Tuesday 31 March 2009

Michael Le Vell in Halifax, Monday

You might know, terribly typical Halifax spring weather, it was raining and really windy all day today. By the end of the day, it had started to add some snow to the mix. I gather Michael's flight was fine, though and not unduly encumbered by the winds. I think they did come prepared for cold and inclement weather which is good because Michael will have needed that winter jacket, thick sweater and scarf i saw him wearing this morning before he headed out to the media interviews at a local radio station.

The directors of the Downeast Streeters had an informal dinner for Michael at a local restaurant, complete with private room and backdrop of the Websters Garage that was constructed by one of our members. He's actually got a few of the storefronts done up and a "ginnel" wall for the event tonight as well. Last night was just a glimpse of the finished product and if that's a hint of things to come, it's going to be pretty spectacular! Can't wait to see it!

Anyway, we all sat down to dinner and had a nice meal. Michael decided on a shrimp appetizer and had fish and chips for his main course. He skipped dessert as he's not really got a sweet tooth. The Pictou County reps from the DESNPS presented him with a really lovely watercolour print. He was blown away and liked it very much. He'll have a few more gifts at the event tonight, as well. He joked that we'll have high standards to live up to! Following that, he was presented with the Order of Good Time, a certificate that the Province of Nova Scotia has in the tradition of the first Order created by Samuel de Champlain in Port Royal over 400 years ago. Again, he was quite impressed with the history behind that. Michael then graciously signed autographs for us and posed for pics in front of the Garage backdrop. Back to the hotel and some of us joined him in the bar for a nightcap with lots of laughs. He had media interviews today with radio and newspapers as well as a working lunch with tonight's MC. He brought his wife and 2 kids as well and they were going to see some of the sights of Halifax today.

So now i've spent an evening with Michael Le Vell and he's really nice. He's friendly and has a great sense of humour and we all laughed a lot all evening. He likes a bit of good natured flirting and made a bid deal over all the women of all ages in our group. He seems to be looking forward to tonight's show and doesn't seem too fazed about facing about 700 fans. He's very professional and he's been doing publicity for CS for 25 years so i guess he knows the ropes!

There was a lot of chat about characters and actors past and present but i think i'll just bung that all into a review of the event itself. I'm glad i'm staying at the hotel, both last night and tonight as they are both late nights and i don't have to faff around traveling back and forth by bus or bother someone for a ride.

Today? It's snowing a bit but not a huge amount is supposed to fall so let's hope people traveling from out of town, some as far away as New Brunswick, will be able to get here.

Sunday 29 March 2009

Meeting Kevin Webster!

Tuesday, March 31 is the night that Kevin Webster, aka Michael Le Vell comes to Halifax! Yay! The Downeast Steeters present An Evening With Michael Le Vell and tickets are pretty much all sold out now. I've been to every one of these events held in Halifax. I've volunteered to help out on the night for the first few years and I've worked as part of the organizing committee for the past two events. I got involved because i'm a fan of the show and seeing one of the actors, hearing them speak about the show, the actors, the storylines, it gives you a different perspective on Coronation Street.

The actor always has interesting anecdotes to impart. The actors are always really pleased at the overwhelmingly warm reception they get from the fans in Halifax and are surprised the response is so great. They've always seemed to really enjoy the interaction and the event and meeting the fans.

The event is basically a question and answer evening. The fans submit questions and the actor discusses the questions and tells related stories. Later, they sign autographs and pose for photos with 100 fans who have purchased tickets for the purpose. Can't unfortunately do it for everyone in the audience. It would take all night to sign for 700 people!!!

Every year i always take notes and do a write up. I post it on my website, and also post highlights on Corrieblog. I will put highlights here as well, of course, with links to the full article and photos.

Past events:
2002: Jenny James and Lee Boardman
2003: Samia Ghadie Smith
2004: Sue Cleaver
2005: Bruce Jones
2006: Shobna Gulati
2007: Steven Arnold

Sunday Comments, March 29

Lines of the week:

  • Kevin "What am I? CSI Weatherfield?"
  • Norris "Don't go in the back on my account" (nosy little twit)
  • Vernon about a mate "I was only trying to fit him in me drum case and he dislocated his shoulder"
  • Michelle "They've taken out his spleen?" Carla "Yeah, so if you've thought he had no guts before...."
  • Teresa "We all have to make sacrifices Jerry!" (But i don't think you're the one making them!)
  • Michelle to Leanne and Carla "I think i liked you better when you were arguing"
  • David to Becky about Jason "He's obviously just swerving you!" (Get a clue girl!)
  • Becky "I might not know as much stuff as you, but I am not stupid" (penny's dropped then?)
  • Michelle "I wish you'd start playing the martyr" Steve "No, cause that's *your* thing!!"
  • Eileen to Jason "When are you going to grow a spine?" (when Steve does!)
  • Lloyd "He's like Agatha Christie on acid, is Norris"

