Sunday 29 June 2008

Sunday Comments, June 29

Lines of the week:

  • Blanche "Call this aggresion? I haven't even limbered up!"
  • Cilla "Anyone would think i've never given her a present before" (probably hasn't)
  • Blanche "Do they call it all day breakfast because you have to wait all day for it?"
  • Hayley to Roy "You repeat things, but you don't understand them"
  • Cilla to Frank "You think you can win me over wi'yer dead wife's bling?"
  • Becky to Christian "She is great. And you are NOTHING!"
  • Carla "Do you think i wanted that? (kiss)"

I don't think Christian was repulsed. I think he was just very angry at Hayley lying to him. But Hayley isn't going to believe that. Hayley is now really going to find a hole in her life without Christian. Love Love Love Becky telling Roy he's ramming his values down other peoples' throats. I think Roy's got an awful lot of groveling to do to get any respect from Hayley ever again. Becky might go about things in the wrong way but her loyalty is not to be questioned. Even as worried as Roy was, he still couldn't say the words "Tell her I love her". It's a complex situation. While Hayley did have to tell Christian the truth, Roy should have been more supportive too and not shut her out so completely. Now Becky is trying her darndest to get the two of them to talk and neither will because they either don't know what to say or aren't going to say what the other wants to hear. I've never heard anyone get into such a state just going to a grocery store for milk and eggs. One would think Roy had never bought groceries in his life! And even then, with his customers waiting for breakfasts, he still couldn't let go of his carbon principles and his nerves are pretty much shattered aren't they?

Maybe now they can manage to talk properly. Well if Roy would get off his high frigging horse, they might have a chance. A change of scenery could very well help the problems between them, if they get a chance to talk it all out. By God he's hard work. Becky decided to take matters into her own hands and boy, i know violence isn't the answer and i don't think Christian really did hit Hayley with malice but Becky thinks he did and Becky thinks with her fists. And Boy did she give it to him, verbally too! And Oh God, they're going to put Blanche in the cafe to help Becky? Well she might object to Becky saying she'd be no help... but she's not, is she! Blanche with a hint of gossip is like a dog with a bone. Blanche seems to be spending mor of her time on her backside in the cafe than helping.

Sarah really has turned against David. She doesn't want him at her wedding. Would you? The feud seems to be causing a lot of trouble in the salon. Audrey is really caught in the middle between two beloved grandchildren. Can't blame Sarah but David is trying, he is. Nice to see Maria still sticking up for David. Audrey is trying to give David a home and thinks that her rules might help him. But if she too shows favouritism, it's only going to further alienate David.

Oh dear god. Knicker games! I've played that one where you have to remember the list of things and add one to it but have never had to wear knickers on my head when i've got it wrong! Hmmm Violet looks a bit sentimental over Jamie. Do i smell a re-romance or is it her hormones? Ashley is really annoying. Yes, closing the shop to babysit is just wonderful for business.

Jack's missing money from the money tin. I figure Paul is trying to set Tyrone up by Taking and replacing some cash and making it seem like Tyrone did it. Tyrone walked right into it. I'm really surprised that Jack and Vera would even believe that Tyrone would ever ever take their money! I don't blame Tyrone for being upset and he knows Paul's set him up, Paul even admitted it, but nobody believes him, not even Molly, which is just what Paul figured on. and He's very good at making it seem like Tyrone is lying isn't he! I think Molly's eyes are finally being opened, though.

Cilla's back from Vegas and what do you know? no money for the cab from the airport! She didn't even remember her own mother's birthday but she actually got Fiz an expensive and nice pressie. I bet Frank paid for it all. Cilla figures a British style diner on the Vegas Strip would do well. Poor Kirk, his birthday gift voucher for Fiz went to Lloyd! Frank doesn't seem to like Cilla's cooking. Brown sauce on pancakes!! Now Frank's giving Cilla pressies. I am starting to wonder just exactly what Cilla does for him because i'm darn sure she's a lousy house cleaner as well as cook.

