Tuesday 26 February 2008

An Evening with Steven Arnold in Halifax, NS

In exactly one week, the Downeast Streeters Non-Profit Society will be hosting an Evening with Steven Arnold here in Halifax at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel. Tickets are going fast, and may not be available on the night of the event. Tickets cost $25.00 and are available at Celtic Traditions in Spring Garden Place and Heatwave Fashions on Ochterloney Street in downtown Dartmouth (cash only there).

I'm on the committee that's organizing this event and have attended all the other ones that have been held here in Halifax as well. We piggyback onto the Toronto British Isles show, having the Corrie star that appears there stop over here on the way so we don't have a choice as to which actor comes. It's always been a good show, though. The actors speak to the audience, taking questions that are written down ahead of time. There's always lots of gossip and behind the scenes chat. In the past, we've hosted Jenny James (Geena Gregory) and her husband Lee Boardman (Jez Quigley), Samia Smith (Maria Sutherland), Sue Cleaver (Eileen Grimshaw), Bruce Jones (Les Battersby) and Shobna Gulati (Sunita Alahan).

What annoys me is people that say they don't want to come because they don't like the character. But the thing is, this isn't the character, it's the person behind the character. Someone that works on Coronation Street, someone that knows the characters you *do* like and would have loads of inside info on the show. I've never been disappointed in any of the actors that have come here. I'm sure that Steven is going to be equally enjoyable and this year, i'm more involved which makes it even better. I'll be blogging about the visit of course, once it's all done and dusted. Just pray to the weather gods please. It's so unpredictable this time of year!

Sunday 24 February 2008

Sunday Comments, February 24

Lines of the week:

  • Leanne to Janice "I jacked it in cause you made me see sense." Janice "You jacked it in cause of a fella"
  • Betty on Liz's new outfit "I hope it's got a cotton gusset!"
  • Fiz to Kirk "I wouldn't hurt you for the world!" Kirk "You are my world!"
  • Norris "Has there been a lady in here asking for me?" Roy "Now? or ever?"
  • Paul about Leanne "she's not suitable, she's not a businesswoman"

A baby doesn't just vanish. Someone had to have taken him. He didn't get into the park by himself and a fire doesn't start itself either. What a horrifying ordeal to have to go through, thinking a child died in a fire then having to wait to find out if the baby that was found was yours. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster! Of course it *was* Freddie unharmed. (This was a hasty rewrite after that little girl went missing in Portugal last year. They were going to have Freddie kidnapped and not be found for ages) Eileen probably has some half decent lodgers now that the Peacocks have moved in for awhile. Bloody Hell, odious Morton has really stitched up Claire by telling the inspector she threatened to burn down the shed and meanwhile she's terrified that someone is still out there wanting to kill her. For a woman who's probably still recovering from post natal depression, this isn't going to help matters.

Heyyy now, Claire thinks the culprit could be that Casey that absconded with Freddie and got angry with Claire. It's very likely her too but now we need to find her and prove it! I hope she told the cops that Casey actually did take Freddie without permission. But it might not matter, now that the cops also know Ashley had Claire sectioned. Unfortunately, that, and her perceived irrational behaviour over the loud music will go against her even though she's perfectly fine now to which her doctor could attest. Also unfortunately, it's going to put the suspicion in Ashley's head. You invite a family to stay with you, wouldn't you give them a house key? And if you did, wouldn't you take it with you when you go out or, expecting your husband to be home, wouldn't you just leave the door unlocked? Oh bloody hell they're arresting her! And you can tell they think she's got a split personality or some other serious mental illness. Coincidence that her maiden name is Casey and the woman she thinks started the fire is Casey? We know it's not but nobody else has ever seen Casey. But Casey has been to Claire's house, surely some nosy parker on that street like Norris would have seen her around. I really think the case falls apart with the fire. No matter what they think the reason Claire might have started the fire, it's an awfully big risk if she had done. It seems very unfair that Ashley wouldn't believe Claire didn't start the fire and he's right, if she finds out, it will cause a very big crack in their relationship.