I was wondering how Steve could afford the pub, the cab firm *and* a house. At least Michelle isn't like Karen and insisting. And old bossy boots is now in a sulk again. And yes, she was bullying them! You know darn well they're going to have to go back to the Websters if they want to sell up. And so they are. Back to the original deal before all the nit picking and penny pinching started.

Teresa has her feet firmly under Jerry's table. When Jerry comes home, she'll find a way to stick around, mark my words. And Harry charging across the road in front of Darryl's car nearly gave Jerry another heart attack!

Vernon tried to catch Liz out to find out who she was on the phone with but she'd sorted out a hotel room for them. He's obviously suspicious though. Even their "romantic" night away didn't seem to appease him. He definitely knows something is off with her even if he doesn't know for sure she's going off him. But we all remember she only really married him to prove something to Jim. She is fond of Vernon but he just doesn't suit her, not really.

Michelle got caught in the middle between Carla and Leanne due to that classic soap disease, "Never just spit it out! Waffle and witter-itis is not your friend" and the three of them ended up going out on the town anyway and surprise! Leanne and Carla seem to be making friends again. Boy, Steve and Lloyd sure got awfully drunk, awfully fast! It was still really lightout when they were in the kebab shop

Steve insisted Dan scratched the car. We know he didn't and really, why would he? He's arrogant and selfish but he wouldn't stoop to that. Certainly not out in public where anyone could see. They one upped each other until it came to blows though, and Monkey Boy ended up at the bottom of the cellar stairs with a ruptured spleen!!! Steve of course, being his usual lying toady self, pretended they'd had a rat. Somewhat appropriate, i'll grant you. Leanne just thinks MB was out on the tiles, probably with another woman. Michelle is alot dumber. She threatens to chuck Steve out if she thinks he's lying. Even after all this time she still can't tell when he is! Then... THEN Michelle really did kind of take her anger to new levels, though to be fair she *was* stuck in the pub on her own. She's turning into a real ball of misery, though isn't she? She's got a right to be annoyed, yes, but Leanne and Harry have far more reason to be ticked off at Steve than Michelle does. Aww I really really like Harry. And he really does love his son and it was nice he actually showed some emotion when they knew Dan would be ok. (Yeah, Dan instead of Monkey Boy just this once)! But look, lying in his hospital bed, and Monkey Boy is still acting like a prat, fitting Steve up to get the last one-up over on him. Anyway i guess Leanne is not going to work in the Rovers anymore, if she thinks Steve tried to kill her boyfriend even though she's known Steve for years. It's official, i didn't like Monkey Boy before, i really detest him now.

Very funny, seeing Ken posture on about all the ways to make your marraige work, respect and respecting the difference. When did he ever do that? Roy, yes. Ken, dubious. Becky figures respect includes buying a hot pink bra and knicker set! Sure had Ken and Roy's chins on the ground. Becky is really making herself a nuisance but she doesn't even know it and Jason is spineless and can't tell her he wants her to back off. The thing is, she doesn't seem to realize that less is more. But eventually, the penny dropped and she caught Jason out in too many evasive actions.

Oh boy i really enjoyed Steve giving Michelle hell. Saint Flaming Dean, indeed!!! She's had that coming for a long time, her baggage really has dragged Steve down and life hasn't been much fun. This was all the last straw. So there's Steve and Becky both out drowning their sorrows and they ended up in bed together! How odd a couple is that? But at least Steve would have had a bit of fun for a change.

David's home! Aren't Tina and Gail cute together? Nice spiteful welcome home from Norris, no surprise there. David's out of a job, though because Audrey A. doesn't want the bother of his bad reputation tarnishing her good one and B. wants to help him stand on his own two feet and i really think that's the right thing to do. David just cannot have things handed to him on a plate anymore and he understood a lot more than Gail did. And he didn't even go off in a strop like he used to so that few weeks in the nick must really have made him see a few honest truths about himself. He even admitted during one of Gail's visits that he realized how lucky he had had things in life, advantages and love that most of the kids in there never had. Tina's in with a job, at the kebab shop. Pretty face like hers will definitely bring in the punters. Audrey really seems to have her nose out of joint over Ted and Gail's growing relationship that kind of leaves her out.