Rosie is *so* crushing on Liam. Not only are her skirts getting shorter but her tops are plunging deeper and she doesn't mind sitting where his face is practically in her cleavage. I think he's starting to twig that she's throwing herself at him and he needs to nip that in the bud, sharpish. Her mother's daughter isn't she. At the same time, Tony seems to be crushing on Carla and Liam doesn't like it. He's saying that it's too soon after Paul's death. It is a big, but Carla doesn't seem to be rushing in to it either. So what does Liam do? Plant one on Carla. And she might tell him she didn't want that but it looked to me that her tongue was just as far down his throat at the time. Let's face it, Carla even admitted neither of them were faithful to each other (her and Paul that is) and we never saw all that much evidence of a warm and fuzzy marraige even if there was the occaisonal entry into the bedroom Olympics. And there's Carla with not a friend in the world, not really. She's not one to entertain girly friends and her guarded truce with Michelle is the closest she's got. But you know what? The more they protest that it will never happen? Guarantee that it will eventually even though these two are the most mismatched pair i could think of. It might be physical attraction but there's no way they'd manage a successful relationship.

I'm surprised the cafe isn't open at 8 o'clock for the pre-work crowd. Sean is still dating Marcus! You wouldn't think the doors to the pigeon loft would be left open for the birds to fly out would you? Yet it seemed to be when Liam was sulking in the back yard, sitting on the dirty ground. (pigeon muck?)

Sunday 22 June 2008

Sunday Comments, June 22

Lines of the week:

  • David "It was just one lousy pill"
  • Gail "I've done angry. I'm just done past caring"
  • Inspector "You rang us? Green, Clean and Friendly?" Becky "Which one are you?"
  • Vernon "A man for all seasons, me"
  • Ryan about his relatives "They're all whack jobs. In a nice way"
  • Betty re a magazine on menopause "That ship sailed long since" and to seasonal affective disorder "I saw off Hitler, you know. I think i can cope with a few dark nights"
  • Hayley to Christian "Harold's still alive"
  • Vernon "I'm very right brained" (but not right in the brain) Steve "So far, i've seen very little evidence of any brain at all"
  • Hayley to Roy "Go away and leave me alone. I can't stand the sight of yer" (I bet you never thought you'd hear that come out of her!)

I'd be a lot more scared of Jerry but Gail is pretty frightening when she's on the warpath too. Oh i'm so glad the police got involved, probably via the hospital report. And as bad as David felt he sure got a shock when Gail refused to go to the cop shop with him. And even then, he still seemed to take it less seriously than you'd think until they told him he could be charged with manslaughter if Beth died. Which she didn't. She's ok. Beth is very very lucky she didn't have any damage from that pill. Wow, Gail even threw David out! Best thing for him even if he tried to turn it around on her. But she does feel guilty even though it was the right thing to do. So how long will Gail's resolve last? I'm a bit surprised that Audrey did take him in though, after all her urging for Gail to put her foot down. Maybe, though, Audrey will lay down the law and make David follow the rules. Maybe that's the best thing for him, rules and structure. Bill's not too keen on the idea but I think Bill would be a good strong male influence on David. Well, Bethany's home and as far as we know, no lasting effects. David was sure relieved. Don't think Sarah is every going to forgive David, with good reason. Gail is starting to really feel the guilt, though. David is trying to say sorry to everyone and nobody will have it. Anyone think that's going to push him into revenge mode? But Gail won't have David back until he's proven he's changed. That's going to take more than one day or even a week.

I know Vernon wanted to be romantic but he's not very bright either. New Year's Eve? Now he's got yet another excuse to skive. Wedding planning.He was really nervous about how Steve would take the news though. Now Steve wants to move Michelle into the pub. That's going to be close quarters. If they're worried about the crowds, why doesn't Michelle and Liz/Vernon swop? Vernon is making me ill. Will i have to put up with his mushing for the next couple of months? Rosie's skirt is getting shorter and shorter. Huge guffaw at David trying to amuse Betty sat under the dryer!

Uh oh. Sally's getting *that look* again, when she looks at John and she's cornered him into a theatre "date" to see Shakespeare and it happens to be on Fiz's birthday! And would you have believed that Kevin would actually enjoy it? He didn't either but he did, and he "got" it, much to Sally's surprise and chagrin. Tony Soprano, indeed! Sophie's getting a bit stroppy with teenage hormones isn't she? lol! Dev is really really being annoying about the slower kettle. IT's not as if they're lighting the fire by rubbing two sticks together. D'you notice? Christian even slopes along a bit like Hayley. Looks like Audrey's home is becoming a refuge for waifs and strays now she's taking Ashley in. Um, You know, It's Steve's pub. Surely if he wants to take down the photo of him snogging the gal in Malta, he can. I suppose his mother would prefer to have it there too, both of them like to take the pi$$ don't they! Evidenced by Lloyd urging Vernon to give Steve a hug.