Kirk isn't doing too well handling the hero worship from his friends, that is, until Fiz seemed to be impressed by his bravery. But of course he's misinterpreted it and got his heart broken all over again. Cilla was thriving, or at least trying to thrive, trying to get the attention of anyone that looked like a reporter to sell Kirk's story. Fiz says she didn't love Kirk because she loved John in the past and it didn't compare. But she made a pretty good show of making everyone think she loved Kirk. John was her first love, but it doesn't mean she loved Kirk any less, just differently. So it looks like John and Fiz are making their way back to each other. I don't know. Most of the time, recapturing a long lost love doesn't always work out. People change over time and you tend to have idealistic views of the past and how you used to be. It's going to be awkward living with Maria, Kirk's sister now that she not only has finished with him but told him she is seeing John. For someone that didn't want to hurt Kirk for the world, did she think he was going to skip for joy when she finished with him and all the rest? Aw you gotta feel sorry for the poor lad, don't you?

Dreary Derek walked in to a full pub with a huge bouquet of flowers for Liz. What a stupid idiot. If the situation had been different that people didn't think they belonged in front of the Peacock house, don't you think suspicions would have been raised by someone? Why on earth is Liz scouting out Derek's wife? It's not as if this is a grand love affair. It will only come to a sticky end, mark my words. It was funny that Dreary Derek's wife thought Liz and Deirdre were lesbians and Liz was chatting her up under Deirdre's nose. Good God, what did Vernon bring Liz to wear? Looks like a Madam's corset from a wild old West saloon. Surprised she didn't wear it for dreary Derek. He'd have drooled all over it. They had a close call when his wife and brother arrived back. The wife got a look at her and surely must have recognized her. There can't be that many middle aged tarts with skunky looking hair about. The wife now suspects and is asking questions.

In addition to the new furniture, i see the Battersbys have an LCD tv as well. Where did they get all of that? New boyfriend. What not to talk about? Babies! Hmmm... Seems like Doreen has a history of about-face when it comes to friendship. Norris might be a gossipy nosy parker, but sometimes, it's a good thing.

In spite of Leanne quitting the biz, i'm sure she does have a bit of money stashed aside. I can't imagine Carla running a restaurant. A bit of an unusual friendship, Leanne and Carla but when you think that Carla came from a pretty rough background herself, i suppose they have more in common than you'd think. So Carla wants to open a restaurant with Leanne and figures they can learn it as they go. That's not really condusive to a successful eatery. Carla didn't want to talk in front of Paul so he moved from 10 feet one side of her to 10 feet the other side of her and she told Leanne on the phone that Paul was gone. (??) Leanne must have made a fairly decent wage while she was an escort so what did she spend it all on? She reckons she can make 20,000 in 6 weeks. When she got back from Spain, she was going to buy Number 7? She must have had some money to make a down payment on a mortgage then and it wasn't that long ago. Is she just topping up her savings by hooking? Paul isn't taking the news very well, though.

Sunday 17 February 2008

Sunday Comments, February 17

Lines of the week:

  • Janice to Liam "I'm just seeing how far i can push me luck"
  • Rita to Norris "You'd have had a season ticket for the guillotine!"
  • Liz "I like to think I'm on the glam side" (no you're on the tarty side, luv)
  • Ken about Daniel "he's my salvation" (oh, no pressure there, then)
  • Norris "When you do it it's showing concern, when i take an interest i'm being ghoulish" Rita "That's because you *are* ghoulish"
  • Becky "I've been in two fires, and one of 'em i didn't start so i didn't see it coming"

Good God, Deirdre's sobbing over the pork chops now. At least she does finally realize that she's taking it out on Ken and blames Tracy but she still can't take it out on Tracy and she can't help herself but take it out on Ken. Yet Deirdre gets upset about the baby and then pretty soon it's all about her not the baby. Well it does make you think, though. Life *is* too short. And even that didn't go well, trying to make it up with Ken and he wasn't having it. He's really going through a crisis as much as she is, but in a different way. It's going to be more difficult making their way back to each other. She accused him "It's all about you", i'd say they were both in that boat. Boy it didn't take Deirdre very long to get to and back from Denise's flat in the middle of the night. She must have taken a taxi.

Steve and Michelle might finally have gotten their act together but all the fates seem intent on keeping them apart. Leanne's getting sucked in deeper, now she has to find a villa for Dev and it ain't gonna happen is it? Dev needn't get all shirty with her for "backing out of the deal" when she gave him the names of legitimate property dealers. At least she's finally quit the game, but is it too little too late?