Sunday 22 March 2009

Sunday comments, March 22

Lines of the week:

  • Jerry "Jerry? and the Pacemaker? I knew i should have tried that one on Norris and Roy"
  • Jerry to Teresa "Disappointed i'm laid up not laid out?"
  • Teresa 'Oh i couldn't sit through a play. It would set me ADHT off. Is there any alcohol in the house?' (well we know where her priorities lie)
  • Darryl to the kebab "You must be Donner" (and carved eyes and a smile on it)
  • Norris about the kebab "I find it hard to imagine that gambling through a field of daffodils"
  • Vernon to Liz "Permission to come aboard" Harry "If i was coming back to you we wouldn't be heading for the kitchen" (pickled onions indeed)
  • Vernon "Nobody missed me then, apart from my lovely missus" Dev "And she did a good job of hiding it"
  • Becky "There's nothing wrong with what we're doing" Norris "That' what they said in Sodom and Gomorrah"
  • Lloyd about Finlay "I'll have to make sure he's mine first" (but you've already handed over money!)
  • Lloyd "That's the only pub I know with a rack of pool cues and no pool table"

All of this with Jerry and nobody's mentioned the older daughter, Jodie. Wonder if she's been told or bothered to call? Well Kayleigh did the right thing anyway. She's not a bad kid really. So she then called her mother in to the rescue. And isn't she a piece of work? Horrible woman and a very excellent character and actress. My God Teresa is probably the worst and i do mean worst mother *ever* in the Street, even worse than Cilla if that's possible. She kept the two kids home from school to spend quality time with her and buggered off. I'm surprised Kayleigh would stay home with the play rehearsals on. So Norris either gets to mind the shop, appealing to Norris' business sense. He made a hatchet job of the kebab!

Now, Finlay is only 7? Bloody big and tall for his age! And Teresa's saying that Lloyd was the result of a one night stand she had with him. It must be true though, she knew too many details about the night in question even before she knew Lloyd had a few bob in his pocket. After hearing that, though, now she's saying that Finlay is his kid. I wouldn't trust her as far as i could throw her, especially as she first found out that Lloyd owned the taxi firm (money!) but they do look enough alike that it could be true. She's got cheek saying it's expensive bringing up a kid. She's not had to spend a penny on hers for years. Well whether his is or not, it's sure knocked Lloyd for six. Teresa is very skillful at talking Lloyd out of a dna test, it's not very likely he'd get hit for 8 years back payments when Jerry is down on paper as the child's legal father, i assume. And if that was the one time she strayed from her marriage, i'll be a monkey's uncle.

So Kayley turned in Kenzie and Chesney gets to take the lead in the school play. He didn't seem too keen once he had the chance even though he was not happy he'd not got it before. I guess the reality of Romeo having to kiss Juliet (Kayleigh) scared him! In the end, Kayleigh sort of pecked him first. And ooh, Sophie's kissed a boy behind the bike shed! Aw it's perked Chesney right up hasn't it? Bless! Fiz shouldn't be so worried, there's not much she can do about it. He's got to have that first crush no matter how it comes out.

How come the teenagers weren't wearing school uniforms? Then when Kayleigh asked Ches to go to the chippy they took off in the direction of Jerry's only it had been closed early and they would have had to see Mel and Darryl walk past them. David is home already! Well, tomorrow anyway. (Monday or Tuesday)

Michelle and Leanne are awfully pally all of a sudden. And Dan and Steve are rivals all of a sudden? Also, when they were all playing darts, i seriously doubt any pub would have the light over the dartboard hanging down that low! And a race? So much for the men not cheating, the women were just as bad feeding them status updates. Vernon's back and not before time. Timing is everything and he walked in just a hair before Harry's lips met Liz's. I never thought i'd feel sorry for Vernon but Liz really is stringing him along. The revised portrait even had Vernon looking at it in horrified fascination, and wondering why she had to do all the "improvements".

Did we really need to know about Becky and Jason's midnight chocolate feast? lol! Loved Sean and Eileen winding Jason up about his tongue changing colour. He believed it too. I wonder if he's been unbanned from the cafe yet? Becky's made it to the fourth date but the more lovey dovey she gets with Jason the more he seems to be cooling off, especially when she started talking about babies. Mention them and he really ran out that door like a blur even though he's still showing signs of missing Sarah and Beth, or because of it. Becky got more and more over the top.