Roy's low carbon footprint efforts aren't impressing the customers but seriously. How long does it take? It's not that bad but people are so impatient these days. Roy's really really annoying me lately though. Obsession about being green is taking over his life to the point where he's grizzling about the wrapping paper and taking the car out for a drive (when they rarely do take it out, after all!) If Roy is so concerned about the environment, he should sell that clunker of a car and buy a new small hybrid one that's fuel efficient! Laughed at Becky scaring Roy with her present, an inimate item no couple should be without and it was a carrier for id and money under your clothes. Becky is also very plain speaking and makes sure Roy hears the hard truth.

Curly Freddy is back again. Rosie definitely has a crush on Liam who definitely does not have one on her. John mentioned the theatre in the round. That must be the Manchester Royal Exchange theatre! Liam seems a little jealous that Carla is making eyes at another man so soon after Paul's death but really, Carla and Paul didn't really have that warm and fuzzy a marraige for quite some time.

Becky always seems to get straight to the core of things. She knows that Hayley wants to see more of Christian. Should she be encouraging Hayley, knowing how Roy feels? I think so, as long as Hayley explains to Roy which she did. But it didn't turn out very well, did it? But while he has a point, that Hayley really has to tell Christian the truth, making her choose between Christian and their relationship, and blanking her out is totally wrong. Leave it to Kelly, if it wears trousers she's ready to devour it. Another lie, Harold was cremated. Blimey, were any of you thinking "JUST TELL HIM!" Cripes, it's never a straight line with Hayley, is it! Well, Roy pretty much forced the issue and she finally told Christian the truth after that, and he smacked her across the face!!! Did Roy feel guilty? I hope so. I don't think Christian hit her because of the fact that she was a man before, it was because of the lies. Yes, Roy was right but i still think he was overly harsh with Hayley. For more examination of this storyline, check out the entry below this one.

Friday 20 June 2008

Hayley's got a son

So we've come to the storyline where Hayley has discovered that she fathered a son when she was Harold. The basic premise was taken from the movie Transamerica where a woman was just about to have her reassignment surgery and discovers she'd father'd a son. She meets the lad but doesn't tell him who she is until much later in the movie when it blows up in her face. Well, the same idea here. Hayley discovered through a letter that was written to her late Auntie Monica that she'd fathered a son via a one night spent with a good friend back in the day. She doesn't tell Roy this because she'd told him at the start that she and Harold both were virgins. She does tell Becky who has been a tower of strength. I really think this is where Becky really comes into her own as a character and cements her place. But that's a story for another blog.

Hayley finds out where her son Christian is and when she steels her nerves to meet him, tells him she's his auntie and there lies the rub. When Roy finds out, he's very angry that he's been lied to but also upset that Hayley has lied to Christian. Lie begets lie. I do agree there, that Hayley needs to tell the truth to Christian. I don't agree with Roy's holier than thou attitude and harsh demands that if Hayley doesn't tell the truth, their future is in dire jeopardy. I think he probably could have forgiven the lie about viriginity even though he figures a relationship built on a lie is not worth having. It's not that serious a lie, really. Not enough to destroy 10 years of solidarity.

If i were i Roy's shoes, i'm sure i'd not be too happy with my partner's lies and would strongly urge the truth be told, not just for the partner's sake but for the lad's. He does deserve to know the truth, and should be told. I wouldn't threaten and emotionally blackmail my partner into it but then i don't see the world in black and white like Roy does. As good a man as he is, he can be very santimonious at times. He doesn't deal well with emotions. He doesn't compromise easily, not on the big things. He'd be utterly lost without Hayley yet he's pushing her away. For her own sake, he'd say. That's not being supportive and i can't blame Hayley for turning a bit cold to him after what happens.