How long would it take for Claire and Gail both to realize that Jerry takes absolutely no blind bit of notice of what they say or complain about. So now Claire's on the warpath. (Oh isn't little Freddie cute!) It's already starting to sound like a one-note song (sorry, couldn't resist). Claire and Gail moaning, Jerry and Darrell doing whatever they want. yadda yadda yadda. Claire is a fairly meek person on the surface, but she's not afraid to stand up to anyone. Boy did she ever snap, too and good for her! Darrel can drive a car, Why didn't he take his mates somewhere other than parked on Coronation Street to listen to their tunes? But yikes! Every time Ashley goes away on his own overnight, disaster strikes! Last time, Maxine got drunk and shagged the doctor. This time the house burns! Even after Claire's compromise about giving the stereo back the next day. But do you think it was Darrell that caused the fire after Claire threatened to burn down the shed? He doesn't seem the type. That fire sure took hold fast . Claire only turned the light off a half hour before the not very loud alarm woke her. I always laugh at people calling the emergency services and the sirens and trucks come almost immediately.

And if someone did take the baby before the fire, how did they get out? They must have climbed out Freddie's window with the baby because they had to break in the front way. Claire was only in bed a half hour so whoever it was might have been in the house somewhere already though it's a pretty small house. Someone would have seen. So it must have been up the wall and down again. One of the firemen who made Jerry leave the house, and others that went in didn't have breathing apparatus on. Totally unrealistic. I'm surprised the upper floor would even hold the firefighters the day after.

Deirdre leaving that teddy didn't move me. Eileen crying because she didn't have her coat and worrying about how Ashley was going to take this did and Eileen trying to stay strong when she was crumbling too. Even Jerry, crying over the baby that he couldn't get to, that moved me too. Deirdre left me dry. Claire waking up screaming for her baby made my blood run cold. And i think more than a few people have seen a different side of Jerry than the cheeky chappy he usually is. Heart of gold. After all this, seeing Steve and Michelle mess around just doesn't seem important at all.

Fiz's head is in the clouds over her ex-boyfriend and her current boyfriend wants to patch up his problems by asking her to marry him. Aw Kirk really is a sweetie though. Hard to see his heart breaking. Makes it tricky for Fiz living with Kirk's sister, too. And all Cilla can do is mither him about the rent. Chesney is taking it almost as hard as Kirk. Ooh Fiz really got a dig in at Maria, calling her the local bike! Poor Kirk, he's got to find a new job as well as cope with being dumped. And is it me, or does it seem like, in addition to all that redecorating Les and Cilla did, they've also got a new couch and table/chairs set?

What's up with Emily? She seemed out of sorts. You can forgive Steve for not thinking of asking Emily to babysit, though. A woman nearly 80 if she's a day wouldn't be my first choice to mind an active 3 year old. Doreen's flat seems to be taking a very long time. I suspect she's putting it all off just to stay with Rita and have a bit of company and Rita found out just that. Why on earth would Doreen go so over the top accusing Rita of stalking her just because she got caught out? Can we say "Drama queen"?

Hmm Derek seems to look down on bar work. Thinks his wife is better than "that" yet his mistress is doing the same thing. that didn't go over well, even if he tried to cover by saying she was a licensee and that was better. Is it worth pointing out that while she and Liz might be serving the beer, he's delivering it.

Sunday 10 February 2008

Sunday Comments, February 10

Lines of the week:

  • Leanne to Paul "It's all right you paying for it but you don't like you're little brother getting it for free?"
  • Gail about Jason "I know his heart's in the right place. It's just his brain. And everything else"
  • Leanne "I know about Spanish property but it's a different game over here" Paul to Leanne "I think the *game's* the same anywhere"
  • Deirdre "Don't you talk about a defenceless old lady like that"
  • Blanche to Ken "You should be careful on that high horse, Ken, it's a long way down"
  • Michelle (after snogging Steve) "I was just going to make a sandwich. We got any tongue?"

Paul didn't spill the beans to Liam... yet. But Leanne knows it's touch and go. Paul makes out like he thinks Leanne is after the factory again but Carla's suspicions are aroused. It's a tricky situation. You don't want your brother to be dating a hooker but you don't want to get caught out using her services either if you're married. Very awkward dinner party wasn't it? at least for two of them. Paul seemed way more uncomfortable than Leanne though. Leanne returned from her Sunday "date" and lost the curly hair and makeup. I guess she must have showered and changed before going to the pub. Ooh and now Michelle is kissing Steve again. Wonder if she means it this time? And if she does, how long is it going to last? Snogging on the street in front of everyone isn't exactly going to keep it under wraps, especially right outside the Kabin run by Nosy pants Norris. Paul is trying to lay down the law to Michelle as well as Liam about their respective partners. He's got a point about Leanne but what's he go against Steve other than Steve deciding not to pay up the bet. Liz sure isn't happy about it and i never really understood why. Leanne and Carla are making good friends but i think Leanne is a bit out of her element there, too. Why on earth is Steve searching for babysitters when there's a few young teenage girls on the street that would love to make some pocket money. But nobody ever seems to ask them!

