Sunday 28 June 2009

Sunday Comments, June 28

Lines of the week:
  • Liam to Tom "You just got whacked by a hacked off woofa. Try saying that when you're drunk!"
  • Lloyd to Rita about the photos "She was lovely once, she'll always have that to console her" (ouch but it was still nice)
  • Tom "He's an eejit, that's what's the matter with Liam!" (sour grapes, anyone?)
  • Jerry to Mel "Just don't pinch anyone we know!"
  • Marcus to Sean "I'm tired of being your straight man"
  • Norris "It's the perennial 2B or not HB question" (re: pencils)
  • Amber "I've just thought of a brilliant name for the Indian film industry if it's raining... Brollywood!"
Contrived. You'll be hearing that word a lot this week.

You know, Tom really was sending Sean mixed signals. And it all fell apart badly when Sean's jealously got out of hand and Marcus got annoyed and thumped Tom and they broke up. He tells Sean if they can't trust each other they've nothing. And he's right about "Planet Sean". Sean is very self absorbed. Too bad, i really liked Marcus. Meanwhile Tom decides to charm Carla into investing in LadRags and Carla seems to like the idea of being a secret partner. Likes having something to hold over Maria, more like. Tony's not going to like that! Neither is Maria! But how did the house get filled with Tshirts when Tom and Liam hadn't even made the deal with LadRags yet? Everyone is in a snit. Liam doesn't want Carla, Tom is ticked that Liam won't accept her money, Maria's narked because Liam's in a bad mood over it all. Liam's on the rampage and charges over to Carla's. Why? So that she can feed him spag bol sauce and flash her considerably large.... eyes... at him.

Mel and Abbie's trouble with the chav girls didn't come out too well, did it, for Abbie! She had some nasty eye damage and has decided to quit the force. Mel, of course feels hugely guilty. Meanwhile Jerry is all over Teresa like starch on rice and rightly so. Why on earth don't they think they can make the assault charge (on a cop with another cop as witness) stick? Aww but Abi doesn't think she's going to want to stay a cop if she can't be out on the streets.

How on earth could anyone see Roy Cropper and remotely think he could be a drug supplier? that was a ridiculously contrived storyline all designated to get Becky back in Roy's good books. I suppose it would take something like that, though. it was sweet seeing her and Roy and Ken walking arm in arm after the police let them go and awww Becky bought Roy a new briefcase and coat. At least all that got them back together, so to speak, in the cafe. Norris and the mobile phone is stupid too. Though i do think Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy would suit Doris as well ;) That whole storyline with first the funeral arrangements and then the photos in the envelope that were something and nothing was absolutely mind numbingly boring and contrived.

Stape's granny has died and Fiz went to the funeral. Pretty measely funeral too, you'd think there would be more people there. Stape was on the phone to his mother, why wasn't she there? If it wasn't her mother, it was her mother-in-law. It's all contrived to get Fiz and John sucking face again.

It was raining when Ken and Roy returned the phone and got arrested but it wasn't raining on Coronation Street. Well, it might have been but nobody was coming in and out of the put looking the least bit damp. Becky was particularly grungy looking this week, walking around with messier hair than usual and looking like she was still wearing last night's rave makeup.

Amber seems to have transferred her affections to Darryl pretty quickly once David dumped all over her. Nina says her daughter is non stop drama. Wonder where she learned that from? Tyrone has prostituted himself for science. I really liked that grey tweedy jacket with the big black button that Rita was wearing this week. I wish Rita would just spill her guts and ask Emily about the photos, the photos she hasn't even seen herself! So what if they find out Norris has been snooping again! Bugger him! And why does Norris think he deserves to get Emily's house after she dies? She sold it to Richard Hillman and it was deemed a legal transaction so won't it have to pass to Gail who was a director of the company or did Gail just let it drop and tear up the papers? If that's the case, i should think she'd pass it on to Spider, not Norris.

Sunday 21 June 2009

Sunday Comments, June 21

Lines of the week:

  • Nina to Dev "Been there. Done that"
  • Tina to David "You're a psycho possessive control freak"
  • Rita to Norris "If Emily's hiding something, it's Emily's right" (i think Emily should hide Norris somewhere)
  • Teresa "It's no one's fault" (oh yeah???)
  • Sean "What's wrong with clingy and possessive? At least it shows i care!" (not really)
  • Anonymous chav woman after dragging her kid off the road where he was playing "I'm a good mum!!!" Becky "AND I'M A FLAMIN' SAMBUCA!"