I'm writing this the afternoon before a particular episode airs on CBC but i'm going to spoil it as i don't think a lot of people read this straight away anyway. But you've been warned. The rest of this post will contain spoilers for this storyline. Look away now if you don't want to know.

Last night Hayley finally told Christian that his father is still alive. Tonight she will tell him the whole truth, but knowing Hayley, it won't come out in a straight line. Christian isn't going to take it well. He walks away and she follows, pulling at him so he turns around and lashes out, smacking her across the face with the back of his beringed hand. That of course causes bruises and cuts. She thinks he thinks of her as a freak. I don't think that's the case really. I think it's anger at her letting him think his father was dead. Lie begets lie and he's angry when it all comes out. As anyone would be. I also think he's horrified at hitting her in the heat of the moment but he walks away and when Hayley gets home, Roy is horrified and wants Christian arrested.

Some might say it's partly Roy's fault for forcing Hayley into telling the truth when she wasn't ready. That's not right but he should feel guilty just the same. it's a very hard situation, really. Yes, Hayley should have told Christian from the start. This wouldn't have happened. He'd have been shocked and surprised but I think he'd have come round to it. i don't think he's a violent man as a rule, i think this was accidental but boy, oh boy, Becky sure reacts in true Becky fashion. She beats the crap out of him in retaliation. Roy doesn't know how to react other than directing his guilt and anger at Christian.

There's no right or wrong here, not really. Hayley should have told the truth from the start but it was a very difficult thing to do. Roy should have been more supportive and not so hard on her with his high morals. But encouraging her to tell the truth was right. Just not the way he did it. Christian shouldnt' have struck out but it's understandable.

The thing is, it more or less rewrites Hayley's whole history. Everything she'd told us over the years. The mother of her son, Cath, was supposed to be a sort of kindred spirit. Both young people were loners, outcasts. Yet what about Ruth? That friend that Hayley went to see years ago when she and Roy ran off with that little boy they were fostering. That was also supposed to be the same sort of best friend. Sounds like Harold had more friends than he knew what to do with. It seems the powers that be went with this storyline because of the popularity of the movie and because of the sensation it would cause if beloved Hayley was assaulted. Indeed the newspapers and ITV themselves were putting put publicity about Hayley being "brutally beaten" when in fact, it was one smack across the face. Hardly brutal. Jez Quigley was beaten by Jim McDonald and he died from his injuries. *That's* brutal.

In spite of that, though, as always, Julie H and David N have put in fantastic performances. Roy and Hayley stories are always good because the writers always do believable dialogue and the actors really know what to do with it. Even if watching Roy makes you angry, as it does me, i can appreciate the skill of both the actors and writers here. If it's a bit unbelievable that Hayley would have had such a good friend, had sex with her and then pretty much never see her or keep in touch with her within weeks of it for the pregnancy not to have come to light (Ok, maybe Cath just upped and left town without telling her best friend why and never kept in touch, that doesn't make a lot of sense either), that's television and you have to suspend disbelief, i guess.

This is the main thing i really dislike about tv shows that rewrite character history. Nothing adds up. When they gave Mike Baldwin a son with Susan who, surprise, didn't have an abortion after all, they failed to explain how Tracy could have visited Susan or Ken who must have called her or visited even though we didn't see it, how come nobody ever heard of or saw Adam, or even a photo of him in her flat? When they gave Mike a brother and therefore Danny Baldwin who became his son, they forgot that Mike's father was on the show and they used to talk about how it was just the two of them against the world when Mike was younger. Tsk. There is documented history here that's being thrown out the window. If there was an absence of a character or they were never known to the show or never talked about their past, you can get away with it. Bet Lynch was discovered to have a son from a teenage pregnancy who was given up for adoption as did Audrey. Both were believable because of the character however.

