jamie storyline and i think Bradley Walsh as Danny is playing a blinder, what a stonking performance he's putting in this week as his world crashes down. But you know, after the years and years that he's cheated on Frankie and after what he did to Jamie, persuing and seducing Jamie's (willing) fiancee, karma really did come back and bit him in the ass big time! There is some small satisfaction as i watch and think "how does it feel to be on the other side of things, Danny boy?" even while i'm totally disgusted and turned off by Frankie shagging her stepson. I still feel that down deep somewhere Jamie did all this because of what Danny did to him with Leanne even if he doesn't really realize it consciously. He doesn't seem to feel bad about hurting his father in the least little bit. He feels justified and smug, even enjoyed the sneaking around and getting one over on Danny. I've no doubt he thinks he loves Frankie and is attracted to her. Why she is remotely attracted to someone whom she babysat, wiped skinned knees and dirty noses, helped with homework and even now, acts more the mother to him than lover (other than the obvious) is beyond me.

After all the horrible things Cilla has done over the lifetime of her children, what's the one thing that has brought her down to earth with a resounding thud? A result of her own vanity. Hours under the sunbed have produced a cancerous melanoma on her breast. If any of her children were hurt or ill, i don't think she'd react as strongly as she has to the possibility of her own death. She doesn't have a very strong maternal instinct, just a very good survival gene. She's one of the most selfish characters we've ever met on the Street but also one of the most enjoyable. Up to now, Cilla has been pretty much one dimensional. This story is giving Wendi Peters a chance to stretch her acting chops and show us there's more than one side to her. This week she has nowhere to turn so she reaches out to the only person she can. Her daughter. Will this crisis make her appreciate her family more? Not likely. Mind you, Les will prove to her that he's not worth her appreciation, as per usual but that's only tit for tat if you will excuse the pun. She's certainly run circles around him for years.

I think she might love Les a little, as far as she's able to love anyone that isn't herself but he was more of a meal ticket to her than anything. I've always felt that. He's probably the first man that was willing to make a committment to her and loved her son so that was a way to shed some of that responsibility, too. What more could she ask for? She's trashy and mouthy and almost unredeemable but I do love the character. I know they won't kill off Cilla so watching karma kick Cilla around a little also pleases me. If it were real life, not fiction, of course i wouldn't take pleasure in someone else's tragedy no matter what but this is tv and Cilla won't be long getting back to form. Trust me.

Charlie's karma is about to jump all over his sorry ass too. He has used women and controlled them over and over and he's done the dirty on the wrong one this time. Tracy really did love him, though the fact that he's got a house and a business doesn't hurt! One of my friends thinks her current campaign to make herself seem like another of his victims is intended so that she'll end up with the house and the money which is all she really wants. I'm not so sure. I think she'd have found some way to exact her revenge even if she didn't manage to get back into the house. She's playing him. I think he knows it but allows it for now. The sex must be incredible is all i can say. As Tracy has said, she's definitely not boring and he likes that. He likes that she stands up to him and gives it right back to him. He's done some things to try to keep her under his thumb and he seems to think he's got his message across, maybe he's letting Tracy think she can run him around but will come down on her whenever he wants to but i don't think he realizes just how psycho this woman can be. She rarely shows much in the way of a conscience before or after her deeds. She is certainly another one for whom the maternal instinct doesn't come naturally. She's got a chip on her shoulder the size of the Gmex centre and it's all going to lead to her downfall. In spades.

Saturday 18 August 2007

Sunday Comments, for August 19

yes, i know it's a day early. If you haven't watched and don't want to know, look away now!

Lines of the week:

  • Frankie about Danny "Let's at least leave him with a shred of dignity" (like that's going to happen no matter how the news gets out)
  • Danny to Frankie and Jamie "Do you know something i don't?"
  • Frankie to Jamie "I don't want to humiliate him" Jamie "Nor do I" Frankie "you sure about that?" (and no matter how he's told, he *is* going to be humiliated. Guaranteed)
  • Janice to Liam the Lovely "Are you a manager or a mouse"
  • Les about Cilla "Where there's smoke, there's a flamin' bonfire"
  • Norris to Rita "That's not your happy face"
  • Frankie to Danny "Don't play games" *cough* exCUSEme????