I don't understand why Jerry doesn't take himself to the doctor anyway. Male pride i suppose. Of course Mally is going to lie for Teresa, she paid him to but Mel got the truth out of him. Teresa is such a piece of work, though, she knows Jerry is sick and vulnerable. As much as Mel hates her mother and doesn't trust her, she needs to grow up and keep shut for her sick father's sake. Mind you, that would be under normal circumstances. All the stress added to it and Jerry collapsed and all Teresa could think of doing first is wiping fingerprints off the pill bottle which makes no sense. She's been the one that has been giving him his pills and if she wasn't his prints would be there and it would look odder of it was clean. But to be fair, she didn't feed him pills to kill him, just to make him a bit sick. she's just not smart enough to realize what could happen.

Anyway, Darryl's on the phone leaving a message to Mel who's stropped off and the ambulance comes round the corner and he just hangs up! Now Jerry's in surgery for a brain bleeder. And i bet nobody's called Jodie. Teresa really seems contrite so apparently she's got one redeeming feature. She *does* have a guilty conscience under there somewhere! Is she about to confess? The Wednesday show ended just as we were going to find out! Cliffhanger! Doctor interrupts and then he's sleeping! Aggh! What timing, eh? He wants to get back together and she tells him she nearly killed him! So he did the right thing when someone wants to kill you and banished her, as you do, but wouldn't tell the kids what she'd actually done.

Oh dear. Todd saw Marcus out having fun with the fella he was staying with. Well why shouldn't he have some fun? Arms around each other? Doesn't mean squat when you're out drinking. They could have been holding each other up! Eileen didn't have to tell him and it only made his imagination go wild and got him so worked up that his jealousy went wayyyy overboard. Tom is really getting a bit previous isn't he? inviting a load of drunks back to Liam's for a party? I can't really blame Sean for coming on to Tom, it seemed like Tom was flirting with him like mad or at least winding Sean up which wasn't fair. But Sean would never have done it if he wasn't feeling so insecure about Marcus.

I think Liam and Maria better get in the habit of locking the door. Oh Norris shut the eff up! I love it when Becky gets all gobby and protective of Roy! Mel sure got herself in to a bit of trouble, trying to break up a girl gang fight.

As expected, David used Amber to make sure Tina caught them together. Didn't he look like he was in pain when she decided to make the first move and kiss him! Tyrone tried to be helpful but telling Amber she could always be there to pick up the pieces if Tina doesn't want David back wasn't really what Molly thought would be all that helpful. Looks like Tina finally got over her hissy fit though. Now they're snogging on the bench and Amber got hurt all over again when she saw them.

Nina practically attacked Dev in the hotel room and then abandoned him which was probably the plan all along. Get him to pay for the room then take advantage of the situation!! I don't blame her, i'd take the hot stone massage over round 2 with Dev and all! Dev starts to realize he just might not be the one and only man she's ever taken a shine to when everyone at the hotel greets her with open arms and champagne bottles. She's totally running him around by the lead and he says he'll be strong and take back control. Bend your rubber arm, Dev? So they're luring him into this Asian Business organization. I am worried they're going to fleece him. Could Prem really be that thick that he doesn't know when his wife is jumping in the sack with another man because you know, it can't be the first time. She's got it down to a science. Break it off with her and he doesn't get any prestige. So what? But Dev is a shallow guy, after all.

Any other time, the ambulance comes unreasonably fast but this time it took ages!! Long enough for Darryl and Mel to have a big argument. Gail and Joe are still getting up to all sorts on the sly and Tina already suspects her dad has a girlfriend and that's putting the guilts on Gail. Is it me or does he seem a bit on the manipulative side? or is he just a bit forward in his affections? Sounds like Ken is getting bored with his self imposed retirement from the cafe and Vernon is diving into his song writing. Condusive to Ken getting his job back! What a song Vernon wrote for Liz,(Don't Fall Into) the Mason's Arms. Brilliant! He poured his heart out, full of yearning and a touch of bitterness. Not a bad singer either.

Sunday 14 June 2009

Sunday Comments, June 14

Lines of the week:
  • Fiz about Stape "I definitely won't be tangoing in that direction again" (virtually ensuring she will!)
    Fiz "I am not stupid, ok? I'm not so daft as to give John Stape a second chance" (And again... )
  • Norris "This sneaky coffee making is not the first time i've been left out of the loop!"
  • Molly about Jackie "Does she deserve to get beaten up?" Tyrone "Can i get back to you on that one?"
  • Sean about Marcus "He's going to have Blanche Hunt looking like Ann Robinson before you know it"
  • Jackie about Scary Brian "He's not just one sandwich short you know, he's lost the whole flamin' picnic"
  • Prem about Nina and Dev's new flat "She's really throwing herself into your new home" (more than you know!)

Nina always finds a way to impose herself on Dev whether he likes it or not. Pushy dame, isn't she? I keep getting the feeling that Prem and Nina are setting up Dev for something. A financial scam perhaps? What's with the Asian Business committee or whatever it is? I really really don't trust either of them but definitely not her.