Oh well, i could witter on and ramble for a long time. i better quit. i've probably already lost any readers i might have had by this point! Sorry about that. Corrie isn't the only show that has done this and it always annoys me. But the performances keep me coming back for more. Corrie does drama like nobody else does. Long may it reign

Sunday 15 June 2008

Sunday Comments, June 15

Lines of the week:

  • Becky to Roy "Life doesn't divide into neat little piles."
  • Janice about Carla and Rosie "Doctor Evil and Mini-Me"
  • Roy "Jigsaws are for squares"
  • Hayley "Sometimes what i need is support. Not principles"
  • Fiz "she was Discombobulated" Becky "oh you can't just make up words!"
  • Roy "I will 'not' chill out and as for doing my head in, that must be the most pointless phrase to have entered the English language in the last twenty years. And believe me, it has some competition"

Roy really took Hayley's "betrayal" badly, didn't he? Poor Roy doesn't see the nuances of life. It's not as if Haley's only just told him she used to be a man. That would make you question the foundation of your relationship. That she wasn't a virgin might have been a lie, a shock even, but it's not the end of the world. No matter that they've rewritten Hayley's history, no matter that it's a bit of a mirror to the movie, a Roy and Hayley story is always a treat. Now he's insisting. No more lies. And what does she do? tell Christian that she's his auntie. Now you and i can understand how difficult it would be for her to tell him she's his father under such emotional circumstances. But yes, she should have or she should have waited until she could have done it. I really don't like this aspect of Roy's personality, though. He has such high standards that it's not always easy to live up to them. I do understand his point of view but i don't like that he tends to push people away when they don't live up and let him down. He was completely rude to Christian when he arrived at the cafe. It's true, though, lie begets lie. When Christian finds out that Hayley is his father, and he will because why do the storyline otherwise, he's not going to take it well. Anyway. Christian. Do you think they could have cast anyone that looks more like Hayley no matter that she said he looked like his mother? Can i just say i love Becky, i really do! She told Roy straight from the hip and he didn't like being preached to. She pointed out he can dish it out all right. I fear a cup of eco-friendly tea isn't really the way to make it up with Hayley though. She's got to work through this herself and she's got to find a way to tell Christian the truth.

Well, it looks like David has taken another big step along the road to hell. Stashing drugs for a friend of a friend and hiding them in the head of Beth's doll? Smart. Not. "Stig". I wonder if he knows Becky's ex, Slug. Anyway, it only stood to reason that Beth would find them and nearly die from the drug. Hopefully she won't need a new kidney like Tracey did and maybe this will be the thing that makes David stand up and take notice of his life? Wanna bet? You'd lose. Man, did David ever go white. Under his fake tan, that is. He did try to make her throw it up, but it was probably so small and dissolved very quickly and got into her system so the salt water only made her worse. As scary as it is when someone you love takes suddenly and really frighteningly ill, there's nothing that will make your heart jump up into your throat like when it happens to a child. It took Jason to get David to admit what happened and everyone turned against him. Well what would you do? Sarah had pretty negative feelings toward David before this, she'll never forgive or forget now and i suspect it's going to be out and out war from here on in. Will Bethany survive? Tune in!

You know, Paul isn't very nice either, is he? He's as bad as Tyrone, winding each other up. Finally Molly gets clued in that Ty is jealous of Paul. At least Dev is good for something these days. He is jealous but he also doesn't trust Paul. Too much like his father, Terry. And Paul is like Terry too, smarmy and manipulative, also puts Tyrone down a lot and makes him look silly and stupid in front of Molly, Jack and Vee. But Paul tipped up, there, and Ty overheard him on the phone saying he was Jack Duckworth! Now he just has to get proof but i think it's going to take awhile yet. Paul's very good at covering his tracks and making Tyrone look like a paranoid fool. And we know how fickle Vera is and how much family means to her. As much as Tyrone is *like* a son, he's not and Paul's their blood. You would think that Paul would have been smart enough to send all bank correspondence to the restaurant or get a PO box. I guess he's got a few miles to put on him before he's as clever as his dad. Vera going into exstacies over the vibrating chair was awfully close to TMI.

Happy Birthday Sean. Looks like Marcus the ultrasound and midwife guy has taken a fancy to Sean. The feeling is certainly mutual. Aww isn't he a nice bloke too. First date and he gets to meet Sean's friends. Talk about pressure. Typical Kelly, though, bringing Sean down, implying Marcus is just a one off cause it looks like he isn't. Ashley is still sleeping on the Webster's sofa. Jamie asked Violet to his mother's wedding? Boy she sure cleaned up fast!