Fiz knows something is up with her mother. Chesney still has the scam going doesn't he? for tips, i mean! He used the excuse about buying Christmas pressies when all he really wants are trainers. Aww poor Schmeichel, peeking around the door frame looking hungry and pathetic and they're all going out for a tasty treat (in the pub. Are they allowed to serve kids food in there? Maybe just for Sunday lunch). I think Cilla thought that Fiz had it figured out but i don't think the secret is a fella. Looks like even Les is starting to think Cilla's up to something or something's wrong. He's bending over backwards to try to fix it, holiday brochures and everything. Oh heck even Chesney suspects Cilla and he's told Les about his suspicions. Les might not think there's another man, but he knows there's something up.

Jamie's had Frankie in bed now, he's on a mission. Sean is my hero. He really gave Jamie and Frankie both a rollocking. Frankie couldn't tell Danny outright. Tried to break it gently by saying it wasn't working but you know Danny, he's got so much patter that she couldn't do it. Jamie is really putting on the pressure. Hard. Then Warren shows up to delay things more. I see the lad hasn't learned to speak English yet. Do you think it could be any more awkward between Jamie and Frankie and Danny after that family meal? Frankie keeps going back and forth, She wants him then she realizes the mistake it all is and then waffles back and forth. Then in the end, Danny finds out in the worst way possible. Do you believe they had the nerve to do it in Danny's bed? It just goes from bad to worse! Jamie said he wished Danny had walked in on them before. Get the feeling he did that on purpose so it would happen exactly that way? Danny is right. It's Jamie's revenge. Any time Danny fooled around it was never serious, it was a lark and he didn't do it vindictively to hurt Frankie. It's no excuse. Cheating is wrong no matter what reason. But Jamie actually seemed to enjoy stabbing his father in the back when this all started, being sweet and nice to his face playing happy families, knowing what he was doing. Was it revenge for Frankie too? Maybe subconsciously. Whoops upside the Canal! I'd say Jamie came out the worse in that fight. You wouldn't think that canal would be that clear and green underwater. Wonder if they used a pool or tank. Oy. what a disaster all around, eh?

Tracy is definitely letting Claire think that Charlie is up to his old control tricks. I'm sniffing out a fake-abuse-self-defence thing. She's either going to have him put in jail or she's going to kill him and claim self defence. Claire is still not quite sure whether to trust Tracy or not but she's not quite savvy enough to hear those alarm bells ringing.

There's still some teething problems with Becky in the Cafe. "Soz" isn't quite sincere enough. Poor Roy. First he has to contend with Vera and now he's got Becky which is probably even worse for the poor old sod. I wouldn't trust her as far as i could throw her though. She might be trying to change but i don't think she's quite there yet. She's bottom of the pecking order after Vera and Frankie. Did they really need all three in the caff together? I'm surprised Danny didn't even blink when he saw Becky in the caff after the trouble she caused in the factory. He acted like he didn't even recognize her. God. Becky is in the caff wiping her nose on her sleeves!! I did laugh at Kelly and Becky sniping across the counter. So much for Becky overcharging Tyrone and having to give it back. She was probably going to nick the fiver like she did the next day anyway! Becky can deny stealing all she wants. The till will be off and it never was before she started.

I laughed at Gail trying out her calming techniques and trying to watch racing with David. Well, it can't be any worse than rowing with him. It might even be working. A bit. I laughed at Eileen trying to drink her tea with a frozen face from the dentist. I feel her pain. They asked Eileen to be little Freddie's godmother! That's a different choice, i must say. And she's got to be baptized first! Bwahahaha! Warren brought an awfully big suitcase for only staying a few days. Good heavens. that friend of Becky's is grubby. I need a shower just looking at him and Vera even admitted he was smelly. My god, Debra Stevenson's pregnancy boobs are enormous!

What's with the fake fur jackets? Frankie, Tracy and Sarah all have them. You could really see Debra Stevenson's baby bump a few times this week. Looks like Jason is wearing Sarah down.Sally's a natural blonde. Did you wonder what she was going into her jeans to get to prove it? Mind you Sally looked pretty old in the 1974 pic of her and her sister when she was only 18 in early 1986 (19 in July) when she first met Kevin. She turned 40 last month in the UK timeline which means she was born in 1967, in 1974 she'd only have been about 7 years old! even 1984 would have been a bit of a stretch but somewhat believeable for the photo. the actress must have flubbed her line! When did the factory workers stop wearing those tabard/aprons?