How did Darryl get a black eye? Did i miss something? There's no way Norris would ever have been so careless with a pully thingy. Actually, it was Maggie Jones as Blanche that was supposed to do that in that scene but she was ill. It was only there to ramp up the pi$$ing contest between Steve and Monkey Boy. scratching a car is hardly a valid retaliation for losing at darts. And wait, now, Rita was in the salon getting her hair done and outside, we saw Norris trailing around delivering papers and avoiding Steve and Dan's argument over the scratch. Who's minding the shop?

Sunday 15 March 2009

Sunday Comments, March 15

Lines of the week:

  • Jack to Paul "Do the time. Wipe the slate clean. Start afresh"
  • Blanche "You can't rush ablutions at my age. Ask Ken!"
  • Claire "How come men never see mess?"
  • Gail "I think i'm a daddy's girl"
  • Darryl to his dad "You're not going to drop are you" (oh, i guess he is!)
  • Ken "Whoever coined the phrase Home Sweet Home must have been a bachelor"

I can't blame Sally in one way for getting upset. As much as she's been a snob about everything, Claire really was an instigator. Sally called the whole thing off but you know it's probably just a ruse. You had to know the sensible men would take them in hand and sort things out. Or try. Trust Claire to throw another wrench into it and was quite pleased when Sally saw the house hunters leaving. Too bad the Kabin robbery put off the house hunters. That was a cute scene with Rita, Emily and Norris watching the footage of the cctv and criticizing themselves and trying to decide on a detective agency name.

Good heavens. Not only did the photo shop whiten Vernon's suit, they made his teeth luminous to the point where they probably glow in the dark and she made them both all tan and removed his little goat tuft. Norris is all het up on security now. Understandable but you know Norris, he'll drive Rita and Emily to the bring of taking his security systems and giving them back to him where the sun don't shine. Now these trouble makers... you know you can tell they are, because they look all angry and they hang around smoking on corners.

Oh dear. Hoodlums on our Street!!! And just in time to bring the Mortons out of the closet. Not seen them for yonks! Kayleigh is hot to see some lad called Kenzie who must be the same Kenzie that beat Chesney out for the lead in the play. Kenzie and the lovely Kayleigh may have something to do with Chesney's teenage moods, do you think? But back to the hoodlums, lads with nothing better to do than terrorize local businessmen like Norris and Roy. (Mind you, with the attitude Norris usually takes with his customers, and after the robbery, with his friends and neighbours too, i would almost say he had it coming!) Jerry got all upset and then when they did try it on, he wasn't afraid of them but it didn't do him any favours when he collapsed from a heart attack! Wouldn't you think that pub employees or taxi drivers should take first aid? Where's Roy when you need him! Still, Kayleigh has a pretty good idea of who did the robbery, will she come clean? What *is* this world coming to!

Who cares if Paul is going? Well... did Jack bail him out and will lose the bail money? Ok Jack will be upset but i certainly won't. Molly is too soft. I wonder if Paul is still young enough to straighten himself out. He might not get to be as hardened as Terry but he'll always have trouble snapping at his heels. Jack does have faith in him and to his credit, he feels bad he's let his granddad down. I guess Jack decided if he couldn't talk him into staying, he couldn't see him without money but offered him even more if he stays and serves his sentence. He did show that he isn't completely his father's son. He ran but didn't take the money. Good bye Paul.

Boy Clarissa sure does know how to lead Bookie senior around. She's probably got quite a temper, just wait until she finds out he's been sniffing around brassy Liz. Ooh and Tina's dad, Joe, has shown up and immediately, Gail's eyes sparkled, did you notice? Awwww, Did you see Kirk, Fiz and Julie watching Chesney talk to Kayleigh through the window? LOL! Loved Kirk and Chesney's chat but then Julie just had to stick her neb in! Did you notice? Kirk telling Chesney about Jessica Sykes, his school crush was the same one that was in the paper as winning the lottery!

So Leanne is working in the bar, working in the betting shop and selling posh flats on the side. She always was a worker, that one. Blanche is trying very hard to keep Roger on his toes but Ken has discovered a kindred spirit. I thought that new bathroom was going to take awhile but apparently the need for speed upped the price. I'm sure Roger didn't charge for the time he was sat down yakking and it *was* a bank holiday.