I can understand Claire not quite sure she can forgive Ashley. The affair was bad enough but before that, he had doubted her word and her integrity about the fire and that probably hurts her just as much as the fling did. She may relent eventually because he really isn't the type that would be serially unfaithful but it the hurt that he didn't believe in her will always be there tucked away. Ashley wants things to be the way they were before. They never will be, sorry. And it soulds like Kevin knows what's what and where things stand with Sally.

Is it me? Or are they dressing Hayley even more frumpy than usual with that baggy blouse and cardy! Even Carla treats Hayley well though. They know she doesn't skive and only takes time off when it's really necessary. John thinks Rosie should be left to her own devices and she might smarten up and go back to school when she realizes a factory isn't that much of a stepping stone if you have no qualifications. All the girls in the factory's baby talk really got to Hayley.

Hmm nice looking bloke, this Tony in the factory. Carla and Rosie are working in the factory alone (on a Sunday?) and Tony just walks in? Wouldn't they keep the door locked? Ooh, there was something on the table at Gail's by the lamp with a Canadian flag on it, a mug or something! Roy's birthday is Friday which is Tuesday our time.

Sunday 8 June 2008

Sunday Comments, June 8

Lines of the week:

  • Claire "My husband slept with the woman that tried to kill me"
  • Gail "David, have you been shooting at my shopping?"
  • David to Gail "Trust!!! I don't know how you dare use the word" (well if you earned it, you'd get it)
  • Sean "Marcus. Sonographer. As i like to call him, Ultrasound Man, can see right inside you!"
  • Sean "I'm just so lucky" (AAAAAGHHH SOPOD!)
  • Fiz about Kelly "She's scared off straighter blokes than you"
  • Joshua to Ashley "Did you take mummy's toy?" Claire "Daddy took mine!"

Well the dust has settled on the Peacock crisis. Sort of. Claire's sleeping in the nursery and Ashley's sleeping on the sofa. Why is that? Nobody's sleeping in the big bed! Will Claire ever forgive Ashley? Poor Kirk feels so bad but it's not his fault. You could see Claire was working up to tearing a strip off Audrey for knowing about Casey and Ashley and not telling. Audrey did try to tell Claire but kept chickening out. She just hinted that Casey was making herself very comfortable. It's a hard place to be in, a friend knowing something like that. Nice bit of history there with Kevin trying to help Ashley because he does know how it goes. Can't blame Claire for not believing Anything Ashley says, not at this point in time. Sally's right, Ashley still had a choice and I can't blame Claire for wanting him to leave though i wouldn't call it a full blown affair. It was more than a one off but it wasn't much more than that. I can't imagine the Webster sofa is very comfy. Yes Sally did forgive Kevin... but it took years and they each had other relationships in the meantime.

Eileen has a good point. Casey managed to break up the family in the end after all. She wins. But how long are we going to have to see Ashley's tortured face? Good God, though, Claire seems to enjoy sticking it to Ashley by telling all she comes across that Ashley had an affair and they've split up.

Hayley is getting in deeper and deeper with lies. Becky thinks she's helping but it's not doing Hayley any favours. Hayley still would have lied about the 300 pounds but it would have been so obvious that even Roy would have guessed. Hayley's son's name is Christian but i think CBC snipped that out last week. The PI is back and it seems like he found Hayley's son and he works in a music shop. Hayley wasn't walking *that* fast but i think the fags have Becky's lungs in pretty poor shape. Hayley finally told Roy she has a son. Talk about shock to the system! I think Roy would have been ok and understood why she lied about her virginity if this hadn't been added to the mix along with Hayley lying about it and the private investigator. See, with Roy it's black or white. He doesn't understand the emotional subtleties and quandaries.

Why would Sean even have to say anything about his afternoon off? He could leave work and go to the hospital and Eileen would never know anyway. As nervous as Violet was about the scan, Sean seemed even more so about what people would think. So.. the scan technician, Marcus... Sean was flirting something mad with him and Marcus didn't seem to mind and gave Sean his phone number! Sean seems to be ok when it's him wanting a relationship but what happens when Violet wants one? That's an intruder, a potential daddy. Now that they know it's all ok, Vi won't be able to keep Sean from spilling the beans now so it might as well come from Vi. Eileen was gobsmacked and a bit baffled by the logistics. I can't help thinking this wide eyed optimism is going to go horribly south in the end. It's a soap. things are never smooth and easy. Why would Sean tell the biggest gobs on the STreet about the baby and then tell them they want to keep it a secret? Duh. It didn't take long for the news to spread. But Betty was brilliant, and you know, someone of her generation probably does think all someone needs is to find the right fella/woman. I've heard it from one or two people in real life so it's not that far fetched having a character like Betty say it. It's really not Liz's place to judge Vi but she might be the only one that was brave enough to warn them.