Now, that was the silliest set up for a new Norris storyline i've ever seen. Emily forgot her PIN and wanted Norris to find it and in the process, he finds her letter to be opened after her death. Of course that is going to send Norris into a tizzy and we have to suffer his blathering on now for what will probably feel like months even though it was only a day or so. He couldn't get that out of her hand fast enough and it turned out to be her funeral instructions. He opened it like he was going to find out he was left everything in her will. Stupid prat.

Jerry is suffering Teresa's extra medications and boy they sure have him made up to look sick. All she wants to do is keep him feeling low so that he still needs her to stay and look after him. Gail being a good friend, called the doctor on a bank holiday so Teresa makes it sound like it's her idea. She's a piece of work that one. (her black and white top clashed with the black and white coffee cup, too!) I don't think she's planning to kill Jerry with the drugs but i don't think she realizes what kind of damage she's really doing either. I don't know if she's got feelings for Jerry again or if it's just having a nice stable place to live. I wonder if she's actually got a maternal bone in her body and wants to be with her kids but the older ones aren't that keen on her, well, Mel isn't anyway. I also think, in his vulnerable state and seeing how kind and "dedicated" Teresa is with him and the kids, Jerry might be finding some of the old feelings too but boy is he going to get a shock!

Aww Chesney's still romancing Kayleigh. Haven't seen them in so long I'd forgotten. Too bad they were bothered by the bullies and it didn't sit well that Stape rescued them so he lied and said Stape was the one that hit him. Pretty easy to disprove but then Chesney's a child. they don't think in those terms. Fiz really came on to Stape, though, and gave him a whopping good punch to the gut. Poor Chesney is afraid Stape is going to worm his way back in and methinks Fiz is protesting too much and it's going to happen. They even kissed, and all it took was a couple of beers. They're already friendly enough to have a drink together but the rest of the Street still doesn't really want to know, especially Kevin. Julie is sickeningly romantic and she's only encouraging Fiz. He might be a nice guy but he showed appalling bad judgement and he's a weak spineless fool. Fiz is far too good for him.

So Tyrone can't get hold of his mom? You could see that coming a mile away, coulnd't you. There she is, turning up the same night, in all her pink glory!!!! Nothing ever changes, either. Molly wants to meet Jackie and thinks she can't all bad as that. Guess what? She still is! And she's all new age and calm and sweet. So what's up? Well there's a tattooed bloke watching from over the road and that's trouble. As soon as Tyrone clapped eyes on his familiar face, he knew his mother was up to some scam or other. Turns out she's had a boob job in Spain and borrowed the money off this guy, Scary Brian, and he wants it back. Where's she going to get it from? Poor Molly is a sucker for her hard luck story but Tyrone remains dubious. And so he should because Jackie tried to convince Molly that it was just as good if she just ran off with the cash instead of giving it to Scary Bri. And once Molly realized she fell for Jackie's crocodile tears, and Brian had their money, Jackie spewed classic Jackie venom all over them because she didn't get to take the money herself. Hard lesson learned. Now Tyrone is determined to make up for it and give her a fancy wedding, a wedding she doesn't really care if she gets but he wants her to have it. Well then Jackie comes slinking around the back but Pam put up a sturdy barrier aided by Jack. What i can't understand is how neither Tyrone nor Molly who were in the house could hear the screaming out back.

Kevin might as well go away on holiday. It's all paid for but somehow i don't think i'd want to be along with the Websters on that holiday with Kevin in a black mood with everyone. Cilla is moving to South Africa. Watch this space. Why did Sean get all clinging with Marcus all of a sudden? Needing to be in constant contact while he was away and jumping all over him for being a little late back.

Julie's got her feet under a sewing machine table. Tina's acting mighty jealous for someone that chucked her boyfriend to the curb. Amber has had a crush on David for ages and sadly, she's being used. David knows Tina is jealous and he's milking it for all it's worth, even feeding Amber chips in front of Tina! Gag! Did you see that pub Jackie, Ty and Molly were in? The Bowling Green! It's in Chorlton. I've been there a couple of times!!! I heard Sean mention that he and Marcus were going to miss Pride while Marcus goes to London for an interview. I like it when they inject little bits of real life in like that. If Pam went into the shop for milk, who took the money? Dev and Amber were both outside and it was Molly's day off.

Sunday 7 June 2009

Sunday Comments, June 7

Lines of the week:

  • Marcus about botox "I think it's vain and superficial" (until Sean mentioned Marcus' red veins!)
  • Eileen "It only takes two days to learn how to stick needles in someone's face?"
  • Tony "What can i say? I'm all heart!" (of Stone! pun intended!)
  • Tony to Sally "I think your husband doesn't like me" (ya think???)
  • Blanche "I'll take the hamper... apparently"
  • toast to Tony "To a winner" (if it's the villain of the year award)

All kinds of people showed up this week who haven't been on screen in ages!