It seems like David is recovering his cocky attitude now that Tina's coming around again. I seriously doubt that visiting orders are so hard to come by that David's father couldn't go but his sometimes girlfriend and a last minute visit by his never before met grandfather could get in.

Sunday 8 March 2009

Sunday Comments March 8

Lines of the week:

  • Gail to David "So you've finally realized after all these years i'm not such a bad mother after all" David "Don't milk it!"
  • Ted "I came here lonely. I'm leaving with a family"
  • Maria about Carla "I should be thanking her" (No i don't think you should)
  • Harry "The last thing in my life i need right now is complication" (but i think you're going to get it)
  • Steve to Liz about Vernon "Whatever his faults, no bloke deserves this"
  • Roger "I'll turn the water off... after you've put the kettle on!" (as the leak fills up the teapot)
  • Harry to Liz "I'm not out to cause trouble" (*snort*)

Carla is wasting no time buying off Rosie. She knows Rosie saw more than she's letting on. I wonder if she knows it was caught on camera. And Liam gave in to Maria's begging, probably against his better judgement but willing to give it one more try. That's probably a good thing, though, they're married, they should give it every chance they can. He's got to have his priorities straight and Carla wasn't very happy about it. In no uncertain terms. Boy didn't her usual mask and reserve crack and she gave him everything she had, accusing him of staying with Maria out of guilt and i agree.

As i thought, Ted has the measure of David but he's just absolutely delighted to have a new family, isn't he? I suppose after losing his husband, it must have given him a real reason to look forward to the rest of his life. Becky and Jason are back at it and it gives Roy another chance to come over all self righteous and judgemental. I laughed at Ken with the teapot under the leak!

I think Claire is working Sally to get a better deal on the house and Sally is determined to have that house. She certainly was scamming but she was embarassing Ashley and yes, it could have backfired. Sally got her own back, though. Little by little each of the women are chipping away at each other and the deal. Why would Sally even consider leaving the spice rack behind? Unless it's built in and then Claire doesn't have a choice whether she wants it or not. You just know one or the other is going to blow and after hearing Claire slag off her house, i think Sally will be the first eruption.

Definitely sparks between Liz and Harry. I think they actually make a nice looking couple but i wouldn't trust him as far as i could throw him and now his ex-to-be is on the scene, a fiesty red head called Clarissa. How on earth can Harry be held responsible for making sure his wife has transportation if she can't drive herself. Of course, when Deirdre and Eileen saw the pair of them on the street, they couldn't see Harry's face, just her smug one so naturally assumed they were flirting. They didn't waste any time but neither did he, honing in on Liz buying frozen meals for one in the shop. So she's lying to Steve to spend the evening with Harry. Deirdre assures Steve that Liz is trying to resist temptation. Yeah that's why she keeps skipping over there for meals and standing really close to him while she tells him they can only be friends. Sure. It looks very much like she really is tempted to go for a no-strings relationship and she can deny as much as she wants that she's only visiting "a friend". So to prove that she's not strongly tempted to stray what does she do? Have one of her wedding photos photoshopped (you know, Because Vernon had blood all over him) and framed.

Oh dear Molly wants to get rid of the stone cladding but it seems Vera isn't having any of it. God, is Paul *ever* going to leave? Sounds like he's thinking about skipping out before the trial and it can't be soon enough for me. He figures he just couldn't handle prison. I can understand that. The inmates would have him mopped up for breakfast. Michelle is back. I didn't know she'd gone away. Oh right, she took Alex to meet the family. That was quite a long visit, though wasn't it? What about school? Why is she all hissy at Leanne? Because of her involvement in her brother Paul's death? Seems to me Leanne was more the victim there. Paul was the one who went looking for a call girl and then kidnapped Leanne when he went off on one. I would have thought Leanne had more reason to dislike the connors rather than the other way around.

Sunday 1 March 2009

Sunday Comments, March 1

Lines of the week:

  • Julie "I feel what people are going through" Kirk "Is it like a superpower?"
  • Becky "Fireman every time" (I'm with you Becks!)
  • Tina "I'm trying to have a crisis here!"
  • Gail about David "He's had troubles" Tina "Everyone else has had troubles, he caused 'em "
  • Audrey to Rita "You sounded just like my mother" Rita "You sounded just like a 16 year old"
  • Gail to Audrey "Give up Mam, he's gay" Ted "Very elegantly put"
  • Liam to Carla "If you didn't exist i'd be a happily married man" (and you just admitted Carla was right!)
  • Liam to Maria "I didn't get much sleep either" (I'll bet.)
  • Gail about David "He's done cruel, malicious, manipulative things. He's just been let down, mostly by me" (just when i thought she was finally ready to make David take responsibility)
  • Kirk to Fiz "You and me, we're still Kool and the Gang?" Fiz "We'll always been Kool and the Gang" (awww)