So Ken is trying to get to know his son and his son is understandably suspicious, uncomfortable and not a little resentful. Ken's excuses to Daniel didn't seem to hold water. I guess it did seem fairly realistic for the situation, though. The longer Ken's around, the more that lad wonders why. I really love Blanche's nose sticking into all of this. Denise keeps talking good sense to Ken but he's not ready to hear it so now Ken is sleeping on the couch at Denise's. That's a bit too close for comfort. Deirdre is already assuming the worst and holds an old grudge about him not wanting children with her. Even then, she just couldn't stop that sharp, nasty tongue. I guess she's truly Blanche's daughter when she wants to be. She really gave him hell and they both reduced themselves to old grudges and threw all their respective mistakes at each other. That's going to be hard to take back and hard to find their way back to each other after all that.

Confronting Denise is definitely going to make things worse in the mood she's in. I love Denise! She's always telling Ken what he doesn't want to hear. I really hate it when Ken is on his moral high horse (and Didn't Blanche come out with a similar remark!). Boy Rita sure made a beeline for the pub when she saw Denise. Like as not she knew Blanche would come spreading the news or thought she could get the low down from Deirdre. And what does he do but bring Denise into the pub in front of everyone. I have to say though, the confrontation would have been much better out on the cobbles. :) Deirdre really made an idiot of herself and it's just the sort of thing that would push Ken to Denise for real. And does it bug anyone else the way he pronounces her name "Denize"? So we've spent a month listening to Deirdre scream and snipe at Ken and now how long will we have to listen to her sniveling over him? She's only got her own self to blame.

Wonder how Kirk is managing at the kennel. Hmm badly, so it seems. Vaguely pointing to a dog that needed castrating and the vet knackered the wrong won. Oops. I wonder if he barks in a higher pitch now. The dog. Not Kirk. Does Maria still have a part share in the kennel? This could be the end of the kennels. It won't matter that Kirk was overworked. He didn't take due care and he would be successfully sued. You know, after all that aggro Sophie witnessed her mother go through when she thought Rosie had talent, i'm surprised she's not doing the same thing with Sophie and if she's not because she learned her lesson, i wonder if Sophie feels left out and unappreciated yet again. I thought Sally was a no show but then Fiz said Ches went home with the Websters. Wonder why they didn't show Sally stood on her chair cheering? Yet Bill told everyone how much Sally bragged up Sophie's performance. I want to see her not hear about her! We've heard Sophie trying to sing, we need to hear Chesney now. What did you think? Any good?

For someone so dense about men, Maria was sure clocking on to Fiz seemingly attracted to the teacher. Now poor Kirk is putting himself down, having been a failure with the business so what does Maria do? Council him to do something so that Fiz doesn't get away. Well it seems to have worked. Kirk is going to make things happen with an engagement ring. Fiz seems about to make something happen too, with her old boyfriend. Why does Fiz think she's thick? When she came to work at the factory, we were told that she'd passed quite a few GCSEs. And so it seems they did have a physical relationship back then. She was barely 16 and I'm guessing he was not a little older. She's in her early 20s now and he's got to be 30 at least.

Lol i knew what was going to happen when Vera started listening to those ambience sounds, all that water. More golf shenanigans with Steve and Paul winding each other up. You may notice that Les is being talked about but not seen and now is said to be off with an Irish cover band, ZZ Top of the Morning. In reality, Bruce Jones was suspended for mouthing off in public while very drunk, letting out storyline spoilers. Ooh Doreen is on screen again. So by revealing that Paul is in fact a very skilled golfer, how does that get Steve out of paying up his bet to Paul? He might have got suckered, but a bet is a bet isn't it? Darrel just gets more and more odious.