Is Steve still staying at Lloyd's? otherwise he would know that JD slept on the sofa downstairs when he got up that morning. Steve might pretend he's fine about JD but he's greeeeen with envy. I get so ticked off though. Michelle had no right to throw Steve out and he's a spineless Wally for letting her. Mind you, JD insisting he slept on the sofa while he's sat there in his undershorts doesn't exactly inspire belief. FINALLY Steve called Michelle's bluff and told her if they aren't getting back together, she's moving out. That certainly stopped her in her tracks and Becky's words got her thinking. Now, i wouldn't say that having a one night stand is a very small thing like she said but that's must my opinion. Anyway it worked, Michelle decided to give it another go and made sure Steve promised to always be honest. Yeah. Like that will happen. So they get back together and Michelle reveals that she's already all but told JD that she'll join his band. Steve opened the champagne which didn't even fizz up. I wonder if that's a sign the fizz has also gone out of their relationship!

Liz started putting the poison in, didn't she? accusing Michelle of reconciling just so there would be someone to look after Ryan while she was away. Steve bought it, too. Only Ryan is going to Ireland to visit Granny and he could always stay with Maria and Liam who finally showed up after an age off screen. And Ryan's nearly 17 anyway so i'm sure he doesn't really need that much looking after. But it wasn't like that and his assumption insulted her. Vernon didn't help matters any, inferring Michelle was a real party girl when she's gigging.

Pam's busy with a new sales pitch. Pickle. "Buxton" Pickle. Ahem. (i.e. Branston Pickle! You gotta be careful with that stuff!) I hope she manages to shift it since she's filled Molly's living room with buckets of the stuff. Ladling it into jars isn't going to be very sanitary without a boiling water bath to seal them properly. Molly lost her engagement ring and thinks it got ladled into the pickle so it's a scramble to find it. Paying off Blanche, buying Emily's bottle from the charity and paying off Blanche again with Gin. And guess what? The ring's not pickled. It'll turn up somewhere simple. So if Jack did pick it up and put it in a little dish, why didn't he mention it or leave a note? Old Timer's, I suppose.

Sean wants Botox??? Ah but the needle scared him. It's given Marcus pause for thought though and he's off to London for a course to learn how to do it. It's a growth market, that's what it is. The Websters are going on holiday soon and so are Jason and Becky (or have they just come back?). I'm surprised there's even room for Bill in the Webster house (more elastic walls!) and of course he should have offered to contribute from the start! I don't think loud Hawaiian shirts are really going to be all that popular and if Ladrags is going to produce them, they are going to have a struggle. Leanne's back on screen! Not seen her for awhile. Opening for the new flats. Dev is a guest of honour because he owns one but everyone was invited anyway and everyone gets champagne so what makes Dev a VIP guest? Did you see Rosie looking at the Carla/Liam video on her phone? It showed their faces close up yet Rosie was a parking lot away and her phone wouldn't have been able to zoom that far in without it going all pixely.

Tony's bullying put Jed Stone in the hospital and Tony was left holding the er...pussy (called Sunny Jim!). He looked just like a Bond villain except he then left the cat on it's own to fend for itself!! Bar steward!!! What a lovely little bit of history showing Jed looking through his old photos and seeing one of Minnie Caldwell. And Tony thought about not calling the paramedics, hesitated for awhile first. Tony and Tyrone noticed that there was something funny about it all too. Fridge still full of food and a cash stash in the biscuit tin. Meanwhile, Tony's upping the game on Kevin and having someone steal his breakdown truck. That's going to really hurt the business! And it makes absolutely no sense that Tyrone would have done any sort of job for Tony. If Jed has lived in htat house for 40 years, can someone really take it from under him?

So Michelle and Steve are back together and were making out in a sitting room. But it's not the living quarters in behind the pub, it's upstairs! From out of nowhere, the Tardis walls of the pub have expanded yet again to include a little sitting room with kitchenette in addition to at least four bedrooms (theirs, Amy's, Ryan's and Liz's). Roy's back, too! Did you see his face when he saw all Vernon's music memorabilia had encroached on his beloved train stuff? He wasn't best pleased to see Becky still behind the bar either. Awww but he and Becky made up.

David's going to lose his job if he keeps skiving off to stalk Tina. Or... Tina's going to lose him his job by arsing around in the salon! Well he deserved it, after stalking her. That boy has severe jealousy and control issues. Meanwhile Gail and Joe are having a secret fling, full of excitement because nobody knows! Kirk looked funny in the Elvis shades! Julie wants to work in the factory. Well of course she'll get the job. Wonder why many of the Indian Asian people call Dev "Dave"? I remember Sunita's parents doing the same thing.

Tuesday 2 June 2009

CBC back on track June 15

Right, boys and girls, CBC will go back to it's regular Corrie schedule starting Monday June 15.

As you were.
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