Factory is gearing up for the annual Christmas party and using a darts showdown to see who pays for it. Loved the scene where Steve puts his foot in it yet again implying that Michelle is too posh to be a darts thrower as compared to Fiz and Janice. I think someone should have chucked a bull's eye at Vernon's head. Partner Paul threw the match partly to get a dig in at Danny. I think i like him :)

Hmmm. How Guilty is Norris? Is Blanche right? Maybe Rita was trying to run away from Norris when she fell! ;) She sure was spitting nickels when she got out of that cab. Norris said there hadn't been fresh bread for 3 days. He wasn't gone that long! After all that, he seems to have eaten the bread roll anyway! Figures Norris would further aggravate Rita by buying nice comfy shoes, that light up with flashing lights.

Friday 17 August 2007

Ruined Characters

Further to my Monday Post about Sean giving Frankie and Jamie hell for their affair, i think i mentioned how this storyline has ruined the characters for me. That doesn't happen very often on Coronation Street. Usually the characters remain pretty consistent to their personalities and day to day comings and goings. If a character starts off nasty they stay that way or maybe they are redeemed. There aren't too many characters that start off great and turn into cowards or sneaks or something else that's not in character for them. Everyone has the potential to lie and manipulate given the circumstance, but the character themselves, overall, isn't often "ruined".

One early instance of a character's "ruination" happened off screen when Peter Adamson was fired. He played Len Fairclough for almost 30 years but shot his mouth off too often to the press and was summarily sacked. On screen, they had Len die of a car crash off screen. And then revealed that he'd been visiting a before-unheard of mistress. Huh? Len loved Rita. There were no hints that he was cheating on her nor were they rowing any more than usual or going through a bad patch. The producers well and truly ruined Len's character out of spite.

Having said that, sometimes the Personality Transplant Fairy has changed a character's core personality and some people might consider that a ruination. One instance i can think of was the character of Tyrone Dobbs. When Ty first appeared, he was streetwise and cool. He was the son of con Jackie Dobbs who pulled every scam possible. He knew what was what. But he wasn't too bright either. We accept that. Then he got involved in a scam that someone pulled on him, to do with selling car cd players only he paid money for what turned out to be empty boxes. I never thought that Tyrone would have fallen for that. Ever. Tyrone in his younger days would probably be the type to mastermind a scam like that. Fall for it? no way. But they dumbed down Tyrone (not that he was Einstein to start with) and made him dumb but loveable. Kirk is thicker still but was always portrayed as such.

The personality transplant fairy jumped into Maria's stilettos too. After she walked out on Nick in Canada and returned to Weatherfield, she started dressing like a tart and became the town bike, bedding man after man and she's still doing it and choosing men that hurt her over and over. Sometimes rewriting a character's back history takes them down a peg or two. Martin Platt had had a couple of affairs while married to Gail and dated a few different women after they were divorced. But having him fall for a schoolgirl young enough to be his daughter ruined him for me. I really didn't believe Martin would have done that and by the time he left the show, i said good riddance to a character i used to like in spite of his faults and bad decisions.

Now there's this Jamie and Frankie debacle. I was never all that fussed about Jamie. He seemed like a nice boy but they really didn't develop him all that much. I liked Frankie a lot. She really grew on me as the wife of womanizer Danny. She was devastated by his affair with Leanne was was Jamie. It was the straw that broke the back of their marriage for good. She had lingering feelings but was intent that he would not hurt her again. Jamie was gutted when he lost the woman he loved to his father. I swear that this new found love for the woman that pretty much raised him from a child was more motivated in getting his father back for Leanne than it was falling genuinely in love with Frankie. I think Frankie was rebounding. She's been waffling, back and forth between wanting Jamie and knowing it was wrong. Jamie has turned into a manipulating, lying prig, happy to rub his father's nose in it, chuffed to bits that he was doing this behind his father's back. You almost get the feeling he's saying "See how you like it!"