Do you think David would make a good stylist? Gail knew David dumped that parcel. Who else could it be? I don't know about stylist, David seems to be having a good time with the air gun, shooting Gail's ornaments, her shopping, her milk carton. Hmph. It's ok for David to torture Gail, play tricks, embarass her, but when she turns it around on him, he's insulted and tries to make her feel guilty. If David left the phone connection open, wouldn't Gail have heard the air gun shot over it and her own music back into her ear? Gail is right to ask for room and board just like Sarah. I wonder if Jason contributes too? She said everyone who lives there contributes so i expect he must and he didn't like Gail interfering in his pay packet too much. Was that overstepping the mark do you think? I kind of think it was, actualleh. David needs to grow the heck up, that's what he needs. He stabbed Gail right to the heart with his cold remarks. He decides to leave and you know, it probably is for the best. For now at least. Gail feels guilty, just as David intended.

Gail's worst nightmare, the police coming to the door after David has run off. Nobody's surprised that David decided to accuse Gail of being physically abusive. What better revenge on her even if he backed out of it. I think the best thing that could have happened is taking David into care. David thinks Gail let Richard almost kill him. Erm. and everyone else, her included. I hardly think that's a fair accusation. Oooh he makes me want to spit nickels, does David. I am really surprised he'd do something to upset Bethany, though.

Jodie seems to be chomping at the bit to get some time to herself. I"m sure Jerry does take full advantage. Kayleigh says someone spiked her drinks. You'd think as soon as she started to feel the effects, she'd have stopped drinking. That's where her excuses all fall apart. Looks like Jodie and Lloyd might be trying for a date or two but i don't think it's going to be easy. About as easy as Eileen and Jerry trying to find some alone time. Sally really is keen on this English course isn't she?

Hmmm Looks like Liam is getting interested in Maria. I wonder why Gail always thinks it's a private place to talk, in her kitchen. 6 feet away from the living room. Wouldn't it have been better to walk outside with the police? Kirk actually talked a bit of sense to Tyrone, warning him against talking too much against Paul. Tyrone just comes across like a jealous and petty person. His instinct was right, we know that, but nobody else does except Leanne.

Corrie's back on weeknights this week starting Tuesday with a double episode!!! Yay!

Sunday 1 June 2008

Sunday Comments, June 1

Lines of the week:

  • Norris to Jodie about her "offer" "I don't know about you but I know me limitations"
  • Doreen "I was thinking more like Clint Eastwood" Emily (sighing) "Aren't we all?"
  • Roy to Becky "You've had a bereavement then?" Becky "Yeah when i was kid. That's the trouble with hamsters. Too easy to forget to feed 'em "
  • Claire to Ashley about Casey "I've misjudged you, i probably misjudged her as well" (no you haven't)
  • Cilla to Norris "Guess where I"m sleeping tonight! Las Vegas!" Norris "Has anyone warned them?"
  • Detective "Strange i'm used to. It's impossible that's a struggle"
  • Doreen "Tomorrow i will still be a single blonde" (you've not been blonde for 25 years, luv!)
  • Tyrone about Paul "Why would he wish us luck, he wants us out" (duh, if they have luck, they'll be out!)

Good for Hayley for going to her Auntie's funeral and good for Roy for sticking up for her! The gobby relatives only showed themselves up making an obnoxious arses of themselves at a funeral. ooh, old photo of "Harold" which looks just like Julie H. and maybe some of those photos were of another boy? And what's in the letters? Something very upsetting to her, that's for sure. Hayley's beloved Auntie Monica died, why does Roy keep thinking the obnoxious couple is what's upsetting her when she's grieving her Aunt (and whatever was in that letter which he didn't know about). Poor Becky took the brunt of Hayley's grief and shock and oh. MY. GOD. Hayley had a son!!!! Hayley wanted a child so much and has missed out on the only one she had. And after she told Roy she'd never had sex before him. We all know what Roy is like being adamant about complete honesty. Still, Hayley should tell him as difficult as it would be. Instead she'd rather forget all about it but Becky isn't going to let her.