Maria made it to the church on time at least. Don't church bells make it sound so much more mournful? It seems awfully brutal to get the parent to carry the wee coffin. Well, Carla seemed to have a hard time pulling herself away and there she was, sitting alone. And you know, i heard something in the background that almost sounded like a baby crying but i think it was ducks. So sad hearing Liam talk to the baby at the grave, about his uncle Paul, his namesake. Maria almost made it home. Liam was pretty stroppy the next day though. He's biting Maria's head off and it's clear he's still angry with her. So what does she do? more or less blame him because of the stress she was under due to her own jealousy. And then the object of that jealousy turns up at the door like she always seems to and in the end Liam admitted to kissing Carla before he and Maria were together. He's trying to be honest, she's just shot off into the stratosphere of Planet Unreasonable and no wonder, he's crap at explaining things. God this kind of contrived writing is painful.

What i really wanted Maria to do when Carla asked how the split came about was to haul off and slap her lol After Maria left, the sparks nearly jumped across the road between Carla and Liam even though he was glaring at her. No surprise he ended up at Carla's, dripping wet and even the rain didn't put out the fire. Maria cooled down when Fiz talked sense but it was too late. The deed is done and caught on camera by Rosie the Raptor. Now it's just a matter of time before that little escapade comes out. Rosie's got the upper hand on not only Liam and Carla but Tony too, made even more tenuous when Maria went grovelling back to Liam and his guilt is going to take her back, you can see that coming a mile away. She's a desperate little thing, isn't she? Yes Maria, you *were* playing games, wanting Liam to come running after you and it made you come up sharply when he didn't. And of course, Liam isn't going to tell her about his two nights with Carla.

Is it just me or do you think Becky and Jason make a cute couple? I'm not so sure Jason thinks so. He runs hot and cold though at least Eileen likes Becky. Makes a change. Poor Roy seems caught in the middle. He'd made a lot more sense if he spoke regular English LOL All Jason really caught was "You are a married man!" But after Jason put off Becky, (and you notice she went home and did the same thing Jason did, bath, tea, telly) Roy was ready to unban J. from the cafe. Too late. Not only is Julie way OTT when it comes to reigning in her emotions, or lack thereof, she's firing on all guns playing Mum to Chesney and that's not going over well with Fiz though i expect Ches loves the attention.

Why does Sean want Marcus to retrain all of a sudden? Why does Marcus want to? Contrived reason? So that Marcus and Sean can move in together. She'll be rolling in the dosh from all the rent. Tina's mother seems a bit brittle. No matter that we didn't see Tina and her mother together before now, you can tell they obviously have been at loggerheads a long time. Looks like Tina is going to be around awhile. Molly wants to take the stone cladding down!!! Eeek!!!

Gail hopes that most of the boys in the youth offenders will grow up to be upstanding young men. Not too likely. I do like Gail and Tina's rapport. Gail's made contact! With Ted, that is. I can well imagine how nervous she must be but he's lovely and it went really well, even with Tina in there as a gooseberry. I gotta say though Gail really went overboard on the mascara in anticipation. And what do you know and it's not as if you didn't guess, Ted is gay! His late partner that died was a James not a "Jane". Poor Gail didn't know where to put herself. You'd think working in a health clinic, having nearly had a gay son-in-law and living on the street with Sean, she'd come across all sorts of people and would know how to address one rather than say "i thought you were normal". Ouch. Tina just automatically accepted it but it sounded like she hadn't known anyone personally that was gay before either. She was bubbling with curiosity and enjoyed winding Audrey up. It was all quite amusing. I do like Ted, though. I think he's going to be an element of stability in all the Platt lives. He's got the measure of David too and I bet he earns David's grudging respect in the end because he's not going to take any of David's crap.

We keep hearing about Clarissa, the bookie's ex-wife. Now she's got a name, we're bound to meet her. Sally's already starting to pick apart the Peacock house, probably hoping to influence the evaluator to a lower price. 98K for the little house and 123k for the big one. The girls seem pleased with the switch as well. They'll have their own rooms! 25K difference but Claire doesn't seem too happy.

Natasha, a new stylist, and she's saying her last place of work was old fashioned run by a woman nearly 60. Um.

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