Last night's show had he and Frankie jump into bed in Danny's flat. They had no idea if Danny was out for the night or would come back, as he did, early. Thus Danny found out in the worst possible way after Jamie has spent the last week or two pressuring Frankie to tell Danny about them. I think he did it on purpose, hoping his father would come back home and catch them. Maybe she did too, subconsciously. Watching Danny's stunned reaction, exploding with anger, that was awful. As bad as it was that he ran around with Leanne behind Jamie's back, we knew it was a lark, they weren't serious about each other then. It doesn't make it right, what they did, but that's no reason for Jamie and Frankie to do this to him either. He seemed to enjoy stabbing his father in the back all this time, whereas when Danny cheats, he does it more for the chase than to deliberately and vindictively do it to hurt Frankie. Jamie is not sorry his father was hurt by what they'd done though Frankie was.

I really dislike this storyline for that as well as the general ick factor of the mother-stepson thing. I don't buy that either. I might have if Jamie had been a teenager when Frankie joined the family, and developed a crush on her then and harboured it all these years. But he was 7. She raised him like her own, just like she did Warren. Wiped his tears and his nose, went to school concerts and defended him from the bullies.

This is the worst character assassination i've ever seen on the Street. Bar none.

Monday 13 August 2007

Sean is my hero

Hurray for Sean! On Monday's show in Canada he gave Jamie and Frankie a right bollocking for what they're doing. I know that there are Frankie and Jamie fans out there but i'm not one of them. I really like the way that Sean is being a good friend to Jamie yet thoroughly disaproves of what he's doing. You *can* be a friend and not like something they're doing. It doesn't mean you don't still care and in fact, you are probably the only one that *can* be honest. Problem is, often times the friend won't thank you for it and you could lose the friendship. If we're lucky, Jamie will realize that Sean only voiced his concerns (repeatedly) because he cares.

When it all comes out, and it will, it'll really hit the fan and the things that Sean is saying will be mild in comparison. This will be the hottest gossip in the Street ever!

What i really don't like about this storyline, even more than the Ick factor, is how duplicitious that Frankie and Jamie are being. Danny is so excited to get Frankie back and wants so much with her and it's all a big, fat lie. She moved back in with him knowing she had feelings for Jamie and Jamie is making out like he really wants to be close to his dad again after all they went through over Leanne and that's a big, fat lie too. He almost seemed to be enjoying stringing Danny along at one point. Now that he's had Frankie in the sack, though, he's putting on the pressure.

As of tonight it's not blown up and looking ahead in the updates for this week, Frankie says she doesn't want to humiliate Danny. What the F*#* does she think he's going to feel when it does come out? It won't matter how they tell him, at home in private or in a restaurant where he can't cause a scene (you wanna bet?). Stay tuned though. It is gonna blow by the end of the week and Danny's going to find out in the worst possible way.

Dropped Storylines

One thing i find annoying sometimes about Corrie is how they will start up a storyline that looks like it might actually be interesting and then more or less drop it. This is happening now with the Platt councilling business. They had a good start, with family councilling and even David admitted he didn't like himself much. It seemed like he was sincere but basically the councillor just zipped by it and it was left there. Now, wouldn't you think that would be a BIG alarm bell going off in a councillor's head? David is at the root of all this trouble and the reason they're having family councilling in the first place. Duh. Why didn't we have more about that?

Why didn't David have one on one sessions? Sarah and Audrey were the ones that weren't taking it seriously even though Audrey was the one that thought David should have been at councilling since the start. David at least showed up so it sounded like he actually might have been willing to try. Gail makes all this noise about councilling and then doesn't encourage that.

She then goes to parenting classes. Great idea. Really! But we see it once and then it's referred to one other time and then nothing. Basically that's dropped and so are the family councilling. I think it would have been more effective for them to show the family working through it all. But you can't have that when you're planning for David to develop into a TerryDuckworthInTraining, can you?

Audrey was pretty flip about the whole thing but I do agree on one thing, i don't think she needed to be at the sessions. It's mainly for the immediate family and as much as she's part of the family, she doesn't take a hand in disciplining the children and doesn't live with them on a day to day basis.

After this week, we won't hear much more about the councilling at all. Dropped. Just like that when it could have been a lot more.

Then there are some storylines you wish were dropped and they drag on. But that's another post.