Becky's been a really good friend. Her idea of a private detective is actually a good one. Poor Hayley is quite out of her element on this one but she did it anyway. I think the Detective, as much as he probably hears a lot of strange things, probably thinks "Now i've heard everything". Hayley really does have to tell Roy, she really does as hard as it will be. Anyway Hayley's son is called Christian, not sure if that was missed on the show or edited but it's mentioned this coming week as if it was already said.

Roy really is in his own little world, when he's got his own obsessions. This crusade to do with his carbon footprint, while very admirable, is a bit OTT as typical of Roy :)

Seeing Claire all fuzzy and warm towards Ashley made me shudder knowing what was coming. Casey really ramped up the obsession, didn't she? Well it's his own fault for not having the gumption to tell her in no uncertain terms when she got it all wrong last week. She slithered back and managed to get Ashley to drive her home. A scorned woman. Very dangerous. She's gone completely round the twist and you can see it in her eye. and bloody hell, leaving the baby with Kirk??? Doh. Set it up to be so obvious what was going to happen with Madam around the corner. A bit stupid of Ashley not to tell Kirk not to let Casey was persona non grata. All Kirk knows is that Casey was friend and babysitter in the past. If i'd been Audrey, i'd have been on the phone to Ashley as soon as Casey drove away with that baby. She knew what Casey was saying was rubbish. Looks like Casey is very good at photoshop too. Clear sign of madness and obsession, having photos all over the walls that she must have stolen from Claire's photo albums, most of them, and making signals out of dropped keys.

Well now Claire knows the truth about the affair and we all know that Casey set the fire, as well. Good ending to the story, wasn't it? You knew she wouldn't jump off the balcony and having Claire and Audrey there only added to the drama. There she is out on the balcony and offering Claire a steak and a glass of wine. Completely bonkers. Claire hit the nail on the head, she knew about Casey's miscarraige and how it affected her and was able to get Freddy back from her but boy oh boy did you see the look of disgust on her face when she looked at Ashley when it was all over? Can't blame her really. She was at her wits end, feeling threatened because someone tried to kill her in the fire. Ashley doubted her and everyone seemed to her to make her feel in the wrong and then... her husband cheats on her with her supposed best friend who turns out to be the one that tried to kill her! Who wouldn't be disgusted?

As much as Frank insults Cilla, I think he's taken quite a shine to her and now he's taking her to Las Vegas! And she's off looking like Calamity Jane in her boots and hat! Doreen again made me smile. Lloyd might actually be interested in Jodie now that it seems they're bickering. That's usually a sign. Why did the police drive Ashley, Claire and the baby home? Ashley drove his vehicle to the hospital so he must have left it there. But Freddie is save and completely oblivious. What a lot he's been through in a short life so far.

Doreen and Rita are not too complimentary about poor Norris and now Emily got a bit worried when Norris proposed a nice meal and a bottle of *red* wine and she heard the girls in the salon gossiping! Poor Emily! totally at cross purposes. I thought she was going to have a stroke until she realized he only wanted her support. Instead he got her laughter which he took as ridicule but which was only her laughing at her misunderstanding him. She's twigged it was Rita but Norris got ahead of her but then it took him an hour and a half to get the nerve up. At least Rita took him seriously and let him down firmly but with grace and sensitivity.

Fiz thinks her relationship with John is too good to be true. Is that a SOPOD? Is it all going to come crashing down around her ears? Again, poor David ends up getting the short end of the stick. All he wanted to do was apologize and since Gail doesn't know that, she thinks the worst of him. Mind you, his method of it was a bit immature as was his means of getting back on his mother. Rage on the computer games, unplugging the fridge and tossing her package in the bin. Tsk. They're setting David up to be a mother-killer, perhaps stashing her in the old fridge in the garage? but i don't think it will actually happen.

Laughed at Lloyd and Jerry hugging each other to tease Ashley and Kirk. I finally found something about which i agree with Norris... misplaced apostrophes! Ooh Ashley mentioned Boris! How come we never see him! Dev thinks politics is a respectable profession?

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