Sunday 3 February 2008

Sunday Comments, February 3

Lines of the week:

  • Steve "How could i get it so wrong" (er. don't you always?)
  • Liz to Vernon "Don't worry about me, i'll keep meself busy" (You and your lover)
  • Blanche "I'm always civil" (koff)
  • Blanche "I"m the closest thing this street has to a diplomat"
  • Fiz to Cilla "There's a first, you going for something real when you could have had fake"
  • Leanne "You!" Paul "You!" and later she admitted "Somebody broke me" ( taht would be Danny)
  • Ken to Blanche "Your presence isn't helping" Blanche "I wasn't meaning to help"

How could Steve have any idea how Michelle is feeling when she wouldn't tell him what the problem was? As usual Steve put both feet into it without thinking. But really, Michelle really does seem to give Steve mixed signals though his come on was bad timing. Then she turned around and told Vi that if you like someone you should "go for it" which is exactly what Steve did and she knew she'd stuck her foot in it that time. At least she finally told Steve what was going on. Well yes, it was Carla that talked Michelle around to not telling Ryan that Paul was driving the car and not his father. So what do they do? Talk about it when he's just in the other room. and now Paul and Carla are at odds and Liam is thinking Paul is going to go off in one of his moods? Who cares? Paul's pushing the marital envelope, though, staying out all night drinking.

Ken says he's got a 12 year old son within 50 miles of there.... Surely Scotland is further than that? Oh dear, Deirdre's getting really nasty now towards both Ken and her mother. I really do think she's having a breakdown. Ken tells Emily that Deirdre is blaming everyone except Tracy. Too right. Then she made some remark about him not doing enough to get involved with what was going on "over the road" which almost sounded as if she was back to believing Tracy was the abused girlfriend like she pretended. But they know that's not true so why would she now think Ken should have done more? As he said, nothing he could have done would have stopped her in her revenge plan especially since they didn't know that's what it was.

I can't blame Ken for taking off. There's only so much you can take and it certainly seemed to shock Deirdre out of her rage. I felt so bad for Blanche though. You know she feels that if Ken is gone, Deirdre will fall apart even more. And she's right, the longer he's away, the harder it will be to come back. Ken didn't go too far, he seems to have found a B&B and he seems to have found something else. A long lost girlfriend and son. He's being pretty circumspect as to what he's been doing too, not telling Deirdre he'd seen Denise and wants to see Daniel. So he must have said 15 miles not 50. Speculation around the net says Stockport or Rusholme as that's the football teams that were mentioned in Denise's salon. And if Blanche could take a taxi all the way there, it's definitely somewhat local. She wrote him that she'd moved back to the area yet even in the last year i remember Tracy flinging Ken's "son in Scotland" in his face. Blanche is just brilliant, though isn't she? sticking her oar in it all at the moment Ken finally sees his son after 12 years or so. She can't seem to decide whether to bicker at Deirdre, at Ken or do what she can to get them back together. Den of Iniquity indeed. *snork*

Doesn't she look great! I always liked Denise Black's acting and her character, Denise Osbourne. So Ken wants to see his son finally though he's been paying into a trust fund all these years at least. We got filled in, how she did let Ken know she'd moved back to Manchester. Maybe all this upset has got Ken wondering and thinking about the mistakes he's made in his life. So now he's going to get a chance to see Daniel again. Denise is afraid Ken will use him to fill the hole in his life and then drop him again. I think there's a very good chance of that. He's got form.

So Odious Morton is living in the shed. Gail and Claire wonder where he's going to the loo. Where do you think you silly gits? Liz is trying hard to get rid of Vernon, gives her more leeway with Dullard Drayman. Jerry pays absolutely no attention to the neighbours' complaints. None. Absolutely no sound proofing at all in that shed either, at least a house has a bit of a buffer. Mel better not lie and say she was driving instead of Darrell because it would get in the way of her new career as a police officer. And doesn't that half give her dad and granddad a start. Now the girls have got Ashley measuring the shed.

Lloyd answered the phone at the cab office, said "5 minutes" and never called out the call to a driver lol Tyrone and Molly are so cute aren't they? I think they have a future together too. They're very well suited. Liam and Leanne are starting to get close. Laughed at him saying she should come back when she was done her meeting. He didn't mind. But if he knew... and you know? Even Leanne's boots and heels look tarty! Liam's got a voice that's made for talking, not singing lol and WHOOPS!! Newest client for "Rachel" is none other than her neighbour Paul. Married neighbour. and she's dating his brother! They both want it kept quiet but i see her career as a prostitute come crashing down soon. And it's not the first time Paul's done this either. Now Leanne is getting closer to Liam and is terrified Paul is going to tell even though it'll put him in a hard place too.