Sunday 12 August 2007

Sunday Comments, August 12

Lines of the week:

  • Blanche about Danny and Frankie "They'll be lucky if they make it to the end of the reception"
  • Danny "Look how much that boy loves his mum, bless his cotton socks"
  • Bev "Thanks Norris. You're very kind" Norris "I can be. But not often"
  • Steve to Liz about Vernon "I suffer for my mistakes. Problem is it looks like i'm suffering for yours and all"
  • Steve to Liz about Vernon (again) "You could throw a brick in Strangeways and do better"
  • Eileen to Gail "That sense of humour's coming along nicely"
  • Liz "We're just going to call last orders" Vernon, the new cellarman "Oh i'll have a pint"

Do you get the feeling that Blanche is going to get to say "I told you so"? (see line of the week above) Jamie is pushing away the only friend he's got right now and Sean is really spot on. He knows Jamie is being just as duplicitous as Danny has been with his other women all these years. And didn't i say? Jamie going after Frankie is more or less his way of paying Danny back after all this time. Sean knows it too. Jamie is right. Sean nearly had him seeing sense too. Jamie's leaving town? No such luck. OH ICK. ICK. ICK. EWWWWW (sorry, fans, it just doesn't work for me) and I really don't like that Frankie is now taking great pleasure in playing games behind Danny's back. Sounds like revenge to me, eh wot? They're welcome to each other, the pair of them. Both characters are now officially ruined for me.

Hayley took her time telling Kelly that Becky was back in the picture and Blanche was the one that spilled the beans. Tracy is busy making an ally out of Claire. But what's her plan? Becky still has a few rough edges doesn't she lol Forget literacy training, she needs anger management. Now Hayley wants Becky to work in the cafe! Is there even room for her? Vera's still working there yes? as well as Frankie. It was nice that Hayley stood up to the others but i'm not so sure it's a good thing that she's letting Becky back into their lives. Isn't she a good character though? Becky? Common as dirt but she plays it really well. I think there's going to be a bit of adjustment for both Becky and Roy in the cafe!

Bev seemed pretty good at avoiding any hints but she knows she has to go. Oh no, i couldn't have any champagne, my head is aching, oh thank you very much *chug* Good God, she's clearing glasses and *still* carrying Fred's urn around under her arm but in spite of being told, she's still not in any hurry to leave until Steve's big mouth told the tail. Of course he would shout about Bev at the top of his voice with her behind him but that seemed to be the only kind of hint she'd understand unfortunately. I wonder how long it will be before Ashley and Claire have to do the same thing to get rid of her. She's still deluding herself by pretending that Claire can't cope with the babies and she's *still* carrying that urn and a gin around even while being responsible for the children! Or is it just saving face in front of everyone else? Good heavens, speaking of Claire, i know she's naive and innocent but surely even she would suspect Tracy's motives for being her new bezzy mate all of a sudden. Cake baking?

So Gail goes to a parenting class and the rest of the councilling is dropped just like that? Oh yes, *that's* really going to help everyone. Yet they'll continue to complain about David's antics and not do anything to help. Not to say that the parenting class isn't a bad idea, and that squeal was hysterical. Too bad Gail couldn't pour her heart out like that to David. Once she started talking in the class, she couldn't stop. She's been holding that in for a very long time. I rather enjoyed Sarah beating 5 bells out of David even though i feel guilty about it lol It isn't a very good example in front of Bethany is it? Lovely little scene with Gail and Sally in the pub and Gail not rising to Eileen's digs.

Do you know i don't think Steve is *ever* going to learn his lesson about telling fibs and porkies and now Michelle is yet again pissed at him. No wonder everyone of the women he knows were staring daggers at him in the pub and smacking him across the chops. Why does nobody ever pack suitcases and bags in their room where their clothes are? Something is definitely up with Cilla. She went to the doctor to see about a boob job and now doesn't want one. Either she's getting off with the doctor, or there's something wrong

Vernon's back, tail between his legs. Well you know. And he's left the band. He's got no rhythm, no soul. So he's got no job and Liz has a pub now. Perfect. He's been to a very dark place. Is that why he's dressed like Johnny Cash then? Didn't think she'd take him back but then again she always needs to have a man so when one's on offer, she's going to jump him, er... jump at him. As much as i think Liam's just cute as a button, he needs to shave more often. So does Jamie. Vernon couldn't figure out a way of getting out of the job that Liz offered him as cellarman. I think he's going to join the Jack Duckworth school of skiving off! He's already started.

Sunday 5 August 2007

Sunday Comments, Aug. 5

Lines of the week:

  • Sean "Once they can read and write, they can commit all kinds of fraud that they couldn't do before"
  • Bev to Tracy "Have you no self respect" (says her who's bladdered and carrying an urn around everywhere)
  • Charlie to Tracy "I could see the hate in your eyes just then. One of your more attractive features"
  • Danny "I ain't been this 'appy in a long time" (sopod alert!)
  • Jack "At least we've been granted the precious gift of silence for 48 hours"
  • Jack trying to appease Vera "Why go out for a burger when i've got steak at home" Vera "When did you ever look like Paul Newman?"
  • Bev "I've got a splitting headache. I've had it for days. I think I must be stress or something" (or something)

Nobody trusts Tracy's judgment. Nobody trusts Tracy full stop. Include Charlie in that. He's suspicious of her reasoning to why she wants him back. But she's got a plan. Still, i would have thought Audrey would have been within her rights to refuse to have Tracy as a salon customer, and was particularly surprised that she allowed Maria to do the work on Tracy. Tracy seems to have some plan with Claire, and is making it seem like she's a bit afraid of Charlie. Claire is falling for it too, hook, line and sinker.

Happy Birthday Jack! No fuss no muss? He really did think Vera left for Amsterdam. Vera had a plan, too, to pretend to be going on a girly weekend to Amsterdam and it nearly backfired on Jack, what with the near miss with the stripper! Poor Jack is feeling his age but Tyrone can usually talk him around to anything. Really, though, celebrating his birthday or not really should be Jack's choice. He was pleased, really, that they did make a fuss in the end. To Jack and Vera!

The Connor brothers have a plan, try to get a good deal if Danny wants to sell up and move to Spain. I think brother Paul has a good business head on his shoulders, moreso than Liam, i'd say. Cilla changed her mind so suddenly that something must be up. Yana thinks she's afraid to actually go through with the surgery. More councilling for the Platts. Sarah used Jason to get out of it. Audrey tried. So...two sessions and the councillor has given up and sent Gail to parenting class? or is that in addition to. I really think she needs to have private sessions with David. that lad is screaming for help and Gail thinks she can do it all herself and how is the councilling going to help if they don't tell her everything? Gail needs something to teach her to be so high and mighty.

Oh i see, so Jamie is going to pretend he wants to reconcile with Danny so that he and Frankie won't move away. That's just duplicitous. It's going to break Danny's heart even worse when this all comes out. She's in a panic, running scared from her very newly found feelings for her son, oh, sorry, husband's son. So is Jamie going to taunt Danny with "well you took Leanne from *me*!" ? Maybe that's what it's all come down to. And now Frankie has said she'll marry Danny again. the ultimate running away tactic innit?

I wouldn't expect Maria to pay her share of the leccy bill when she'd only just moved in. Hayley is volunteering with people that have broken the law and who shows up? Becky! Her that got Kelly arrested for something *she* did! We know how clingy she was with Kelly, something tells me Hayley has a new best friend whether she likes it or not. Hayley doesn't trust Becky and rightly so but Hayley's also a soft touch for a sob story and she's going to be sucked in, mark my words.

Why do any of you like the character of Norris? No, really. why? because he makes my skin crawl most of the time aside from the occasional good line. If i were Ken, i'd have taken the Prawn Cocktail and well... Norris would have had a new tail made of prawns. stacking papers in the bag is of a professional nature? He is jumped up, pompous, and self important, and Yay for Ken for telling him off! Bev was sober for once (for a short while) but not very happy that Liz was finally taking over. And Steve stood up for Michelle and insisted she stay on. Why is Liz so threatened by Michelle anyway? It can't be just because Steve fancies her. Kelly's going to get bladdered on her share of 50 pounds? that's between how many? 4 or 5 of them? So that makes about 3 or 4 drinks each. She's a pretty cheap drunk.

Was Bill always like this? leading Kevin out to drink and flirting outrageously? He doesn't seem to have any compunction to reign it in even though he's supposed to be a married man. Telling everyone the way to a happy marriage is to be in different countries? That's pretty disrespectful. Funny seeing Audrey drinking a pint and having pork scratchings. Really slumming it! Was Deirdre really wearing a flouncy skirt and knee high boots (or was that black tights)? What did she look like! Nice to see Gail and Sally having a friendly coffee and discussing the day isn't it?

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