Oh what's this? A blast from Fiz's past? Ok, Youth club DJ and she bunked off school to see him. I bet he was still a fair bit older than her even then. We first met her before she was 16, fostering with Roy and Hayley. When next we saw her, about 6 months later or so, she had left school at 16 and came to work in the factory and started chasing Tyrone. Sophie didn't do half bad singing. Not great. but not too bad. Laughed at Jack winding up Vera with the baby monitor in the pub and then she got her own back by turning it off. But they were pleased to hear that Ty and Molly want to move in together. Celebrating with Tia Maria and chips. That's class!

Friday 1 February 2008

Why I love Denise Osborne

Denise Osborne is back on our screens in Canada after nearly 12 years. The last time we saw her, she scarpered with baby Daniel up to Scotland where all of Ken's biological children grow up without developing the accent. Only his grandson Adam came away sounding like a Scot and he mainly grew up with his mother in Newcastle, only having spent holidays in Glasgow with his granny Tatlock. Go figure.

Denise Osborne was brought in to be the "next Elsie Tanner" and she nearly had that potential. She seemed to attract men like flies to honey, bringing several of them, including footless Don Brennan to their knees in short order. She was feisty, spirited, in her late 30s and starting to get fed up with men altogether. They then paired her with Ken Barlow which should have had her run screaming to the nunnery. Talk about a mismatched pair! But what happened was Anne Kirkbride (Deirdre) developed health problems and was off the show for awhile so they put Ken and Denise together. At first she found him a nice bloke, safe and unthreatening. Well, he never stopped being that but he also became bland and boring to her. It's Ken Barlow! We viewers never doubted the fact that he was not a dynamic man in spite of the long line of women trailing behind him.

Oops, She finds herself pregnant and isn't sure she wants the spawn of Ken Barlow by this time. Ken is fretful and frustrated. She has a miscarraige which takes the decision out of everyone's hands. But wait! It was twins and she's still carrying one and that was the defining moment when she knew she wanted to keep the baby. Ken is now gleeful but Denise isn't sure she wants anything to do with him. Gasp!

Why i loved her? She always stood up to Ken, both before and after their relationship. She took no crap. She might not be as educated as he was but she was smarter than him, if you get my drift. Ken didn't know what to make of her. He usually always went for submissive women, the kind over whom he could wield his superior intellect and reason and who would meekly accept this arrogance. Then he would turn around and have affairs on these meek women because he couldn't respect them. Denise was different. He didn't really love her because she called him on his shit but she had his baby so he thought the right thing to do was make the effort for Daniel's sake. She tried but realized it just wasn't going to work.

To get her out of the show, the powers that be fabricated a previously unheard of and unhinted at affair with the even blanderThanKen husband of her sister. You wouldn't mind if they'd had him be a macho builder or a dynamic business man but he was an accountant, for God's sake! Not one of life's matinee idols, are accountants. And this one was no different. This stormy affair over the salon books was soon uncovered and they left for the highlands. Ken tried to manage with the baby but she came back and took him too. And the nanny, Kelly, for good measure.

Ken being Ken, tried half heartedly for a few months, driving to Scotland or having Daniel for visits but one or two nights of a cranky child missing his mum had him taking the low road to Scotland and the only time he saw his son over the next 10 or so years was a photo with his Christmas card and a few pounds in a trust fund.

Now he's had a crisis with Deirdre and has discovered that Denise is only living in Stockport. He remarked on having a son not 15 miles away that he never sees. And who's fault is that? And even now, he's wanting to see his son and the lad agrees. Denise is still predicting that Ken will use Daniel to fill that gap in his life and then disappear again when it's all healed over but since Daniel wants to see his father, what is a mother to do? But you know what'll happen. Exactly that. But for the next few weeks, we get to see Denise do what Denise does best. Tell Ken exactly what he doesn't really want to hear and probably instigate Ken and Deirdre's reunion because she doesn't really want him around under her feet.

She's only back for a few weeks so we know we won't see her or Daniel again and the writers will never mention it other than the occasional birthday card or phone call. We won't see Ken coming in and saying he'd been to see Daniel play footy or he'd taken the lad for a pizza and a movie.
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